Days Transcript Friday 5/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/1/15


Episode #12582 ~ Victor prepares for Stefano seeking revenge; Chad receives difficult news; a moment with Eric causes Nicole to change course.

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Okay. Do you wanna tell me why you were up all night screaming at people over the phone?


Don't lie to me! It's about Brady and Melanie, isn't it?

It sure in the hell is.

You know where they went, don't you, and what they were doing?

You have to be exhausted.

Do you wanna lie down?

No, no, thanks. I don't want to do anything until I know what the police are going to do. I don't why Melanie and Theresa - couldn't come back with us.



Oh, God, there you are. Are you okay? Are you all right? Yeah. Oh, my God. Where is he? Why isn't he here? Brady, what happened to our baby? Where is he? I am not trying to get rid of you. That is--that is the last thing that I wanna do. What I want more than anything in the entire world was for you to walk through that door and tell me that it was done with Ben and that you were actually here to see me, so I could take you up to my bed and make love to you all night long.

[Dramatic music]


Ah. I had a feeling you'd drop by this morning. Come on in.


Serena: I will not let you destroy my life, Xander. I swear to God I will take you down with me, and I will.

Eric: Hello. Hi, Eric. Can I see you? I-I know you're really busy, but I need to talk to you. About what? Not over the phone. But it is really important. Can you come by my office as soon as you can? Yeah, I'll be right over. Thank you. Really, thank you. I might have made a huge mistake.

I don't like how you jerked me around last night. Really? I told you that we had important business to care of and then you stood me up. I don't like you giving me orders. Well, I have to! I have to get you mad in order to get you to do anything. I don't know if that's exactly true. There's lots of things you could get me to do without making me mad at all. Just back off. Oh, yeah. There she is. That's the Serena I remember. Fiery, angry. I like you like that. Thank you for coming over. Not a problem. You know what? Actually, I was thinking about you this morning. I came across something that I thought you might like, so I bought it for you.

Let me see.

Not yet. I wanna know why you were so worked up on the phone just now. So, after that, I went to Rafe. We were up all night. He used his FBI contacts to try and find out what was going on.

FBI contacts?

Uh-hmm. So I take it you two weren't checking up on her for visiting Carly. No, Melanie admitted she was lying about that.


But she was in a castle in Italy, possibly with Kristen DiMera.

What? Why?

Oh, why don't you tell her, Victor? I'm pretty sure you know more than I do. Only that Kristen DiMera is dead. Brady, you have to make him tell us where the baby is. Signora, do not preoccupy yourself. The bambino is fine. He will be with you presto.


Yeah. Who are you?


What? I hope to be a friend, Signora. I represent the Italian government in this matter. Okay. So you're not a cop? I will speak for them too. I speak for the government as well. I'm kind of a-- how do you say-- intermediario between the two. Now, let me you we have carefully examined all the physical evidence. We compared it with your statements and the statements of the servants. Who worked for the DiMeras! You don't know - that they're not lying.

Signora, per favore. Our police, our government officials, we all want to see the bambino with his proper parents. We want to avoid the isterismo, the publicity, so we must proceed with discretion. Right. No, that-- that sounds good. My question is what did you conclude about the two sudden deaths? Which was all in self-defense, by the way. Si. Allora, the evidence proves that theory in terms of the signore found in the prison who was shot, apparently, with his own gun in the fight. He also has a record criminale. Very, how do you say, esteso, many crimes. However, in the death of Signora DiMera, we do not have that kind of evidence.

Does that mean you'll be charging me with murder?

What the hell are you doing here? I needed to talk to you in person. Yeah, well, not here. You could be arrested. It does not matter. I had to be with you, my son, my only child left to me. What? I had to tell you to be with you when you found out, okay, that... your sister is dead. No. Kristen apparently fell or was pushed out of a window on an upper floor. You said "presumably" dead.

She fell into the bay. They haven't recovered her body.

How horrible. Melanie was there. Apparently, Melanie and Brady were both there.

I have to talk to them.

