Days Transcript Tuesday 7/14/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/14/15


Episode #12631 ~ Eric confesses he's in love with Nicole; Serena finds herself in a dangerous situation as she attempts to get the goods on Xander; Abigail puts Kayla in a tough position; JJ makes a huge decision based on his desire to protect Paige.

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Will: So what exactly did your mom say?

Sonny: She and my dad are splitting up.

Will: She said divorce?

Sonny: She had the papers.

Will: Well, that's real.

Sonny: It'd be a crappy joke.

Will: Do you think that, uh, you know, this means anything's gonna happen with my dad and your mom?

Sonny: What do you mean? Like, your dad...marrying my mom?

Kyle: You're great company. I bet we could have a lot of fun.

Paige: I'm always up for some fun.

Hope: Why didn't we get the whole set of eight anyway?

Jennifer: I don't know. I forgot her cabinet space, but we can always go back. We can--okay. And she's gonna be so surprised anyway.

Ben: Ms. Horton?

Jennifer: Oh, hi.

Ben: Let me help you with these. Detective Brady, hi.

Hope: Hey, Ben, how are you?

Ben: I'm good. What is all this?

Jennifer: Housewarming gifts.

Ben: The is--this is so nice of you guys. You know what, Abigail's here. So we'll all go surprise her.

Abigail: What I need is... a paternity test.

[Knock at door]

Chad: Kayla, I've got that infi--information. Uh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know you had a patient.

Abigail: I'm not a patient.

Chad: Okay.

Kayla: Um, yeah--Chad, can we--can we talk later?

Chad: Sure, just text me when you're free. Uh, I'm sorry I interrupted.

Abigail: Great.

Kayla: I'm so sorry. You know, I got so caught up with you, I forgot that he was coming.

Abigail: No, it's not your fault, aunt Kayla.

Kayla: So, um, you wanted a paternity test?

Abigail: Yeah, right away, and it's--it's really important that this is something that no one finds out about, not even my mom, no one, please. Promise.

Kayla: Well, if you want me to take the test, I have to get Ben's blood.

Abigail: Uh,'s not about Ben, um... I need to eliminate someone else and you already have everything that you need about this person on file.

Kayla: How do you know that?

Abigail: I know, he--he... he was a patient. He was your patient.

Kayla: Chad?

Eric: After everything that's happened between us, I can't... stop wanting to protect you. I can't stop feeling what I feel.

Nicole: What happened is we survived, we're alive.

Eric: This is not about surviving. You know what this is about.

Serena: What are you still doing here?

Eric: Serena.

Serena: Am I interrupting?

Nicole: Why do you think anything Eric or I have to say is your business?

Serena: You show up at my hotel room and you attack me.

Eric: Okay, stop it. Just--

Nicole: You'd be glad he pulled me out of there or I really would have hurt you. You know what, let's go.

Eric: No, not yet. I came here to see Serena.

Abigail: Now you see why this has to stay between us.

Kayla: You know what, you would have my discretion anyway, but at some point, you're gonna have to start talking and if Chad is the father--

Abigail: He might not be and...I don't know that, you know, I--I--I don't need to tell anyone until I know, right?

Kayla: Okay.

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Kayla: Let's just breathe, okay, baby? Okay? It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be--

Abigail: How? How is it gonna be okay if Chad is my family could ever accept that. Like I could? You know what my mom said to me a couple weeks ago? She thanked god that--that now we never have to have anything to do with the DiMeras again. I mean, a baby? That could connect us to them forever.

Kyle: Give me your number.

Paige: Uh, I don't know.

Kyle: All right, then give me your phone.

Paige: Uh, yeah, 'cause that's much less personal.

Kyle: Let me put my number in your phone, then it's up to you.

Paige: Oh.

Kyle: What--I thought you just said you were up for some fun.

Paige: No, I-I am. It's just, to be honest, I just broke up with the biggest loser on the planet and I'm still a little burned. Still hurt.

Kyle: Sorry. What did this loser do?

Paige: Oh, we aren't gonna do the gruesome details. Just trust me, it was the skeeviest thing imaginable.

Kyle: I promise nothing but non-skeevy fun.

Paige: Okay. Sounds good.

Kyle: Okay.

Sonny: Is this too weird to talk about?

Will: No.

Sonny: It's weird.

Will: Yeah--yeah, but... here it is.

Sonny: They're not making any sudden moves, which is good. In fact, she told me that they're backing off a little bit.

Will: What did you say?

Sonny: Nothing much.

