Days Transcript Monday 6/29/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/29/15


Episode #12620 ~ Sonny learns that Will's been keeping another secret; Paul gets reacquainted with Derrick; Brady gives Victor an ultimatum; Eric & Nicole debate telling Daniel the truth.

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Will: Look, I swear, I'm not writing an article about dr. Myers.

Sonny: All right, so much for honesty hour.

Will: I am being honest. Yes, it's true that I suggested to Zoe that dr. Myers and his techniques might be an interesting story for Sonix, but I also said that I cannot write it because he's our therapist.

Sonny: You thought his techniques would be a good subject?

Will: I was very impressed with how he handled our first session.

Sonny: No, no! You went to Zoe and wanted to write that article before our first session. That's just another lie.

[Laughs] Oh, my gosh. It's so cold.

It's freezing.

It feels so cold. Oh, my god. I need a hot shower.

Let's get in the car.

I'll beat ya.

Derrick: Paul? I thought that was you.

Paul: Uh, hi.

Derrick: You don't remember me?

Theresa: That's right, baby. We're home. Mommy's here and I'm not going anywhere.

Victor: What the hell are you doing in my house?

Theresa: Tate, you remember your great-grandfather? Ask him nicely and maybe he'll tell you stories about when he was a little boy in ancient Greece.

Victor: Don't think that baby's gonna give you any clout. I'm still going to call the police.

Theresa: Oh, gramps has an anger management problem.

Victor: What the hell? Why bother the police? I'll throw you out myself.

Brady: Hey, what's-- stop, stop. Granddad, listen. She--she is staying here.

Victor: Over my dead body.

Theresa: Whatever.

Maggie: Um, I have been trying to reach you for hours. Where have you been?

Victor: Taking care of business.

Xander: Well, it looks like someone had a rough night.

Abe: And now it looks like someone's going to have a rough day. Xander cook, you're under arrest for the attempted murder of Eric Brady and Nicole walker.

Nicole: Eric, you shouldn't be here. This isn't a good time.

Eric: I know it's hard, but I think we need to talk about what happened last night.

Daniel: I want to hear what happened. Everything.

Victor: I'm gonna be nice about this. I'll give you two minutes to say good-bye to the baby before I kick your ass out of here.

Brady: Stop, stop. I-- I repeat. She's staying here.

Victor: I don't care what kind of an arrangement you made. That woman is not staying in my house and that's final.

Xander: You said "attempted murder," didn't you? So they're all right, aren't they? Nothing serious happened to them.

Roman: I think you know more about what happened to them than we the moment.

Xander: But this is ridiculous. I'd never hurt Eric. He's my friend. Isn't that right?

Roman: Guess what, Mr. Cook. In this office, Abe and I ask the questions, you answer them.

Abe: You know, you did hear the part about the "right to remain silent and to legal counsel."

Xander: Yeah, sure. I mean, I know my rights, but I'll still answer any questions that you've got. You see, there's no way I could've hurt Eric or Nicole because I wasn't here.

Daniel: Whoa, what the hell? If you think you're leaving...

Nicole: Daniel, Eric was just--

Daniel: Don't bother, Nicole. I know exactly what Eric did. Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl?

Will: Sonny, this feels like I'm on trial. What's the big deal?

Sonny: You don't think lying is a big deal?

Will: Sonny, I wasn't lying. When I was doing research on therapists, I learned a lot about dr. Myers and how he worked. And I thought that it could make a really good article for Sonix.

Sonny: What did dr. Myers think about it? I'm assuming you two had a discussion.

Will: Sonny, what are you getting so worked up about?

Sonny: It was pretty clear at our first meeting that he has an ego. Which isn't always a bad thing, but I'm guessing he would jump at the chance to be profiled in Sonix.

Will: I don't think he considered it a big deal at all, sonny. What are you-- what are you getting at?

Sonny: Will, you were there! All he talked about was our future. He didn't care what happened before we came to see him!

Will: Maybe that's the way he works.

Sonny: Maybe that's the way you wanted him to work.

Paul: Yeah, I remember you. You're--you're derrick, right? You used to work at Salem inn.

Derrick: Yeah, yeah. I heard you were back in town.

Paul: Yeah, I haven't seen you really at the hotel much.

Derrick: Yeah, I lost that job.

Paul: Aw, dude, I'm sorry.

