Days Transcript Tuesday 6/9/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/9/15


Episode #12606 ~ Abigail feels distress when she wakes up in Chad's bed; Will & Sonny try to put their problems aside for Arianna's party; Paul & John get closer.

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John: I'd like a regular coffee, please. And don't worry, I know you're closing for a party soon so I'll just take it to go.

Kate: It's Arianna's party, you're not staying?

John: Nope. Got to work. Doc's bringing my present though.

Kate: Ah. Well, you'll be missed.

John: By you?

Kate: Yes. As a matter of fact, I was gonna go looking for you if we hadn't run into each other. It's about your son.

Sonny: Paul.

[Knock on door]

Sonny: [Clears throat]

Will: Hi, hi. I'm, uh, I'm calling for Dr. Myers. Um...I wanted to check on his availability for this coming week. My name is will Horton, I write for Sonix magazine. That's great. I'll wait for your call. My husband and I, we'd really like to get in as soon as possible. Thank you.

Marlena: Are you and sonny planning to see a therapist?

Will: Yeah.

Marlena: Dr. Myer, or Dr. Louis?

Will: Well we were going to see Dr. Lewis but I got hung up at work and I started running late and then she canceled on us. What?

Marlena: Do you want to save this marriage or not?

Hope: Will doesn't have anything on criminal activity, really.

Rafe: Well Clyde's not going to leave an obvious trail. Maybe we trace Clyde's legit businesses, and then we figure out where he's laundering money.

Hope: If he is.

Rafe: You seriously have any doubt?

Hope: Not much. But you know what, I can't help thinking--

[Knock on door]

Hope: Yeah?

Aiden: Hey.

Rafe: Hey.

Aiden: Rafe, what're you doing here? Consulting on another case?

Clyde: Hey, good morning.

Ben: Hey.

Clyde: Is that your girlfriend?

Ben: No, no. Well, not in person, I texted her.

Clyde: What's she up to this morning?

Ben: Abigail isn't up to anything. The hell is that supposed to mean?

Clyde: Nothing. You're a little touchy this morning, son. Is that because I said that Chad DiMera wants your girl?

Aiden: Hi.

Hope: This is such a wonderful surprise.

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Hi.

[Aiden laughs]

Hope: Are you here to see one of our fine citizens in lockup?

Aiden: Ah, no, no not today. I'm going to be helping one of our fine citizens elsewhere. Yeah, I have a meeting near here so I wanted to stop by and say hello.

Hope: I'm so glad you did.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, how about I order Thai food in for tonight?

Aiden: I think that's excellent. I'm going to bring chase to baseball practice, and then he and I can pick it up. Okay?

Hope: Great. Thanks. Yeah. Oh, I don't know how long I'll be at Arianna's birthday party though.

Aiden: Baby, whenever you get there, we'll be waiting.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: All right. You get to see more of hope than I do today.

Hope: But um...not tonight.

Aiden: No, not tonight.

Hope: No.

Aiden: No, okay. Bye-bye.

Hope: Bye.

Aiden: All right. See ya.

Rafe: See ya, Aiden. All right.

Hope: Thank you. As you know, we've already gone a couple rounds about Clyde.

Rafe: Yeah. Not to mention that you were yanked off any investigation. Don't worry, we both have good reason to keep--

Roman: Hey. Rafe. What are you doing here? This wouldn't have anything to do with Clyde Weston, would it?

Will: What kind of question is that? Of course I want to save my marriage. Why do you even think we're even doing couples counseling?

Marlena: But you haven't.

Will: I was running late. That all. Dr. Lewis is the one that cancelled on us completely.

Marlena: Mm. You know you need to allow a little extra time for the first session, that's just standard.

Will: Well that's good to know, I'll keep that in mind for next time.

Marlena: For Dr. Myers or Dr. Lewis?

Will: Dr. Myers, he's got a 90% success rate.

Marlena: What qualifies as success?

Will: Keeping couples together.

Marlena: You know, I've heard of Dr. Myers. Can't say I recommend him. And when someone talks about keeping couples together, they can't actually do that. No, they can provide insights, they can't look at what's working, what isn't working and... well, the thing is, you have to want it to work. Will?

Will: Grandma, I'm in trouble.

Sonny: I saw you in the square, did you hear me?

Paul: No.

