Days Transcript Wednesday 5/6/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 5/6/15


Episode #12585 ~ Paul calls Sonny to see how he would feel about his return to Salem; Clyde threatens Will; Lucas gets a job offer; Justin's actions stun Adrienne.

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(This still needs extensive evidence)

I do have a meeting for another job possibility, and it's local. Really? Yeah. Is it good? Will your mother be green with envy? She might. She might. I don't want to jinx it though. I don't want to talk about it too much.



Starving. Let's go. Get your stuff. Oh, hey. Kiss for luck first. - Mmm. - Mmm.

[Both laugh] Next time, you may want to do that with the door shut. Justin, you're back. I had no idea you were coming home. That much is obvious. I came by to have a few words with Lucas, but you may as well stick around.

[Suspenseful music]

Tori: You're doing that instead of enjoying the view? Hey, Tori. I was surprised to hear from you. You were hoping I had left town? Quite the opposite. I'm happy to have the opportunity to talk to you. I've been doing some thinking about our son.

[Phone rings]

Hey, Paul. You're there. Hey, I thought you were gonna send me straight to voice mail. Well, I thought about it but you've been on my mind lately. I have? (Sonny) yeah. Baseball season started, and you're on the sidelines, so... oh, right. Yeah, the team, they invited me-- they invited me out to help out the new guy in rotation, but I wasn't ready for that. Thanks for remembering. Yeah. Is john still out there? Oh, yeah. Yeah, and now he knows that we share DNA, he wants to do the whole father-son thing. It just kind of feels weird. Well, I know john. And if he says it, he means it. I mean, why not give it a try? Think about what you're saying. Why? (Paul) if I make an effort with john, I'll probably end up back in Salem. Are you ready for that? So how soon do you land? Soon, soon, look. I wish, oh, how I wish we could be together to mourn the loss of your sister, of course. But this must be done. Yeah, right. (Stefano) stay strong, please. I'll be in touch, huh?

[Suspenseful music]


Come in. Thank you for coming. My pleasure.

[Clears throat] Kate. Were you expecting someone else, perhaps someone from Sonix magazine?

[Suspenseful music]

You and I need to talk, son. I'm glad that you came by. I've been doing a lot of thinking since the last time we spoke. This your little girl?

This is my daughter, yes.

A cutie. What's her name? Hope that it's as pretty as she is.


Arianna. That's lovely. Yeah. Did I hear right, her mama's in prison? That's correct. Oh, that's too bad. It's a very dangerous place to be. So you gonna invite me in?

[Suspenseful music] (Male announcer) like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Lucas has an appointment. He was just leaving. Oh, is that the reason for the tender good-bye? Justin... Adrienne, it's fine, really. We're all three adults. I'm sure we can talk about this without throwing punches. Right, Justin?

[Dramatic music]

Is this your cute little way of telling me you know DiMera bought the magazine? Sonix is losing money like crazy. It just didn't seem like a move that Stefano would make. And then I thought about it, and I realized that you probably advised him to do it. Why would I do that? There could be any number of reasons. The point is, he's taking your advice. Yeah. Sure. Oh, bad bluff. So it was his idea? I didn't say that. Oh, well, I saw it on your face, Chad. You know, if you're gonna play with the grown-ups, you're gonna have to have better game than that. Come in. I was just about to put her down for a nap. Sure. Take your time. I'll bet your daddy takes real good care of you, doesn't he? Well, I hope he takes just as good care of himself. With mama in prison, having daddy around is more important than ever, isn't it?

[Suspenseful music]

Isn't that right, Will?

Nice picture of your little family. Thank you. He's Victor Kiriakis' nephew, right? That's right. Yeah, I'll bet she loves him as much as she loves you. Can she say "daddy" yet? Look, Mr. Weston... oh, please. It's Clyde. Okay. Clyde, I started to say before that I've doing a lot of thinking about this article. And the truth is, I just don't have the time right now to do it justice. I have a call in to my editor. I'm gonna ask her to assign it to someone else. I think that would be a terrible mistake.

