Days Transcript Thursday 7/2/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/2/15


Episode #12623 ~ Abigail finds herself drawn to Chad once again; Kate proposes a deal with Lucas to get Paul out of town; Lucas is surprised by Adrienne's reaction to receiving divorce papers; Clyde introduces himself to Stefano.

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[Door shuts]

Adrienne: Nice try, buddy. You don't get to drop a bomb like that and just walk away. No!

Justin: No? No what?

Adrienne: You talk to me. You see where we are.

Justine: I see exactly where you are! You're having an affair with Lucas Horton, and you expect me to stand around and watch. Well, wrong guy. Come on, Adrienne. You can't possibly be surprised that I want a divorce.

Kate: I have a proposition for you. One you won't be able to turn down. Lucas: Why would you think that? Kate: Because I know you'd do anything for your son.

Marlena: Is Ari awake? Is she here?

Will: She's at play group.

Marlena: Oh.

Will: How's Uncle Eric?

Marlena: He's coming along nicely, thank you. How are you?

Will: Did Sonny send you?

Marlena: Of course not.

Will: So you haven't seen him or heard from him?

Marlena: No, why? What's wrong?

Will: Grandma, I screwed up. I may have lost my husband for good.

Rafe: Well, then we should definitely get another pick-up game going. I can spring Ben from the club if you and will have the time.

Sonny: Well, any free time Ben has, he'll probably spend it getting Abigail settled.

Rafe: Settled?

Sonny: She's moving in with him.

Rafe: What? Wow. Sounds serious.

Sonny: I think so. It's good for them. I hope it lasts.

Rafe: Yeah, well... that is the tricky part, isn't it? I should get going. Catch you later, man.

Sonny: All right. See you later.

Rafe: All right.

Paul: Sonny? I need to speak to you about something. It's important.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hope: Brady. Sanchez, no, I shut down the Weston surveillance. You don't-- okay, shoot. He went where?


Stefano: What the hell do you want?

Clyde: Well, word around town is you've come back to stay, so I thought I should stop by and introduce myself. My name is--

Stefano: I know who you are.

Clyde: Well, good. So, we can dispense from the pleasantries.

Theo: Abigail!

Abigail: Hey, honey. Hey. [Giggles]

Theo: We're going to the lake and we'll make s'mores!

Abigail: Wow, that sounds like so much fun.

Theo: You have to come with us. Remember the last time? It was so fun! You have to come.

Abigail: Of course, I remember. It was so much fun.

Chad: If you need this room to work, we can--

Theo: Come with us.

Abigail: Does he have an appointment?

Chad: No, the therapist is meeting us here.

Theo: Abigail, promise you'll come!

Abigail: Aw, buddy, it seriously sound so amazing. Um, I just--I just came for a file on my, uh... the other, um...

Theo: We can get pancakes with Caroline and then go up to the lake.

Chad: Hey, you know what? Abigail has a job, so she might not be able to make it this time.

Theo: You have a job, too.

Chad: And I absolutely will take you to the lake, okay? I promise.

Theo: Abigail, you have to come! Abigail, you have to! You have to!

Hope: Thanks for letting me know. Now shut it down on Weston. Yes, I'm sure, for now.

Rafe: Let me guess.

Hope: Hi.

Rafe: Sanchez?

Hope: Of course.

Rafe: Really?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: That guy's still buckin' for a gold shield, huh?

Hope: You know what? If I was handing them out, he would definitely get one.

Rafe: Oh, really? What'd he get?

Hope: Listen, I backed him up with Clyde, but he gave it another day. You're never gonna guess where Clyde is right now.

Clyde: Well, I'll keep it short. Since you're back in town, I think we should come to an understanding about our mutual business.

Stefano: I assure you, Mr. Weston, that, uh... we have nothing in common.

Clyde: Well, I grant you we may have different goals, but we do share some of the same ground, so before you try and dismiss me, you might want to ask your good buddy Victor Kiriakis how well that worked out for him. Arrogance will get you nowhere with me.