Sonny: Oh, I thought you heard me and were afraid I was a fan or something.

Paul: Yeah, I'd know your voice.

Sonny: Or you'd run because it was me.

Paul: I didn't hear you.

Sonny: Okay. How you doing?

Paul: I'm okay.

Sonny: Your new nephew?

Paul: He's fine, apparently. But I've only seen him that one time.

Sonny: Good. What about your dad?

Paul: Seriously?

Sonny: Yeah. I know that you've been...

Paul: Stop.

Sonny: ...Wanting to spend time with him, Paul, so maybe--

Paul: I won't do this. What are you doing here, sonny? Don't you have your daughter's birthday party today?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm on the way to the club right now to make sure everything's set up. But I had to talk to you.

Paul: Sonny last time we spoke I told you, if we were gonna meet that it needed to be about us.

Sonny: I heard you.

Paul: it?

Chad: Good morning. You are loved

Hope: I'm working an old case. Rafe had some background that's helpful, so I called him down here.

Roman: Okay. Background only?

Hope: Yeah. Yeah of course.

Rafe: Yeah, yeah. Just some old contacts.

Roman: All right.

Rafe: It's gonna save her a lot of legwork.

Roman: Does this fit into the terms of your resignation?

Rafe: Yeah, well, it's nothing of a direct nature. No part of a chain of custody.

Hope: No, he's saving me three weeks of investigating.

Roman: All right. Okay. Well then, wrap it up. Paper it up. Okay?

Hope: Yeah.

Roman: Give me specifics. Exactly Rafe's involvement, okay? [Stammering]

Rafe: It's Davidson, you know, 'cause, uh, I was gonna roll up these clowns before I had to take off and... now she's on the thread. She'll have them locked up by next week I'll bet.

Roman: All right.

Hope: Right.

Roman: Good. Good. Keep me posted.

Rafe: Will do.

Hope: Bye, Roman.

Hope: Thanks, again, I think.

Rafe: Can you roll up Davidson?

Hope: I'd better be able to now.

Rafe: Okay, well, I'm sorry it's all I could think of on the last minute, okay--

Hope: It's okay, it's okay, it's alright, you know what, it's good. In fact you know what, that's the story we use for Aiden too. Should we need it. So you're lying to your boss and your boyfriend?

Hope: Yeah.

Rafe: Oh, great. You okay with that?

Hope: No, I'm not okay with it. But we need to get to the truth about Clyde.

Rafe: Yeah.

Ben: I told you. I don't give a damn what Chad wants and neither does Abigail. She can't even stand the guy.

Clyde: Glad to hear it. So did you two go out last night?

Ben: No, I had to work the late shift at the club.

Clyde: That's too bad.

Ben: It happens. She's fine. I'll hear from her soon.

Clyde: Yeah, I'm sure you will. You got a good attitude, son. There's a lot of men get bent out of shape with a fella like Chad.

Ben: Yeah, well, the last thing I need is another fight with him, so...

Clyde: And you don't think that he would take advantage of that fact? One that he conveniently set up for himself?

Ben: He could try. But it wouldn't get anywhere.

Clyde: Mm. Don't know why Chad doesn't move on. You know he's smart, good looking, got all his daddy's money behind him. He could get someone else. There are women who would fall all over themselves for him.

Ben: Not Abigail. She's not shallow like that.

[Chad chuckles]

Chad: There is coffee over there.

Abigail: Thank you.

Chad: Mm-hmm. And when you are ready I will whip you up one of those yogurt smoothies, handful of almonds. Still eat like a bird in the morning, right?

Abigail: What time is it?

Chad: It doesn't matter, you have the morning off for Arianna's birthday party.

Abigail: Right, right, but I can't be late.

Chad: Honey, you have plenty of time to get there.

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Don't. Don't.

Abigail: What?

Chad: I can see your mind racing. Trying to figure out something to say.

[Abigail sighs]

Chad: But I need to tell you something first.

Kate: So, your son's quite an impressive young man by all accounts.

John: He is?

Kate: All these years, you had no idea?

John: Nope.

Kate: Still. That has to be a thrill, having him here, to bond with the family.

John: Kate, this is an hour that I'm never gonna get back, so what's your point?

Kate: This guy's here just to see you, right? Meet Brady and meet the family because if he's here to make more trouble for sonny and will and their family...

