Days Transcript Friday 7/10/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 7/10/15


Episode #12629 ~ Abigail is stunned when she suspects she's pregnant; Nicole takes action when she learns Serena is meeting with Eric; a devious Theresa sets her plan in motion to win favor with Brady; Adrienne & Lucas find a way to reconnect.

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Lucas: I'm so glad I ran into you guys. I missed you so much, little one. I really did.

Will: She missed you too, didn't you, sweetheart?

Lucas: She have fun at the picnic?

Will: Actually, we had to cut it short. Sonny--Sonny's mom said that she needed to talk to him ASAP, so he left, and I came home with her.

Lucas: Oh.

Will: Dad, do you have any idea why Adrienne needed to talk to him?

Sonny: A divorce?

Adrienne: You know how things have been between your father and me for a long time, Sonny.

Sonny: Not that long, mom. Only since you and will's dad got together.

Adrienne: No, that's not true. Your father had an affair long before I ever got involved with Lucas. Which means he was unhappy with our marriage for a long time, and it was only when that was obvious to me did I-- did I get close to Lucas. You do understand that, don't you?

Sonny: I do. It's just, this all sounds so final.

Adrienne: Well, nothing is final yet. I'm sorry, honey, I know how hard this is on you.

Sonny: Me? I'm worried about you and dad. This is a huge decision, life changing. Have you two really talked about it? Are you sure this is the only way?

Daniel: I love you. Hey. Hope my shower didn't wake you up. I thought you were-- I thought you were sleeping in. What? Come on, what is it?

Nicole: I couldn't sleep 'cause there's something I have to tell you.

Eric: Yeah. Okay. Oh.

Serena: So I'll meet you at the square?

Eric: Yeah, I'm on my way, Serena.

Serena: Eric, please believe that I am-- I am more committed than ever to helping you get Xander in jail for what he did to you.

Eric: Not just to me, to Nicole too. Listen, I'll see you soon, Serena.

Brady: You want to tell me why the hell you're still speaking to Serena mason?

Theresa: [Sighs] I need to take out that nanny, Anne, stat.

Anne: Yeah, you do, because she is young and adorable and thinks that you are a shallow little gold digger who sucks at motherhood.

Theresa: Yeah, which is totally untrue. I'm a damn good mother, Anne, and I adore my son, and I am-- I'm gonna prove that to Brady so clearly and unmistakably that he will never be able to look at me otherwise ever again.

Anne: Yeah, with a little help from the nursery nanny cam.

Theresa: Exactly. That miraculous little recording device is going to be the answer to both of my prayers.

Abigail: No, no, it's impossible.

Ben: What's impossible?

[Knocking on door]

Ben: [Scoffs]

Chad: Hey, Ben.

Ben: Hey.

Chad: I hope this isn't a bad time. I brought your watch over. Theo forgot to give it back to you.

Ben: Thanks.

Chad: Abigail, are you okay?

Abigail: [Gags]

Nicole: It means a lot to me that you want to move in here, but I--

Daniel: You what?

Nicole: It's a big step, obviously. And I needed some time to think about it, and now... I've decided to take you up on your offer.

Daniel: Yeah?

Nicole: Yeah.

Daniel: But you weren't so sure just now. You had this, like--

Nicole: I know, I just-- I thought that maybe you didn't really mean--

Daniel: What, "mean it"?

Nicole: Yes.

Daniel: Of course I mean it. Baby, listen. I love you. I want you here. Right here.

Nicole: And again, yes. Yes, yes!

I'm sorry?

Yes, yes! I want to move in here. In fact, good luck trying to get rid of me.

Daniel: Yeah?

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: Really?

Nicole: Yeah. [Chuckles]

(Music plays)

Lucas: You know, I'm sure Sonny will tell you what's going on. How are things going with you guys?

Will: Better. I made an appointment to see a therapist myself, actually.

Lucas: Oh, yeah?

Will: Yeah. Sonny said that, well, he and I got together so fast after I came out that I didn't really have time to process what it all meant, you know.

Lucas: And what do you think?