Derrick: Nah, I wasn't very good at it at all. Hey, I read that article about you in the paper. So the other two guys I met at the hotel, they're married, right?

Will: So now you're saying I tried to influence our therapist? You actually think I'd do something like that?

Sonny: I'm beginning to wonder if there's anything you wouldn't do, will.

Will: I'm trying to hang on to our marriage, sonny.

Sonny: Ever asked yourself why?

Will: What?

Sonny: Why are you so desperate to hang on to me?

Brady: Wow, what a surprise. Victor Kiriakis is issuing an ultimatum.

Maggie: Brady.

Brady: Unbelievable. [Mimics victor] My house, that's final.

Maggie: Brady.

Brady: [Groans]

Maggie: I think this would be a good time for Theresa and Tate to go meet the nanny.

Victor: She's not gonna meet the nanny, she's gonna leave!

Maggie: I think this would be an excellent time for you to shut up and listen. You two need to go out in the foyer and talk... like grown-ups.

Theresa: Maggie, thank you so much. Victor says such horrible things to me all the time.

Maggie: Can it, Theresa. Victor only says what everyone thinks.

Theresa: Oh, well, you don't want me here.

Maggie: No, I don't want you hearing you're not welcome here. What do you think, we're idiots? We have amnesia? No, Tate is welcome here and we're all gonna try to do our best for him. And that includes you. So, as long as you're here, don't ever forget: I've got your number, cookie.

Brady: And god knows I'm not thrilled about this, but it's what's best for Tate.

Victor: You expect me to face that woman over breakfast every morning?

Brady: [Sighs] Damn it, granddad, I'm not-- I've had a really miserable night worrying about whether two people that I love were gonna live or die, so I'm not in the mood for this kind of crap. And I know you had a busy night too, right?

Victor: What's that supposed to mean?

Brady: Oh, come on. You're clueless, right? You have no idea what happened? The all-powerful patriarch who knows whether a member of this family sneezes or not? You're gonna stand here and-- and give me the "what's that supposed to mean?"

Victor: Just tell me what happened.

Brady: Oh, not much. Xander tried to kill Eric and Nicole, that's all.

Roman: So, okay, Mr. Cook, where were you last night?

Xander: I was at a party in Chicago. There's at least, I don't know, ten people that can verify that.

Roman: Well, we're gonna need those names. We're also gonna need to check your car and your cell phone.

Xander: Of course. But I think I can save your department a lot of man-hours.

Roman: Well, his concern for our welfare is touching, isn't it, Abe? How you gonna do that, Mr. Cook?

Xander: Well, Serena can actually help me back up most of what I say. Can't you, Serena?

Daniel: Thank god you're okay. Thank you. And I heard from the police. And from what you said when you were delirious, everything Eric did to save your life. And you know--you know how much I love her. I don't know how I'll ever repay you.

Eric: Yeah. I mean, you--you saved us both.

Daniel: No, but she's alive because of you.

Eric: Daniel, please, stop. Just--can we not talk about this?

Daniel: Eric? What? What is it?

Will: Damn it, sonny, I am not desperate. I'm in love with you.

Sonny: You have a funny way of showing it.

Will: What's that supposed to mean?

Sonny: You jumped at the chance to go to los Angeles with your mom.

Will: Her-- her husband had just died! She needed my help!

Sonny: We both know that's not why you left. You went out there to be a big Hollywood writer. And when it didn't work out for you, you ran home, and then you lied about it.

Will: I came back because I missed you.

Sonny: I wonder how much you would've missed me if your screenplay had been picked up.

Will: Sonny, I begged for you to come with me. And if anything had happened with my screenplay, I would've come back here in a second to beg you to move.

Sonny: You're lying to me. And you're lying to yourself. Before you left you told me our life together was boring. And ever since you been back all we've been doing is arguing. And then you slept with Paul to get a good story.

Paul: I'd really rather not talk about that.

Derrick: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just--I can't believe they're married and have a little girl. I mean, they're so young. Especially the reporter.

Paul: Yeah, I don't think that little girl was, uh, planned.

Derrick: Uh, yeah, no. I thought he was young to be a dad. You know I wanna have a-- a husband and a kid someday, but not yet, obviously. What about you? You ready to settle down?

Will: My god, sonny, how many times do I have to say it? I didn't sleep with Paul just to get the story! It happened!

Sonny: "It happened. It just happened." I know. And it didn't mean anything, right?