Well, I've been trying to reach them all night. I couldn't get through. No one can get through, and they're not allowed to use their phones. Not allowed? I mean, are they involved in all of this?

Well, if Kristen were pushed, it wasn't necessarily one of them.

What do you mean?

He means they weren't the only ones there.

Who else was there?

Daniel: Well, the info I got from Rafe is pretty sketchy, but there were two other people, and their descriptions matched Theresa Donovan and Marlena. Oh, my God. Do you think one of them killed Kristen? She did the world a favor killing that whack job. Obviously didn't kill anybody. Look, you haven't answered my question. Am I being charged with murder? Again, we have examined all the forensic reports.

Allora, with that knowledge and the fact that we yet have not been able to find the body, there is no evidence of a crime committed by anyone under Italian law. Well, then, we're free to go. Damn it! No, none--no, no. None of us are going anywhere until I have my baby! If I'm angry, it's because you're making me angry by not being straight with me. Really? I think I've been quite forthright with you. I need to know what's coming next. I don't like being kept in the dark. Yeah, I remember that about you so well. You always did like keeping the lights on. I wanted you to come over here because, well, we're friends, right? Yes, we are. I mean, it took us a while to get there, but we did. Otherwise, I seriously doubt I would have brought you what I did. You're really gonna taunt me with that, aren't you? A little bit. But seriously, I'm really glad you felt like you could call me. I want you to feel like you can tell me anything.

Worst part of coming back from a trip-- going through all the junk. Oh, I just wanna see I didn't miss anything while I was gone, you know. Are you sure? What happened? Well, she was in Italy. Okay. But was she sick? Was it an accident? - I don't-- - no, no, no, no, no, no. That's why I'm here, to tell you everything in person. We are going to need each other more than ever. Theresa, of course we're not going anywhere without the baby.

Signora, per favore, remain tranquil. We will do quickly the blood/DNA tests. All the evidence, including the doctor's files, we now have proof that a terrible wrong has been done to you. But, might I ask that you not speak to the public about this.

Oh, yeah. It's not good for the tourist trade, right?

Sir, sir, we don't--we don't-- we don't wanna cause any kind of trouble at all, but there are medical concerns about the baby. And I completely understand your concerns. We have had a two-- how do you say-- baby doctors? Pediatrician. Yes. Two excellent pediatricians have examined the boy, and they both agreed that there is no immediate medical attention necessary. Now, I have some forms I need you to sign. Would you mind going with my colleague, please? Of course. May I ask you if Ms. DiMera's family has been notified?

Theresa: What? Who cares? You know what? I don't think it's right that you examine my baby without my permission.

Hey, listen. I didn't hear that anyone was charged with anything. Why in God's name were Theresa and Marlena there? Were they there together? They hate each other.

[Phone ringing]

Hold on. We might be getting some answers. Oh, my goodness gracious me. You're a real class act, aren't you? I don't think it was class that attracted you to me. I'd like to think of that part of my life as temporary insanity. And you are, in every sense of the term, the biggest mistake I ever made. And I would like to forget that it ever happened, but I can't do that until our business is done. Well, surely, you must know I have to have the diamonds inventoried, validated. You're taking your sweet little time with that. And it's almost done. But it does seem like you've come through with everything you promised, and our little project together is drawing to a close. So you'll go away? Really, Serena? Would it really be so terrible if I stay? Yes. Yes, it would. So... what's the matter? I don't even know where to start. From the beginning. You know what? I'm so distracted. You know, I won't be able to think straight until I know what you brought me. All right, well, I, um... I came across a photo of you that I thought I, you know, lost or something. By something, do you mean ripped to shreds? No. Okay. Anyway, I wanted you to have it. Oh... I love this picture. It always made me feel so... so happy. Good. Thank you. It's so sweet that you found it and brought it here. You know what? You really cheered me up. Enough to stop you from hemming and hawing and tell me what you wanted to talk to me about? Are you and Daniel having trouble?

Do you know when we will get our phones back?

