Days Transcript Thursday 5/28/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/28/15


Episode #12600 ~ Serena tries to tell Nicole she's making a mistake; Brady learns what Theresa has done; Adrienne & Lucas get ready to reveal their relationship; Victor forces Kate to work with someone unexpected.

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Brady: Theresa told you that she was thinking about moving to California? With Tate?

Theresa: The only way I'm going to stay here in Salem and raise my beautiful little boy alongside Brady would be if...

Melanie: If I weren't here?

Theresa: Oh. So you do see?

Melanie: Yeah. She was pretty clear about that. You might want to sit down because there's something else you should know.

Kimberly: Are you seriously considering coming back to California?

Theresa: Well, I've decided to keep an open mind. But listen, do you really think dad can straighten things out with the probation judge, 'cause I don't want to have to wait.

Kimberly: Oh, I forgot--I talked to him in the car. It's practically a done deal. You and Tate can come home, if it's what you want.

Theresa: Oh, mom. I don't know how to thank you for everything that you've done.

Justin: I'm on my way to the airport. I can't wait to see you either. Don't worry, Elsa, we'll take care of everything once I get back to Dubai. Okay, I'll call you when I land.

Victor: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Lucas: So, I was thinking. Uh, you're thinking uh-oh, right?

Adrienne: Mm, I'm not, no.

Lucas: Yeah, you are. That's okay, that's okay. Um, I was just thinking now that Justin's going back to Dubai tonight, maybe we can have Jennifer come over and we can tell her about us.

Kate: Oh, why stop there? Why not just tweet it out? Why not tell the whole world your good news? You're shacking up with a married woman. Congratulations.

Xander: I'm really gonna miss you and Serena. Even though we haven't had much time to hang out, it's been nice having the three of us together again. Felt like old times.

Eric: It did.

Xander: Let me buy you a drink before you go, in case we don't see each other again before the big move.

Eric: [Chuckles] Wha--

Xander: Daniel? Join us for a drink. On me.

Daniel: Uh, thank you. But no. I don't need any more favors from you.

Serena: We need to talk. About Xander.

Nicole: Well, like I said, now's not a good time. How about later, or how about never?

Serena: Nicole, I know that you don't like me and I'm sure you know that the feeling is mutual. But I can't sit back and watch you make a horrible mistake.

Nicole: What mistake?

Serena: You need to stay away from Xander.

Kimberly: Your father and I also, we started researching custody lawyers and I hope it doesn't come to that, but if Brady puts up a--

Theresa: Oh, no, don't worry, mom. Brady will put Tate first, and I'm sure once he's had more time to think about it, he'll realize exactly what's best for all of us.

Melanie: We thought that motherhood was gonna change Theresa. We were wrong...obviously. Um, at least she was direct with me. I mean, in an--in an indirect way.

Brady: I don't--I don't know what you're saying.

Melanie: She made it pretty clear what she wanted, and Theresa--

[Knock at door]

Brady: Hold that thought. It's probably Aiden. If we're lucky, whatever Theresa wants will be irrelevant. Aiden, thanks for coming.

Aiden: Yeah, of course.

Brady: Now please, please... tell me you can help us.

Eric: Let me get the drinks.

Xander: Have I done something to upset you, Daniel? If this is about Nicole, I went to your apartment earlier to try to explain--

Daniel: Okay, Xander, stop. I'm tired of your endless explanations, especially since there never seems to be much truth to them.

Nicole: If this is about running into each other at Xander's hotel room, you misunderstood. We are strictly acquaintances. I was there to interview him for a story--

Serena: Nicole, save it. I know what you're doing and you're in way over your head. You need to stay away from Xander, and if you don't, let me be clear. You will ruin your life. You will lose Daniel and so much more.

Lucas: Mom, shut up.

Kate: [Scoffs] What, does it hurt your feelings that I'm speaking the truth?

Lucas: Have you never shacked up with a married man, really? Isn't that the whole reason I'm here?

Kate: And Jennifer and the entire Horton clan would never let me forget it, and I've been a pariah in this town for years, and I don't want that for you.

