Days Transcript Friday 5/29/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/29/15


Episode #12601 ~ Melanie gives Brady shocking information; Page is angry with Jennifer for her deception; Eve & JJ blame each other for what happened to Paige; Lucas & Adrienne learn about Kate's work situation.

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Kate: Good morning. I just wanted to stop by on my way to the office to apologize for my behavior last night. I was...stunned.

Justin: That makes two of us.

Kate: I don't know what gave Victor the ridiculous notion that the two of us could work together.

Justin: Well, technically, we won't be working together. I am your supervisor.

Kate: [Scoffs] Whatever. But I think as long as we keep a united front, we'll be able to talk Victor out of this.

Justin: No, no, no. Victor's not changing his mind. And besides, I didn't stay up all night reading about mascara for nothing.

Kate: [Laughs] Are you really gonna let him bully you into this? Oh, or is this actually about Lucas and Adrienne?

Lucas: [Sighs] Well, I am so glad that you spent the night.

Adrienne: Me, too.

Lucas: Are you sure about that?

Adrienne: Mm, of course. I can't help feeling a little guilty.

Lucas: Justin is with his mistress in Dubai. Do you think he's feeling guilty right now? I'm sorry, come here.


Melanie: Hi, buddy. Hey, come here. Oh, I didn't know I fell asleep.

Daniel: Sorry we woke you up.

Melanie: Don't be sorry. This is exactly what I needed today. Hi, buddy. Waking me up, you sneaking in here, waking me up?

[Knock on door]

Theresa: Hello.

Brady: Maxine said you'll be released soon.

Theresa: Yeah, in about an hour. Wish Tate could come home with me.

Brady: I just saw him. He looks great. Doctor said he'll probably be home in two days. Listen, um... I wanted to apologize to you about last night. I was out of line.

Theresa: Well, you were upset. I want Tate. You want Tate. We both just want him to be happy, right? [Zips bag]

Brady: Yeah, and I realize I didn't come across very calm, or very reasonable. And like you said, we both just want what's best for Tate. That's why I think it'd be better if we just settle this... whole thing today.

Theresa: Today? How is that even possible?

Brady: Theresa, this is the framework for a custody agreement. I think you'll find it very fair.

JJ: Okay, I just went to Paige's dorm, and she wasn't there. And nobody's seen her. God, if something's happened to her, I...

Jennifer: Honey, I'm sure she's fine.

JJ: But I texted her like a hundred times last night. If she'd just let me know that she's okay...

Jennifer: Well, I think... maybe you just need to give her some time, okay?

JJ: I know.

[Knock on door]

JJ: Mom, I'm sorry I've gotta go.

[Knock on door]

Jennifer: Yes? Paige.

JJ: What the hell do you want?

Eve: I'm looking for my daughter!

JJ: She's not here. Get out of my house!

Eve: Did you find her? Last night I-- do you know where she is? Did you talk to her, JJ?

JJ: I did.

Eve: Wait, wait, wait. If you tried to make this all my fault, JJ, I swear to you--

JJ: I was completely honest with her, eve.

Eve: Oh, really? Well that's new for you. How did that strategy work out for you, huh?

JJ: She said that she wanted me out of her life for good. I really hope you're happy about that. 'Cause you finally got exactly what you've been wanting.

Jennifer: Uh, Paige, come in, please. How are you? We have been so worried about you.

Paige: Oh, yeah? Where was this worry when you were helping my mom and JJ cover up their sick and disgusting affair?

Jennifer: I made a terrible mistake.

Paige: You must have known about my mom and JJ for months. When I saw you arguing with her at the square, I could tell that you were hiding something from me.

Jennifer: Yes, I was. That was the day that I found out that your mom and JJ were sl--

Paige: How? Hmm? How did you find out?

Jennifer: I walked in on them, together.

Paige: Oh, my God...

Jennifer: Paige, listen to me, honey.

