Days Transcript Friday 8/7/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 8/7/15


Episode #12649 ~ Chad makes an impassioned plea for Abigail to choose him over Ben; Caroline has a major health crisis; just as Theresa believes she's in the clear, she's hit with an unpleasant surprise; Kate starts to believe everyone's warnings about Clyde.

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[Knock at door]

Brady: Hi, thanks for meeting us here. I didn't want to have to do this at your office.

Nicole: Uh, what's going on?

Brady: Is Daniel here?

Nicole: No, he's in surgery. I can't reach him. I did get a call from Victor. He didn't leave a message. Does your visit have anything to do with that call?

Brady: Yeah, yeah. I'm pretty sure it does.

Eric: Would you stop being so mysterious and just tell us what this is about?

Brady: Xander.

Serena: Xander? Why are you dressed like that, and what's with the manure?

Theresa: So Victor decided to get even with Xander, his nephew, by hiring him as the new gardener.

Caroline: Does that mean that he's living here?

Theresa: Well, not in the house, but he's living in the gardener's cottage.

Caroline: Oh, I don't like that one bit.

Theresa: Yeah, me either. And it happened the same day I broke my ankle too. Anyway, I'm gonna make the best of a bad situation, so...

Caroline: There's something that you're not telling me.

Theresa: I-I don't know what you mean.

Caroline: Jeannie Theresa... don't try that act on me.

Theresa: Look, you're right. Okay, grandma.

Kate: Hey!

Marlena: Hi! How nice to see you.

Kate: Good to see you too. You know, I have been-- I have been meaning to call you and tell you how happy I am about you and john. I heard that you're-- you're working things out.

Marlena: Oh, well, yeah. We--yeah, yeah. Yeah, we are. You know, he's-- he's been through a lot, so I'm glad that I can be there for him.

Kate: Well, he is lucky to have you. You know, the, um--the four of us should get together sometime and--and get a drink.

Marlena: The four of us?

Kate: Yeah.

Marlena: You, me, john, and...

Kate: Clyde. Clyde Weston. You know that I'm seeing him.

Marlena: Oh.

Kate: He's still a patient of yours, right?

Ben: Do you know what's going on? Why would Aidan just drop us as clients?

Clyde: Ben, don't worry about it, all right? A lawyer's nothing but a hired gun. You need to focus on what's important. That's you and Abigail.

Abigail: [Sighs] [Sobbing]

Chad: What's wrong, Abby?

Abigail: I don't-- I-I just, um-- I just heard that-- oh, my God. [Sobbing]

Brady: I just found out that the new gardener that Victor hired at our estate is none other than Xander.

Nicole: What?

Eric: Are you serious?

Brady: He stripped him of all of his assets, and he put him to work.

Nicole: And his reason for that is?

Brady: He seems to think that it's better to have him close by and on a short leash rather than on the loose and potentially trying to beat the charges against him.

Nicole: Oh. Yeah, I-I get that. I guess. Wait. But given Victor, I wonder if that's all there is to the story.

Clyde: So you haven't talked to her since this morning?

Ben: No, not yet.

Clyde: And you're not sure whether or not she's gonna say yes to getting married?

Ben: No, but I did decide to keep this on me in case I run into her and she's made up her mind.

Clyde: She's gonna say yes.

Ben: I don't understand why you're so gung ho about Abigail and me being together.

Chad: So she's inheriting a fortune from her babysitter?

Clyde: 'Cause I know this girl means the world to you. And I want whatever's gonna make my son happy.

Chad: Hey, whatever this is, it's gonna be all right.

Abigail: I know. I know it is. I know. It's just... [Sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Chad: You're sorry? About what?

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: Abby, what are you saying?

Nicole: Right before Eric and I were locked in that crawlspace, I was looking into Xander's background, and it turns out that he murdered someone in Scotland. And uncle Victor used his influence to get the charges knocked down to assault or something, and I was on my way to Victor's to tell Daniel about it when Xander waylaid me.

Brady: Granddad isn't gonna do that for Xander this time. He wants him to pay, trust me.

Nicole: Are you sure? What if he's giving that psychopath a second chance to prove himself?

Serena: Ugh.

Xander: As I'm sure you can see, my situation has changed.

