Days Transcript Friday 5/8/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/8/15


Episode #12587 ~ Melanie tries to figure out where she stands with Brady; John learns about Marlena's traumatic ordeal; Nicole throws Daniel for a loop; Cole causes JJ trouble.

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JJ: You can call me Mr. Sunshine. [Laughs] Stop it. Come on. Or your mom will think we're both crazy.

Oh, let her. She'll be laughing too once we tell her. [Laughs] I love you.

What the hell? Well, Paige and JJ deserve a chance to figure out things on their own. So you're saying...

I'm gonna stay out of it, Jennifer. Whatever happens, happens.

I hope you can stick to that.

Well, I will. I know that I've made some very bad decisions lately. And now I know what I have to do to make it right. I truly hope you meant what you said earlier about this all being kept private, just between us.

You know I did. Nicole, I could tell you how I feel about you, but right now, I-- I'd rather show you.

Oh, Xander. Is something wrong?

Uh, I can't. I'm-- I'm not ready to-- I, uh...

[Phone ringing]

Sorry. Uncle? So good to hear from you. I was just thinking...

Alexandros, drop whatever you're doing and get over to the house right now.

Is something wrong?

I can... [Exhales] Sorry. Looks like we have to cut this short.

You have to leave?

Afraid so. You know, um, if you won't be too long, I-I could stay and be here waiting for you when you get back.

John: Hey.

Victor: Hey, John. Good to see you.

John: Good to see you too, Vic. So I just got in from San Francisco, and I got these texts from Marlena and Brady saying to meet them here. What's going on?

Well, it's a little complicated.

Marlena: Uh, I'm sorry. Henderson said I was expected, so I just came on in.

There she is. My God, woman, you know I don't know whether to wring your neck for swiping that address off of my desk or-- well, considering the way things turned out, maybe I should just throw you a party.

What the hell are you talking about?

Oh, Marlena finally did something right. She killed Kristen DiMera.

[Dramatic music]

Oh, I'm so glad you're all right. [Chuckles]


Get over here.



Oh, honey. I love you.

I love you too. And I'm sorry that I lied to you about visiting Mom.

Ah, yeah, just... but although-- had I told you that Brady and I were going to Italy to take on Kristen, you would not have let me out the door.

Ah, you got that right. Yeah, what was all that about? I mean, why would you and Brady do that? And why was Theresa Donovan with you and Marlena?

Right. It's complicated. But you guys know Kristen died, right?


Yeah. We heard she fell. Not a lot of details. But thank God the four of you are home now. You're safe, you're sound, right? Five. Five? Who else came with you?

Uh... well, I still don't know why Theresa wanted me to meet her here at the hospital. Well, since she's coming, I'm going to work in my office. Okay. Oh, honey. There you are. You got my text. Hi. What are you doing with that baby?

Eve, say hello to your nephew. This is my son, mine and Brady's.

[Chuckles] - [Gasps]

[Dramatic music]

What's going on?

Paige: Guess it fell. Yeah, but who would have left it like this? Come on, come on, stash it and dash, dump it and go.


Theresa has a baby?

Yeah, she was pregnant by Brady. [Chuckles] And Kristen found out about it and drugged Theresa and got a specialist to take the embryo from Theresa's womb and put it in hers.


Yeah. And then Kristen left town, and Theresa never really knew what happened except for some vague feelings and occasional nightmares because the drug they used wiped her memory.

Then Kristen gave birth to Brady's son in Italy? My God, he must be in absolute shock.

Mm-hmm. Yeah, you could say that. Oh, he seems to be thriving quite nicely. These are the files that the specialist in Italy kept.

Thanks. Now, if you and his mother would step out, I should be done in a short while.

Okay. All right, sure. Bye, sweetie. Mommy will be right outside. Thank you. Well?

He's fine, considering. Considering what Kristen DiMera did? My gosh, I can't believe what you told me. I mean, how could she do something like that, Theresa?

Just take it easy, okay? I mean, the baby was premature, but... he's fine, and I'm fine.

Jenn, Jenn, can I-- can I talk to you?

Jennifer: Yeah, of course. I'm telling you, that woman is a psycho. She's not even human. All right. Come here. Look, Jenn, there's really no easy way to say this.

Jennifer: Tell me whatever it is.

Kristen is dead.

Well, Kristen be damned. You now have a child, Theresa, so your world is about to change, Mama.

Yeah. Definitely.

