Days Transcript Tuesday 6/23/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/23/15


Episode #12616 ~ The death threat brings Eric & Nicole closer; Daniel, Serena, & Brady search for Eric & Nicole; Ben makes a shocking discovery; Paul tells Sonny he still believes they belong together.

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Paul: You don't think that I'm rushing things?

John: Hey, Tate is almost three months old. He needs a baseball glove.

Paul: That's what I thought.

John: So tell me about this job offer from Kate Roberts. Are you going to take it?

Paul: I don't know.

John: Why, because you think Justin's twisting her arm?

Paul: What, you think I'm wrong about that?

John: No, it makes perfect sense. I'm just not sure that's any reason why you should turn it down.

Paul: I'm thinking things over. There's a lot of reasons to say yes.

John: Well, there's one really overwhelming reason. I want you to.

Paul: And that trumps everything.

John: I want you to stay, Paul. I really want you to get to know your new family.

Paul: I'd like that, too. But, uh... before I do that, I need to do something first. It's been a while.

Brady: Yeah, sorry. It's been--it's been pretty crazy.

Paul: Yeah, well, if you have a second, I'd like to apologize for being such a jerk when we met. I really am sorry.

Sonny: Breakfast blend. I seem to recall that's Abigail's favorite.

Ben: You recall right.

Sonny: You look like you're in a pretty good mood.

Ben: I am. Don't tell anyone this. Not yet, okay?

Sonny: Tell anyone what?

Ben: Abigail and I are, uh... we're taking it to the next level.

Sonny: Wow. I never know what that means.

Ben: It means she's moving in with me.

Abigail: Chad.

Chad: So... what's your excuse to see me this time?

Xander: "What's going on with you two? I'm at the hotel but you're not here."

Navidad: "What's going on with you two?" He sent the same text to Nicole.

Xander: Well, I'm sure the good doctor expects a reply. And since I told him Nicole's phone's dead, this will be from Eric. We have to keep Daniel Jonas in Chicago until our dealings with Nicole and Eric are... terminated.

Daniel: [Sighs]

[Phone chimes]

Daniel: So you did follow me. And you haven't found them, either?

Serena: It's a big city. They could be anywhere.

Daniel: Can it. Eric just texted me. He said that they decided to go to the omega hotel instead. Yeah, said that Nicole's phone is dead and that his battery is dying, too.

Serena: They went to a different hotel?

Daniel: Yeah? Well, that's what the text says. But sweetheart, I am not buying it. 'Cause first of all, Eric wouldn't text me. He would call me. And more than that, I look at you and I see how scared you are. And I've had it. 'Cause I am done. I am done running around on anymore wild goose chases. So you need to tell me the truth right now. Tell me what you know!

Serena: Xander.

Nicole: We're dying, aren't we? I would do anything for a sip of water.

Eric: Nicole. Nicole, stay with me.

Nicole: Eric, I can't. I can't.

Eric: Yes, you can and you will. Come on. I'm not giving up. And neither are you. Come on. Hey.

Ben: Okay, listen. This has to stay just between us, okay?

Sonny: Got it.

Ben: Right now, Abigail is telling her mother that we're moving in together.

Sonny: That is great. You two--you two are going to be very happy.

Ben: Yeah, I think so. I've got to be the luckiest guy in the world.

Sonny: Man, why don't you tell me how you really feel?

Ben: You know, I was... I was blown away the first time I laid eyes on her. It was right here. The day you and will got married. I was covering, and she came running in to get something for the wedding.

Sonny: The pictures.

Ben: You should have seen me, man. This gorgeous girl comes running in, and I just geeked out. And then when she left, I just thought, "oh, kid, you just completely blew that." It just killed me because I thought she was perfect. Literally perfect. And what, she was here for what, five, maybe six minutes? That's all it took. I knew she was the one. Someone I could just fall in love with. It was just that intense. Okay, I know. That was crazy, I know. I'm sorry.

Sonny: No. It wasn't. It's weird because I feel like I've known you my whole life. I can't believe we just met.

