Days Transcript Monday 6/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 6/1/15


Episode #12602 ~ Melanie's sacrifice stuns Brady; Eva & Jennifer's argument turns physical; Will asks Sonny a difficult question; Marlena gives Paul advice.

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JJ: Well, I'm--I'm glad that--that I ran into you. I know you said not to talk to you.

Paige: I said never to talk to me.

JJ: I know.

Paige: But I was so angry and hurt. Maybe we should talk.

JJ: Really?

Paige: Yeah. You know, it's not every girl who gets to ask their boyfriend who was better in bed, me or mom. You know, I just think I'll die if you say my mom's a better kisser than I am. No, you know what? I don't think I want to talk to you after all.

Jennifer: I don't think you should be here right now.

Eve: I don't give a damn what you think, Jennifer. My daughter's life has been destroyed, and it's all your fault.

[Knock at door]

Paul: Sonny, what are you doing here?

Sonny: Before, you asked if I was still in love with you. I never gave you an answer. So I'm here to tell you in person... that I do love you. I never stopped.

Paul: [Groans] [Groans] Time to get some air.

[Cell phone ringing]

Sonny: Will... are you all right?

Will: Yeah.

Sonny: I've been trying to reach you. When you didn't call back, I got worried.

Will: I'm--I'm sorry. I had my phone off during my-- my meeting with Zoe.

Sonny: You had a meeting with Zoe? Today was our first therapy session, and you schedule a meeting?

Will: I-I did not forget about the session. I'm just running a little bit late. I'll meet you guys there, okay?

Sonny: It's too late. They already canceled the session because you didn't show up.

Will: Sonny, I'm sorry.

Sonny: Just come home.

Anne: What exactly did you say to Melanie?

Theresa: Well, she and I had a very honest conversation, and I admitted that I still had feelings for Brady.

Anne: Which I'm sure came as a complete surprise to her.

Theresa: Well, I just said, quite candidly, that it hurt me too much to see the two of them together and that I was thinking about moving back to California because of it and taking Tate with me.

Anne: Oh, so that's why Brady was so mad at you last night.

Theresa: Hey, listen, I made it very clear to Melanie that I could stay here and, you know, Brady could see his baby whenever he wanted.

Anne: Yeah, just as long as Melanie took a permanent hike, right?

Theresa: Well, something like that.

Melanie: I'm gonna leave Salem today.

Brady: You're not--you're not gonna do that.

Melanie: I already have. I bought my ticket. I'm gonna go to Europe, and I'm gonna be with my mom until I can figure out what to do next. So I-I leave in a few hours.

Brady: How long are you gonna be gone?

Melanie: Right now I'm the only thing standing in between you and your son.

Brady: That's only because of Theresa. That's the--

Melanie: It doesn't matter. It's the reality of the situation. I can't come back until... until that's not the case. [Chuckles]

Brady: That could be for good.

Melanie: Right.

Brady: No. No, no, no.

Melanie: I'm sorry.

Brady: I'm not letting you do this.

Melanie: Brady, it's not your call to make.

Brady: You're not doing this. I love you too much to let you go. I'm not letting you do this. You're not going.

Melanie: I know. I love you so much. And that's why I have to go.

Brady: Don't let--don't let Theresa threaten you.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Brady: Don't let her do that.

Melanie: I couldn't stop her if I tried. Think about it, though. Even if she didn't threaten me, don't you think it would be better if I just stepped back from the whole situation?

Brady: No.

Melanie: Yes, Brady.

Brady: No.

Melanie: Yes.

Brady: No.

Melanie: Brady, your-- your only responsibility should be your son.

Brady: No. I have room enough in my life for both of you. I absolutely do. I wouldn't have proposed to you if I didn't think--if I didn't believe that.

Melanie: Brady, we both know that--that if I stay here, Theresa's gonna make life miserable, not just for me and you, but for your son too. I'm sorry. I'm not gonna sit around and be even a small part of a reason that a child suffers. I'm just not.

