Days Transcript Monday 7/6/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/6/15


Episode #12625 ~ Nicole is shaken by an encounter with Xander; Eric has a surprising request for Serena; Hope & Rafe start to figure out what went down between Victor & Clyde; Paige stirs up trouble for JJ.

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Aiden: So is Clyde Weston always going to be an issue for us?

Hope: Tell you what. Why don't we just forget about him right now? Just agree to forget all about him?

Aiden: Been there, done that. Don't you remember coming to my office, telling me it's fine by you if I represent him? Hmm? Or was that just a word game with you?

Rafe: Hey. Sorry to interrupt.

Aiden: Are you pushing her on this?

Rafe: What?

Aiden: It's a simple question. A yes or no will do.

Hope: Aiden.

[Phone rings]

Aiden: I have to get this. Hey, Daniel, what's up?

Rafe: A little tension, maybe, huh?

Hope: Disagreement.

Rafe: Hmm, let me guess. Clyde Weston?

Kyle: Like I said, I think I've got a guy who can move some product. Some college kid I just met. Hey, I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to interrupt anything important.

Bev: That's okay. JJ, this is Kyle. He's a friend.

JJ: Hey.

Kyle: Yeah, I know for a fact he used to be in the game. So he'll be good to go from day one.

Clyde: Well, that's good. Sounds like a find. You sign him up.

Bev: I hope they have a band tonight. Music gets me so high sometimes. Not drugs. I don't even have anything on me.

JJ: Bev, I already told you. It's your call. I'm not gonna touch the stuff, but I will be doing this, though.

Bev: Hm.

Paige: Good thing I found this guy. It was a lot harder than I thought. He's definitely what I'm looking for.


Paige: Okay. Later it is. Yeah. This guy will be perfect.

Eric: [Sighs]

Serena: I've been looking for you. I'm...I'm so sorry.

Eric: I don't want to hear how sorry you are. Or more excuses or how much you love me.

Serena: I'm not--I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about Xander.

Eric: What about Xander?

Serena: So you haven't heard? Eric, hasn't your father called you?

Eric: No, why? For Pete's sake, would you just tell me what's going on?

Serena: The police didn't file charges against Xander. He walked free.

Daniel: Okay, don't go away.

Nicole: No.

Daniel: Okay.

Nicole: Be waiting right here.

Xander: Hello, Nicole. So nice to see you.

Marlena: This is insane. You know what happened. Eric told you, and Nicole told you.

Roman: I know, but--

Marlena: There are eyewitnesses to a night of torture. And who almost died? Our son almost died.

Roman: I understand--

Marlena: Eric almost died. And Xander almost killed him.

Roman: Marlena--

Marlena: So are you going to let him get away with that?

Eric: Why would you say something like that? Xander can't be free.

Serena: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's true. I wish it weren't, but it is. Xander came by my hotel room to tell me himself.

Eric: Did he try to hurt you?

Serena: No. He happily informed me that the police arrested the wrong man. He had proof he was in Chicago and no charges were filed.

Eric: No, no, no, no. That's impossible. He tried to kill me. He tried to kill Nicole. You helped him. You helped him beat this. You gave him his alibi. You betrayed me again?

Xander: Is something wrong, Nicole? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Nicole: What are you doing here? You can't be here. You're supposed to be in jail.

Xander: Why would I be in jail?

Nicole: Because you tried to kill me. You tried to kill Eric.

Xander: Oh, right, yeah, those weird criminal charges. Yeah, the police did talk to me, but obviously I wasn't the guy they were looking for.

Nicole: What?

Xander: Yeah, the consensus is that you and Eric must have been so sick from the heat that you hallucinated this wild tale of--

Nicole: No, no, no, no. I was there, you son of a bitch.

Xander: Try and lower your--

Nicole: I almost died because of you. You tried to strangle me.

Xander: Please, try and calm down.

Nicole: No, don't you touch me. Don't you--you keep your hands off of me!


Daniel: Aah!


Aiden: Um...Daniel asked me to meet with him and Nicole...

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: To discuss the case against Xander cook. I need to go do some research. But we'll talk later?

Hope: You can count on it.

Aiden: Okay.

Rafe: Good ol' Clyde again, huh? What happened?

Hope: I blew it. I told Aiden I'd ended my investigation of Clyde--

Rafe: Which you have, right?

Hope: Yes, I have.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: But then he asked a question and I thought he was talking about Weston, and then I happened to mention that he had a meeting with Stefano two seconds after he arrived back in Salem.

