Days Transcript Tuesday 5/19/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/19/15


Episode #12594 ~ Eve gets a terrible surprise; Jennifer has doubts about keeping secrets; Serena worries Nicole will figure out the truth; Will creates an tense situation with Paul & Sonny.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

[Chuckles] Ready? Aah! [Laughs]

[Laughs] Are you having fun? Oh, my God, you are the cutest thing I have ever seen. Has anyone ever told you that, huh?

[Laughs] Who am I kidding? I bet everyone tells you that every day.

[Keys rattle]

Seems like Daddy Sonny's home. You want to see Daddy Sonny? Hmm? I do. Let's go get the door for him. Will. Hi. I, uh... get away from my daughter. Hey. Hey. Hi, sweetheart. Daddy's home. Is everything okay? Um, I should leave. You're not going anywhere. It--I'm sure it was just a coincidence. You probably hit the wrong button. I pulled up my photo gallery. This isn't the most recent picture. That's what should have come up, Serena. Instead it's the most potentially incriminating picture in the whole file. Xander, do you think that someone went through your phone? Okay, give me the camera. Give me the camera.

[Laughs] Wait a minute. That's not good. Smile, smile. Your eyes are shut in that one.

[Sighs] Nicole.

[Sighs] There is something you should hear from me-- no, I heard it, loud and clear. That you want a break from us for a couple of days or months - or something like that. - No, I'm not saying-- no, I think it's an excellent idea. See ya. What? I should have told him. I'm not interested in Xander. I'm investigating Xander, and I need him to think that I'm interested in him.

[Sighs] Yeah, Nikki, that'll work out for you. Mm-hmm. I need proof. I need to catch Xander and Serena red-handed. And then Daniel will understand. He'll have to. What will Daniel understand? If you, JJ, and Eve sit down with Paige... and tell her the truth. Well, it's too late for that. But as long as Eve keeps her word and leaves the two of them alone, we'll be fine. (Eve) JJ! Smile for the camera, Eve. I finally got you. What? What are you-- get--stop that! Can't do it. No, this is for posterity. And the cops. What? You hired Cole to plant drugs on me, and then you called the cops. What? That's why you're here, isn't it? Because your little stooge has been texting you all day, looking for that money. You're not even making any sense, JJ. I-- I sent the messages, Eve. I have your messages, and I have your replies. I have you telling Cole, "I delivered the money, you ape." So speak up, I want the cops to hear loud and clear. You son of a bitch! Give me the phone. Give me the phone, JJ!

Will, hey, look, I understand that you're upset, but I was only helping. The sitter had an emergency, and she had to leave-- why the hell were you even here? I was returning Sonny's shirt. Arianna spilled something on my shirt yesterday, so--so--so Sonny lent me-- you were here yesterday too? So I leave, and the minute I leave, you come right in. No, no, no, no. Look, I came here to see you and Sonny. I didn't know you were gonna be gone. I wanted to just clear things up. You wanted to hold my daughter, steal my husband. No, I wanted us all to get along. Un-freakin'-believable. Okay, I'm here to spend time with john. That's why you've been in my home with my family constantly? Looks like you've already learned a few lessons from your father. - Just give me the phone. - You want this phone? - Yes. - Real bad? Come-- all right, here. You-- I have it all backed up, Eve. There are copies of those texts everywhere. And I just e-mailed myself this little scene on a secured server. So it's enough to prove that you and Cole conspired to plant drugs on me. You could go to jail. Oh, please. Oh, I think Roman Brady will find it really convincing. And if you don't go to jail, Paige will know what you did... unless... unless what? We need to go somewhere more private. Are you kidding me? I wouldn't cross a street with you. Oh, we can talk in commissioner Brady's office instead? Okay, cool. Meet me there. They can send a squad car to come pick you up. Your call. Just wait!

Nicole took the picture, and then I thought she put the phone back down. You thought she-- did you see her put it down? No, she twisted her ankle right after that. What? Yeah, she tripped over and-- oh, good lord. I then went out to get her some ice. So you're saying that you left her alone with your now unlocked phone? Xander, do you not get what this means? Nicole is onto us. Thought up an answer yet? What will Daniel understand? You'll be shocked...

[Chuckles] But we got in a little argument earlier today. And I just hope eventually he understands my point. Hmm. Well, my son's a reasonable man. He cares about you a lot. Just don't hurt him, Nicole. Believe me, Maggie, that's the last thing I want to do. Good. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Could you, um--could you maybe help me with something? I want to give Daniel some room, but I left something at his apartment, and I just-- could you let me in there just for a second-- no. Not even to save Daniel the aggravation of seeing me? You let Serena in. Yeah, and look how well that went. Okay, that's different. I just need to get in for a second. Look, I'm sorry. I got to get this food to Jennifer's. Bye, now. Bye.