[Phone ringing]

Scusi. It is for you.

Thank you. Hello?

Brady, it's me. Granddad.

Victor: Listen, Maggie and Daniel are here. I'm gonna put you on speaker. Are you all right? Is Melanie all right? Is Melanie all right?

Brady: Yeah, she's fine, she's fine. We just found out that we're gonna be able to come home soon.

Oh, thank God. For God's sake, what happened? What are you doing there? Is it true that Marlena and Theresa are there?

Yeah, they're both here and they're fine. Please let their families know that, okay?

Sure. Sure. But why did you go to Italy? What is going on? I'm on a police phone, and I don't wanna say much, but I will say that we're okay, we're fine, and I need you to keep a lid on everything that you know until we get back. Understood. But is it true about Kristen? Yeah. There was an accident, and she's gone. Can I speak to Melanie? Sorry, she's in another room. And right now, there's a-- there's a very nice police officer that's helping me out with details before we leave, so you can't talk to her right now. All right. Well, just give her our love. I got to go. Okay. I'm going too. Brady, I love you, honey. I love you too, Maggie. Can you please tell me in god's name what Theresa is doing there? Oh, my precious boy. It's so nice to meet you. Hi. I'm your mom. Isn't he beautiful? Hi, sweetie. Oh, you know what? I am going to make sure that you always have the very best. But you know what? You already have the best daddy in the whole wide world. Yes, you do. Hi. Hi.

Victor: I'll make sure everything about your return is handled by the state department. Quietly, right? Nothing will come out. Everything will be buried until you're all safely home. Granddad? Yes? There's more. I'll tell you when I get home, but it's... it's good. I can't wait to see you, Brady, and hear your news. All right. I'll see you soon. Give Maggie a hug for me. We'll see you soon. I know what your damned news is. And having a baby with Theresa Donovan is not good. I'm doing this wrong, aren't I? No, no. He just senses that you're a little bit stirred up.


You'll get the hang of it. Hi, baby, hi. Hello there. Hi. You've had a lot happen in your very young life, haven't you? You have. Melanie? This is the first time that I've had the chance to say thank you. What you did, it was amazing. I couldn't let Kristen get away with that. Yeah, but I mean, if it weren't for you, I could have gone my whole life without knowing my son. And now, the rest of my life is gonna change forever thanks to you.

[Dramatic music]

I was upset about how things are going with Daniel, but it's just a minor bump in the road. There's been more than one of those, right? Yeah. [Laughs] It's just we keep keeping things from each other, like I kept something from him about Melanie, and he hit the roof. But sometimes, you know, there's a really good reason to keep what you know to yourself, don't you think? Maybe. Still, I'm hopeful that Daniel and I can work it out. You know, I'm really-- I'm really sorry that you and Daniel are having problems. You know what? It would be great if you and Daniel can be as happy as I am with Serena. Are you just thinking of staying to try and punish me? Punish you? Yeah, for not bringing you the diamonds as quickly as I'd planned. Don't flatter yourself, Serena. The whole world doesn't revolve around you. I know that, but you have to think ahead. To wit: I have myself a little insurance policy. So if anything happens to Eric or me, the whole world will know it was your doing. Well, then, we better just hope nothing happens, right? I have got to get away from him, somewhere far, far away with Eric. I-I just talked to her after my board meeting.

[Laughing] She was giving me advice on how to handle you. You know, she could always wrap me around her little finger. Uh, she--she said that we'd be together soon, that she really wanted to see me. Look, we only have each other now, hmm? Which is why I must find a way to come back. Okay. But you shouldn't even be here now. It's too big of a risk. I had to tell you this in person, son. This is important. Do you understand? Important. What? You might hear things about your sister, all right? But only listen to what I tell you. Okay. And until I know everything, you must keep what happened to her a secret, huh?


Abigail: Chad, it's me, Abigail. Harold said I could come on in.

Sh-she can't see you.

Abigail: Chad, it's Abigail.


Abigail: I really need to talk to you. What's going on?

