Days Transcript Tuesday 7/7/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/7/15


Episode #12626 ~ JJ's stunned when he learns who's been spying on him; Paige executes her plan to get revenge on Eve; a guilt-ridden Nicole turns down Daniel's offer to move in with him; Eric wants to team up with Serena to get the goods on Xander.

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JJ: Take a hike.

Watts: I don't think so.

JJ: What the hell are you doing?

Watts: You wanna do this the hard way, huh?

JJ: Who are you?

Watts: Calm down.

JJ: Let go of me.

Watts: I need backup here.

JJ: Let go of me.

Eve: All right. Well, no doubt about it. Jenny's momma was schizo and so was her grandma. No wonder she was so terrified that she would end up nutso like she is today. I just need to find the right drug that's going to mimic the right symptoms. And then when Jenn-Jenn is finally committed to the mental institution where she so surely belongs... she'll lose her kids, just like the way she made me lose my Paigey.

[Device chimes]

Paige: [Chuckles] You won't be disappointed. Yes. All right. [Clears throat] Uh...Daphne, hey. I'm meeting this new guy in a few minutes. Do you think you could do me a favor and come by?

Victor: Hello.

Hope: Hey, Victor, it's hope. I was wondering if I could stop by this evening to talk to you.

Victor: Of course. What about?

Hope: I wanted to ask you a few questions about your nephew, Xander cook.

Victor: Well, come any time. I'll be here. Seems you're not going to be here that long.

Eric: You said earlier you'd be willing to do anything for me. Did you mean it?

Serena: Yes.

Eric: Well, now's your chance to prove it.

Serena: What do you want me to do?

Eric: I want you to get Xander to admit the truth. Get his confession on video that he tried to kill Nicole and me.

Nicole: I can't move in with you.

Daniel: Why, why not? Nicole? Hey, talk to me. What is going on?

JJ: Seriously? You're gonna arrest me for getting into a fight? I barely touched that guy.

Watts: Yeah, I also saw you knock back a few drinks down by the lake. Looks like somebody's not legal.

JJ: It was just a few beers. Like, everyone was drinking.

Watts: Yeah, I'm afraid you're gonna have to come with us, Mr. Deveraux.

JJ: Wait, don't you have to read me my rights?

Watts: Nope.

JJ: All right, this is ridiculous,. I wanna call my lawyer.

Nicole: I just can't.

Daniel: Okay, Nicole, wait, wait, wait. Earlier you were all excited about moving in and you were talking about a future together. What, uh... what changed your mind?

Nicole: I just think that over time when things settle down you'll realize that you're not ready for this step.

Daniel: What? Why would you say that? I'M...

Nicole: Look, Xander's out there. He's dangerous and I love that you wanna protect me, but that's no reason for me to move in--

Daniel: Okay, hey, hey, I do want to protect you. But the main reason I want you to move in with me is because I love you. How many times do I gotta say it--how many ways you want me to say it? 'Cause I'll say it, all right?

Nicole: Daniel--

Daniel: Last night--the other night, I almost lost you. And if there was any doubt in my mind before, it's gone. I know this is a huge step. And I don't blame you for being gun shy. I hurt you.

Nicole: No, Daniel, that's not it, that's--

Daniel: But listen, you don't have to commit right now. Just stay the night, and we'll take it from there. Okay? What do you say?

Nicole: Okay.

Daniel: Okay.

Serena: How do you expect me--

Eric: Xander's already been in touch with you today, right?

Serena: Yes.

Eric: Then you reach out to him again. Just reassure him that you're not gonna tell a soul about what you know he did to Nicole and me. Just get him to confirm any part of what we told the police, and record it on your cell phone. And we'll never have to see that guy again. He'll go to prison.

Serena: Eric... I am--I'm willing to do anything to keep Xander from hurting you, but he was here before. He admitted nothing. He doesn't trust me.

Eric: Listen.

Serena: To say anything potentially incriminating--

Eric: Serena, I want you to push him harder.

Serena: He is too smart. He won't fall for it.

Eric: You're right. We're gonna use plan B.

Serena: Plan b?

Eric: Yeah, I have another idea to put him behind bars. I've been the same shade of red for many years.

