Days Transcript Friday 7/31/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/31/15


Episode #12644 ~ Chad tries to convince Abigail they should be together; Clyde urges Ben to make a big move; Will, Sonny, Paul, & Derrick's night out ends in violence; Hope & Aiden turn up the romance.

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Justin: The name Narita tested off the charts.

Kate: You can thank will, it was his idea. Maybe we should give him a cut.

Justin: You know we take all the credit and all the money, right?


Kate: Of course, I do. I just have to say those things every once in a while and throw people. You know to give credit where credit is due, it was a genius move to hire Paul.

Justin: Was it? Now, which genius do we know came up with that?

Kate: Oh, my god, please, don't start gloating. Don't start gloating, or I'm taking it back and I'm leaving.

Justin: Don't leave yet. It's cocktail hour.

Hope: It's so beautiful.

Aiden: It is the most beautiful you that I have ever seen in my life. I have to tell you that.

Hope: [Laughs]

Aiden: Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Hope: It's been such a wonderful night. I really hate for it to end.

Aiden: Well, who says it has to?

Chad: What you have with him, Abigail, it's not what we have, as hard as we try to deny it.

Ben: What's she doing here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Abigail: That was right outside.

Clyde: Hey, I'd about given up on you.

Ben: Well, I wasn't where I could answer. I'm on my way to pick up Abigail at--

Clyde: Listen, before you see Abigail, you need to see me. Now.

Man: Never thought I'd see this, baseball legend, Paul Narita, hanging with a bunch of fairies.

Man: Isn't that what he is, a fairy?

Marlena: Hi, will.

Will: Grandma. Hey, John.

Marlena: Hi.

Will: This is our friend Derrick.

Marlena: Hi, Derrick. How nice to meet you.

Derrick: Nice to meet you, ma'am.

John: Good to see you again.

Derrick: Yes, sir.

Will: You here for a-- for a night out?

Marlena: We are.

Will: Okay. Well, we'll see you inside.

Marlena: Yes.

Sonny: Guys, walk away.

Man: You let your girlfriend do the talking?

Will: That's not his girlfriend, jerk. He's my husband!

Ben: All right, I'm here. What's so important you gotta see me tonight?

Clyde: [Sighs] We need to have a serious conversation about Abigail.

Abigail: I know I heard something.

Chad: It was probably just somebody walking by.

Abigail: I was about to make a big mistake.

Chad: No.

Abigail: A really stupid--

Chad: No, no, no, no, that's not how it felt. Is it? You and I both knew in that moment.

Abigail: No, that's not true.

Chad: Liar.

Abigail: [Sighs] I can't do this, Chad. I can't do this.

Chad: Because of Ben?

Will: Any news?

Abigail: The paternity test is tomorrow. I'll know then. I have to go.

Chad: Okay, but listen.

Abigail: No.

Chad: Do you believe me?

Abigail: That isn't--

Chad: No, wait, listen, it's--it's everything. Just look at me. Look at me. I love you. Tell me you can feel that.

Man: Look who just came back from the ladies' room.

Will: You're serious? What century do you live in?

Man: We were here before. This was never an "alternative lifestyle" club.

Man: What?

Man: A fag bar.

Paul: What did you just say?

Man: You prefer homo? Queer?

Paul: You son of a-- Paul works just fine. But my name's for my friends.

Man: And a lovely group of girls they are. You like cheerleaders.

Paul: That's enough.

Man: Hey, you want to rub your lifestyle in everyone's face, you're gonna hear things you don't like.

Paul: You owe my friends an apology.

Man: You giving me orders, faggot?

Derrick: Hey, that's enough! All right, real classy, buddy.

[Both grunting]

Will: Hey, break it up!

Sonny: Leave him alone! Leave him alone!

Will: Sonny! Sonny!

Rafe: Hey! Hey!

John: That's enough! Break it up, break it up.

Man: Mind your own business!

John: This is my business. Now back down. What happened?

Man: Tinker bell here has got a temper. No sense of humor.

John: Paul, what happened?