Will: Good. Stay neutral. The last thing you want to do is--is--is take anybody's side. Especially not until after everything falls out. Is this your first divorce?

Sonny: First that I remember.

Will: Don't worry, it gets easier. The hardest is when--when I was a--a little kid. It's when they treat you like a blunt object--they beat each other up with you. Once you're out of high school, then it's really just about holiday management, you know. Nod your head, don't agree with anybody except for when they want you to show up when they remarry. But trust me, it does get easier.

Sonny: Do you ever think everything you went through with your parents is why you're so desperate to save our marriage?

Nicole: Fine, I'll leave you to whatever this is. Don't turn your back on this one.

Serena: Let's get out of the hall.

Eric: Okay. I got your message about Xander.

Serena: I'm glad you came.

Eric: What did you want to tell me?

Serena: Eric, what was that with Nicole?

Ben: I don't know what happened. Abigail said she'd be around all day, but she's not even picking up her phone.

Jennifer: Well, maybe she just ran out for something.

Ben: Well, you're welcome to wait. Can I get you an iced tea, or--

Hope: Yeah, that would be great, thanks.

Jennifer: They look so pretty, don't they?

Hope: You did an amazing job. You know, I'm not very crafty.

Jennifer: Well, yes you are.

Ben: Where are you, Abigail?

Kayla: So Chad could be the father of the baby?

Abigail: It--it can't be... but it could be.

Kayla: You were together?

Abigail: No, I... well, I mean--I mean, yes. We--I made a terrible mistake. And... Chad played me. Big surprise. He wanted revenge for me and EJ. He...acted like he cared about me, he pursued me, and then he would pull away, and he-- he would act like he was trying to be good about the situation. You know, like he was trying to respect me, respect my life.

Kayla: Well, how do you know that's not true?

Abigail: Chad doesn't give a damn about me, aunt Kayla.

Kayla: You don't know that for sure.

Abigail: Yeah, I do. He told me that.

Kayla: Oh.

Abigail: I need that test, aunt Kayla. I need that test so that I know where I stand.

Kayla: I get it, completely. I get it.

Abigail: Okay. Okay, good. So you'll help me.

Kayla: No, I'm sorry. I can't. Want hair that's two times stronger?

Will: I don't think it's desperate to fight for your marriage, Sonny. Running away when things get tough--that's a problem. What?

Sonny: Come on, Will. You don't think you've gone to extremes to try to save our marriage?

Will: I love you, Sonny. I love the--the life that we've made for ourselves. For our daughter. I don't--I--I want to keep our family together. My parents--they cut and ran. I won't.

Chad: Hey, kids. Decent crowd today.

Sonny: Yeah. What brings you by?

Chad: I just finished up at the hospital, I have some time to kill before my next meeting. And the coffee there sucks once they run out of our stuff.

Sonny: Do you have time to go over our second quarter filing? It's due.

Chad: Sure, I have some time, but I gotta get back to the hospital before Abigail's done.

Will: You saw Abigail?

Chad: Yeah, I ran into her. Is she okay?

Abigail: I thought--I don't get it, I thought you understood my situation.

Kayla: I do, but--

Abigail: But what, you--you won't help me?

Kayla: No, it's not that I won't, it's that I can't.

Abigail: Aunt Kayla, this is--this is Chad we're talking about here, Chad DiMera. I mean, he's a DiMera and I--

Kayla: I know--I know that, it's--

Abigail: And you know what that means more than anyone, and you have the information. It's not like it'd be--

Kayla: You know sweetie, you know what, calm down. It's not about that, not at the moment, anyway.

Abigail: Okay, well, what?

Kayla: I can't do the test because you're not far enough along.

Abigail: Oh.

Kayla: You need to be eight weeks for a paternity test. You need a few more weeks.

Abigail: Well, how--how long is a few?

Kayla: Well, I'd say three, to be absolutely sure.

Abigail: As soon as it's safe, though, then you'll do it. Right? I could wait. I mean, obviously, I have to wait, but I just mean I can...I can keep quiet about this for awhile, and you're not gonna say anything?

Kayla: No. No, of course not. You're my patient, and absolute discretion. I,, let me get that on the book.

Abigail: Okay, so.

Kayla: Let's see.

Abigail: Eight weeks, then you'll do it. Right? What? What?