Paige: Uh, hi, thanks for meeting me.

Donald: The pleasure's all mine.

Daphne: Hey, Paige. I thought you were meeting your date. Is he late?

Paige: No, he's right here.

Daphne: Oh, hi, mister--

Paige: Donald, just Donald.

Donald: You didn't tell me you'd be bringing a friend.

Paige: Well, I thought Daphne here might like to join in on the fun.

Donald: Mm.

Eve: The pharmaceutical industry is such a racket. [Scoffs] It's a good thing I have all that money from jack's book. Heh.

[Phone rings]

Eve: Hello?

Daphne: Ms. Larson, it's Daphne, Paige's friend.

Eve: Daphne? Is something wrong?

Daphne: I'm afraid Paige is about to do something really stupid. Please, you need to come down to the square right away.

JJ: You didn't even read me my rights. And now you're not letting me have my one phone call? I know how this is supposed to work...unfortunately. You'll never get this to hold up in court.

Roman: JJ, can it. You guys came in the back way, right?

Nobody saw us.

Roman: Okay, good. Go ahead, uncuff him.

JJ: Do you know how those guys treated me?

Roman: Cool it, JJ. Cool it.

JJ: Cool it? I didn't even do anything. I just had a couple of beers and I fought some guy for, like, five seconds. You're gonna arrest me for that?

Roman: No, I'm not gonna arrest you. But we're gonna talk. And what I mean by that is I talk, you listen.

Victor: That was hope Brady. She's coming over on police business. I want you gone by the time she arrives. First I want you to tell me why you're a free man.

Xander: The police had no choice but to let me go. My alibis checked out, as I assured you they would. They had no evidence to hold me on.

Victor: They haven't given up, you know.

Xander: No, but eventually they'll have to. There's nothing solid to connect me to what happened with Nicole and Eric. Or anything else I've done. Particularly for you, uncle Victor.

Victor: There better not be.

Xander: Once I am fully exonerated, I know you're a man of your word. There will still be a place for me in your organization?

Victor: I'm well aware of your talents. Otherwise you wouldn't still be alive. Now, when or even if I choose to redeem you, it would be up to me. Don't contact me unless you're summoned.

Xander: Understood. I appreciate your generosity.

Victor: Yeah, just get out. Now.

Xander: Yes, sir.

Maggie: Victor, why was that would-be murderer in our home?

Eric: We have plenty of crimes to choose from when it comes to nailing Xander. If we can't get him for attempted murder, then we can always get him for smuggling blood diamonds out of Africa. I mean, that ought to be good enough for two decades, right? Just get Xander on record without making it suspicious. You said you spoke to him earlier, right?

Serena: It's true, but...

Eric: But--but what? What? Right. If we turn that voice recording over to the police then you'd be incriminating yourself because you didn't really mean when you said you'd do anything for me.

Serena: Damn it, Eric...

Eric: That you would help me.

Serena: You don't get it. Do you? Yes, I committed a crime. Maybe I deserve to pay for it, but this is not about my freedom. If Xander finds out that I double crossed him, do you think that he would hesitate to silence me? I'll probably wind up dead.

Daniel: You are gonna sleep in here, and I am gonna take the guest room.

Nicole: Daniel, no, you don't have to do that.

Daniel: I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or pressured in any way. And after what you've been through...

Nicole: I couldn't have gotten through it without you. I owe you my life, Daniel.

Daniel: No, no, no. Like I said, if I hadn't been so hard on you, you'd have come to me with your suspicions about Xander, and none of this would have happened.

Daniel: I should have been there for you, and you should know from now on, I always will be.

Victor: Maggie, I didn't expect you so soon.

Maggie: My meeting was over early.

Victor: Huh. I wasn't trying to hide anything from you, Maggie. I just thought it would be better if you weren't here when I summoned Alexandros.

Maggie: You summoned him here, why? How did he even get out of jail?

[Doorbell chimes]

Victor: That would be hope. With questions of her own.

Maggie: Hi.

Hope: Hey, Maggie. Hi, oh, so good to see you, you look gorgeous as ever.

Maggie: You too, thank you.

Hope: Victor.