Marlena: You really wanted a silver bullet, didn't you? Some special therapist who could keep you and sonny together.

Will: I guess so. I know it doesn't work that way.

Marlena: Do you? Know that?

Will: I'm not a child, grandma, I get that there are certain--

Marlena: Honey, I'm a little worried about you. On the one hand, you're over-the-moon optimistic and then you think you're in big trouble. Everything can't be that dire or that dramatic.

Will: Sonny is still in love with Paul. He told me that.

Sonny: I think this qualifies as being about us.

Paul: What?

Sonny: The other night, what you did, it was... surprising.

Paul: What was?

Sonny: You walked away.

Paul: I told you, I don't want anything to happen with us that's really about will. And you guys are fighting, so...

Sonny: Paul, I would never use you.

Paul: And you're still fighting with will?

Sonny: Well, we were supposed to go to counseling.

Paul: Supposed to?

Sonny: Uh-huh. Had an appointment. Didn't happen. Long story. But will suggested that we try something on our own.

Paul: Mm.

Sonny: So he found this list of suggestions online. It was lame, didn't want to do it, but I didn't want to say no to him. And there were things like "don't go to bed angry." "Eat together." And then have an "honesty hour."

Paul: Good for you. Sonny, I have to get going--

Sonny: Hey, I told you this was about you, Paul and it is. Honesty hour... didn't work out so well.

Paul: 'Cause will lied to you? I know you wouldn't lie to him.

Sonny: No, I didn't lie. I told him the truth and that's the problem. People are both soft and strong

Chad: Last night. It was-- it was everything. And I don't want to blow it by saying the wrong thing or-- or leaving anything out. You know how I feel and that's the truth. More now than it's ever been.

Abigail: But you-- you left something out.

Chad: I just, I don't want you to hear this some other way and think that it means anything. Because it doesn't. Okay? It's nothing.

Abigail: Tell me, Chad. What is it?

Chad: My father has been pushing me to pursue you since I came back into town. And he's has-- he's obsessed with some idea of you and I being together and I don't know why. He doesn't tell me anything. I just know that it has something to do with the family and you being a Horton. And I know, it's crazy, and it's completely irrelevant because I'm not here because of my father. It doesn't change anything. The hell it doesn't, Chad. The hell it doesn't change anything, you played me.

Chad: No, Abigail, I love you, that's the only reason why I'm--

Abigail: Until Stefano tells you the real reason?

Chad: No, Abigail, come here.

Abigail: Stop it! tell me that Stefano DiMera is focused on me, you tell me that he has a plan for me and you think it matters a damn how you feel?

Chad: No, Abigail-- don't, Chad. Don't touch me. Don't you ever touch me again. It is over. Chad. What is it you need to tell me?

Kate: John, you better keep Paul away from sonny and will. Or he'll be sorry.

John: Did you just threaten my son?

Kate: I'm protecting my grandson.

John: Yeah, just what everyone needs. Once again, Kate, just leave it alone. Or you're the one that's gonna be sorry.

Paul: So? Honesty hour?

Sonny: Yeah.

Paul: You know, if you wanted to be completely honest with me, I'd like that. But I can't help you figure out your marriage. Or will.

Sonny: I would never ask that of you.

Paul: You know how I feel. And it looks like will's being clear about how he feels. So, it looks like you've got to make a decision. And whatever you decide, I'll respect.

Sonny: Thank you. I gotta go.

Sonny: We'll talk again soon?

Paul: Sure.

Marlena: You asked sonny to be honest and he was.

Will: So I should just be happy that he's still in love with his ex? Sonny is married to me, he's supposed to love me.

Marlena: And he does. Didn't he tell you that?

Will: Yeah, but, not like Paul.

Marlena: He's married to you. You're the person with whom he's raising a family.

Will: Then I should be the only person that he says he loves right now.

Marlena: Do you want to be with a man who hates the person they were with before? [Sighs] Come on. You know I still love Roman. Your mother still loves your father.

Will: Well they've become friends. Just like you and grandpa. And that's some kind of a love, I get that, I really do. But you guys have kids and a reason to need to get along, so yeah, of course you've become fond of each other. But you're not still in love with grandpa and mom is not still in love with dad.