Rafe: Well, what happened at that meeting? Did you find out anything?

Hope: No, just that it happened.

Rafe: What did victor say when you told him about it?

Hope: I had to tell Justin, but I'm sure he'll pass it along.

Rafe: I know victor thinks that Clyde and Stefano are ganging up against him. It's only a matter of time before victor...

Hope: Before victor puts a hit out on Clyde.

Clyde: Now I know I've told you this before, Kyle, but you need to let it sink in nice and deep. My name never comes out of your mouth. Is that clear?

Kyle: Got it.

Clyde: Not to your dealer or anyone else. You don't know me, I don't know you, and I don't want to know your crew, either.

Kyle: Understood.

Clyde: Now your job is to expand the business. And I expect you to do that. Whatever anyone wants, soft or hard, we got it. Don't let me down, son. I don't cotton to people who let me down.

Kyle: I understand, sir. This new guy's coming to my party. I'll see what I can do to get him back into the game tonight.

Clyde: Now, that's the wrong kind of attitude, son. Don't see if you can. Just do it. [Sighs]

Bev: Whoa. Okay, JJ, slow down. You'll be trashed before we even get to the party.

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. It's takes the edge off.

Bev: Got it. Yeah, I mean, your life has been pretty whack lately. You still miss Paige.

JJ: I don't want to think about her. Or talk about her. Just not tonight. I just want to have some fun. Just you and me.

Bev: You want the rest of my beer? You know, too many bubbles, and...

JJ: Yeah, why not? We got to get rid of the bottles before we go, anyway.

Bev: You know, we could always ditch the party and just hang out upstairs.

JJ: And what about when my mom walks in in ten minutes?

Bev: Whoops.

JJ: You know what? Do you--it's kind of stuffy in here. Do you want to go to the lake? Or is it too early?

Bev: No, no, not if we walk slow. I like walking slow. With you. Throw it out.

Paige: [Sighs] Great time for the ac to die. [Sighs] [Sighs] I love you, too.

[Ice crashes]

Paige: Bastard's not worth thinking about. God, I have to get out of this heat. Where's my swimsuit?

Eric: Nicole, hey, call me. I know you're with Daniel and everything's probably okay but I just wanted you to know Xander beat the charges. He's out there. None of this would have happened if Serena, but somehow--

Serena: Whoa, hey, hey. I didn't do a thing to help that son of a bitch.

Eric: Nicole, I need you to call me, okay?

Serena: Not one thing, so stop saying that.

Eric: Call me. You expect me to believe that, don't you?

Serena: I didn't help him. Not intentionally.

Eric: Meaning?

Serena: I told the cops everything that happened that night, that I was with Daniel and we were looking for you and for Nicole, because we were worried that Xander was going after you, and that we were getting these weird text messages--

Eric: Why don't you just get to the part where you were helping Xander?

Serena: I had to admit that Xander came by my room that night and told me that he was leaving town and he was going to Chicago.

Eric: Oh, yeah, but he didn't, did he? Because he stayed back here to kill me and Nicole.

Serena: But I can't prove that. And Xander has people who will say he was in Chicago. He has proof.

Eric: What?

Serena: He used his credit cards, his cell phone.

Eric: What, so he can walk free?

Serena: I'm sorry, Eric. I did everything I could to help the police make a case. It just didn't work.

Eric: What, really? Everything you could? Because if you did, you would have told him about the smuggling that you and Xander did to get diamonds into the country. Did you, did you tell him that? Because if you did, Xander would be behind bars right now. Oh. So would you.

Nicole: You deserve it! You deserve everything you're getting, you bastard!

Anne: Stop it! Stop it, dr. Jonas!

Get off! Get off!

Anne: Aah!

Nicole: Don't touch him! Leave him alone! Let go of him! Let go!

Anne: You are going to back off right now, ms. Walker.

Daniel: Yeah, you think you can touch her? Do you, huh? You think you can walk around and do whatever you want? Yeah, you son of a bitch!

Anne: Really, this is appalling. Jonas, you're a doctor. You are a surgeon and your hands are not meant to be lethal weapons.

Nicole: Oh, shut up, you stupid cow. You have no idea what this bastard did to me.

Anne: I'm sorry, can we contain the locker room language, please? Now listen. Whatever this very handsome and well-dressed man did couldn't possibly warrant him being beaten to a pulp, okay? I am calling the police.

Nicole: Good. Why don't you just do it? He's an escaped criminal.

Anne: What?

