Days Transcript Monday 7/13/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/13/15


Episode #12630 ~ Abigail freaks out when she learns she's pregnant; a livid Nicole finally confronts Serena about her deception; Daniel becomes suspicious of how much Victor knew about Xander's activities; JJ gets upset when he spies Kyle hitting on Paige.

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Sonny: This whole shipment needs to go in the back, I'll show you where. Ooh.

JJ: What's wrong?

Sonny: Ah, just my shoulder gives me trouble every now and then since the... since I was attacked.

JJ: Oh, I'll take it.

Sonny: Oh, thank you. You know, there's plenty to do around here, so however many hours you want, you can have.

JJ: Great. It's not like I have much going on these days.

Will: Abigail.. are you pregnant?

Abigail: The test is... is positive, so... yes, I am.

Chad: Kayla. I'm glad I ran into you.

Kayla: Uh... why's that?

Chad: Well, um... well, I'm sure you're familiar with the scholarship Lexie established for inner-city students.

Kayla: Of course I am.

Chad: Yeah, well, I'm hoping to grow the program, right? Cast a wider net. Can I count on your support at the next board meeting?

Kayla: Probably. But I'll need to read it first.

Chad: Oh, I'll get it to you ASAP. Thank you.

Kayla: Hey, Chad, um... listen, I hope you understand that unlike her people in this town, I don't hold your name against you. But what I will always hold against you is what you did to Abigail.

Abigail: [Crying] Oh, my God.

Will: Hey. I know you weren't expecting this, Abigail, but you will make a great mother, and I bet Ben will be thrilled when he gets used to the idea.

Daniel: You saved Nicole's life, and by extension, you saved mine. I could never do enough to repay you for that. Now, I know Nicole was playing tough about that night. She was probably playing tough then. But I am sure she was scared out of her mind, and you... you comforted her when things looked hopeless, so without you--

Eric: Stop--stop it, Daniel! Just stop thanking me. It's the last thing you need to be doing.

Daniel: Why would you say that?

Eric: You have no idea what I've done.

Nicole: Well, it's just you and me, Serena, and I finally get to tell you exactly what I think of you, you lying, deceitful bitch.

Serena: Because you haven't said those things to me before, Nicole? I know what you think of me, and you know what I think of you, so why don't we cut to the part where I throw you out of my room?

Nicole: I almost died because of you, so you will hear me out, or I swear, Serena, you will wish you never stepped foot in this town.

Daniel: What did you do?

Eric: You know, I'm the one who invited Serena back in my life... and Xander too.

Daniel: Okay, wait a minute. Wait a minute. My daughter asked Serena to move to Salem with her, and Xander is--is Victor's nephew.

Eric: Yeah, coincidental, wasn't it? [Chuckles] Nicole knew something wasn't right. She tried to warn me, but I wouldn't listen to her.

Daniel: Yeah, well, you weren't the only one.

Eric: You know, I just wanted to feel something from a woman that wasn't Nicole. And all the signs were there. But I was, uh... I was blinded by my hatred.

Daniel: But things are different now, all right? You--you moved past those feelings. You don't hate Nicole now, right?

Nicole: If I've got one regret, it's that I ignored my instincts. I should've kept going after you with everything I had.

Serena: Which is what exactly-- your charm and razor-sharp intellect?

Nicole: I was right about you from the beginning. Now everyone else knows.

Serena: Okay, well, do your Victory lap, Nicole. You must be so proud. Now the whole world knows you're not the only one who hurt Eric.

Nicole: I didn't almost kill Eric.

Serena: I didn't either. You know, you think you know the whole truth, but you don't, and neither does he.

Nicole: Then why don't you tell us?

Serena: Because you'll only hear what you want to hear. So, by all means, say all the horrible things you want about me. Get all of that gloating out of your system once and for all.

Nicole: You think I came here to go off on you? [Chuckles] Oh... oh, no, Serena. I came here to make sure that you never hurt another person I care about again.

Will: What do you mean Ben can't know?

Abigail: I just need to be totally sure first.

Will: Well, yeah, but you took the test, and it said--

Abigail: They're not always 100% accurate, Will.

Will: Right, only 99% of the time.

Abigail: I could be the 1%. You don't know. I-I need to be 100% sure, and until I am, I need you to promise me that you're not going to say anything to Ben, please.

Will: Of course, I won't, Abigail, but--but why not? What's going on?

Abigail: Nothing.