Paul: [Laughs] Well, I can't believe it, either.

Sonny: I just know I want to do this.

Ben: You're right. Maybe it wasn't crazy. I mean, that's what it must have been like when you first met will. That feeling never goes away, right?

Abigail: I don't need an excuse to come and see you. Chad, I came here with a very good reason.

Chad: Can't be to hear what I think of you. I was really clear. And yet here you are, back for more. I guess you weren't listening when I told you, I already got what I wanted from you.

Abigail: The last time I was here you did all the talking. This time it's my turn.

Daniel: What about Xander?

Serena: I was-- I was praying, praying that Eric and Nicole would be where they said they were going to be, because if they weren't, then that could mean that Xander's story about leaving Salem was a lie. And that could mean that he's behind the texts and that he's got them somewhere.

Daniel: Got them? What, like his prisoners?

Serena: Yeah. Maybe.

Daniel: Where? And why?

Serena: I was hoping that Xander was gone and that Eric didn't track him down, and that he didn't start asking him questions or worse, demanding answers, and I don't know if that was it or if it was Nicole, because maybe she didn't keep her damned mouth shut and I warned them both and now I don't know anything and I am really scared because I can't help thinking...

Daniel: What? What? What do you think is going to happen?

Serena: I'm afraid he's going to kill them.

Eric: Hey. Hold on, okay?

Nicole: Oh.

Eric: Aah! Aah!

Nicole: Oh, god! Stop! Stop!

[Both panting]

Nicole: Oh. Oh, Eric. Are you okay?

Brady: Well, look, I was no picnic that night, either, so... dad. Dad, you okay? What are you doing here?

John: Yeah, no, no, everything's fine. I just stopped in to see Tate. How's he doing?

Brady: He's good, he's good. He gained a pound and he's coming home tomorrow.

John: Ah, that's great. Can I see him?

Brady: He's actually sleeping right now--

John: I'm just gonna take a peek. I'm just gonna take a peek. Just a peek.

Brady: Dad, he's... he's seen him sleep before. I think that was... him trying to get us to talk.

Paul: Yeah, I think you're right.

Brady: and dad, you're just hanging out, or...?

Paul: Yeah, getting to know each other.

Brady: It's not like you couldn't go get a beer or something, I mean... it's so funny because most guys, they hang out at hospitals and look at babies, right?

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Brady: That's what they do.

Paul: It's just guy stuff. And you know, it's not weird at all, having an instant dad?

Brady: No, no. Casual conversation, like, "hey dad, what have you been doing the last 25 years?" Stuff like that.

Paul: You know what, though, thank god for baseball, because at least there's something that we can talk about.

Brady: Yeah.

Paul: Hey, uh... this is for Tate.

Brady: [Laughs softly] That's a nice thought. Get out of here, you--

Paul: He doesn't have one of those already, does he?

Brady: That is adorable. No, I was waiting to see if he was left- or right-handed, actually. But this is great.

Paul: Yeah, well, um, I can't remember not having one of those and I kind of wanted that to be true for Tate.

Brady: I appreciate this. Thanks. You're going to be a good uncle.

Paul: Thanks. I'm really excited to see how things turn out.

Brady: Welcome to Salem. Welcome to the family.

Sonny: Well, actually, it wasn't that simple when I first met will. He wasn't out yet. He was with Gabi. Yeah, we were just friends.

Ben: But everything else came after, right?

Sonny: Right. Yeah.

Ben: Yeah, but still, man, even when you were just friends, part of you still knew, right? I--let me tell you, it was clear that will fell head over heels for you, so...

Sonny: Is Abigail going to go to your place after she talks--

Ben: Oh, my god, thank you for reminding me. I need to take off and clean the place up before she gets there, but thank you for the coffee.

Sonny: Yeah, absolutely. Hey, and congratulations again. I hope it's everything you want it to be. Living together. Not the coffee.

Ben: I got it. Thanks, man.