Serena: You know, I always figured I'd... I'd see you arrested or even killed, but I never expected to see you hauling manure to God only knows where or why.

Xander: If you're laughing at me...

Serena: Oh, I'm not laughing. I'm leaving.

Theresa: Well, what I'm not telling you, grandma, is a good thing.

Caroline: And what's that?

Theresa: Well, having Xander here, you know, with the baby and me being disabled, it's made Brady all protective.

Caroline: Well, I never doubted for a minute that Brady would be a good father.

Theresa: Yeah.

Caroline: But that doesn't change the fact he's still in love with Melanie.

Theresa: Well, Melanie isn't here, is she? So I don't want to talk about her, please, okay? I just want to focus on-- on me and Tate and Brady. And I just want us to be a real family. Listen, you should see him when he sleeps. He's so cute. Here. [Wincing] Sorry. [Grunting] Hobble over here.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

[Baby gurgling]

Theresa: Isn't he so cute?

Caroline: Oh.

Theresa: He's just the sweetest little baby.

Caroline: Oh, he is so beautiful.

Theresa: I know. Oh, grandma, I love him so much.

Caroline: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: I don't know what I'd do without him.

Caroline: [Chuckles]

Theresa: You think maybe he's chilly? I don't know. Blanket over here.

Anne: Okay, so I just talked to dr. Lee. He's totally on board. He's gonna keep Brady from thinking you're lying. Huh?

Kate: It's just a rhetorical question. Actually, I know that he's been seeing you lately. And he speaks so highly of you. He said that you're helping him be a better man. So do you think that's true? Have you seen a change in him?

Marlena: You know I can't answer that.

Kate: Yeah, no. I know. I know, and I don't really want to put you on the spot. I know that you can't divulge anything about your--you know, your sessions with Clyde. But we're friends. And you probably know more about him than I do, and... you're actually the only person in Salem, probably, who hasn't warned me to stay away from him.

Ben: Abigail's my whole life. What bothers me about this whole thing with Aidan is that it could get back to her and change how she feels about me.

Clyde: Ben, what Aidan Jennings does isn't gonna make a damn bit of difference, all right? Now, just go see your girl, will you? I wouldn't be surprised if she's made up her mind by now.

Ben: And what if she says no?

Clyde: You got to stop thinking like that. She'd be crazy not to want to spend the rest of her life married to you.

Ben: Thank you, dad. Thank you.

Clyde: Get out of here, will you?

Abigail: I need you to understand... when you said to me... when you told me that you never stopped loving me--

Chad: Listen, I was telling you the truth. Abby, you said you believed me, and I could tell that you meant that.

Abigail: I do believe you.

Chad: Okay, then why are you crying?

Abigail: Because it's too late.

Chad: It's too late for what?

Abigail: For us.

Anne: So, Mrs. Brady, I, uh--you know, I wasn't aware that you were here.

Caroline: Well, that much is obvious.

Anne: Right, so, well, what I was going to say was that dr. Lee is prepared to go over all of Theresa's x-rays with Brady to convince him of the severity of the break in her ankle. You know, that way, Brady would never think for one minute that she's lying. Well, you know, lying down on the job is what I--you know, like shirking her duties as a mother, right? But listen, I explained to dr. Lee that Theresa and Brady have a very difficult relationship, and...

Theresa: Grandma, you believe her, don't you?

Caroline: What?

Theresa: You believe her, right?

Caroline: Look, I've got a terrible headache, and I know just when it started too.

Theresa: Do you want me to get Henderson? I can get some aspirin for you.

Caroline: No, no. That aspirin won't help this headache. Uh, I got to get some air. Feels very close in here. Okay, good-bye, sweetheart. You call me, though. Call me if you need me, okay?

Theresa: Okay. I love you. Take care.

Anne: Wow, that was close, huh?

Theresa: Anne, are you stupid? Where do you get off waltzing in here just shooting your mouth off like that? You could have ruined my chances with Brady.

Brady: Well, no matter what my grandfather has done, he's too old to go to prison. Maybe this is him taking a step back.

Nicole: Letting Xander live but making him do it under his thumb?

Brady: Right. As his gardener.

Nicole: I do like the manual labor part, but I was really hoping Xander would just take off, never to be seen or heard from again.

Eric: Yeah, well, I have to tell you. I don't know what Victor's motives are, but I like what he's doing.

