Days Transcript Monday 5/18/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 5/18/15


Episode #12593 ~ JJ plans a trap for Eve; Paige talks to Cole about the framing of JJ; Nicole starts to piece together Serena's secret; a surprising sight greets Will at home.

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Look, do you want to know more about Xander? Why don't you talk to Nicole? She's with him right now. What is Nicole doing with Xander?

[Sighs] I-I don't-- - forget I said anything. - No. No. How do you know Nicole is with Xander right now? I was just there myself. I saw her. Oh, my God. Daniel, I--

[Gasps] This is Xander's connection to Serena. But what is it? What does it mean? (Paige voice-over) JJ, you threw the evidence away? With my record, it's evidence against me, Paige. Cole did this. I know it. (Cole) hey. How'd you do on that final?

[Chuckles] I tanked. Hmm. Maybe you should have studied. But then again, you were busy, weren't you? What do you mean? Did you really think we wouldn't figure it out? Come on, Eve, Cole needs you.

[Door closes]

Oh! Hi, honey!

Hey, Mom! Hey, I see you made it to the party store. Yes. You know I'm a sucker for streamers. So we have all of our supplies that we need, and your finals are done, right? Are you ready for a party? I'm getting there.

Come on, tell me.

[Laughs] Son... I don't want you in the middle of this. There's no way around that. What did mom say? She's barely said hello since the fight. You don't look surprised. No, I'm not surprised. Are you? You shouldn't have gone to Lucas's hotel. We can't just avoid things. I need to know where we stand. How do you think mom felt? Listen, we will figure out where we are. I promise you that. That's why I'm here. All right, well, it's your life. I'll get you some coffee. How are you and will doing now that Paul's back in town? We're fine. Will can't be too happy about that. Well, he doesn't know Paul's back yet. (Paul) Tate. That's a real good name. Yeah, it is. Really strong. So listen, um... about the other night. I was such a jerk. Ah, you were provoked. But still, I mean, I could have handled Brady better and that girl Theresa. No, she would try the patience of job. Actually, she... kinda had a good reason to go in at me. No. Too personal. Yeah, but, I mean, when I first came to town, I kinda led her on, you know, before I was out. Paul...the girl has a rap sheet. You don't owe her anything. I owe my family. And I'll learn to navigate it. Nice shirt. It's Sonny's. I'm just returning it. But--but it's not like how it sounds. The only way it sounds is that you've already seen Sonny. - I have no idea what-- - don't. - Seriously, I have no ide-- - seriously, don't push me, okay? JJ wants to drop this, but when I look at your smug face and all this fake friendship, I can't. You can't what? And what do you mean, fake? There's nothing fake about how I feel about you. Is that why you tried to get JJ arrested? Cole, you little cretin! I told you not to contact me! So Paige thinks she's just coming for lunch, right? Right, yeah. Yeah, she has no idea about the party, especially because her birthday is actually tomorrow. Oh, my goodness. I hope Eve doesn't think we're stepping on her toes giving Paige this little celebration. Put up that banner, honey. Hey, mom, do you think at the party it's a good time to tell everyone that we're transferring to California, Paige and I? Um...yeah. Actually, I think that would be a perfect time. But you're free right now, right? - You're done with finals? - Actually, I have to go out in a bit, 'cause I gotta turn in a paper on grapes of wrath. Oh, I love that book! you want me to read it over for you? 'Cause I can just check it. No, no, no. That's okay. But, um, there actually-- there might be something that you can help me with. I-I'm sorry, that... kinda came out wrong. Nicole is there for work. She's...she's working with Xander? Yeah. Yeah, um, the story about Brady, what happened with him and Melanie in Italy-- she's interviewing people that knew them for background. So, she picked Xander who hasn't been around Brady since they were kids? He barely knew him then. Maybe she's doing a side story on Brady or-- I don't know. It's about Greece.

[Chuckles] I'm not buying it.

[Door opens]

[Door lock beeps]

Ah. How's the ankle? You look-- what's wrong?

Look, I-I don't know. That's the impression I got from Nicole. Sure. I gotta get going. Look, Daniel... the thing with Nicole and Xander, maybe-- maybe I do know more. But if I tell you, I need a promise. This has to stay between us. I caught you. What? Sitting down again when I came in the room. Oh, I was, uh, I was just trying to walk. Didn't work out so well, so... well, you shouldn't push it so soon. I just hate being hobbled, you know? Don't worry. We'll fix it. Oh.

[Chuckles] Let me, uh, take a look at you. Oh, oh! Okay. Uh...