Will: It didn't. At least I didn't ask him to marry me.

Sonny: Then why did you sleep with him?

Maggie: So why don't you take him up and put him down for a nap, Hayley, okay?

Theresa: Oh, no. I-I can do that.

Maggie: I think we ought to wait until victor and Brady have their little talk.

Hayley: He's really beautiful, ms. Donovan.

Maggie: Call her Theresa, Hayley. We don't stand on ceremony here.

Hayley: Right.

Maggie: [Whispers] Do we?

Theresa: Oh, um, Hayley, I had some suitcases sent over. You can unpack them for me while he sleeps.

Maggie: Theresa will do that herself, Hayley. Thank you. Hayley is Tate's nanny. She's not your maid.

Theresa: [Scoffs] Wow. You are just knocking yourself out to make a girl feel welcome.

Maggie: Oh, you want me to be sweet about this? This is Wednesday.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Maggie: Melanie and I had a standing lunch date on Wednesdays. She's gone and you're here and we both know why. Toe the line and I'll try to be cordial. But no one in this house, especially me, is gonna take any attitude from you. [Chuckles] I wonder how the guys are getting along.

Brady: Are you really gonna play dumb about this?

Victor: I'll be candid.

Brady: [Laughs] No, you won't.

Victor: I knew about Xander's history. I guess I just thought I could help him. I never expected it would come to something like this. And the longer he was in town, the less I liked him. Then he started messing with godson, Maggie's son. I mean, it was unforgiveable. So I went to him and I told him he had to get out of town. I suppose I should've made sure he left. I have to call Daniel and apologize.

Brady: What do you want to do about Xander?

Victor: After what he did? I don't care if he rots in hell. In fact, he better wish the police find him before I do.

Roman: So is that right, Serena? Can you confirm Mr. Cook's alibi?

Serena: No.

Xander: Serena, don't you remember, darling? I came to say good-bye to you.

Roman: Good-bye isn't actually the same as leaving.

Xander: Just as well I went to that party then. It was after I said good-bye that I did actually leave Salem and Serena can tell you why.

Serena: Really?

Xander: Don't you remember that? We talked about Nicole. I had recently discovered that my feelings for ms. Walker were not, uh, reciprocated. I accepted that and decided to leave Salem. I did tell you that, didn't I?

Serena: Yes, you did.

Xander: So it was after I talked to Serena that I went to Chicago.

Abe: You know, commissioner Brady, I don't believe Mr. Cook is saving us any man-hours at all.

Roman: I agree, Abe. We still have to check those party guests and also his cell phone.

Xander: Oh, please do. You'll find that I sent and received multiple calls and texts en route.

Roman: Mr. Cook, you didn't text and drive, did you?

Abe: Oh, I'm sure he pulled over. Mr. Cook strikes me as a very, very careful man.

Roman: Oh, yeah. A very meticulous planner.

Serena: A few of those phone calls were from me. Funny you didn't pick up.

Xander: I just didn't have time to get back to you. If I had known what was going on, I mean, maybe we could have avoided this horrible misunderstanding. But I guess all that really matters is that Eric and Nicole are okay.

Daniel: You still worried Xander's out there?

Eric: No, just so much happened last night.

Daniel: No, I get that. I really do, but that was-- that was a pretty big response you had just now.

Eric: As a matter of fact, I do think I know what's bothering me.

Nicole: So do I. You can't hold it in, Eric. You have to tell Daniel what happened.

Nicole: This isn't just about what Xander did. Not that it wasn't horrible and enough to give us nightmares for a long, long time, but... Daniel, you know how important trust is to Eric.

Daniel: I do. But what does trust have to do with this?

Eric: Actually... a lot.

Nicole: And I-I-I-I think, for Eric, as bad as that room was-- the heat, the fear... the betrayal was worse.

Daniel: Betrayal?

Eric: That's right. Daniel, I, uh...

Nicole: Think about it, Daniel. How deeply, how horribly Serena betrayed Eric. He told me all about it in that hell hole while we were waiting to die. And I think he just needs to process that, move on from that and then he can talk about anything else.

Daniel: I understand that and maybe you're right. But this is Eric's call. So was it Serena who got you so upset?

Roman: Abe?

Abe: Yeah, Roman?

Roman: When you were young and a very beautiful woman shuts you down, did you... "accept that your interest wasn't reciprocated"?

