Days Transcript Thursday 5/14/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 5/14/15


Episode #12591 ~ Stefano decides Marlena must die; Roman & Abe turn to Chad for help; Nicole resists Daniel's efforts to work things out; Serena considers taking desperate measures.

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I should've known. Despite everything we've been through, you still couldn't resist. Mm. You're right. I can't. [Sighs]

Xander: Nicole, I could tell you... how I feel about you, but right now, I'd ... I'd rather show you.

So... can we let this go?

That's it? You just want to let this go?

What is wrong with me? I want to be with Daniel, but I push him away to help Eric. And why? 'Cause it's the right thing to do. Ugh. Too bad I'm lousy at doing the right thing. Because if Xander doesn't take the bait, then this is all for nothing.

No, it's not. No, it's not. I'm going to figure out what Xander and Serena are up to before she breaks Eric's heart or worse.

[Cell phone ringing]

Xander: Nicole?

Nicole: Hi, Xander. I've been thinking about you. Unfortunately, I'm in the middle of something right now. I'll call you later.

[Scoffs] Terrific.

Eric: Why you calling Xander?

Daniel... do you have a sec? I have a question for you. You know I was at the castle when Kristen... died?

Daniel: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Thank you. Look, Marlena gave me a little bit of information, but I think she was afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle more. Look, I need to know everything, okay? I need you to tell me what happened. That's not going to help anything. Look, I need to know how my sister died, okay? It cannot be any worse than the scenarios that are playing in my head, and my father will never be completely honest with me. And he's the only family I have left. So... please, Melanie.

[Knock at door]

Keep me posted. I got your message. What's going on?

[Sighs] I got a bad feeling, Abe.

Abe: About what?

[Sighs] Marlena.

Marlena: Stefano, stop this. This is insane.

Stefano: It's justice. You give me one reason-- one reason-- why I shouldn't kill you the same way that you killed my Kristen.

Marlena: "Justice"? After all we've been through for all these years, really? This is how you want to end it?

If only it were as simple as putting a knife through Xander's heart. For one, he doesn't have a heart.

[Sighs] I've got to stop running scared. He needs to know that I am not afraid of him anymore.

Yeah, what's up?

Oh, I was just wondering how Brady's son's getting on. I know he's having the bone marrow transplant today, right?

Yeah, yeah. But it hasn't started yet. The baby's mother's still being prepped. I know Brady asked us to give them some space, but Uncle Victor wanted to know if anybody needs anything.

Uh... thanks, but I told him I'd update him, and I, uh--I will.

Okay, great.

All right. Oh, by the way, uh... how's Nicole?

Uh... oh, well, I, uh--you know, I talked to Brady last night, only for a few minutes, of course, because of everything that's going on. I'm still so totally shocked with what happened with Kristen.

Yeah, we all are. And I told you I wasn't going to do a story about it, but my boss is making me. So I'm going to make sure that it's completely positive and, of course, vague, so...

[Chuckles] What does this have to do with Xander?

Well, I just want to do everything possible not to bother Brady. That's why I was calling Xander.

Okay, wait, why?

'Cause he's Brady's cousin. And I'm his brother. And Daniel, he's a doctor at the hospital, and his daughter who happened to be there--

So what does this have to do with Xander?

Well, after everything's that's happened to Melanie and your family and Daniel, I just didn't want to bug anyone.

Come on, Nicole. Do you honestly think that I don't know what's going on?

Nicole: It--it seemed like a crazy theory, so I didn't want to tell anybody, because I didn't think that there was any way it would be true. And then I found out that Theresa was pregnant, and I had to tell Brady.

Yeah, of course you did. And then Brady tracked down Kristen. Had I not been so obsessed with finding out what Dr. Mandrake was up to, maybe your sister wouldn't have died.

You're right. But then Brady and Theresa would have never known they had a child. Do you regret what you did?

I regret how things turned out for your sister.

What about how things might turn out for you? After all, now Brady and Theresa have a child together. That will bond them forever. What's wrong?

[Sighs] I haven't been able to get in touch with Marlena in over 24 hours. I asked her if she wanted to swing by tonight and see Ari, nothing. She didn't respond.