Sonny: Hey, glad you could make it.

Will: I'm sorry.

Sonny: As always.

Will: I don't understand why we couldn't have just met at the therapist's office. I really would not have been all that late.

Sonny: Because we were supposed to be there early to fill out paperwork. Anyway, they rescheduled. So we have an appointment the day after tomorrow. Can you make it?

Will: Of course. No problem.

Sonny: Great.

Will: Is Ari still with the sitter?

Sonny: Yeah, but I'm gonna call her and tell her to bring her home.

Will: Don't. I mean, since we already have this time to ourselves... I-I think that there's something that we can try before we go to counseling.

JJ: Paige, wait. I just--I just want to explain.

Paige: Explain what? Okay, I already know what happened. You slept with my mother several times. Trust me, I don't need the details.

JJ: Okay, look, you asked me a question last night that I couldn't answer, not at the time. You asked me how I could do what I did to you... how I could lie to you over and over again. Well, I thought about that, Paige... all night. And I think I have an answer. Do you want to hear it?

Jennifer: Eve, I am so sorry about what happened to Paige. But do you not see how pathetic it is that you are trying to blame me for what you did?

Eve: Oh, Jennifer, I know what I did, and I have to live with that, all right? But you have to live with the fact that Paige wouldn't have found out any of this if you hadn't have blackmailed me into letting that horrible, horrible son of yours keep after Paige.

Jennifer: No, what I did was keep you from getting away with the terrible thing that you did to ruin JJ's life, to try to ruin his life.

Eve: Oh, ruin his life? What life are you talking about, Jennifer? Your son is a screw-up of the first order. When our kids first met, my daughter was headed to Stanford. Your son was headed to jail.

Jennifer: He was not.

Eve: Because you refused to see who he really was. I had to protect my daughter from him, but because of you, she fell in love with him all over again, and that makes all of this ten times worse.

Jennifer: Yes, and you know what? I took responsibility for that. I know that I was wrong. I admitted that.

Eve: Wrong?

Jennifer: Yes.

Eve: No, Jennifer, that was evil.

Jennifer: [Scoffs]

All right, sign right there, and you will be free to go.

Theresa: Okay. Yeah, I'd like to see my baby, though, before I leave.

Well, Dr. Williams is doing a follow-up evaluation, and it'll be a while.

Theresa: Oh. Okay. Well, I guess I'll just go home, and I'll take a shower, and then I'll come back.

Great. I'll just alert the media.

Theresa: [Chuckles mockingly]

Anne: I think you made a mistake.

Theresa: No, those shower curtains get really gross. The amenities here suck, Anne.

Anne: About Melanie, Theresa, not the shower curtain. Giving her an ultimatum like that-- there is a very serious flaw in your plan.

Theresa: What?

Anne: You're counting on Melanie putting the kid's needs above her own, but if you won't do that, why should she?

Brady: I feel like you're letting Theresa win. You need to stay here in town with me, and we need to fight back. That's what we're gonna do. We're gonna fight her.

Melanie: Brady, no. The last thing your son needs to do is be in the middle of a fight. And this is Theresa, so that's putting it mildly. It would be a war. [Chuckles]

Brady: I don't care.

Melanie: You don't want that as a father. And I know that the most important thing in the world to you right now is being a father.

Brady: It's not the only thing.

Melanie: I know you love me. It has nothing to do with that. Your son needs you. And Theresa is dangerous, Brady. She's dangerous. If I stay here, she's gonna take your son, and she's gonna move to California and have complete control over his life. [Crying] And if she stays here, she's gonna dedicate the rest of her life to punishing you for being with me. Either way, she's gonna use your son as a weapon. And the only way to keep her from doing that is for me to leave.

Make fit happen!

Marlena: Oh, Paul. How good to see you.

Paul: Marlena.

Marlena: Uh, what are you doing here? Are you okay?

Paul: Oh, I'm fine. Yeah, I just, uh, had some extra time. I figured I'd donate some more blood.

