Days Transcript Thursday 5/21/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/21/15


Episode #12596 ~ Paige's party turns into a disaster; Stefano berates Marlena for hurting Kristen; Chad questions Stefano's intentions; Paul confronts John.

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Chad: Damn. Father... when you get this, call. Please. It's important, and I need to know that Marlena's all right.

Stefano: So... your final destination. No, no, no, no, no. Don't touch that.

Marlena: Where did we land?

John: Always glad to hear from you and I'm glad that we could meet. So how have things been?

Paul: Enlightening.

John: Enlightening? I don't understand.

Paul: You know, I never would have come back to Salem if I had known that you were such a hypocrite.

Eve: [Sobbing]

Paige: I know, mom. I know what you did.

Eve: What--what do you think I did, honey?

Paige: Slept with JJ. You had sex with my boyfriend!

All: Surprise!


JJ: Happy birthday! This is gonna be the best day ever. I've got it all planned.

[Indistinct excited chatter]

JJ: Is something wrong?

[Knock at door]

Eve: Paige. Paige! Oh, my god, Paige. Please, god.

Cole: What was with that crazy phone call, Mrs. Larson? The hell is going on?

[Indistinct chatter]

Kayla: That never happens. Happy birthday!

Abigail: Definitely.

Rory: Paige, you got to look at yourself.

Daphne: Rory, stop it.

Kayla: Happy birthday.

Maggie: Happy birthday, sweetie.

JJ: Paige... are you okay?

Paige: My birthday is tomorrow.

Maggie: We know. We wanted to surprise you today.

Jennifer: You know what? Everyone, let's go inside.

Maggie: Okay, all right. Sure.

Rory: Happy birthday.

Kayla: We should have said something.

Maggie: She just needs to catch her breath.

Daniel: She'll be fine.

Rory: She was totally freaked.

Daphne: Rory, can you stop with the phone?

Jennifer: I don't know. When Paige stopped by earlier looking for JJ, I thought she was upset about something.

Kayla: Actually--

Jennifer: Maybe this was a mistake.

Kayla: I think maybe I know what's up.

JJ: Paige, what is it? It's--it's just a surprise party, okay? Talk to me. You seem... whatever it is, you can tell me.

Paige: Can I?

JJ: Well, yeah. We tell each other everything, right?

JJ: Is it something about school? Don't--don't worry about them in there, okay? They can wait. If--if something's wrong, just tell me. We'll fix it.

Paige: No, no, this isn't the time or the place.

JJ: What?

Rory: Dude, check it out! You got to check out this video, all right? Paige, talk about priceless. Your face, it looks like a ghost just stole your lunch money. It's so funny.

Daphne: Rory, don't make fun of her. Honest to god, can you even spell "manners"?

Rory: Wha--hey, seriously. Check this out.

JJ: You know what? Later, all right? She needs a few minutes, okay?

Rory: Sure.

Daphne: I heard you and JJ are moving to California. That's awesome! God, you guys are gonna be so happy.

Kayla: I remember that I had a conversation with Paige a few weeks ago and I don't think surprises are something that she really likes.

Maggie: Oh, dear.

Daniel: Well, it's too late now.

Kayla: I mean, she's such a focused person, you know? I think it's just not in her playbook.

Jennifer: Okay, well, I mean if that's all it is, let me just go talk to her and see what I can do.

Kayla: Yeah, okay. Oh, gosh.

Rory: Dude!

Daphne: That's great, JJ. Honestly, that's awesome.

Rory: JJ and Paige are gonna be living together.

Daphne: That's so cool.

Jennifer: Hey, honey, hi. I am so sorry we threw you for a loop like that. Are you okay?

Paige: What?

Jennifer: You just seem upset. Can I get you something? Maybe a glass of water.

Paige: I can get through this.

Jennifer: Yeah, of course you can, but--

Paige: It's okay. I'm good. I'm fine. Yeah, you know, let's do this.