Sonny: Yep.

Ben: I'll see you tomorrow.

Sonny: See you tomorrow.

Ben: Let's see where you are. How much time I... what the? Damn it Abigail, what are you doing at DiMera's?

Chad: You can save your breath. I know what you're going to say.

Abigail: Oh, you know everything, don't you, Chad?

Chad: You came to tell me the same thing you were going to tell me last time. You can't get what happened between us here on the lawn and in my bed out of your mind. You still can't.

Abigail: You're right. Yeah, I can't get it out of my mind. You know why? Because I am disgusted by what I did.

Chad: Disgusted? Really? I was there. You couldn't get enough. So don't come here trying to re-write history by telling me how disgusted you were, because it's a lie. And more than anything in the entire world you want it to happen again, right here, right now--

Abigail: No. That. That is a lie, Chad.

Xander: Okay, as soon as we're finished up here, we need to go downstairs and take care of those fingerprints, and you need to set up an alibi as far away from here as possible.

Navidad: How about you?

Xander: That's already done. There's a number of people who can testify I'm in Chicago right now. And I have a cell phone that's been used to make several calls from that location.

Navidad: So then I'll head the other direction and then I'll wait to hear from you?

Xander: Yeah. We need to go our separate ways. When this blows up, victor's going to be furious. That nosy cow.

Navidad: Nicole.

Xander: Yeah. This all could have ended with her car in a ditch. A sad accident. Now we've got two dead bodies in clearly suspicious circumstances.

Navidad: Not to mention a hell of a fuel bill.

Xander: Yeah, it's a mess. Victor hates a mess. And that stupid priest, he didn't have to die. I hope Nicole realizes if she hadn't had to play all Nancy drew, he could have lived.

Navidad: So Xander, you can ponder these ironies on your way to Chicago. Right now, I want to get the hell out of here. Like they say, the heat is on.

Daniel: Why would Xander want to kill them? Serena, you need to talk to me.

Serena: You were right. Nicole was digging into things about Xander and me.

Daniel: Wow. What a surprise.

Serena: But I tried to warn her and she just wouldn't give it up. And now I'm afraid that we might be too late.

Daniel: Yeah? Is this making you feel sad? You're upset that good people could be dead because you were covering your ass? Well, we are not gonna give up. It is not too late because you are going to help me, and you're going to tell me everything.

Serena: I'm so sorry.

Daniel: Damn it. All right, victor, when you get this, I don't know what your damn nephew Xander is up to, but Eric and Nicole are missing. And you need to do something. And if anything happens to them, I will kill that bastard myself. Let's go.

Nicole: Eric, these look bad.

Eric: Yeah, but that's the least of our problems. [Breathing heavily] Aah! [Grunting]

Nicole: Okay.

Eric: I...can't!

Nicole: Okay. It's okay, it's okay. Just stop, stop. Stop, Eric. It's okay. It's okay. It's over. There's nothing we can do now. We have to accept that. I have to accept that. I'm never going to see Daniel again. I can't say good-bye. I can't tell him that-- I can't tell him...

Paul: I used to fantasize about what it would have been like to have a brother.

Brady: I used to fantasize about a 90 mile-an-hour fastball.

Paul: Well, I fantasize about that now, too. [Chuckles]

Brady: I'm sorry I did that. As you can see, I put my foot in my mouth a lot.

Paul: No--

Brady: I didn't mean that.

Paul: It's totally okay. Hey, nobody can pitch forever. It's part of the game.

Brady: It can't be easy to walk away from, though, right?

Paul: Well, for one thing, I didn't have a choice. And then later I realized that I wasn't myself when I was pitching. But now that I'm out, I see-- I feel that to live that kind of lifestyle, it's damaging. I guess I just wasn't brave enough.

Brady: [Laughs softly] Paul, I think the way in which you came out was extremely brave. And I think there's a lot of kids out there that were helped who are struggling with the same decision.

Paul: I think about what it would have meant if I came out while I was still pitching. I don't know, I mean, maybe that's self-serving.