Will: I'm open to that idea. To therapy, I mean. Who knows, maybe I'll learn a thing or two that'll help me save my marriage. And that's what matters most, Sonny and this precious little girl.

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: I'll do anything to save my family.

Adrienne: The truth is, your father and I never talked about what went wrong in our marriage. What happened in Dubai between him and Elsa... it was an obvious indication that he was unhappy with me. And then what started out as friendship with Lucas turned into something much more.

Sonny: When you say that dad wasn't happy in the marriage, I mean, did he ever explain why?

Adrienne: No, he didn't. But, Sonny, sometimes there are no explanations, because really, we don't have control over our emotions, now, do we? Your father and I, we-- we argued, and we yelled at each other, but sadly, we never got beyond that.

Sonny: Right. This must be really sad for you. For both of you. I'm so sorry that you can't be happy together.

Adrienne: [Crying]

Sonny: I love you. I love you, and I'm gonna support you no matter what happens, you know that, right?

Adrienne: Oh, honey, that means so much to me. You don't know.

Sonny: I know that you and dad decided you couldn't be happy together, but can't you change that? You said it's not final. Think of all the things you share. You had so many years that you were happy. I mean, can't you--can't you find a way to get that back? I guess I just need you to tell me that this is the only way. A divorce is the only way to fix things between you and dad.

Chad: So should we go see if she's okay?

Ben: No, I think she's just a little off, playing that spinning game with Theo at the picnic.

Chad: Oh, yeah, I know she's prone to motion sickness. I remember this one time, she was riding on the back of my motorcy-- [Clears throat] So--

Ben: I'll go check on her.

Chad: Right, I'll get going.

Ben: Thanks for bringing by the watch.

Chad: No problem. Oh, and thanks for being so good to Theo. I really do appreciate it.

Ben: Theo's a good kid.

Chad: Hey, are you okay?

Abigail: Yeah, I'm fine now.

Ben: Come here, sit down.

Chad: Ben seems to think it was spinning around on the inner tube.

Abigail: Uh, yeah, the spinning and, you know, the heat and that chili dog I ate and stuff. You get the idea.

Chad: Uh, feel better.

Abigail: Thanks.

Ben: [Scoffs] So, before all that went down, you were talking to yourself.

Abigail: I was?

Ben: Yeah, you said something was impossible? What did you mean?

Theresa: Hey, don't you have that techie friend who can do almost anything with electronics?

Anne: Oh, I see where this is going now. Yeah, I do, he's very good, and he knows how to keep his mouth shut too, but--

Theresa: Okay, later. We have recon to do.

Anne: Wait, hey, hey, hey! We are both on the clock right now, Theresa.

Theresa: Can we please, just for a moment, Anne, focus on what's really important?

Anne: Oh, and what is that, you?

Theresa: No, Brady. Oh, I love him so much, Anne.

Anne: Stop. I'm gonna cry.

Theresa: I mean it.

Anne: Yes, of course you love him! He's rich, and he's hot. What's not to love?

Theresa: God, you can be so cynical sometimes. Come on, let's rock and roll. Come on!

Anne: Cynical...

Serena: I got all the evidence against Xander that you asked for, Eric, but you should know that once I turn it over to the police, I won't be in the clear. But I don't care, because I would do anything for you because I love you. And I know, I know, I blew my chances with you. I just-- I just want you to forgive me. That's all I want.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: Just trying to take this in. This moment, how good this feels. I don't want to forget it.

Nicole: I won't let you.

Daniel: No.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Daniel: I love you. I trust you with my heart.

Nicole: I hope you always feel that way.

Daniel: Why would you say that?

Nicole: Because I love you, with all my heart, and someone could say something that would change the way you feel about me.

Daniel: No, Nicole. I've been there for at least half of the crazy things that you've done. And I know the rest.

Nicole: No, you don't. Pull-ups pants are designed just for you

Abigail: I was just--I was talking about work stuff, that's all. It's nothing important.

Ben: Right. Well, speaking of work, I better get to the club. I'm going to be there late tonight, so you'll probably be asleep by the time I get home.

Abigail: Well, if I am, then I'll see you in the morning.

Ben: Okay.