Will: Abigail... are you thinking that you might not want to have this baby?

JJ: You sure you're okay?

Sonny: Yeah, I just get a-- I don't know--it's a like a little twinge every now and then.

JJ: They never caught that son of a bitch who stabbed you, did they?

Sonny: The cops think it's some random drug thing. There's a lot of crime going on in the neighborhood lately. You got to be careful, especially late at night.

JJ: I will.

Sonny: Someone gave me this flyer. Bunch of the business owners are joining together, trying to clean up the neighborhood, discuss the rise in the drug problem. When I was knifed by that druggie, I thought it was random till I talked to a couple of the other club owners.

JJ: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: I just don't know if we can stop these greedy drug dealers.

JJ: Yeah.

Sonny: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-- that was stupid.

JJ: It's okay, really. Like, I hate that I was a part of that scene. It's been a long time since I was. I don't ever plan on going back.

Sonny: I know. How you doing?

JJ: I'm good. Why?

Sonny: You sure? I don't know--it just seems like something's bugging you. How are you holding up after ending it with Paige?

Paige: [Chuckles] You should've seen my mom's face when I told her that I was giving her money to the Devereaux's favorite charity.

Daphne: [Chuckles] I was kind of hoping you'd use the extra cash for a trip to Daytona, but, anyway... do you feel better now

Paige: Much. I think my mom finally got the message that I'm done with her.

Daphne: Except you had to make her come to you so you could give it to her. Paige, I'm worried about you.

Paige: Why?

Daphne: This all seems so... harsh. I really feel like this whole thing with JJ has changed you.

Paige: Yeah, it has changed me... for the better. Trying to be the good girl all the time, always doing what's expected of me, always trusting the people who say they love me, you see what that got me?

Daphne: And what did last night get you?

Paige: My mom finally learned that I don't need her in my life, I don't want her in my life, and if she ever tries to help, I'll make her regret it.

Daphne: Great.

Paige: She'll still never know what it feels like to hurt the way she hurt me. God... I wish JJ could know what it feels like.

Eric: No... I definitely don't hate Nicole anymore.

Daniel: So stop beating up on yourself. It took a while to forgive, but you did it, right? And I didn't really listen to Nicole either. And if I had, maybe she wouldn't have felt the need to just take off and... look, the important thing is, we all learned from what happened.

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: And we've got a lot, a lot to be grateful for-- all three of us. Look, Eric, I know things got kind of awkward between us when you found out that Nicole and I were dating, and... and now... I just want to have you over for dinner like the old friend that you are.

Eric: Dinner? You mean at your place?

Daniel: Yeah, we-- Victor do you have a minute? I have a few questions.

Nicole: Don't even try to tell me that you care about Eric, because if you weren't so selfish, you would've told the cops what they need to know to put Xander and you in jail.

Serena: Actually--

Nicole: No, don't actually-- no, do not try to worm your way back into Eric's life. Do you realize what I could do to you? I have the power to destroy your life.

Serena: [Sighs] What superpower do you have, Nicole-- an Olympic gold medal in cat-fighting?

Nicole: I have a platform-- the public airwaves. I have the highest q rating in the Salem market...

Serena: Oh, gat.

Nicole: Which means I am the real journalist in this room, and I am sure you have secrets just waiting to be found.

Serena: You are to journalists what Kim Kardashian is to thespians.

Nicole: [Scoffs]

Serena: You see, you've got the story all wrong. I had nothing to do with Xander going after you. That is all on you. And if you hadn't dragged Eric into this--

Nicole: Excuse me?

Serena: There is no way in hell that you've forgotten the conversation I had with you about Xander. I could not have been more clear. If you knew the first thing about being an investigative journalist, then you would've listened to me. But, no, you had to ignore me, and you had to do it your way, even though I was trying to save you, you stupid bitch.

Will: Maybe it's none of my business... but if you need someone to talk to... [Sighs] When Gabi found out that she was pregnant, she didn't know if she wanted to keep the baby. And I supported her in whatever choice she made. Now, I'm not judging, but speaking as the man who's raising Ari now... how can you keep this from Ben? I mean, it's his kid too.

Abigail: This isn't about Ben.

Chad: Well, you know, I'm not gonna forgive what I did either. Faking a brain tumor's all kinds of messed up, not to mention extremely ineffective. And Abigail knows how much I regret it.

Kayla: Well, you regretted it so much that you gently blackmailed the board to give her her old job back.