Stefano: [Chuckling] You assume a great deal.

Clyde: Mr. DiMera, I think it'd be a real advantage if you, me, and Victor came to an arrangement so nobody's toes get stepped on.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Living with chronic migraine

Adrienne: What, so that's it? No discussion? No considering anything?

Justin: Like what? You made your choice.

Adrienne: Because you made your choice. You do not get to put this all on me, Justin. Let's not forget how we got here.

Justin: You can't compare what I did with Elsa and what you are currently doing with Lucas.

Adrienne: What?

Justin: [Exhales] I was 5,000 miles away from here, away from family and friends. I was discrete, and most importantly, I never meant for it to be more than an affair.

Adrienne: [Scoffs]

Justin: Unlike you.

Lucas: Of course I would do anything for will, but you said this was about business when you called.

Kate: It's both.

Lucas: All right, fine, what?

Kate: Even making this offer is putting my job at risk, okay? Even talking to you about it.

Lucas: Really, is this where I tell you what a good and thoughtful person you are? Noble, really?

Kate: It truly, truly, truly is a gift, Lucas.

Lucas: What?

Kate: It's not what. It's who. It's Paul Narita.

Marlena: If I had a dime for every time I've heard that in the last few months...

Will: This is different.

Marlena: Mm? You've made mistakes, you've acknowledged them, and now you're getting help.

Will: It's not enough.

Marlena: Why do you say that?

Will: Sonny found out that I told Dr. Myers Sonix would write an article about him. [Clears throat]

Marlena: What? Why? Did Myers ask for that? Did he coerce you into saying that that would happen in exchange for anything else?

Will: No--

Marlena: If he did, I will turn him over to the board.

Will: No, no, grandma, it was not like that. I-I offered.

Marlena: Why would you do that?

Will: Because Sonny and I, we need to focus on the future. We need to figure out a way to stay married.

Marlena: And did... did Dr. Myers promise that he could make that happen in exchange for the article?

Will: Not...exactly.

Marlena: Does Sonny want to focus on the future?

Will: He wants to stay married. He said it a hundred times.

Marlena: Well, then, what are you worried about? Look, Sonny can't be as upset about the article as he would about finding out about you and Paul.

Will: No.

Marlena: [Sighs] Clearly, you want to talk to me. Why don't you just do that?

Will: When Sonny and I were arguing about the article, he kept pushing, and I blurted something. And Sonny figured out that while I was in los Angeles, I made another mistake.

Sonny: Paul, I told you before, I'm not gonna talk about what's going on.

Paul: I know, this isn't ab--

Sonny: This isn't about me and will?

Paul: Not exactly. Okay, so, it's more about me, okay? And something that I figured out and I honestly think that this could help you and will. Okay, okay, derrick-- you remember him, from the hotel?

Sonny: Of course. What a prince that guy is. Don't tell me he's part of this.

Paul: No, no, it's not like what you're thinking. Okay, um, I ran into him, and he and I started talking and he said something to me that really hit me. Okay, Sonny, just hear me out.

Lucas: You're giving me Paul? What does that even mean?

Kate: Justin forced me to offer an endorsement deal to Paul, making him the face of our new men's line. Now, I know countess Wilhelmina is coming up with a similar men's line.

Lucas: You know that how?

Kate: Don't even start with me, okay? They briefed me while I was still heading DiMera. The point is, I think Paul would be a better fit with your line than ours.

Lucas: Why is that, mom? Why wouldn't he be a good fit for your line?

Kate: Because with mad world, Paul will be based in Salem.

Lucas: And if he works for countess Wilhelmina, he'll be based in san Diego... far away from will.

Kate: I mean, he won't be there that long. Just for the extent of the campaign. But at least that would give Sonny and will some time to work on their marriage without Paul interfering.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, it'd be great for countess-style brand, right? It's a win-win?