Man: He punched me! I'm pressing charges.

Rafe: No, you're not.

Paul: Yeah, I did hit him.

Man: Yeah, at least the little faggot can still tell the truth.

John: What'd you call my son?

Man: Whoa, you're his dad? What'd you do to him to turn him?

Sonny: What?!

Rafe: All right, congratulations. You just won the award for the most ignorant thing I have heard in my club all month. And the bar is pretty high. Let's go see what your prize is outside. You, out now.

Man: I was just watching.

Rafe: Get the hell out of here, come on.

John: If he's harassing you, I'll run him in.

Paul: What do you want?

Sonny: They're idiots.

Will: Let it go. They're gone.

Marlena: John, calm down.

John: No, you heard what that punk said in front of a cop. I can only imagine what he said in front of Paul.

Sonny: It was nothing we haven't heard a hundred times.

Paul: Don't worry, dad. It's over, okay?

Derrick: They only came at Paul because he's famous.

Will: Like this never happened to you before? That eye does not look good.

Derrick: Great.

Will: I'm gonna get some ice for your face before it swells up.

John: You all right?

Paul: Yeah. I just need a minute.

Aiden: I have to tell you, I never thought I was gonna find this kind of happiness again. I was starting to doubt that this kind of happiness even existed in the real world at all.

Hope: You saying you're happy?

Aiden: I'm happy.


Aiden: I'm happy.

Hope: How did that happen, Mr. Jennings?

Aiden: Well, my son is happy, that makes me happy. And I happened to meet this incredibly beautiful woman.

Hope: I'd love to meet her.

Aiden: I would like to spend the rest of my life introducing you to her.

Hope: Wow. Sounds serious.

Aiden: [Laughs] It is serious. Although she's been a bit of a clown lately.

Hope: Really?

Aiden: Yeah, she has.

Hope: Well, you know what? Maybe she's really happy, too. Maybe she, um... didn't think she'd ever get to be this happy again herself.

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Aw.

Hope: Come here, Jennings.

Justin: To the fantastic turnaround of mad world cosmetics.

Kate: Long may we reign. Mm, so what about Lucas' unfair trade practices lawsuit?

Justin: It's gone.

Kate: Already? He was on point.

Justin: But I know a guy in Brussels.

Kate: Is this guy bigger than Stefano's guy? You know, I thought Lucas might find a weak spot.

Justin: It was really just a nuisance suit 'cause he's ticked off at you and me.

Kate: God, story of my life.

Justin: Good thing you're much more devious and cutthroat than your son.

Kate: Oh, well, thank you for making me sound so lovely.

Justin: And that's the way I want you.

Kate: [Laughs] Well, if I'm all that, you better watch your back.

Justin: I can take care of myself.

Kate: I bet you can. Well, yeah, I should probably go.

Justin: Actually, stay and finish your drink. There's something else we need to discuss.

Kate: What's that?

Justin: Clyde Weston.

Ben: Why do you want to talk about my girlfriend?

Clyde: Do you remember what today is?

Ben: No.

Clyde: It's your mama's birthday. Hey, it's all right.

Ben: I can't believe I just forgot.

Clyde: Well, it was along time ago, and you've been busy.

Ben: Jordan and I always did something to mark the day.

Clyde: So did I. And I just located this. That was my last birthday present for your mama. I want you to have it for Abigail.

Ben: This was mom's?

Clyde: Mm-hmm.

Ben: I don't remember.

Clyde: Well, you wouldn't. She never wore it. By the time I could afford a ring like that, we... you know, we had our troubles. But things were getting better so I went out and bought the ring that she always wanted, and I was saving it for her birthday. By that time, well, she was gone.

Ben: I'm sorry.

Clyde: Me, too. But when I think about you and Abigail, I know right were that ring belongs.

Ben: Dad.

Clyde: Son, love can last forever, but life can be so short. Don't you waste another minute. You put that ring on her finger. Tonight.

Abigail: Why are you doing this?

Chad: 'Cause I couldn't live with you not knowing, okay, with you believing that I hated you, all right, when I love you.

