Days Transcript Friday 6/19/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/19/15


Episode #12614 ~ Xander closes in on Eric & Nicole; JJ seeks comfort in Bev; Jennifer catches Eve acting suspiciously; Will's plan starts to break down.

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Eric: You're right. You know, if he doesn't know where we are, all we have to do is outwait him.

Nicole: Yeah, and then we'll be fine. We'll be okay, and... probably by tomorrow, we'll be laughing about this.

[Pounding on door]

Nicole: Oh!

Xander: I know you're in there! Open it, now!

Paul: Ms. Roberts. You wanted to see me?

Kate: Were you surprised to get my message?

Paul: Not really. You're here to warn me to stay away from will and sonny, right?

Will: I thought you were going to the club.

Sonny: I forgot my tablet. I need to finalize the club schedule. When's our next appointment with dr. Myers?

Will: We don't have one. I wasn't sure if you wanted to go back.

Rory: So there are two very hot girls over there, right there over my left shoulder-- kind of a hippie vibe, but total smoke shows, right? And they've seen you play. They've always wanted to meet you.

JJ: Bring 'em on. Let's go.

Bev: You and JJ broke up because...

Paige: Because he was having sex with my mother.

Bev: [Scoffs] JJ did your mom? [Laughs] Okay, okay, points. Hey, I give you points for coming up with the nastiest story that you could, but-- holy-- no, that's not-- it's true?

Eve: Okay, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. We've got Lawrence, Morris...

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Marlena, have you got-- what do you think you're doing?

Eve: [Scoffs] Me? You just barged into a shrink's office. This is private, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Okay. So it's private. But what are you doing on Marlena's computer?

Xander: Come on! Open up! I know you two are in there! There's no way out!

Nicole: Eric. Eric, the latch. Look up.

[Doorknob clatters]

Xander: [Grunts]

Navidad: They're barricading.

Xander: The hell they are.

[Silenced gunshot, bullet ricochets]

Nicole: Oh, god, what are we going to do?

Kate: Well, I would certainly prefer that you stay away from my grandson and his husband... but that's not the reason I called you. You must have a lot of time on your hands these days, huh?

Paul: I'm not comfortable discussing my personal life with you.

Kate: Well, this is strictly business. I have a proposition for you... a very, very good one.

Sonny: I never said I didn't want to see dr. Myers again.

Will: You had so many questions after the session.

Sonny: Isn't that normal? It's our first appointment.

Will: Well, you said the doctor just wanted to keep moving forward.

Sonny: That's what I felt, yes. But I think he wants to work with us. He wants to help us. But we need to tell him that it's important to go back to what actually happened. Then we can move forward.

Will: I think we should call dr. Lewis and try to work things out.

Sonny: You said you didn't want to go there.

Will: I was ticked off that she canceled on us, but, sonny, that was my fault. If we call her again--

Sonny: All right, will, just stop. Stop. What is going on with you?

Eve: Marlena just had to step out a minute.

Jennifer: Again, why are you on Marlena's computer?

Eve: Again, it's none of your business. [Scoffs] Okay, okay. You want to know why I was on Marlena's computer? I was trying to make an appointment with her, Jennifer, so I was trying to access my calendar through webmail.

Jennifer: Oh, really? You're seeing Marlena?

Eve: Oh, my god, you're the one that said I needed to see a therapist, so I'm doing it, all right? But don't make me say that you were right, because I do have my limits.

Jennifer: I'm glad you're getting help.

Eve: Well, losing Paige was-- it's hard on my own, and I know that I made mistakes with her, and I'm--I'm paying for it.

Jennifer: Well, while you're dealing with your mistakes, don't forget to mention that you set my son up for a felony to try and hide your secret.

Eve: Oh, my god, you just don't give up, do you? I don't have to deal with your judgment. And you know what? I'm trying to salvage everything I can with my daughter.

Jennifer: Are you? Are you really?

Eve: Yes, I am.

Bev: JJ was with your mother. I mean, are you sure they-- and how do you know? Did you catch them? Sorry. Never mind. Uh, that's--that's really gross.

Paige: Yeah.

Bev: I guess, why? Why would JJ do that with your mom?

Paige: I don't know. Ask him.

Bev: Um... uh, man, Paige, I just... I don't really know what to say. You just seem so--

Paige: Angry? No, it's way beyond anger. It's...

Bev: Cold. I was going to say you're really cold.

Rory: Okay, some background-- they're a package deal. So you pick first. I'll bat cleanup. I'm fine with either.

JJ: Okay.