Abe: [Laughs] Well, actually, uh, sometimes I was a little ticked off.

Roman: And you had some angry thoughts about that young lady?

Abe: You know, I'm very impressed that the young men of today are so evolved.

Roman: Yeah, yeah. Except, wait a minute, wait a minute here. Eric and Nicole said you were very angry, but you didn't use words, you actually tried to kill them.

Xander: That's simply not true.

Roman: Well, we'll see about that because we have conclusive physical evidence that somebody tried to kill 'em. And they swear it was you.

Xander: I have witnesses.

Roman: No, you don't. No. What you have is a manufactured alibi. So you listen to me, Xander. Eric Brady is my son and one of the best men I've ever known. He was trying to save a human life and somebody forced him into a crawl space, then barricaded him and the person he was trying to save in that crawl space, left them to roast to death. So trust me, I will not stop till the son of a bitch who did that pays. Now, Abe, do me a big favor and get this guy out of here and away from me.

Abe: Mr. Cook, have you ever been in an interrogation room? We're going to ask you a lot of questions about that party.

Xander: Oh, I'm so sorry, Serena, I didn't ask. You weren't actually with Nicole and Eric last night, were you?

Serena: I was there when Daniel found them.

Xander: But you weren't in harm's way? Oh, thank god. I couldn't bear to think of something like that happening to you.

Abe: Come on.

Roman: You know what, Serena? You don't seem stupid to me. How in the hell do you think you could get mixed up with somebody like that and not end up with blood on your hands?

Serena: I-I was with Daniel most of the night. He can verify that.

Roman: Oh, right, right, right, you're blameless.

Serena: I'm sorry, I... I don't have anything you can use against Xander.

Roman: You were there, Serena! You saw Eric and Nicole. How the hell can you sleep at night?

[Knock at door]

I'm ms. Mason's attorney and this interview is over.

Roman: That is fine. You know what? That is really fine because I need some fresh air.

Serena: They made me be with Xander in here. They--

Stop. They don't know anything and it's gonna stay that way. You don't say another word. Not if you care at all about your life.

Victor: One way or another, Xander will be dealt with. Right now I wanna know what the hell you were thinking when you told that woman she could stay here.

Maggie: Look, you have played every card in your hand to get yourself into this house. Me? I'm not so sure that was a shrewd move. You've never had to deal with victor in hand-to-hand combat. You think you fight dirty? [Chuckles] And you might have been wise to give Brady a little space, give him a little time to forget all the things that you had done. And, oh, oh, my goodness, I forgot. I have to tell Henderson that we won't be needing these fireplace tools anymore.

Brady: I'm doing this for my son. Do you realize that Theresa's parents want to take her and the baby and move to la? Is that what you would prefer?

Victor: [Sighs] No.

Brady: Well, neither would I. So, this is the compromise, okay? She doesn't know squat about being a mother. Hell, she doesn't know squat about being a human being. That's why we have to-- we have to make sure we take care of my son.

Victor: She's playing you, you know?

Brady: Yeah, I know that, but I gotta put my son first.

Victor: And, you know, it's not just her. Pretty soon you may be dealing with her whole family. That imbecilic mother, the slatternly sister. God, it's like living in an episode of honey boo boo. No, I'm gonna put my foot down. She cannot stay here.

Brady: All right. It's your house, I guess.

Victor: Isn't that where this conversation started?

Brady: Mm-hmm. All right, then we will be out of here as soon as we can.

Victor: We?

Brady: Yeah, we. 'Cause if Theresa goes, then Tate goes. If Tate goes, I go. So we'll just find somewhere else to live and you can have all the peace and quiet that you want.

Sonny: If you cared so much about our marriage, how could you sleep with Paul? How couldn't you see you were risking everything we had?

Will: I told you, sonny, there wasn't any thinking involved. It just--

Sonny: Did you think I'd be fine with you cheating on me?

Will: I thought he would leave town and then you wouldn't find out about it.

Sonny: And I wouldn't what? I wouldn't care?

Will: No, sonny, you know what, I thought about it and I thought you would care. Just like you care about all of my failings that you point out, you itemize, and you throw in my face. Nobody in the world, sonny, knows more about my failings than you do.

Sonny: You think this is my fault?