Abigail: Oh, my God. Pregnant. No, it was--it was the wrong time. It can't be.

Adrienne: Sonny, when you ask if divorce is the only way your father and I can fix things--

Sonny: Uh, never mind. That's a dumb question. Getting a divorce is the complete opposite of fixing things, right?

Adrienne: Yes, it is. But apparently your father doesn't believe there's anything to salvage. And I don't blame him. I share responsibility for everything that's happened. Maybe I didn't fight hard enough.

Sonny: Instead of fighting, you turned to Lucas?

Adrienne: No. No, Lucas was kind and caring. [Sighs] I was terribly hurt, a little lost, and Lucas gave me the support that I really needed at that time very badly.

Sonny: I understand that.

Adrienne: Good.

Sonny: And dad's involvement with another woman, I can't help but feel a little angry and disappointed in him, because you're my mom and you're great.

Adrienne: Shh, no, don't-- don't, honey, do that. One thing doesn't lead to the other. Your dad and I, we had problems in our marriage that we couldn't work out, and that's all. But we still respect each other. We will always share a huge bond because of our kids. And we did, we made great kids. I love you so much.

Sonny: I love you too, and I want to ask you something. You can tell me if it's none of my business, but this thing you have with Lucas, is it serious?

Lucas: So, uh, are you convinced that Sonny wants to work things out too?

Will: Yeah, I am. I mean, our marriage was in trouble for a while there, but I think now, you know, Sonny's willing to give me a chance to prove myself and for us to restore trust between us. I think Sonny will realize that this life that we've been building, it's not just what he wants, it's what he needs.

Lucas: Well, look, I-- you know, I hope you're right.

Will: I know I am. Honestly, I just-- I just wish I could have some kind of a distraction, an assignment or something, just to clear my head and stop obsessing over everything.

Lucas: Yeah, I understand. You know, why don't you just go take a walk, clear your head, get out for a while? I'll watch Arianna. Maybe go see your great-grandma Caroline for a change, how about that?

Will: Yeah? I mean, it really would be nice to get out of here and clear my head, get some air.

Lucas: Do it, do it. Go, come on.

Will: Okay. Well, when Ari wakes up from her nap, just--

Lucas: I know what to do. I think I can handle it. I know the routine.

Will: You do.

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: Thanks, Dad.

Daniel: Why? Why are you so worried? Who's gonna say something to me that's gonna make me change the way I feel, who?

Nicole: Xander. Xander. If the cops don't get him, he'll come to you and tell you I came onto him, which I did...

Daniel: Nicole--

Nicole: And in leading him on, I said some... unflattering things about you. I told him I was totally over you. But nothing happened between me and Xander, but I made him think that something could.

Daniel: And I understand all of that. You did it to protect Eric. You felt like you owed it to him since you destroyed the documents that could have cleared his name in this whole Kristen DiMera mess. You made up for that, and I admire you for it. Nicole, you have worked really hard to be more honest, to get your life together. So I know all I need to know about you, and there's nothing Xander or anyone else is gonna say that's gonna make me change the way I feel about you.

Nicole: Right. I know that. I do know that.

Daniel: Good. Now, I gotta finish getting dressed. I want to go to your place, get your things, so you can move in here.

Nicole: Yeah. Oh, my God, I'm so lucky.

Daniel: Oh. I'm so lucky.

Nicole: No, I'm lucky.

Daniel: No, I'm lucky.

Nicole: I'm lucky.

Daniel: I'm lucky--stop it!

Nicole: [Laughs] I'm lucky!

Daniel: Ah.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Eric: I am not getting into this with you, Brady. I was a fool to believe Serena about anything, and I paid the price, okay? So did Nicole!

Brady: I know, I know. I'm not judging you. Take it easy, all right? I'm just being a brother. I'm being protective. I'm just wondering why the hell you would even give that woman the time of day. Look, Xander had us all snowed. Serena did too. So bad judgment call, I'll give you, but you weren't the only one. What?

Eric: I just don't want to talk about this right now, okay?

Brady: All right, look. Hey, man, I'm just trying to be there for you. Same way that you've been there for me, over and over.