Kate: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Lucas: No dice.

Kate: [Scoffs] Lucas, what's wrong?

Lucas: Well, first, you're offering it. That's what's wrong. And even worse than that, I was actually considering it for a second. Just for a second there, I was starting to think just like you.

Adrienne: This is just... stunning! [Laughs] But why am I surprised? You're a lawyer. You can justify anything, right?

Justin: I'm telling the truth. I never intended to leave you over Elsa. And I never meant to humiliate you.

Adrienne: Oh. You just stayed away for months at a time. You think no one knew? You think it wasn't abundantly clear when you didn't make it home for a holiday, or a birthday, or anything?

Justin: I e-mailed and called just like--

Adrienne: Oh, stop-- please, please, please! If we're gonna have this discussion, at least be honest. Our son was stabbed, near death, and I couldn't get you out of that woman's bed to pick up the phone!

Justin: I was on the first-- I was on the first flight out!

Adrienne: Yes, when you knew! But where did you go after that? When you got home, what did you do then?

Justin: Sonny went to Arizona.

Adrienne: No, but I was here. I was here. The wife that you never wanted to humiliate. I was right here, Justin!

Justin: With Lucas.

Adrienne: No, not yet.

Justin: He was around. I could smell it. And more to the point, he is still around. Adrienne, I'm home for good and look where you are? You did everything but take out an ad in the newspaper. You wanted to punish me. Well, you did it! You wanted to humiliate me. You got it. But you only get to do that for so long.

Marlena: Go on.

Will: Oh, my god, grandma. You're gonna make me spell it out?

Marlena: I'm funny that way.

Will: It was one guy. One time, one stupid time. Studios, they assigned him to help me with the rewrite. We worked long hours, late nights. One night, we're at his house and he's making fun of me because I'm already married with a kid, and I let it slip that Sonny's the only guy that I've ever been with. That was it. He was on a mission. He just kept after me. He wouldn't leave it alone.

Marlena: Did he force himself on you?

Will: No, no, not like that. He just couldn't believe that someone so young and hot and talented was already married. So obviously he was working me and I fell for it.

Marlena: It was one time?

Will: Yeah, it was only one time. And I avoided him after that. We just worked through e-mail. Studio fired me right afterwards. I felt so relieved. Like, "at least this is over. It's buried."

Marlena: Did you think about telling Sonny about it?

Will: I mean, yeah, but, I thought, "what good would that do?" It only happened once. I regretted it two seconds afterwards and it wasn't going to happen again.

Marlena: It did. You came back to Salem and you slept with Paul.

Sonny: Okay, what is it you came up with?

Paul: Okay, like I said... this is more about will.

Sonny: I can't have you in the middle of this.

Paul: Look, I'm not, okay? Just listen. Derrick and I were talking, and he asked me, you know, how coming out was for me. And he asked me how it was going. And then he said that he was surprised that you and will had already settled down together. He said that he could never do that right after coming out, and I realized... he was right. I couldn't either. And I was so surprised because-- I love you, Sonny, and I want to be with you, but I realize, even if you were free, I couldn't get married. I mean, not yet. And I started thinking about how focused I've been on you and getting you back and I asked myself, "why?" And it's because it was easier than dealing with coming out and everything that's about.

Sonny: So, you think this is true for will, too? Like he skipped a step?

Theo: Abigail has to come! It's me, Chad, and Abigail! She has to, she has to!

Abigail: Hey, hey, Theo? Theo, look at me. Come here, look at me over here. Look in my eyes, okay? Listen to me. I will go with you to the lake, okay? I will be there, don't you worry.

Theo: You promise?

Abigail: I promise. All right? You feel better now? Okay, can we take a deep breath?

[Both inhale]

Abigail: Shake it off.

[Guttural breaths]

[Laughs] Come here.


Hi, Theo. Everything okay?

Chad: We're just making some plans. It's okay now, but you should check it out with Theo.

Okay. We'll go over it in session. You ready?