Nicole: He's wanted for attempted murder.

Real cheese people

Rafe: I didn't say a victor would put a hit out on anyone.

Hope: Never crossed your mind?

Rafe: Of course not.

Hope: Victor's capable of a lot of things, and being ruthless is one of them, and you know that.

Rafe: Yeah, well, Clyde's so damn arrogant, maybe ruthless is the only language that he unders--

Hope: What? What are you thinking?

Rafe: Maybe victor already tried. Maybe that's what happened. He tried to pull a hit off.

Hope: When?

Rafe: Well, Clyde took over victor's trucking business. We both know that victor didn't give that up willingly.

Hope: So you're thinking--

Rafe: Maybe he made a move?

Hope: And it failed.

Rafe: Sonny got stabbed.

Hope: And victor shut down without a peep.

Rafe: Okay, we're both speculating here, but that would explain--

Hope: Would explain why victor backed off. But he's never going to admit a damn thing. Come on, Rafe, you know what we got to do here.

Rafe: Well...nothing.

Hope: What? What are you--

Rafe: No, nothing. We're so damn used to working together. We don't anymore. This needs to stop.

Eric: I told the police that you and Xander were smuggling diamonds. Daniel said the same thing. So why didn't you back us up?

Serena: Eric, if I admitted something like that--

Eric: It means you have a conscience. I'm sorry, I forgot.

Serena: You don't understand. Xander fixed it so there's absolutely no evidence. No diamonds, no e-mails, no paper trail. No good would come from telling the police anything.

Eric: Yeah, well, sometimes integrity means you also have to have courage.

Serena: Fine, then I'm a coward and belittle me all you want. But Xander made one thing very clear. If I betray him again, if I accuse him of anything, it's not me he's going after. It's you.

Eric: Oh, wait, I'm sorry, you're doing this all for me? The fact that you won't be charged for smuggling diamonds is just an added bonus?

Serena: I don't care if I get charged. I'll confess, Eric. I will do anything that you want. Because I love you.

Eric: No! No, don't say that. Just go live your life somewhere else and leave me out of it.

Roman: Okay, see what homeland security finds out, then text me. All right, thanks. All right, here's the deal. Our tech people say the phone records can't be fake, so obviously somebody was in Chicago using Xander's phone to give him an alibi.

Marlena: Then you need to arrest that somebody.

Roman: Doc, when we find that needle in that haystack, you'll be the first to know.

Marlena: Roman...

Roman: Hey, I'm as upset as you are, okay? But you can't make a DA charge somebody when all the evidence points the other way right now.

Marlena: Eric and Nicole know exactly what happened. This is insane.

[Cell phone rings]

Roman: All right, I got to deal with this. Do me a favor. Give the department some time. Right now, let's be very grateful our son is alive.

Anne: This man is wanted for attempted murder?

Nicole: He's an escaped criminal, yes. Call the police.

Xander: Excuse me. If I can just say something, Nicole's made a mistake. I've already talked to the police. I came forward the minute I knew they were looking for me. They realized they'd made an error and let me go.

Daniel: You pathetic bastard.

Nicole: There's no mistake. You tried to kill me. And Eric. You tried to strangle me. You trapped us in-- what are you doing? Why aren't you calling the cops?

Anne: Well, if he just got back from talking to them, what would be the point?

Nicole: He's a pathological liar. Call the cops.

Xander: Again, if I could say something. Of course whoever did actually try to hurt Eric and Nicole should be caught and convicted. But it couldn't have been me because I was in Chicago.

Nicole: Liar!

Xander: Which I proved to the police, so they didn't charge me.

Nicole: You trapped us in that crawl space and you turned the heat up full blast.

Daniel: They both could have died. Both of them.

Xander: And no one is sorrier to hear that than me.

Nicole: You are going to get what you deserve.

Anne: Hey!

Hey, lady, calm down.

Anne: This is a hospital!

Daniel: Let it go, let it go. Let it go, baby, let it go. Let it go. Because believe me, he is not going to get away with what he did. And we're gonna leave.

Anne: What an excellent idea.

Nicole: Why?

Daniel: Okay, okay, look, I'll explain on the way. I will explain everything. But you've got to trust me.

Nicole: He should be in jail.

Eric: And you touch her again, I will kill you.

Bev: Oh, hey, thanks, man, for the invite.

Kyle: Hotties are always welcome, Bev. Hey, JJ.

JJ: Hey, man.

Kyle: Everything's free for the asking, so don't hesitate.