Jennifer: Yes. Okay. Come on, guys.

Rory: Birthday.

Abigail: Yes. Oh, they're here. Happy birthday!

[Cheers and applause]

Stefano: Did you seriously believe that I would land at Salem airport, huh? Where I'd be arrested?

Marlena: You promised you would take me home.

Stefano: [Chuckles] And you believed me?

Marlena: You made that promise to your son.

Stefano: And you murdered my daughter.

Marlena: Your daughter was planning to kill four people in cold blood. Does that sound rational to you? You see, what got your daughter killed was her own psychotic behavior.

Stefano: And who made her that way, hmm? Who ruined my daughter's life, destroyed her mind, her soul? You. And john black.

John: Mind telling me what's going on?

Paul: You know, ever since it came out about will and me, sonny, not to mention you and me, you've been all, like, non-stop, "stay out of it. Don't interfere in sonny and will's marriage."

John: I think they should have the chance to try to work things out.

Paul: And what? I have to walk away from the man that I've been in love with ever since the day we met?

Sonny: Chad? You okay?

Chad: Yeah, I'm good.

Sonny: Listen, I'm sorry I didn't get over here after Kristen died. I was going to come with Abigail and something came up. But I know that's no excuse, so I apologize.

Chad: Look, it's no problem. All right, my guess is you had your hands full with Paul Narita back in town.

John: Paul... I know it's difficult.

Paul: You think? You know, my grandfather and my mother both said, "get to know him, be open. Listen to what he has to say."

John: And I'm grateful for their help.

Paul: You know, the more I learn about you, I'm surprised you haven't advised me to have sex with sonny on a conference room table so will can walk in on us.

Cole: I mean, seriously, you call up out of the blue and say, "I'm doing it"? [Chuckles] Doing what? Then you hang up. What's with that?

Eve: It all seems like it happened so long ago.

Cole: What are you talking about? Whoa, you're, like, messed up. What happened? You and Paige get in another fight?

Abigail: You should have seen JJ in the kitchen this morning. I mean, normally he is, like, straight for the fridge and then straight out. But this morning it was totally different. I mean, he was making me nuts. He was like, "is it chocolate frosting? It has to be chocolate frosting because that's the only kind that Paige likes. It has to be perfect for Paige." It was really cute.

JJ: Well, Paige deserves it because she puts up with me.

Maggie: Spoken like an honest man.

JJ: But seriously, Paige... you are way more than special. And I've always known that. The first time I met you, well, first, I thought that you were too good for me. You are. But when you let me know that you liked me too, I couldn't believe that I could be that lucky. And I still can't. You are so important to me. More important than anything else in my life, which is why from now on, I'm going to do everything that I can to be a better person. To be the kind of person that you deserve. You're who I think of when I open my eyes every morning, and believe me, that is one great way to wake up. Even the word "special" seems kind of lame.

Eve: [Heavy breathing]

JJ: You're way more than that, Paige. Just being with you and--and seeing things through your eyes, it all just looks, like, brighter and clearer. And I know this all kind of sounds overboard or whatever, but I don't care. 'Cause it's how I feel. So, happy birthday, Paige. I love you.

Maggie: Oh, wait. Wait a minute. What's with those letters?

Abigail: Oh, JJ made me put those on there.

Maggie: Yeah, but what does "ilyf" mean? Paige?

Paige: "I love you forever."

Maggie: Aww. Okay.

Paige: No!

John: So somebody obviously told you about Marlena and me years ago.

Paul: Will did.

John: Will? I see. Well, Paul, let me say this. If he didn't explain it to you in the proper context--

Paul: The story that I was told was Dr. Evans' daughter walked in on you two. Scarred her for life.

John: It was traumatic for Sami, yeah. But the idea that it scarred her for life, that doesn't really work for me. Besides, Marlena and I not o--

Paul: You were in love? Got it. And you still love each other.

