Days Transcript Wednesday 7/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 7/1/15


Episode #12622 ~ Paige spies JJ & Bev during an inopportune moment; Eve solidifies her plan to destroy Jennifer; after Ben confides his woes to his father, Clyde makes a bold move; Justin presents Adrienne with divorce papers.

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They brought the kid in last year because he was running a fever. They were yelling, hoo, blaming each other for the kid being sick. Now look at them. You never know.

Theresa: I guess a scare like that really can bring you closer. Amazing.

Anne: Question.

Theresa: Huh?

Anne: My master keys, the ones that give me access to anything in this hospital, well, they're missing. Would you happen to know anything about that? Hmm?

Eve: This is absolutely perfect. All right.

Jennifer: Oh! Oh, I'm s--

Eve: [Scoffs] Get--just get away.

Justin: I don't care how long you've headed up your division. If you don't change the way you do things there, you're out!

Kate: If I close my eyes, I can imagine that I'm overhearing victor give a tongue lashing to his lowly underlings.

Justin: Yes, I am capable of channeling my uncle.

Kate: Okay, that was my point.

Justin: So if you want to keep your job at mad world, you better get your act together and right the ship.

Kate: Don't you snap at me just because my son's sleeping with your wife.

JJ: So how well do you know that guy Kyle?

Bev: Not very well. I mean, he basically supplies everybody now that you and Rory are out of business.

JJ: Oh, so he gets you weed?

Bev: Not just weed. Not that I'm into any other stuff in a serious way. Why are you asking me about Kyle?

JJ: I don't know. It seems like he wants something.

Bev: From you?

JJ: It's not a big deal. There he is.

Kyle: Hey, guys. Long time no see.

[Indistinct chatter]

Abigail: I miss you too, Bridget. I promise I'm gonna come visit you in September. I love you too. Okay, bye. [Sighs] [Exhales sharply]

Adrienne: Hey, honey. Can I--

Abigail: Oh, hey, um...

Adrienne: Abigail?

Abigail: Aunt Adrienne, I'm, uh, just, um... god. Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Stefano: So, if you don't believe me, why don't you tell me why you think I chose this moment to come back to Salem, huh?

Chad: I don't think. I know that you are here because of me and Abigail.

Stefano: [Laughing]

Ben: I used that app you told me about. The one that would track Abigail's movements. She told me she was going to go talk to her mom. But she went to go see Chad DiMera.

Clyde: Well, Ben, Chad's on the hospital board, and that's where Abigail works.

Ben: This didn't have anything to do with work. I followed her over there, and I heard them talking outside in the garden. She made Chad promise to never tell me that they slept together.

Clyde: W-wait. Hold on a minute. You told me that you knew that Abigail was sleeping with Chad before, before she had that affair with his brother.

Ben: Yeah, I did know that. What I didn't know, dad, is that they slept together. They had sex. Right there in that garden a few days ago.

Clyde: Does, uh-- did Chad know you were there?

Ben: No, he didn't. Neither did she. [Scoffs] But when he said it, she didn't deny it. And it wasn't just that one time either. Mm-mm. They slept together more than once.

[Glass shatters]

Paige: This is gonna take a lot more time and effort than I thought. Maybe I should just let it go. Not sure I can do that, though. I need air.

Kyle: I was just gonna grab a coffee, but I'm glad I spotted you two again because I forgot to mention I'm throwing a party over the holiday. I'll text you the deets. Um, JJ, what's your-- what's your number?

JJ: Look, Bev and I are into being alone right now.

Kyle: Sure. Yeah. No--no problem. Later then.

Theresa: Anne, I have no idea what happened to your master keys, okay?

Anne: Damn it! I've gotten flak for misusing them, you know, before, and now they're just missing.

Theresa: Okay. And naturally you assume that I have them, huh? Thanks.

Anne: No, I'm not accusing you, Theresa. I am merely asking you, my assistant, have you seen them?

Theresa: Okay, well, then, I will repeat myself.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Theresa: I don't have your master keys, nor do I care where they are in the least because I have more important things to focus on, namely raising a child.