Chad: You mean you don't like working with your niece?

Kayla: , It's wonderful. I just hope that you did it for the right reasons.

Chad: You don't think I did?

Kayla: I don't know. T now that your father's back in town, I think that we're all a little bit on edge.

Chad: Because I'm the last person he has left to corrupt? Afraid that he's already worked his black magic?

Kayla: I'm gonna reserve judgment. You know, Chad, Lexie was a very dear friend of mine. And I appreciate what you're trying to do in her memory. And, you know, she was able to resist your father's influence in the end. I hope you can do that.

Chad: Likewise.

Kayla: All right. I'll see you back at my office?

Chad: I'll be there.

Will: How can this not be about Ben? He's 50% responsible.

Abigail: I mean, I-- I'm not worried about Ben finding out and being upset. I just--I need to know for sure before I turn everybody's life upside down. Call my doctor--I mean, I don't even know if I'll be able to get in today.

Will: W-well, if you're concerned about confidentiality, why don't you call aunt Kayla? I mean, I'm sure she could give you a blood test today.

Abigail: Oh, yes. Yeah, that's a great idea, because I need to know now. [Sighs]

Will: Do you want me to come with you?

Abigail: No. Thank you, but I'll be okay.

Will: You sure?

Abigail: Yeah. Will... you've been really helpful. Thanks.

Will: I have? [Chuckles] You'll let me know how it goes?

Abigail: Of course.

Will: Abigail... everything's going to be okay, either way, I promise.

Abigail: Yeah. I need to bring this with me. Oh, God, I can't-- I can't leave this here.

Will: Did you want me to get rid of it for you?

Abigail: No, I can't ask you to do that, Will. You've already done enough. I can-- you know what? I can leave it here, I mean, Ben's not going to go digging through the trash, and... you know what? He's--he's not going to be home till late anyway, so... okay, let's go.

Daphne: I don't think you can get any money out of JJ, because he's as broke as I am.

Paige: No, money was my mom's obsession, and I hit her where it hurts. But JJ doesn't care about that. Who knows what he cares about? For him to do what he did... I had to mean nothing.

Daphne: Why do you think got back together with you?

Paige: I don't know. I don't understand why he bothers to act like he regrets any of it. It's like he's just trying to make me crazy when he says and does things like... last night.

JJ: Paige and I, uh... we're just wrong for each other. But I'm seeing someone else now, so...

Sonny: So you're doing good?

JJ: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: I'm glad to hear it. I'm gonna go take some orders. You can knock off whenever you're ready.

JJ: Okay.

Roman: Hey. JJ... I need to talk to you about last night.

Victor: Eric... good to see you looking so well. I was planning on getting in touch with both you and Nicole.

Eric: Why?

Victor: Alexandros shamed our family. I want to offer my personal and sincere apologies for his behavior.

Eric: Xander certainly isn't your responsibility. I appreciate your thoughts.

Daniel: Look, I think we'll all breathe a little easier once Xander's behind bars. I was hoping you could use your connections to dig up some new information.

Victor: I'm sorry, Daniel, but I've already done everything I can.

Nicole: You tried to save my life? Boy, I'd love to hear how you think you did that.

Serena: Are you recording this conversation, Nicole? Is that what a real reporter does? It's okay. I don't really care if this conversation's on record, because you're the one who will wind up looking like a fool, because we both know that I told you to leave this alone. But you wouldn't, because you're so doggedly determined to go after me.

Nicole: With good reason.

Serena: Because you've hated me since the moment that you saw me, and you were afraid that Eric and I would get back together, and then we did, and, well...

Nicole: Do you have any idea how I know you were using Eric?

Serena: Your unerring reporter's instinct?

Nicole: No. I heard you talking to Xander. You were conspiring about something, and I knew I was on the right track, and I just couldn't give up. So, you see, Serena, the one who actually brought you down is none other than... [Chuckles] You.

Kayla: Ah!

Abigail: Aunt Kayla.

Kayla: Abigail, yes, come in. I, um... I have that new census here. Ah-ah. Listen, I want to tell you how happy I am. The spreading of the word of this project has been incredible.

Abigail: Actually, I, um... I wanted to talk to you about something personal.

Kayla: Of course. Is everything all right?

Abigail: Yes. Um... I need you to-- I need you to run a test, and I need it to be completely confidential.

Kayla: Of course. What kind of test? Are you--are you not well?

