Days Transcript Wednesday 5/13/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/13/15


Episode #12590 ~ Stefano confronts Marlena; Abigail & Melanie find Paul & Sonny in an awkward situation; Will encounters Jeremiah; Rafe tells Hope to stop asking about Clyde.

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First of all, I want to thank you for talking to me about Carlson. Mm. I really appreciate it. By the way, you were right on the money. Girlfriend gave him up. She's sick of dealing with him. Well, the guy's a real piece of work. Anyway, thanks again, friend. Yeah. Anytime. So when do you take off? As soon as I drop Ciara off at school. You thought about what I told you about Clyde Weston? I have. A lot. Good. Don't let him make problems for you and Aiden. They're not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore. Mom blew it. Well, thank you for seeing me on such short notice, Mr. Jennings. I promise I won't take too much of your time. No problem. Damn it, hope, I'm not gonna do this with you. I'm not gonna drop a client because you have a hunch. There's just a few things I need to go over with you. - Yeah. - Look, before we start... there's something I need to talk to you about. Mel, you look great. I mean, especially considering everything you've been through. Thank you. How's Brady doing? Okay, I think. He and Theresa are at the hospital with baby, so I'm just trying to stay out of the way. It's so weird that Brady's a father. And Theresa's a mom. Right. Wow. Is that--is that a little weird for you and Brady? Yeah. A little bit. It is a little weird. Um, how are you doing though? I could use a distraction. Oh, I'm fine. Yeah. I don't believe that. So what's going on?

[Knock at door]


Harold let me in.

Oh, you heard about me hiring Lucas at Countess W, right? Take your best shot.

How are things in Poplar Bluff?

[Sighs] Boring. I just want to get the background on Clyde Weston and then head straight to the airport. All right, well, you haven't told me why you changed your mind about writing the piece. It... it's complicated.

[Knock at door]

Here, hold on one second. This must be the sitter.

Sonny, are you still there? Yeah, yeah, I'm still here. It's not the sitter, um, but I'm sure she'll be here soon. You have to get going? Right. Yeah. I'll talk to you later. Sure. I'll call you as soon as I know when I'll be back. I love you. Me too. Bye. So, you made it. Yeah, john and I got in late last night. Right. Yeah. When I talked to you, did I tell you that will was gonna be out of town? Is that why you're here? No, actually, I assumed he was here. That's why I came.

[Baby crying]

Oh, that's my daughter. Here, come on in. Yeah.


[Exhales] What did you put in my tea?

You'll be fine. We've landed.

And where are we now?

Where you'll be answering the questions about your role in the death of Kristen DiMera.

Ciara, would you mind doing me a favor?

Ciara: Sure.

Would you get me one of those delicious chocolate croissants, and get one for yourself too, if you'd like?

Ciara: Mom says I shouldn't eat that stuff.

Yeah, well, Mom's right. But I still want one anyway. Would you?

Ciara: On it.

All right, thanks, kid. Thanks, honey. As Caroline puts it, sometimes Ciara says more than her prayers.

Yeah, well, kids will do that. Yup, that's for sure. But she is a great kid.

Thank you. She definitely keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. So how did you blow things with Aiden? Doesn't happen to have anything to do with Clyde Weston, does it? Yeah, it does. A situation has cropped up in my personal life. Oh, with your son? How do you know I have a son? Well, that's him, right? Right. What's his name? - Chase. - Chase? - Yeah. - That's a good name. And what, you coach his baseball team? Well, I try. Oh, man. Spending that kind of time with your son, that's a real blessing, isn't it? It is. Yeah. You said you're a widower, right? Yeah. Well, if you don't mind my asking, how old was chase when his mama passed? He was five. No kidding? You know, Ben was about that age when his mama got killed. Man, I wish I'd had a chance to coach his baseball team... instead of trying to make a man out of him the hard way. You know what I mean?

[Sighs] But I got a second chance. I'm gonna make it up to him. Give him everything I never had.

[Knock at door]

Come in!


Hey. I'm running a little late, sorry.

No problem. Come on in.