Bev: Thanks.

Martha: Hey, girlfriend, I've got to talk to you.

Bev: What is wrong with you? Are you high? You're high.

Kyle: So, you got a job for the summer yet?

JJ: Yeah, I got one at club TBD. It's a busboy, but there may be some bar action later.

Kyle: That place? Talk about lame.

JJ: Yeah, my cousin owns it.

Kyle: Well, it's not so much the place, actually. But cleaning up after people? I mean, come on, man. And what, the pay's probably minimum wage, right?

JJ: It's a summer job.

Kyle: Just saying. You do some work for me a couple days a week...

JJ: Dealing? No way.

Kyle: JJ, think about it. I hear you're a real talent.

JJ: Yeah, actually, I was. It was a long time ago.

Paige: Great. Somebody's having a party. Might have known. I will take beauty into my own hands...where it belongs.

Rafe: Sorry. I didn't mean to be giving orders, but we agreed that we were gonna back off, remember?

Hope: It's habit. I guess it's just habit, you know? We worked together, fall into a rhythm like old times.

Rafe: Okay. I get it. But we need to stop. Now. You got a family to look out for, and so do I. Clyde made that damn comment about my sister being a sitting duck in prison.

Hope: I understand.

Rafe: Okay.

Hope: Believe me, come on, I mean, Aiden's representing Clyde.

Rafe: Exactly. There's no sense screwing that up. Hey, I know it doesn't feel right. This is what we agreed to do. This is what we need to do. We're gonna back off. Right?

Hope: Well, for now. But thanks for looking out for me.

Rafe: Well, yeah, any time, partner. You want to go in and get something to drink?

Hope: Yeah, that sounds great.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hope: Hold on a second. Hey, it's my dad. Um, I'd better take this. Would you order something for me?

Rafe: Yeah, I'll get you something sweet.

Hope: Exactly. Something sweet. You know me so well. Hey, daddy.

Rafe: Well, hey, Clyde.

Clyde: Evening, Rafe.

Kyle: Seriously, man, think about it. Lots of cash coming your way. Day after day after day.

JJ: Thank you, but it's not going to happen.

Bev: Okay, Martha is so high. She is talking a mile a minute. Okay, do you want another drink?

JJ: That's me. All right, man, I'll see you.

Kyle: You bet. Yeah, man.

JJ: All right.

Kyle: Damn, I need that guy. I need that guy. Hey.

Paige: Hi.

Kyle: Do I know you?

Paige: Uh, not yet. Is this a private party?

Kyle: Yes, yes, it is. But I'm throwing it, so you're now invited. In fact, you're on the a-list.

Paige: Thanks. I actually just came for a swim.

Kyle: I-I can see that. Well, swim away, but be sure to come back. Anything you want, free for the asking. Food, drinks, extras if you know what I mean.

Anne: Uh, excuse me. Sir, hi, as head of human resources here, I just wanted to say I was appalled by what dr. Jonas did to you. I mean, I'm sure it was uncalled for, but it was definitely lawsuit material, and you could make his life pretty miserable.

Xander: No, it was just a misunderstanding. And the last thing I want to see is Nicole or Daniel suffer any more grief.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Xander: Daniel's almost family.

Anne: Who gets away with anything. Well, if you change your mind...

[Phone ringing]

Anne: I could give you my cell number, my--my home address perhaps.

Xander: Excuse me. Hello, Eric?

Eric: I want to meet you. Now.

Daniel: Hey, thanks for meeting us here.

Aiden: Yeah, no problem. Um, I was able to do a little research. Also had Abe carver give me a quick rundown on the case against Xander cook.

Nicole: Aiden, why is that maniac walking the streets? He tried to kill me and they let him walk? How is that possible?

Daniel: Okay, Nicole.

Aiden: Here's the thing: I made some phone calls. There are several very reputable people saying that they were with him that night. I mean, one is a hotel manager, one was an alderman.

Nicole: Yeah, and a politician is so reputable. Come on, I just--

Daniel: Okay, let Aiden finish.

Aiden: No, no, I understand. I understand you're upset. I really do. But I got to tell you something. Between the people swearing he was in Chicago the night you were attacked, phone records showing him making calls from a hotel in Chicago--

Nicole: Oh, please. That could have been anyone.

Aiden: That's true.

Daniel: The man's whole life is a lie.

Aiden: And that very well may be, but unfortunately there's simply no case. It's Nicole and Eric's word against Xander's. And it's looking like he's got a pretty tight alibi.