John: Yes, we do. But what happened between doc and I--

Paul: Would you just stop making excuses? Be honest. You loved each other. You knew that you were meant to be together and you made it happen. The hell with whoever got hurt.

Chad: So, seriously, he punched will?

Sonny: Yeah, he knocked him out. Like, for a few seconds anyway.

Chad: Wow.

Sonny: Well, there's no excuse for it. All right, with will, there's nothing but envy and jealousy or whatever.

[Phone ringing]

Chad: I gotta--I gotta deal with this.

Sonny: Is everything okay?

Chad: I hope so.

Marlena: You can't excuse Kristen's behavior because of things that happened years ago.

Stefano: My daughter was a beautiful, happy woman, who made one mistake. She loved john black.

Marlena: Yes. Deeply. But things did not work out the way she wanted. He could not love her the way she needed.

Stefano: Because she wasn't you.

Marlena: You know, look, this was so many years ago.

Stefano: Then she lost john's baby. That is the day that she died.

Marlena: What are you saying? That after that, her life was meaningless? You know that's not true.

Stefano: What I am saying is you and john destroyed her life long before you pushed her out that window.

Marlena: That was an accident. She was trying to kill me and threatening to kill everybody else. She was having a psychotic break.

Stefano: And you are responsible. So stop trying to deny it.

Marlena: Look, I'm sorry that you're suffering. I'm sorry that you lost your daughter. Stefano, you still have your son, Chad. Enjoy him. Make your life about him.

Stefano: Meaning let you go, huh? Keep my promise?

Marlena: No. No.

Stefano: Take her.

Marlena: No.

Stefano: Take her. Finish it.

Marlena: Don't do this. Don't do this!

Eve: Here's what happened, Cole. JJ found out what you did, you stupid idiot.

Cole: Oh. Like the drug thing? Yeah, well... not my fault. Paige told him, not me. But, hey, relax, okay? You got nothing to worry about. I covered for you. I'm serious. You're good. I'm not worried either 'cause they got no proof.

Eve: Actually, Cole, JJ has enough proof to send you away for a very, very long time. Good-bye.

Cole: Wha-- hey, you can't just dump something like that on me and then walk away. If I'm in trouble, so are you. Remember what I said. I go down, you go down.

Eve: You can't drag me down any lower than I already am, all right?

JJ: Paige, wh--why did you do that?

Paige: [Grunts]

Jennifer: Oh!

Paige: Liar! You stand there telling everybody how much you love me? Empty words oozing out of your filthy mouth! You don't mean a damn thing!

JJ: I do love you.

Paige: In front of your family, my friends, people who've done everything they could to--to help me! And to be kind. Liar!

JJ: Paige, come on. You know I love--

Paige: No, don't you-- don't touch me, don't come near me, don't you touch me ever again. I don't want to hear any more of your lies.

JJ: Paige, I'm not lying.

Paige: No, I mean it! Shut up! Can you shut your mouth? I don't even want to hear your voice. It makes me sick.

JJ: Paige, I--okay, look. I know that you're upset, okay? I-I get that you're upset. But can we just go outside?

Paige: I'm not going anywhere with you.

JJ: Okay, Paige, tell me why you're upset.

Paige: I know what you did.

Abigail: I don't-- Paige, what are you saying?

Paige: I know, JJ. I know all of it. You slept with my mother.

Maggie: Oh, my.

Paul: You and Dr. Evans tried and tried to fight how you felt. But you still wound up hurting Dr. Evans' husband, will's grandfather.

John: Yeah.

Paul: Who else?

John: Look, Paul, I'm not gonna sit here and deny other people suffered. It's--

Paul: Don't you think that it would have been best if you just admitted that you and Dr. Evans were in love? Everything out in the open.

John: I'm not sure.

Paul: Well, I'm not sure that it's not the best thing for sonny and me. I love him. Still. No question. So why not just put it out there?