Kayla: You know, there are laws about this, and I--I just--

Abigail: Aunt Kayla, it's not like you're violating Chad's privacy here. I mean, you're his doctor. You've--you've looked at his charts before and you're just-- really you're just--you're just looking at them again. Okay, look. Look, I know--I know that this is stretching it some, but it's Chad. And...if I have to go to him and tell him that I--I need him for a paternity test, then he's never gonna keep quiet about this. He's gonna tell Ben and the whole thing will blow up, and... just, aunt Kayla, please don't-- don't do this to me. Okay?

Chad: Hospital. She's at work.

Jennifer: Do you have to go to work?

Ben: Oh--no, no, it was just a text. I have to go in later, but I can hang around till Abigail gets back. Oh.

Nicole: Abe? Hey. Hold up a minute.

Abe: I don't have news.

Nicole: Were you trying to get news?

Abe: I can't discuss the details of an investigation.

Nicole: Xander's just walking around, you know that?

Abe: He's being tailed from a distance. If he gets too close to either you or Eric, we'll haul him in.

Nicole: Well, how close is too close? 'Cause I'll find him right now and sit as close as it takes to get his ass thrown in jail.

Abe: We will not use you as bait.

Nicole: Now, suddenly, people care about my safety?

Abe: We wouldn't be able to make the charges stick anyway.

Nicole: I know, I know. But I have been thinking, and I have an idea how to fix that.

Eric: You are not to talk about Nicole or me. You said this was about Xander.

Serena: It's happening already.

Eric: What?

Serena: You're so cold.

Eric: Okay, stop it, just stop it.

Serena: This is what she does to you. Look, I--I've earned how you feel about me, but that doesn't change who Nicole is.

Eric: Okay, listen, I mean it.

Serena: Or, what she does to you--have you forgotten?

Eric: Listen, you are the last one to warn me about being used.

Serena: She makes you miserable, Eric--your words.

Eric: I'm not going--you know what?

Serena: No, wait.

Eric: I'm not gonna listen to this garbage.

Serena: Okay. I'm sorry. I hate--I hate what I did to you and I would do anything to make it right. I don't care what happens to me, but I do still care what happens to you, and--you can't count on Nicole. You know, she was obsessed with you.

Eric: Are you not listening?

Eric: And now it's Daniel-- before, it was EJ and god only knows who else--

Eric: Serena!

Serena: She's fickle, Eric!

Eric: Stop! Stop judging her.

Kyle: Here's my number.

Paige: Cool.

Kyle: When you're ready to hang out, text me. I guarantee I will put a smile on your face, much like the one you have right now.

Paul: All right.

Kyle: And we'll keep it real casual. I don't have a lot of time right now anyway.

Paige: You're not in school, right?

Kyle: No--no, no, no, I work for a living.

[Cell phone rings]

Paige: Oh. Doing what?

Kyle: Answering the call.

[Cell phone rings again]

Paige: Oh, you're batman?

Kyle: Something like that. I'll give you the scoop next time. I--I gotta run. But you're intrigued, right?

Paige: Maybe.

Kyle: I'll see you soon.

Paige: Okay. You can come out now, JJ.

Abe: So do you remember something we can use?

Nicole: There is another way to get to Xander besides what he did to me and Eric.

Abe: Well, I'm all ears.

Nicole: Lean on Serena. Haul her in, put her in lockup, put the squeeze on her and she will give up Xander to save herself.

Abe: We can't proceed without probably cause on any of that.

Nicole: Xander and Serena were smuggling diamonds. Just be creative, Abe. Serena was in Africa. There are terrorists in Africa, right?

Abe: I'll look into it, Nicole. Meanwhile, you stay out of their way.

Nicole: Nail Xander and Serena--you'll be a hero. They should be off the streets, Abe.

Eric: I'm done. Really?

Serena: If I promise not to talk about Nicole, will you please just--

Eric: Is this gonna be about Xander?

Serena: No.

Eric: Then the message was a lie.

Serena: Eric, I love you. I made a mistake, I didn't... please, I will do anything to make it up to you. Just tell me--tell me what I can do.

Eric: You can't. We're done.

Serena: No. No! I can make it up to you. And I know how.

Hope: Oh--no, no. Don't worry, I got it.

Ben: Oh.

Hope: No problem.

Ben: Thank you.

Hope: Yeah, your hands are full.

Jennifer: Thank you so much.

Ben: You're welcome. Wow, these boxes look impressive. Oh, my god. Thank you so much. Abigail is gonna love them, I'm sure.

Jennifer: Well--yeah, yeah, she will and you know there's gift receipts for everything, so if something isn't right, you can just take back.

Ben: Oh.