Rory: Also, you're a friend of the earth, dude.

JJ: I'll hug a tree right now, yeah. Let's go.

Xander: Hey, padre, come on out. I've got no beef with you. We can work a deal.

Eric: Yeah, right.

Nicole: He'll kill me. He'll kill me.

Eric: I won't let that happen.

[Pounding on door]

Xander: [Grunts] What the hell?

Paul: A business proposition.

Kate: Yes. As you know, I run a cosmetics company called mad world. And we're coming out with a new line of new products for men. We want it to be a very broad line, to appeal to gay, straight, metrosexual, outdoorsmen, to everyone. Of course, marketing that is going to be crucial. We'd like to see you as our spokesperson for the entire line. The entire marketing campaign would be built around you... if you're interested.

Will: Well, I want you to be comfortable, and you weren't so much with dr. Meyers.

Sonny: But you loved him. You were raving about him the whole way home.

Will: Sonny, you have to be happy about the guy too.

Sonny: I had questions. That's all. I said I'd like to see him again, okay? But all of a sudden, you want to start over? And then what-- go to one session with dr. Lewis and then find something wrong there?

Will: No. No. Sonny, please. If you want to go back to dr. Meyers, we'll go back to dr. Meyers.

Sonny: Great. This time I'll speak up, and we'll talk about everything. So go ahead and make the appointment. And... all right, I just sent you my schedule. The blue blocks are when I'm available.

Will: Okay, I'll call tomorrow.

Sonny: All right, try to make it for the afternoon.

Will: You're in a hurry.

Sonny: Well, we've been avoiding this long enough.

Will: All right.

Sonny: I won't be too late.

Will: I'll be up. Damn it.

JJ: I'm out of here.

Rory: JJ! This is Lisa and Wendy.

JJ: Hey.

Wendy: Hey. Um, we love your music.

JJ: Thanks.

Lisa: It's so grounded, but it soars, you know?

JJ: Wow. [Coughs] Well, thank you. Thank you again. So do you guys go to Salem U?

Lisa: I do, but Wendy is studying abroad next year.

Rory: Oh, what are you doing?

Wendy: Monitoring turtle nests in Mexico, tagging the babies when they hatch.

Rory: Wait. Would this be the Kemp Ridley turtles? They're seriously endangered.

Wendy: Yeah, they are.

Rory: That's amazing. Well, you'll be doing good work, lady. Um, but now you got to party. Right?

JJ: Yeah.

Rory: Uh, excuse us for a minute. Dude, you need to find your game. Are you all right?

Paige: You want me to cry and scream and kick and throw a fit? Sorry, okay? Neither one of them are worth it. I'm done with anyone who lies to me or manipulates me, tries to set me up. So, if that's cold, I can live with it.

Bev: Take care of yourself, Paige.

Paige: Count on it.

Eve: Oh, the sanctimonious look. I don't have to explain myself to you. I'm getting help, and I don't--

Marlena: All right, eve-- oh, Jennifer. What are you doing here?

Eve: She didn't know that we were in the middle of a session, Marlena. Jennifer was just leaving.

Jennifer: I'll come back later.

Marlena: That would be good. Thanks.

Eve: [Coughs, clears throat]

Marlena: There you go.

Eve: Thank you so much.

Marlena: Sorry that took so long. I was trying to reach my son.

Eve: Oh, is Eric all right?

Marlena: I just got a text. He is just fine. Thanks.

Xander: Bloody hell. They can't just disappear.

Navidad: There are no windows, no other doors, no way out.

Xander: The boiler.

Navidad: It's on. Feel the heat. No way.

Xander: No! We don't lose! Not now, not this close! We have to find them!

Kate: And of course you would be compensated in all of the standard endorsement areas. Plus, we'd be willing to talk about a small percentage of the profits, which you could either keep or donate to charity.

Paul: This wasn't your idea, was it?

Kate: And I thought I had the best poker face in Salem. That's the offer. Let us know.

JJ: I'm sorry. I-I-I don't feel good. Maybe it was the beer, but I got to go.

Rory: JJ, I need you.

JJ: You got this. Where the hell did you learn about Kemp Ridley turtles?

Rory: I watch the nature channel when I get baked.

JJ: Impressive retention. Go for it, son. They're all yours.

Bev: JJ. Hey, are you all right?

JJ: What do you mean?

Bev: I just ran into Paige. She told me everything. JJ, wait.

Marlena: All righty, you know what? I can fit you in at 11:00 tomorrow. How's that?

Eve: Is there anything, you know, earlier?