[Chuckles] Now, tell me... when it hurts. Why haven't you told will about Paul? There's nothing to tell. And will's out of town. - He left? - Yeah. He had to do interviews for his new Sonix story. Wait a minute. I thought you told me that will dropped that article so he could spend some time working on your marriage. What do you want me to say, dad? His work is important. And you're not? Will you just drop it? I'm not gonna have this conversation. Ah. It's because you've seen him, isn't it? That's why you're uneasy. You've seen Paul. Yes, I saw Sonny earlier. And while I was there, Ari spilled milk on my shirt, so I borrowed one.

[Chuckles] And how did will take that? He wasn't there. I actually went to see both of them, um, to try and straighten things out, make sure that there was no tension about my coming back to Salem. Mm-hmm. And did you? Straighten things out with Sonny? He wasn't, uh-- well, he, uh... he let me know where we stand. And I'm gonna respect that. Good. Listen, if it'll help, I can run that shirt back there for you. Uh, no need, you know, will's out of town, and Sonny's at work, so I'm just gonna drop it off with the sitter. I won't even see either one of them. But, uh, no sweat, huh? It isn't? It was--it was hard to see Sonny today. Little tense? No. It was the most natural thing in the world. I mean, we were always so comfortable together. We just had this rhythm. And it's so hard because we still have that, and I... yeah? What? So when am I gonna meet my new nephew?

[Laughs] I'm gonna call Brady and set it up. Make sure he knows that I want to apologize to him and Theresa. You know I will. Listen, I gotta head over to the station and check in. Um, thanks for meeting with me. That's what, uh, fathers and sons do, right? Look, Paige, I have no idea what you think happened-- I know you planted drugs on JJ to try to get him in trouble, okay? What? That's--that's like-- like exactly what happened? Twice? It's the same stunt you pulled before I even knew you. - Hold on-- - nobody ever accused you - of being original. - I would never-- that was a long time ago, and I would never do that again. Why? Because so much has changed? Well, not how you feel about JJ. You obviously hate his guts every bit as much as you ever did. Go ahead. Deny that. What do you need help with, honey? Well, I just hate to ask because you've helped me with so much already. Well, why don't you ask me? 'Cause I can always say no. Right. Okay. Remember that conversation that you told me about that you had with Eve recently about how everything Theresa's been through and that it made Eve rethink things so that she wasn't - against me and Paige? - Uh...yeah. Yeah, yeah. Well, I was just thinking that we shouldn't take that for granted. We should actually show her that we're really trying too. Okay, well, how do you suggest we do that? Well, by just showing her, for Paige's sake, that we really want her to come to this party. 'Cause I just don't think an email invitation is enough. So you want me to go to her house and invite her in person? I think it would really help everything if Eve saw you right now on her doorstep, if--if it's not too much to ask. No. No, of course not. And I have the day off, and I have some errands to do, so I will take care of that while I'm out, honey. Great. Why don't you go right now? 'Cause I know how distracted you get when you're decorating. Okay. No. No. You're right. 'Cause I won't want to stop decorating. All right, I will go. I will go right now. I love you. Don't think you can do this to your mother forever. It's mostly for Paige, mom. No, I know. All right, I'm going. Thank you.

[Phone vibrates]

[Phone vibrates]

Yes, I've seen Paul, okay? So you can wipe that smile off your face. I am not smiling. Why are you itching for my marriage to fall apart? I'm not. I just want you to be happy. Yeah, with someone other than will. That's not true. I just think it was selfish of will to leave you and Arianna here when you're trying to work on your marriage. If he was serious about fixing things... - dad, he is serious. - He'd be here. He's very serious. I already told you that. I don't understand how you're being so hypocritical. Condemning will for leaving me and Ari for a few days? For not being loyal and putting aside his career to work on our marriage 24-7? I am not condemning will.

[Sighs] I am concerned about you. Well, there's better ways to show concern than trashing my husband. All right? And I gotta get going. I have a distributor I'm meeting on the south side in 20 minutes. Uh, listen, there's construction on market near the pier, so everything's backed up. Okay, well, then I really need to run. And don't worry, okay? You don't need to push me so hard about will. Finally here! What-- you're not will. No. My name's Paul. Nobody's here except for me and the baby, and I have to take her to the hospital right now. Well, that's-- that's a hard promise to make since I have no idea what you're going to say. But if this is about me and Nicole, then-- it's about Xander. Who you don't want to talk about. So much so, you just jumped to Nicole. Are you afraid of him? No. It's just difficult for me to open up about him. Especially...if he were to find out. Especially if I caused trouble for him somehow with anyone. You tell me whatever you can about Xander, and I promise you... it will never leave this room. Okay. Uh, the thing about Xander is... he's not at all what he appears to be. No swelling. I know! I don't swell. It's weird, right? I mean, I don't know why, but I--ow! Ah! - Here? - Yeah. Okay, I'll-- I'll go easy. You must think I'm pretty wimpy, right? That is not the thought going through my head right now. Oh. Well, you must be thinking something.