Hope: You know, I, uh--well, we almost didn't find this place today because I was looking for Rogers on the bell downstairs.

Ben: Yeah.

Hope: But it's Weston, huh?

Ben: Yeah, I went back to using my real last name.

Hope: Thanks for the iced tea.

Ben: You're welcome.

Hope: It's a big step.

Ben: Yeah, it meant a lot to my dad. He's done a lot to help me, so.

Jennifer: Well, from what I hear, it's the least he could do.

Ben: Yeah, things were pretty rough when he first got to town, but they're better now.

Hope: Oh, Ben! But wait a second--aren't all your dad's businesses in Missouri somewhere? That's quite a commute.

Ben: Yeah, he doesn't have to go back much, though.

Hope: No?

Ben: I guess things just pretty much run themselves. And he's expanding here in Salem.

Jennifer: Really?

Ben: Yeah.

Hope: What's he doing?

Ben: Uh, some trucking stuff? I don't really know.

Jennifer: Well, I--I bet you're glad that things have gotten better between you two.

Ben: I am. I have Abigail to thank for it. She was a big part of it.

Sonny: As far as I know, Abigail's okay. Have you seen her?

Will: All the time. Why--why are you even asking?

Chad: She was in with Kayla when I showed up. And she was crying. You know, it looked intense.

Will: Oh, I mean, it might just be a work thing.

Chad: Hmm, it didn't look like a hr turf war.

Sonny: Maybe it was about JJ? He's going through a rough time. She'd talk to Kayla about that.

Chad: It's probably just a family thing. So should we look at the tax stuff or?

Kayla: You are asking a lot.

Abigail: I know, but I--I wouldn't be asking this if it weren't--

Kayla: Right, if he wasn't a DiMera. I got it. And you know what, even if I'm within the letter of the law, ethically, this is a minefield. I--you know, I can't say yes. But I--I can't say no either, so you know what, just let me think about it, all right?

Abigail: Thank you for saying that. Thanks. I should go.

Kayla: You know what, I--I just have--I just have one more question.

Abigail: Okay, sure.

Kayla: When you slept with Chad, it was before you knew that he was trying to humiliate you, right?

Abigail: Yeah, I--I mean, I was just an idiot.

Kayla: Is that all it was?

Abigail: Wasn't that bad enough?

Kayla: Well, I'm just saying that I don't think that you felt like that at the time, right? I mean, you said yes to Chad. Do you remember a few weeks ago we were--we were here at the hospital and we had that conversation, remember? I mean, it was about this, wasn't it? You were so upset because you felt that you were--you were attracted to the wrong kind of person and that you were falling in love with somebody who was bad for you. You know, the whole time, I thought that you were talking about Ben. But you were really talking about Chad. Weren't you?

JJ: What are you doing with that jerk? He is trouble, Paige.

Paige: Oh, you know all about that.

JJ: In this case, I do. Why would you hang out with him?

Paige: Because he's cute, funny, and we have a lot of fun together, so.

JJ: Really? Talking about what? How much money he makes dealing? How many kids he gets hooked?

Paige: You know, why would I tell you what he and I talk about? Why would I tell you anything about my life?

JJ: Don't you get it? This guy is dangerous, and he will end up hurting you. It's only a matter of time.

Paige: It really is hard to believe that you have the audacity to tell me that. That you, who did probably the cruelest and most despicable thing that someone can do to someone else? Can be worried that I might get hurt by a guy who's actually very nice to me.

JJ: Of course he's nice to you, he wants...

Paige: What, say it.

JJ: No, I won't. You know exactly what that bastard wants.

Paige: Oh, unlike you. All you ever wanted from me was love and devotion.

JJ: Don't do this, Paige.

Paige: Oh, what, me? You're the one who's interfering with my life. Okay, you're the one who was the nerve to try to tell me who I should or shouldn't hang out with.

JJ: Yeah, that's right. I do have the nerve to try to protect you from scum, and you're not gonna stop me from telling you over and over again until I get through to you.

Ben: Abigail is the one who encouraged me to give Clyde a chance.

Jennifer: Well, Abigail knows how imperfect parents can be.

Ben: Well, she's been really fair about my dad, and he's crazy about her.

Hope: Must feel good to finally put down some roots, huh?

Ben: Oh, you have no idea. If I could just stay in Salem for the rest of my life with Abigail, that would be a dream come true. You know what, let me try and text her.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah.

Ben: Oh, you know what, it's actually getting late. I gotta get to work. Uh, you guys are more than welcome to stay here and wait if you want.