Oh, I didn't realize Ben was gonna be joining us today. Yeah, well, if you thought I was proud of this guy before, wait till he tells you why he's here. You know, my life's a little confusing lately. But I thought everything was going really well with you and Ben. Ben is great. Oh. But? He told me something that he did in his past and it just kind of threw me. Was it bad? Nothing major, I guess. And he swears he'll never do anything like it again, but, you know, it just made me realize there's still a lot that I don't know about Ben. Got you. Is there something else, because you know you can talk to me about anything, right? No, no, not about him-- this, not about this. Him? Chad "him"? I see. You're not saying anything. Well, I wasn't thrilled by Lucas's news. What, you don't want your son to have a good job? No, I do. I just don't want to see him as the opening volley in a war between Stefano and Victor. Well, it seems to me like the opening volley was you getting Victor to fire him from mad world, but... ah, so hiring him was your idea. Good move. You didn't just come here to tell me I got the better of you, right? Oh, come on, Kate. Let's hear some threats. No threats. Actually, I'm here to tell you how sorry I am. Well, that's a new approach. Sorry about what? It couldn't have been easy to lose Kristen this way. - Wow, she's grown. - Yeah. Well, you haven't seen her since that time with Lucas, right? Yeah. Can I hold her? Well, she's a handful. Well, is that why they call it the terrible twos? Yeah. They're not so bad though. - Mm. - Remember Paul? Here you go. Hey, wow. Hey, remember me? So you said that you thought will would be here. That's why you came over? Yeah, I was just trying to get all awkward stuff out of the way. You told him I was coming back, right? No, actually, I didn't get a chance to tell him. He's out of town. For a long time? Well, since last night. But I texted you late in the afternoon. I just didn't tell him. Okay. Why not? Hey, you okay, little girl? - Oh. - Oh. Oh.

Welcome to my world. Ah, what's a little chocolate milk? Let me--I can rinse that out for you. Oh, you don't have to worry about it. No, dude, you reek. It smells. And then, chocolate milk stains. - Here, come here. - Here we go. Come here. And just so you know, the reason I didn't tell will is because a cab was waiting for him outside to take him to the airport. And I didn't want to start things up before he left. Yeah, will won't be too happy about this. Well, no, but he can't complain that you want to get to know your dad. Oh, no? No, I told him a while back, if you being around is a threat to him and me, we don't have much of a marriage. And I know that my dad told you that he thought it was a good idea for you to be in Salem. But he didn't run that by me. He didn't clear it with me. And I told him what I'm telling you. I'm committed to will. Hmm. I guess when he and I talked... I heard what I wanted to hear. You did say you'll always care about me. Well, yeah. I will always care about you. We had something special. I'll never forget that. You know, you're the one person that taught me that it was okay to love another man. As much as I wish that you were back in my life, if you feel like you belong with will... I just want you to be happy. That's all I've ever wanted. - Where are you from? - Salem. I'm here because I'm writing a magazine article. Do you have a few minutes to talk to me? Is my name gonna be in your article? Absolutely. And did I mention that it's a cover story? It's hard for me to believe that Aiden can't see Clyde Weston the same way you and I do. Uh-huh. Maybe that was arrogant. Well, Clyde knows how to turn on the charm. Exactly, he certainly does. But Aiden is a smart man. He's not stupid. He should be able to see through that good old-- yup, there I go again. Yeah. Listen, everyone's entitled to a lawyer. Even Clyde. That's what he said. Yeah. Bo and I were on the same side. We talked about work all the time. Mm-hmm. It's just so different with Aiden. So you're gonna fix this, right? You're not gonna let Weston ruin something that's made you so happy. Rafe, that's the thing. I don't know how to fix it. How do I fix it? We're on opposite sides. Yeah, but you don't have a case against Weston. You just have a bad feeling. Am I right? So forget about it, okay? Focus on Aiden. Besides, you're not gonna have any success with Weston. Guy's like Stefano. Are you saying that Clyde is in Stefano's league? Wow. Really? Yeah. Now don't start a one-woman war you can't win. Don't let this go on. Before you leave town, you suck it up, and you fix things with your boyfriend. Yeah, mom. You got to suck it up. - Thank you. - Mm-hmm. I've decided I want to go back to using the last name I was born with. Okay. Well, that's a simple matter. The thing is, when I was moving around a lot, I used a lot of different names. Okay. Oh, you can say it, son. Ben and his sister were on the run from me. All right. Well, these names, did use them on any legal documents, like your w-2s, - driver's license? - Yeah. Yeah. I lied on those things. Okay, well, let me handle that. But this ought to be your last name change. Mm. So are you sure this is what you want? I definitely want it. (Aiden) okay. It's a day I thought I'd never see. This boy's gonna do me proud. He's gonna make people sit up and take notice of the Weston name. I went to see Chad yesterday. I found out about Kristen and I wanted to offer my condolences. Yeah. EJ and Kristen in a year. - I know. - Both of them. I mean, he was an only child his entire life, and now he is again. It's hitting him really hard, too. I mean, he thinks he's cursed or something. Yeah, well, you went to see him. That was really nice of you. Except there's more to it than that? I just--I felt so bad for him, Mel. I wasn't even thinking and I put my arms around him. - No. - And then, he kissed me. Did you kiss him back? - And then we stopped. - But--oh! - Whose idea was it to stop? - Mine. - Good. - But he didn't exactly try to talk me out of it. Good thing, too, right? Because you didn't want him to stop? I've gotten all the sympathy I need. Thank you. Tough guy, huh? Well, shrug it off all you want. But you're still way too young to have suffered so much loss. Your mother, Lexie, EJ, and now Kristen. - It's pretty terrible. - Oh, come off it, Kate. I know exactly how you felt about Kristen. It doesn't mean that I can't be sorry for your loss, does it? I might have thought Kristen was a ghoul, but you probably saw her as a big sister. Hell, maybe she even acted like one to you. Well, I'm not all alone in the whole world. I still have dear old dad, so... yeah. And that's the biggest tragedy of all. Why have you brought me back here? You never said a word about leaving the country, and you drugged me. Your superiors at the ISA are gonna hear about this. Do you hear me? They can probably hear you in Pisa. Stay put.