[Dramatic music]

Well, the idea of coming back and picking up where we left off is... appealing, but I don't know how long I'm gonna be. I hate to think of you here all alone waiting with nothing to do.

Okay, Xander, whatever you're up to with Serena, your place is where I start digging. Oh, I don't know, Xander. I could... take it easy, get comfortable.

[Chuckles] I appreciate that, but, uh, I'll call you when I'm free.

[Chuckles] Um... let's hope that's not too long. Oh, I guess I'm gonna have to snoop some other time. You and Serena are hiding something, and I'm gonna know what it is.

[Sighs] Hey, sorry I'm late. I say that all the time, don't I?

Because you're always late.

I got you a present.

Thank you.

[Laughs] Very subtle.

[Chuckles] Cue up the Hawaiian music. I thought it would look good on you. Well, you're very focused on moving to Honolulu, aren't you? Well, it's a really good job offer and a photographer in Hawaii, are you kidding? Just picture-- we could be on the beach in cute little bathing suits drinking lava flows. What do you say? I'm sorry. I just can't make any decisions about Hawaii. Not until I understand what's going on here.

[Sighs] My mom should have landed by now.

Victor: You killed Kristen?

Victor, please. I mean, it was an accident. She was trying to kill me, and we struggled, and it went back and forth... all of a sudden, Kristen went out the window. Fell 500 feet before she hit the water. They're still looking for her body.

Wouldn't you love to be there for something like that? It gives me goose bumps. Well, let's raise a glass of bubbly here, shall we?


What, you're gonna pretend you're sad about that bitch finally going to hell? Oh, fine. I'll drink alone. You two catch up. I'll let you know when Brady gets here.

You said that you and Kristen struggled. Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm upset. At least there were no criminal charges filed.

I don't understand. What the hell were you doing in Italy?

I was looking for you.

That's why you were asking me about surrogacy.


Ah. But, honey, when you finally figured it out, why didn't you just come to me?

Well, I went to Brady first because, you know, it was his kid.

Yeah, okay.

Well, and also, we didn't know if that was actually the case. And Brady said the only way we would know the truth for sure is if we confronted Kristen about it. And then before I knew it, we had her address and the plane was on the tarmac ready to go.

So Victor was in on it?

Victor told Brady where Kristen was, yes.

Are Brady and Theresa still at the hospital?

Probably. They just wanted to have the baby checked out. Um, he has a condition called SCID, although the doctor in Italy said he wasn't in any immediate danger.

What--what is that?

It's an immune disorder. It's treatable. I'm gonna head over to the hospital, just see what's going on.

You want a lift?

No, I'm gonna stay here.

Why? I'm sure Brady would want you to be there with him.

I just don't really feel like that's my place right now.

Hey, listen to me. This baby changes things, a lot of things, but it does not change how much Brady loves you. Understood?

You know, long ago, way back, we were best friends. And Billie and Kristen and I used to have these crazy pizza parties and-- but that Kristen disappeared a long time ago. She changed. And there was a time when I honestly thought my best friend was back again because she was generous and sweet, and... it's when she was with you. I know this can't be easy for you either. I should hate her. I should hate her. She stole my child, Jenn. Part of me does hate her, but then there's a part-- there's a-- there's another part of me that loved her. It's really sad that things had to end this way. Yeah. So have you called Dad or Kimberly yet?

Are you kidding me? No, I mean, the first thing they'll do is catch a plane, and then they'll just start hovering. Theresa. Come on, Eve, I have enough to deal with without listening to Mom tell me how I'm doing everything wrong, how I'm never gonna be a good mother.

You got it all figured out, don't you?

Well, I can't believe I'm gonna stand here and actually defend Kimberly, but... she is your mother, and she loves you very much, and I'm sure she's not gonna say anything like that, okay? So don't wait too long to call them. Yeah, yeah. No, I mean it. Now that you're a mom, you're gonna see that that child is gonna be the most important thing, and you're gonna do everything you can to protect them.

JJ: It's too bad my mom wasn't home when we got here.

Paige: She's gonna be so impressed. San Jose State, seriously? You never even told her you were applying?

JJ: No. No, I knew she'd ask me every day if I'd heard anything.

Paige: Oh, well, you sure she won't be upset? You'll be moving a long way off.

JJ: No, she'll be cool.

Paige: Okay.

JJ: She just wants me to be happy, and if I'm with you, I'll be happy.

Woman: I'll take care of you, I promise.

Ah, we can't do this here. My mom's gonna be home any minute.

[Sighs] Yeah. Last time was really embarrassing. Let's go downstairs?