Hope: No, actually, you know what, I need to get going myself.

Jennifer: Oh.

Ben: Okay.

Hope: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, well, I guess--

Ben: You sure?

Jennifer: I--I guess I should get going too.

Hope: I'll take it.

Jennifer: And we can just leave everything here and it'll just be a surprise when she gets here.

Ben: Yes--hey, look. Thank you so much.

Jennifer: Oh, no problem, it was so good to see you, honey.

Ben: I really appreciate it, and I'll leave a note for--you too. I'll leave a note for Abigail before I take off.

Jennifer: Okay, and then you make sure that you come for dinner soon, okay?

Ben: Okay.

Jennifer: Please, both of you together, come over.

Ben: I will for sure. Thank you.

Jennifer: Okay.

Hope: Thanks for the iced tea, Ben.

Ben: Take care.

Jennifer: Bye bye.

Hope: Bye.

Ben: See ya. Oh, man.

Abigail: I'm not in love with Chad, I--I--that's not what I meant.

Kayla: Oh, so you were talking about Ben?

Abigail: No, I'm--I'm glad that I'm with Ben. That's the smartest choice I've made when it comes to men, as you know. I love Ben.

Sonny: You're really worried about Abigail, aren't you?

Chad: What--no. Not really.

Sonny: She was crying?

Chad: Or she had a runny nose, I don't know.

Sonny: You want me to ask?

Chad: Hmm?

Sonny: If I see Abigail late, do you want me to ask if she's okay, and then I'll text you?

Chad: Look, it's not a big thing, all right? Sorry I brought it up.

Sonny: Chad, I know you still care about her.

Chad: I've told you, not like that, all right. Just forget about it.

[Cell phone chimes]

Chad: That's my meeting, I gotta run.

Sonny: All right, get out here. I'll text you if I hear from Abigail.

JJ: Paige, this isn't about how you feel about me. I know you hate me. I get it. I've gotten it for a while now. It couldn't be any clearer, okay? This is about me trying to protect you from getting hurt again. Don't you get it? My god, this guy makes Cole look like a saint.

Paige: Oh, right, Cole, the other guy you warned me about...

JJ: Also for a damn good reason.

Paige: While you were sleeping with my mother. Yeah, I'm so ready to listen to you.

JJ: Paige, this isn't about-- my god, I know you will never stop being angry with me and I will apologize to you every day of my life if that helps you, but I don't care how mad you are at me. You can't run off with a drug dealer, you need to steer clear of--

Paige: You listen to me. You have no right, ever, to tell me anything, do you understand? You don't know the first thing about what's right for me or--

JJ: Yes, I do, Paige. I do know you. I know you better than anyone, and I know what you're doing.

Will: So?

Abigail: So I, um, I took another test and... I'm definitely pregnant.

Will: Whew, well, at least you know for sure. And you can start to think about what you want to do.

Abigail: I can't--I can't. I--I...I can't. I just feel like there's this--this wall that I can't get past.

Will: Listen, I am sure that Ben can really help you.

Abigail: No, I--I can't tell Ben.

Will: Ab--Abigail? Even if this is your choice, Ben is still the father. You don't want to tell him?

Abigail: No, I just, I'm not gonna tell him yet. I'm gonna take another test in--in a few weeks.

Will: Why, does aunt Kayla think there's something wrong?

Abigail: No, it's--it'll just help.

Will: Okay.

Abigail: I'm gonna--I'm gonna tell Ben after that.

Will: Well then, I'm gonna sound dumb because I don't get it. Abigail, if--if you're okay, then what is this second test supposed to help?

Abigail: It's just to-- it's just--it's just to clarify everything.

Will: Everything? What everything? Abigail, you and Ben are pregnant and--

Abigail: It's just that-- that's not how it--it's just that's not how it...

Will: Oh. You don't know that Ben is the father, do you?

Chad: So here's a list of the high schools in the state we haven't targeted yet. I think freshman year, we send them the information.

Kayla: Or their guidance counselors.

Chad: And we get their feedback on who might be a good candidate. Now, I want to see 100 more kids in Lexie's program over the next two years.

Kayla: A--a full ride through college and med school?

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: I don't think the fund's big enough.

Chad: DiMera enterprises will cover any short for them.

Kayla: That's generous of you.

Chad: That's the least we could do. Let's make sure hospital pr is all over it.

Kayla: Oh, trust me. It's exactly the kind of thing they love.

Chad: Now, Abigail would be a great spokesperson.