You check with her secretary?

Left a message. Still waiting to hear back. Something's off, Abe. Marlena's not home. She's not answering her cell. And especially after everything that just went down in Italy... did you check in with Brady? Melanie? Theresa?

Yeah, yeah. All accounted for.

And what about John?

I didn't tell him, in case there was nothing. John's got enough on his plate as it is. But, Abe, my gut... my gut tells me something's not right. Marlena's in trouble.

Stefano: You killed my daughter. How would you have it end, Marlena?

Marlena: I don't think that this is about Kristen.

Stefano: No?

Marlena: No. You see, I know you better than anybody on earth knows you. And I think... I think it's about me. I think you have finally found a way, an excuse, to rid yourself of me and the obsession you feel towards me.

Stefano: Oh, please! Stop with the psychoanalysis, huh? Let's take a trip down memory lane instead, huh? Where to begin?

Chad, I'm sorry about how things turned out, and I'm sorry that your sister died. But I don't regret telling Brady, because he deserves to know the truth.

Chad: Yeah, I agree. And I deserve to know what happened to my sister.

The whole thing happened so fast.

Okay, okay. You're trying to protect me. Marlena did the same thing. No, she wouldn't say one bad word about my sister. Okay, it was--it was kind, and it made it worse.

I'm sorry.

No. I don't need people to tiptoe around me--

I'm not--

I can handle the truth, okay? Melanie, please. If you don't tell me... who will?

Kristen had us all locked up in a castle-- Marlena, Theresa, Brady, myself-- and she as planning on killing us. This wasn't Marlena's fault. Okay, they struggled. She would've pushed Marlena out the window had she not fallen herself. Kristen fell. And if she hadn't, she would've killed all of us.

[Sighs] Well... Marlena's assistant got a text last night to cancel her appointments.

Did she give a reason?


Damn it, I was afraid something like this would happen. You do know who's behind this.

I didn't want to think it, but-- Stefano. Stefano DiMera, that son of a bitch.

Marlena: A stroll down memory lane, you say. So you can have me recall all the times you have tormented me, tormented my family over the years. I am curious about something else. Uh, if the police should happen to find us--

Stefano: Well, I would not concern myself about that, Marlena. No one is going to find us.

Marlena: You sound very sure of that.

Stefano: Oh, yes. You see, I was very, very careful when I purchased this place. No one knows that it exists. But this time, it's a little bit different, because people know this place. But they didn't until you came here. You thought that you got away with killing my daughter, and I will have no problem getting away with killing you.

Nicole is--is fine.

Yeah, why?

I still feel bad for asking her out. If I had any idea you guys were seeing each other-- I know it was just coffee, but I really hope I didn't cause any problems for you two. Of course not, no. Glad to hear it. I mean, Nicole is a fantastic woman and you're as close to family as it gets. So everything's okay? As I said, uh, we are both fine. So thank you. Yeah. Okay, if you'll excuse me, I need a real cup of coffee... - a decent one. - Mind if I join you? Uh, sure, yeah. Just give me a minute, and I'll be back. - Great. - Okay. Of course you know what's going on. I told you Daniel and I argued because I kept something from him. About Melanie? Yeah, and about the whole business with Dr. Mandrake. It's a long story. Anyway, Daniel and I-- we're not seeing eye to eye. And he would be upset if I was nosing around for information from him or Melanie. You can still come to me. I know. It's just that you and I, we-- it was easier to go to Xander. Really? I mean, why-- why would you go to Xander? Why do you always assume I'm lying? I don't. It's just that I've known you for a very long time, Nicole, and you're acting awfully defensive. - Because you're grilling me. - Okay. It's just that you had a really good thing going with Daniel, and I hate to see you ruin it over somebody you barely know. I mean, I like Xander, but really? What, he's not Daniel? Well, maybe that's not a bad thing. You know what? You are a lousy liar. You know, I've never heard that one before. How many times have I told you? I am not lying. Okay, but something is going on with Xander, and it has nothing to do with the story on Brady. Fine. You want to know the truth, Eric? I will tell you.