John: It's not the same. Sonny has made it clear what he wants. And, Paul, you can't force him to feel differently.

Paul: Tell me something. All those years ago, when you looked into Dr. Evans' eyes, and she said, "oh, no, no, no. The right thing for me to do is to stay with my husband," did you even once think that she didn't really love you? That's what I thought. It was nice talking to you.

Carson: The battery's dead, so forget about it. I don't exist. And, oh, yeah... this never happened. Have a nice day.

Stefano: Ah. Are you certain that you were not followed, hmm?

Chad: Just by your guy. I didn't even know this airfield existed.

Stefano: It didn't. Not until recently.

Chad: So, Marlena?

Stefano: Safe. I don't know, back in Salem, I guess.

Chad: Thank you.

Stefano: You are not welcome, Chad. I thought you knew by now that I am not a man who likes to be threatened.

JJ: Paige, come on. Okay, what did eve tell you? 'Cause you can't believe her. You know how she is.

Paige: She didn't tell me anything.

JJ: Well, then--

Paige: Until I forced her to. My mother has been lying to me for months and months and months just like you. Just like you. My god. Every time I saw you, every time I kissed you, every time you told me that you loved me...

JJ: No.

Paige: Every time that we were together, lies, all lies! And my god, it's like I don't even know you. It's like you're some kind of, I don't know, monster! It's like you're some kind of nightmare!

Daniel: Okay, okay, okay. Paige, Paige, Paige, hey. Let's just--I think the best thing to do right now is just calm down.

JJ: Okay, you know what, Paige? You know how she is. She will say anything to break us up, to hurt us.

Paige: Her lies didn't hurt us, JJ, your lies didn't either. What hurt us was the truth!

JJ: Well, that is what I am trying to tell you if you would just listen--

Paige: Oh, my god! You don't get it, do you? You don't get it! I did listen. I heard you and my mom an hour ago. I was in the other room, okay? Listening to the both of you admitting to everything you did. So, yeah, I know. All of it.

Chad: Father, you are a man who values family above all else. The only way I could convince you to let Marlena go was to threaten to walk, was to take away part of your family. I had no choice.

Stefano: Of course you did. You could have stayed out of my business.

Chad: No, Roman and Abe both felt that you had Marlena and that you were gonna kill her, and they were right.

Stefano: Oh, so you let them see a son turn against his own father?

Chad: No, no, they saw nothing. Okay, I simply told them that you and I had spoken, and that everything was gonna be all right. If anything, they saw it as Stefano DiMera showing compassion.

Stefano: Yeah? And what about those two idiots who saw what was a sign of DiMera weakness?

John: Hey, doc.

Marlena: Oh! Oh, john.

John: [Laughs]

Paul: Hey, I was actually looking for you. You got a minute?

Sonny: No, I don't.

Paul: Well, we can at least talk, can't we?

Sonny: No, not unless you-- Paul I can't believe you hit will. Seriously? With our daughter in the next room?

Paul: Can we just not go there? How about if we just move on?

Sonny: There's nothing to move on to. I've made that clear. I know you don't want to hear it. It's obviously why you hit will, but it's true.

Paul: Sonny, I punched will because he called my mother a whore.

Eve: I'm gonna take pity on you, mm-hmm. I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm gonna help you get out of Salem for good.

Cole: Oh, how? I don't know--

Eve: There are two reasons you need to pay very close attention to what I'm saying to you right now, Cole. Number one is I never want to see your lying face again because I don't want to be reminded of how deluded I was to think that you could actually help me. How stupid... could you be?

Cole: Come on.

Eve: And number two... if you don't leave town and never look back, I'll make sure that you go to prison.

Cole: Well... and so will you.

Eve: Well, here's the kicker. I don't care. Without Paige, my life's not worth living. Granted you don't have a life worth living either, but you know you'll do a hell of a lot better if you live it someplace else, so why don't you get out of here? Now!