Anne: Yes. And since raising that child is gonna be a bit of a challenge, given that your baby daddy wishes you didn't exist, perhaps you were looking, you know, for some pertinent documents regarding said child and using my aforementioned master keys.

Theresa: Oh, you have completely lost it, Anne.

Anne: Really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Anne: I've lost it? Because you can't imagine yourself looking for something to make yourself look better in the eyes of Tate's rich and influential progenitor who rues the day he laid eyes on you, let alone made a baby with you?

Theresa: Wow, you know what, Anne?

Anne: Mm.

Theresa: I expect everyone in this miserable town to accuse me of stuff like this, but you, you're supposed to be my friend.

Anne: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, I am your friend. God help me, I am a good, loyal, and caring friend, and I do not appreciate being taken advantage of, and so... dónde...est*... my keys?

Theresa: [Chuckles] Oh, wow.

Jennifer: I'm sorry. I was just trying--

Eve: To be helpful. Yeah, of course. But these are very confidential referral papers from Marlena.

Jennifer: Right, I get it.

Eve: Oh, actually I don't think that you do.

Jennifer: Okay, here we go. Go ahead.

Eve: Because unlike you, I can admit when I've made a mistake, and I try to fix the damage I've done, but that's my business, you know? Not yours or anybody else's. What the hell are you even doing here anyway?

Jennifer: I work here.

Eve: I know you work here.

Jennifer: My office is--

Eve: I know where your office is. So why don't you get the hell out of here and go to your office and leave me the hell alone?

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Justin: I didn't ask you here to discuss your son's seduction of my wife. I just wanted to tell you that I've repaired some of the damage that you caused by allowing our top designer and distributor to leave the company.

Kate: Oh. Hats off to you.

Justin: So now I need you to close the deal on Paul Narita and make him the new face of the men's line yesterday.

Kate: You know, don't think you can bully me just because you're bullying whoever you were talking to on that--

Justin: Just do your job.

Adrienne: Hey, what is going on?

Abigail: Do you remember Bridget?

Adrienne: The woman who took care of you in Ireland? Sure. When you and your mom lived there.

Abigail: Yeah. Um... apparently she's not doing so well.

Adrienne: Oh, honey, I'm sorry.

Abigail: She, uh-- I just talked to her. She-- she said she's doing better, but I really need to see her. She said I should come in September. You know, the village that we lived in, there's this--this fall festival that we all used to go to together.

Adrienne: That's nice that she wants you to visit for that. Unless you think it's more serious than she's letting on. Oh, honey, is it something else?

Abigail: You know, I think that it's just-- I think it's just reminding me of how much simpler things were back then, you know?

Adrienne: No doubt life tends to get complicated, sweetheart. But you're young, and you're in love. You have everything to look forward to. Honey, what's got you so upset?

Clyde: All right, look. You, uh, you got to get that cleaned up before Abigail brings her things over. I mean, she's still moving in, right? You've talked this thing through?

Ben: Dad, she has no idea that I know she slept with Chad.

Clyde: She doesn't know? And you're still letting her move in after she slept with DiMera? Why?

Ben: Because she says she loves me. And I heard her tell Chad the exact same thing, that she loves me and that I'm a better man and that she wanted me. And then last night...

Clyde: Last night what?

Ben: She-- last night, she proved she wanted me. Only me.

Clyde: So you're convinced it's over between her and DiMera? Even so, son, this is not going to be an easy thing for you to live with.

Ben: Dad, I have to live with it. I love her. I have to make it work.

Clyde: The next time you see DiMera, what then?

Ben: It already happened. It already happened. I-- I made sure damn well that he knows Abigail's mine. All mine.

Stefano: [Chuckles]

Chad: Done?

Stefano: [Exhales deeply] Look, I'm sorry, but the idea that I would rearrange my life because of your romantic escapades, hey.

Chad: So it was all just in my imagination that you were furious when I told you I'd blown Abigail off.

Stefano: Well, I was upset that you would throw in the towel for no apparent reason if you really love her.

Chad: I had a very good reason for breaking things off with Abigail.

Stefano: And what would that reason be?

Chad: I'm looking at him.

