Days Transcript Tuesday 5/12/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/12/15


Episode #12589 ~ Marlena is abducted; Abigail offers comfort to Chad; JJ decides to deal with Eve; Melanie worries Theresa will use the baby to come between her & Brady.

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No, it's okay, Mom, I promise. The Italian authorities cleared us of any wrongdoings. Everything is fine. We're back in Salem, and we're safe. I love you too.

[Door closes]

Everything is not fine, Melanie. You need to go see Brady. After everything we went through to get our son back, I just want to make sure he's healthy and he stays healthy, okay? Whatever it takes, okay? Yeah. Sorry. When you put it like that, it makes sense. I just--I get scared sometimes, you know. I know. It's okay. It's all right. So what's this thing you have to tell me? Is it some kind of secret? No, but it's-- it's very serious, and there are a whole slew of people involved. But the first thing you need to know is that Kristen DiMera is dead. She was killed. What? Oh, my God, Chad. What is this going to do to him? He--he's barely gotten over losing his--his brother. - I have to go see him. - Honey--Abigail, wait. Father? Chad. Are you alone? Yes. Why? I have, uh...

[Clears throat] I have terrible news, and I, uh--

I already know. Marlena told me what happened to Kristen. She told me everything.

What are you doing?

Just get out of my way.

I'm sorry, Dr. Evans. We can't do that.

Oh, my God! You do just the opposite of what I ask you to do, and then you come over here and you threaten me? You know what? You get out of here. Get up. Get up and get out of my apartment.

Paige: Uh... why are you you here?

I, um... I sent you the notes for tomorrow's final, Cole. Is this about JJ? Oh, my God. This has to be that bitch Eve. What won't that woman do to ruin my life?

[Knock at door]


Whoa. What's wrong with you? You look like you just saw a ghost, man.


Oh, okay. This is what's wrong with me. [Chuckles]

W-whoa, man. Dude, you're lucky that that cop knows your family and didn't just search your bag. But hey, man, you just hit the mother lode. Dude, are--are you insane? This is going in the river in the park as soon as I can get there. Aw. Dude, what a waste. Dude, Rory, someone is trying to set me up, and I've already got my prints on it. What--what do you not get? Oh, no, no, no, I get that. Dude, that's totally not cool. It's one thing calling in a fake tip to embarrass me with my family, but to plant drugs in my backpack... she is psycho. She is psycho. She? I was thinking it had to be Cole. I, uh... couldn't download it. File got corrupted, I guess. Well, you could have just texted me, Cole. I'll resend the notes. Yeah, okay. So there you go. - You can go now. - Uh, I don't know. What don't you know? Why do you think my being here had anything to do with JJ? I'm talking to Brady right now. By text? Well, that's how people talk nowadays, grandma. Okay, well, it's not like he's necessarily invited me over, and I don't want to be in the way. Their number-one priority should be their child. Honey, Brady loves you. Having a son... that's not gonna change how he feels about you. Okay, grandma, I know you're trying to help, and I appreciate it, but let's at least be honest about this. Everything has changed. We're waiting for the doctor to give us the test results. Theresa, Daniel is on Christopher's medical team. Wait. What? No... I mean, I knew that he checked on him when we--we first got here, but I didn't know that he'd be involved in his treatment. I contacted him about it as soon as we landed. I have been monitoring your baby's vitals, and so far, everything looks good for the marrow transplant... assuming you're both okay with my being on the case.

[Scoffs] Of course we are. No, actually, I'm not okay with it at all.

Honey, I'm not trying to talk you out of making a condolence call. I just think you should take someone with you. I bet will or Sonny would go with you. Mom, seriously? You're--you're afraid for me to be alone with Chad? - That's not what it is. - Yes, of course it is. That's exactly what it is. What else could it be? What do you think's gonna happen? You think that Chad's gonna-- what, he's gonna-- he's gonna come on to me and take advantage of the situation while he's mourning for his sister? No, I-I just think that-- mom, I know you think that I can't be trusted to be alone with Chad DiMera, but I can. After everything I've been through, I know how to deal with Chad. I know how to deal with any man. I'm not... I'm not the naive person that I once was, and I'm never gonna be that person again. Okay, you convinced me. I just didn't want you to confuse the grief-stricken Chad that you're gonna see today with who he really is. I won't. Mom, I-I... I'm just offering my sympathy to someone who I used to be really close with. I mean, Chad-- he's had two horrible losses, one right after another. I think this is the right thing to do, don't you? Yes, of course. Okay, so don't worry. Well, I'll do my best. - Love you. - I love you too, baby.