Kayla: She's the first person I thought to ask.

Chad: Yeah, if she's up for it. Is everything okay with her?

Xander: Got your text.

Serena: Thank you for coming.

Xander: It's pretty, uh, public.

Serena: Yeah, well. Can't be too sure that our rooms aren't bugged. At least this isn't.

Xander: Does that worry you?

Serena: Yeah, like it doesn't matter to you?

Xander: I can't think of anything I have to say that I wouldn't mind saying in front of other people.

Serena: What about Eric and Nicole?

Xander: No, I just hope they can find some justice.

Serena: Yeah, well, I don't care what happens to that bitch. Eric is a different story.

Xander: How are you two?

Nicole: Over. So I'm leaving.

Xander: Leaving?

Serena: Yeah. Yeah, I'm outta here. That's why I wanted you to meet me. It affects you too, so I thought you should know.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Hey.

Eric: Hey.

Nicole: You're finished with Serena?

Eric: Completely finished, and I wanted to get back to you and... that a shoe crate?

Nicole: Uh, yeah. I still basically need a shipping container to hold all of them, but.

Eric: This is all your stuff.

Nicole: The first of it. Daniel didn't tell you? I'm moving in with him.

Paige: You wish you knew me.

JJ: Look...whatever you think of me or however you want to get back at me, don't trash yourself to do it. Don't be around someone who isn't good enough for you.

Paige: Been there, done that already. There's nowhere to go but up now.

JJ: What are you doing?

Paige: Hey, Kyle. Want to get together later? Have a little fun.

JJ: Hey, don't...

Paige: Nobody could be worse than you, JJ.

JJ: Agent watts, it's JJ Deveraux. I've been thinking about what you wanted me to do and if it involved taking Kyle southern down, then I'm in.

Jennifer: Oh, it's just good to see Abigail happy and she's with a good man who puts her first.

Hope: Yeah, he's smitten.

Jennifer: Yes, and he respects her. You know, unlike her past experiences.

Hope: It's good to see her DiMera free, that is for sure.

Jennifer: Yes. Amen. Oh, hey, call me if you want to run the park ring tomorrow.

Hope: Yeah, will do.

Jennifer: Okay, I love you.

Hope: I love you. Bye, bye.

Chad: Uh, when I was here earlier, she seemed upset.

Kayla: Nope, she's fine.

Chad: So she wasn't crying, or?

Kayla: Well, that's just personal, it won't interfere with her work.

Chad: That's good.

Kayla: Yeah.

Chad: Okay, these files are uploaded, so you should be able to get to them.

Kayla: Thank you.

Chad: And let me know if you have any questions.

Kayla: I'll do that.

Chad: Okay. She's with Ben now. It's not your problem. Let it go. Let it go.

Abigail: That's not what I meant.

Will: If it's not Ben, then--

Abigail: Will--

Will: Does that mean that it could--

Abigail: Will.

Will: He's worried about you.

Abigail: Who?

Will: Chad came into the club today asking about you. He said he saw you with Kayla at the hospital.

Abigail: Don't tell me that you said anything to him.

Will: No, I didn't say anything, not even to Sonny. I'm just saying, Abigail, he's concerned. He's very concerned.

Abigail: I--I bet he is.

Will: Abigail? Could Chad be the father? Oh, god.

Xander: This is a sudden move for you.

Serena: Well, there's nothing keeping me here except questions from the police, which does affect you.

Xander: Does it?

Serena: Well, we have one loose end and I think we should tie it up.

Xander: Loose end? I'm not sure I follow.

Serena: The job that you hired me to do. Writing assignment? That brought me here. I have all of this money sitting in my account, but I don't have a contract. I mean, shouldn't there be some legitimate reason to explain why I have all that money? Otherwise, the police are gonna be suspicious.

Xander: Hmm.

Serena: Xander, this is important. The police will trace that money. They'll find you and they'll want to know why you paid me. I mean, shouldn't you cover this? Don't you think?

Xander: You know what I think? Nice try, Serena.

Serena: No! [Gasps]

Xander: I warned you.

Eric: Nicole, before you... you do this, before you move in here, we need to talk. We need to talk about us, what almost happened.

Nicole: Eric. I didn't ask you over here to go through it all again. What happened because we were gonna die--we--we were saying goodbye.

Eric: No.

Nicole: To everything, but we lived. We need to leave that moment behind us, we--we're friends and it's great. And it's wonderful, and I am so happy that we--

Eric: Nicole, I love you. I'm still in love with you.

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