Daniel: Okay, what about the security cameras at titan TV?

Aiden: Security tapes show nothing. In fact, there weren't even any fingerprints.

Nicole: None?

Aiden: None.

Nicole: Doesn't that say somebody wiped the place clean?

Aiden: It certainly does to me, and the police. But again...

Daniel: No proof.

Aiden: No proof. Look, Nicole, I'm sorry. I know you don't want to hear this right now, but right now it's looking like Xander cook was never there the night you were almost killed. (Music plays)

Eric: Obviously you know I'm not the only one who's not happy to see you walk free.

Xander: I was having an innocent conversation with Nicole, and--

Eric: You stay away from Nicole.

Xander: Interesting. Daniel had that same advice. But you know, Eric, at no time have I ever meant any harm to you or Nicole. I feel just awful you both think I was somehow involved.

Eric: My god. Back in Africa, when I was naive enough to think that you were actually a good guy, to hear about your sweet-sounding, wonderful charity. Obviously it was just a front for your smuggling operation.

Xander: Eric, I don't know what lies--

Eric: Now I know who you really are. Real you. He's just a killer. Because you were the one chasing Nicole and me--

Xander: Eric, I was in Chicago when--

Eric: And we both know that is a lie. But I also know one more thing. You're gonna pay.

Nicole: Seriously, Aiden, I know I'm not the most reliable witness going here, but it happened. And Eric testified the same thing. My god, he was a priest.

Aiden: I know that. And I wish I can give you something a little more positive, but right now it's looking like the cops have their hands tied.

Nicole: So, Xander just gets to walk around town free as a bird, and he can try to kill me again, any time he wants, is that what you're saying?

Daniel: Nicole, the cops are still working on it. Let's not give up hope. Aiden, is there anything we can do to help the police? Anything?

Aiden: Quite honestly, I don't think there is, no.

Nicole: So, if the cops keep coming up empty...

Aiden: The DA will never press charges.

Rafe: So, how are things with you and Kate?

Clyde: Well, you know, Rafe, fourth of July fireworks got nothing on that woman.

Rafe: Sorry. Got a text, need to answer. Sorry, I hate being rude. Business.

Clyde: Well, I've come to expect nothing but rudeness from you, Rafe, and I know you wouldn't let me down.

[Cell phone chiming]

Rafe: [Laughs] Well, that's good. Good to know that I can't disappoint you.

Clyde: Yeah, you'll have to excuse me. I do have better things to do.

Rafe: Do you? I'll bet. Don't let me keep you.

Hope: Do you think Clyde saw us together?

Rafe: Nah. Too busy getting coffee.

Hope: Still a good move keeping me out here.

Rafe: Yeah, actually the good move is keeping him off our radar. For now. Rain check on the drink?

Hope: Yeah. You got it.

Paige: Um...I'm Paige.

Kyle: Kyle.

Paige: [Giggles]

Kyle: Good to meet you. Do you go to Salem U.?

Paige: Oh, not this summer, but I'm an RA so I live in a dorm for free.

Kyle: Get to many parties?

Paige: Not really. It's not my scene, but hey, I'm always looking to try new things.

Kyle: That's good.

Paige: Yeah.

Kyle: Listen, you wait right here for a second? All right? I got to go take care of something. But I'll be right back.

Paige: Okay.

JJ: Hey, what the hell, man?

Bev: Oh, god.

Watch where you're going.

JJ: No, you watch it. Get the hell away from me.

You back off, bro.

Bev: JJ...

[Woman screams]

Bev: JJ!

JJ: Come on, bro, what's up?

Martha: This is totally--

Bev: No, shut--JJ, stop.

Martha: Down and dirty, you guys! Way to go! Whoo!

Bev: JJ! Seriously! Come on! Stop!

Martha: This is awesome.

Bev: JJ! Okay. Enough. Enough! Get off of him. JJ! What is wrong with you? He's wasted.

Thanks a lot.

Bev: Oh, my god, seriously? JJ!

JJ: Peace.

Bev: Always a pleasure, bitch.

Kyle: Whoa, what happened there?

Paige: Oh, uh, this guy hit somebody and started a fight.

Kyle: Looks like it's over. You okay?

Paige: Oh, sure, it's nothing to do with me. But I have to go.

Kyle: You just got here.

Paige: Yeah, but, um, it was nice meeting you.

Kyle: Yeah, same here. Hope we get to do it again.

Paige: Yeah.