Brady: You're being hard on yourself. Don't second-guess it. You--you did great.

Paul: Thanks. [Sighs] I'll always wonder how different things would be, you know, if I'd come out sooner. If I hadn't been so afraid.

[Both groaning]

Eric: Xander. I'm sorry I couldn't stop him.

Nicole: Eric, if this is it, I don't want it to end with sorries. I just want to hold you. I want you to be the last thing I see. My friend.

Guard: Everything's quiet back here. I'm going to check out the east gate.

[Suspenseful music]

Abigail: You used me, Chad. You used me. You wanted your sick revenge, and you got it.

Chad: What, sick? No, Abigail. What I did was not sick. You sleeping with my brother, now that was sick.

Abigail: Here we go.

Chad: And I made you see what a mistake it was. Because when you did that, you killed any chance that we had of getting back together.

Abigail: Getting back together? Chad, are you serious? We never could have had anything.

Chad: That's not what you thought when we were here on this lawn. Or when I took you upstairs to my bedroom where you begged, begged me to keep making love to you. Over and over again. To feel this special...

Paul: I saw Tate the other night. This brand new person. It really moved me. I mean, I'm just the uncle. It must be huge to you.

Brady: Yeah, it's a big deal. I mean, I've always wanted kids, so I'm so happy about it. But I could have used the standard nine months to get used to the idea.

Paul: Yeah, I get that.

Brady: Honestly, I'm over the moon about it.

Paul: Well, he's beautiful.

Brady: Thank you. He's a--he's a miracle. I think you know his mother. Didn't you meet her during shoulder surgery?

Paul: Yeah. Yeah, I...I hit on her to prove what a player I was. That's not embarrassing at all.

Brady: [Laughs] No, it's kind of funny, Paul. You never have to worry about embarrassing behavior in front of Theresa, because whatever you've done, she's done much worse. Trust me.

John: You guys getting along here or you need a referee?

Brady: Nope, he successfully bought my affection. Hey, I should buy you a beer sometime. We can talk baseball.

Paul: Yeah, sounds good.

Brady: Yeah, because I really want to hear about that Fenway game. 2013, what was it? The eighth inning, right? No, ninth inning.

Paul: Yeah, ninth inning. Ellsbury was on first with two outs, big papi--

Brady: Big papi.

Paul: Down in the count, one and two, I threw a fastball up in the zone, he knocked it in the Charles river.

John: He remembers, yeah.

Paul: I also remember striking him out 20 times.

Brady: Hmm. I remember 23 times, actually. You should have stuck with your slider. I don't know what he was thinking.

John: [Laughs]

Paul: He can be such a jerk.

John: Yeah.

Pau: We're gonna get along. [Laughs]

Abigail: Just stop. I came here before and I am here now to tell you one thing very clearly. I love Ben. End of story.

Chad: Maybe that poor sap believes you when you feed him that crap, but me, not so much.

Abigail: Damn it, just listen to me, okay?

Chad: What, you loved him so much that you slept with me? And you would do it again if that's what I wanted.

Abigail: No, you will never ever touch me again, you bastard.

Chad: Oh, do you get this worked up when you're with Benny boy or is it just me?

Abigail: I'm not gonna do this. I refuse to listen to you trash him. I don't--he-- Ben is, he's everything that you are not, Chad. He is the exact opposite of you.

Chad: Well, I won't argue that he and I are different. No disagreement there. So tell me, why did you feel the need to come all the way over here and tell me that you're in love with that loser? Hm?

Abigail: Because I want to move in with him.

Chad: So do it. Who's stopping you?

Abigail: You could.

Brady: Granddad, you here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Brady: Daniel.

Daniel: Hey, have you heard anything from Nicole or Eric?

Brady: No. Why, what's going on?

Daniel: I don't have time to explain. It's about Xander. And I think they're both in danger.

Brady: Tell me what you need me to do.