[Phone rings]

I'm waiting. [Sighs] Okay, the reason I've been pursuing Xander is because I know that he and Serena are up to something, something bad. And I need to find out what it is.


Yes, look-- okay, Eric, I know that you don't want to hear this. And I tried to let it go too. But I keep seeing things and hearing things. Because you've been Googling Serena and stalking her. And you still have come up with nothing, haven't you? No, no, that is not true, because I overheard Serena saying that she and Xander have dirt on each other from their time in Africa and she wouldn't let him destroy her and she would take him down with her. Ha! Yeah, try explaining that one away. Now she suddenly wants to drag you off to Honolulu? - And you-- - she cannot be trusted.


She can't. No, I knew she was trouble the second she came here. - You expect me to believe this? - Well, I wanted-- I wanted to have proof before I came to you. And you don't. You never will. So why don't you just save yourself the trouble, because you're always trying to make her look like the bad guy. It just kills you to see us happy together, doesn't it? That is not what this is about. That is exactly what it's about. Save yourself the trouble, Nicole. I'll never believe your proof, and neither will Daniel. I actually went to his house, and I told him I hope things work out between you two. I take it back. He deserves so much better. Nicole... I said I'm waiting. What's wrong? Thank God Melanie's okay. How did she ever track down Kristen DiMera in Italy?

[Inhales sharply] Well... - mm... - ah. - Good old Uncle Victor.

Mm-hmm. I'm sure he never would've forgiven himself if something happened to her. I know he's been like a father to you ever since your parents died. Uh, yeah, he has. Not that he could ever take the place of your birth father. Uncle Victor was close to him, unlike my father, his flesh and blood. Hey, guys.


Mind if I join you?

Not at all. Please. Thanks. Xander, I would love to know more about your childhood. Funny how we never discussed your family all that time we spent together in Africa, isn't it? Do we have enough for a warrant? I'm not waiting around to find out. I'm going straight to the source. I'm sorry. Why are you sorry? You told me exactly what I wanted to hear. After everything my family's done... after everything my sister's done... that's not who you are. You're the third person who's felt the need to tell me that.

Chad, come on.

I'm pretty sure... you didn't feel that way when I blackmailed Gabi or when I tried to rush you into marrying me, which basically forced you out of town. I got over you pretty quick, though. Moved on to Abigail who then moved on to my brother. Then there was the whole brain-tumor thing that I faked because I was afraid that Abigail was going to choose Cameron over me. And dot, dot, dot... let's face it. I am a DiMera through and through. I've made some pretty big mistakes in my life, so I guess that must make me a DiMera as well... right?

Nothing that you've done comes close to what your father or your sister or your brother has done.

Nothing I've done yet. My family is the cause of all your misery? Really? Now you're going to make us pay? How many times have I heard that threat from you? And you know what? I'm still here.

It is time.

Time for what?

For you to see my face. Don't be frightened. You are about to begin... the greatest adventure of your life.

What's going to happen to me?

You will see. But first... you must trust me. Come. You led me on. You teased me. You tempted me. You made me think that my fantasies could come true. Damn you! Damn you! I don't know how you define obsession... but I'd say this is textbook.

[Sighs] You know what? Maybe there is more to it. Maybe I was flirting with Xander to make Daniel jealous, or maybe I just wanted to have a little fun. I mean, Xander's a handsome guy, you know. - If you say so. - I do. But he is Victor's nephew. For one thing, ew. For another, he thinks of Daniel as family, which means I'm off-limits to him as far as he's concerned. So, if it's going nowhere for either of you-- I'll never learn my lesson, will I? I never give up. That's my motto. You know what? I'm sorry. I will never live up to the lofty standards of people of unfailing integrity like you and Daniel. Nicole, really. What are you doing here? What do you want to talk about? I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to do that story on Brady. Well, now I am, and I have a lot of work to do. So thank you for stopping by. Sure.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] Now I need to find the proof so I can finally tell you the truth.

[Sighs] I, uh, couldn't help overhearing your discussion of your family connection. Such a small world, isn't it? I mean, Melanie in Europe and you in Africa. And here we are all again.