Marlena: Sami, Eric is fine. He just hasn't called because he has got a lot going on. Yeah, I love you, too. Bye, sweetie. Hey.

Hope: Hey, Marlena. How are you?

Marlena: May I?

Hope: Of course. It's so good to see you.

Marlena: Thank you. You, too. I just gave your boss an earful.

Hope: Uh-oh.

Marlena: Yeah, and I know he's doing all he can, and maybe I'm not being fair, but you know what, I just had to vent.

Hope: I'm sure he understood. I mean, at least Eric and Nicole are all right. That's the most important thing.

Marlena: Yeah. The people that told me about it downplayed it, but the fact is, if they hadn't been rescued when they were--if they had been--

Hope: You know what? Don't even think about it, okay? Try not to think about it at all. And listen, if Xander can be punished for this, he will be. No one's going to give up at the department.

Marlena: I know. I know that. I just want to make sure that he gets punished for what he did.

Hope: Believe me, I hear you on that one. Always frustrates the heck out of me when I know someone's guilty and I can't do a damn thing about it. Like Stefano. He beat the system again, did you know that? He's back in Salem.

Marlena: I know.

Hope: Did you know that?

Marlena: I did. I did know that. In fact, Chad told me when I thanked him.

Hope: You thanked Chad? For what?

Marlena: Well, I had an incident with Stefano a while back, and Chad stepped in on my behalf.

Hope: Was it about Kristen?

Marlena: You know what, it's ancient history. The important thing is that Xander be punished for what he did.

Xander: Well here's something I know, Eric. You and your ex-girlfriend can't prove anything about what happened, so I suggest you stop making false accusations.

Eric: Or what?

Xander: Or else you could be very sorry. Extremely sorry. And I think you know I can back that up. As for whatever nonsense Serena's been spouting, I wouldn't put too much faith in her. I mean, she's about as reliable as--well, wait, to be fair, there was this one time. We were lying naked, sweaty, and exhausted on my rug. And she was going on and on about what a snore you are in and out of bed. So I guess she does tell the truth sometimes, huh?

Eric: You're smiling now, Xander. But I promise--

Xander: Oh, I know, I know. Let me guess. I'm going to be punished, right? Going to feel the long arm of the law? Going to burn in hell? Yada, yada, yada.

Eric: Thank you, Xander. You just gave me a terrific idea to make you pay for good.

Daniel: Oh, I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to draw you the hottest bath, and you are going to relax like you ne-- Nicole? It's going to be all right. You--we're going to be all right.

Nicole: It's not right. This is so wrong. How can he be--

Daniel: Okay, let's not think about it anymore tonight. Let's think about this as, well, our first night together. I am so glad you are here. With me. You.

Nicole: I'm comforted knowing that when it is the end, soon... I will be with someone who loved me. No.

Paige: [Sighs] I knew JJ was watching. I shouldn't have flirted with that guy. [Sighs] No way. No way. Okay, he is always going off on people. It's not my fault. [Sighs] Perfect.

Stop what you're doing.

JJ: What?

I saw you attack that guy down by the lake.

JJ: Good for you. Take a hike.

I don't think so. No problem. We can do this the hard way.

JJ: Get off me.

Clyde: So you know exactly what I need, then, right?

Aiden: Yeah.

Clyde: Good man. I knew I could count on you.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: From what I've heard about the case, uh, Xander's alibi is rock-solid. Which to me means preplanned.

Marlena: What a monster. I'm gonna drown my sorrows in a latte. Would you like one?

Hope: No. I'm good, but thanks.

Marlena: It just doesn't seem fair, you know? There must be somebody who can prove that Xander's guilty.

Hope: Yeah, and that someone is probably...victor.

Serena: Eric, what are you--

Eric: Serena, you said earlier you would do anything to help me. Did you mean it?

Serena: Yes.

Eric: Well, here's your chance to prove it.

Daniel: What do you mean, no? No, you're not ready? No, you're scared of Xander?

Nicole: The answer is very clear to me. Don't say anything. Not to Daniel, not to anyone.

Eric: Can you live with that? Can you take the time that we had together, what we were feeling... and just put it in a box? Like it was meaningless to you?

Daniel: Nicole. Is this about Xander?

Nicole: No. No, not Xander.

Daniel: Okay, honey, you are safe here. The police have men watching him right now. He can't be stupid enough to do anything tonight.

Nicole: Right.

Daniel: Then what? You're upset about something. What? What's wrong?

Nicole: This is a mistake. Daniel, I can't stay here with you tonight. I-I can't move in.

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