Daniel: This could all be a mix-up. I'm praying it is. Okay, look, I'm on my way back to Salem, but meanwhile I need you to see if you can track either one of them down. I've got the police on it, too. They said they sent a cruiser by her office, but Nicole's car isn't there. So just get out there, try to track them down. Her place, her office, whatever. I'm just getting back to town now. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Brady: I'm on my way.

Eric: Nicole. Nicole!

[Tense music]

Music throughout

Paul: So, how are you doing tonight?

Sonny: Not bad. You?

Paul: Terrific.

Sonny: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah. John and I went to go see Tate at the hospital, and I had a really good talk with Brady. I was wrong about him. He's a great guy.

Sonny: He is.

Paul: I have this whole new family and I kind of like them.

Sonny: Well, that's great.

Paul: Yeah, but the thing is, when I was talking to Brady I realized that what I said to you the other day wasn't true. Not at all.

Chad: Oh. Now I get it. You're here looking for a way to get out of moving in with your boyfriend. What, do you think another roll here on the lawn would do it?

Abigail: Wow, what a shock. Chad, you found something crude and offensive to say. Does that make you feel like more of a man? Is that why you do it? Because I have to be honest with you, really, it just makes you sound like an insecure-- you know what, I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to get graphic. Just--just listen to me, okay? I want to move in with Ben, who is in stunning contrast to you, a real man. He loves me and he respects me, and he--

Chad: How is he where it counts: In the sack?

Abigail: Well, there's another difference. "In the sack," as you so delicately put it, he makes love to me. He isn't some cold-hearted, calculating son of a bitch who's just trying to get me into bed. But you know what, Chad, I'll give you this. In what was the stupidest mistake of maybe my entire life, I had meaningless sex with an utterly meaningless person. And that same meaningless person has been bragging about it ever since like some 13-year-old kid who just found out what it was for. But I had it coming. I had it coming if only for being so unbelievably stupid. But Ben? Ben deserves better. If what I did comes out, then I have to give him up.

Chad: And that's why you're here, isn't it? You want the truth to come out about you and me. So you have to give up Ben. You want me to go public with this.

Abigail: [Scoffs]

Daniel: Okay, got it, got it. Go, go.

[Both gasping]

Serena: Everything looks normal.

Daniel: Then why is it so damn hot?

Serena: I don't know, but her car isn't even here.

Brady: Hey, did you find anything?

Daniel: No, you?

Brady: No, no one's heard from anybody. But I wanted to be here just in case. Hey, I saw Eric's car on Jefferson street, Daniel.

Daniel: That's one block away. They could both be inside the building.

Serena: Yeah, and so could Xander.

Daniel: Yeah, let's go.

Serena: Where?

Daniel: The boiler room first. Heat's blasting for some reason.

Brady: I'm calling the cops.

[Suspenseful music]

John: Yeah, I think Brady and Paul are going to get along just fine.

Abe: One big happy family, right?

John: I don't know if I'd go that far, partner. You've got to remember, Theresa is smack dab in the middle of that family.

Abe: [Laughs] Well, maybe motherhood will mellow her.

John: A tranquilizer gun couldn't mellow her.


John: I'm going to find out soon enough. Tate's going to get out of the hospital tomorrow.

Abe: Oh, let me know when things settle down. Theo wants to meet Tate.

John: You know I will.

[Cell phones ringing]

John: Station.

Abe: Yeah, me too.

John: Yeah, black here. What's up?

Abe: Yeah, I'm with him right now.

John: Yeah, we're on our way.

Daniel: Okay. Aah, okay, hey. All right, let's split up. Serena, you go back down. All right.

Brady: I'll check the loading dock.

Daniel: Nicole!

Brady: Nicole. Nicole, Eric!

Daniel: Nicole! Nicole, can you hear me?

Serena: [Gasps]

Daniel: Nicole! Eric? Nicole, can you hear me? Brady? Serena, I think I'm on to something. Hey. Nicole? Eric? [Grunts] Nicole! Eric! [Groans]

Sonny: What do you mean, you lied? And about what?