I can see that you're crazy about Serena. Well, that pretty much sums it up. You know, I honestly think because of her, we've been able to be friends again. Really? Yeah, you know, finding her, being with her. It taught me to let go a lot of my anger.

[Phone vibrating]

Oh, I'm sorry. I've been trying to reach my mother. Listen, it's been really great talking to you, but this is important. I... - I got to go.

All right. Yes. Of course, thank you, thank you so much for coming and thank you for the picture. Take care of yourself. You too. I know you're crazy about her, Eric. No, I know she is up to something with that Xander. And whatever it is, it's not good. It's not good at all. What the hell is it? And even if I did know, I mean, would Eric even listen to me if I told him? And is it any of your damn business? Oh, I need some air. I am happy to tell you that all the red tape is cut. You may go home. Oh, thank God. Allora, you must remember to keep the silence about what happened here. We will provide papers for the bambino as well as for our American friends who entered our country illegally. Yeah, I'm sorry about that. Thank you. There is one small problem. The jet you entered the country with does not function well, so we booked you on the next commercial flight. Thank you. We have four tickets. You will have to hold the child. Oh, I think I can handle that. We have two seats insieme, together for the parents. You and Dr. Evans will be seated together. Oh, that's great. Then Brady and I can be together with the baby. So if you two would come with me to sign the papers for the child.

Brady: Of course. Thank you. How are you holding up? Fine. I'm fine. - Hey, there you are. - Yes. I thought you weren't coming back until tomorrow. Will, will you talk to me? I have to know exactly what's going on. Well, there's really not much to say. It's just that I... I screwed up so bad. It's the simplest solution. Eric and I just take off. You know, he said that he would come with me as soon as I finished my project and we'll just leave, leave here, leave Xander and... go where? Well, who wouldn't wanna work in Hawaii? It's far enough away and no pesky passport issues. Yes, hi. This is Serena mason. I just got your email and I wanted to let you know I'm very interested in taking the job in Honolulu. Yes, that's-- that sounds wonderful. I have a feeling everything is gonna work out perfectly.

[Dramatic music]

Will: I can't believe that I did something so stupid. I didn't just betray Sonny, I betrayed everyone that cared about us.

Will, darling, I know firsthand that a marriage can survive if that's what you both want.

Will: I know I do. And Sonny and I were already talking about going to couples therapy.

Oh, well then, don't just talk about it, darling, do it.

Abigail: Is everything all right?

Chad: Yeah. I can't talk right now, Abigail.

Abigail: Well, it's not gonna take long.

Chad: I'm busy, okay?

[Phone ringing]

What? So despite our past history, I'm terribly sorry for your loss. I know what it is to lose a child. This after EJ is just too much. You know, of course, don't you that... my grandson did not do this to your daughter. Well, I'll leave you to your grief. Stefano doesn't grieve. He exacts revenge.

[Phone ringing]

Uncle Victor? I need you.

I'll be right there. Hey, you guys. We're just getting ready to take off but I wanted to call you and let you know I was fine. It's just good to hear your voice. I'm sorry I scared you guys. I have to turn my phone off, but I will explain everything when I land. And I love you. We love you, too. I just heard from Will and Eric. Of course, they're concerned. Hard to understand why nobody has told them what happened. Even if we were allowed to talk about this, it would be kind of hard to explain on the phone.

Yes, it would. He's beautiful. Oh, he is. You know, they should be very grateful to you. It's because of you that that baby is getting to go home. With his parents. I know, I know we're flying commercial, but daddy will get his jet fixed and you won't have to put up with this anymore, no, you won't. No, you won't.

That's cute.

I was joking.

All right. Come on, Brady, we almost died. That whack job took our baby, but now that's over and everything is gonna be fine. We have him, our perfect, perfect little boy. Oh, this is the beginning of happily ever after, yes, it is. Yes, it is. Everything is gonna be fine.