Maggie: I was just asking Victor how Xander got out of jail.

Hope: He had an air-tight alibi that put him in Chicago.

Maggie: Yeah, but we know that he was--

Hope: Well, hopefully, Victor can tell us everything we need to know about Xander.

Victor: I'll do my best to help you any way I can.

Serena: Eric, I wanna help you, I really, really do. But know what he's capable of. And--and maybe you don't care about the risk that you're asking me to take. Maybe--maybe you hate me so much--

Eric: No, no, no, my god, I would never--

Serena: That my life means nothing to you.

Eric: Serena, I would never ask you to risk your life. I'm sorry, it's just-- it's just an impulsive idea. You know what, I just didn't think it through. [Sighs]

Serena: Look... maybe we could work together? To help the police nail Xander, and maybe if we could just sit down here, I could order some room service--

Eric: No, we're not gonna work together, and I don't want anything to do with you, please.

Serena: Eric...

Eric: Listen, I just didn't think this through, I... I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here.

Donald: You know, I was kind of surprised when you contacted me. Girls like you don't usually give me the time of day.

Paige: Like I said, I was looking for a very specific type of guy.

Donald: Wow, I hope I'm living up to your expectation.

Paige: Oh, you definitely are.

Daphne: Do you see what I mean?

Eve: My god, that is her date? I think I've seen a picture of him in the dictionary next to "sleaze."

Daphne: I'm pretty sure he's older than my grandpa.

Eve: What was she thinking?

Daphne: Well, apparently she's lost her mind. Oh, my god, earlier she was hinting at the fact that she wanted to... I can't even say this in front of you.

Eve: What, Daphne?

Daphne: A three-way.

Eve: Oh, my god, I wish you hadn't said that.

Daphne: I know, that's when I decided I needed to call you.

Eve: Oh, I--thank you. I'm glad you did because I'm gonna take care of this. But I'm going to need you help.

Roman: JJ Deveraux, meet DEA Agent Watts.


Roman: Yeah, Agent Watts is in Salem because there's been a large increase in drug-related incidents in the last several months.

JJ: I don't have anything to do with that. I know you thought I was dealing because of an anonymous tip you got a couple of months ago, but I'm not. I swear. You have to believe me.

Watts: Actually, we do believe you. Commissioner Brady and I have been doing a great deal of surveillance and we're convinced you're clean.

JJ: You are? Okay, so then what am I doing here?

Nicole: Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah.

Nicole: You were there for me. I was the one who was naive to think that I could take down a murderer on my own. Not that I knew he was a murderer in the first place but I-- my point is, if I hadn't lied to you--

Daniel: You didn't think I would believe you. And I am so sorry I made you feel that way. Is that why you're having second thoughts about moving in?

Nicole: No. I don't blame you. But I gave you plenty of reasons to doubt me.

Daniel: That's not true.

Nicole: Including pretending to be interested in Xander so I could get information on Serena. Daniel, I was so scared I might push you away. I was just trying to do something noble.

Daniel: You were.

Nicole: But I should have just left it alone.

Daniel: No, no, no. It turned out okay, though, right? Give me your paw. There. Something good came out of this. We learned to trust each other again. And you'll never feel like you have to keep another secret from me.

Eric: What was I thinking?

[Knock on door]

Marlena: Hi.

Eric: Mom?

Marlena: Hi.

Eric: Hi.

Marlena: How are you feeling?

Eric: I'm fine.

Marlena: Uh, your father tells me that Xander has been released from police custody. That must be very upsetting.

Eric: Trying to let it go. If only he wasn't so smug when I confronted him.

Marlena: You confronted him? Honey, he's a psychopath, and I don't use that word lightly.

Eric: Mom.

Marlena: Don't you think you should stay away from him?

Eric: I'm not afraid of Xander cook.

Marlena: Maybe you should be afraid of him.

Eric: He's not gonna do anything. Not when the Salem pd is watching over every move he makes. I bet Victor is too.

Marlena: I'm so sorry. I mean, not just about Xander, but... I know how much you love Serena.

Eric: I thought I did. I thought she really loved me. Should've realized it was just a lie.

Xander: Oh, hello again. I saw your, uh, boyfriend-- sorry, ex-boyfriend earlier. Seemed a bit upset.