Nicole: You really do?

Eric: Yes. Because it's what's best for you.

Xander: How many times have you told me you're leaving town? And yet here you still are.

Serena: I mean it this time.

Xander: Right.

Serena: I'm not like you. I have nothing keeping me here.

Xander: Oh? Finally gave up on Eric Brady, huh?

Serena: You know, whoever it was that made you give up your hot two-seat sports car for that tractor, I would love to shake his hand. Not only did you destroy what I might have had with Eric, but you tried to kill him, so whatever you get, you deserve every bit of it.

Marlena: Kate, you-- you know that I'm in no position to warn you about Clyde.

Kate: But you and I are friends. I know you have a professional relationship with him, but I thought a concern for me might trump that. What?

Marlena: I can see that you're concerned about Clyde, and so I would urge you to take those concerns seriously.

Kate: So you do think he's dangerous.

Marlena: I didn't say that. What I am trying to-- look, clearly you have concerns about your relationship with Clyde. We've been friends for a very long time. One of the things that I admire about you most is your innate intuition about people. So in this instance, as always, I would encourage you to trust that intuition.

Chad: How--how can it be too late for us? Okay, I love you, and you love me. I-I could see it in your eyes last night, and I could see it just now.

Abigail: I love Ben.

Chad: Okay, maybe, but not like you love me. Okay, you know how things are between us.

Abigail: No, that was just sex.

Chad: No, no, listen. It wasn't. Okay, yeah, yeah. We want each other, but that's only because we love each other so much. Okay, listen, we have for a long time, and you... we'd probably even be married right now if I wasn't such an idiot. Okay, you will never have the same thing with Ben, and you know it.

Abigail: Chad, please. Ben-- Ben has never wanted anyone but me, ever. He and I... we're supposed to be together.

Chad: Su-- what, "supposed to be"? What the hell does that even mean?

Abigail: It won't work for us, Chad.

Chad: That's not true.

Abigail: No, it won't. Stop it. It won't work for us. We've tried, okay? We've tried over and over again. It never does. I mean, deep down, you know that just as much as I do. Yes, you do.

Chad: No.

Abigail: Yes, you do. That's why you were so convincing when you told me that you were just using me for sex and--and you didn't care a thing about me. Chad, you knew that if I hated you, we were both better off.

Chad: No, that's not true.

Abigail: Yes, it is.

Chad: That's not true. Listen, I told you last night. Okay, I said all-- I said all of that stuff to protect you. Abigail, I swear to you, I will never hurt you again for as long as I live.

Abigail: You can't know a thing like that, Chad.

Chad: I can.

Abigail: No, you can't. Nobody can, okay? What about your father? I mean, it's not like he's making any promises. As much as you say you hate him and you hate what he is, you're still going to be his son. You're not gonna stop being his son, so where does that leave me? Where did it leave Sami Brady? [Sighs]

Chad: We don't have to stay here. Okay, I have my own money now. We can--we can live anywhere in the world. We--we can go someplace where nobody knows what we did or who we were before. Think about it. You--no, listen. You and me... okay, we could go someplace where being together is the only thing that matters. I can stop being my father's son. Leave Salem with me... tonight, right now, and I promise you that we will never have to look back.

Abigail: You're-- you're talking about walking away from your whole life, Chad.

Chad: Listen, I'm walking away from nothing. Okay, because that--that's what my life is without you in it.

Abigail: Stop, Chad.

Chad: No, listen, when I said all of that rotten stuff, all right, but--and I saw what it did to you, part of me wanted to blow my brains out. And the other part was going, like, "she loves me as much as I love her." Right? That's true. Isn't it?

Theresa: God, do you know how much crutches hurt your armpit? And seriously, this thing weighs a ton.

Anne: Do you want to hear what dr. Lee said or no?

Theresa: Yeah, I do. Just keep your voice down, okay?

Anne: Okay.

Theresa: Come on.

Anne: So nobody in this family, not Brady, not Maggie, nobody has even asked dr. Lee to verify whether or not you're really injured.

Theresa: Yeah, but that doesn't mean they won't. What if they ask for a second opinion, Anne?

Anne: Oh, come on.

Theresa: Listen, you don't think this quack's gonna sell me out, right?