Eric: But not much lately.

Brady: What are you talking about?

Eric: I haven't even been over to see Tate in a while. I mean, I haven't even seen you in a while. I mean, how are you? I mean, how are things with Theresa? How has it living under the same roof with her?

Brady: [Sighs]

Theresa: Okay, so this is what we need to do. First-- what?

Anne: What? What do you think? This place! Look at--look! The 90-foot ceilings and the... [Gasps] The gilded molding and the artwork!

Theresa: Yeah, right, just wait here, and I'll be right back, okay?

Anne: Yeah, no rush. It's okay, I'll just-- I'll just park myself here on this lovely antique chair worth about a mil or so. Oh!

Theresa: Hey, Hayley! Cute top.

Hayley: Ms. Donovan, I wasn't expecting you for hours.

Theresa: Oh.

Hayley: Did you clear this unscheduled visit with Brady?

Theresa: Yeah, no worries. Mr. Black and I are very clear about the full, you know, visitation rules. Actually, I didn't even come to see Tate. Oh, though he looks so cute there sleeping. Oh, I could just kiss him all over if it wouldn't wake him up. No, actually, I wanted to talk to you. I was hoping maybe we could start fresh. I mean, to be honest, I'm new to this whole mother thing, and, well, I just think that with your expert help and advice, I could figure it out. And, I don't know, maybe in the process, you and I could bond or something, maybe be friends. Wouldn't that be nice?

Hayley: Uh, yeah, I guess.

Theresa: Great! Cool. Okay, well, that was, um-- that's all I wanted to say. Awesome, see you later. Aw, good-bye, my sweet angel.

Will: Hey, Abigail. Didn't you hear me in the square?

Abigail: Sorry, I was just, um, distracted.

Will: It's okay. I heard you were at the lake today with Ben and Chad and Theo. I'm sorry I missed you. Something wrong?

Abigail: Uh, no, I'm just-- I'm really late, um, so I gotta get going.

Will: Abigail, I--

Adrienne: Lucas and I care for each other, obviously, but we're not making any kind of commitment right now. We're just-- hi, Chad. Chad.

Chad: Hi. Hi, it's, uh-- it's nice to see you.

Adrienne: Good to see you too. Listen, I'm gonna leave and let Sonny get back to work. We'll talk soon, okay? Good to see you, Chad.

Chad: You too, ms. Kiriakis. So looks like I interrupted something. Are you okay?

Abigail: Damn, so clumsy, I-- [Clears throat] Look, I know you saw what just fell out of the bag, so I'm just gonna say this, okay, will? I'm handling it, okay? And I would really appreciate it if you didn't say anything about this to anyone.

Will: Of course not.

Abigail: Okay.

Will: But, Abigail... you shouldn't have to go through this alone. When Gabi found out that she was having a baby, I wasn't with her. I wish I had been. Is Ben going to be with you?

Abigail: Ben is working late, and I really need you to promise me that you're not going to say anything about this to anyone, will, please. Promise me.

Will: I promise. I already said that I wouldn't. But, Abigail, please, you're my cousin, and if you'll let me, I'd like to come with you and be there with you when you find out.

Abigail: Okay, sure. Um, thanks. Okay.

Theresa: So I found Hayley standing guard over my son, and it was obvious by how cold and rude she was that she doesn't know she's being recorded.

Anne: Rude how? She was trying to get you kicked out of there?

Theresa: Yeah, pretty much, since my visit wasn't scheduled. Ugh, God, I hate that little loser.

Anne: I hear that.

Theresa: Okay, so anyway, I checked, and the nanny cam is definitely inside that fake smoke alarm, so I'm hoping it's wireless, because the cops used one like that to bust that idiot I used to date, and if it is, then the feed should go directly to a home computer, maybe like this one.

Anne: You do know how to clear the cache of a laptop you've snooped around on?

Theresa: Yeah, duh. Of course I do.

Anne: Okay.

Brady: Having Theresa in the house has been challenging, as you can imagine.

Eric: You want me to talk to her? Because I do think she wants to do right by Tate, be a good mom.