Theresa: I cannot believe you are still accusing me of stealing your damn keys.

Anne: Oh, yeah? 'Cause it's so far fetched that you would doing anything so underhanded?

Theresa: I will say it one more time: I don't have those keys.

Anne: Yeah, well, you better not, honey, because if I find out that you did take my master keys for any nefarious purpose that could come back to bite me, you are going to have a hell of a lot more to worry about than Brady black hating on you.

Eve: Ah.

[Phone vibrating]

Eve: Oh, am I interrupting something here?

Anne: Oh, jeez, I gotta take this.

Theresa: Oh, what a shame.

Anne: I will talk to you later, Theresa.

Theresa: Bye. You showed up just in the nick. Anne found out somebody stole her keys, and now she's on the warpath, thinks that I did it.

Eve: Well, then now you can go back to your office and be the hero who found them.

Theresa: [Sighs] You owe me, sis. I took a big risk for you.

Eve: Yeah? Well, so did I. And if I have any luck left at all, it'll pay off big-time.

Bev: So we get to hang out together all night tonight, right?

JJ: I can't 'cause sonny hired me to work at the club, and I just can't be out too late. I'm just not really in a good mood right now.

Bev: Well, I can help you feel better.

JJ: Yeah.

Bev: Seriously, JJ? Come on, what is the point in beating yourself up? It's not like anyone's going to give you a medal for it, you know?

JJ: You're right. Yeah, there's no point. You know what, though? Um, being with you is actually really helping. It's lifting my spirits.

Bev: Oh, yeah?

JJ: Yeah, definitely. I want my yoga pants to smell like I sweat money.

Bev: [Chuckles] Oh, uh...

JJ: Paige?

Bev: I'm gonna go, uh...

Paige: Yeah, just so you don't forget and say I didn't warn you: Once a cheat, always a cheat. Go ahead, JJ. Tell her how you lied to my face. Tell her you're a low-life cheater and a liar.

Anne: Wow. That must have set somebody back a few.

Eve: It was a gift from my daddy.

Anne: Oh.

Eve: And yes, Anne, it is very valuable.

Anne: Oh, it must be nice to wear your inheritance while your sister works for a living.

Eve: What the hell does that even mean?

Anne: Gee, now see here I thought I was speaking English. But obviously you're not gettin' my meanin', so I'll simplify it for you. My assistant, she's on the clock right now.

Eve: Uh-huh.

Anne: So if she's just standing around, you know, chatting with her sister...

Eve: Uh-huh.

Anne: It's just not all that professional, you know what I'm saying?

Eve: Mm.

Theresa: Oh, Anne. Look what I found. This is the part where you say thank you.

Anne: Where did you find these?

Theresa: In your top drawer of your desk under a pile of paper clips.

Anne: I looked there.

Theresa: Well, I guess you didn't look very carefully now, did you? Gee, what a relief, huh?

Anne: I swear I looked there.

Theresa: Oh, what, what? You're sorry? You're sorry of accusing me of stealing your keys?

Anne: I'm not listening, Theresa. I can't hear you.

Theresa: You're giving me a raise? You love me. That was a close call, and I do not like close calls.

Eve: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Don't worry. You're never going to have to do anything like that again. I got everything I need on Jennifer.

Theresa: Did you steal something of hers? Because if you did and Anne finds out, jenny is going to be on a warpath, and vengeance--

Eve: Don't worry, okay? Nothing I took can be linked back to you in any way.

Theresa: Was it something important?

Eve: Only to me and jenny.

Theresa: Is it going to knock her down a peg or two?

Eve: Oh, I'm counting on it.

Abigail: I'm sorry, aunt Adrienne. You know, I don't--I don't mean to complain. Really, I don't. And I-I do know how lucky I am to have Ben.

Adrienne: Honey, it doesn't mean that you're not under some stress. I mean, just this project alone with Jordan leaving town, it's--it's huge.

Abigail: Yeah.

Adrienne: And I know you're happy moving in with your boyfriend--

Abigail: I am, I am. I'm really happy about it. I think I'm just-- I think I'm just afraid that I'm disappointing my mom, you know, or maybe I'm, I don't know, letting her down or something.