[Groans] Man. I need to get a closer look at that elephant statue.

[Sighs] Come on, Melanie, call me back. No info from Melanie. I can't get in the apartment right now. What can I do? Who else can help me? Who else knows anything that-- oh. Hey, Nicole. Hi, Eric. I was wondering if you could meet me for a few minutes. I need your help with something.

[Sighs] Okay, JJ. Say whatever it is you have to say in private. And then get the hell out of my apartment. Oh, no, I'll gladly leave as soon as you get something through your thick head. You are done jerking me around. No more making promises about how you accept me and Paige that are total bull to make me let my guard down. You are a paranoid little freak, aren't you? Yeah, like you weren't after me all along. So here's the deal. If I even think that you are trying to make a move against me, the texts and the video of you paying off Cole will go straight to the cops. I love how you think that you're being this great junior detective, junior. But the truth is, that little videotape that you made never stands up in court. Cole will testify. Right, he's gonna implicate himself in a crime? Cole will sell you down the river without a second thought. He was in jail last year, Eve. He'll do anything to stay out. He'll cut a deal to save himself. But, God, how-- how desperate were you to team up with an idiot like Cole? I didn't tell him to plant drugs on you, okay? Oh, so he came up with that gem on his own? Yeah, he did. You know, there's no percentage in lying to me now, Eve. I'm not lying to you, okay? And, yeah, maybe I did say that I would love it if you were just wiped off the face of the earth, and maybe at least out of Paige's life. But I never would've asked him to do something so stupid. Really? Well, you know, that's too bad, because you're gonna have to pay for it anyway. No, I'm not. Have you been listening? I have you, dead to rights. It's still a mutually assured destruction, JJ. How the hell do you figure that? Because if you even think about saying anything to the cops, I will tell Paige that you and I slept together. What does that mean? You came back here to ruin my marriage, the same way that your father kept pushing my grandmother until he ruined her marriage. What? Oh, daddy didn't share with you that little piece of history? He seduced my grandmother. Marlena was married to Roman, but john would not leave her alone. Ask anyone, it was quite the scandal back in its day. My mother walked in on them going at it on a conference room table when she was still just a kid. It ruined her for years. Look, I don't know if any of this is true or-- ask anyone. Or if you're exaggerating or-- or maybe you're just like your parents. Parents? Yeah. I mean, obviously your mother didn't have any problem sleeping around and then lying about it. You shut up about my mother. Well, the woman lied to you about who your father was for years! I'm warning you! Maybe--maybe-- maybe she just whored around for so long that she couldn't keep track of who was who, and that's why-- will!

This is a disaster. If Nicole finds out what we were up to-- don't panic. You jump to conclusions and-- wait. Are you--are you making excuses for her? No, I'm being logical, Serena. Nicole took the picture. Maybe she wanted to look at it. It's only natural. No, you said-- you said so yourself, the elephant photo was in the middle of the file. The only way she could have seen it is if she was scrolling through your phone. So she's a snoop. We know that about her. It's her business. So she's looking at pictures on my phone, it happens to land on the elephant. It doesn't mean she was looking for it. Wake up, please. Nicole is playing you. And, okay, you know what? Even if she isn't, even if she just stumbled across that picture, the fact that she saw the elephant photo on your phone is a problem for both of us. Why? It's just a trinket to her. Nicole doesn't know anything was smuggled inside it. She doesn't know anything at all. Why are you panicking about this? She knows more than you think... a lot more. Not that Maggie meant to rub it in, but I was reminded that Serena and I really did have a stupid fight that day at Daniel's. Have you ever had a smart fight? No! But I want to fix this one. I want to make peace with Serena. That would be great... if you meant it. I do. I totally do. Look, Eric, lately I've realized that I've been unfair to Serena, investigating her--her past. You know, I certainly wouldn't want anyone doing that to me. And then having the silly arguments about that elephant statue, whether or not there's one or two. I mean, kind of like right now, right? I don't remember. Were--were there two or not?


Can I help?

Oh, yes, can you grab me those scissors in that middle drawer right there, Aunt Maggie?

Maggie: Sure.

Thank you. San Josť State? Is JJ transferring? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry. It was just-- it was right here.

No, that's okay. He's going to announce it at the party today that he's going to California with Paige.