Yeah. Yeah, we kind of have to be good down there. Yeah.


[Sighs] Well, hello there.

[Dramatic music]

Yeah. I think Melanie got us pretty much up to speed. Brady, if you and Theresa would like, I'll go check in with Dr. Williams, see how things are going.

Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.

Yeah, I'd like that too. Thank you.

I'm on it. Okay. Hey. I'm glad you came. I missed you.

Xander: I came as soon as I could, Uncle. You know I'm always ready to help.

You may recall I told you something was going on with Brady. Yeah, well, to keep it short, he just found out that he has a son.

You're a great-grandfather. Congratulations. I see you already broke out...

The mother is Theresa Donovan. Do you know her?

I think I've met her. No one speaks very highly of her.

She's a piece of poison. She's going to give motherhood a bad name. Anyway, Brady's at the hospital. He's gonna be coming here later with the baby, and we have to make sure the place is ready.

Xander: For a family gathering? Oh, I'm honored that you'd invite me.

Victor: No, Alexandros, I'm not talking about a damn party. Please, just listen to me. The reason I called you here is because I want you to make sure that the place is absolutely secure. You got it?

I'm starting to wonder why my mom wouldn't text me when she landed. I'm starting to think something really weird is going on in Italy.

Nicole: A lot of people are thinking the same thing.

Oh, Nicole, eavesdrop much?

I got a text from my boss. Some scandal is breaking or about to break, and it involves Brady in Italy.


Yeah. That's all I know, except he was with Melanie and your mother too. Oh, Theresa was there. But that's all I really know.

I hate to break it to you, Eric, but... when it comes to your cousin Theresa, it can't be good.

Well, Dr. Williams is finishing up. The baby is in no immediate danger.

[Sighs] The doctors in Italy said that, but it's good to hear again. Very good.

Yeah, the thing though, we're gonna have to keep-- Christopher, is it?

Not for long.


At any rate, he's gonna have to stick around for observation.

Okay, and then we'll do the bone marrow transplant, right? I'm the donor. Oh, in case you guys didn't know, our son has something called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, or SCID, but it's treatable. I just have to give him some of my bone marrow, and then, bingo, everything is fine, right?

Well, that's the hope. You know, I'm gonna do one final check with Dr. Williams.

Oh, actually, Daniel, would you mind sticking around a second? There's something I want everyone to hear. It has to do with how Melanie kept Brady and me in the dark about our baby.

[Suspenseful music]

Theresa, look, Melanie-- she would have told us what she suspected--

No, no. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to put Melanie down. I want to thank her.

You already did that in Italy, so...

Yeah. I know, I know. But I just want everyone to hear. I treated Melanie really badly, and I fought with her, and I insulted her. I mean, remember how many times I told you to butt out of my life?


But no matter how terrible I was to her, she just knew something wasn't right, so she just kept digging till she got the truth. She's the whole reason I have my son.

Our son.

And... I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not naive. I know she really did it for Brady, but still, I can't tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much, Melanie. And I just-- I want you to know I told my boss I want him to find someone else to cover the story. I didn't want to wind up broadcasting gossip about your family or Melanie.

Thank you. Listen, texting doesn't seem to be working, so I'm gonna call my mom, all right?

Excuse me.

Okay. Hmm, wow. So I guess you told Eric about your job offer in Hawaii and started your full-court press. What did he say?

Well, not that it's any of your business, but neither one of us have made a decision yet.

Oh, so he said no? Gosh, don't you hate when guys do that? I am curious though, why do you want to leave Salem so badly?

Victor: Now, here's the deal. When Brady was in Italy, things got a little messy. There's a chance that the DiMera family may be looking for revenge. I would appreciate a good pair of eyes and a trained marksman protecting the house.

Xander: Of course, sir.

Victor: Now, no one is to know that you are working for me. Just keep it casual. You're a nephew who's just visiting. Nobody important.

Xander: Got it.

Victor: Good. Now, I'm going to go meet the newest member of my family.

Xander: I'm not just some mall cop you hire for the day, Uncle. I'm family too.

So I just caught the first plane out. Yeah, to Europe. Right. Well, yes. There was that. And instead of finding you, I-- I found Kristen and Brady and Melanie...


And Theresa--

Wait, well, they were there, why?

Well, because...


You know what, it's-- it isn't my place to tell you this. Brady just wanted to give me a chance to talk to you about what happened with Kristen.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This other thing you're talking about is sounding pretty serious.