Paige: Why didn't you say anything? I mean, I know JJ is your son but, why would you let him keep a secret like that from me? Why would you let him pull me back in when I was trying so hard to get over him?

Jennifer: It was my fault, yes. You and JJ getting back together after everything that happened, it was my idea.

Adrienne: [Laughs] Oh, no!

Lucas: Oh, that was a good breakfast, too! Oh, no, I guess I'll have to buy you breakfast, now won't I?

Adrienne: No, you have an early day.

Lucas: Yeah, I do. But when you're the boss you know, you get to make your own schedule.

Adrienne: Oh.

Lucas: And I'm not ready to turn myself away from you yet.

Kate: Victor knew that you would never turn down the job once you found out that Lucas was your chief competitor. I can't believe that you let him manipulate you like that.

Justin: So, I should let you be the one to manipulate me?

Kate: I'm trying to look out for the two of us, Justin.

Justin: Gee, thanks. But I've accepted the situation for what it is. And I suggest you do the same. Start focusing on doing your job rather than just talking about it.

Kate: [Scoffs] Excuse me?

Justin: Well, you already have two strikes against you. One more screw up, and uh, I think you can figure out what happens next. I was just looking at the projected sales for this quarter and I just don't think that we should launch a new product in this crowded market. [Scoffs] Damn it!

Brady: As you can see, Theresa, there's nothing limiting your parental rights. And I'm willing to be extremely generous in terms of financial support. Not only for Tate, but also for you.

Theresa: Whoa. You weren't kidding.

Brady: All you gotta do is sign it, initial the highlighted areas, and we'll put this issue to rest.

Theresa: Wait, wait, wait. What? What is this? It says I can't live anywhere besides Salem? You and I are gonna raise Tate here. But I'm gonna put you up in a comfortable home, everything you need.

Theresa: What? But Brady... you know that I'm thinking about moving back to California to be near my parents.

Brady: Theresa, come on. The only reason you're holding that over my head is because you want Melanie gone.

Theresa: What, Brady--

Brady: That is not gonna happen. So my suggestion to you is you take this very limited time offer, because it's the best you're gonna get.

Kimberly: No, no, no! Don't do it, don't do it. No, Theresa, don't do it, don't sign a damn thing.

Eve: You only have yourself to blame here, JJ. Yeah, it's your fault that Paige found out.

JJ: My fault?

Eve: Oh, yeah. If you hadn't tried to entrap me she never would overheard you in the next room...

JJ: Are you kidding me?

Eve: Blabbing about absolutely everything!

JJ: You tried to frame me and get me sent to jail. If you would have stayed away like you promised, none of this would have ever happened.

Eve: You're blaming me for this?

[Knock at door]

Eve: [Scoffing]

Daphne: Paige wanted me to give you your stuff back. I can see that you're busy.

JJ: No. Even I--

Daphne: None of my business.

JJ: Wait, Daphne. Do you know where Paige is?

Eve: If you know where my daughter is you have to tell me, please, please.

Paige: It was your idea? Why would you--

Jennifer: Paige, I knew what JJ had done was wrong. Very wrong.

Paige: Really?

Jennifer: But I also knew how miserable the two of you were apart. He loves you so much, and you love him. You told me so.

Paige: Yeah, well I might have told you something a little different if I knew the whole story.

Jennifer: No, Paige, that's why I want to explain to you--

Maxine: Paige! Happy birthday, girl.

Paige: Thanks.

Maxine: How was your party? Sorry I didn't make it. I had a double shift.

Jennifer: Uh, Maxine--

Maxine: JJ worked very hard to keep it a surprise. That boy sure knows how to keep a secret.

Paige: He sure does. He must've learned it from his mother.

Lucas: You know what, I think I'm gonna call my work, tell them I'll be late.

Adrienne: Okay.

Lucas: You mind ordering me something?

Adrienne: Oh, sure. Of course.

Lucas: I trust you.

Adrienne: Oh. [Laughs] That's your first mistake.