Marlena: I'm afraid not. In fact, I have to drive into Evanston tonight to meet with a colleague, and I won't be back until tomorrow at 11:00. So, if we want to change dates, find some other time--

Eve: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You know what? 11:00 is fine, really. You know, I'm hoping that once I explain everything, you'll be in a better position to give me a referral.

Marlena: Right.

Eve: But you know what? I have one more little thing. I mean, I know that you keep records, obviously, but are they confidential?

Marlena: They are by law.

Eve: Well, I just wondered if maybe there was some, like, big hospital cloud that anyone could access.

Marlena: No. We have a wonderful security system, and I have an extra firewall.

Eve: Oh, well, these clouds and file sharing, it just makes me so nervous, you know?

Marlena: I understand. I do prefer that method.

Eve: This?

Marlena: Yeah, yeah, any--any cases that are more than 15 years old get filed in there. And that's the old system, but, you know, it's a lock-and-key system. Worked just fine, but I guess it is vulnerable to fire, flood.

Eve: Oh.

Marlena: The new system works just fine. Your records will be secure.

Eve: That is good to know. Thank you so much for fitting me in. I really, really appreciate it, and I will see you at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow.

Marlena: Very good.

Eve: Thank you, Marlena.

Kate: Okay, before you even say a word, just so you know, it wasn't my idea.

Will: What?

Kate: Well, you texted me to come right over, and I--

Will: No, no, no, I am about to lose sonny if you don't do me a big favor.

Paul: Sonny, wait. Um, now, before you say anything, I don't mean to ambush you, but there's something important that I need to talk to you about.

Xander: I know you can hear me. You can't have gone far. Don't you realize it's only going to make things worse for you because you're putting me in a mood? Fair warning.

Navidad: Bet you wish you had that lock right now.

Xander: Shut up. [Hammering] There, that should hold them till we get back.

Navidad: The office?

Xander: Let's find out exactly where they are.

Eric: He's gone.

Nicole: He'll be back. They'll find us, the same way they found this room. They'll figure it out.

Eric: We don't know that. What time is it?

Nicole: I don't know. I don't have a phone, and neither do you.

Eric: [Sighs] Someone's going to realize we're missing. They're going to come looking for you.

Nicole: Daniel's not expecting me until tomorrow. Is Serena looking for you?

Eric: As far as I know, she's gone. If she's smart, she would have left the country.

Nicole: Does anyone know you were coming here? [Sighs] Then let's not delude ourselves. It's over. Oh, god.

Kate: So you offered to do a puff piece in Sonix for your marriage counselor? What are you thinking? Oh. What did he agree to do-- somehow find a way to keep you and sonny together?

Will: Not in so many words.

Kate: Oh, will, that is not how it works. If you and sonny are ever going to make your marriage--

Will: "If"?

Kate: In order to make your marriage work, you and sonny need to do the work, okay? Sweetie, you can't game it. You have to put time into it. You have to put distractions aside--

Will: That's just it. You have no idea what I'm dealing with Paul Narita. You'd think now that he was out of the spotlight, I'd have a shot. But sonny's whole family is lining up against me. Victor and Justin are pushing for Paul and sonny to get together.

Kate: What?

Will: It's true. I've seen it. And so have you, apparently.

Kate: It sounds plausible.

Will: Grandma, what do you know?

Kate: Well, actually, I thought it was the reason you texted me to come over so quickly. I just came from offering Paul Narita a job.

Will: Not you too.

Sonny: I would have a lawyer check every word and comma, but this is a good deal. This is a really good deal.

Paul: I think so.

Sonny: And Kate brought this to you?

Paul: She did, but it wasn't her idea. She all but admitted it.

Sonny: [Scoffs] My dad. Of course. Who else?

[Knock at door]

Jennifer: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Marlena: I was just getting ready to leave, but I've got a few minutes. Come on in.

Jennifer: [Sighs] Okay. Um, first, I want to say I'm sorry for interrupting your session with eve, but I also think that you should know--

Marlena: You know, I've got to stop you right there. I know you and eve have a long history. I know you don't like each other, but the fact is, she may become a patient of mine, so I can't discuss anything about her with you.

Jennifer: Okay, but even if she were in your office--

Marlena: [Clears throat]

Jennifer: Okay. No, you're right. You are right, and maybe I am jumping to conclusions.

Marlena: Okay. What brought you by earlier?

Jennifer: I came by because I wanted to talk to you about me and my mother.

Eve: If Laura Horton's illness is hereditary, I just need to know what the symptoms were.