Chad: I will be picking him up.

Got it.

Chad: Hey, dude. Later.

Theo: Later.

Abigail: I'll see you soon.

Theo: Bye.

Abigail: Bye.

Chad: You shouldn't have lied to him.

Hope: Hey, what's your read on this?

Rafe: Well... hard to say, really. You think Weston's working for Stefano?

Hope: No. That wouldn't spook Victor. He knows how to fight the DiMeras.

Rafe: Well, it doesn't mean he wants to go to war with them again.

Hope: Okay, but what if... what if Stefano uses Clyde as his stalking horse?

Rafe: Well, that would definitely raise the game now, wouldn't it?

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: But Weston working for Stefano... does that sound right?

Hope: No, not really.

Rafe: No. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with business?

Hope: Personal?

Rafe: Well, Clyde is going out with Kate.

Hope: Stefano takes that very personally, as you know.

Rafe: Yeah, as I'm sure does Clyde.

Hope: Okay, so the question is, why would Weston go to the DiMera mansion with a target on his back?

Rafe: He knows Stefano would never kill him in his own house.

Hope: So that's it? That's why he'd walk in on him there. Clyde knew he was safe.

Rafe: That's a shame. [Laughs] Well, it is. Seriously, can you imagine if those two thugs took each other out? They'd be doing the public a great service.

Clyde: Now, the way I see it, you and Victor have business interests that are, um...more international. That's where each of you have put your attention, which is fine, but it made a vacuum here in Salem. My business is more local. I'm very service oriented, so I have expanded here and I will continue to expand in this local market, and there shouldn't be...

Stefano: In the study, now!

Clyde: Any problem around that. But if there is, I will resolve it, as to your friend Victor can tell you. One more thing... I'm seeing Kate Roberts. There shouldn't be any hard feelings about that. I hear that you have moved on, as well, several times. So I hope that, uh, you wish us well.

Stefano: Escort this man out.

Clyde: Wait just a second. I've said my piece, but I came here to listen, as well. Whatever you wanna tell me--

Stefano: I've learned everything I have to know about you. Get out, now.

Clyde: Easy, big boy. I know the way out.

Lucas: You almost did it. You almost got me. Good job, mom.

Kate: Lucas, we'll be helping will.

Lucas: We will be interfering in his life.

Kate: For his own good.

Lucas: Oh, there's my mom that I know and love. There you are. Nice to see you, again, mom.

Kate: Yeah, that's right. I am you're mother and I care about my grandson just as much as I've always cared about you.

Lucas: Yeah, you tried to run my life, too.

Kate: Sometimes, a parent has to step up. The way you went to prison to protect will, remember that?

Lucas: Yeah, I remember that. He was young and I did that to protect him, yes. But will is a grown man, now, and he needs to work on his marriage all by himself without anyone butting in.

Kate: Okay, fine. I agree to that, if everyone backs off. But Justin pushed this job on Paul to keep Paul in Salem, okay? He is actively inserting himself between Sonny and will. And why do you think he's doing that, Lucas?

Lucas: I don't know. I'm not gonna start a fight with Justin, okay? I'm not gonna do that through our sons.

Kate: Yeah, well, Justin doesn't have that problem.

Lucas: I'm not gonna do it. I'm not going to waste my time wading in on this.

Kate: No, except you already waded in Adrienne, right?

Lucas: Well there it is. It was a matter of time with you, huh? You had to cross the line? Well, you did. Good luck with your schemes. You know what? I hope your boss doesn't find out about what you're doing.

Hope: Not exactly the kind of comment we issue from the Salem pd.

Rafe: Well, no, no. Not out loud.

Hope: Mm.

Rafe: Oh, but trust me. Can you imagine if we got a 189 from the DiMera mansion right now?

Hope: No, personally, I don't give a damn what Stefano and Clyde do to each other. It's the collateral damage.

Rafe: You're worried about Chad.