Justin: Kate!

Kate: [Scoffs]

Justin: Kate! Kate, stop! You're being ridiculous.

Kate: If you think I'm going to listen to anything that you have to say, you're crazy.

Justin: Well, you damn well better. Or you're gonna find yourself without a job.

Maggie: Well, parker, if you left your bear at your mom's, I'm sure we can get it tomorrow.

Daniel:! Right there! Oh!

Maggie: Yay!

Daniel: Found it. You found it. Oh, my gosh.

Daniel: Melanie, did you... say...

Melanie: Dad? Yeah. Um... so if Daniel's your son--

Maggie: That would make you my granddaughter.

Melanie: Oh, my goodness. Is this for me? Is this us? This is fantastic, I'm gonna frame it.

Parker: I'll make another one.

Melanie: Another one? Awesome! Oh, oh.

Daniel: Don't forget we're going to the park soon, okay?

Parker: Okay.

Daniel: Go ahead.


Melanie: This is just-- the details, it's exquisite.

Daniel: Oh yeah, look at that. Eyelashes...

Melanie: [Giggles]

Maggie: You want to go with us?

Melanie: Um...I'm actually-- I'm gonna wait for Brady. He's supposed to stop by, but I need to tell you guys something before you go.

Daniel: Sounds serious.

Melanie: It is.

Kimberly: You want her to hurry up and sign the "special limited time offer." A lawyer has not even looked at that document, Brady.

Brady: Kimberly... [Clears throat] Why don't you take a look at it? Okay, you'll find it's extremely fair.

Theresa: Well, you know, Mom, Brady is being very generous with his financial support, and I don't really have a problem with the custody terms. It's just that I have to stay in Salem.

Kimberly: Forever? No. No, no ,no. It's not gonna happen, honey. No, no, no. You're not Brady's prisoner, and you don't have to sign a document that's gonna limit your choices for your entire life.

Brady: Theresa and I both want to be full-time parents to Tate. I don't want to take him away from her, and I don't think she wants to take him away from me. But my place of business is here, in Salem. I can't just move to L.A.

Kimberly: Oh, oh, oh. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I see, Theresa's the one that's supposed to make all the sacrifices, and you, Mr. Generosity, you call it generous to just throw money at her to get your way. I can't believe john black's son would be such a controlling jerk.

Brady: Controlling? You know, speaking of "controlling," hey, why don't you let Theresa decide for herself?

Kimberly: She made a decision. She decided she needs the warmth and the love of her own family. And Shane and I are willing--

Brady: You don't think Tate needs the support of his father? I don't plan on being a deadbeat dad. I'm going to raise my son!

Kimberly: Will you use your head, Brady? You run an international corporation. Realistically, how much time do you really think you have to spend with your son?

Brady: I will make time. I don't like you questioning my commitment to my son. This matter's between your daughter and me. You butt the hell out.

Daphne: Paige would be really unhappy to see either one of you, right now.

Eve: Well you know what, that's not your call. I'm her mother, and I--

Daphne: Slept with her boyfriend. I mean, really?

JJ: You know what, Daphne, please, will you just tell me where she is? Okay, I really need to try to make things right.

Daphne: How are you possibly gonna do that, JJ? If she ever wants to see you again, I'm sure she'll let you know.

JJ: You know what, Daphne, if you don't tell me where she is, I'm gonna go across the street, and knock on your parents' door, and tell them that you're dating a dude with two kids, that's already been divorced, and he's only 21.

Daphne: You wouldn't dare.

JJ: I will if you don't help me.

Daphne: She thought you had an appointment, so she went to your place to get some of her things.

Eve: Oh.

JJ: Eve, stop. Thank you, and please don't tell Paige that we're on our way.

Maxine: I'll come back later.

Jennifer: Paige, honey. When I saw your mom and JJ together, it... it made me sick. And I was so angry and disappointed in him. Because I couldn't understand how he could hurt you that way. But the truth is, after... after he explained everything to me it happened. He has never regretted anything more in his life. He loves you so much. And that's how he proved it, I saw that. How much he loved you, honey.

