Days Transcript Thursday 4/30/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/30/15


Episode #12581 ~ The group in Italy gets in a difficult situation with the police; Nicole & Daniel fight; Serena unwittingly makes a mistake; Rafe gives Eve advice.

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No, give it to me.

I will not...lose to you again! Stop it, let go, let go! Kristen! Let go of me!

[Kristen screams]

Melanie: Theresa, are you okay? What--

Theresa: I really-- I think this--I think this is... yeah, he is. That's your son.

Oh, my God, he's so beautiful. He's so beautiful.

Hi. Daniel, listen, I am so sorry to do this, but I have to cancel. Something came up.

It's not about JJ, is it?

So your last class is over?

Yeah, I'm done for the night. I mean, I'm here for the night.

Okay. Me, too. You know, I can't wait until every night - is like this forever.

Hmm. Suspended fourth. Interesting. Good ear.

[Eve laughs]

What the hell is that guy doing here? Is there a problem?

[Both chuckling]

Where is room service when you need it? What do you think you just had?

[Laughs] Don't you need food? Keep up your strength? I'm good. Oh, you've got to have something in here. Oh. Oh. What's this? Something I wanted to share with you. No. I have a proposal for you. Isn't it a little soon? Not that kind of proposal then what? Tell me, Serena, are you up for an adventure? Should have seen you coming, boy. But then again, you were always good at looking like anyone but who you really were.

Nicole: Now it's Jennifer? Yup. And I'm not saying anything about what I'm going to... oh, no, no, of course, because you got your secrets. You can't say a word, but good old Nicole here has to explain every move and every thought. You know what? Forget lunch, I lost my appetite. Okay, Nicole, just listen to me. Nicole, I can't talk about it.

Oh, I know you can't.

Nic, Nic! Oh, he's such a jerk.


Xander: You're working late. Am I...interrupting? Um, not at all. Kristen?

Do we need to...

No, no, no, forget that. It's too dangerous. We gotta get out of here. Whoa! Oh, God!

Stay here, stay here, I'll find out what happened.

Get off me, Mandrake! Get--let go of my--


Ah! Oh! Nice. Okay. Unconscious. Let's go. Come on. Hurry. Come on, come on, come on, come on. So... I've given you some time, couple of weeks to think about it. Are you in or out?

Honestly, this is... so not me. I really didn't think it was you either.

[Singsong] Surprise.

[Whispers] It's dangerous. Yeah, it is. So, tell me... you'll do it, won't you? Idiot. Oh, why didn't you run? At least this is almost over. It will be over, now... this week.

Xander, where are you? How'd you find me?

You gave me your card... first time we met.


[Chuckles] Before we find out how much we have in common. Is everything okay with you? Great, yeah, I mean, I'm busy with work but... but that's not what I meant. Daniel. I was afraid I had, uh... complicated things. You didn't. You sure about that? I mean, clearly Daniel sees there was some attraction there-- at least on my part. So, I would like to help if I can, smooth things over. Anything I can do?

[Marlena screams]

What do you think you're going to do to me?

I'm gonna pay you back for all the pain you have caused everybody in my family, everybody that I love.

[Kristen screams]

I only have one regret... that I didn't kill you when I had the chance.

Just pick it up, Marlena. That's all you got to do is pick up the gun and shoot me. Just pick up the gun and blow my brains out, Marlena. Kristen! Let go of me.

[Kristen screams]

[Scream echoes]

It can't be.


Melanie, what are you doing here?

Hi. We'll explain that later. Where's Brady?

Theresa: Oh, my God, did he... no, no, no, no, no, that's-- that's Kristen. We fought and then she fell. Are you okay? Yeah, but Theresa, what's this? Wait, we'll explain all of that. For right now, we need to get... are you okay? Are you all right? Oh, my God, Brady. Is everyone okay? Is that... he's fine. Yeah, we're all okay. Brady, what did you find? You know, it's a 100-foot drop onto the bay. With the cliffs and the current, there's no way that Kristen survived.

Okay. That's it. Daphne knows that I won't be back tonight, and you think it was totally lame to let her know? I don't want her to worry. No, no, I actually think it's better to remember now than in the middle of things. Yeah. I don't want anybody or anything on my mind except you. Oh, I should let my mom and sister know too. Wait, what, what... you like that timing, huh? Yeah, I see what you mean. What? You're serious? Yeah, it'll just be a quick text. Wait a minute... what's wrong? Uh, no, my mom's just having some minor surgery. It's nothing critical. She just needs a hand in the morning, but I'll be back tomorrow. If you need any help... thanks, but I'm good. Are you still stressing about whatever it is you needed to talk about? It has nothing to do with what you want for Paige. It has everything to do with what you want for yourself. And that is my son.

Daniel: Jen, are you-- are you still there?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm here. It's--it can wait, but listen, as soon as I get back... can you give me a clue?

Daniel, it's just Eve, you know, and maybe it's good if I take a step back and stop overthinking it. Well, did something happen with Eve? Did she say something to JJ or, uh... or Paige?