Yeah. And it's good news, in a way.

So where is Brady now?

What you did, it was just so amazing.

Thank you. Thank you.

Yeah, yes. Listen, I'm gonna take one more look at the baby.

And I'll...

Oh. Can Brady and I come too?

Sure. I--actually, I need a-- I need a minute with you, okay? I'll--I'll be in later though.


Okay? Yeah. Eve, do you want to come?

Oh, yeah. I'd love to. Okay. Thanks.

Jenn, if you see Paige, will you tell her to give me a call? I just cannot wait to give her the good news. Thanks. Let's see this baby.

Eve seemed almost friendly.

I know. I mean, things could be improving or not. What did you--oh.

[Romantic music]

Wow. That was my way of saying thank you. I like your way a lot better than Theresa's. My life has changed. It's because of you. I don't--I don't think I can ever repay you.

You just enjoy your time with your son.

My son. You know how long I've wanted kids? Long time. I had given up. And now, this happens now, like, out of the blue.

I don't know what to do.

I know. I know. You're a dad.

Melanie, I'm not prepared for this.

Melanie: You'll do fine. And you'll love him, and the rest will just come.

I love you, Melanie Jonas.

I love you.


We are going to have to make a lot of changes, you know. Yeah, I guess. Sometimes, I feel a little guilty. Why? Well, it's like I'm abandoning my mom. You know, she'll be here all alone. Well, she was fine with you leaving last fall. She'll be okay. And plus, she has Theresa. Yeah, that's not so great, is it? No. No. Do you think she'll... what? She'll try to stop me?

JJ: Going to Stanford is one thing. Moving in with me is something completely different.

Paige: She won't stop me. Okay? Even if she tries. Look, JJ, no one is ever going to keep us apart, okay?

Actually, I can think of a really good reason to leave Salem, and I'm looking at her.

Oh, yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk.

You asked. Whatever the real reason, sounds like you're on your own, doesn't it? Especially if Eric's mother is in some kind of trouble. But don't let anything keep you from getting that job. I'm sure Eric will find a way to move on from you. You mean move on with--

You know...

I'm... Nicole, I'm not--I'm not-- I'm not going there. It's so not worth it. I'm gonna go check and see if Eric found anything out.

Okay. I am so gonna find out what you're hiding. You can count on it, bitch.

Eric. Eric, stop. I'm okay. Why don't you grab Serena, and I'll meet you at the club in a few minutes? Okay. Bye. Now, Brady just texted, said he wants to see me at the hospital. Are you sure that he's okay?

Oh, he's okay. He's fine. He is happy. So you should go.

All right. Okay. Okay.


Oh, John.

John: Yeah? What happened with Paul? Uh... [Exhales] Another time, okay?

Marlena: Okay.

John: And, Doc...

Marlena: Hmm?

John: I'm really happy that you're okay. We'll talk.

Um, Grandma and I are gonna take off, so I'll call you later. Okay.

Maggie: Bye, sweetie.

[Phone ringing]

Ah, Grandpa won't quit. He--he's demanding updates.

[Laughs] Well, why don't I go talk to-- talk to Victor?

Would you? I know he listens to you, so...

Yeah, well, I got you covered. Thanks.

Brady: So--and, Theresa, I just-- I texted my dad. He's gonna be here soon.

Would you mind if I...

Yeah. No. Of course. You should definitely be the one to tell him about our son.

I'm starving anyway, so...

Oh, you know what, I am too. So come on. It'll be my treat.

Oh, thanks. Oh. Mommy loves you so much.

[Chuckles] You know, Theresa, ever since you showed up here with that baby, you've been nothing but sweet. Now, either motherhood has completely changed you or you're up to something.

[Dramatic music]

Brady and Theresa have a son. Kristen gave birth a few months ago.

She stole an embryo? Just when I thought she couldn't sink any lower. I'm sorry you had to go up against her again.

You know, we've had our battles in the past. I know you know that. But never anything that ended... [Sighs]

Seeing her fall must have been horrible.

It was awful. And although I never wish anyone dead, this will mean an end to all that hatred.

She can't hurt you now. She can't hurt the people I love now.

[Sighs] This is my great-grandson. You just couldn't wait till I brought him home, could you?

Yeah. Well, I'm not a patient man. Say hello to Christopher, Grandfather.

You're not seriously gonna keep that name. The bitch named him after herself.

[Stammers] I'm fine with it, actually. It's Theresa-- she wants to change it ASAP.

Oh, yes, Theresa.