Hope: And Abigail. And Ben.

Rafe: Did you know that Abigail is moving in with Ben?

Hope: What, really?

Rafe: Yeah, don't worry though. He's a good kid. It just means that she's gonna be closer to Clyde.

Hope: Keep a look out, okay? Informally. You know who else might be very interested in hearing about this little sit-down?

Rafe: Victor.

Hope: Mm-hmm.

Rafe: Didn't he bite your head off once before for bringing up something like this?

Hope: What? I'd just be passing on some news that came to me in the course of the Salem pd's routine, lifetime surveillance of all things DiMera. No harm in that, right?

Rafe: Right, no. I guess not. You text me if you need back-up.

Hope: Will do...partner.

Kate: God, I could use a double shot of...

Paul: [Exhales] I know will loves you. I don't doubt that for a minute.

Sonny: Neither do I.

Paul: It's just, maybe... when I just met will, he talked about marrying the first guy he'd ever been with, and that sounded great, but maybe... I don't know, um... after today, really realizing how it is for me, um... I guess I kind of get will. Not the crummy things that he's done to try and keep us apart, but...but what happened between him and me. And I'm not trying to bring that up--

Sonny: No, you don't have to explain it. I get it.

Paul: Do you?

Sonny: I got to get back to work.

Paul: Okay.

Sonny: I'll be at home. If there's an emergency only.

Sure, everything okay?

Sonny: Not really.

Will: So I'm a slut. I can't stay faithful to my husband. That's what you're saying, isn't it?

Marlena: I'm not judging you. I'm stating a fact. You came back from L.A. And thought you'd had a one-time thing. And then, you slept with somebody else. You need to talk to somebody about this.

Will: I'm talking to Sonny now.

Marlena: That's not what I meant. I meant you need to talk to somebody about this pattern.

Will: It's... it's not a pattern. It was a mistake both times. I know that now.

[Cell phone ringing]

Will: I... [Clears throat] Sonny's on his way home.

Marlena: Okay. I'm gonna go. I want to make a suggestion before I do. When Sonny gets here, you stay calm and listen to everything he has to say before you react.

Will: Thank you. I love you, grandma.

Marlena: Oh, I love you, too.

Abigail: I didn't lie. I will go to the lake with the two of you.

Chad: Really?

Abigail: Yeah. And you know what? I'm sure, um, that Ben would love to join us because he and Theo actually really get along and it would be great.

Chad: Well, we'll just be one hell of a quartet, then.

Abigail: How do you do that?

Chad: I have an agile mind. Something you haven't seen much of these days, but--

Abigail: You're--you're so sweet with him and you are compassionate and kind, and then you're this: Cruel.

Chad: Payback's a bitch.

Abigail: It really was-- it was all a plan, wasn't it? You came back into town and you were working me from the second you got here. The whole time, you had it in your mind that you were just going to use me--

Chad: Now, now, we both got what we wanted.

Abigail: I didn't want that.

Chad: Which time? Come on, Abi. You got one last time with a guy that can actually finish sentences.

Abigail: Oh, please.

Chad: And anything else he starts. So, now you can go play house with Ben and I can move on with...other women.

Abigail: Plural?

Chad: It's been more singular these days.

Abigail: Zoe?

Chad: Oh, she is hot in ways that you will never get. You should see the things that we do in bed--

Abigail: You're disgusting, Chad. What's the special?

Justin: Stefano is meeting with Clyde Weston?

Hope: That's right. As we speak.

Justin: And why do you want me to pass this on to Victor?

Hope: He'll know. Please make sure he understands I wasn't telling Weston. It came up in routine surveillance of Stefano.

Justin: I'll let him know.

Hope: Thank you. I'll see you later, Justin. Hey... how are things with you?

Justin: You mean with me and Adrienne?

Hope: Please tell me if it's none of my business, but I just--I want you to know how sorry I am about you two.

Justin: So, it looks like Adrienne and I are headed down the same road as you and Bo.