Marlena: I like it when people with a rare blood type are so conscientious about donating.

Paul: It's not a big deal.

Marlena: But it is. Sonny would not have survived the surgery if you hadn't donated blood. So, in fact, you saved his life.

Paul: Now you want me to stay out of it.

Sonny: So you're backing out?

Will: No, I didn't say that.

Sonny: We agreed that couples therapy is the best way to go. If you didn't want to do it, you should have said so.

Will: I'm fine with doing it. But it's already been postponed, and I found these exercises online, and I think we can do them.

Sonny: So you want to save our marriage by going online?

Will: By doing the exercises. Look, if they don't work out, we can still go to the therapy.

Sonny: "Eat meals together." "Don't go to bed angry." This is some cutting-edge stuff.

Will: You know what? Forget it. I never should have even mentioned it.

Sonny: I'm sorry, okay? What one were you talking about?

Will: The last one.

Sonny: "Honesty hour." Honestly?

Paige: Okay. I'm game. What's your answer?

JJ: [Sighs] You know how screwed up I was when I came back from England. A-and when I met you, I-I was already trying to change, turn my life around.

Paige: That's what you said.

JJ: I meant it... finally. A-and then I met you... and I fell in love with you.

Paige: Again, that's what you said.

JJ: It was the truth. A-and I thought you were in love with me.

Paige: Yeah. I thought so too.

JJ: Paige, what happened was I-I thought that I had already put my mistakes behind me. And it was easy to feel like I had changed, 'cause you made me feel like I had. You got me like no one else ever had.

Paige: Why are you telling me this? It has nothing to do with what you did.

JJ: No, but it does. It has everything to do with it, 'cause what I am trying to tell you is that I didn't know how good I had it. It was perfect. But then your mom came into town.

Jennifer: I'm evil? You on every single level are a bad person. And if you try to hurt my son again, you're gonna have to face me. Do you understand that?

Eve: Do you think that I fooled Paige? This boy right here is playing you like a poker hand. And you don't have a clue who he is.

Jennifer: Mm.

Eve: He is selfish and destructive, and he's a little liar. And guess what. I hope he burns in hell.

[Glass shatters]

Anne: Of course we want Brady to be with his kid, okay? Like, I-I'm with you. But I highly doubt that Melanie, who is apparently besotted with this guy, and he with her, is going to be willing to go gently into the night for the sake of your son.

Theresa: Yeah. She is kind of selfish and self-absorbed. But you know what? If she doesn't do the right thing, then I guess I have no choice. Tate and I will just have to move to la.

Melanie: I was talking to Maxine... about how I grew up and what it did to me. The most important thing in the world is that Tate grows up happy and strong. I-I think--I think the reason we worked so well this time was because... we love each other and we want each other, but we don't need each other. I'm gonna be okay. But your son needs you, and that--that makes this a no-brainer.

Brady: [Sighs] No.

Melanie: Please don't be mad at me. You're about to walk into something so amazing. And I'm gonna be a part of it, I promise, even if I'm 3,000 miles away.

Brady: A part of it? A part of it? You--you're the reason that I know that I have a son. You're the only reason that Tate even has a father. You're the reason.

Melanie: I have to go do something really fast before I go to the airport. Will you wait here for me?

Brady: I don't-- no, I'm going with you.

Melanie: No, no, no. I have to do this by myself. But will you wait here for me? Please?

Brady: Okay. Sure.

Melanie: Okay. Don't go anywhere.

[Door closes]

Melanie: [Sobbing]

Maggie: Brady? [Chuckles] I didn't expect to see you here.

Brady: Hey, Maggie.

Maggie: Melanie, do you know where parker's little game thingy is?

Brady: M-m-Maggie, she's, um--she's not here.

Maggie: Brady, what's wrong?

[Knock at door]

Theresa: How the hell did you know that I was here?

Melanie: Well, I called the hospital. I think they said you were being released today, but I couldn't really hear through all the cheering and the brass band playing in the background.