Oh, honey. Oh, no, don't. I can't even go there. I'm losing my baby. It seems like he just got home from London. I know, tell me about it. But the truth is, I don't think he'll be happy unless he's with Paige. And to be honest with you, I think this move is gonna be really good for both of them. Well, at least it'll keep them away from Paige's mother. You wouldn't do that. The hell I wouldn't. You'd be destroying your own relationship with your only daughter, Eve. Maybe. But I think once she heard how you seduced me-- what? You caught me at my most vulnerable. It was the worst night of my life in decades. I just found out that I was never gonna be able to sing again. Yeah, and you took advantage. You are unbelievable! And she was here that night, JJ. She saw what a wreck I was. Yeah, because you'd just done your daughter's boyfriend! I came over here looking for Paige, out of my mind after a fight that we had had. I think she'd remember that too. Maybe, but you want to take a bet on who you think she's gonna believe? You know, still to this day, I'm not sure you jumped me just to make sure I wouldn't have a chance with Paige. Jumped-- are you kidding me? You were all over me that night, JJ. No, I didn't jump you, and I certainly didn't have you trapped. You know what? I don't know who that guy was, Eve. And I still don't. But I'd do anything to take back that night, because it makes me sick to ever think of touching you. Really? Is that why you kept coming back for more... again and again and again? Are you okay? Open your eyes. Open your eyes. What the hell were you thinking?

I'm so sorry.

Get out of here.

No, not until I know that Will's-- Will's gonna be all right.

You know what? That's my job. I think you've done enough.

Sonny, please, just not until I know. Sonny?

Sonny: Yeah, I'm right here.

What happened?

Sonny: Okay, we were arguing and-- you hit me.

Yeah, but listen--

Sonny: Leave. Leave.

No, Sonny, listen--

Sonny: Leave now! Listen. Leave.

[Breathing heavily] You're gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.

[Sighs] What the hell was I thinking? I'm gonna get you an ambulance.

Sonny, no. You were just knocked out. You could have a concussion.

Sonny: I don't need an ambulance.

I'm taking you to the hospital.

Sonny: No!

Why not?

Sonny: Because I'm embarrassed. The guy flattened me.

He's a pro athlete. He'd flatten anyone. He had no business-- whoa, whoa, whoa. Come here. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Sonny: I just want to sit for a minute.

You need to get checked out. Sonny, I'm fine, really. How many fingers?

[Laughs] Three. Okay? What were you two fighting about?

You... of course. And then out of nowhere, he just--he started swinging.

I'm really sorry. Sonny, why was he even here?

The babysitter had to go to the hospital. Paul was here, and I was stuck in traffic. I should've made other arrangements.

I'm sorry.

Why? Because I came home early? Sonny, if I'd gotten here an hour later, what would I have walked in on? Nicole was like a dog with a bone. She wouldn't let up on the idea that she'd seen me with two elephant statues. And then she even went to Eric about it. I thought you told him that your statue was lost.

Yeah, exactly. She really stirred up that nest. Why didn't you tell me about this before?

Because I'd had it handled. It never would have been brought up again, except for now she's seen that photo on your phone.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Damn it. Oh, don't look at me like that. You are the only one to blame here. If you weren't so busy trying to get laid--

Oh, shut up and get out. I need time to think.

Actually, uh, Xander, there's something else you should know. I could've sworn there were two elephant statues, but Serena insisted.

Yeah, well, she was right. Because I couldn't be. But why was I so sure? I-- because there were two. Oh. Serena had one, and I had one. She had lost hers. That's why she wanted mine. But you gave yours to Daniel.

Right, and Parker had fallen in love with it, which she understood.

Of course, she did. And you got them from Africa, right?


Hmm. They were just trinkets. We paid peanuts for them. Even at that, Xander said we overpaid. Oh, so I guess he didn't buy one for himself.


Nicole? Hmm? Why are you so interested in these statues?

Why are you quizzing me?

I'm not. Okay, I am. But there's a reason, a good reason. And I'm gonna come clean about it.