[Suspenseful music]

Chad: Did you just come here to play games? Because I am not in the mood. Really? I think life's too short not to find ways to have fun, don't you? Fun for you. So I heard you got your job back at mad world. Did you game your way into that one too? Oh, honey, you have no idea. We done here? Please say yes. Well, we could be, but I'm curious about something. Okay. What? Why are you so sad?

[Dramatic opera music]

I've had a couple of long talks with my father. I like him. He's a real gentleman.

[Chuckles] He can also be quite blunt, and he tells me that I'm being unfair to Paul. Unfair? Overprotective perhaps. You've made enormous sacrifices for Paul, and he's turned out well. You should be very proud of him and the job that you've done. Thank you. I am, but now that I'm around you more, I see flashes of you into him. Oh, yeah. You mean when he's-- when he's stubborn, when he's out of line, when he's...

[Both laugh] When he stands up for what he believes and doesn't bow to custom. My father has seen that too. I see. Tori, let me ask you this, is your father the reason you wanted to talk to me? No. I came to the conclusion on my own that I needed to see you because... you need to hear something from me. All right. I'm listening. I think it's time that Paul got to know his father, and I'm going to tell him that. Sonny, you there? Yeah. I thought maybe your phone cut out. No, no. I heard you. And if you want to make an effort with john, I know he'll meet you halfway.

[Sighs] John. I mean, he keeps apologizing for the way he was talking to me before I left Salem, for everything. And I want to let him off the hook. It's just hard, it's just hard to stop blaming him for not being there. Yeah, I mean, I know you always felt guilty about your mom not having a life. Yeah, I'm starting to feel like that was her choice. And she only told john that she was pregnant. But she said she couldn't. I think this whole thing is just one big misunderstanding. Hard to blame john for that.

[Gentle music]

You're not saying much. Well, that's because I'm waiting for you to tell me that my dad came to see you. Oh. Yeah. He asked me to let him be the one to tell you, and I guess he did. He did. Yeah. He's in Salem right now. Your father really loves you, sonny. I know. I'm very lucky. So now that you guys met up, I take it that you know what he and I talked about? That's right. I do. He thinks that you should come back to Salem. You came all this way to tell me something. What is it? On the plane ride over here, I was thinking about the last time you and I talked. You remember that, right? When you ripped into me for spending too much time away from my family? But now, I remember that conversation more from what you left out, the part about how your son cheated on my son. You also forgot to mention how you've been helping yourself to my wife. Helping himself? Well, what do you call that? Turndown service? I don't think anybody was turning anybody down in this room. Keep it up, all right? You and I might be throwing punches after all.

Listen to you, leveling threats, as if you weren't the one who just got caught in flagrante. Who are you to be all high and mighty anyway? The only reason we're together is because you decided to spend the last few months doing the baroness von Trapp. Oh, so you two joke about her? Wow. That's taking pillow talk to a whole new level. All right. That's enough. You and I are gonna talk but not like this. It's gonna be just you and me. Is that okay with you, sport? I don't want to step on your toes here. Adrienne knows exactly how I feel about her. And whatever decision she makes, I'll respect it, even if it's the wrong one. If it's all the same to you, let's do this at home.

[Dramatic music]

Sami's doing okay? She's not just feeding me a line? She is doing fine. You would be very proud of her. I just wish that she were here for will right now. I wish she were here, period. I keep thinking about will and sonny. They were so happy together and... please tell me they're gonna be happy like that again. My dad had no right barging in on you that way. What you do is none of his business. Sonny, if you don't want me to come to Salem, just say so. I can't do that, Paul. This is your decision. It's about whether or not you want to get to know your father. That's not all that it would be about, sonny. Not for me.

Sonny: Paul, don't do that. Will and I, we're trying to work things out. No, I'm sorry. That wasn't fair. I-- I know that if I come back there, I can't have any expectations. That's right.