Adrienne: Oh, no.

Jennifer: Honey, please don't say that. You are not letting me down, I mean it. You're not. I am so happy for you and Ben.

Adrienne: And so am I. I mean, it's obvious that you two are a great couple, honey.

Jennifer: You are, really. And I will miss having you in the house, but you'll be close by. And like I said before, I am just so happy that you found your soul mate. The man that you are supposed to be with.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Clyde: Ben, I don't know how you can forgive Abigail for making a mistake like that.

Ben: Because I know she'll never do it again. She's committed to me. She--she won't go back on that.

Clyde: Son, you never know what a person will or will not do.

Ben: [Scoffs] You know what? I'm sorry I even told you any of this.

Clyde: Hey, I'm, uh, I'm glad you did. I really appreciate you feeling that you could confide in me like that. And I support you, son, whatever you do.

Ben: Thank you. You know, you're the exact opposite of Chad's father.

Clyde: What do you mean?

Ben: When I was over there at that house, Chad heard something. He thought it was his father listening in on his conversation. He totally lashed out.

Clyde: What did he say?

Ben: He said Mr. DiMera should really stop trying so hard to push him and Abigail back together. I know. It's weird, right?

Stefano: Ah. You're my son, hmm? Now it breaks my heart that you would imply somehow--

Chad: I'm not implying anything, father. I'm stating a fact. You want me to be with Abigail. And whatever your reasons are, I'm worried about them because they sure as hell have nothing to do with me.

Stefano: As I said, I want you to be with the woman that you love.

Chad: You think I really love her?

Stefano: I know you do.

Chad: Then here's a reason for me not to be with her. If I really loved her, there is no way that I would make her live in this house of horrors.

Stefano: Your brother and Samantha lived here happily.

Chad: For what? Six weeks before he was killed? Six weeks of happiness together. And in case you didn't notice, Abigail is nothing like Sami. She is kind and gentle.

Stefano: And Samantha?

Chad: Is as manipulative and duplicitous as you are. She matches you pretty evenly most of the time.

Stefano: You're underestimating Abigail.

Chad: Do you really think that that's a compliment? Sami got--got tough and nasty and mean because she had to living under your roof with my brother. I would never do that to Abigail, so she's out of my life. And she's back with Ben, and they're moving in together.

Stefano: And you approve?

Chad: It's not my business.

Stefano: Look, answer one more question for me, all right?

Chad: What is it?

Stefano: If you love Abigail that much, how do you expect to live without her?

Chad: So why, with all of the advantages I have as a DiMera, would I want to tie myself down to just one woman? I got what I wanted from Abigail. Revenge for sleeping with my brother. I used her. I dumped her. It's over. Let it go. I have.

Stefano: [Groans] He loves you enough to give you up. Noble. See how long that lasts.

Clyde: Are you telling me Stefano DiMera is pushing Chad to be with Abigail?

Ben: That's what I heard Chad say. But it doesn't matter now 'cause Abigail's with me now. She's moving in here with me, and that's the first step.

Clyde: Yeah. Okay. Well, ahem, I'll let you get back to what you were doing. Just--just know I want nothing but the best for you, all right? And you were right. Abigail made a mistake, but that doesn't mean she's not the right girl for you. We're human, right?

Ben: Yeah.

Clyde: But she is luckier than she knows to have a man like you loving her. Willing to forgive.

Ben: [Sighs]

Clyde: You take care, son. [Sighs] Stefano DiMera's back in town, playing matchmaker.

Theresa: Oh, I'm so happy that you got what you needed, eve, since it's all about you. And, I mean, who cares how it affects other people?

Eve: Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself, Theresa? I've been thinking about your situation, okay? And I hope that you're playing it cool and keeping your head down now that you and the baby have moved into the Kiriakis mansion.

Theresa: Eve, I'm Tate's mother. It's not like I'm gonna blend into the very expensive woodwork.

Eve: I get that, sweetheart. But if you want to make any headway at all with Brady, don't get in his face about anything, okay? You remain calm and cool, and you go in through the side door with that baby on your hip. Because that baby is your key, you feel me?