Marlena: And did sonny say that he is in love with Paul?

Will: No, not exactly. But it's not settled, this is a fight. Sonny needs to know that he can only have feelings for--

Marlena: You can't tell sonny how he feels.

Will: I'm not gonna lose him. I won't. What am I supposed to do?

Marlena: You just have to be yourself. The same person that sonny fell in love with. But what I do know for sure. Is you can't tell sonny how to feel. You can't manipulate him. You can not be so desperate because if you are, you will lose him. And you will have nobody to blame but yourself.

John: Hey. What are you up to today?

Paul: Ah, not much. What about you?

John: Well I'm just heading off to work.

Paul: Yeah, I'd like to see that sometime.

John: Really?

Paul: Yeah, I was actually thinking about calling you, see if we could set that up.

John: Well how does right now sound to you?

Paul: Fine. I guess.

John: All right. Let's do it. Come on. Oh, I gotta ask. When I start introducing you to people is it alright to tell everybody that you're my son?

Paul: [Chuckles] Well that's who I am. Right?

John: Right. Come on.

Hope: So you think Victor believes Clyde's dangerous.

Rafe: Yeah, definitely. Mind you, I've got nothing concrete. So when Victor called me off, he wouldn't tell me why, I just assumed it was because he was going to do something less than legal.

Hope: But Clyde's still walking around. For now.

Rafe: Well, yeah, hope, that's because you've been called off of this and I'm not a cop anymore, so...

Hope: I don't see that stopping either one of us.

Rafe: No, right, so soon as we get enough evidence we turn it over to Roman, or to john, or Abe. Someone.

Hope: Uh, yeah, right.

Rafe: What?

Hope: This--this Jeremiah character. I mean, he's the only one who went on the record against Clyde.

Rafe: Yeah?

Hope: Which makes him what? Brave? Stupid?

Rafe: Or a plant.

Hope: Or a plant.

Rafe: Yeah. Maybe I should go to poplar bluff and question him.

Hope: Oh, right, and that wouldn't set off any alarms. No. Don't even think about it.

Rafe: Yeah, so? So what? Listen, if we just pick apart his statement, we're gonna find something. How much you want to bet Clyde spoon fed Jeremiah every word that's here?

Clyde: Ben. When I told you before to watch out for Chad DiMera. You know the more I think about it the hell with it. You don't need to compete with him or anyone else, I mean, Abigail's with you.

Ben: Dad, I know that.

Clyde: And even if you did, you'd win. I mean, you are the better looking guy, right? You got all the smarts. Once you're done with college the skies the limit for you. And if you should ever need your daddy's money, all you gotta do is say the word.

Ben: Then why are you even bringing this up? Why are we talking about it at all?

Clyde: Ben, you're a good man. You're a trusting man. So trust me on this: Any woman will make you crazy if you let her.

Ben: I won't.

Clyde: Good. See you soon.

Chad: Last night, it was-- it was everything. I don't want to blow it by saying the wrong thing. But it is what I have wanted for so long.

Abigail: I just can't believe I--

Chad: No, we didn't do anything wrong.

Abigail: I did. Ben.

Chad: Okay, well, this is where I'll shut up.

Abigail: I don't know how I'm gonna explain this.

Chad: Then don't. You don't have to. Of--of course I have to--

Chad: No, listen. Last night was probably the most incredible night of my life. And no one can ever take that away. But they will never hear it from me. I understand if it doesn't mean that much to you. So if that's it, if this never happens again, I won't push. Whatever happens between us now is completely up to you. I should go.

Rafe: All right. Well, I'm going to have a beer with an old FBI friend and see what he's heard. Informally.

Hope: Hey. Um, anybody in financial forensics who owes you an off-the-record favor?

Rafe: See, that's exactly what we need. Clyde puts up that hillbilly front but he's a damn smart businessman.

Hope: He certainly is, but we already know that. There's gotta be a lot more to him for Victor to back off.

Rafe: Well, like I said, if there was he never told me about it. He cut me out, it was real deliberate.

Hope: But you think he knows more?

Rafe: Yeah, I'd bet that entire club on it. And my job.

Hope: Rafe.

Rafe: What? I'm not saying that I would throw away my job.

Hope: Just be careful, okay?

Rafe: Of course. But that's the key. If we could find out exactly what it was that made a guy like Victor back down...