Abigail: You can't do this. You can't pressure me.

Chad: That is not what I am trying to do.

Abigail: It's the wrong time. It's the wrong time for all of this.

Chad: I know, but it's only gonna be worse later.

Abigail: What? What do you mean?

Chad: Well, things are starting to get serious with you and Ben.

Chad: Is that what you meant by the wrong time?

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: Am I too late? Hey,

Aiden: So right there...

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: See?

Hope: Uh-huh.

Aiden: Now is the north star.

Hope: I see it, Mr. Jennings, and I can see that with my bare eye. Mm-hmm.

Aiden: Okay, miss smarty pants, what about...

Hope: What?

Aiden: The delphinus?

Hope: Delphinus?

Aiden: How's your naked eye with that one?

Hope: Well, that's Latin.

Aiden: It is Latin.

Hope: No, I-I think you're making that one up.

Aiden: I am not making that one up. Look over there. Right over there, see?

Hope: [Gasps]

Aiden: There, it's like-- looks like it's hanging off the edge of there almost, right?

Hope: Yeah, I see it. I do, I see it.

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah, it's like a string of diamonds.

Aiden: String of diamonds?

Hope: Yeah, diamonds. I can associate.

Aiden: No. You know, it's actually Latin for "dolphin," so it's like a dolphin that's leaping towards the next galaxy.

Hope: Oh. I think this is my new favorite app.

Aiden: This is your new favorite app?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Aiden: Well, don't vote just yet.

Hope: No?

Aiden: No.

[Soft music]

Hope: And he's off the bench.

Aiden: I am off the bench only for you.

Woman: Oh oh all along it's just you

Marlena: John. Why don't I talk to him?

John: Thank you.

Rafe: Hey, guys, sorry about that. Those two kooks have been in here all week trying to pick up girls, no success, of course.

Derrick: Ah, shocking. Who could say no to all that charm?

Rafe: Yeah, right? Okay, well, guess what, though? Next round's on uncle victor. What do you guys want?

Will: I'm good.

Derrick: We're good, too.

Sonny: We're good, yeah.

Rafe: Okay.

Derrick: Well, guess I should have kept my mouth shut.

Sonny: It's not your fault. They were looking for trouble the minute they saw Paul.

Marlena: Paul. Are you all right?

Paul: Yeah, I'm fine. Or not. I'm not fine at all.

Kate: Here we go.

Justin: I'm not looking for a fight.

Kate: Well, good. You know, that's really good, because my private life is off limits. Did victor put you up to this, by any chance? Because from the moment he met Clyde, he hated him. He hated--

Justin: Kate, relax. Take a deep breath. This is coming from me, not victor. I don't know much about Clyde, but he smells like trouble.

Ben: You want me to propose to Abigail?

Clyde: You don't want to?

Ben: I do, that's just--

Clyde: What, too much? Too soon? Ben, I've watched this girl. She's not just beautiful, she's thoughtful, she's loving, she looks out for her family, she's great with kids. I mean, this is a girl you do not want to let get away. When that ring arrived today, your mother's birthday, the day she was meant to wear it, I think that's a sign, don't you? If you love her, why wait?

Abigail: Ben and I are living together.

Chad: Briefly. You just moved in with him, okay, right? And it happened pretty quickly after we were together. You know, after I said all that stupid stuff, so I just-- I thought that maybe--

Abigail: What? You thought what, Chad? You thought it was all about you?

Chad: I thought that I hurt you. And I will forever be sorry about that. You deserve better. You know, I want--I want to give you--

Abigail: Stop! Stop!

Chad: Okay.

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: Okay, look, this is a lot. It must feel out of nowhere to you. You know, so-- you know, so you don't have to say anything else right now.

Chad: Just please, whatever happens, whether you choose to stay with Ben or not, you know, I just--I want you to understand that you were not used by me. I would never-- I-I couldn't. Okay, I wanted to be with you because I love you more than anyone or anything in this world. You were loved. You are loved.