I-I think it's good for JJ and Paige to get away from Eve. And me. Don't say that. You're great with those two kids. Aunt Maggie, but I know that at least half of Eve problem with them is me. And no matter how much Eve has changed, she is still always gonna hate me, and that is hard for the kids and-- I don't know. I just wish that I had found a better way. That's all. The woman has held a grudge for 20 years. There is nothing you could've done to change that. Aunt Maggie, there had to be. And if I had, she wouldn't have gone after my son and-- and what? Just tried to undermine him at every turn. Sweetie, don't take this on. You can't control someone like that. Come on. I was out of my mind every time I came here. That's what you keep telling yourself, JJ? Well, you know, it's the only possible explanation, Eve. That's how you can lie to Paige every single day of your life, huh? Paige loves me, and I love her. That's all that matters. You can't hurt us, not anymore. You're building everything on a lie, JJ. If she knew for a minute that you-- that you were with her mother instead of that little Roxanne girl you tried to pin that on, do you think for one second she'd want to be with you? Do you? If she knew that just two months ago that you were sniffing around her mama-- no, you can't tell her. The hell I can't! I'll tell her the truth, and you will lose her forever. Yeah, well, you know what? So will you. It's mutually assured destruction, JJ, just like it's always been. You take me down, you go down too. Except I have proof. I have you on tape, in print, committing a crime, trying to set me up. If I go to the police, you will go to jail. No, I will tell Paige the truth! She won't believe you. She won't want to... but... that's right. You have no proof. And anything you say will make you sound like a raving lunatic trying to say anything to keep me and Paige apart. And all those years behind bars, you'll be completely alone. And, yeah, eventually, you'll get out but you'd still be alone, because your daughter will never speak to you again. And I know you don't hate me more than you love her. And neither of us matters more to you than you. So you won't do it. So let's be very clear. It's over. Your plans to get rid of me end right here, right now. Or I go straight to the police. Do you understand?

Nothing happened with me and Paul. And nothing would've happened. I told him we were working on our marriage. Maybe that's why he was so mad at me. That's not an excuse. He hates that we're together. Is that why he hit you? I don't know. Well, do you remember what he said? What did you say? I remember some of it. But, Sonny, I walk in, and he's holding my daughter... our daughter. I know that you keep giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it's very clear to me exactly what he's trying to do. And he's trying to steal my family, our family. I told him to stay away.

[Sighs] I'm gonna go check on Ari.

[Cell phone vibrating]

I need to hear you say it, Eve. Do you understand? I know what you want me to say, JJ. Damn it, you better say it, Eve, or I'll go straight to the police. I will not spend one more day waiting for you to come after us. It's going to end now, one way or another. Eve. Fine! Fine what? I won't try-- I won't try to come in between you and Paige. You'll accept us. I'll keep my mouth shut, all right? I won't interfere. For good, 'cause I'm not just talking a week or a month or even a year. I will keep the evidence. Yeah, you do that. What was that? You know the stupidest thing about the last couple of days? Why I never would've let Cole do such a bonehead move if I had known it? 'Cause it's not necessary. 'Cause you're not gonna be able to keep Paige for a year, JJ. You will be lucky if it lasts through the summer, 'cause when she heads off to Stanford and she's got a quality life there with quality people around her, you are gonna be history. I'm going with her.

[Laughing] Yeah. It's true. I'm going to san Josť state next fall. Paige and I are moving to California together. Is this important, Serena? I have a few fires to put out now. Yeah, well, add this one to the list. I ran into Daniel earlier. He knows that Nicole was here. Here, as in my hotel room here? How the hell does he know that? It slipped out in conversation. Oh, that was very careless of you, love... not like you at all. I'm not the one to blame here. You're the one who's playing with fire. And I get it, you hate Daniel, for whatever reason. Maybe that's why you want to flirt with his girlfriend. But she is not worth it... especially now. Huh, thanks for the advice. Now get out of here. In the future, try not to make things worse. I'll have the final numbers on the diamonds later today. Thank God. Our business will finally be done, after which, I suggest you plan to get out of Salem... immediately.

[Sighs] What are you up to, Nicole? - I must be up to something? - Yeah. Because it's me? Yeah. I mean, you have no use for African folk trinkets. No, I don't. But Serena does. And I thought I would try to track down a replacement elephant and surprise her with it. I mean, it's not an expensive piece of art, right? And it's something that's not too much. Right. Do you think you and Serena are gonna bond over the elephant. Bond like friends?

[Chuckles] Well, I'm not--I'm not expecting a miracle. But we're friends, right? A-and I don't want her to be an enemy. I thought it would be a gesture. She was so intent on getting that one back. Because they had sentimental value. I know. I mean, I know I can't replace it, but you don't think that she'd like the idea of me going out of my way? It'd be a lot of trouble, Nicole. I mean, this is a very little village in the Congo, I've never seen anything like it here. So they were really unique, weren't they? Yeah. I-I'm sorry. No, that's--that's okay. I mean, it would've been nice to find one, but I'll just get Serena something else. I'm sure she'll appreciate anything. I hope so. Hey, don't tell her about this, okay? I want it to be a surprise. Well, I'd better go. Listen, thanks for the drink. Sure. Um, and thank you for taking the time. See you soon.

[Sighs] He's wrong. That elephant is more than just a trinket. And why would Xander have a picture of it on his phone? Oh, I need to get a closer look at it, in person.