Don't even start with that. Oh. He looks like you.

[Chuckles] Isabella would have been proud. I wish she could be here for this.

Me too. Nicole? Hi. Hi. It's, uh-- it's good to see you. You too. I heard something weird is going on with Brady. I was just trying to catch him. I was leaving him a note. And I wanted him to know I'm not covering the story, whatever it is. Do you know what's happened?

I'm going to let Brady explain that.

Yeah. Okay. Hey, hey. I mean, since, you know, we're here, you want to-- you want to get coffee and just talk about things? I miss you.



Daniel, I told you-- no, I made it abundantly clear. This is over. Read this. Okay. Whoa. Isn't it great?

San Jose State?


That's in California.

Yeah, I know.

[Laughs] Um, okay. Where did--I mean, what made you apply there?

It's about 30 minutes away from Stanford.

[Gasps] Oh, I get it. Okay. Now, it's making sense. No, that's awesome. So you guys will be together. You can see each other on the weekends.

We are actually gonna get a place in between and live together.

What? Oh, gosh. Okay. Well, I'm not sure if my heart can take any more. Talk about feeling overwhelmed. Wait, when did you start planning all of this?

Just a couple of hours ago when JJ showed me the letter.


[Jennifer exhales] Okay.

It's okay, isn't it? Transferring to San Jose?

Listen, honey, I-- wherever you decide to go to school, yeah. I mean, it's completely up to you. I-I will certainly miss you. But California? I mean, are you really sure?

JJ: Mom, I don't ever want to be separated from Paige again. Not after all the stuff we've been through.

Jennifer: No. I get that. I definitely do. And we can talk about it some more and-- but if you are happy, then... then yes, I am all for it.

Well, it's gonna be perfect.

Yo, this is the tip line, right?

No, I don't want to give my name. I don't want people thinking I'm some kind of snitch.

Hey, listen up. I was in Salem Park yesterday morning, and I saw JJ Deveraux dealing drugs.

Well, I've never met Kristen DiMera, but from what I've heard, what she's done to Eric and you and Daniel, she sounds like a real psycho.

Yeah. That's one word. We go way back, too many battles, way too much pain. So I suppose death was the only thing that was going to keep her away from my family.

Yeah, for some people, death is the only real solution.

Nicole, I don't understand. Why are you so upset?

Nicole: Okay, so we got in a-- we got in a fight. Right, and I am sick of fighting. All we do is fight, and it's not worth it anymore.

Okay. Nicole, can I...

No, don't touch me. And don't call me. Oh, Daniel, I'm so sorry. Seeing Brady made me feel a lot better.

Sure, it did. Sweetheart, you have nothing to worry about. Brady loves you. I know he does. He loves his son too. And Theresa is gonna be in his life forever now. She seemed, um, awfully grateful to you today.

[Laughs] Yeah, "seemed" being the operative word.

I'm so sorry that I wasn't there when you were born. But I have a promise to make you. I'm gonna spend my whole life making sure that you're happy. Is that a deal? That's a deal. The nurse said I could come right in and-- what in the world? I'd like you to meet somebody. My son. Wow. Look at you.

You really were hungry.

[Laughs] So do I get an answer? Are you up to something? Hmm? Because that little show you put on about how sweet and wonderful Melanie Jonas was just didn't quite cut it with me.

Yeah, too evolved, right?

Hmm, on a lot of different levels.

Yeah, well...

Mm-hmm. At least I got through it with a straight face. Barely. Of course, I still hate her guts. You know what they say. Keep your friends close...

[Chuckles] My gosh. Sometimes, we are so much alike.

I know. That color looks good on you.

[Both chuckle]

[Laughs] Wow. Well, Abigail is just gonna hit the sky when she hears about this.

Yeah, I bet.

Have you told your mom, honey?

No. But I will.

Okay. Oh, speaking of, you need to call your mom. I mean, it's nothing bad. It's your Aunt Theresa and-- anyway, you just need to talk to her about something. Okay, well, I have to get going anyway, so... oh. Yeah.

JJ: Hey.

Paige: Mm.

JJ: Text me, and as soon as I'm done with my paper, we'll go do something.

Paige: Okay.

JJ: Great. Paige, if you need me, you know, after you talk to your mom...

Paige: I'll be fine. Thank you.

[Knocking on door]

Hmm. JJ.

Roman, hey.

Roman: Look, I'm sorry for interrupting, but this is police business.

What's wrong?

Roman: I just need to talk to JJ.

[Suspenseful music]

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