Abigail: [Cries]

Abigail: I know. I know. Daddy gator couldn't push the throttle

John: I should know better.

Rafe: Than what?

John: I deal with ignorant criminals all day long. I shouldn't be so surprised when people are stupid.

Rafe: Yeah, well, it's different on the job. When the stupid is dressed up nice and in a nice place, it throws you off. I'm still getting used to it.

John: Well, maybe it's hitting just a little close to home because Paul's my son.

Paul: Man, I've been living in a bubble. I had it easy. I mean, just because I could pitch a ball, people treated me differently. If I hadn't thrown my arm out then maybe--

Marlena: Well, if you hadn't thrown out your arm, you'd still be living in the bubble. You wish you did?

Paul: Truth? Yeah, sometimes.

Marlena: The fact is, Paul, you helped a lot of people when you came out, people you will never even know. Young people who--who are-- who are scared, read what you had to say and it changed their lives. Don't you forget that.

Paul: Thank you.

Woman: Baby, don't stop tell me what...

Hope: Hmm.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: I hate to be the one to say it.

Aiden: No, no, no, I-- I know you have to go and so do I.

Hope: Can we do this again another night?

Aiden: It's already in the book.

Hope: Good, rain or shine?

Aiden: Rain or shine.

Hope: Promise?

Aiden: Promise. You know what we should do?

Hope: What?

Aiden: Build a big house with an observatory. Maybe--maybe we can do that, right? On the edge of town with a big window to the sky.

Hope: Okay. Yeah, the kids would love that.

Aiden: Yeah, but they're not invited to dance night. That's just gonna be our thing from now on. Okay?

Hope: Done.

Woman: Take us away

Hope: The music stopped.

Aiden: Mm. Who needs it?

Paul: Hey, thanks for stepping in with those guys.

John: Shouldn't have to deal with any of that, kid.

Paul: Yeah, well, I'm gonna go check on my friend. If I don't see you later, have a good night.

John: Yeah, you too.

Paul: Yeah, just keep icing that bruise, and then warm compresses tomorrow.

Derrick: You have experience with this?

Paul: Well, yeah. Usually they're baseballs, not fists to the face, but yeah.

Derrick: Well, I'm not gonna let it ruin the rest of the evening, so.

Sonny: Well, we gotta go pick up Ari from the sitter. She texted before and has to get up early for work, so unfortunately, Ari can't spend the night.

Will: This was fun.

Paul: It was.

Will: Despite the fireworks.

Derrick: Let's do it again.

Sonny: Sounds like a plan. Well, I'm gonna go ahead and say good-bye to Rafe.

Will: Good luck. Not that you're gonna need it.

Chad: I'm--I'm sorry, you just said--

Abigail: I know how you feel. That's what I said.

Chad: And you?

Abigail: I need time. I need time.

Chad: Look, I don't-- I don't expect you to make any promises, okay.

Abigail: I couldn't, Chad. I mean, even if I wanted to, I really can't right now.

Chad: It's okay. I'm here.

Abigail: [Cries]

Ben: I do love Abigail, but I don't want to pressure her.

Clyde: Of course not. You don't have to get married right away, but if you love her, you don't want her to get away either. You want to show her you're committed.

[Cell phone alert beeps]

Ben: Abigail's on her way home right now.

Clyde: She's a very special young lady, Ben. I'd do anything to hold onto her.

Ben: I gotta go. Thank you for this.

Kate: Well, trouble doesn't scare me, you see, because Clyde is no more trouble than any of the men that I've been with, including victor. Come on, are you absolutely sure victor didn't put you up to this? Because he doesn't give a damn about me, so anything he's telling you about me--

Justin: Kate, again, this is coming from me, not victor. And you're right, he doesn't give a damn about you.

Kate: Oh.

Justin: But I do.

Marlena: I will see you in the office. Okay, bye.

Clyde: Hello, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Oh, hello.

Clyde: You look lovely tonight.

Marlena: You're very kind to say that, thank you.

Clyde: You know, I spoke with your assistant, made an appointment for next week.

Marlena: Yes, I saw that on my schedule.