[Door slams]

If you think you're going to get--

Woman: How are you doing in there baby girl? Well out here the world is a little different. You're probably gonna cry. But don't worry, you'll always be comfortable.

I feel like such a bad person. I mean, what's wrong with me? All right, um, okay, so when you put your arms around him, were you kind of hitting on him a little bit? - No, no. I wasn't. - Okay, all right. So you held him and the old chemistry came back. That happens. Mel, I shouldn't be talking to you about this. No--

[Sighs] You stopped him, right? Because you love Ben. Yes, I do. I really love Ben. Okay, so there we go. Yeah, you guys have been going through a hard time lately. Maybe it was just, like, a thing-- all right, I'm sorry. I just-- I really don't want to talk about this anymore. That's fair. Okay, well, since neither of us are really in the mood to talk, maybe could do a little retail therapy. Mm. That is a great idea. - Perfect. - Yes. Where should we start? Well, you said it's Arianna's second birthday coming up. - Oh, right. - And Brady's son obviously left Italy without his wardrobe, so maybe we could hit the baby stores. - How is that for a diversion? - Oh. That sounds great. - Let's do it. - Let's go. Ah, see, there it is. The real reason for the visit. You're still trying to get me to turn on the old man, huh? The thought never entered my head. Oh, come on. You tried to take the man's business away from him, and he beat you at your own game. And now, you're trying to alienate him from the only child he has left. - Is that right? - Okay, could you just listen? I couldn't care less about Stefano.

[Chuckles] All right. I'm here because I care about you. Because you and I, we're-- we're nothing. Get it through your head, Kate. I am not your son. That is not how you speak to your mother, young lady. - Why not? - Ciara. - He said it. - Ciara. You know, and I shouldn't have. It's not good. Why not? Why not? Well, because then you could pick up on it, which you did. And I can guarantee you, if you talk to your teachers like that, you're not gonna like what happens next. That is one thing Rafe is correct about. - Yeah. - And speaking of teachers, we should get you to school before you pick anything else up. And I've got to get to work. You heard what I said. - We'll talk when I get back. - Okay. And I promise you, next time there's a smart little girl in the room, I'm gonna watch what I say. Yeah, I'm gonna hold you to that. Okay. Enjoy your chocolate croissant. Well... - bye. - Bye. All right, sweetheart. You ready? Are you gonna do what Rafe said? Talk to Aiden? Yeah, right after I drop you off at school.

[Phone chiming] Ah, chase. What I'm looking for is something that will give our readers a feeling for what the people of poplar bluff really think. Well, honey, you have come to the right place. Great. I'm curious to hear, what do the locals think of a former resident? It's a guy by the name of Clyde Weston. Excuse me. I got to get back to work. - [Barking] - [Baby laughing] You can wear this. - Should fit. - Okay. And then, I got the worst of the chocolate milk out, but you'll still have to get it cleaned. Oh, sweet. Is that my cue to leave? No, I'm glad that you came by, and we were able to say what we wanted to say. Me too. And when will comes back, I'll, uh... I'll be careful with him. That's good. So is he out doing another story? A cover story, or... I think so. I don't know. Well, it sounds like his career is doing really well. What? Just, I wish he would stop writing about local people. Seems to stir things up, you know? Yeah, well, nothing's gonna stir things up like the piece he wrote about me, right? Hey, little princess, I bet you're tired of that high chair, aren't you? Hmm? You don't mind if I-- can I take her out of the chair? Oh, sure. Yeah. Go for it. - Ready?