Hope: We'll know where to push. We hope.

Rafe: No, we will. Clyde may be smart, he's not that smart.

Hope: Come on. We've got a party to go to.

Clyde: Impressive work here, counselor.

Aiden: It's all pretty standard, not that hard to do.

Clyde: With the list of assets I gave you? Looks like you managed to shelter every one of them.

Aiden: Well, like I said, not that hard to do. It's all within code, so...

Clyde: I had a good feeling about you from day one, sir.

Aiden: Just doing my job.

Clyde: Job well done. Above and beyond. You looked out for my interests, Mr. Jennings, that is a very, very big deal for me.

Roman: Ma. You look nice.

Caroline: Oh. Well, thank you, Roman. [Laughs] Well, I do love parties, you know? [Clears throat] Arianna Grace. You know I can't believe that little angel is two years old. I mean, you just blink and oh, there you go.

Roman: Mm. I know. Sami sent her a giant working princess castle.

[Caroline gasps]

Roman: She was sick she couldn't make it back to the party.

Caroline: Oh. I miss Sami so much. And her kids, you know? I don't know, I probably won't recognize them next time I see them. How long ago was that?

Roman: you were just there. Two weeks ago.

Chad: Lose something?

Abigail: No, uh... no. I have to, I have to go. Have to get to the party.

Chad: Okay. Hey. Have fun.

Abigail: You're not going?

Chad: Family thing.

Abigail: Okay, well, uh. Well, goodbye.

Chad: Okay, bye.

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: Hey, there's the birthday girl. Come here.

Marlena: Sonny, everything looks so wonderful and festive.

Sonny: Thank you. Actually Briana and patty were working on it this morning. [Smacking lips]

Marlena: Excuse me.

Will: Did you just get here?

Sonny: Yeah.

Will: You left a long time before we did.

Sonny: Oh, I ran into Paul. doing better.

Roman: You are, ma.

Caroline: Two weeks ago, and I can't remember that? No.

Roman: Look. You and the kids at universal studios, see.

Caroline: That's Allie. She's always taking care of Sydney. [Chuckles] They had a blast.

Roman: Looks like you all had a blast.

Caroline: We just came off the ride of "the revenge of the mummy." That's Johnny's favorite.

Roman: See? You remember that. And I'm sure this phone of yours could put some dates on these pictures. Or put them on your calendar so you would remember when they were taken.

Caroline: That's a great idea. I'll have to get a ten year-old to program it for me.

[Both laugh]

Roman: I know. I use Ciara.

[Caroline laughs]

Roman: She's expensive but she's good.

Sonny: Paul and I talked for a few minutes and that's it.

Will: Okay.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Hope: Hey, happy birthday!

Sonny: There's your uncle.

Rafe: There she is. Hey birthday girl. Hey, sweetie.

[Kisses] Happy birthday.

Marlena: That's the way to handle it.

Will: Well, I'm not gonna make a scene and ruin Ari's birthday party. Do you think sonny-- do you think sonny noticed?

Marlena: I'm sure he did.

Will: Well, then I didn't do that great of a job.

Marlena: You keep on trying. Things will work out okay. Excuse me.

John: Well, it's not exactly my office. But my partner's a meeting so I'll work out of here while hope's at the party.

Paul: You work with nice people.

John: Yeah, I do. It's a good shop. Hey, I heard you got in to see Tate.

Paul: I did. He's cute.

John: So, tell me, are you OD'd on family yet? It can be a lot.

[Paul laughs]

Paul: It's not too much.

John: I don't know, were a pretty rough crew sometimes.

Paul: Then I'll fit right in. Yeah, I ran into Dr. Evans yesterday. I told her that I thought you two were hypocrites for telling me to stay away from sonny and will. I know it was rude, and... I don't know. I was upset. It just seemed true. If not fair.

John: Uh-huh. What'd she say?

Paul: Well, she pointed out that if you two had followed your hearts and gotten together sooner, then, I wouldn't be here.

John: Probably true.

Paul: Yeah, I look at my nephew and how he came to be... I don't know. Some things that happen in life, they don't make much sense, but they happen for a reason.

Marlena: Excuse me, I see somebody that I know.

Abigail: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Sonny: Oh, you're not late. You're here to sing and blow out candles.