[Dramatic music]

I'll let you know what I decide. And thanks for talking to me. Well, you don't have to thank me. I know. Bye, sonny. Yeah, I'm sad. The stock market is just having one of those days. Don't be glib. Don't come here and pretend to give a damn about me. I do care because I know you are still capable of genuine feeling. You're not a complete cynic like your father and your late brother. Yeah, whatever you say, Kate. Yeah, that is what I say. And I'm very concerned that you're going to get caught in the crossfire. What crossfire? You know what I mean. No. Victor, Stefano, they're big leaguers, all right? They're sidelined right now, but they're gonna get tired of that, and then they'll be itching for battle. And my advice to you, you lay low. You just let them go at it. You let them duke it out. Hmm. That the same advice you gave your boyfriend? Because I didn't hear you include Clyde in that list of big leaguers. I don't understand. Before when I told I was gonna write the article... I said I wanted no part of it, I know. But what I didn't know then was that the article wasn't your idea. Your editor assigned it to you, right? Right. So if you turn it down, it's just going to the next guy on the list. So this article is gonna be written whether I like it or not, whether you want to write it or not. That pretty much sums it up. Yeah, so I want you to write it. Mr. Weston, I was not kidding when I said that I have a lot on my plate right now. And whoever writes this article is gonna have to go to poplar bluff, and it's just really not a good time for me right now to be going out of town. I said I want you to write it. Now, I understand that poplar bluff is inconvenient. You have to change planes and all, but I think you'll like it there, will. It's a wonderful place full of the friendliest people you ever want to meet. And Kate tells me you're a hell of a writer. She's my grandmother. What else is she supposed to say? Well, she doesn't say what she doesn't mean. The truth is, will, I'd feel more comfortable knowing that whoever's behind that keyboard really gets it. You get it? Yeah. I think I do.

[Phone ringing]

Gonna answer that, see who it is?

[Phone ringing]

It's my editor.

Don't mind me. Go ahead and answer.

[Suspenseful music]

Zoe, hi. You got my message? It's about the Clyde Weston piece.

Maybe I'm not ready for the big leagues, but what about Clyde? You really don't get it, do you? Really don't get what? Clyde. Clyde is fine with being underestimated, you see. And you and your father and Victor would be much smarter not to play along. What, am I supposed to be impressed by a guy who sends his girlfriend to tell everybody how tough he is? Clyde didn't send me anywhere. I came here on my own, my love. And my concern is real. It's not an act. Well, save it for somebody who cares. I'm fine. I think that you're forgetting how long I've known you. I was there when you presented the news to Stefano that he might be your father. I was your partner. You don't have to cover with me. And believe it or not, I am not the enemy.

[Dramatic music]

Okay. Where do we start? What were you doing in San Francisco? I had a layover there last night. Don't jerk me around. Was Elsa in San Francisco? Can we please just talk about us? Sure thing, as soon as you stop lying.

[Justin scoffs] I'm not lying. I stopped in san Francisco to see Paul Narita. Why? To convince him not to give up on sonny. Today? I can't. Not without checking with sonny. I-- I get it. It's just, I wish that you had told me you wanted it for the next edition. Okay. I'll get back to you. Problem? My editor wants me to go to poplar bluff today. That must be a hotter story than I thought. What you gonna do? Well, if I get there tonight, then I can conduct all my interviews tomorrow, and I wouldn't be there very long. Good plan. Can you give me a list of people that I can talk to while I'm in poplar bluff? Well, there's lots of good people in poplar bluff. They all know me. I'll bet you'll have a lot of questions for me when you get back. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I won't keep you from packing, though I do wish your little girl was still awake, so I could say bye-bye to her. But then again, she's not going anywhere. I get the urge to see that pretty little thing again, I know just where to go. Oh, for what it's worth, I think your editor is gonna be disappointed. I don't think you'll be able to dig up very much that's interesting about me. You see, I'm a very boring guy.

[Dramatic music]

Will, sorry that took so long. Oh, hi. I didn't hear you. What's going on? He's an amazing young man. (Paul) mother? - Oh, Paul.