Paige: JJ always knows the right things to say to get people on his side.

No, that is not true. He meant it. There's no doubt in my mind he was devastated when he thought he lost you. And so were you, honey. And that's why I felt partly responsible.

Paige: Why?

Jennifer: Because your mom and I, we have this horrible history. And I feel like you and JJ have suffered because of that. And I feel like if I could have just made peace with her somehow, she would have left the two of you alone.

Paige: And then JJ and I would've been together and he never would have cheated on me? Please.

Jennifer: No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm just trying to explain that after he confessed all of this, I felt so helpless because this is something I should have prevented, and I didn't. So I did the one thing that I thought would help, but it really didn't help at all. It ended up being the worst possible thing I could've done.

Paige: Wait, what did you do?

Jennifer: I went to your mom, and I blackmailed her.

Kate: Your name isn't even on the door yet, and you're threatening to fire me.

Justin: I don't like this arrangement any more than you do, but I am going to be professional. And if you can't be, I already have the names of three people who can walk right in here and take over tomorrow.

Kate: Ah, really?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Well I know who they are, and none of them can do what I do.

Justin: Oh, you're right. I bet it would take them twice as long to lose our best designer and best distributor. You have a unique talent, Kate. No one can alienate people quite like you.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Lucas: Sorry about that.

Adrienne: Oh, that's okay. The server hasn't come yet. And I've been poring over the menu.

Lucas: Oh, yeah? What, you don't know what you want?

Adrienne: Um... actually, I've been keeping a low profile. Justin just came through. Apparently he didn't go back to Dubai after all.

Lucas: Did he see you?

Adrienne: No, no. He was too busy chasing after your mother.

Kate: Well, obviously, you are not familiar with this industry. Otherwise you would know that I have an excellent track record in this business. So, I'm not going to listen to any of your snide little comments. I'm not going to listen to any advice that you think you need to give me.

Justin: Okay, if you'd just be quiet for just a moment, all right.

Kate: [Laughs]

Justin: And listen to me--

Kate: Hi, Lucas.

Lucas: What's going on here?

Melanie: Oh, I was--I was thinking about what it was like growing up. Oh, and uh... how with Trent it was, it was just about surviving and getting by. And I didn't think I would ever know what it was like to have a real family. And then I found out you and Carly were my parents... and that you were my grandma... and I know what love is.

Maggie: Oh, honey.

Melanie: And that love has made me want to be a better person. And I'm so glad I got a second chance.

Daniel: Yeah, me too.

Maggie: We all are, darling. I mean, you know that. Come on, where is all this coming from?

Melanie: I know exactly how important family is because I know what it was like to live without you two. And it's made me realize I know exactly what I have to do.

Kimberly: Hey, buddy. I'm just trying to protect my grandson and my daughter, and if Theresa feels it's in both their best interest to go home, who are you?

Brady: She doesn't feel that way.

Kimberly: Who ha--

Brady: Don't you realize the only reason she's considering moving back to California is that she wants to use the threat to get me to dump Melanie.

Kimberly: Oh? Is this true?

Theresa: No, of course not. But you know what, Brady, listen. I owe Melanie everything, okay? And I have thanked her so many times. Listen, I am putting Tate first, okay. How about you?

Kimberly: Ha--okay, okay. Honey, it's okay. Brady, you gotta go. I think you gotta go-- take this worthless document with you. And listen, for future reference, my daughter is not going to sign anything unless our lawyer looks over every single detail first.

Brady: Fine. But if you think you're gonna take my son away from me, it's never gonna happen.

Eve: [Sighs] She's not here. Either Daphne was wrong or Paige is already gone.

JJ: Damn it, all right.

Eve: Not so fast!

JJ: What now, eve?

Eve: Well, here we are, JJ. It's where this whole mess started, and where it ended.