Serena: Stay away from Eric.

Xander: I don't know why you're getting so protective all of a sudden. He's clearly through with you. Hey, do you remember the last time Eric dumped you because he preferred to give his heart to god? We had the best rebound sex ever. Too bad you've become such a bore since then.

Serena: I am disgusted that I ever touched you. You ruined my life, and the fact that you're walking free after what you did--so wrong.

Xander: [Chuckles] Please, I didn't ruin anything. You loved being a player. You're just sorry Eric finally saw the real you. Anyway, have a nice night.


Paige: Oh, my gosh.

Donald: Did anyone ever tell you you're really funny?

Paige: Uh, no, actually.

Donald: Well, I can't imagine why not.

[Phone rings]

Paige: Um...oh, uh, Daphne's grabbing some fro-yo, and she forgot her wallet. Can I grab you some dessert?

Donald: Oh, no, I'll just wait, thanks.

Paige: Okay, I'll be right back.

Donald: All right.

Eve: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Donald: Who are you?

Eve: I'm Paige's mother. What's wrong with you, preying on a girl half your age?

Donald: She reached out to me. She said I was her type. She's a gorgeous young lady. Comes by it naturally.

Eve: Don't you dare. You get your paws of me and my daughter, you pig.

Donald: Not to split hairs, but pigs have hooves.

Eve: You tell Paige that you're gonna go home and drink your prune juice, okay? I don't give a damn, but this little date you got going here is over.

Donald: I don't think Paige would be very happy about that. We were just planning a road trip to Atlantic city. Mm, you know, money's been tight, but tonight I'm feeling lucky.

Eve: Oh, you're gonna be very unlucky if you try to take my daughter anywhere. You got that?

Donald: Well, she's over 18, right?

Eve: Actually, no, she's not. She's starting college early. She's a very bright girl.

Donald: Well, then you ought to trust her, liar. I've seen her id. I know she's of age.

Eve: The only reason that she is hanging around a dirty old man like you is just to get back at me.

Donald: Oh, well, looks like I really got lucky then, huh?

Watts: The drug business in Salem is booming.

Roman: Violent crime's up 25% in the last year.

Watts: Seems we got a kingpin expanding his local territory in a big way.

JJ: Why are you telling me all this?

Watts: The DEA's working with the Salem pd to reel in a big fish. You following me?

JJ: I have no idea who you're talking about. I haven't been involved with dealing in, like, two years. I haven't even touched the stuff.

Watts: But you have had contact with this man.

Roman: His name is Kyle southern. He's a low-level dealer.

Watts: He's tried to recruit you, correct?

JJ: Yeah, but I've turned him down twice. I made it very clear I wasn't going back to dealing.

Watts: We'd actually like you to change your mind about that offer. Go back to southern and tell him you'll do it.

JJ: What?

Roman: JJ, listen to me. We need to destroy this operation. And it has to be done from the inside.

Watts: Someone needs to go undercover, son, and our agency believes that someone is you. [Exhales]

One, two, three o'clock. Four o'clock pop.

Victor: I mean, I was estranged from my brother. I hardly had any contact with his family except when they needed something. And Alexandros was a troubled child, that's true. But it's not all that unusual.

Hope: No, unfortunately not.

Maggie: There's a giant leap between shoplifting candy and attempted murder.

Hope: But that doesn't happen overnight. Why was Xander here tonight?

Victor: I asked him to. He insisted that he was innocent, of course. I made it very clear that I didn't believe him, and essentially, I disowned him. He shamed the family and my brother's memory.

Hope: By chance, um, did he ask for your help again?

Victor: No, he knows that would've been futile. He committed an idiotic and vile act, and he deserves to be punished. You think the police will be able to come up with enough evidence to arrest him?

Eric: Serena was using me.

Marlena: You know, maybe in the beginning that was true. But, honey, I think I saw something. And I am loath to defend her, but I think she does have feelings for you.

Eric: That's what Serena wants me to believe. But I don't believe one word out of her mouth.

Marlena: Oh, so there's no chance for a reconciliation?

Eric: None. Mom, she wanted me to move to Hawaii and leave my family. This just puts the whole thing in perspective.