Clyde: And it's not because of what you said earlier. I really wanted to do it.

Marlena: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Clyde: Shall we go in?

Marlena: Yes.

[Dance music]

John: Something about that guy, isn't there?

Rafe: A certain stench, yeah.

John: Yeah, I think hope smells it, too. But every time I ask about Clyde, she just clams up. Why is that?

Rafe: I can't speak for her.

John: Oh, come on, Rafe. I know that hope leans on her old partner every now and then, we all do.

Rafe: Hope does everything by the book.

John: Didn't say she didn't.

John: What do you think?

Rafe: Hmm.

Marlena: I think I'd like a dance.

John: Ooh. Thought you'd never ask.

Woman: Baby, you got me feeling things you know just what I like yeah...

Clyde: Looks like you'd rather be out on the dance floor instead of tending bar, huh, Rafe?

Woman: You touched me so perfectly, baby

Derrick: You're quiet.

Paul: It was my fault.

Derrick: No. If you wouldn't have punched that idiot, one of us would have.

Paul: Yeah, but I'm the only reason they bothered us at all.

Derrick: Well, aren't you special. Come on, seriously? You think that only happened just because of how famous you are?

Paul: I was the one they came at.

Derrick: Trust me, those two would have spewed their ignorance with or without you.

Chad: Sorry, man. I-I meant to be gone by now.

Will: Are you alone?

Chad: Yeah. Abigail left a little while ago. Is Sonny--

Will: He's picking up Arianna. I wanted to make sure you guys had plenty of time.

Chad: We did. Thank you. I really owe you.

Will: So it went well?

Chad: No, I wouldn't go that far, you know, but she heard me out. I think she believes, you know, I do love her.

Abigail: Hi.

Ben: Hey.

Abigail: Well, what's that?

Ben: Nothing.

Abigail: Well, if you-- [Clears throat] That nothing is still sticking out of your pocket so if you want to not lose it, then you might want to stash it better.

Ben: No. I'm not gonna hide anything. We made a promise to be honest with each other. So...

Hope: Yes, I parked right by the door of your building. I'll be fine, okay? You're going the other way.

Aiden: Baby, baby, no, no, no, look, I do not mind, okay.

Hope: Baby, baby, baby, I will be fine. I know you don't mind, but--

Aiden: What?

Hope: Aiden, I'm armed. I take down perps for a living, remember?

Aiden: Oh, you make it sound sexy, huh?

Hope: Good night. I will see you tomorrow.

Aiden: Get some sleep.

Hope: You, too. Okay.

Aiden: Thank you.

Hope: Yeah, you were pretty good on the dance floor.

Aiden: Rafe, I hope I can trust your discretion about anything you might have just heard.

Rafe: Of course.

Rafe: So did you get stood up or did Kate finally kick you to the curb?

Marlena: I can feel you thinking. Honey, Paul's going to be okay.

John: I just don't know why the kid has to deal with any of this at all.

Marlena: Paul is not a kid. He's a man living in the world. Maybe that's part of it.

John: Well, I should have been there for him when he was a kid, 'cause if I had, maybe this wouldn't--I don't know.

Marlena: You believe what that cretin said? John, look at me. Do you think, really, that if you'd have been there when he was growing up he wouldn't be gay?

Paul: Well, guess you set me straight.

Derrick: God, I hope not.

Paul: No, I meant that--

Derrick: Oh, I know. I know. So is this your first?

Paul: Excuse me?

Derrick: You've never been hassled before?

Paul: No, not like this. You have?

Derrick: It's a fact of life for me.

Paul: What, like, every day just walking down the street?

Derrick: It usually starts when people have been drinking, you know, sometimes in a crowd, but I've had some trouble, some of the bars on the south side.

Paul: What do you do?

Derrick: You know, make a joke, shake it off, keep walking.

Paul: But not tonight.

Derrick: I mean, they pushed you. That was over the line.

Paul: You have a nice, little shiner there, huh?

Derrick: Souvenir.

Paul: I'm sorry, does that-- it really hurts.