Sonny: Were you at Ben's? Everything okay with Ben?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, things are good with Ben.


Ben: Hey.

On your way to that party at the club?

Ben: No, it's a family only thing.

I tried to work it, just to see Chad.

Ben: Chad DiMera's gonna be there?

Turns out, no. But a girl can dream.

Ben: Polly, let me be a friend. You don't want to mix business and relationships. Chad's your boss. He's also not a very good guy.

Polly: He's so freaking hot-- any woman would want him.

Ben: A lot of men got burned by him too.

Polly: I'm just saying, I'd take my chances. Later.

Ben: Later, Polly. [Whistling]

Will: Hang on, hang on. Let's uh--we should all be in this, come on.

Abigail: Oh, yeah. All right, ready? Okay, one, two, three--smile! Aww, oh that's so good, that's perfect. So cute.

Roman: Ari. You want to go over and check out the loot?

Abigail: Yes, you want to go see your presents?

Will: Yeah, presents.

Abigail: Oh, let's go look.

[Excited chatter]

Sonny: Was that really necessary?

Will: What?

Sonny: You don't have to put on a show.

Sonny: I'm just saying, we don't need to force things in public. Everyone here is family or a friend. They understand we're going through stuff.

Will: And if they didn't know what was still going on, if they saw you with Paul today, they sure would.

John: Tell me something, Paul. Do you believe in fate?

Paul: I don't know. I had a list of the top five surgeons. My manager wanted me to go to san Diego, my agent Boston, everybody had an opinion. But see nobody wanted me to come here to Salem, but that's all I wanted. Didn't know why.

John: You just knew that somehow you needed to be in Salem.

Paul: I guess. But see if I hadn't, then I wouldn't have known that you were my father. I wouldn't have ever seen sonny again.

John: If you hadn't met will you might never have come out.

Paul: Yeah, maybe not.

John: Sorry this is such a mess, son.

Paul: Yeah, well, messes are a part of life, right?

John: Yeah, I just don't want you being hurt.

Paul: Me, neither. But if you don't take a chance in life, then you miss out on a lot of good. [Laughs]

Paul: What?

John: Uh, I'm just thinking about your mother. And what a great job she did with you.

Kate: Hey.

Abigail: Hi.

Kate: Is Ben here? I was told it was only family.

Abigail: It is.

Kate: Clyde and I would love to take the two of you out for dinner sometime soon.

Abigail: Oh, uh, well, I don't, um--I don't know Ben's schedule or mine--

Kate: Oh, we'll work out-- work out the details with that. Must be so nice for you though.

Abigail: Excuse me?

Kate: Well, being with a kind, decent man after being with those two DiMera brothers.

Abigail: Um, I have to-- I'm gonna take some more pictures.

Kate: Sure.

Abigail: Yeah.

Will: Hey, Grandma.

Kate: Hey, honey. Hope you don't mind that I came. Is Lucas coming?

Will: He had to out of town on business.

Kate: Huh?

Will: Some ninja move that you pulled at mad world.

Kate: Yes, we regained our market share. Big loss for him.

Will: And you love it? [Laughs] How can you enjoy finding success at his expense?

Kate: Baby, it's not about family, it's about business.

Rafe: Will, believe it or not, but Abigail wants another photo. Oh. Good to see you without Clyde for a change.

Kate: Is it?

Rafe: Yeah.

Kate: Do you enjoy being alone all the time?

Aiden: Okay, so, if you want to make any changes just let me know, okay?

Clyde: Well, I don't expect to.

Aiden: All right, well, whenever you're ready bring it into my office and we'll have you sign it in front of a notary, okay?

Clyde: If you got a moment now, we can--

Aiden: I'm really sorry, I gotta go, okay?

Clyde: It's all right, you won't be late to pick up your son. I didn't say I was gonna pick up my son. How'd you know that?

Roman: Did you and Rafe wrap up that part of the case? The report will be on your desk the minute it's done.

Roman: Okay.

Hope: Okay.

Roman: Good.

Hope: Yeah.

Sonny: I'm going to go check on the cake.

Marlena: Excuse me. Do I sense tension?

Will: All of that calm that I managed? It's gone. [Sighs]

Ben: DiMera.

Chad: Do you want something?

Ben: I know you were with Abigail.

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