[Sighs] Marlena was there? Yes, she wanted me to hear what happened to Kristen from her.

[Scoffs] I mean, it sounds like Kristen really lost it, father.

[Sighs] Ah, yeah, according to Marlena. Well, that's all I have to go on. I never heard a word about this from you. I'll be in touch. What is this about? Agent Carson, ISA. This is in regards to the incidents in Italy last week. Okay, well, uh... I'm just gonna call my lawyer. No calls right now. I'm sorry. Time is of the essence. You need to come with us. Uh, I--okay, I got it. I got it. I got it. - Cole? - Yeah, don't be dense, JJ. Everybody knows that Cole has a thing for Paige, and he would certainly know how to get his hands on drugs like that. Oh, wait. But it could be that girl that you went to boarding school with, right? Uh, Roxanne? Man, she was hot. And didn't you say that she was cheesed off because you're now back with Paige? Look, I'm really need to get rid of this. - You need to get lost. - Dude, you need to relax man. You're a mess. Has something else happened? Here, I'm resending the notes to you, Cole.

[Sighs] Oh, and someone tried to make trouble for JJ today. That's why I was asking about him. But it was just some prank, and it didn't go anywhere, so... that's all good. Cool.

[Chuckles] Anyway, uh, thanks for sending me those notes again. Let's go. - Hey, mom? - Yeah? How did Cole seem when he got here? - Cole? - Mm-hmm. I don't know. Uh, I thought you wanted to talk about JJ. - Well, I do, but-- - well, you know what? I really want to hear all about it. I really do, but you said it was just a prank and everything was okay, so there's something... what? That we need to talk about now, and it's something very, very serious. Theresa and Brady have a child now, though, grandma. Yes, because of you. If you hadn't been so brave and determined-- and even though had I known what you were up to, I would have been very upset with you for putting yourself in harm's way. But still... I admire your courage. If you hadn't done what you did to uncover the truth, even with your concerns about...

[Sighs] How it would affect your relationship with Brady... well, he had a son. How could I lie about that? I mean, I love him more than anything in the world. Who loves you more than anything in the world too. Melanie, which is why-- I should go see him. Why wouldn't I?

[Laughs] That's the spirit. Well, come on! - Come on, you. - Okay, all right.

[Groans] Okay, okay. All right, okay. Well, the immunologist who consulted on your baby's case will still be there, Theresa, but you need a surgeon-- which is why I asked Daniel. Yeah, he's the best there is, I know. Mm-hmm. Well, there are other excellent surgeons. It doesn't have to be me. Wait a minute. But while your child is in no immediate danger... the sooner something's done, the better. So some decisions should be made quickly. - Okay, um-- - uh, excuse me. I thought I had decided, so-- Brady, um, can I just talk to Daniel alone for five minutes, please? Sure. I saw that look that you gave Brady and me before, okay? And I just want you to know that we were comforting each other, not that I owe you an explanation. You're right. You don't. So here's the thing, Daniel-- I don't know what you're thinking or what you think you know, but I do know this-- I don't want you anywhere near me or my baby

 Well, we can have another surgeon up to speed immediately, and your son can still have his surgery, uh, tomorrow morning. Well, I'm just saying, that look you gave me when you saw me with Brady-- no, we don't have to have this discussion, Theresa. You know what Daniel? Actually, we do because you're Melanie's father, and I don't want your suspicions getting back to her, because I don't want her to get the wrong idea. Well, I wasn't planning on mentioning it to Melanie. Oh, well, that's good, because, you know, I really am grateful to her for everything. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I was there. I heard your, uh... wow. You expressed yourself-- but you didn't buy it. Mm-hmm. I think we're done here. You know, look, I already know that you hate me, Daniel. I know that you're probably not thrilled that your daughter is involved with the father of my baby-- okay, here's the story, Theresa. I am very happy that an injustice was made right, and I'm very happy that you and Brady found your son. Beyond that, any feelings I have about this... situation do not matter. True.



However, uh, Melanie's feelings do matter... a lot.




Hi. So they're getting him squared away for the bone-marrow transplant. Theresa's talking to your dad right now.

Caroline: Brady...