Adrienne: I don't want that for you either, Lucas. I don't care what people say about me, but you--

Lucas: Listen, no one's gonna say anything about you. Your husband left you. You have a right to move on with your life and be happy.

Kate: She's concerned for you, as am I.

Lucas: Oh, really, so concerned that you stole my job from me, really?

Kate: All right, Lucas, that was never my intention.

Lucas: Gimme a break, all right, come on.

Kate: I know that you're still hurting, and it breaks my heart that you feel that way.

Lucas: Oh, does it, really? I can tell.

Kate:'re my son. Of course it does.

Lucas: No, no, no. Didn't you understand me? You're nothing to me now.

Kate: I would do anything for you. Good, then do this: Get out of my life, once and for all.

Justin: I'm going to Dubai.

Victor: Nonsense. You just got here. I've hardly seen you.

Justin: Well, I'm sorry about that, but I really need to get back.

Victor: Why, because you can't bear to be away from your mistress a moment longer? What's her name? Olga?

Justin: Her name is Elsa, and she's not my mistress.

Victor: Save your breath. I know everything.

Justin: Uncle Vic, whatever Adrienne said about what's going on over there--

Victor: I knew long before Adrienne said anything. I was just hoping that you'd come to your senses before she found out.

Justin: Well as much as I'd love to hear you hold forth on how I've destroyed my marriage because God knows you have never screwed up, I have to catch a flight.

Victor: No, Justin, you're not going anywhere.

Theresa: I hate being here without my baby.

Kimberly: I know, I know, but you have to take care of yourself so you can take care of your precious son.

Theresa: I just love him so much, mom. I mean, I love him more than I ever thought I...I just hope I don't screw this up.

Kimberly: Honey, you'll be just fine. Your instincts are gonna take over. I promise it's gonna be fine.

Theresa: Well, if you think it would be just fine, then why would you want to move me halfway across the country?

Kimberly: Oh, being a single parent is the hardest job in the world, trust me. That's why I want to be here to support you, baby. Selfishly, I don't want to miss out on this precious time with my grandson. And also, if it takes time to work this custody situation out with Brady, I'll stay as long as it takes.

Theresa: Actually, mom... I think that's a terrible idea.

Brady: I'm sorry, uh... Aiden Jennings, Melanie Jonas.

Aiden: Oh.

Melanie: Hi.

Aiden: Nice to meet you.

Melanie: My dad speaks so highly of you.

Aiden: Oh.

Brady: If anybody can figure out a way to keep Kimberly and Theresa from taking my son away, it's this guy.

Aiden: Uh, well, I appreciate your faith in me, Brady, but um, look, I had an opportunity to look at the particulars of your case before I came by and I gotta warn you, I can't make any promises that we can stop Theresa from leaving Salem with your son.

Xander: I don't know what I've done to suddenly earn your distrust.

Daniel: Well, you told me you never would have gone after Nicole if you had known we were together--

Xander: And I wouldn't have. I--I swear, I didn't know you two were dating when she and I first met.

Daniel: No, but you know now. So instead of backing off, you have her up in your hotel room--

Xander: That's what I was trying to explain.

Daniel: Yeah?

Xander: Listen, come on. Come on. It was completely innocent, Daniel.

Daniel: Yeah? That's right, yeah, Nicole said she wanted to interview you--you for a piece about Brady. But we both know that is just ridiculous.

Xander: Look, I...I know it sounds implausible, but you have no reason to be jealous. If you truly love Nicole--

Daniel: Of course I love Nicole. What I don't love is being lied to by her. And you.

Nicole: Hmm. This is very interesting. You don't like me, and I don't like you, and suddenly you're interested in my love life. You wouldn't happen to be jealous of my friendship with Xander--

Serena: I love Eric. We're moving--

Nicole: To Hawaii. Yes, I know. He came here and he told me, and I'm staying here and you don't have to worry about me anymore.

Serena: Believe me, I'm looking forward to it.

Nicole: Hmm. So you and Xander go way back, right? All the way back to Africa. So, if you're not jealous--

Serena: I'm not.