JJ: I don't want to talk about this anymore--

Eve: Of course you don't. You just walk away. Knew you weren't man enough to face your mistakes.

JJ: All right, you know what? You think I haven't faced my mistakes? I had to look Paige in the eye and see how hurt she was. And betrayed. I broke her heart. And now I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Eve: Good. You shouldn't. Because if you had listened to me from the beginning, I would still have my daughter.

Jennifer: Paige, you and JJ wanted to get back together. But JJ knew that your mother would never allow it. So that is when I went to her... and I told her if she didn't leave the two of you alone, that I would...

Paige: You'd tell me that she slept with my boyfriend.

Jennifer: Yeah. And that's when you saw us fighting, and--and-- that's when I almost told you myself.

Paige: But you didn't. Because my mom caved, right? [Laughs softly] It all makes sense now. Because the next day JJ did a complete 180. Instead of pushing me away like he had been for months, he said things were suddenly over with "Roxanne" and that he wanted me back. Just when I was starting to get over him. God, how could you do this to me?

Jennifer: Honey, I thought that you and JJ were still in love. And that if you could give it a try without your mother's interference--

Paige: Oh, and you think your interference was some kind of good deed? If things had gone your way, I would've been living a horrible lie for the rest of my life.

Justin: I think you know what's going on. My wife didn't come home last night. So let me take a wild guess and say she spent the night with you.

Adrienne: You said you were going to Dubai to be with Elsa.

Justin: I said I was going to Dubai for work.

Lucas: Then why are you here?

Kate: Oh, if you must know, the reason that Justin didn't go to Dubai is because he's coming to work for me.

Jennifer: Paige, I know that I made a mistake. I knew it right away. But there was no undoing it because you and JJ were already back together. And all I wanted was for you to be spared the hurt that you're feeling right now.

Paige: Oh, no. Don't act like you did something noble. Like you gave a damn about my flings. The only thing you cared about was enabling your lying son. You sacrificed me so that JJ could get what he wanted.

Jennifer: No, Paige, no. I wanted to help you. I-I did, and I know that I made things worse, and I am so, so sorry.

Paige: [Laughs softly] Funny. I always thought JJ was so lucky to have a mother like you. Compared to my own mom, you always seemed so... together and responsible and... upstanding. But now I see, the two of you really aren't that different at all.

Eve: Yeah, I knew from the beginning that you were going to end up hurting my daughter. Because I saw how selfish you were, JJ. So selfish that you kept pursuing Paige even after you slept with her mother.

JJ: All right, what do you call yourself, eve? If you hadn't kept trying to come between us--

Eve: None of this would have happened? Really? Are you kidding me? If it weren't me it'd be somebody else. Not only aren't you man enough to own up to what you did, you had to run to Mommy to- to get her to, you know, blackmail me into helping you win Paige back. I told Jennifer that was a stupid idea, but no, the two of you just insisted that it was the right thing to do. How do you feel about it now, JJ, hmm? 'Cause you know that Paige never would have been that devastated if you hadn't tried to win her back to make her fall in love with you again.

JJ: I was just trying to make her happy.

Eve: But instead, you destroyed her. And you took from me the one... the only thing that I've ever cared about in this whole world. [Deep inhale] But there is one... one consolation in all this, and that is... [Laughs softly] I know that she's never gonna end up with you.

JJ: Well, you know what, that's where you're wrong. 'Cause I am going to get her back, eve.

Theresa: Look, I really, really appreciate you sticking up for me.

Kimberly: Yeah.

Theresa: Okay?

Kimberly: Yeah.

Theresa: But I mean, come on, you saw how tense Brady got when you were here, and... look, I can handle him. And besides, you know what, it's gonna cost a fortune for you to change your flight last minute. And Dad can't be alone.

Kimberly: Right.