Brady: [Sighs]

Eric: You know, the couple of times that I've seen her with him, you can see how much she loves that little guy.

Brady: [Laughs] There you are. You always manage to see the best in everybody.

Eric: Yeah, not everyone.

Brady: Oh, sure, I mean, there's gonna be those that are just rotten to the core. Sure there's people out there that even you couldn't forgive.

Eric: Yeah, like Xander.

Brady: Yeah. I'll tell you, Eric, it makes me sick to think that he might get away with what he did to you and Nicole.

Serena: I want to help you put Xander away for good.

Eric: Yeah, we'll see.

Daniel: You okay?

Nicole: With what?

Daniel: Being here. Out, here.

Nicole: Of course. I'm not going to stop living my life because Xander's running loose around town. In fact, I want to put that awful night behind me-- every part of it, every moment-- and concentrate on being with the man that I love. [Sighs] Serena.

Serena: Daniel, Nicole.

Daniel: All right, let's get out of here, come on.

Nicole: Two-fisted coffee drinker, are we?

Serena: I'm waiting for Eric.

Daniel: Why would you be meeting Eric? What the-- why would she be seeing Eric again?

Nicole: I have no idea.

Daniel: Well, maybe we can ask him.

Abigail: I got, you know, dizzy and nauseated a couple of times today, and, you know, I am late. It's only a couple of days, but still, you know, I'm worried.

Will: I'm sorry it's making you so nervous. I mean, obviously this isn't something you were planning, right?

Abigail: No! God, no. I mean, I was sure that we were careful. I don't know, I guess stuff like this just happens sometimes.

Will: [Laughs] Yeah.

Abigail: I'm really grateful that you're here, will. I'm happy I'm not doing this alone.

Will: Well, it's a little bit selfish on my part. I'm relieved to be focused on someone else's situation instead of my own. If you are pregnant, you're gonna tell Ben, right? Stupid question--of course you're gonna tell Ben. And, you know, knowing Ben, well, if you are gonna have a baby, he's not just gonna be fine with it. I think he's gonna be thrilled.

Theresa: There it is. Boom. You found the nanny cam program?

Theresa: Yeah, well, victor didn't exactly hide it. It's right here on the desktop.

Anne: Wow, is that live?

Theresa: I think so.

Anne: Well, can you find anything that's been recorded?

Theresa: Um... okay, well, there's no audio, but there I am.

Anne: Ooh, ooh! That could work.

Theresa: Tell me about it.

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: All right, let's see. All right, I'm emailing all this to myself.

Anne: I mean, you've got footage of that little bitch reading. Fifty shades, perhaps?

Theresa: Yeah, I can't really read the book title. Oh, but you see how she got up and she's crossing out of frame?

Anne: Yep, nature called.

Theresa: If I loop that over and over...

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: It'll look like she sat on her ass the entire day. Then I lay in a track of Tate crying--you feel me?

Anne: I feel you. How do we do that?

Theresa: We don't. Your techie friend does.

Anne: Oh.

Theresa: All right, that should be it. Let's go.

Anne: All right.

Theresa: We got a lot of work to-- with me hiring JJ?

Chad: No, no, absolutely not. No, JJ's a good kid. I'm just worried that maybe he has a problem with me.

Sonny: How were things at the picnic?

Chad: That's kind of non sequitur.

Sonny: Not really, we're talking about JJ. I want to see if you and Abigail are cool.

Chad: Yeah, why wouldn't we be?

Sonny: Because it doesn't take much to see that even though Abigail's with Ben and they moved in together, you still have a thing for her.

Will: So you moved in with Ben, but you guys never had the "maybe we'll have kids one day" conversation?

Abigail: No, we never did. You know, we're--we're just starting out, and we're so young, and, you know, our lives are still getting settled, so we are not ready to have a kid at all. Oh, God, I'm--I'm sorry, will. That was really insensitive of me, and I--I'm sorry.

Will: No, it wasn't. You were being honest. My situation, I mean, talk about not being ready to have a kid. But Arianna, she's-- oh, she's like this miracle. Raising her with Sonny, sharing the love that we have together with her, it's the best thing I've ever done.