Hope: Adrienne wants a divorce?


Lucas: [Sighs] Hey.

Adrienne: Hey.

Lucas: What is it?

Adrienne: Justin.

[Cell phone ringing]

Kate: [Sighs] Is Sonny there?

Will: Not yet. You said he's not happy?

Kate: It was just something he said to the barista before he left. "Things weren't okay."

Will: Why?

Kate: I don't know. I couldn't hear what he and Paul were talking about.

Will: Paul?

Kate: Yes, yes, but they were just talking outside of TBD. And then he came in and he told his staff that he was going home.

Will: So, maybe he was mad at Paul?

Kate: I don't think so. I mean, they were very intense, but... look, I have to go. Call me later.

Paul: Just the person I wanted to see.

Kate: Really? I thought maybe you were looking for my grandson's husband.

Brandon thinks Hellmann's

Justin: I'm the one who drew up the divorce papers, but Adrienne would have gone to a lawyer if I hadn't.

Hope: Did Adrienne say that?

Justin: Lucas makes her happy now, and I make her miserable.

Hope: I am so sorry.

Justin: It's okay.

Hope: No, no, it's not okay. You must be crushed. You just want it to be over.

Justin: That's where we are.

Hope: I always looked at you and Adrienne and thought you two could work your way through anything.

Justin: Nobody's talking.

Hope: Justin, you probably don't need my advice, but for whatever it's worth, don't do anything out of anger. It never helps.

Justin: Too late for that.

Adrienne: The divorce papers came out of nowhere. I mean, not a hint. Not a word. I mean, we didn't even talk about it, and then just--boom!

Lucas: So he blind-sided you?

Adrienne: Yeah, to say the least. What?

Lucas: It's just, um... I'm surprised, that's all.

Adrienne: I know, right? I mean, it was a total sucker punch.

Lucas: Not by what Justin did, but I'm surprised by your reaction to it.

Clyde: Hey, there.

Abigail: Mr. Weston, hi.

Clyde: You know, you're going to have to stop calling me that.

Abigail: [Laughs softly]

Clyde: Word is, you've made a certain young man very happy.

Marlena: Oh, Chad. Chad, I've been-- I've been trying to get ahold of you.

Chad: Ah, I saw the messages. I was, uh...I was going to call you back later.

Marlena: Oh, I, um... I wanted to thank you for what you did with Stefano.

Chad: Sure. So, you,, you're okay?

Marlena: I am, thanks to you.

Chad: Didn't Abe or Roman call you about it?

Marlena: Uh, no, I didn't-- I didn't tell them what Stefano did.

Chad: Why not?

Marlena: Because all they could do would be get upset. Stefano's out of reach. He's covered his tracks. It's over.

Chad: Marlena, Stefano's back in town, for good.

Paul: You haven't gotten my calls or texts?

Kate: I don't know. I haven't checked my call sheet today.

Paul: I'm taking the job.

Kate: Oh, goodie.

Paul: My business manager will handle the paperwork for profit designation. We want the money split between three charities, and my personal contract, that can come directly to me.

Kate: You don't want your lawyer to look it over?

Paul: He will after I do my mark-up.

Kate: Your mark-up?

Paul: Notes. Any counter-offers.

Kate: This deal is not open to negotiation.

Paul: Of course it is. All deals are.

Kate: Not this one.

Paul: Kate? Cards on the table. We're gonna be working together.

Kate: And? It's business. That doesn't mean we have to like each other.

[Door unlocking]

Sonny: Hey. Where's Ari?

Will: Play group. We have at least another hour.

Sonny: Good, because we have to discuss--

Will: Paul?

Sonny: What?

Will: You were-- you were with Paul, and now you've come home, so I assume--

Sonny: Wait, how do you know I was with Paul? Are you having me followed?

Will: No, Sonny. No, a friend of mine told me that they saw you with Paul having an intimate conversation.