Abigail: A pregnancy test.

Kayla: Oh. You're late?

Abigail: Yes. Uh, I took a test at home, and it was positive. But I really want to be 100% sure.

Kayla: Of course. You know, baby, I know that, um, unplanned pregnancies can be very stressful. But you know what? You are--you're great with kids. You're in a solid relationship. You have a steady job. I mean, if you're worried about your mom's reaction--

Abigail: No, aunt Kayla, can-- can we just take the test now?

Daphne: What happened last night?

Paige: Ugh, this guy named Kyle southern-- he was hosting a party.

Daphne: I know who he is. Isn't he kind of a druggie, though?

Paige: Uh, I don't know, and I really don't care. I wasn't looking for a party, and I wasn't expecting to see JJ, but he saw me talking to Kyle, and he got really upset.

Daphne: Just 'cause you were talking to some guy?

Paige: Uh-huh.

Daphne: He has no right to even--

Paige: Oh, tell me about it. I know anyway, right after that, some drunk guy bumped into JJ, and he just--he lost it. They actually got into a fight.

Daphne: Mm, fun times.

Paige: Yeah.

Daphne: Hey, isn't that Kyle?

Roman: [Sighs] Okay, listen.. even though I still think it had to be done, I do want to apologize for how things went down yesterday. I'm sure we scared the hell out of you dragging you into the station like that.

JJ: If you're here to try to convince me--

Roman: No, no, I'm not at all. I think you made the right call. Kyle southern is a dangerous guy, and his boss even more so, and I can't imagine what your mom would say if I had to tell her you were in the middle of a DEA sting.

JJ: Yeah, well, like I said, I just don't want one more thing for her to worry about. And I'm sorry. I just don't think it's my problem.

Roman: Hey, we'll get those guys off the street. Trust me, okay? In the meantime, you...

JJ: Stay out of trouble. Don't say a word.

Roman: There you go.

JJ: I know.

Roman: All right, good man. You're listening. Okay. If you need anything, though, you call me, okay? All right, buddy.

Sonny: JJ...thanks for taking care of those boxes. I think we're done training for the day.

JJ: Okay.

Sonny: Did Will's grandfather just leave without ordering anything?

JJ: I guess. [Chuckles]

Sonny: What were you two talking about?

JJ: It's nothing important. Some things are better left in the past, you know?

Sonny: Talking about Paige? Want some unsolicited advice from your wise, older cousin? Well, you're getting it anyway. If you two have unfinished stuff between you, I suggest you finish it. Otherwise, there's a good chance it's not going to stay in the past at all.

Nicole: You should've been more careful. Smart bad girls don't have threatening phone conversations in public where any old passerby could hear. I didn't even have to work for it. [Chuckles] I heard you tell Xander that you would destroy him if he messed with you. Not the sweet, wide-eyed innocent you wanted everyone to believe you were, huh?

Serena: You never told anyone what you heard.

Nicole: I didn't have details.

Serena: And you also figured that Eric wouldn't believe you, I mean, given your track record.

Nicole: All I knew was I had to do whatever it took to save Eric from you.

Serena: Oh, my God. You don't understand, do you? You put your life and Eric's life in mortal danger, and there's only one reason that you would do that... because you still love him.

Victor: I disowned Alexandros last night, threw him out of my house. You may not be flesh and blood, Daniel, but you are family to me in ways that he never was and never will be. It probably doesn't mean much to you, Eric, but I'm sorry that I didn't realize the danger sooner.

Eric: You're not omniscient.

Victor: Well, I can assure you that you have nothing more to worry about. Alexandros wouldn't dare risk my wrath again.

Eric: I hope not.

Victor: Well... take care. And my best to Nicole.

Daniel: Victor, um, I have... I have another question.

Eric: Hey, excuse me.

Victor: Of course.

Eric: I'll see you soon.

Daniel: Yeah.

Victor: What is it that you couldn't ask me in front of Eric?

Daniel: Actually, I did ask you in front of Eric, but you didn't give me a direct answer. So I will ask again. Do you really have nothing at all to help put Xander away?

Kayla: We c do the test right away.

Abigail: Okay, great. Um, listen, I know all about doctor-patient confidentiality. Um... but, you know, in this place, I-I-I'm still a little worried that, um...

Kayla: Ah, about the busybodies, like Anne Milbauer and my niece Theresa?