Nicole: Okay. Then you're worried that Xander's gonna slip up and tell me about your deepest, darkest secrets?

Serena: Please, Nicole, just stop talking and listen to me. I am trying to save your life, you stupid bitch.

Kimberly: Whoa. Why is it a terrible idea?

Theresa: Well, if I decide to go back to California, I just don't want Brady and I to have to go through a whole custody battle. And I'd--I'd rather work it out without going to court.

Kimberly: Yeah, I'd like that too--me too.

Theresa: Okay, and I think it's gonna be a little harder to deal with if you're here.

Kimberly: Why?

Theresa: Well, mom, you just got in a huge fight with Brady, and then there's Victor. He hates you.

Kimberly: Oh, really? Well, the feeling is mutual.

Theresa: Yes, but Brady and I are getting along now, and I think it would be a little less contentious if you're not in the middle of it. No offense.

Kimberly: No--no, I'm--I'm not con--I'm not offended. I just don't want Victor Kiriakis railroading my little girl.

Theresa: Mom, I'm pretty good about standing up for myself. And if I need back up, grandma Caroline will be here and, you know, she has a way of putting old Vic in his place.

Kimberly: Well, I can't argue with you there. You absolutely sure you want me to go so you and Brady can work this out on your own?

Theresa: I think that would be best.

Melanie: Mr. Jennings, I know courts tend to side with the mother in cases like this, but given Theresa's history--

Brady: Yeah, then there's my history.

Aiden: Well, there's also the fact that Theresa was a victim in a high-profile kidnapping. Her child has already been taken from her once.

Brady: Mm-hmm, by my psycho ex.

Aiden: Yeah, and a judge might be very reluctant to separate Theresa from Tate again, especially considering all the public outrage it might provoke, you know.

Melanie: Provo--how--how's this for provoking? His dad was clubbed by Theresa with a fire poker and almost died.

Aiden: Wait, what?

Brady: Yeah, charges were never filed. Long story.

Aiden: Okay, well...we can raise that issue in family court, but on the flip side, if we're talking about Tate living under Victor's roof, Theresa's lawyer could bring up the history between Victor and Theresa's parents.

Melanie: What--what history?

Brady: It's--it's not-- it's not good. My grandfather never talks about it, which means it's probably pretty--

Aiden: Bad. I checked into it. Look, again, another situation where no charges were filed, but apparently when Victor was being investigated by Shane Donovan, there were a few allegations of attempted murder and the like, so...

Melanie: Murder?

Brady: Attempted... this is--this just keeps getting better--okay, hold on. So Theresa, she's the daughter of an ISA agent, she's the granddaughter of the beloved Brady's, and my grandfather was tony soprano. There's no way in hell I'm getting custody, is there?

Aiden: All right, look, Brady. This is not my area of expertise. I'm gonna consult with an associate, but if I had to give an opinion right now, I'd say if Theresa wanted to move to California with Tate, there's a strong chance that a judge would allow it.

Xander: I don't know what I've done to upset you like this, Daniel. I consider you part of my family and...

Daniel: You know, this good guy act is starting to wear just a bit thin.

Xander: Act?

Daniel: You were such a troubled kid.

Xander: Yeah, so you keep reminding me.

Daniel: Hey, look, I really wanted to believe when you showed up in Salem all polite and--and reformed, that you had changed. But unfortunately, the more I see of you, the more I suspect that you've just gotten good at hiding it.

Xander: I don't know what I've done to deserve this. My intentions are to do good and make my family proud. Now, if I've somehow given you the wrong impression--

[Cell phone ringing]

Xander: Sorry. [Sighs] Something's come up. I guess I won't be buying you that drink you didn't want. Perhaps we can, uh, settle this another time.

Daniel: Well, I don't know how much more there is to say, but sure.

Eric: Hey, where you going?

Xander: I have to put out a fire at work, but all the best in Hawaii. If I don't see you before you go, we'll have mai tais in Honolulu.

Eric: Yeah. Looks like you could use this. What was all that about?

Xander: What's going on? Did Nicole finally leave her office?

Navidad: No.