Anne: No, dr. Lee's a first-year intern, right? Which means he works, like, 24-hour shifts for basically no money. He's got med school bills up the wazoo. Come on, he knows Brady black is loaded, and he knows he's the baby daddy. He is in this for the long haul. You can just hobble around on those things for, like, another month or so.

Theresa: Yeah, I won't even have to move back into my crummy apartment.

Anne: Exactly.

Theresa: Sitting here in the catbird chair with Brady and my baby. Oh, hey, did I tell you that Victor hired his nephew, that crazy guy, to be the new gardener?

Anne: What? The hot guy who tried to barbecue Eric Brady and Nicole?

Theresa: Yep, that's him.

Anne: What? Are you scared at all?

Theresa: No, no. The whole thing's made Brady so protective. You know, I think it's made him think about how he'd feel if something bad happened to me.

Xander: If you think I'm gonna keep putting up with this...

Serena: I really don't care what you do, because I have too much to do today, and it looks like you've got some manure to spread, but I am really glad that this is our last moment together, 'cause I want to remember you this way.

Eric: Seems your grandfather did what the Salem pd couldn't.

Brady: Well, Victor definitely has the manpower to put a 24-hour tail on Xander.

Eric: And it's scarier to get a phone call from Victor than it is the police. Which means you're safer than you were before.

Nicole: And so are you.

Eric: I'm not worried about me.

Brady: Okay, what Eric is saying makes sense. All right, listen, I'll keep you both posted if anything new pops up. How soon can you speak to Daniel?

Nicole: Soon. We're taking parker on a picnic. I'll fill him in.

Brady: Okay, okay. Um, I got to go.

Eric: You know what? I want to walk out with you.

Nicole: Hey, Eric, can you hang out for a couple of minutes?

Eric: Sure. Listen, thanks, Brady, for telling us.

Brady: Sure.

Nicole: Yeah, really, thank you.

Brady: No problem.

Eric: So what do you want to talk about?

Nicole: What you just said. I need to make sure we're both clear on where we stand.

Abigail: That should not have happened.

Chad: Why? Because you're with Ben for now?

Abigail: Stop, Chad. You said you would respect any decision I made.

Chad: Yeah, I know what I said, but then I found you crying, and then I saw the way that you looked at me, and I figured that--that the decision was already made.

Abigail: You're right. It is.

Chad: So?

Abigail: I-I care about you, Chad, I do, but I'm with Ben. I'm committed to Ben, and that's how it's going to stay.

Chad: No, no, you can't do this to me.

Abigail: Yes, I can, and I have. You say you love me.

Chad: You know I do.

Abigail: Please respect my decision.

Chad: I would if I thought it was making you happy, but look at you. You look miserable telling me this.

Abigail: Maybe things could have been different if...

Chad: If--if... if what? Tell me what to fix, and I will fix it.

Abigail: I can't! There is no fixing this, Chad. Because Ben loves me, and I love him, and we are going to build a life together, and there can never be anything between you and me again, not ever. Am I making myself clear enough to you?

Chad: Yeah. Loud and clear.

Abigail: Good. Thank you for not trying to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about.

Chad: If he ever hurts you, I'll break him in half.

Abigail: He would never hurt me. We both know that.

Chad: You really think the two of you could ever be happy?

Abigail: I am happy.

Chad: Then why are you crying?

Abigail: Because I'M... because I'm saying good-bye to my life with you, and... I do want you someday to be happy too, Chad. I really do want that for you.

Chad: If you meant that, then you-- just... just forget it.

Abigail: Hi.

Ben: I got your text. Sorry I took off this morning without waking you up.

Abigail: Oh, no, that's okay.

Ben: You just... you looked really beautiful. You were sleeping so peacefully. And I know you need your sleep now.

Abigail: What do you mean by that?

Chad: Hey, buddy, why don't you keep 'em coming?

Marlena: Don't you think it's early in the day to be getting hammered?

Chad: Well...


Chad: If it isn't the sage of Salem. Why don't you have a seat, Doc? I'll buy you a drink and you can give me some more bad advice.

Eric: I thought you understood how I felt when we talked this morning.

Nicole: I thought I did too. But just now when we were talking about Xander, it seemed all you were thinking about was me and my welfare, and I'm sure Brady noticed that.