Theresa: Yeah, you know what? I don't think that my lawyer wants me to speak to either you or Brady, okay?

Melanie: Relax, Theresa. You got what you wanted. I'm leaving Salem.

Paige: What a surprise. Everything's my mother's fault.

JJ: No. I didn't say that, and I don't think it. It was all totally my fault. A-and what I meant was, when she got back, things started to change for us, 'cause she made something clear to me... something I already knew, but I just didn't want to admit--that I wasn't good enough for you. And that scared the hell out of me.

Paige: I tried to tell you that that wasn't true.

JJ: But you were wrong, 'cause your mom had it nailed. I thought that I was like my dad. Well, I am. And it freaked me out to find out what he had done and what it really meant to be like him. And that's when it all began. I started lying to you, and I never stopped.

Jennifer: Get out of my office right now.

Eve: What? So you can get back to your files, your reports, your little so-called stupid life like nothing has happened, huh? You get to keep your son. And I have nothing. I don't even know where she is. I haven't heard from Paige.

Jennifer: You know what? Why don't you just focus on how strong she is? She has been so hurt. But she's gonna be fine.

Eve: What? Have you seen her?

Jennifer: She came by here earlier.

Eve: Wait. To see you? Why?

Jennifer: Because she wanted answers, eve.

Eve: So--so she came to see you? What did you tell her, Jennifer? Huh? Did you--did you say it was all my fault here? I swear to God, if she never speaks to me again, I'm gonna blame you! I'm gonna hold you responsible! You and that little degenerate son of yours!

Jennifer: Get out of my office.

Eve: You know, I totally get this. I see it so clearly now... why you wanted Paige and JJ together-- because if he was with someone like her, you wouldn't have to tell yourself that he's completely worthless. Oh, my God. You wanted her to be the Jennifer Horton to his Jack Deveraux. [Chuckles]

Jennifer: I see it now too. Maybe your daughter will never speak to you again. Maybe your daughter will never lay eyes on you again. And maybe that will be the best thing in the world for her.

Eve: You shut up. Shut the hell up!

Jennifer: What is--eve!

Marlena: Thank you for waiting.

Paul: Yeah, I wanted to, uh-- I wanted to ask you if you're gonna tell me to stay away from sonny.

Marlena: No. I was gonna ask you about john.

Paul: Mm. Yeah, he said that you guys are going through a rough patch. The guy's a hypocrite-- telling me to stay away from sonny when he had no problem going after you all those years ago. The fact that you had an affair with him, too, that makes you a hypocrite as well.

Marlena: Well... we both made mistakes. People do that. But I wouldn't have a practice if people always made the right choices.

Paul: Well, I'm not going to pretend that I don't love sonny. And I'm not going to lie to anybody, not even myself, the way you and my father did.

Marlena: Oh, so you know exactly what john and I should have done? And the truth is, if john had done that, you wouldn't exist.

Sonny: Well, why don't we start with honesty quarter-hour?

Will: [Chuckles] Coward.

Sonny: You're calling me a coward 'cause you know it'll make me do it.

Will: Is that how you honestly feel?

Sonny: All right. Who goes first?

Will: You. Since this was my big idea, I will sit in the hot seat first.

Sonny: All right. 60 minutes and counting.

Will: Okay. First question.

Sonny: What really happened to my Taylor swift t-shirt?

Will: You go for the jugular, don't you?

Sonny: You see, honestly, I don't think it got lost in the laundry. You inventory the laundry, and as long as I've known you, you haven't lost as much as a sock.

Will: I threw it out.

Sonny: Wha--I knew it. Why would you throw away my favorite shirt?

Will: Because, sonny, I feel like you were wearing it-- you thought you were wearing it ironically, but it wa-- sonny, it was kind of pitiful.

Sonny: Well, that was honest.

Will: See? That--that's the point.

Sonny: All right, well, then why don't I ask you something a little more important? Why did you back out of the counseling session today?

Will: I told you, I had a meeting.

Sonny: Honestly.