Xander: Then why did you contact me?

Navidad: Serena's with her.

Nicole: Now, why would you be worried about me when obviously, you're just worried about yourself?

Serena: Obviously, you don't know what a dangerous game you're playing with Xander.

Nicole: What game?

Serena: Nicole, I know that you're not really interested in him. You're just pretending, hoping that he'll help you find dirt on me.

Nicole: So you think this is all about you? Wow, what an ego.

Serena: Actually, I think this is all about Eric. My point is, you're not gonna find anything on me, and if Xander figures out that you're playing him, you don't want to find out what he might do.

Nicole: And what might that be?

Serena: Let's just put it this way... Xander's not a man you want to cross. He is unbalanced and unscrupulous, and he would not hesitate to hurt you.

Kate: This is all your doing. You turned him against me.

Lucas: You know what, mom, you did that all on your own. You've had plenty of practice.

Kate: If we could just talk privately, I know that I--

[Cell phone rings]

Kate: [Sighs]

Lucas: Go ahead. Go ahead and answer it. You might as well. You don't want to lose another designer, another distributor, or no, maybe even another kid.

Kate: Okay, look, I'm--I'm sorry, I have to go.

Adrienne: So soon?

Kate: You know, I really hope for your sake that she's worth it.

Lucas: She absolutely is. Listen, I am so sorry.

Adrienne: No, no, no, no. I'm sorry.

Victor: Sorry about the interruption.

Justin: Well, Vic, I know we have a lot to discuss, but my flight leaves in two hours. I will call you when I get to Dubai.

Victor: Did you not understand me the first time I said it? You are not going to Dubai, or Dublin or Dubuque. You are staying right here.

Justin: I have been away from the negotiations for too long as it is.

Victor: I agree. That's why you've been replaced.

Justin: What?

Victor: You heard me. So now you have no reason to go to Dubai, other than your mistress.

Justin: After all the time and effort that I have put into this deal, you can't take me off it!

Victor: I can, I would, and I did.

Justin: The whole deal will fall apart if I'm not there!

Victor: Peterson is an even better negotiator than you are. And I'm sure he'll get along with Olga just swimmingly.

Eric: You know there's nothing going on between Xander and Nicole.

Daniel: No, it's not just Nicole. This guy is trouble.

Eric: Why do you say that?

Daniel: Look, I know he's a friend of yours, and I can't point to any specific thing yet, but please, please trust me. He is not who he appears to be.

Daniel: You know, Serena said the same thing. I was a bit surprised because they seemed so close in Africa.

Daniel: Yeah, Serena talked to me about that, too.

Eric: Wait, what--she did? What'd she say?

Daniel: I'm--you know what, she probably could explain it better. Why don't you ask her? I--you know--I've--I have had a day, and I'm sorry. I need to go home. Uh, but thank you for the--for the drink.

Eric: Yeah, sure.

Daniel: I'll see you soon?

Eric: Yeah, actually...

Daniel: What?

Eric: You know what, I have some news, but it can wait for another time.

Daniel: You sure?

Eric: Yeah. You know what, I hope you have a better night.

Daniel: Thank you.

Nicole: The only unstable person around here is you. I'm not playing anyone. In fact, Xander has been very sweet and charming. Isn't he your friend?

Serena: Was.

Nicole: Was, okay. All right, sure. He can be a little intense. Isn't everyone? I think he's a great guy.

Serena: Really? Yeah, well that great guy is having you watched as we speak.

Nicole: What? Come on, please. How do you know that?

Serena: You're just gonna have to trust me.

Nicole: [Laughs]

Serena: Xander is a very dangerous man. And I couldn't leave town without at least trying to warn you, but I've done my job. So please be smart and put this guy in your rearview mirror before you become another in a long line of his victims.

Kimberly: All right, you get some rest. I think I'm gonna go back to ma's, make sure she gets her dinner.

Theresa: And maybe book your flight home?

Kimberly: Somebody sounds awfully eager to get rid of me.

Theresa: No, mom, it's just that I know that you have your life to get back to.