Abigail: Yes, exactly, exactly. They--they can absolutely not find out about this.

Kayla: I understand. Look, I'll draw the blood right here. I'll walk it to the lab myself, and I'll have the results in 20 minutes or so, all right?

Abigail: Yes, that'd be great. Thank you so much.

Kayla: You know what, sweetie? I know you are feeling totally unprepared for this.

Abigail: Yeah. [Chuckles] Yeah.

Kayla: Okay, well, let me get you those answers you need.

Music throughout

Chad: [Inhales deeply] [Groans] Get a grip. [Clears throat, sniffs]

Abigail: [Sighs]

Chad: I said whatever I needed to say to get you into bed, Abigail.

Sonny: He's my best friend. I know him. I can tell he still cares about you.

Chad: Last night was probably the most incredible night of my life.

Abigail: Ben--

Ben: Do you know how much I love you, Abigail?

Kayla: Abigail... I, uh--I have your results.

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Kayla: Your home test was accurate. You are pregnant.

Daniel: I am glad to hear that you put the fear of God in Xander. But I was hoping to hear that you had something to give the police to help put that bastard away... because you are a very resourceful man, and I sure hope you would--

Victor: Daniel, don't you think if there was anything I could do, I would have done it by now? I want to see Alexandros punished as much as anyone. My advice would be to press Serena mason. I understand that she has ample information the police could use. Claims to be a friend of Melanie's and Eric's. Seems like a--an angle to pursue.

Daniel: Yeah, I think-- Roman, hey. We were just discussing the case against Xander.

Roman: Yeah, well, I wish I had better news, but the D.A. Still doesn't think she's got enough to file charges that would stick.

Victor: That's a shame.

Roman: Yeah, but don't count us out. I got an idea that just-- just might get us the results we need.

Nicole: Do you think you're saying something insightful or cutting? Because of course I still love Eric--as a friend. And I wasn't going to turn my back on him then or now.

Serena: How can you actually say that with a straight face? I mean, where were you when Eric needed you to tell the truth about Kristen? You destroyed his dreams, his life, his soul. So you are anything but a friend.

Nicole: If Eric was meant to be a priest, you wouldn't be in his life at all. So don't throw that in my face.

Serena: Do you know why I'm in his life? When I came to Salem, Eric's heart was broken. He wanted to serve God, and you took that away from him. You destroyed him, and he hated you for what you did. And then he was beating himself up because he couldn't forgive you-- I mean, as if anyone could.

Nicole: Shut up.

Serena: You know, I never gave you chapter and verse of all the things that he said, but since we're recording this conversation... I could just tell you all the horrible things that he said about you for the past six months, and that way, you could just keep reminding yourself over and over and over again.

Nicole: I said shut the hell up.

Serena: Make me, bitch.

Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl?

JJ: Look, thanks for the advice about Paige, but, um... we're about as done as it gets.

Sonny: You sure about that?

JJ: Totally. And I've realized lately that, um, there's no point in sticking my neck out, you know, taking a risk.

Sonny: What do you mean?

JJ: Just that it won't make a difference. No matter what I do or try to do, Paige sees me a certain way. That's not gonna change. What?

Sonny: It's just, in my experience, things can always change. And they usually do. But if you don't take a risk on something important, on someone important... I mean, don't you think it's worth it?

JJ: Actually, I do. But look, no matter what, um, I promise I'm not one of those guys who breaks up with someone and comes into work stoned or listening to the sad-music channel on Spotify.

Sonny: I wasn't worried about that.

JJ: And I know that things have been rough between you and Will lately. But you guys are definitely going to work things out.

Sonny: Yeah, you know, we're doing our best. Some days are harder than others, but... that's how it is with all relationships. So you think Paige is worth fighting for?

JJ: She is. I'm not.

Sonny: Hey, come on.

JJ: That's where it has to end. Sorry, boss. Um, is there anything else that you need me to do?

Sonny: No. Enjoy the rest of your day.

JJ: I will.

Sonny: You did great today.

JJ: All right. I'll see you tomorrow.

Kyle: Hey.

Paige: Hi. [Laughs]

[Cell phone ringing]

Daphne: Oh, it's my mom. I got to go. I'll text you later.

Paige: [Chuckles]

Kyle: Paige, right?

Paige: Uh, yeah, and you're Kyle.

Kyle: Mm-hmm. Glad I ran into you again.

Paige: [Laughs]

Kyle: I've never seen you around before. I'm sure I would have remembered if I had.