Will: Honestly, I had a meeting... s-so that I wouldn't have to go to the session.

Sonny: Why?

Will: 'Cause I was scared, sonny. I was just scared that if we were to just keep talking about everything... you would just find even more reasons to leave me.

JJ: Once I got started, the lies just became easier and easier. I lied about why I was so freaked out... why I pushed you away... about sleeping with your mother. I have been lying to you one way or another for months now. It seems like forever.

Paige: In this trip down memory lane... do you happen to remember all of the times I asked you to come clean? I asked you if there was anything else you needed to tell me, and you looked me in the eye and said no.

JJ: I know. And here's the reason. It was so easy for me to lie over and over again 'cause there was one huge lie behind all the others. And the real lie was that I had changed... 'cause you were right last night when you said that the guy that you fell in love with doesn't exist... because I am still the same guy who sold the drugs, who lied to my mom about everything, the guy who tore up the square, and I'm still the guy who doesn't deserve you. I kept lying over and over again 'cause I was too afraid to admit it to myself.

Jennifer: What is wrong with you?

Eric: My God, what is happening here?

Eve: She destroyed my daughter!

Jennifer: I am gonna call security and press charges. Get out of this office right now.

Eric: Okay, eve, just go.

Eve: Fine. Jennifer, I know what I did. I made a huge mistake, a huge mistake, but so did you. And if--and if I lose my daughter, it's only fair and it's only right that you lose your son.

Jennifer: [Sighs]

Eric: Jennifer... what happened?

Jennifer: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Brady: I think Melanie should be the one to tell you what's going on.

Maggie: Okay.

Brady: She had something to do, and I'm just-- I'm just waiting for her to get back.

Maggie: So should I go?

Brady: Mm, probably.

Maggie: Right. Daniel... Melanie, and I were talking about family. Actually, Melanie was. And there was this undercurrent. Um... she seemed very emotional. And it felt like she was trying to say good-bye. [Chuckles] I was really hoping I was wrong about that. [Sighs] Why? Why would she go?

Theresa: Oh. I-I'm sorry. You took me by surprise. Please come in. Though, you know, I-I... I hope you're not leaving on account of me. I mean, I-I hope you didn't misunderstand that--

Melanie: No, I understood exactly what you were getting at, which is why I'm on the next flight to Vienna to see my mom. But my hope, Theresa, is that when I'm gone, you stop using your son as a weapon to get what you want.

Theresa: That's not what I'm doing.

Melanie: You and I both know that's exactly what you're doing. And great job on the whole motherhood thing. You are off to a fantastic start. You know, some parents start a college savings account for their children, and some do the whole christening thing, but you used your son as blackmail, and that makes you despicable.

Theresa: Oh, so no postcards from Vienna, then.

Melanie: I know you think you've won... but it's not gonna be very long before it smacks you in the face that you have lost.

Paul: So what are you saying? It's okay to make bad choices-- choices that can actually hurt people, simply because there might be a good chance that something good might come from it?

Marlena: I'm not talking about good choices or bad choices. I'm just saying that sometimes maybe things happen for a reason.

Paul: You're a psychiatrist, and you're not supposed to believe in fate.

Marlena: What about when you came back to Salem to find sonny?

Paul: No, I came back to have surgery on my shoulder. I didn't even know he was in town.

Marlena: Exactly. Look how that turned out. You also had no idea that your father was here. So what I'm saying is, regardless of your expectations, sometimes things are just beyond our control.

JJ: So, as--as long as I had you in my life... as long as I still loved you, I could convince myself that I was a decent guy.

Paige: So what if it meant lying to me day in and day out?

JJ: And having figured all this out, Paige... I'd still lie all over again just to keep you.

Paige: What?

JJ: I was crazy in love with you, Paige. And I still am. And I'd do anything to keep you in my life. And I know... I know that it's the crazy kind of love like you talked about last night... but maybe it's the only kind of love that I know. What I do know now for certain is... I can't go on without you.