Kimberly: Oh, so now we're being so thoughtful. Well, I get it. I will stay away from Victor and Brady. I will not provoke anybody. Are you happy?

Theresa: Mom, look. I know you mean well, okay, but I--I'll be okay, I promise.

Kimberly: Look how you always promise something.

Anne: Don't worry about her, Mrs. Donovan, I will keep an eagle eye on her for you.

Kimberly: Oh.

Anne: Yeah.

Kimberly: Thank you, um...

Anne: Oh, Anne--Anne Milbauer, we met earlier today. Head of hr, Theresa's BFF.

Kimberly: Yeah, thanks... Anne.

Anne: Yeah.

Kimberly: All right, well... I love you. I love you, I love you and I... I can't wait--you're gonna come home, you're gonna be in your own room, in your own bed. There's gonna be a new baby in the house, it's gonna be wonder--

Theresa: Mom.

Kimberly: I'm sorry. I mean, you've got a lot to think about at this time. I know, all right, all right. I already get the mess--it's time for me to--good-bye. I'll see you tomorrow. Thank you--

Both: Anne.

Kimberly: Anne, all right, thank you, Anne. All right.

Anne: What? Back home in your own bed? Oh, my God, what'd you change your mind, you're leaving me? You're going back to the land of Botox?

Theresa: I can't. [Laughs]

Aiden: All right, well... I do have one more question for you. You said that it was Theresa's mother's idea that she move to California. I was under the impression that they don't get along very well.

Brady: They don't.

Aiden: Okay, well, then maybe this is all moot. Maybe she's not seriously thinking about moving.

Melanie: No, she said she was.

Aiden: I see. All right, well, look, I wish I had better news for you than I do, but we're gonna explore all our options. In the meantime, I advise you to do everything you can to avoid a custody case, okay?

Brady: All right. Um, Aiden, thank you for your time, I appreciate it.

Aiden: Yeah, I wish I could do more. Nice to meet you, Melanie.

Melanie: I'm so sorry, Brady.

Brady: I want you to tell me exactly what Theresa said to you.

Melanie: She said she's still in love with you. And she doesn't know how she could stand living here seeing you and I be happy and in love.

Brady: Well, she's just gonna have to learn, isn't she? It's not like you and I are just gonna... she told you that she wants you gone, didn't she? She said, "Melanie, I want you to go," is that what she said? That--I will call you later, okay?

Melanie: Brady, please, don't--

Brady: I'll call you later.

Theresa: [Laughing]

Anne: What is so damn funny?

Theresa: Oh...I can't...

Anne: Oh, God.

Theresa: What's so funny is that you, who I previously thought to be a reasonably intelligent person, would ever believe that I would move back to L.A., where my over-bearing, highly annoying mother would definitely run my life, not to mention my kid's. And the weather is always perfect, which would bore me senseless.

Anne: Really, 'cause you got something against sunshine?

Theresa: Well, when it's perpetual, yes.

Anne: And apropos of you laughing your little ass off because I was assuming you were moving back to L.A.? Now what do you think, you're like the poster child for rational decision making? Of course I thought you would do something that nutty. You're--you're, like, claim to fame is making horrifyingly stupid decisions, Theresa.

Theresa: Oh, gee, Anne, that hurts.

Anne: And I know how sensitive you are, so I'm just gonna add...I'm really relieved you're not leaving, because you do make me laugh from time to time, and really, what's more important in the grand scheme of things, right?

Theresa: Oh, well, I feel better.

Anne: Egh, all right, enough with the schmaltzy business., you're mo is to make everyone think you're moving back, which will, a, make your mother want to jump off a bridge when she finds out you're not because she was dying to run your life. Um...or B... more importantly, what? Hello, I'm talking to you. Can you put down your phone, please?

Theresa: Yeah, but, no, I'm just checking what time it is.

Anne: All right, well, it's time to answer my question. More importantly, what--like, why--why do you want everyone thinking that you're moving back to the land of perpetual sunshine if you're not? What--what--what little mischief are you cooking up now, naughty girl?

Theresa: Brady must be going crazy now. He's gonna be here any minute.