Sonny: No, it wasn't an intimate conversation. Look, this isn't about Paul. This is about us, so can we please not get sidetracked?

Will: Of course. Sonny, of course. You want to talk about what happened in L.A., And... Sonny, I want to listen to you. I really just want to listen to you, but first, Sonny, can I please just tell you how much I love you? Even if that the things I've been doing make it seem like I don't. Sonny...I love you.

Sonny: I believe you. I know that you love me.

Will: But you said--

Sonny: It was--it was a mistake. It was the first thing that popped out of my mouth and I was thinking... I mean... you were willing to go to prison for me when you thought I killed Nick. I-I know that you love me.

Will: I've made mistakes.

Sonny: You have. And there's a whole lot of things you could've done better. You could've handled it better.

Will: I know, I know, and-- [Exhale] I'm sorry, go ahead.

Sonny: You're not the only one, because the truth is, there's a lot of things that I could have handled better, too.

Chad: Yeah, the old man beat the tax charges.

Marlena: What? How?

Chad: He paid a fine. I don't know the other terms, but I know it's done. He's free and clear and he's back in the mansion.

Marlena: How does that feel to you?

Chad: Well...he hasn't threatened to kill me lately, so I guess I'm ahead. [Laughs]

Marlena: Oh, you. Chad, if you ever just want to talk...

Chad: What do you mean? Professionally?

Marlena: No. I mean confidentially.

Chad: You, could never tell anyone what I said about him? About anything?

Marlena: That's the way it works. I've got a pretty busy schedule, but for you I'll make some time.

Abigail: Ben told you that I'm moving in with him?

Clyde: Yes, he did, and...I got you a little housewarming present.

Abigail: You don't have to do that.

Clyde: I know. That's why it's fun. It's just a little, uh... gift certificate for foreman's home furnishings.

Abigail: [Laughs softly]

Clyde: It'll save my boy from his own taste. It needs a woman's touch in there.

Abigail: Ben would still obviously have to approve of whatever I picked out.

Clyde: Well, you know, I get the feeling that you could persuade him in just about anything.

Abigail: [Laughs] I-I don't know about that, but, um, this is really sweet. Thanks, I mean, Ben is totally going to appreciate this.

Clyde: You're welcome. You know, uh...nothing's more important to me than my boy's happiness. You make him very happy.

Abigail: [Laughs softly] I'm glad.

Clyde: I'll see you around.

Abigail: Yeah, see ya.

Clyde: Just stay away from Chad DiMera, little girl, and everything will be fine.

Lucas: Listen, I know that Justin's move came out of the blue, but given where we are and where we're going, I thought that you knew that that's the kind of thing that should happen first. But, sound devastated right now. So, are you telling me that you want something else? That you really don't want to be with me?

Adrienne: No. No. Oh, god, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come here with this.

Lucas: Don't be sorry. Listen to me. Listen, you were married to Justin for a long time, okay? And the reality of losing your husband is probably settling in right now and maybe you're just in shock.

Adrienne: Oh, god, as foolish as this is gonna sound, I just... I-I don't know what I want. [Crying]

Lucas: [Whispering] All right, all right, come here. Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh. Shh, come on, it's all right. It's all right. Adrienne, it's okay.

Adrienne: [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Stefano: Harold, make sure the cook uses my recipe for the Bolognese this time, all right? She knows better. I'll be in the garden if Merkel calls.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Well... enjoy your stroll, Stefano.

Paul: Look, I'm not looking for love here, just civility. I will treat you with respect and I expect the same in return. Agreed?

Kate: If we agree about respecting me means staying away from my grandson and his husband--

Paul: Ms. Roberts, why don't we just stick to business? I'll be waiting for the contract.

Will: Sonny, you've done nothing wrong. You--you're perfect. Sorry.

Sonny: Paul said something to me today that landed. I've known about it for a while, but I didn't want to admit it. The truth is the things that have gone wrong with us, a lot of it's my fault. Not yours.

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