Marlena: What? Serena's betrayal or... you having a glimpse at your own mortality?

Eric: The whole experience. All of it.

Daniel: I wanna be with you, Nicole. I wanna give you everything you need. Right now... it's rest, so you can get well.

Nicole: [Giggles]

Daniel: I love you. Good night.

Nicole: Daniel, wait. You said we could tell each other anything... so I want you to know that I don't doubt us, and my whole life, I always hoped a guy like you would love a girl like me.

Daniel: Nicole--

Nicole: No, no, I don't-- I don't... I don't wanna mess this up. I don't want to lose you.

Daniel: I don't want to lose you either. So we won't. Okay?

Donald: You should probably be gone before Paige gets back. Excuse me while I check out some four-star motels along the way. Hmm, maybe we'll even stay at that fancy trump place when we get there.

Eve: Okay, you listen to me. That's my little girl, all right? And I will do anything-- anything to protect her. So you just name it, whatever you want, but-- whatever you want just so you stay away from her.

Donald: Well, hmm. I'm between jobs at the moment. Some extra cash might be nice.

Eve: How much?

Donald: Well, maybe 10 grand might tide me over for a bit.

Eve: $10,000?

Daniel: Well, your daughter's worth it, isn't she?

Eve: [Stammers] The banks aren't even open this time of night--all right, will you take a check then?

Donald: No, I won't take a check. Cash only, babe.

Eve: What, you think I have cash like that just under my pillow somewhere?

Donald: You got it on you right now.

Eve: What?

Donald: That piece will fetch a pretty penny. There's a pawn shop two blocks down open 24/7. So what do you say? 10 Gs... or I leave with your daughter tonight. And who knows if we'll ever come back?

JJ: Are you kidding me? You want me to go undercover?

Roman: Actually, I don't like the idea, JJ, but it's not my call. Now, Agent Watts here seems to think you are the perfect candidate.

Watts: I've checked out your rap sheet. You got talent, kid. Not the kind we like on my end of the business, but you've had some notable success as a dealer. Now if you got back in the game, no one would question it, especially now that you've been revisiting the party scene.

JJ: How did-- how did you know?

Watts: We've been following you ever since we saw you with Kyle southern. Because he already approached you, we believe you're perfectly positioned to help lead us to the person running this operation.

JJ: But I'm not a cop. I don't have any training.

Watts: You'll get it on the job. I'll be working very personally and closely with you on this.

Roman: Now what you need to understand, JJ, we're not just talking weed here. This is hard-core stuff. There's a whole lot at stake.

JJ: So I'd be like an informant. A narc.

Watts: We'd love to send in our own guy, JJ, but it would take a long time to establish trust and--

JJ: Well, you better get started on that now. 'Cause there is no way in hell I'm doing this. (Music plays)

Hope: Right now we don't have enough evidence to charge Xander, but I'm hopeful that situation will change. Sorry, I can't tell you any more than that.

[Phone rings]

Maggie: Oh, excuse me. I have to take this. Bye.

Hope: Bye. Good to see you. So, Victor, I mean, do you have any idea what brought Xander to Salem in the first place? I've heard rumors, but I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on it for me.

Victor: Well, he said he was here on work-related business. Nobody was more surprised than I was when he showed up on my doorstep.

Hope: Did you know he befriended Eric and Serena in Africa?

Victor: No. But then as I said, I was not in close touch.

Hope: Right. That's right. Well, we're gonna be looking into his, uh, business contacts and his business dealings. Don't believe they're entirely above board.

Victor: Well, unfortunately, I'm not surprised.

Hope: You don't know anything about the situation-- anything at all?

Victor: Sorry.

Hope: I really hope you're telling me the truth here. I hope you're not lying to me, Victor. Well, thank you for taking the time to talk to me this evening. And, Victor, you know I love you.

[Romantic music]

Watts: JJ, I understand we're asking you to put a lot on the line, but we truly believe that this is--

JJ: I don't care about myself, although I'm guessing you haven't told my mom or hope about this.

Roman: No, you're the only one who knows.

JJ: Well, I don't need one more thing to freak them out. And it's summer anyway. I just wanna have fun. The past few months have been lousy and...