Anne: Do not stonewall me, Theresa Donovan.

Theresa: Oh, my God, chill out, Anne Milbauer. Look, I will tell you everything eventually, okay, but right now I have to focus all of my energy on Brady, who, as I said, is probably going insane right now and should be here any minute to read me the riot act.

Anne: Mm-hmm. And what are you gonna tell him, pray tell?

Theresa: Well, I'll handle Brady when he gets here, as only I know how.

Lucas: Listen, I have disowned my mom before, several times, in fact. And I--I just forgot how liberating it could be. So do me a favor, you know, remind me not to let her worm her way into my life again.

Adrienne: Lucas, I know you're very upset. Please don't pretend that you're not. I feel responsible.

Lucas: The only thing you're responsible for is making me happier than I've been in a very, very long time. Mm. Mmm. No more arguing?

Adrienne: No more arguing.

Lucas: Are we done?

Adrienne: I give in, I give in.

Lucas: There's the bed.

Adrienne: I feel it.

Justin: You just love to offer advice on things you know nothing about, don't you? Do you really think keeping me here is going to magically solve all of the problems in my marriage to Adrienne?

Victor: That's the least of my concerns.

Justin: Excuse me?

Victor: Your son needs his father to guide him in the right direction, away from will Horton.

Justin: So you're keeping me here to help break up my son's marriage?

Victor: There is one other reason.

Kate: Okay, I got your summons. What's going on?

Victor: Well, I'd like you to meet your new boss. Oh, that would be you.

Eric: Serena?

Serena: Hey.

Eric: Hey.

Serena: Eric, I'm so glad that I ran into you. I was just on my way to your apartment.

Eric: Hey, what's wrong?

Serena: Nothing. Can I stay with you tonight because I really just don't want to be alone.

Eric: Of course. But first, tell me why you're lying to me.

Nicole: Okay, calm down. Serena is a nut case, everything's gonna be fine.

Xander: Hey, you.

Nicole: Oh. Hi, Xander. I was just about to leave, actually, what are you--what are you doing here?

Xander: We're supposed to have dinner, remember? You didn't call, so I thought I'd drop by. I figured you were just caught with work, but if you're finished...

Nicole: Ugh, I have a--I had a really long day. I just want to go home and crash. I hope you're not too disappointed.

Xander: To be honest, I kind of am. You're not avoiding me, are you?

Serena: Why do you think I'm lying to you?

Eric: Well, because you're more upset every time I see you. And please, don't tell me you're okay, because I can tell you're not.

Serena: Okay, something's bugging me. It just--it's...the move, and everything that's going on. I--I don't want to talk about it right now.

Eric: Okay. It doesn't have anything to do with Xander, does it?

Nicole: Why would I be avoiding you? I was really looking forward to dinner. I just don't think I'm gonna be very good company. Rain check?

Xander: Soon, I hope. I ran into Daniel tonight, and, well, we can discuss that another time.

Nicole: If we must. I'd rather...focus on us.

Xander: Me too. Get some rest and have a good night. Okay?

Melanie: You're my father?

Daniel: Yes.

Melanie: I mean, Carly deprived us of each other. I don't know how not to be angry about that. I don't blame you anymore, mom. I know you didn't have a choice. I just wish I could have been raised by both my parents.

Daniel: Hey, honey, how was your day?

Melanie: Hey...good.

Daniel: What--what's wrong?

Melanie: [Sniffles]

Daniel: Hey?

Melanie: It's--everything with Brady and Theresa, it's just tough.

Daniel: I know. Look, I know you feel like you're on the outside looking in, but you--you are the woman Brady loves. You and Tate are his whole world. Hey, and nothing--nothing is gonna get in the way of that. Okay?

Melanie: Okay.

Daniel: Aw, baby.

[Door opens]

Brady: You are out of your mind if you think you're getting away with this.

Theresa: I don't know what you're talking about--

Brady: You know damn well what I'm talking about, Theresa.

Theresa: Well--if this is about my mother's idea--

Brady: Tate is staying here in Salem with me and Melanie, okay? If you want to go to California, be my guest. You can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

[Romantic music]

Kate: Victor, we had an agreement. As CEO, I answer to one person: You.