Eric: I told Brady. He knows how I feel.

Nicole: I know, but it's just that after we talked and you-- and you found out that Daniel and I are engaged, I--

Eric: I what?

Nicole: [Sighs]

Eric: I'd stop loving you? Nicole, I'm at peace... with the fact that I love you and you love Daniel. I want you both to be very happy.

Nicole: Okay. Then we understand each other.

Eric: I think there is somebody else who needs to know about Xander.

Nicole: Serena.

Serena: Mrs. Brady. Hi. I, uh--I went by the pub to-- to find you, but one of the waitresses said that you came for a walk with your friend here.

Caroline: Oh, the friend has gone to get me some aspirin. I have a terrible headache. And talking with you is not gonna help, so if you don't mind?

Serena: Okay, but, Mrs. Brady, I've come to you because I-I need a favor.

Caroline: [Sighs]

Anne: I mean, you don't think I blew it when I came in, you know, with your grandma?

Theresa: No, I don't think so. I mean, my grandma may not always approve of what I do, but she loves me. And she just wants what's best for me.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: And that's Brady.

Anne: Yeah, well, that's good, because you still may have a problem or two.

Theresa: Anne! Why didn't you say something before? Like what?

Anne: Honey, Jennifer Horton and dr. Dan, they are gonna find out about this whole ankle thing, and you know they're gonna tell Brady they don't think it's real. I mean, if dr. Dan starts grilling dr. Lee, forget it. Dr. Lee's gonna fold.

Theresa: Oh, God. I wish the two of them would get a life and just stop prying into mine.

Anne: Maybe a little cash could persuade dr. Lee to keep his lips zipped, you know?

Theresa: I don't have any money, Anne. Not until I seal a deal with Brady. Look, then I'll pay him really well, okay? Just--you have to convince him to be patient. Oh, God.

Anne: I'll do the best I can.

Theresa: Oh, I need a gin and tonic. All right, Anne, listen. What would you like? I can fix you a drink, huh? Anne, I said-- in our house, imagination runs wild.

Theresa: Anne, look, I was nice enough to make you a drink. Why'd you move my crutches like that? Seriously, do you think that's a joke?

Anne: No, honestly I was just trying to move them out of the way.

Brady: When--when you two are--when you're done and you've settled this, I need to talk to you, okay?

Theresa: Okay. Um, about what?

Brady: About the new addition to our staff.

[Cell phone ringing]

Theresa: Okay. Um, I'll talk to you later.

Brady: Brady black. Yeah, no, I have that at the office.

Theresa: Anne, that was way too close.

Wallace: Xander? Did you finish putting the fertilizer on the bocce court?

Xander: Yeah.

Wallace: Well, you forgot to pick up the mulch I ordered, so go get the truck and go get it.

Xander: Like this?

Wallace: Yeah, like that. Now move your ass.

Nicole: Eric, you don't owe Serena a damn thing.

Eric: I know you don't want me to have contact with her.

Nicole: You know why she's still in Salem? She wants another chance with you.

Eric: So I'll find somebody else to tell her about Xander. Don't worry. It's not gonna be you.

Serena: I'm leaving Salem. And I wrote Eric this letter. I was just hoping that you could give it to him after I'm gone. I--

Caroline: Absolutely not.

Clyde: I know you checked him out before I hired him, but now I want to know more than what a good lawyer he is. I want to know everything there is to know about Aiden Jennings.

Kate: Why are you checking out your lawyer?

Clyde: Oh, Kate. Why are listening to my phone calls?

Ben: I thought you needed the sleep because you were tossing and turning so much last night.

Abigail: I was?

Ben: Yeah.

Abigail: Oh, I guess I-I didn't sleep very well.

Ben: So I let you sleep in. It was hard, though. I was this close. I almost woke you up, just because I was so anxious to apologize.

Abigail: Apologize? For what?

Ben: Popping the question right before we went to bed.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Ben: That's what kept you from sleeping, right?

Abigail: I-I don't know. But I do know that it didn't keep you awake.

Ben: [Chuckles] The woman I love was lying beside me. As long as that's true, I'll sleep like a baby. I'm not the greatest at making speeches, but last night, I hope I made it clear how feel about you.

Abigail: You did. You always do.