Theresa: This is your advice? Seriously?

Eve: It is sound advice, little sister.

Theresa: Oh, okay. Well, while you were using those keys that I got you to get whatever it is that you needed to get, I came up with a new plan on how to get Brady close to me again.

Eve: Well, that's wonderful. Then you don't need my calming advice now, do you?

Theresa: Just--eve, wait. Okay. You know how you said that you owed me?

Eve: I do.

Theresa: All right, well, just--I'm just saying somewhere down the road, I might be calling you for that.

Eve: Okay. You know where you can find me.

Theresa: [Exhales deeply]

Anne: Well, now that you're done shooting the breeze with your charming sister while you're on the clock, I need you to go downstairs to--

Theresa: Oh. No, it's my time with Tate, sorry.

Anne: Actually it's not. It's not your time with Tate. It's your time to work. Remember work? That thing you get paid for?

Theresa: Did I...

Anne: Yeah.

Theresa: Or did I not bring you your master keys? Boop.

Bev: I'll catch you later, JJ.

JJ: I'm sorry you saw that.

Paige: Oh, yeah. I'm sure you are.

JJ: Paige--

Paige: You do know I don't care what you do, right?

JJ: Okay, if you just--

Paige: I get it, you're moving on. Which, in your case, means using girls and then dumping them.

JJ: Paige--

Paige: So let's see with Bev. Are you gonna do what you did with me? Make sure she thinks it's more than just a hookup, let her believe that eventually you'll actually fall in love with her so that when the cheating happens--and it will-- it'll just be that much more devastating?

JJ: Please stop--

Paige: And you know what, I've been wondering. How many other sluts besides my mom and Roxanne were you sleeping with the whole time we were together?

JJ: You know what? Paige, stop this and listen to me right now! Living with chronic migraine

Kate: Okay. I got your text, but I do have a meeting. Can you make it quick?

Clyde: All right, but answer me this: Any particular reason you didn't tell me that Stefano DiMera's back in town?

Theo: Thanks for bringing me today, uncle Chad.

Chad: Hey, do not thank me. I have fun doing it. You know that. I love hanging out with you, buddy.

Theo: Is my therapist coming soon?

Chad: He is. He sent a message and said he's going to be here in a few minutes.

Theo: Can I play a game on your phone while we wait?

Chad: How about we-- how about we talk instead? So you want to tell me what was up with you and, uh, your friend sawyer after school today? Okay, look. Sawyer's your best friend, and friends are really important. Okay, so I want you to-- I want you to make sure you guys work it out, whatever happened, okay?

Theo: You sound like daddy.

Chad: Well, that's a compliment because your dad knows what he's talking about. You think you guys can make up? Hey. I'm really proud of you.

Theo: Remember when we went to the lake?

Chad: The lake? Of course I do.

Theo: Can you take me again?

Chad: Definitely.

Theo: It was fun. Abigail was there, remember?

Chad: I do remember, yes. It was a lot of fun.

Theresa: Hi. Mommy's here, baby. Hello. Hello. Whew, I have not had a chance to get a thing to eat today. Could you get me a sandwich, please? Ham, turkey, whatever. Oh, and a diet soda. Cold, no ice. Thanks. Hi.

Hayley: Ms. Donovan, no disrespect. But my job is with the baby, not you.

Theresa: Right. Did you change him?

Hayley: Of course. I change him when--

Theresa: Okay, well, then I've got it covered from here. But don't go very far, Hayley. Oh, and if it's not too much trouble, could you please tell Henderson that I'm starving?

Theresa: Ooh. Mary Poppins needs to learn her place, right? Yes, she does. Oh, come on, little buddy. We got some work to do.

JJ: I ended everything with your mom before I even asked you to take me back.

Paige: You mean begged me.

JJ: Yes. I begged you, Paige. It was over with her. And even though I did lie to you about what I had done, I was never unfaithful to you while we were together. With anyone. I never cheated on you. And I didn't even look at Bev or Roxanne or any other girl. No one. Not once. Not ever. I was just with you. Do you believe me?