Paul: I didn't say that I lied. I told you I said something that wasn't true.

Sonny: Oh, okay, well, that clears up everything.

Paul: No, okay, I'm sorry. I'm just more comfortable talking about change-ups and sliders than, you know, life.

Sonny: Okay, well, let's talk about life.

Paul: Okay, um, you know that job offer from mad world. And you know I said that it meant that I'd be staying in Salem, so it was up to you. Well, see, that wasn't true.

Sonny: I agree.

Paul: Okay, you know that I love you, and you know that I want you back.

Sonny: Whoa, Paul, Paul.

Paul: Sonny, just listen to me, okay? I thought that you were the only thing that mattered to me here in Salem. And if you decided to stay with will, then I would have to go. But it turns out, I have things here that I never imagined having. A father, a brother, a nephew. And I have a job that will challenge me in a way that I've never been challenged before. And it would fund the charities that mean so much--now maybe this is sentimental. But I want to stay here. And I want to get to know this family that's been dropped into my lap.

Sonny: So you're staying. I mean, I think it's the right decision. And that family that was dropped into your lap, I mean, I know them. They're great. And you're going to do great at the job, too. I know it.

Paul: You don't know that. No one does.

Sonny: Kate wouldn't offer you a job you couldn't handle. So welcome to Salem. I think you'll be really happy here.

Paul: There's something else that I need to say. To make clear. In my heart, sonny, I know we belong together.

Abigail: Is this fun for you, Chad? Taunting me, teasing me like this, treating me like dirt, and just knowing that I have to take whatever you dish out?

Chad: No, I don't think you're being fair. I already told you I would be quiet.

Abigail: And you never lie to me, right? How's your, uh, how's your brain tumor doing?

Chad: Okay, who's doing the taunting now?

Abigail: I want to tell you something that EJ told me.

Chad: I don't want to know.

Abigail: He told me that when he and Stefano DiMera gave their word as DiMera men, that that meant something. That that had meaning. I want you to give me your word as a DiMera that you won't say anything. And then, after that, I can leave here and never worry again about Ben finding out.

Chad: Sure. Fine. If it means that much to you, you have my word as a DiMera that nobody will find out what we did from me. Good enough?

Abigail: That's what I came here for.

Chad: Abigail.

Abigail: What, Chad?

Chad: I just hope he can make you happy.

Abigail: Yeah, it's funny. For a minute there it almost sounds like you mean it.

Chad: Yeah, well, I hope he can, but I doubt it.

[Twig cracks]

Chad: Show's over, Father. So now you know why you're not going to get what you want, because Abigail and I are over. For good.

Brady: What's going on?

Daniel: Help me, help me. That's hot, here. Give me a hand, give me a hand. You got it? Come on. Here we go. [Grunting] There's a reason this stuff is here. Nicole? Eric? Nicole? Eric? Hey!

Paul: Sonny, what we had was great, and I was the reason that it ended. I was gutless. See, that was then. And now everything has changed. Everything. I'm staying here. So if we both want to, we can start over. Now we have that chance.

Sonny: Yeah, everything has changed. I'm married.

Paul: And if you decide that you and will are going to work it out, then I'll have to live with that. But if you don't, I'll be here. I don't know how to give up on you. I don't want to give up on you. On us.

[Cell phone ringing]

Chad: Hey, Zoe. Well, I'm here alone. Why don't you come over?

Ben: Don't freakin' believe this. With DiMera?

Abigail: Hey, I, um... is everything okay? Ben?

John: Daniel! Brady!

Abe: Why the hell is it so damn hot in here?

[Gun with silencer fires]

[Dramatic music]

Daniel: Come on. Hey. Okay, he's alive. Keep an eye on him. Hey, Nicole.

Brady: Eric. Eric, can you hear me?

Eric: Xander.

Serena: Is she...?

Daniel: I can't find a pulse. Nicole? Nicole.

Brady: Nicole.

Daniel: Nicole? Nicole! Hey.

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