Watts: Well, we understand that.

JJ: Yeah, I'm sure you know all about it. How long have you been following me? What else do you know?

Watts: We have no interest in your personal life, JJ. But you need to understand that this drug problem is destroying your town, your home, and the people you care about.

Roman: JJ, you gotta know how reluctant I was to bring you in here, and I am sorry we had to get your attention that way.

JJ: I bet.

Roman: But despite my reservations, I do have to agree. A lot of innocent people could get hurt if we don't shut this down.

Watts: Helping us is the right thing to do.

JJ: Well, if you had done your research, you would know that doing the right thing isn't my mo. No matter how many times I try, it never seems to work out for me.

Eve: That ring was a gift from my daddy. I was hoping to pass it down to Paige one day.

Donald: Well, I'm sure she'd rather have a wedding ring.

Eve: Wait, before you do anything with that cash, I want a guarantee that you are gonna stay the hell away from my daughter and never, ever try to contact her again.

Donald: Well, if you want to write up a contract, I'll sign it.

Eve: In blood.

Paige: Mom, what are you doing here?

Donald: Hey, mommy here just gave me a big bundle of cash. 10,000 big ones just to keep away from you.

Eve: Honey, please, don't be angry. I--

[Both laugh]

Eve: Well, what...

Donald: Here's your cut.

Eve: What's so funny? Cut?

Donald: Don't worry. I'll stay away from your daughter. Scout's honor.

Paige: Well played. Thanks, Donald.

Eve: You... set me up?

Paige: Now you know what it feels like to be lied to and manipulated and screwed over. Doesn't feel very good, does it?

Brandon thinks Hellmann's

JJ: Am I free to go now, or you gonna hold me for something stupid?

Watts: You can go. On the condition that you don't say a word of this to anybody.

Roman: Not even your mom. There are a lot of lives at stake here, JJ.

JJ: I understand.

Roman: You stay out of trouble now.

JJ: All right.

Watts: My card. Just in case you change your mind.

JJ: I won't.

Eve: You really had no interest in that man at all?

Paige: You really have a low opinion of me, don't you?

Eve: And he was in on it?

Paige: Mm-hmm.

Eve: The whole time-- and Daphne?

Paige: Oh, I told her after she called you. [Scoffs] I knew you'd fall for it. Though I have to say, I thought it'd take at least a couple of days for you to be parted from that much money.

Eve: Honey, I don't care about the cash.

Paige: What did he say to you to make you part with this money so fast?

Eve: I love you. I didn't even think twice.

Paige: Yeah, what do you think I should do this money? I don't want your dirty money. Hmm? Oh, I know, maybe I'll give it to the veterans. I mean, that's who you stole it from, right?

Eve: Well, now you sound like Jennifer. What, you take her side now, hmm?

Paige: Oh, I hate you both. But I know how much money means to you, and the idea of it going to a charity of Jennifer's choice, well, I just bet that drives you crazy.

Eve: went to all that trouble just to spite me, just to hurt me?

Paige: Yes. But I hope you know, however much hurt you're feeling right now doesn't begin to compare to what you did to me.

Eve: Paige, I--hurting-- losing you, sweetheart, hurts more than you could even know, I'm so sorry.

Paige: No, no, shut up, okay? I don't want to hear it anymore. And for the last time, stay out of my life.

Maggie: Oh. Was hope optimistic that she'll be able to build a case against Xander?

Victor: I'm sure she'll do her best.

[Both sigh]

Victor: Damn it, I-- I really should have seen this coming.

Maggie: It wasn't your fault. But maybe you have some resources at your disposal that might help the police. I know that Daniel and all of us would be very grateful when Xander is locked up, where he belongs. Please. [Giggles]

Nicole: This is all I ever wanted. But you can't find out about me and Eric. And you won't.

Serena: Oh, come on, Eric, pick up.

[Phone line trills]

[Phone rings]

Eric: Serena, I told you, we have nothing to--

Serena: Okay, Eric, please. Please don't hang up. Just listen to me. I...I changed my mind. I-I wanna do what you asked. I wanna--I wanna help you put Xander away for good.

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