Victor: That's before you lost your top designer and distributor all in the first two weeks on the job.

Kate: So what are you doing? Are you demoting me?

Victor: No, you'll still be CEO, under the very careful supervision of Justin.

Justin: I'm a lawyer. I have no interest in supervising her--

Victor: You work for titan industries, and at the moment, this is where you're needed.

Kate: What the--he doesn't have the experience.

Victor: He's had a company of his own. He knows how to make a business successful. And besides, I think he has a vested interest in destroying the competition.

Justin: Really? Who would that be?

Victor: He used to work for me. That is, until his loving mother screwed him out of his job.

Kate: Ahh...bu...

Justin: You mean I'll be competing with--

Victor: The man that's sleeping with your wife. Now if that's not enough incentive to make this thing work, I don't know what is.

Kate: This is ridiculous.

Victor: I think she took that well.

Melanie: Thank you, dad. I don't know how I survived so long without you. And you and Maggie always make me feel so loved and supported.

Daniel: Because you are. And you wait till your little brother gets here tomorrow morning, and he sees you. He's gonna like like, mm, all right?

Melanie: I can't wait.

Daniel: Yeah.

Melanie: I was thinking about you and Chloe, when you were trying to figure out custody over parker, and as bad as things got between the two of you, you--you guys made it work for his sake.

Daniel: Yes and because we did, Chloe and I are in a much better place. And we're on good terms now. And neither one of us want to let anything happen to parker. Learn to be happy.

Melanie: Of course, that's the most important part.

Daniel: Yes--and you. Both of you. In fact, I actually gotta call Chloe to work out tomorrow morning. Are you gonna be okay?

Melanie: Yeah.

Daniel: Yes?

Melanie: Yes, yes. Thank you for talking with me.

Daniel: Good to hear. All right, you will be okay. Okay? Yes?

Melanie: Yes.

Daniel: All right. Love you, baby.

Melanie: I will be okay. I'll be fine. I know what I have to do.

Theresa: I can't believe you just said that to me. You told the mother of your child to go to hell? Nice.

Brady: Stop, Theresa. I thought we were on the same page when it came to putting Tate first.

Theresa: We are, we are.

Brady: Okay, well a boy needs his father. You're not gonna take my son away from me, do you understand me?

Theresa: I never said that I would.

Brady: And Melanie is going to stay in my life, end of discussion, do you got that?

Theresa: I got it. Okay.

Brady: Okay.

Anne: Wow, way to go, toots. You had papa bear eating right out of the palm of your pretty little hand.

Theresa: That is exactly how I expected Brady to react.

Anne: Oh, really?

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Anne: You thought he would now hate you so much that smoke was coming out of his nostrils, and if he wasn't such a gentleman, he would have surely rung your neck?

Theresa: Well, he's been just as angry at me before. More. And he always found it in his heart to forgive me, Anne. And now we share a child, so...

Anne: Oh, please, honey. Plenty of people manage to share a child and want to kill each other, all at the same time.

Theresa: You know what, your cynicism is not going to phase me in the least, Anne, because I am not giving up. No way, no how. This isn't over until Tate and I win.

Serena: Why do you think it's about Xander?

Eric: When I saw Daniel earlier and he said something--

Serena: You know what, Eric, I will explain everything to you later. For now, I--I just want to be with you. I don't want to think about Xander, or Daniel, or the rest of the world.

Eric: Okay. Just trying to help.

Serena: I know. If you really want to help, you can take me home right now and make love to me all night long, 'cause that's what I really need. [Chuckles]

Eric: You drive a hard bargain.

Serena: Thank you for understanding.

Nicole: If Xander really is watching me, I mean, I can't go to Daniel's. Is he as dangerous as Serena says he is, or is she just trying to scare me? Oh, my God. What have I gotten myself into?

Navidad: Did you find out what Serena said to Nicole?

Xander: No. So keep following Nicole. I need to know what she's up to at all times. One wrong move on her part and I'm prepared to end this game for good.

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