Will: [Scoffs] How could I? How could anyone think that anything you do is your fault? You're sonny. When you work around the clock, 24/7, that's good, that's getting ahead. It's not like me obsessing with my writing and you accuse me of sleeping with Paul to get a story and that's sleazy. But you being best friends with Chad freakin' DiMera, that's fine, that's just-- that's normal. It has nothing to do with the fact that he's rich and connected.

Sonny: My god.

Will: Before you rip apart my argument and you prove to me, as you do every single time so conclusively that everything I do is wrong and everything you do is right, I just wanna say one thing. Even though I'm emotional and off base. Sonny... do you have any idea how it feels to have a husband that thinks that I'm not at his level? It feels like crap. And you know what you do when you feel like crap? You--you go and...

Sonny: You what? You sleep with Paul?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: Oh, my god. He wasn't the only one, was he? You slept with someone before Paul, didn't you?

Paul: Yeah, I'd like to settle down sometime. When I find the right person.

Derrick: So the guy who asked you to marry him wasn't the one, huh? I mean, I don't know a whole lot about relationships, but I just feel like you wouldn't wanna get married right after you came out. I don't feel like it would ever last.

Paul: It's nice seeing you. I'm gonna go for a swim.

Derrick: Yeah, water's great.

Sonny: You did, didn't you? You slept with someone before Paul.

Will: No. I swear, I didn't.

Sonny: [Scoffs] You're lying.

Will: No, sonny. Sonny, I love you, and all I care about is trying to fix our marriage.

Sonny: You slept with someone in los Angeles.

Will: No, sonny.

Sonny: I asked you point blank in the hospital, and you swore nothing happened in L.A.

Will: Sonny, listen to me.

Sonny: That's what you meant just now. You thought you could sleep with Paul and if he left town I wouldn't find out. Just like I wouldn't find out about los Angeles?

Will: No, sonny, it--I--

Sonny: You know what? I need to get out of here.

Will: No, sonny, wait. Sonny, wait, listen to me. All I ca--

Sonny: All you talked about was how much you were working out in los Angeles. That you didn't have time to call me. And all that time you were-- you were screwing around?

Will: Sonny! Listen to me. It only happened once. Living with chronic migraine

Will: Sonny, listen--

Sonny: If you say "it didn't mean anything" I will scream. Get your hands off me.

Will: Tell me what you want me to say.

Sonny: I don't think we should say anything, will. I think we should wait. Talk to your good friend dr. Myers.

[Door slams]

[Cell phone vibrates]

Daniel: It's Abe. Xander's in custody. They're charging him with attempted murder.

Eric: Listen, Daniel, we'll talk later. Nicole, I'll be back to check on you after I call my father. I just need to see what's going on with Serena.

Nicole: Thank god.

Theresa: Well, if you don't want me living here, tell Brady. We can always live someplace else.

Maggie: You're not my dream boarder, but I will put up with you because I will do what's best for Tate.

Victor: That goes for me too. Now this'll work a lot better, Theresa, if you, uh... how should I put it? Stay the hell outta my way. Listen, I had a rough night, I have to take a nap.

Maggie: I'll get you some breakfast.

Victor: Ah. Brady, I'm glad you're staying. You and I and Tate need to get together later on, do a little male bonding.

Theresa: Oh, and Maggie, that hand-to-hand combat thing, you're not so bad at it yourself.

Maggie: I just think it's easier for people to get along when the rules are clear.

Victor: Gave her hell, didn't ya?

Maggie: Mmm.

Theresa: Well, that really happened. I'm really here living in the mansion.

Brady: For now, Theresa. Just for now.

Lawyer: So from what I can glean, there's no direct evidence that backs up the assertions against you or Mr. Cook. And it's clear you had nothing to do with what happened to Eric Brady or Nicole walker last night. In fact, you were there to help save them.

Serena: Yes, so, what happened--

Lawyer: I don't want to know what happened. As it stands, the police are getting ready to release you. If you say anymore than you already have, the consequences could be serious. For you.

Serena: Did Xander get to you?

Nicole: Tell me what happened. Where did they find Xander?

Daniel: In a minute. But there's something I want to tell you first.

Will: It only happened once.

Paul: Sonny?

Brady: You remember our custody agreement, right?

Theresa: Of course.

Brady: I'd say it's pretty equal, right?

Theresa: Yeah. Look, I'm really glad that we didn't to go to war over everything. I think Tate needs us to just be on the same side.

Brady: Yeah, well, the thing is, um, according to the agreement, now is my time to be with him, so, I--I would like to see him.