[Door opens]

Eve: Honey! Oh, it's so nice to have you home.

Paige: This isn't my home. I came for the box.

Eve: The box?

Paige: The things I asked aunt Theresa to bring me. She never got around to it. It was some books and winter clothes. You know what, I'll find it.

Eve: But Paige, I--

Paige: No, I'm not here to talk, okay, I just want to get my things and then I never have to see you or this place ever again.

[Pop music in distance]

Bev: Can I say one thing?

JJ: Yeah, go ahead. Take a shot.

Bev: I'm sorry.

JJ: Go to hell.

Bev: I mean it.

JJ: Oh, come on. You love this. Paige dumped me, and how many times did you try to make that happen?

Bev: Too many. I did some lousy things because I was mad and I was hurt, but I never wanted to see you like this.

JJ: Well, I deserve it. Because I ruined everything.

Xander: Serena. What a pushy girl she's been. Two, three--five texts to Eric.

Navidad: Any way she'll go looking for him?

Xander: Oh, definitely. She followed Daniel to Chicago to find Eric and Nicole. We've got them all to ourselves. All you have to do is find them.

[Keyboard keys clicking]

Eric: You never would have been in this position if it weren't for me.

Nicole: Oh, what, I can't make my own mess?

Eric: If you would have come to me with your suspicion about Xander, you never would have-- this is all on me, Nicole.

Nicole: No. You saved my life earlier.

Eric: Listen, you were-- you're in this position because I was a jerk. I let Serena-- she played me, and I let her. I was trying to protect her from you.

Nicole: I did hate that redheaded bitch. She wasn't wrong about that.

Eric: Why are you trying to make this okay?

Nicole: Because I'm tired of hearing you beat yourself up.

Eric: There you go protecting me again, Nicole.

Nicole: What?

Eric: It's a hell of a time to get it. You're the only woman who's ever completely loved me.

Sonny: Did Kate tell you it was my dad?

Paul: No, but she was clearly uncomfortable while she laid it all out for me. Not liking the idea. That's why I wanted to talk to you. Now first of all, if you don't want me to take the offer, I won't. I don't want some token job--

Sonny: No, no, my dad is very smart and he wouldn't do something like this unless he thought it was good for the company. You're famous. In demand.

Paul: Oh, not so much anymore.

Sonny: Do you need the money?

Paul: I'd give it to charity.

Sonny: Oh, that's great.

Paul: And it would give me another reason to stay in Salem.

Kate: Honey, I answer to Justin now, okay? He made me an ultimatum-- "make it happen or else."

Will: And you did.

Kate: It's business. How the hell is it going to help you and sonny if I'm unemployed?

Will: This is such a nightmare. So what is this job that you got him, is it some sort of make-work thing, or is it A...

Kate: Mm-mm.

Will: Uh-oh.

Kate: He'd be the celebrity spokesman for our new line of products for men.

Will: So magazine covers? Television, print, appearances? I'm dead. Paul's shiny, airbrushed chest on every billboard in the country? Oh, he'll still be humble. He'll still give baseball clinics to poor kids. God, he'll probably donate his salary to charity. Oh, son of a bitch!

Kate: Honey, please, you are overreacting to this. Your husband is still here, with you.

Will: Yeah, for now. But he wants to go back to dr. Meyers.

Kate: Good. That's great.

Will: No, not good. Not when I tell dr. Myers he's not going to get his magazine feature. He'll torpedo me.

Kate: Oh, come on, stop it. Why the hell would he do that? What's in it for him? You said yourself he has a good success rate. He just wants that to continue. Oh, sweetie, come on. Now, what can I do for you?

Will: Victor owns a publishing company. You know, do you think maybe TruVista or Salem style could do an article on dr. Myers?

Kate: Sweetie, I don't run that division.

Will: But you used to. I mean, surely--surely you know a guy. Grandma, if anyone can make this happen, it's you.

Marlena: Is Laura all right? Are you both okay?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, yeah, we're fine. Now.

Marlena: Well...what's going on? What's on your mind?

Jennifer: I guess I was just thinking about that time that my mom was in that clinic with jack. I mean, she told you about it, right?

Marlena: Yes. Well, they were both registered under aliases, and so they didn't know who each other was.

Jennifer: Yeah, and, you know, they had that affair.

Marlena: Right.

Jennifer: Right, so when I found out, I really thought that jack and I were over for good. That we would never get past that.

Marlena: But you did, didn't you? Why is this coming up now?

Eve: Sweetheart? I-I've been calling and calling and it rings twice and then it stops.