Brady: Where's my Jeannie Theresa?

Caroline, hi, hi. Theresa's with Daniel. Oh, oh. And my great-grandson? The nurse is with him. Oh. Ohh. Oh. He's precious. It's such a blessing, Brady... for you and my granddaughter. Yeah. My God, it's totally strange and scary but miraculous at the same time. Yeah, that kind of sums it up, doesn't it? I mean, I'm premed, so I, you know, get how it's possible, but, still... I know. It's completely mind-boggling. I mean, and I tried to get Theresa to contact your grandparents, but she's afraid if she calls them, they're gonna come here, start bossing her around, so they don't even know yet. - Yeah. - Oh. Well, it's a good thing you were here for her, then. Yeah, you know, it was. I was with Theresa when I came back here, and then Cole... - just showed up, yeah. - Yeah. Do you think the only thing he wanted was my notes? Honey, I don't-- I barely even know that boy, but, I mean, it's pretty obvious he's smitten with you, so maybe the notes was a good excuse to-- I don't know-- to want to hang out with you or something. Well, why did he show up here instead of my dorm? I-I don't know.

[Chuckles] Why are we even talking about this? We need to do some things for Theresa. She needs stuff. She needs us. Right. She must be, um, overwhelmed. Oh, yeah. The baby's gonna stay at the hospital for a couple of days, but the thought of Theresa taking care of a newborn... my gosh. You know, she probably wouldn't even know what to buy for a baby if the stork handed her a shopping list.

[Both laughing]

Oh, God. But I'll go out. I'll do a little run, get some things, you know, for her to start things. But.. if--if you need to talk about something, you know... do you have something that you have to say? Well, yeah, I-I do. I mean, I still haven't even told you what went down with JJ. Oh. Yeah, yeah, right. Right. Don't you want to know? - Rory? - Nothing--nothing's wrong, mom. I was just talking to Rory about what happened today with Roman. Yeah. Well, I need to talk to JJ for a few minutes, so... excuse us. No worries. Well, later, JJ. - Bye, Ms. Horton. - Good-bye. Take care, honey. What do you want to talk about? I just feel like the whole time I was with your sister, I couldn't stop thinking about this whole prank tip to the police. And what about it? I just want to know who did it and why. And at first, I thought, you know, eve's paw prints were all over this, but then the more I thought about it, this is too desperate a move for her. 'Cause why tip off the police to some drug possession, when you don't even have any on you? And that kind of tip would just bring you and Paige closer together, which is the last thing Eve wants. So, Eve or not, this is not some innocent prank, JJ. Mom, please, please, just stop. Okay, b-before you go on, there's just something I should tell you.

[Scoffs] What now, Abigail? I just found out about your sister. Chad, I'm... I'm so sorry. Old DiMera curse strikes again. You knew before, didn't you, when I was here? That's why you acted the way you did? It doesn't matter. Of course it matters. She was your--your sister. Why wouldn't you tell me about Kristen? And if I had? What would you have done? I-I could have been your friend. You do have some. You know, Sonny wanted to be here for you, but Ari-- Sonny? Yeah, he wanted to come and see you, but Ari is sick, and will's out of town, so he didn't want to leave her alone with a sitter. You told Sonny. Thanks. Yes, Chad, people are gonna find out soon enough, and they're gonna want to be there for you. My God, you've been through so much. You need your friends. He's beautiful, isn't he? Perfect. Grandma. - Oh. - Hi! Oh, honey. Oh. - Goodness. - Oh, Theresa, darling. Oh... you're a mom! I know. He's the most beautiful little boy on earth. And we owe it all to Melanie. If it weren't for her, I might never know my son. Oh, Daniel. Um, thank you again for being so understanding. Maybe you could catch Brady up? I want to show my son off to his great-grandmother. - Okay. - Yeah, sure. Um, Brady, come back to my office with me. We'll, um, talk. If it's okay, I'd love for Mel and your mom to come too. I owe this one everything, after all. Well, you said it was nothing, right? It was just this-- a prank with JJ? Well, yeah, but it's so screwed up. Some jerk called in a tip to the police about him. - A tip? - Yeah, about drugs. The whole thing was a total lie, and JJ had to defend himself to Roman in front of his family for no good reason. It was just so weird and stupid. But it worked out all right, right? - Well, yeah, but-- - okay, well, then it's okay. I'll do my little shopping thing for Theresa, and you can work and study on your finals. - All right? - Oh, right. And you know what? After your finals, we'll have two things to celebrate, because the day after that is your birthday. It would be nice to have a great birthday and a really fun summer. Oh, I think we're gonna have to work on that. Yeah. Is there anything I can help you with, sweetheart? I'll let you know, I promise, okay? Love you. Mwah. - I love you. - I'll see you soon. Okay. Be careful.