Theresa: Yeah, sure. Knock yourself out. I'll just sit here and, uh, catch up on nipple butter. Whatever that is. [Laughs]

Brady: Yeah, that's not what I had in mind.

Maggie: What is it?

Victor: Oh, it's a text from Daniel. Nicole's out of the woods.

Maggie: Thank god.

Victor: Eh, I guess. I'll give Daniel a call.

Maggie: Uh, no, uh, no. Why don't you give him a little space? A little time?

Victor: All right. You're the boss.

Maggie: Victor, is this why you cancelled the dinner party in Xander's honor? Is this why you told me he would never be back in this house again?

Victor: Why don't we go have that breakfast?

Maggie: No, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What are you not telling me?

Serena: How could they not make a case? Eric and Nicole know that Xander was the one who locked them in that room.

Lawyer: I'm just saying you need to think of all the possibilities.

Serena: Wha--

Lawyer: If you keep talking, you might be the only one who pays. I wouldn't do anything foolish about these speculations Nicole walker's been making. That could only hurt you. You need to let the police deal with Xander cook if they can.

Daniel: I, uh... I have a lot to tell you.

Nicole: Okay.

Daniel: You know, when I found you and I thought you might die, I, uh... I was--I was out of my mind.

Nicole: But not too crazy to save my life.

Daniel: Mm. No. I've had my guard up for so long, and when I thought... when my training told me that I might lose you, I realized how damn much I love you. I need you. I need you in my life.

Nicole: Oh, Daniel. When I thought about what-- what could've happened and everything that we had together, and everything that means anything to me, I-- it could've been lost.

Daniel: But it wasn't. It wasn't. I am right here. I am here, you are here, and everything that you went through... we can put that all behind us now.

Nicole: You're right. It is over. And you and I are gonna put last night behind us, and we are finally gonna get the fresh start that we both want.

Daniel: Yes. Yes, baby.

Paul: How'd you know I was here?

Sonny: I didn't. I come here sometimes to think.

Paul: You okay?

Sonny: No.

Paul: Can you talk to me about it?

Sonny: It's nothing really. Just having problems at the club.

Paul: Yeah, right.

Sonny: Paul, I just--I just can't talk about this with you. I just can't.

Will: [Sniffles] I'm not gonna lose sonny. I promise you that. [Whispers] Hey.

Theresa: Oh, uh...okay, um, well, you go spend time with the baby and I'll just-- I'll go unpack or something.

Brady: Theresa, hold-- your stuff isn't going to be arriving until later and there's not really much for you to do around here, and I can't imagine you're too comfortable around here.

Theresa: With everyone hating me, you mean? Okay, uh, well, what do you think I should do?

Brady: Well, let's see, you have a job. Maybe you should go to it?

Theresa: Wha--you actually expect me to work?

Brady: [Laughs] Yeah, I certainly do.

Theresa: Yeah, no, I'm sorry, but there is no way that's happening.

Abe: You're free to go, Serena.

Serena: [Sighs] Thank you.

Xander: My alibi is going to check out, I just... the only thing I don't understand is this story Nicole and Eric are telling. You think maybe that accident they had, maybe it screwing with their thinking?

Roman: That was no accident.

Serena: Excuse me. I was just leaving.

Xander: I'll see you soon.

Serena: [Sighs]

Victor: What happened was Daniel came to me and said he knew for a fact that Xander was up to no good. Well, that's all I needed to hear. I went and I told him to get out of Salem and never come back. That's when he went off the rails and did what he did. Hopefully the cops will lock him up and throw away the key.

Maggie: So, that's-- that's all of it? That's everything that happened between you and Xander?

Victor: I don't want to talk anymore about my psychopathic nephew. Not on the day that the psychopathic mother of my great-grandson is moving into my house.

Maggie: Okay.

Victor: All right. Now I have to call Daniel. He's had a rough 24 hours. I'm gonna make sure he's okay.

Maggie: Well, just so you know, Daniel's gonna have some pretty rough questions for you too.

[Knock at door]

Nicole: Where were you?

Daniel: I just put dr. Glass in charge of your case and you're probably gonna be released in a few hours.

Nicole: Well, if that's true, why didn't you keep being my doctor?

Daniel: Because all I wanna be is the man who loves you, who sits by your bed, who holds your hand and makes sure you know how glad I am to still have you in my life.

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