Theresa: I mean, you said so yourself. He hasn't been 100% since his surgery, and--

Kimberly: I get it, you want me to go home, you want me to go home. [Humming] I get it. I get it. Until you need me again, then I will be here on a moment's notice.

Theresa: Thanks.

Kimberly: Okay. Oh, what we need to do in the meantime, we need to get all our legal ducks in a row so you can come home whenever you want.

Theresa: Well, I appreciate it.

Kimberly: Yeah? All right. All right, so I gotta get moving and... you know, I wish that I had seen Paige and eve while I was here. The funny thing--they didn't return any of my phone calls.

Theresa: Oh, God, how unlike them.

Kimberly: [Laughs] Now, now, now, now. I'm gonna make sure that they're here to support you while I'm gone, all right?

Theresa: Okay, Mom, look I'll be fine. I promise. Come here. I just--I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Maggie: What do you mean, you know what you have to do?

Daniel: Does this have something to do with Brady and Theresa?

[Knock on door]

Melanie: Hi.

Brady: Hi. Can we uh, can we talk?

Melanie: Yeah.

Maggie: Okay. I'll get go--go get parker ready.

Daniel: We'll finish this conversation.

Melanie: What's wrong?

Brady: Um... Melanie, things went really, really badly with Theresa.

Melanie: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I promise you, though, everything's going to be okay.

Adrienne: You've been working on that Dubai deal for almost a year. I can't believe you'd give that up to work for Kate. Hocking lipstick.

Kate: [Scoffs]

Justin: I won't only be working for mad world. And as far as the situation with Kate--

Kate: I thought Justin would be the perfect person to assume some of Lucas's old responsibilities.

Adrienne: So you asked Justin to take Lucas's job?

Lucas: That's not what's going on here.

Kate: Oh, really? You don't believe that we're working together?

Lucas: No, I believe that. I believe you're working together, but... obviously neither of you are happy about it, so, uh, stop trying to pretend it was your idea.

Adrienne: [Gasps] Victor.

Lucas: Yeah. Of course.

Eve: You are a sick, delusional idiot! Paige is never gonna take you back. She not a--she's never gonna forgive you for what you did to her.

JJ: Yeah, maybe not. But I've got to try. And don't forget, I still have proof that you tried to frame me for dealing drugs. So if you do anything to stop me, I will turn over the evidence to the police.

Eve: Mm, you are a sorry excuse for a human being. You're subhuman. I mean, why do you have to try, JJ? My God, if you really loved Paige, you would set her free. You'd stay away from her and let her move on with her life.

JJ: Is that what you're going to do?

Eve: I'm her mother.

JJ: You're the worst mother she could possibly ask for.


JJ: [Clears throat] See what I mean?

Eve: [Exhales]

Daniel: You know and this situation with Brady, I know how much she loves him. And-and it's just gotten...

[Both sigh]

Daniel: I don't know, it's just complex, obviously.

Maggie: What do you think Melanie's planning to do?

Daniel: I don't know. I'm sure she'll tell us when she's ready.

Maggie: Mm. But she's so upset. I mean, she and Brady haven't been together that long and this baby... oh, it's going to be a huge test in their relationship.

Daniel: Yeah, but they've friends for a very long time. And I think, you know what, I think they're gonna be strong enough to get through this.

Maggie: I hope you're right. It's just that whenever Theresa's involved, I can't help but worry. [Laughs softly]

Anne: Have you completely lost it? You gave up enough money to keep us--I mean you--in Manolo blahniks for a lifetime! You could have bought that gorgeous house I found down on university parkway--

Theresa: I don't want to live on university parkway, Anne.

Anne: Oh, no of course not. What was I thinking? Why would you want to live in a million dollar mansion when you could cozy up in a cramped little apartment that overlooks a parking lot and gets no light?

Theresa: Listen. The point is, if I sign on that dotted line I still wouldn't be getting what I want.

Anne: And what do you want, Theresa?

Theresa: Well, I just think that it would be easier to raise my child alongside Brady if, you know, Melanie, wasn't around. Anne: Uh-huh. Don't you mean easier to get Brady back?