[Knock at door]

Here we go.

That must be the sitter. Here we go. Hey, I'm so glad you came with me.

Hey. - Hi. What brings you two here? Something for the birthday girl. Oh. Hi, will! I should have known you were behind this. Yes, you should have. Did you know that I grew up not very far from here? Of course, the views from my family home were nothing like the view from that window. It was the last thing that my Kristen saw. I'm sorry. It can't be easy for you being here. Uh-uh. No. Life is not easy right now. And this came right after EJ's death. And Alexandra before him. Don't forget that. You know, it's been a very difficult few years. I assume I'm here to explain what happened. Is that what you assume?

[Chuckles] Interesting.

[Knock at door]

Uh, come in! Oh, did I tell you I need the Walsh file, too? I'd get it for you if I knew where you kept it. Should I have called first? No. No, no, no. Come on in. Aiden, look, I'm really sorry about what happened last night. - Don't, look-- - no, it was wrong of me - to tell you who to represent. - No, no, it was my fault. Hope, look, I should've realized that you were just trying to make things easier for us. Anyway, I'm driving to Chicago to wrap up a case and I just couldn't leave things the way they were. You know, we both have strong feelings about what's right and what's not. I'm sure Clyde Weston is not gonna be the last person of interest to the police force that I represent. You're right. So if it's going to be like this, maybe you and I are better off as just friends. Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. (Abigail) Paul, I didn't know you were back in town. Yeah, he got in last night. Yeah, I just found out that my father lives in Salem. Your father? I thought your mother was a widow. Hey, why don't we open up some presents? It's okay, sonny. Everyone's gonna find out anyway. Yeah, my mother was not a widow. She was just never married. And my father's name is john black. I'm sorry, what? Well, do you know him? Everyone in Salem knows john. Yeah. So, your half-brother is Brady black? Yeah, I just met him at the hospital. Told him who I was. He didn't take the news real well. Uh, he's going through a lot right now. Yeah, that's what his girlfriend said. What's her problem? No. Not his girlfriend. No, that's not his-- this is his girlfriend. (Abigail) Melanie Jonas. That's his girlfriend. - Jonas? - Yeah. So my doctor is-- oh! My dad. Listen, I'm sorry for blowing up on Brady. I mean, this whole thing with john... I don't even know what to make of it either. And then I saw Brady there, he was talking to Theresa, and I guess I just misunderstood. You're fine. Um, it's a hard thing for any of us to understand. I know you don't want to hear this, but I do feel that we have a connection. I was married to Stefano when you found out you were his son. - Mm-hmm. - If you remember, I was the one who helped you navigate your way into the family. And? You're not married to Stefano anymore. And there's not a lot of family left. Even so. Even so, there are certain people who come into your orbit that tend to stay there. At least, that's the way I feel. - Hmm. - Right now, I should resent the hell out of you, but I just don't have those feelings. It's the bond between us that keeps me from having those feelings. That's what brought me here today. Because I know you're in pain. And I just want you to know that I'm here for you. Thank you. That's all I had to say. Ah, but, as for making my son my competition... I will get you back for that. I wouldn't expect anything less. I assume you've been briefed by the Italian authorities and you've read their report. I have. So perhaps, you just want to talk to somebody who was there. I know, I have lost a child. That was years ago. Maybe, just maybe, I need to refresh your memory.

Um, look, I want you to know how grateful I am for everything that we had. And I hope we can still be friends. Good luck, Aiden. Ah, who the hell am I kidding? I'm looking at him right now, boss. And you know what to do. Oh, yeah. I know just what to do. Woman, you are a sight for sore eyes. You're the writer? Is that how they say hello in poplar bluff? Only on very special days. What happened? I got my son back. Hey, Ben. - Hey. - How you doing, man? - Good. - Yeah? What you up to? Just wanted to fill out a new W-2 so my next paycheck would be made out right. You're not changing your name again, are you? Yeah. Wait, I thought those days were behind you, man. They are. Ben Weston? And until I know everything, you must keep what happened to her a secret. So I not only have brother, I also have a nephew, too. Welcome to Salem. That makes sense. No wonder Brady couldn't handle hearing about me. Should I go back to the hospital and try and straighten things out? Uh, I would maybe wait until after the procedure. - Right, right. - But then--

[Phone chimes]

Is that the hospital?