[Laughs] Is that better? Much. Okay, this is just crazy. You sound crazy, so-- no, no, no, no. Okay. You walk out, and my next call is to the cops.

[Phone vibrates]

Cole, you little weasel, I am not doing this. Come on, Eve, take the bait.

[Phone rings]

Don't move.

[Sighs] Yeah, Mom, what? Honey?

[Chuckles] You sound stressed. Uh, sorry. I'm just busy. Well, are you still in finals? I-I thought that-- no. They're over. Well, what's going on? I'm talking to someone.

[Doorbell rings]

Honey, that's our door. - Are you-- - go ahead. We'll talk later. Hi. Do you have a minute?

[Phone vibrates]

Uh, go ahead if you need to take that.

[Phone vibrates]

What's wrong with Arianna? - Nothing. - Then why the hospital? - My sister broke her arm. And I have all the insurance info, but they won't take it over the phone. They have to see the stupid card or they won't treat her. So I have to get down there and obviously I can't leave Ari here. - Did you try calling Sonny? - I tried. I must have gotten the number wrong. The call isn't going through. I can't believe I messed up like that. I don't have time. I have to go. Okay, okay, listen. Everything's gonna be fine. I have Sonny's number, okay? And I can stay here with Arianna. Don't worry, everything's gonna be all right. Maybe...maybe that's not even it. Xander is... one way with men. You know, he's very straightforward, likeable. He's that way with you, yeah? Yeah, I'd say that's fair. Well... with women, uh, I don't want to call him a "player." I don't know if that's the right word, but he likes a challenge. Can be very persuasive. Compelling. It's great... until it isn't. That's your experience with him? Yeah. And I haven't told Eric and I wouldn't have told you normally because it doesn't matter, you're guys. But I've seen-- I've seen what Nicole is about to see... up close and personal. Wow!

[Chuckles] Whoo! You did it! - Yes. - Are you sure? Absolutely. You fixed it. - Oh, well. - Ooh. Okay, let's, uh, let's get you back on your feet. Oh, no, no, no. I'm okay, really. Ooh, ow!

[Both chuckle] You want me to call the cops, Cole? This is nuts. No, you called in an anonymous tip to the police about a drug sale. You knew JJ had overslept and he wouldn't have an alibi. You're watching way too many crime shows. - This is-- - no. No, no. You knew we were going to the movies so you could get into his house. That's when you planted the drugs. It's a miracle we didn't catch you red-handed when we came home. And--and you knocked over that plant, didn't you? - What? - Yeah. Paige, listen to yourself. You think I snuck into JJ's house, planted drugs, and then what? Hid and waited until you went upstairs so I could sneak out? How did you know we went upstairs? How did you know JJ's house even had stairs? Um, just forget about the phone. It's--it's nothing. - What if it's Paige? - It's not. Come on, Eve. Panic time. Why aren't you freaking out yet? I'm sorry. I-I just got off the phone with Paige, so that's not her. - Okay. - Was there something that--

[Phone vibrates]

Are you sure you just don't want to get that? No, no, no, I don't. You're here and you obviously came over here for a reason, so, why don't you--

[Phone vibrates]

Jennifer, ju--ju--why don't you just tell me what's--what's on your mind? Well, I just wanted to make sure that you knew the invitation to Paige's party was genuine, that's all. - Um, I-I told you...

[Phone vibrates]

I-I told you I was coming.

[Phone vibrates]

Yeah, no, I know. I just didn't know if you were just trying to be polite, or if--

[Phone vibrates]

[Groans] Or if you were--do you want to just get that? Because they are not gonna give up, and maybe it's an emergency.

[Phone vibrates]

[Tense music]

[Phone rings]

Got ya.

Yeah, I'm happy to help out if you're okay with it. (Sonny) I'm stuck in traffic. I'll cancel my meeting and turn around, but I don't know how long I'll be. It--it's okay. (Sonny) thanks. All right. Let me talk to Natalie. Hey. Hi, Sonny, I'm so sorry. Okay, thank you. I will. Okay, thanks again. - All right. - Okay, so we're all set? Oh, yep. Ready? Okay, I wrote some stuff here for you. It's okay. Go. I'll be fine. Oh, okay. Bye.

[Chuckles] Bye.

[Door closes]

Looks like it's just, uh, you and me now, kid, huh? Hmm?

[Babbles] If there is one thing I've learned about Nicole is that she knows how to handle herself... with men. All kinds. Good. Then I won't worry. And I wasn't trying to trash her when I brought this up. I didn't think you were. I just didn't know how to get into my stuff with Xander. But now you know. Mm-hmm. And as promised, it stays with me. I need to see a patient. Right, um, okay, I'll get out of your hair. Thank you for coming by.

[Exhales deeply] I don't believe you for one second, Dr. Dan. You are so not gonna be silent about what just happened. Damage control. Now.