Hey, Paul. Hi. You ready to get going? Go where? The exhibition in Berkeley. About the great wave off kanagawa? You asked me to take you. We made a date. Oh, right. Yeah, we should get going, or else the bridge traffic is gonna be a nightmare. The exhibition can wait. I want you to hear what I've been saying to john. Okay. I've done a lot of thinking, and I've spoken to your grandfather. And I've come to realize that I've been unfair to john and to you too. And I've been telling your mother that I don't want her taking any blame for the way things are now. Good. Then let's put the blame right where it belongs. You asked Paul to come back to Salem? Where do you get off doing something like that? Well, I actually thought that I would try and understand the situation since you pretty much kept me out of the loop when Paul and sonny were together. Kept you out of the loop? How exactly did I do that? Well, if I had known then what I know now, maybe sonny wouldn't be in this mess. This mess is something sonny and his husband are trying to work out, Justin, together. Adrienne, it's not gonna be worked out. Sonny is in a bad situation, and it's only getting worse. How do you know that? Weren't you the one that said will Horton was a total mistake? Weren't you the one who convinced me to give him a chance? - Yeah, and I was wrong. - Oh. Because guess what, will Horton is not good enough for our son. He's proven that. I think sonny should just cut his losses. This is an about-face! Why are you yelling? I just told you that you were right about will and I was wrong. But this isn't about will, is it? It's about will's father. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me. I have a proposal that I think you are gonna find interesting. You want to hear more?

[Suspenseful music]



Hey. How did your meeting go? I canceled it. I went to talk to Chad instead. Why did you that? Because I wanted to get a read on exactly whose idea it was to buy the magazine. - Did you? - Mm-hmm. It was Stefano. He bought the magazine because he wanted that article written about you. I really wish you hadn't done that. Why? I thought that... listen, I know what you're trying to do, all right? You got involved because you're so sure that Stefano was doing all this because of you. And that may be true, but that's over now. Okay? From here on out, this is between me and Stefano.

[Suspenseful music]


Mm, I think about that little baby depending on the two of them for everything. Yeah. Yeah. I know. And then lying to Lucas like that. Wait a minute. Will was lying to Lucas?

[Sighs] No, no, I was thinking-- I was thinking about Sami when will was a baby. There I go again. Hey, hey, déjà vu. That's all, mom, come on. I could've done the same thing. Will is reminding me a lot of his mother these days.

[Sighs] Not in a good way. I was just about to call you. I-I have to go to the airport. Tonight? But if I go now, I'll only have to be gone for a day. I've already called and booked Natalie. She'll be here tomorrow morning before you have to go to the club. Okay, that's great, but you didn't tell me where you're going. Poplar bluff. Isn't that where Clyde Weston's from? Right. And, sonny, I know that I said that I was gonna pass on this article, but things have changed, some things happened.

[Scoffs] What things? Did Zoe give you the cover story again or something? No, no, and it's not like that, I swear. Then what? What is it like? Sonny, I'm gonna power through this article, and I'm gonna get it done. I'm gonna go down there, and I'll get all of my research done in one day, and I will come back here as soon as possible. I'll work from home, and I will be with you.

[Phone beeps]