[Doorbell rings]

Lucas: Oh, maybe your daddy forgot his key. What do you think? You forget your key? Hey.

Adrienne: Hey. I ran into will earlier--yeah. Yeah, there she is! And I asked him if he needed a couple hours to himself, so I'm watching Arianna.

Adrienne: I just came by to give her a hug.

Lucas: Yeah, me too. What a lovely coincidence. Come in.

Adrienne: Hi, baby. Oh, don't you look--uh-oh. Are you playing with blocks on the couch?

Lucas: We were, yeah. We were doing that and playing with the top. There you go.

Adrienne: Can I play too? Oh, sorry!

Lucas: That's okay.

Adrienne: Oh. She's so cute.

Lucas: There you go. [Murmurs]

Adrienne: This is how we got to where we got to, isn't it? Watching this little one be adorable together?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, I guess you're right.

Adrienne: Is this okay? For now?

Lucas: It's perfect.

Adrienne: [Sighs]

Abigail: Oh, I think I should take this now. Need to know.

Will: Go. I'll be right here.

Abigail: Thanks. [Sighs]

Theresa: Hey, um, Brady, I was just trying to coordinate my hours at the hospital with my schedule and my time slotted to see Tate, and my copy of the custody agreement was here, so-- and I just stopped by to get it.

Anne: Yeah.

Brady: Okay, and now you have it.

Theresa: Mm-hmm. Uh, yeah, but I-- look, Anne, I'll see you at the hospital, okay?

Anne: Okay, yeah, sure. And, Brady, I just want to say, it's a lovely home. Spacious, stunningly decorated. Ciao.

Brady: So you--you're still here, but you got what you needed. Is there anything else?

Theresa: Yeah, there is.

Eric: Hi.

Daniel: Hey, Eric.

Nicole: Eric, could you excuse me for a second? I don't think I'm up to this right now.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: So maybe I'll just do some errands, and you can ask Eric what's going on with Serena.

Daniel: Are you going to be okay to go off alone?

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: I have to go. I'll see you soon.

Eric: Yeah, see you soon.

Daniel: Eric.

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: Any reason on planet earth why you're seeing Serena?

Eric: I just got the same thing from Brady.

Daniel: It's 'cause we're worried about you.

Eric: Then leave it alone, Daniel. Just stop it, all right? I'm sorry, I... know you just want to help.

Daniel: No, no, no. It's okay, really. I mean, after what you've done for me and Nicole, you can yell all you want, because we both owe you so much.

Theresa: Uh, so what I want to tell you is, I have a lead on a new place for me and Tate, something more suitable. And I don't want to jinx it, so I'm not gonna say too much, but if all goes according to plan, I should-- we should, Tate and I-- we should be out of here in about a week or two.

Brady: That's good. Glad to hear it.

Theresa: Yeah, it is. There's just been a lot of tension between the two of us, and I don't want the baby picking up on that.

Daniel: You saved Nicole's life, and by extension, you saved mine. I could never do enough to repay you for that. And I know Nicole's playing tough about that night. She was probably playing tough then, but I am sure she was scared out of her mind, and you--you comforted her when things looked hopeless, so--

Eric: Stop! Stop it, Daniel! Just stop thanking me. It's the last thing you need to be doing.

Serena: "Eric, don't go to square. Meet me at my hotel room, please."

[Knocking on door]

Nicole: Well, it's just you and me, Serena. And now I finally get to tell you exactly what I think about you, you lying, deceitful bitch.

Chad: Look, Sonny, I don't know where you--where you, you know, got this idea and why you keep bringing it up because I don't have a thing for Abigail.

Sonny: Chad, when I told you I hired JJ, you had a classic reaction. I saw what was going through your head.

Chad: Well, whatever it was, you know, you saw wrong. Whatever Abigail and I had was-- it's--it's just-- it's totally over, right? And it's staying that way. There's no--there's no residual feelings, there's no regrets, and there's definitely no reason to think otherwise, 'cause, you know, I'm through with her, and, you know, she's through with me. You know, I mean, clear?

Will: Abigail? You okay?

[Dramatic music]

Will: Abigail? Are you pregnant?

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