Derrick: Not really.

Will: Abigail said that she believed you?

Chad: Yeah, she did. And she needs more time. She said that she can't say anything right now.

Will: So you'll give her some room.

Chad: I will. And I'll, you know-- I will respect whatever decision she makes.

Will: Well, good. That's good.

Chad: I felt it. You know that connection between us, it's still there. It's still strong. And when she looked into my eyes, I could tell that she still feels the same way, you know. She loves me.

Abigail: What--where-- did you buy that?

Ben: No. No, my father bought it for my mother years ago.

Ben: She died before he could give it to her.

Abigail: I'm sorry.

Ben: He gave it to me in case I wanted to give it to you.

Abigail: That's really good that you have something of hers.

Ben: Abigail, I love you. You are all I think about. And there is nothing in the world that would mean more to me than if you agreed to put this ring on your finger and marry me. Everyday a woman looks in the mirror 10 times,

Ben: That was a-- that was a lousy proposal. I know.

Abigail: No, no.

Ben: It wasn't even a proposal, it was just--

Abigail: It was sweet.

Ben: It's just how I feel, Abigail, you-- I mean, you know that. I don't ever want to be with anybody else, and I know we've only been living together for a little while, but it's going-- it's going great, isn't it?

Abigail: Yeah, it is. It is.

Ben: I'm not talking about getting married tomorrow. But when the time is right, we will do it exactly how you'd like it-- a big wedding, the whole family, everything perfect.

Ben: Just think about it. Okay?

Ben: I'm gonna hop in the shower before bed.

Abigail: [Exhales sharply]

Will: Be careful.

Chad: What?

Will: It was a look. Who knows what she's gonna say or do tomorrow.

Chad: Okay, yeah, yeah, I know. I can't get too excited.

Will: But you have.

Chad: Because she's it. We were meant for each other, and she knows it, all right. I could see it. And yeah, so, you know, maybe she'll deny it tomorrow, but it'll still be true. No, she can't forget that. And I gotta run.

Will: Chad, seriously, you cannot count on this working out.

Chad: Listen, we're gonna be together, all right? I know we are.

Justin: You've done a great job at mad world, and having you at the top keeps Lucas off balance, which is an added bonus. And more importantly, you've been very decent with me.

Kate: So you're returning the favor by warning me about Clyde?

Justin: Exactly. You are an important asset to me and now a friend. So just be careful.

Kate: I will. Thank you.

Clyde: I think Kate figured you out, Rafe, which is why she's with me. She's got a thing for powerful men.

Rafe: And criminals. Enjoy your drink.

John: Marlena, I know that being gay isn't a choice. Paul's gay because he's gay. Doesn't matter who raised him.

Marlena: His mother did a wonderful job raising him. He is an extraordinary young man.

John: Yes, he is. But all I'm thinking is that maybe I--maybe I could've helped him be okay with who he was.

Marlena: Honey, it's a miracle that you know him at all. Come on, you connected. He knows you love him. That's all that matters.

Derrick: I'm sorry. I know you just want to be friends, and I don't want to--

Paul: Derrick, stop talking, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Abigail: Hey.

Will: Chad just left.

Abigail: Did you guys talk?

Will: He's cautiously ecstatic. He thinks that you two are on the same page.

Will: Abigail?

Abigail: [Cries] It's just such a mess.

Will: Well, things will probably be clearer tomorrow. Once you get the results from the paternity test, it'll help you make a decision about Ben and Chad.

Abigail: Yeah, but I mean, to have to make a decision, this way for--for this reason.

Abigail: Why did I do this to myself, will? Why?

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Hey, everything okay?

Hope: Yeah, sure, everything's fine. Listen, about earlier.

Rafe: I can't tell you what Aiden said.

Hope: I know, but what else did your contact say about Clyde?

Rafe: Can't talk right now.

Hope: Can we meet tomorrow?

Rafe: No.

Hope: No? Okay, if you're working, I'll come there.

Rafe: No, I'm gonna go see Gabi, so we'll talk soon.

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