[Giggles] Cole... what an idiot.

[Sighs] I have to do everything. This has to be taken care of. It has to be taken care of now. You know I love you very much, right? Yes, I-I do know that. Thank you, honey. Why? And--and you've always been in my corner and have had my back. And I wouldn't--I wouldn't have gotten back together with Paige if it wasn't for you. And you helped neutralize Eve, and we both how hard that is to do, and I'll never forget it. Well, thank you. And I-I know that you hated keeping this secret, but you did it anyway. I'm just glad that things are working out for you and Paige, really. And all this nonsense today with the prank call to the police-- I'm sorry you had to deal with that. I mean, do you have any idea who would do something like this to you? Just some jerk. I'll figure it out. Okay, well, I'm gonna help you. Mom, I-I love that you want to help me, but this is on me. Okay, I have to figure this out myself. Thank you for everything. I love you. I love you. I'm just-- I'm glad that things are going well, really. Yeah.

[Door closes]

Mom can't stop Eve. No matter what she says or does to try to reach her, Eve will just keep lying and scheming. This has to be on me. I'm gonna put an end to this myself.

You're right. I do need my friends... considering the family that I've got. Actually... that would be past tense. Right, the family that-- that I had. Like my brother, EJ... responsible for God knows how many ruined lives... apparently, who hired a hit man to kill your cousin. And then there's my beautiful, late sister, Kristen-- obviously certifiable. But the guy who turned... my two siblings into the fine, upstanding citizens that they were is very much alive and kicking, and now that his favorite two marks are gone, he has all of the time in the world to focus all of that magic into me now, so... Chad... you're not like them. I don't know. Abigail, I...

[Seat belt clicks] Oh, w-why are we on a plane? And where are you taking me? Just a quick trip, answer a few questions about the incident with Kristen DiMera. You know, I have the right to an attorney. That's not necessary. Just a few questions, like I said, then we'll notify your attorney, as well as your family. Of course, if you're resistant, we can round up everyone who was involved, including that baby. No. Oh.

[Sighs] I will answer whatever questions you have. Good. We're ready for takeoff. And so that's why Theresa and I agreed that another of university's surgeons should handle your son's procedure tomorrow morning. Well, I didn't mean to put you in an uncomfortable-- no, no, no, you didn't. Everything's gonna be on the same timetable, just with another qualified surgeon. Brady, could we step outside for a minute? Sure.

[Exhales deeply] So Theresa wanted you off the case because of me, right? Anything to keep me out of the loop with their baby. I have no idea what Theresa's thinking. But... but I don't trust a word that woman says. It's me. So what the hell was Paige saying about a prank? I didn't get it. Well, apparently the little package that you left didn't arrive. Are you serious? They didn't find the drugs? I put them right inside. Cole...shut up. Just shut up. I don't understand. Well, I certainly hope that you have covered your tracks, okay? What do you mean? I mean, if you're not careful, you could be the one going to jail, not JJ.

Paige: JJ! Hey, I got your text to meet you here. What's wrong?

I found a bag of drugs in my backpack.


Yeah, I just tossed it in the lake. The prank tip was real. JJ, you threw the evidence away? With my record, it's evidence against me, Paige. Cole did this. I know it. Well, it's not like he hasn't done something like this before. And he knew we were going to the movies, so he snuck into your house. And remember when we got to your house and that plant was knocked over? Cole was there. I know it. He was there. And... oh, my gosh, just now, he was at my mom's place. What? Yeah, he made up some bogus excuse that he needed class notes from me, but he got awfully curious when I mentioned that, you know, someone had pulled a prank on you. Oh, my gosh, I can't believe this! I'm totally going to get in his face about this. - I'm going to-- - Paige... no, don't. You can't.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I...