[Phone rings]

Uh... you should get that. No, get--you should, um--

[Ringing continues]

Yes. Yes? I-I need to see you. It's not a great time. (Serena) this can't wait. I'm coming over now. All right. I am so sorry, but, uh, I have to cut this short again. - Emergency? - Business. Right. Well, um, I have a lot of work to do, too, so I'll just get out of your hair. Whoa, whoa. See you soon? - As long as... - no one else knows. I like it that way too.

[Chuckles] Bye.

[Exhales deeply] This better be important, Serena. Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everything's fine. Just, you know, just give me a second, please.

[Phone vibrates]

You--you know what, Jennifer? This is, um, it's dad. You know, I've got to deal with all this Theresa stuff, so-- - you know? - Yeah, okay. - Uh, sure, I'll get going. - Okay. Just promise me you'll be at the party today. I wouldn't miss it. I really-- I really wouldn't miss it, but thanks, okay. - I'm sorry for interrupting. - All right. Okay. No problem. Bye.


[Phone vibrates]

Ugh! You sick, jealous lunatic. How could you do something so messed up? Why? Why did you do it? All right. I'll tell you. Not incriminating enough, Eve. I need more.

[Phone vibrates]

[Exhales deeply] Now why does Xander have a picture of that trinket? Daniel, I--

[Gasps] You mean "elephant." There was only one. You're telling me there were two of them? Yeah. Well, at least Daniel has one of them. Maybe I can get a closer look at it. Oh, yeah, right. He'll think I'm nuts. He'll think I'm going off on Serena again and that it's all about Eric. Ugh! No, no. I cannot tell Daniel until I have something solid. Think, girl. There has got to be a way to play this. Look. You're amazing. And you're with the worst guy you could be with. You almost get away and then he sucks you back in. Unbelievable. I'm trying to help you, Paige. - You deserve-- - no, no, no. Just shut up, okay? You don't know JJ at all. You want to know the worst person I could be around? You. Okay? I tried to be your friend. I even defended you to JJ and this is what we get? Just stay away from both of us.

[Phone vibrates]

What am I doing here? This is Cole. I can't trust him. - This better be good. - It is. Believe me, I don't want to be here any--wow. You really don't want me here. No. It's messy. Nicole seeing you here in my hotel room is not helpful. Well, who dragged me here, Xander? You're the one who always wants to meet in a hotel room. Can we cut to the chase? What was so bloody urgent that you had to see me right now?

[Phone rings]

Yes? Nicole. Well, I-I wasn't expecting you. Yes, I know. I-I was-- I thought you were at Xander's hotel. Weren't you?

I was interviewing Xander for the story I was doing on Brady. - Remember, I told you that. - Oh, right, right. That totally fluff softball piece about Brady and what Kristen did. That you didn't want to interview me or Brady or Eric or Melanie for. No, no. That's not true. Well, as far as I know, you didn't ask any of us. You went right to Xander, who barely knows him. Wha--it was a unique perspective.

[Sighs] Okay, Daniel. There is something you should hear from me. No, I heard it loud and clear. That you want a break from us for a couple of days or months or something like that. No, no, I-- no, I think it's an excellent idea. See ya. What? No. Call me in the morning when you have the final numbers. So, Serena, what's going on? Where's the fire? Okay, so there may be this little thing that-- what the hell? What? What is it? I disconnected that call, and my phone flipped to my photo gallery. So what? You probably hit the button. No, not even close. And look what comes up first. There's no way that should be the first picture that comes up. It still must be overwhelming to have a grown son you never knew you had. That's a lot of catching up. Yeah, it is. But you know what the good part is? Paul wants to get to know me now. Well, I'm really glad he came back here. For your sake. You know, if you're worried, I think you ought to know that Paul plans on giving Sonny and will a pretty wide berth. You don't need to placate me. I just want what's best for my son. - Just like you must. - Yeah, I do. They got their work cut out for them though. It's gonna be a minefield. How many times a day do people tell you that you're beautiful, huh? Who am I kidding? They tell you every day. Don't they?

[Keys rustling]

Oh, sounds like Sonny. Daddy Sonny's home. You want to say hi to daddy Sonny? Let's go open that door for daddy Sonny, huh? Okay. - Hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Oh. - Hi. - Hi. Uh, is JJ here? It's important. Uh, no, he's not. Can I help you? Uh, you know, I really need to speak to him. Well, did you try calling him? I mean, he'll be back in probably an hour or two, and he said something about you picking him up for lunch. Uh, yeah, right. You know, thanks. I'll try calling him again. Yeah, okay. Bye, honey. Oh, boy. Ooh, you are gonna be so surprised in a couple hours.

[Phone rings]

I delivered the money, you ape. Huh?

[Leaves rustling]

JJ? Smile for the camera, Eve. I finally got you.

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