Cole: I just tried to do what you wanted me to do. You wanted your daughter away from JJ.

Eve: Yeah. And I got my wish.

Abigail: Wait, there's-- there's gotta be a mistake here. Paige, this has to be a misunderstanding. I mean, my brother and your mom, they hardly ever even talk to each other.

Paige: What are you waiting for, JJ? Huh? Your sister can't fix this, okay? You have to. So tell them. Go ahead, tell them what I said isn't true.

Rory: Oh, dude!

Paige: Come on. Come on, tell them! Or at least tell me! Come on, don't I deserve the truth at least this one time?

JJ: Paige... I love you.

Paige: You love me? Wow. You know, it just hit me. You don't actually know what that word means.

Jennifer: Honey, Paige, listen to me, sorry. You've gotta stop. Okay, just stop...

Paige: What?

Jennifer: Torturing yourself right now, please.

Paige: Haven't you been listening?

Jennifer: Yes, I have.

Paige: Don't you understand what kind of person your son really is? What he's done? How many times he's lied to-- to me and to you? Oh, my god. Did you-- oh, my god. You did. You knew. You knew JJ slept with my mother.

Chad: Explain something to me, father. How would killing Marlena have shown strength?

Stefano: It would have shown the world anyone who hurts a DiMera pays the price.

Chad: But from what I heard, Kristen was out of her mind and ready to kill a bunch of people.

Stefano: So? Does that mean she deserved to die?

Chad: Absolutely not. I wish that she had gotten the help that she needed, but she didn't. And she tried to kill Marlena. Marlena had no choice.

Stefano: So she said.

Chad: No, Kristen fell. And Marlena felt terribly sorry for our loss.

Stefano: Look, there is no point rehashing all of this.

Chad: Right. It's over. And now our family is just down to you and me.

Stefano: Chad, I will do everything I can to help you. I will support you in every way.

Chad: Thank you.

Stefano: Can you say the same thing for me?

John: You okay?

Marlena: I will be.

John: Did something happen?

Marlena: Stefano happened.

John: What did the son of a bitch do now?

Marlena: You know what? Ultimately nothing. He was determined that somebody had to pay for what happened to Kristen, and... you know what? This doesn't matter. I don't want to talk about it.

John: No, no, no, no, no. If I had known, doc, you know I would have be--

Marlena: I know. If you had known, but, you know, you were busy with other things. I understand that. Um, so help distract me. Oh, how was it with Paul, and Brady, and the baby?

John: Well, uh, the ba--the baby's name is Tate now, and he's doing really well.

Marlena: Tate? Oh. That's great. And how did it go with Paul?

John: That's not so good.

Sonny: He called your mo-- no way. Why would he say something like that?

Paul: Maybe you should ask him.

Sonny: I will.

Paul: And let's hope that he tells you the truth. 'Cause that's what you deserve. And that's what I've always given to you. Look, I'm not trying to justify losing it, decking will. But you know that I would not react that way unless a person had it coming to them. Look at me, sonny. I'm not lying. I don't do that.

Sonny: No, you don't.

Paul: Can you say the same thing about will?

Paige: Of course. It explains... oh, my god, so many things. You knew. You were like the mother that I wished I had. Who was always there. Who always told me the truth and taught me how to trust. You lied... just like my mom. You're just like her.

JJ: No, no, Paige.

Paige: No, no, no, get away from me, okay? I don't want to hear any more lies from anyone in this lying family.

JJ: Okay, you know what, Paige? It's nobody else's fault but mine. Okay? Blame me. Me. Yeah. You're right. Your mom-- eve and I... we just did it.

Paige: [Sobbing]

JJ: It's no one else's fault.

Paige: You "did it." Telling me that's probably the only honest thing you've ever said to me.