Paige: Well, I guess we just hang out with different people.

Kyle: Maybe we could change that.

Roman: As a businessman, Xander appears to have impeccable credentials-- charitable boards, not a blemish on his record. Now, a white-collar criminal might present that kind of M.O. But not your average murderer.

Daniel: What are you saying?

Roman: Assuming that Xander is involved in this diamond-smuggling operation--

Daniel: Which he definitely was.

Roman: These businesses would be a perfect front. So I think if we keep digging, we might come up with other illicit activities that he might be involved in.

Victor: Good idea.

Roman: All right, I'll be in touch with ISA and Interpol. I'll let you guys know what we find out.

Daniel: Appreciate it.

Roman: Yeah.

Daniel: Victor, I hate to have to ask this... but when Roman was talking about businesses as fronts for illegal activities, I can't help thinking... please tell me you don't have anything to do with Xander's crimes.

Nicole: Stay way from Eric.

Serena: You stay away from Eric.

Nicole: Or what?

Serena: [Groans] You gonna try to record me, get this on tape? No, eat my fist.

Eric: Nicole, no, hey! Hey, stop! Watch it, stop it.

Nicole: What are you doing here?

Nicole: You should be far away from her.

Eric: And the same goes for you. Come on, let's go. Hey, are you all right?

Nicole: Yeah, I will be once I knock her teeth out.

Eric: Hey, just ignore her.

Nicole: What--ignore her?

Eric: Nicole, I mean it.

Nicole: You don't know what she said. No, listen--

Eric: Nicole, don't you see? I couldn't stand it if anything else happened to you. I just couldn't stand it.

Kayla: You know what, baby? Maybe this isn't the news that you wanted to hear right now, but it's funny with these sort of things, you know. Given time, it sort of-- it sort of works itself out.

Abigail: You don't know that, aunt Kayla.

Kayla: Well, I'll tell you what I do know. This baby is blessed to have a mom like you. And Ben--I mean, you've been with Ben for what, over a year? He loves you. You love him. I'm sure you've talked about marriage and starting a family.

Abigail: Just stop, please! Aunt Kayla, just stop. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Kayla: Nope. You don't need to be sorry. It's okay. Look, honey, you're in shock. And your hormones are in overdrive. I understand.

Abigail: No, you don't understand, okay? This isn't my hormones, all right? I'm freaked out, okay? I'm terrified.

Kayla: I know, I know, I know, it's scary. It's scary, but you know what? You are so much more prepared for this than you have any idea. Why don't you just breathe? Breathe.

Abigail: Just please stop making it seem like everything's going to be okay, all right? I am scared to death right now, and I have every right to be. After we are all inside for a while,

Sonny: Hey. I thought you were at home.

Will: I was running some errands.

Sonny: I'm glad you're here.

Will: Well, I wanted to make sure everything was okay. What did your mom want to talk to you about earlier?

Sonny: She and my dad are getting divorced. They're ending it.

Paige: Are you saying...

Kyle: That maybe we could hang out sometime... see where it goes.

Paige: I don't know, Kyle. Um, I just broke up with someone. I'm not the best company.

Kyle: I think you're great company. I bet we could have a lot of fun together.

Victor: You had to ask? [Chuckles] All right, fair enough. But, no, I have nothing to d with Xander's illicit dealings.

Daniel: I fervently hope that's true. You know how much my mother loves you, how much I love you. Xander tried to murder the woman I love and a very dear friend. And the idea of anyone protecting him is a betrayal I cannot abide.

Eric: Nicole, after everything that's happened between us, I can't just stop protecting you. Listen, I can't just stop feeling what I feel.

Nicole: Eric, what happened is we survived, okay? We're alive.

Eric: Nicole, I'm not talking about surviving. You know what I'm talking about.

Nicole: [Sighs]

Abigail: [Sighs] Aunt Kayla, I, um... I need you to run another test

Kayla: You know what, sweetie? I could run that test 100 times, and you're gonna still be pregnant. I have no doubt that you're pregnant.

Abigail: No, you don't- you dot understand. I need you to run a different kind of test, and... it's even more important that this one is completely confidential. No one can know about this at all, not even my mom, no one. Promise me.

Kayla: Of course. I don't understand.

Abigail: Uh... [Chuckles] What I need is... I need you to run a paternity test.

[Knock at door]

Chad: Kayla, I've got that, uh, information.

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