[Chuckles] It's strange. Yes, it is. You know, you were so involved in your charity work over there, I really never thought you were going to leave. Was he always this service-minded when he was a kid?

Uh, well... maybe not.

[Chuckles] So hard to imagine. Xander was always mysterious about his past. Maybe one day you can fill me in on that. I mean, you're practically family, right? That's right. Well, I think I should get going. Yeah. Okay. Well, um, tell Melanie that, you know, I'm sure things are really crazy right now, but I'm thinking about her, and, when she gets a minute, just to call me. I'd like to take her out to dinner. And you should come too and you... you know, 'cause you're always so great at cheering everyone up. [Chuckles awkwardly] - Okay. Well, why don't you just let me know? Will do. Thank you for the coffee. You come with me now. Chad, you didn't even know you were a DiMera until, like, a couple of years ago. What if you had never found out? You wouldn't be worried about turning out like your father. No, I just--I would've felt like the general screw-up that I always was. Oh. When I got Mia pregnant, she didn't even feel like she could tell me. My daughter died before I ever knew she existed. Yeah. I was a great guy. Hmm. Well... it hasn't all been bad, has it? To be honest, I didn't think you were the kind of guy to sit around feeling sorry for yourself.

I'm not.

Then cut it out. Okay. Stop worrying about living up to your father's name. You can be the man that you want to be. But you have to make that choice. And I hope you choose the right one. Hmm.


Yeah. I didn't mean to make this all about me. I know--listen, you've gone through hell. I hope things work out for you and Brady, that you get everything that you want. You deserve it.

Thank you. Thank you, Dr. Evans, for your brilliant diagnosis, you know. Now it's my turn. You've canonized yourself Saint Marlena, ever-kind and patient face frozen in a perpetual smile. Liar!

[Chuckles] Funny. But I've been called a murderer, hmm? Yet look, my hands-- all clean. What about yours? This drug is going to completely paralyze you. I want to see you punished... for all the people that you have hurt. All righty, now, one, two. Sorry. Couldn't wait.

She's mine, demon. [Growling] Demon. Demon! Mine, not yours!

[Growling] I'll never, never let you destroy her! Aah! Aah! You know I wasn't in my right mind when that happened. Oh, oh, oh, oh. That's right. The devil made you do it, huh? But the truth is, you, Marlena, are the devil.

Now we can talk. So talk. What the hell was all that about?

I was just having a little fun with you. Where's your sense of humor?

It wasn't funny.

It was to me.

And also very revealing.

Oh? You forget just how well I know you. And when you're sickeningly nice to a woman, it's because you want to manipulate her, if you're lucky, get her into your bed, but when you're sickeningly nice to a man, it's because you can't stand him, and you're really nice to Daniel. So why do you hate him?

Daniel: Nicole, hi.

Nicole: Daniel. Um... Brady told me everything that happened in Europe. When we ran into each other at Victor's, that's what you were trying to tell me, wasn't it? Yeah. - Yeah. - I'm sorry. I'm sorry I went off on you like that. I mean, if I had known what your family was going through-- you know, I should've just let you go instead of forcing you to listen to me. No, I wanted to hear what you had to say. I was just too stubborn to admit it. I'm sorry. No, it's, uh-- it's my fault. No, really, it wasn't your fault. Okay, we're not going to argue about who's more sorry, are we? Oh, God, no. No. I'm going to stop talking right now. Actually, I'd like you to keep talking.

[Chuckles] Is there any chance that we could have dinner tonight, maybe with Melanie? Oh. I mean, or if she has plans, maybe just the two of us? How does that sound?

[Knock at door]

Abe... hey. When are you gonna bring by Theo to see his Uncle Chad?

Abe: Soon, soon. We both are sorry about your loss. Thank you. What's going on?

I'm trying to track down Stefano.

I can't help you. Sorry.

Have you spoken to him recently?

Yeah, but I don't know where he is now. I swear.

What--what's going on?

I think he might have Marlena.