[Exhales sharply] Yeah, I wasn't even that close with Kristen. She was your sister, Chad. You guys cared for each other. Well, we did... in our own way. Listen, what you said before... you don't have to worry about turning out like her. No? No. That would never happen. You know why? Because you are a good man. And you can fight your father's influence. I know you can. What Kristen did to Theresa was... was unconscionable. It was horrible. No, but, sadly, I, uh... I somehow doubt Theresa learned anything from that experience.

[Clears throat] Well, we'll see, right? - Yeah. - She's a mom now. And responsible for another person for maybe the first time in her entire life, so... I just want that baby to grow up happy and safe. And regardless of what happens with Theresa, the number-one thing is Brady's son. Precious, precious. I can't wait to babysit him. Soon. Oh, well, when there's more time, we'll have a nice, long talk. A nice, long talk-- yeah, absolutely. - Okay. - Oh, come here, I love you. Oh, I love you so much, grandma. I love you. Hey, why don't I walk you to the elevator? No, no, no, no, no. No, you won't, I'm fine. On my own. Thank you.

Woman: We're ready to get your paperwork started. Oh, right, to check me in? Yes, your procedure's tomorrow. Right, um, and my baby? I'll bring him to you once you're in your room. Okay. Hey, can we, uh-- can we talk for a minute? Sure.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, why don't you use my office? I'm off duty, and I will take you home. Oh, that'd be lovely. - See you. - And I'll talk to you later. Okay. Thank you, dad. - See ya. - Bye. I was totally careful. My prints aren't on anything. Well, you better hope so, for your sake. And not for yours? You listen to me, you little twerp. Don't ever think about ratting me out, okay? Because I have phone records, and I can log every single minute that we've been together, and I can cover myself, and I have enough details to get you even more prison time, so do not even think about messing with me, you hear me? - But-- - but nothing. We are done. D-o-n-e, done, Cole. And don't try to contact me ever again. Why don't you want me to talk to Cole? JJ, I'm the one who defended him when you were right about him all along. Maybe if I had said something sooner, he wouldn't have pulled this desperado act. Okay, look, thank you for wanting to help, but, look, the evidence is at the bottom of the lake now, and I want to move past this. I don't even want my mom and sister to know what happened, that there were drugs in the house. Well, what if he does something else? Well, now I'll be ready for him. JJ... look, most likely, he'll just drop it, and then no one has to know how serious this all got, and we can move on. Then he just gets away with it? Paige, look, it's done. It's over, okay? Tomorrow is our last final, and then it's your birthday, and then really soon we start our new life in California together. This is the last thing that we should be thinking about right now. It's really okay. - Right, okay. - Okay. And now I have to go meet Daphne. We're studying for the final together. Okay. I want this over. It will be.

Some tea, Dr. Evans.

Abby... oh, my God, Chad, stop it. No, we can't-- we can't do this.

Oh, my God, no.

It's o-- - no, no, it's wrong, it's-- - it's--it's Ben. No, Ben. Ben, of course. Oh, my God, I never should have-- I came here as your friend. I-I... friend. Right, right.

[Sighs] Chad, listen to me. No, this is... this is all my fault. - This is not-- - no, it's-- no, I have to go.

[Sighs] Thank you. You've been so understanding. I know it hasn't been easy for you. Well, it hasn't been easy for you either. Yeah, but you've... you're here with me, and you've been so supportive of me and the baby, and... it means a lot to me. Thank you. I love you. I love you. Nothing's gonna change that. I'm gonna be here tonight with Theresa and the baby, but please know... you're in my heart. You always will be. I don't get it. I thought JJ would have jumped on my idea about Cole. Why is he so determined not to confront him? Do you have something that you want to ask me, Jennifer? Do you know what happened with JJ today? Well, Paige mentioned something about a prank, but she didn't really elaborate and... actually, it's no big deal because I'm really dealing with, you know, my sister, Theresa, now and my new little nephew. You know, that's pretty much my focus right now. Okay. You know, Jennifer, speaking of Theresa, she got back something that she lost. She got a second chance. So, in light of all of that, I was thinking that maybe I should find it in my heart to do the same thing for JJ, you know... give him a second chance... provided the two of you could do the same for me... 'cause I really think that that is the only way that any of us are gonna move on. Eve got Cole to help her frame me. I know it. But there's no way I'm gonna confront that loser and let Paige get suspicious of her mother's involvement... because then the truth might come out. But that doesn't mean that Eve didn't screw up big-time, because she gave me exactly what I need to put an end to this sick game she's been playing... once and for all.

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