Paige: I blocked your number. Where is my biology file? My biology notes from last year. I'll need them. There was a flash drive and a binder, dark green? Eve!

Eve: I-I don't know. You know what, we can look together, sweetheart--

Paige: No, never mind, I'll just pull it from the cloud.

Eve: Honey, you can't just walk out on me like this. I am your mother--

Paige: No, nothing. You are nothing to me.

JJ: I did sleep with Paige's mom, but it wasn't like... it's complicated. Paige and I weren't together. Eve was in a bad place too, and it just happened. Neither one of us felt like we had anything left to lose. What can I say? It's screwed up.

Bev: But you and Paige got back together.

JJ: And I thought it was like getting out of jail, like I had a real second chance.

Bev: And then Paige found out.

JJ: Yeah, but the truth is that I never had a chance. I'd slept with Paige's mother, and that doesn't go away. And eve knew it. Eve did everything she could to keep me away from Paige. She tried to set me up to go to jail.

Bev: God, déjà vu. She sounds just like that bitch sister of hers.

JJ: Theresa?

Bev: Taking her down was one of the highlights of last year.

JJ: Yeah, still, it's-- I can't blame eve. I crossed a line and she was just trying to protect her daughter.

Bev: Okay. If Paige just found out, maybe she's mad and it's raw now, but over time...

JJ: Forgive me? Forget? Could you? How could anyone understand what I did? It's over. And I have to accept that and figure out some way to move on.

Bev: I'm so sorry.

Navidad: Check it.

[Keys clicking]

Navidad: See that?

Xander: Yes. I do.

Eric: I always thought that I deserved somebody better than you. The story of your life, huh?

[Nicole huffs]

Eric: You know, I used to be a guy who knew better than that, but that was a long time ago.

Nicole: Everyone told you you were crazy then. And they were right.

Eric: They didn't see you. The truth is, I was just never good enough for you.

Nicole: No, stop.

Eric: Then or now.

Nicole: No, stop, cut it out.

Eric: I would understand if you would never forgive me, because I don't know if I can forgive myself.

Nicole: Okay, stop already, please. Eric. I promise you we're good. And even in this awful situation, I guarantee that we're even. And everything you gave me back then and now... please believe me-- there is nothing to forgive.

Kate: You have to stop trying to control everything.

Will: Did you just say that?

Kate: It's still good advice.

Will: So I should just let your shiny poster boy steal my husband while his whole family cheers him on. And Ari should lose the guy that brought her into this world. That she should have a childhood where she grows up not even knowing him?

Kate: Honey!

Will: Would you sit back and let things take their course? Would my mom? Would my dad?

Kate: Okay, maybe not. But do you remember what a mess your mother and father made of your childhood?

Will: I do. And that is not going to happen to Ari. Sonny and I, we're staying together. Now are you going to help me or not?

Kate: I don't know if I can make that article happen. But I'll think of something.

Sonny: Well, thanks for the heads up.

Paul: So you're okay with me taking the offer?

Sonny: Yes. It's not my call.

Paul: Everything's your call.

Eve: Paige, Paige, Paige, Paige, wait.

Paige: Really?

Eve: Listen. All of this wasn't all my fault.

Paige: I don't care.

Eve: Honey, there's got to be something I can say, something--

Paige: You want to help me?

Eve: Yes, I do!

Paige: Leave. Leave Salem. But for now, get out of my way. Go on.

Eve: [Groans] This should not have happened. But your little Jennifer certainly made sure it did. Well, now she's going to lose her son and everything else.

Jennifer: I guess I just keep thinking about the shock of it, and I wondered how jack could have done that.

Marlena: Well, you were apart at the time.

Jennifer: Yeah, but still in love. At least I was, so deeply. And I was so hurt.

Marlena: And are you experiencing that same hurt now?

Jennifer: No, no. What I'm struggling with is forgiveness. And then I remembered this, the most horrible, unforgivable thing...I thought.

Marlena: But you did get over it.

Jennifer: Yeah, I did. And I forgave jack and I forgave my mom. So it can happen, can't it? Especially if it's your mother or someone that you really love. I mean, nothing is over unless you really want it to be, right?

Bev: Okay, so you did this one thing and you feel like dirt all the time now.

JJ: Yeah. Yeah, that's about it.

Bev: Then stop. Even if it's just for an hour or five minutes, you have to give yourself a second to breathe. You are not the worst person to walk the earth, and you are not this one big mistake. So just forget it. Feel better.

[Door opens]

Xander, singsong: I'm back. So how is it in there, kiddies? Nice and cozy?

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