Theresa: Well, isn't that what's best for Tate? You know, to have his parents together?

Anne: Yes, well, in an ideal world, yes, of course. That's what's best, right? Two adoring parents, no custody battles, right? Just love and harmony and ain't life perfect. But I'll tell you something, unless you're planning another little incident, you know, like with a fireplace poker... I don't see Melanie going anywhere any time soon.

Melanie: Well, I know you had custody papers drawn up last night. I thought the terms were fair. Did she not?

Brady: She pretty much flipped out. She and her mom.

Melanie: She's still threatening to move to California unless I'm out of the picture. She said she didn't mean to give that impression.

Melanie: Oh, what impression did she mean to give?

Brady: I don't--you know what, I don't care. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because she doesn't get to dictate how I live my life. And I don't want to live my life without you.

Melanie: Do you want to live your life without your son?

Parker: [Airplane noises]

Daniel: Hey, look out.

Maggie: Whoa!


Maggie: Oh, I hate that so many people I love are going through such a difficult time.

Daniel: Yeah. Have you--have you talked to Jennifer?

Maggie: She's in a terrible state. She blames herself for what happened to Paige.

Daniel: Yeah, I just wish there was something I could've done but, I...

Maggie: You know what? How did you find out the truth?

Daniel: Well, at first, Paige thought eve slept with... with me.

Maggie: Oh.

Daniel: Only because my jacket was at the apartment.

Maggie: Ah, the jacket that JJ borrowed. Hmm.

Daniel: Yeah, and I tried. I tried to get Jennifer and JJ to tell Paige the truth, but it had gotten so far out of hand by then it... I don't know. I just hope it hasn't gotten any worse. Oh, my goodness! You're a wild man, on the loose.

Parker: [Giggling]

Maxine: I'll get right on this. You want to talk about it?

Jennifer: No. Because you're going to try to make me feel better, and I'd rather sit here and just beat myself up about it a little bit more.

Maxine: Don't do that, Jen. You're a good person and a wonderful mom. Be kind to yourself, okay?

Jennifer: [Sighs] Maybe I should call JJ.

[Door opens, slams]

Paige: I thought I saw you drop this.

JJ: Yeah, yeah. I guess I did. [Chuckles]

Paige: [Chuckles]

JJ: Thank you.

Lucas: Victor's got a great sense of humor, doesn't he?

Adrienne: Ha, since when?

Lucas: He thinks you'll do anything to destroy me, right? Right, I feel exactly the same way. Mad world is going down. There's nothing you can do about it. Excuse us, we're gonna go have a nice breakfast, alone.

Kate: [Scoffs] Oh, God...

Justin: You really need to stop telling people I work for you.

Kate: Oh. As long as you don't tell people that I do work for you. Because as far as I'm concerned, I don't.

Justin: [Sighs]

Anne: You look too happy.

Theresa: Well, of course I'm happy. Anne, I am the mother of the sweetest little boy in the whole wide world.

Anne: Uh-huh. Yeah, but you're up to something that isn't the least bit sweet. Or sensible, or even moral. Am I getting warm?

Theresa: Well, let's just say I gave Melanie something to think about. And now, the proverbial ball is in her court. Whenever she decides, I'll be ready.

Brady: I'm not going to be separated from my son, or from you. And we'll figure out a way to make this thing work.

Melanie: No, Brady. Come on, Theresa's was willing to kill somebody to marry you. She's not going to back down from this. And you heard Aiden. He doesn't think you'll get custody.

Brady: Melanie, there-- there's a way--we could--

Melanie: I'm sorry, no, Brady, I'm sorry. There's only one way to solve this so that--so that your son doesn't suffer. Theresa's always going to use him as a weapon against you unless I take myself out of this situation and that's what I'm going to do.

Brady: What?

Melanie: For your sake and your son's. I'm going to leave Salem today.

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