JJ: Paige, I love you. Give me a chance--

[Door slams]

[Door slams]

Cole: Man, I never could figure you. One day you're all desperate, the next you're thinking of these plans and--

Eve: Go! Damn it! Just go someplace where somebody doesn't know what a failure you are as a human being!

Cole: But don't forget this was all your idea. So if you rat me out, I'll turn on you in a heartbeat. You'll be sorry.

Eve: I'm already... so very sorry. So very sorry. Oh. [Sobbing]

Abigail: Mom?

Daphne: I've got to try to help her.

Daniel: You know what, maybe, uh...

Rory: Yeah, I'm going-- I'm gonna go.

Daniel: You should go.

Rory: Yeah. Don't worry. I won't post the video anywhere. And I won't tell anybody, either.

Daniel: Good. That's a good choice.

Rory: Nobody would believe me anyway. So...

Abigail: Mom, I need to talk to you.

Daniel: Uh, Kayla, mom.

Kayla: Yeah, we--we should-- we should probably go.

Maggie: Yeah.

Kayla: Yeah.

Maggie: Jenn, I'm so sorry.

Jennifer: [Sobbing]

Abigail: Mom? Mom, you need to tell me what's going on.

Sonny: Will's been going through a really hard time lately. Blowback from stuff in his articles. His mom's husband was murdered. And his family moved to California, so you can imagine--

Paul: Yeah, he's probably going through some tough times. Yeah, but I'm not here to talk about will. I'm here to talk about you... and me.

John: We wound up hurting a lot of people trying to go against what we felt. What is it?

Marlena: If sonny and Paul feel about each other the same way we did--

John: Denying it is gonna be a huge mistake.

Sonny: I have made this clear. There can't be anything between us.

Paul: There already is something between us.

Sonny: Was.

Paul: Ever since the day that we met, there's been something between us. And I tried to pretend that it was all over for us when you said that you were married, but I haven't stopped thinking about you. Can you honestly stand there and look at me and tell me that you don't still care?

Sonny: Caring about you is not the same as loving you.

Paul: Okay. Then tell me that you don't still love me.

Chad: Of course I'll support you, father. And help you in every way that I can.

Stefano: Excellent. My lawyers tell me that those idiotic tax charges are about to go away. I should be able to get back in Salem in a week or two.

Chad: That's--that's great.

Stefano: Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends, you see? But my main concern is my son. I want you to be happy, Chad.

Chad: I'm happy enough.

Stefano: Have you finally gotten Ben whatever-his-name-is out of the picture?

Chad: I'm sorry?

Stefano: Don't be coy, huh? Are you and Abigail Deveraux together again?

Chad: Why are you so concerned on whether I get back together with Abigail or not?

Abigail: Mom, you can talk to me. You can tell me. JJ and eve?

Jennifer: I know. When Paige said that, it came as such a shock.

Abigail: But not for you, right? What Paige said was true? You knew about what happened before today?

Maggie: Daniel... I get the feeling you know more than you're letting on.

Daniel: Jennifer, um-- Jennifer is gonna need you. She knew this could destroy JJ and Paige, and she... Mom, she couldn't-- she couldn't face it.

Maggie: Oh, my god.

Daniel: What?

Maggie: You knew too?

Daniel: I, uh, figured it out a while back. And now, uh... everyone knows.

Eve: Honey, I know that things seem, like, terribly wrong right now, and I'm so, so sorry that-- that you're hurt. I just want you to know that I love you so much. Yes, sweetie, I do, I love you so much. I love you as much today as-- as the first time that I... I held you. And you know what? I know that we can-- we can make this right. Because I'm--I'm your mama and I will always be your mama. Okay? We just--we just have to find our way back. Okay.

JJ: Paige? Paige, wait.

Paige: Just get away from me, okay? Just get out of my sight!

JJ: Paige?

Paige: No. No, you--no! Just--just stay right where you are and tell me why. Why, JJ? Why did you do it? Why?

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