Chad: So I took your advice. I laid it on the line and I told the woman that I love just how much she means to me. And I thought that there was no way she was ever gonna believe me.

Marlena: And did she?

Chad: Oh, yeah. She bought it. And when she left last night, I was convinced that she loved me too. I told myself, you know, all the hard times are over and we're finally gonna be together. You know, the, um-- when people say that-- that, um, it feels like they're walking on air, right? I always thought that that was the dumbest thing I've ever heard, but that's how I felt. Until this morning when she left me. And I, pfft, down in the dirt.

Marlena: I'm so sorry, Chad.

Chad: Ah, it's fine. You know, if I hadn't, uh, taken your advice, then I'd never know that the woman I love and the woman that I would do anything for wants to be with another guy.

Ben: I know I said I wouldn't push, but I am going crazy here. Are you any closer to deciding whether you want to spend the rest of your life with me?

Abigail: I have thought about your very sweet and romantic proposal. In fact, I haven't really thought of anything else lately.

Ben: I meant every word of it.

Abigail: I know you did. I know you did, because every word that you ever say to me is always honest and straight from your heart. But I want you to know that, uh, when I made the decision to move in with you, I thought living together would be a lot harder than it's turned out to be.

Ben: Why did you think it was gonna be hard? Because I was such a slob about the apartment?

Abigail: No. No, I just mean because there's, you know-- there's just certain things that you find out about someone only from living with them, you know? Like how I need everything in the refrigerator to be in a certain order, and you get the groceries, then you put everything away, and then I have to go back and rearrange them. I mean, that alone can drive a person nuts.

Ben: I love everything about you. Even that. [Chuckles]

Abigail: I mean, you can't love how I-- how I turn the TV on so loud in the bedroom so that I can hear it in the bathroom or how I eat half a cookie and I put the other half in a box or, I mean, how my makeup and hair products are everywhere all over the bathroom all the time. I mean--

Ben: Abigail, this-- this doesn't have anything to do with the TV or the cookies or the makeup. Does it? This is you telling me you don't want to marry me.

Chad: You know, the thing is--is, uh, that I know she loves me too. I know it. Just doesn't seem to matter.

Marlena: Of course that matters.

Chad: [Groans] I'm sorry I went off on you like that. I don't blame you for any of this. I made my own bed. Now it's time for me to lie in it. Alone.

Marlena: Chad...

Chad: Hmm?

Marlena: You're not thinking of driving, are you? Because you're really in no shape to do that.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: I'm a DiMera. I have a car and a driver.

Marlena: Mm.

Chad: And business. Well, now I guess I, uh-- I go back to being the heartless son of a bitch that everybody thinks I am.

Theresa: Um, thanks for coming by, and keep me posted.

Anne: Yeah, okay, sure. Take care.

Brady: Yeah. No, no, no. That sounds good. Just--just call me as soon as you've closed the deal. All right?

Theresa: So, um, what did you want to talk to me about?

Brady: Well, I'll keep it very simple. Pack your bags, and get your lying ass out of my house right now.

Eric: I'll just send her a text. No, I--no, I won't even do that.

Caroline: You shouldn't have wasted your time writing a letter, because Eric is done with you, and so am I.

Serena: I know I deserve--

Caroline: Ah!

Serena: Mrs. Brady? Mrs. Brady? Caroline? Somebody, please help her! Please, Mrs. Brady.

Kate: I wasn't listening in. I just happened to overhear.

Clyde: That's all right. I'm just thinking of hiring a new lawyer, that's all. I don't think that Aiden Jennings has quite the edge he needs to handle what I have in mind.

Kate: What do you have in mind?

Clyde: Oh, we're just full of questions today, aren't we?

Kate: Well, apparently answers are in short supply.

Clyde: Hey, why don't we just do what we came here to do? Grab some lunch.

Abigail: Look, I know we still have some things to talk about, but, Ben, in regards to your proposal, that was me saying if-- I mean, if you can put up with me, I would love--

Ben: Put up with you? Abigail Deveraux, you can blast that TV all night long, you can take one bite out of every single cookie and put every single one back in that box, and you can leave your makeup wherever the hell you want for the rest of our lives. You gonna marry me?

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Ben: Young lady, you are looking at the happiest, luckiest guy on the planet.

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