Maggie: Honey... I think after what Melanie-- how she was raised, she feels very strongly about giving a child every chance to grow up... feeling loved and secure. And she would-- she'd never want to do anything to jeopardize that for your son.

Brady: I love her, though. I love her so much.

Maggie: I know you do.

Brady: And I think... I think we have to let her go.

Theresa: I-I can't imagine how you can possibly think that I lost. I mean, I have the most beautiful little boy, and... [Sighs] Whom I'm going to be able to raise with his loving father without a certain nagging, red-headed twerp hanging around. And our little family is just going to grow closer and closer and closer.

Melanie: What a beautiful fantasy.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Melanie: Once again, Theresa, you've overplayed your cards. See, because Brady knows that you're forcing me out of his life, and he hates you for it. And even if I never come back, he will always hate you.

Theresa: He'll get over it. Mm-hmm.

Melanie: See, that's the thing about hate... is it solidifies, and it freezes.

Theresa: Mm.

Melanie: And you will always be the person who used his son to get rid of the woman he loves.

Theresa: Why don't you go now?

Melanie: You know what's so funny?

Theresa: What?

Melanie: Had you just left everything alone, you might have gotten what you wanted. Don't get me wrong-- I love Brady more than anything, and he loves me too, but we weren't ready for the lifetime-commitment thing yet, and who knows? Maybe we could have just drifted apart. And you could have snuck right in and taken my place, but once again, you were too stupid.

Theresa: Just go. [Clears throat]

Melanie: Oh... be good to Tate. He just might end up being the only person in the entire world who doesn't hate you.

Theresa: [Chuckles]

Melanie: [Sighs] When I'm out in the hot sun,

Paul: Do you know where Theresa Donovan's room is? I need to smooth things over with her.

Anne: Yeah, well, she went home for a little bit, you know. Oh, oh, but look. Oh, her little baby boy is back. Aw.

Paul: Hey, Tate. I'm your uncle Paul.

Sonny: Will, I'm not looking for reasons to leave you.

Will: And I'm not saying that you are. Sonny, it's just I-I know that I screwed up... over and over again. And I'm afraid that if we see a counselor... she'll just keep pointing it out. And eventually you'll wonder why you're even with me.

Sonny: That is not going to happen.

Will: Well, anyway, I promise that we'll go see the counselor for the session you scheduled.

Sonny: Right. So I'm glad that we were honest.

Will: I, uh, I have to go for an interview, but I think we have time for another question.

Sonny: Go for it.

Will: Paul asked you if you were still in love with him. You didn't answer. So... are you?

Theresa: It worked. She's leaving. She's wrong. Brady will get over it. It's just gonna take a little time. [Laughing] Oh. Oh, God. And then... oh, and then we are finally, finally going to be together. [Giggles, squeals]

Melanie: [Sighs]

Melanie: Hi.

Maggie: Hey.

Melanie: Do you know where dad and parker are?

Maggie: I'll go get them.

Melanie: Thank you.

Maggie: See you.

Melanie: I told Theresa the good news. [Chuckles]

Brady: I hate her. I hate her for doing this to us.

Melanie: I know. I have to wonder, though, a little bit, now that you know I'm leaving and that I made this decision for both of us... do you hate me too?

Paige: You know what the sad thing is, JJ? I didn't need you to be some kind of saint. I knew you weren't perfect, that you made mistakes. All I needed was for you to be honest with me... well, that and not sleep with my mother. Anyway, I'm sorry if you have some self-esteem issues, but I really don't give a damn. For all I care, you can go straight to hell.

JJ: I'm already there.

Paige: Good.

Eric: Is there anything I can do to help?

Jennifer: [Sighs] Thank you, but, um... I just don't want to talk about it quite yet.

Eric: Okay. Well, just call me if you need a friend. Be careful of Eve Donovan, okay? When somebody's that angry, you never know what they might do.

Jennifer: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Eve: Paige, honey, will you please just call me? I love you. Mm-mm, Jennifer. No, you and JJ are not gonna get away with this. Mm-mm.

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