The cab's gonna be here any minute. I have to finish packing. Sonny, I know that this seems like the same old, same old for me, but it's different. I don't have a choice. Right. You never do. My mom would have tried to keep up with you through all these years, contacted you somehow, but she thought that you'd become a priest. So she was forced to pull away. My mother was left to make the best of a bad situation. Paul, thank you for being such a loyal son, but please try to understand john's point of view. I don't know what you want from me. A chance. That's it. Get to know him, Paul. He's a good man. Maybe you'll come to feel that you can count on him for things, things that I may not be able to give you. If I'm gonna do what you want, get to know john, I can't do it from here. I know. You'd have to spend time in Salem, and I have wanted you as far away as possible from that place. But things have changed. Not everything. (Tori) I can't tell you who to love or what to do about it. I can only trust in the honorable son that I raised. And at least if you find yourself needing advice... your father will be there. So what do you think about all this? Well, whether you come to Salem or not, that's your call. All I can say is... it would mean a great deal to me if you did, to have you close for us to get to know one another. Yeah. I want that very much, Paul. You think I'd try and break up sonny's marriage to get even with Lucas? You haven't spent the day with sonny in months. I tell you about Lucas and me, and all of a sudden, you're flying all over the world trying to rearrange sonny's life. What the hell else am I supposed to think? And you had no use for will because he was Sami's son, but now that you're sleeping with will's father, you're his champion. What am I supposed to think? That we raised a good son who is entitled to make his own decisions about his own life, and if he thinks will made a mistake and that they can get through it, then... and live happily ever after until the next mistake? You don't know that, Justin. Will has no clue about what he wants. And Paul's the answer? He loves sonny, and he never stopped. And you're gonna use that to break up will and sonny, aren't you? Will screwed around on my son, and I don't like it. If that's really true, what does that say about you and me, Justin? Got to admit, when I got your phone call, I didn't know what to make of it. If you're wondering whether I ran this by my father, I did. You have an impressive track record at mad world, and we think that you are the perfect guy to run countess W. I mean, who better, right? You've worked there before. You know the place in and out. So this was all your idea, not Stefano's? Mm-hmm. Because it kind of feels like the kind of game he likes to play. Ah, my father doesn't play games. Wow, you almost said that with a straight face. Good job. This is my decision. But that doesn't mean there isn't more going on here. Like what? Well, like you using me to get back at my mother. So, uh, what's in it for me? I'm hoping that we can keep Chad out of all this. What do you care for him? He's not a DiMera. He's not a DiMera through and through. He's a friend of will's. Hmm. I'll give it some thought. Hmm. Well, while you're thinking, come up with a way to keep will from being the one who writes the article because I don't want him in the middle of it. You don't have to worry about will anymore. He and I have come to a meeting of the minds on this. When did you talk to will? While you were talking to Chad. What did you say to him? That if I trusted anyone to do right by this article, it was him. I really hope that's not your way of telling me that you just threatened my grandson.

[Speaking Italian]

Si, Don DiMera.

[Tori crying]

Please don't cry. It's just a visit. I'll be back. I know, I know. Yeah, and you and Grandfather, you guys can come see me in Salem. Of course.

[Sniffles, then chuckles] I guess I'll go home and pack. My flight's gonna leave in a couple hours. I'd like it if you could be on the plane with me. I'll be there. I'm glad you're doing this. I'm glad too.

[Gentle music]

You made this happen, Tori. I know how hard it was for you to change your mind. I just had to think about what's best for Paul. That's what all parents want for their children, isn't it? Yeah. All the good parents.


Will: Did you hear the cab honk? No, not yet.

[Phone rings]

See, traveling light. Sonny, I really wish that I didn't have to go like this.

[Horn honks]

Oh, there's your cab. Sonny, please, I need you to believe me. I'm doing this for us.

Sonny: Keep telling yourself that, Will.

[Horn honking]



[Sighs] No, I don't think it's fair to compare our situation to theirs. How is it different? What happened to us was, we spent too much time away from each other. If I had been here, you would've never turned to Lucas. Where does Elsa fit in to that little analysis of yours? You slept with that woman, and then you went back to Dubai saying you'd probably do it again. I know I didn't say it like that. You know what though? You're right about one thing. I never would've turned to Lucas had you been here. I would have been tempted, but I wouldn't have done it. Mm-hmm. But now you have. Yup, and you know what, I have absolutely no regrets. Well, where are you going? To tell Henderson to make up your room in another part of the house. Do you really think we're done here? Maybe not, but I'm leaving anyway before we say things that we can't take back. You said you want to know what you get out of this? That outlines the offer. It is an insanely generous pay package. And don't tell me that you wouldn't love the opportunity to stick it to your mother. In fact, I think the revenge factor is the real selling point here, but that's just me. So what do you say? Sweetheart, I would never, ever hurt anyone in your family. All right. We are so much alike, you and me. We just see what we want, we go and get it. We don't let any fools like Victor Kiriakis or Stefano DiMera stand in our way, do we?


[Speaking Italian]

Si. Hmm.

[Suspenseful music]

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