Paige: Would you like a medal?

JJ: Paige--

Paige: What an amazing sacrifice you made to be with me. Who knew it was such a struggle? Thanks for setting me straight.

JJ: I so did not mean it that way.

Paige: Who do you think you're kidding, JJ, huh? Yourself? It was never just you and me. Never. Whether you were with her or not, the whole time we were together, my mom's shadow was always right next to you. Sensitive bladder?

Adrienne: Sorry I'm late. Got your text. What do you want to talk about?

Justin: Nothing to say. I just, uh, want to give you this.

Kate: Well, I was going to tell you eventually.

Clyde: So what's the hold-up? You didn't think I'd be interested?

Kate: Are you jealous?

Clyde: Of Stefano DiMera? You know damn well, Kate, he doesn't even bat in my league.

Kate: No, he doesn't. I was married to him, remember?

Clyde: And as you say, that was a lifetime ago.

Kate: And not by choice.

Clyde: That's the nice thing about us, Kate. I know you're with me 'cause it's what you want.

Kate: And you do know what I want.

Clyde: See you later.

Kate: Yes, you will. [Sighs]

JJ: What I would give right now for you to just see--

Paige: What really happened? Yeah, I know what really happened, JJ. And it was disgusting and so, so wrong. You, my mother. God, I just-- I hate you both so much.

Jennifer: Hey, Maxine.

Maxine: Oh. Mr. Burns left this for you. Um, info on the press release.

Jennifer: Yes. McAllister's leave of absence. Thank you so much.

Maxine: Everything okay?

Jennifer: Um, yeah. Dr. McAllister's going to be treated at the Lakewood sanitarium. I haven't thought about... my mom was admitted there once, a long time ago.

Eve: "Schizoaffective disorder." How long was she there? "Symptoms include depression, hallucination. Can be passed on genetically." [Chuckles] "And can strike at any time." [Chuckles]

Theresa: Oh, you are just the most important thing in the whole wide world to me, angel. Yes, you are. And you know what? We have some work to do, all right? Can't you just imagine how awesome our lives would be if daddy loved me too? But here's what we're going to do. Now, I'm not going to put you in any harm's way, okay? I'm not going to put you in danger at all. But we might have to lie just a little bit, okay, to give daddy a little bit of a scare. Yeah.

Maxine: Oh, honey. I didn't realize your mom had been at Lakewood.

Jennifer: Yeah. She was there a long time. And it was, um, it was really horrible. But that is in the past. Thank god.

Eve: All these symptoms. Well, it's good to know that drugs can cause each and every one of them.

Theresa: Yeah, so if I can scare your father in the right way and be a hero at the same time, it will be perfect. It will be so perfect. I just have to be really careful and plan it out really, really well. And if it all works, then Melanie will be nothing but a big, bad memory. And you and me and daddy are going to live happily ever after. And we are going to be the family that you deserve. Yes, we are, sweetie-peetie. Mm. You are so cute, tater tot.

Kyle: Yeah. No, I'm making some inroads, and I'm working on him as a new recruit. Yes, and--and the best part, as you know, is that he's done this before.

Bev: How did that go?

JJ: I don't want to talk about it.

Bev: Okay. I got a text from Kyle about that party, but I told him no 'cause I know you don't want anything to do with his party favors and, you know, the whole scene.

JJ: No, uh... no, let's go.

Bev: What? Really?

JJ: Yeah, really. Let's--let's go to the damn party. Come on.

Paige: [Breathing heavily] This will work. I know it will. [Sobbing]

Ben: Abigail loves these. Those are her favorite. [Exhales deeply]

[Footsteps approaching]

Kate: Thank you for meeting me. I have a proposition for you. One you won't be able to turn down.

Chad: I know some great ghost stories, and we can make s'mores and have a campfire. And if we ask his mom, maybe sawyer can come with us. All right, give me a hug. All right. [Chuckles]

Theo: Abigail!

Abigail: Hey. [Chuckles]

Stefano: [Humming]

[Phone rings]

Stefano: Yes? I see. Send him in, Harold. What the hell do you want?

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