Uh, no. Um, just something I have to take care of. Uh, bye, sweetie pie. It was so good to see you. Um, give Brady another shot though because he's a great guy. And your nephew is adorable. So, it was so nice to meet you. - Um...perfect. - I'll call you later. Okay, bye. You know, I'm gonna head out, too. I'm glad that we got to talk. Me too. Hey, bye, baby. And it was great to see you again. Yeah, same here. So...Paul's back. Are you threatening my children?

[Laughs] Have you not read your Bible lately, Marlena, huh? "An eye for an eye." You bastard. What happened with Kristen was an accident. But if you're threatening my Sami, let me remind you, she is the mother of your grandchildren. That is true. And that is why I will not do anything to harm her. You, on the other hand... those children don't need you. Do they? They don't need you at all.

[Phone rings]

Oh. - [Laughs] Hi, Thomas. Tell him I'll be with him in a minute. I, uh-- I'm so sorry but my next appointment is here. Good thing your assistant gave you the heads-up. Mm. Guy would have walked in on more than he bargained for. Mm-hmm. When do you get back from Chicago? - Not soon enough. - Yeah. - Yeah. - Well, do you need me - to pick up Ciara or anything? - No, no, no. My girlfriend Janice is gonna do it, but thank you. Okay. No more of this craziness, okay? Not if I can help it. - My purse. - Yes. Yeah. Well, you know, I've been going around, thinking that when I die, that's the end of my branch of the Weston family, you know? But now... I got a future again. 'Cause I got my boy back. And I'm gonna pass the torch on to him, and I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that-- that his life is everything he wants it to be. I've already talked to Aiden Jennings, Rafe. This is a done deal. I was born a Weston. Clyde must be happy. Okay, I know you don't like him but this is what I want. Hey, it's your call, man. All right, well, I got to get going, but I will see you at 4:00. Yeah, all right. I'm just curious though. What's Jordan think of this? I don't have to run things by her. But I am gonna tell her. I just... I haven't gotten around to it yet. Okay. Right. Nothing was going on here, if that's what you're thinking. I wasn't. Really, I wasn't. I just-- I was wondering how will reacted to-- well, will's not here. He's out of town doing research. So he doesn't even know Paul's here. And I know how that sounds, but again, it's not what you're thinking. Okay? The fact is will and I-- the fact is will and you are-- you guys are committed. And I know that. It's just, I also know how difficult it can be when things get complicated. And even when there's a commitment, you know, if there's someone from your past... I saw the way he looked at you, sonny. - Just-- - what? Hey, did I say something wrong? No. It's okay. It's just every time I think things are getting better between will and me, he goes off and does something that drives me nuts. I know it doesn't matter, but it's not easy. And we need to work on it. And we're never gonna give up. Will and I will figure out a way to make it work. Word gets around fast in poplar bluff. It sure does. I'm here because I'm writing an article about-- Clyde Weston. I heard about that, too. That you've been going around town asking folks all kinds of questions about him. I'm a journalist. That's my job. And just so you know, I'm doing this with Mr. Weston's blessing. He knows all about the article. He actually said-- I think you need to come with me. Right now. - Thanks... - hi. - For coming. - Sure. I heard about that thing with Brady and Theresa - and the baby. - Yeah. And I'm sorry if I-- am I taking you away from that? No, no, no, no. They're at the hospital waiting to her about the baby. And I don't want to be in the way, so-- is that why you invited me over here?


Yeah, I didn't think so. Um, I was at the castle, by the way, when, um--when Kristen--


Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry.

Thanks. Look, so Marlena gave me, uh-- she gave me a little bit of information. But I think she was afraid to give me all of it because, I don't know, she thought it was more than I could handle. I--I-- I need to know what happened. And I want you to tell me... everything.

If you wanted revenge, you could've killed me in Salem.

But in Salem, you will not die seeing exactly what my daughter saw before you pushed her out that window.

Stefano, stop this. This is insane.

It's justice. Give me one reason. One reason why I should not kill you the same way you killed my Kristen.

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