[Baby crying]

Oh, no. Shh, shh, shh. Okay. Okay. Okay... well, do you know why they all traipsed off to Italy with Theresa of all people? Oh, I--well, they'll explain when they get back. Honey, listen, they were on the plane home when Melanie called. They're gonna be back in no time. Oh, listen, I got to go. Please let me know when Melanie gets home safely. Yes. You know I will. Eric. Well, my mom's not worried. There's nothing to worry about.


So have you had breakfast yet? You wanna go out and get some eggs? You know what? There's actually something I wanna talk to you about. It's Nicole. Well, I look forward to hearing from you. So bye for now? Right. Aloha. So you're moving on. I'll throw you a going away party. How soon do you leave? Why do you care? Well, I know Eric will be sorry to see you go. Wrong again. Eric will be coming with me. The hell he will.

You're right. I should stop talking and just start doing something. Yes. And I promise you, I'll do whatever it takes to make this marriage work. Well, it'll take both of you. Now, you both have to work at it together.


Mm-hmm. And alone. You would not believe how the Kiriakis family just keeps trying to weigh in on everything. Sonny comes from a family of big mouths, you know, not discreet, like the Bradys. Listen, just don't mind them. You concentrate on Sonny. I'm trying to, but it needs to be just the two of us with no outside interference.

Abigail: Chad, I'm sorry for just showing up like this, but after last night, I really needed to make sure things were clear between us. I do care about you, and maybe that's something that I'm always gonna feel. But when you told me how you felt, I-- Chad, can you please just look at me, I'm trying to tell you something.

[Baby crying]

Shh, shh, shh. It's a ten-hour flight. What if he doesn't stop crying? Poor little guy. I guess he doesn't like flying. I'm sure he'll go to sleep at some point. It's so crazy what Kristen did. It was kind of beyond evil, right? Taking someone's baby? Obviously, I had to do what I did. I wanted to make sure Brady could raise his son. And he will because of what you did. He's only a couple of feet away from me, but it feels like there are miles between us. Okay. Hey, relax. You need to relax, okay? He's gonna be fine. Not just on this flight, from now on because we're gonna do whatever we have to do to make sure he's completely well, okay? Okay. Well, one thing's for sure, he is definitely not going to be called Christopher. That is way too close to Kristen. It's a name I never wanna hear again.

[Baby crying]

Well, it looks like I am not the only one. Oh. Okay. Oh, come, sweet boy, please, please stop crying.

Hey. Hey, hey.

Give him to me.


Give him to me.

[Baby crying]

Hey. Shh. It's okay. It's okay. You don't have to cry.

[Baby quiets]

You know why? Because you have so much to be happy about. Everything's gonna be great from now on. You have so many people that wanna meet you. You have--you have grandparents, you got aunts, you got uncles, you got cousins, you got so many people that wanna meet you. And you are the baby for both families, which means you are gonna be spoiled rotten.

You're gonna make the best father.

You said you needed me?

Yes, I'll get to that. First, tell me about the project.

It's going very well. In fact, it's near completion.

Good. I know you planned on leaving town when you concluded your business, but something has happened with Brady. It's too much to go into right now, but suffice it to say, he could use a little extra help in Salem for a while, and your...skills could come in handy.

Then I will stay, Uncle Victor, for as long as you and Brady need me.

You know I don't wanna intrude, Daniel, but, you know, Nicole's worried about the two of you, and I feel a little bit responsible. Why? I said some pretty terrible things. Well, she's done some pretty terrible things. But, you know, that's-- I mean, that's history. Our problem now is pretty much-- well, pretty much my fault. Well, I was worried about Melanie, and Nicole got herself wrapped up in that mess and I had taken my frustrations out on her like I did so many times before, and I just-- I need to stop because the truth is... I love her, and I really want it to work for us.

Me too. Me too, Daniel.

You are not taking Eric away from Salem.

[Nicole chuckles]

[Serena chuckles]

You mean taking him away from you. My God, you still have - a thing for him, don't you?

Oh, damn it. This isn't about me or Eric. This is about you and what you're doing, and we both know what that is.

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