[Scoffs] That's it. That's it. That's it. Good job. Nice coating. And get this one next. Whoa! What are you guys doing? Making sure nothing sticks. Otherwise, we gotta scrub all this stuff off. Huh, what? Nobody thought of this before? What's wrong with people?

Dish issues?


[Cell phone vibrating]

Leave us alone. Where's Sonny? He's busy. Look, I'm sorry I hit you, I am, but-- if you really mean that, then you stay the hell away from me and my family. It's what Sonny and I both want. Kid sleeps soundly. She's still out? Yeah, like a light, totally oblivious. What are you doing standing up? Sit back down. Good. I don't want her to be exposed to that kind of violence, ever. No, me either. Here... I'm gonna put this on before it swells. Thank you. So you told him to stay away, and then he just swung at you? That's not all. I... I told him that I was onto him, that--that I knew he wanted you back. And I must have hit a nerve, because... he hit me. Don't act so surprised, Sonny. He wants you. And I think it's clear that he will do anything to get you back.


Eric! Thank you for coming so quickly.

Yeah. You all right? Yeah. Yeah, I have-- I have some news, and it--it's good. And I think that you're gonna think so too.

Yeah? What's that?

Well, you know that my research project is almost finished at the hospital.

Yeah, right.

And the--the Xander project looks like it might be a no-go. So it's time for me to start making a decision about my future... which I hope includes you.

Yo, Lou, it's Nicole walker.

[Laughs] I know, long time, right?

[Laughs] I know. I know. Hey, listen, I have a favor to ask. Uh, Daniel is in surgery all day today, and I left something in his apartment that I need right away. Could you just let me in for a minute? No, I-I-I can't find my key. Do you still have a master? I just need--just need a second in there. No, just two seconds of your time, and you will be saving me a whole bunch of trouble. Yes. Okay, thank you. Lou, you are the best. I'm coming over right now. Thank you. Mwah! You little bastard. You just can't keep yourself from ruining my baby's life, can you?

I'm not--

You're ruining it! You're clinging to her, when you know if she were out there in the world, with real choices, she would drop your little sorry ass just like that. We're in love, Eve. Nothing can change that. Hmm, except time... time and familiarity. You're just robbing my daughter of time, JJ. But here's something that you need to know, and that's the truth. Paige is so, so much better than you are. She's too good for you. Every word out of your mouth makes me more sure that this is right, if only because it gets her away from you. Paige is an amazing person. And she deserves a real mom and look what she got instead. My daughter loves me. She loves me. And we were doing just fine until you showed up. Oh, is that what you're trying to do? You're trying to poison my daughter against me? Is that what it is, JJ? Is that what you're doing? No, Eve, because I'm not you. I accept that Paige loves you, and I don't want to hurt her. So, if you keep quiet, I will keep quiet. It's not like you'll be seeing much of us. What, are-- y-you're trying to keep me away from my daughter? Is that--is that what you're doing now, huh? Is that--is that the plan, JJ? No, Eve. But this is what you need to get. Now that I have finally put an end to your little tricks and schemes, Paige and I are starting a new life together, and there is nothing that can stop us from being happy.

[Door slams]

Or maybe Paul was just frustrated. He's been dealing with a lot of new things lately. Yeah. But I'd appreciate it if we didn't have to have him around here. No, of course not. Thank you. I missed you so much. You were gone for, like, one night. That's not what I mean. We haven't been together since before you were stabbed. Will. Have I ruined it, Sonny? Do you look at me and all you see are my mistakes? If that were true, I would not be here right now. You don't love me anymore. Yes, I do. I missed you. I need you. Hey, wait. You--you were just knocked out. We shouldn't-- I love you, Sonny... so much. Of course I want to be a part of your future. Oh, good! Good, good, good, good, good! Then pack up your swimsuit. We're going to Hawaii, baby. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The job offer? Yeah! I thought we had time to think about that. Yeah, I-I did too. But they--they called me today, and they said I needed to make decision about the position. And if I don't take it right away, they're gonna offer it to someone else. Right. You don't think that's a negotiating ploy. No. No, I nosed around a bit, and they--they mean it. If I don't take it now, I'll lose it. Right. Look, I know this is sudden, and I didn't want to rush this, and I know you wanted time to think about it. And I don't-- I don't blame you. But I can't say no to this, baby. If you want us to be together, this is the only way. Come on, Lou. Where are you?

[Elevator door opens]

Oh, hey, I'm so glad to see-- are you?


Hey. You look very happy. Oh, you handed in your final paper?



I am done.


Everything is set and I am ready for this party. Paige is going to be so surprised.

[Sighs] That little bastard's right. There's nothing I can do now. Damn it.

[Door opens]

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