Marlena: So why do you call me the devil? Hmm? Because I would do anything-- and I do mean anything-- to protect the people that I love? You see, I think we have that in common. And when EJ married Sami, we couldn't pretend to be one big, happy family. But we didn't have to pretend to love those grandchildren. I'm a part of them. You're a part of them. And I wouldn't change them for anything. Would you?

Stefano: I've lost a child.

Marlena: I know how that feels. And I know what you're feeling is--

Stefano: Don't you tell me what I feel!

Marlena: Do you think you'll feel any better if you hurt me?

Stefano: Yes... I do. You tried to kill me precisely this way. You succeeded in killing my daughter this way.

Marlena: That was an accident.

Stefano: Now it is my turn.

Marlena: This would be cold-blooded, premeditated murder. Look, you said that these grandchildren don't need me. Do you think they need you? How do you think they're going to feel when they find out that their precious Nonno took their grandmother away from them forever?

Um... I mean, I know we have a lot to talk about. Daniel, I... I do want to talk sometime. It's just that I'm working on this huge story, and I know you've got to be super busy with that bone marrow transplant and everything else. So I'll just-- I'll call you in a few days, okay? Uh, ye--yeah, okay. I'm sorry. I-I wish we could make this happen sooner. Yeah. No, me too. Me too. But I guess we'll just be in touch whenever. So... sure. Okay.

[Sighs] This better be worth it. It will be. It has to be. And then Daniel and I will be together. Why would I hate Daniel? As you said, he's practically family. When we were in Africa, you never talked about family, so I just assumed you didn't have any or that you weren't close, but here they all are in Salem, and they are important to you, which means-- you don't know what it means! So shut the hell up! What makes you think my father has Marlena?

[Chuckles] Because she's missing, and history tells us...

[Sighs] Chad, do you love Sydney and Johnny?

Of course.

You want anything to happen to their grandmother?

Of course not.

Then you need to tell me anything you know. Time is of the essence.

Okay, Marlena came to see me. She wanted to tell me what happened in Italy before Kristen died. I was very appreciative, and I told her so. That's it.

Did you tell your father?

Yes. He called.

What did he say?

Nothing that would make me think that he would... okay, he did seem much calmer than he has since the--

Look, you have to get in touch with him, Chad.

Chad: What good would that do?

Because you're all he has left. That junkie who killed EJ was dead before Stefano got to have his revenge. Marlena is going to pay for what that man did unless you intervene. Now, what happened to Kristen was just a terrible-- it was an accident. I-- Melanie told me Marlena had no choice. I-I get it. You think your father could be persuaded to see it that way?

Stefano: You are right. My grandchildren would never forgive me... if they knew about it. But they will never know. Carson! Make your peace, Marlena, because now you die.

Carson: Yes, sir.

Stefano: Throw her out the window... now.

[Knock at door]

Eric, hey. Just dropping Parker's photos. Handsome boy you got there.

Well, thank you very much. Come on in. Hey, any news on the transplant? Well, the hospital has been keeping me updated. It's going smoothly so far.

That's great. Yeah, I'll text everybody once I get a chance to speak with the doctors, but I don't expect any complications at this point.

Thanks. You know, while you're here, um... I had coffee with Xander a little while ago, and Serena ran by, stopped in, and she invited us all out to dinner. Wait. She invited Xander? Uh, yeah. Yeah, why? It's just because when I once thought they were old friends... you know, it turns out that Serena doesn't even like Xander at all.

Hit a nerve, did I?

You think you're clever. But you're a fool if you think you can play at my level. And look what you did to my shirt. Hmm, sorry. [Sighs] You will be. Get out. Stay out of my sight. [Sighs]

Marlena: Carson, don't do this.

[Cell phone ringing]

Marlena: Don't do it. Don't--don't--Stefano! Don't do it. Don't you understand? Stefano!

[Line trilling]

He's not answering.

Marlena: Let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me!

Try again. If Stefano answers, we can try to trace the phone. Marlena's life may depend on it.

My father wouldn't hurt her, Abe.

Marlena: Stefano, please! Please! Let go of me! No! No! Oh, no! Stefano, stop this! Stop it!

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