No, so let's just hope that she is over it and moving on. Well, yeah, there's a problem if this place thinks that that's the kind of thing that their customers wanna hear.

That guy?

Mm. That guy. I thought he sounded pretty good. My God, he's tuning in public, like he's playing and we're all just supposed to bow down or something. Well, where should he go? Not here. Okay. I think he's got a private party after this, so... well, then maybe that's where he should go, in private, not in front of our faces.


Uh-hmm. You really have it in for the guy.

[Laughs] He just looks way too much like somebody I know. Yeah, well, I hate when that happens. Uh-hmm. Do you know what I hate? - Huh? - I hate to sit here with a half-empty drink when the bartender is not paying any attention. Hello? Can we get some service down here, please?

I'm sorry, ma'am. Ma'am? I'm sorry, do you see Mother here?


No. I didn't mean to... listen, let me speak to the manager now.

Hi. I'm the manager. [Clears throat] I want to help you, Nicole, in any way that I can.

Thank you, but there's really no need. Okay. Well, you know where to find me. Look, I hope things work out for you and Daniel. He's very special to my Uncle Victor.

Special? Ha. Victor thinks he walks on water.

Yeah, well, maybe he's a saint, but he's not the only special one here. You deserve good things, Nicole. I hope you get that.

[Romantic music]

Melanie: That's horrible.

I know. It's hard to believe.

Melanie: The doctor is still alive, Mandrake-- he was holding Theresa. How did you get away?

We knocked him out. You knocked him out? Okay. I'm gonna go take care of him. Don't leave this room until the-- until the cops get here. Oh, is this the baby from the village? The what? Well, Kristen said she was watching a baby from the village. I didn't believe it but... well, she was lying. Oh, well, Theresa, who is this? It''s impossible, but... he's mine. What? Yeah, that's, um, that's Theresa and Brady's child. It's my son.


Look, I'm sorry, I'm swamped. I don't have time for anything but work right now. Can you... make an exception? For me?

[Phone ringing]

Hi, honey. Mom, what's wrong? You're getting on a plane tonight? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. It's really--it's just a little thing with your grandma, and I just need to be there for her. But listen, I'll be back tomorrow.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm positive. Everything is really fine. And I left food for you in the fridge for dinner, okay? I'll call you as soon as I land.

Mom, you don't need to do that. I'm not gonna be home tonight.

Oh. Yeah, I was gonna text you, so you and abs wouldn't worry. Where are you?

At a hotel with Paige.

Okay, uh... does her mother know that you are there?

I am embarrassed.

Don't be. I'm Rafe.

Eve: Hi, Rafe, I'm Eve.

Rafe: Hi, Eve. And I think I need to apologize for being rude about your establishment.

No, I like it. Well, clearly, you love it.

Yeah. I do, except for the guitar and the "call me ma'am" thing.

Yeah, fair enough. Okay. So, is it the guitars or the guitar players?

Well, they're inseparable.

All right. One is insufferable, but they're breed, you know?

Yeah. Well, that guy was a moron.

What guy?

The guy, the guy that made you hate a defenseless stringed instrument, that guy.

Okay. Maybe it was a little unreasonable. Yeah, but reason is, it's, uh... it's not so much fun. But neither is random anger, so... yeah, you're just supposed to accept it and move on, right? Sounds like you read that in a book. Yeah, I did. - Did you? - Uh-hmm. Well, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. - What? - I'm gonna go to talk to the guitar player and let him know that there is no tuning in here, and hopefully you're gonna give us another try because we want your business. Well, you will have it. Good. Excuse me. I have a guitar player to talk to. Okay.


Drinks for her on the house tonight. Yes, sir. Something I can get you, Miss? Oh, yeah, I like it.


Much better, thank you. One of the same, please. Great.

[Suspenseful music]

We're gonna do this again? Yeah, I guess we are.

Maybe not.

Let go of me. Brady, let go.

Brady: You can marry me because I love you more than anything else.

Okay. Okay.

You said okay?

I'll marry you, I will.

These are... adoption papers. Come here, come here. Why? Why did you sleep with my brother?

Why? You really wanna raise Christopher by yourself? Why not do it with his father? A man who needs you and who obviously still loves you. Sweetheart, God, let me show you. Come on. You think I really bought that?

[Phone ringing]


[Voice breaking] Are you sure?

Melanie: So I guess Kristen carried the baby to term.

Your baby.


They took it from you?

I know. It's crazy. I can't even, but... like I knew I was pregnant, and then when I wasn't...

[Man shouting in Italian]

God, the carabinieri. The polizia.


But how? Well, the servants must have called them.

Cop: Everyone must remain here. And you touch nothing, understand? Signorina DiMera is now to be presumed dead under very suspicious circumstances. So, no one may leave until we have the answers.

[Suspenseful music]

These are for you.


I'm sorry about our fight.


I'm sick of fighting about stupid stuff?

[Both laughing]

And I just--I don't wanna do it anymore. Most fights are stupid.


No more?

No more. No... no more. Can I-- can I get you out of here? You don't have plans tonight? Well, no, I was supposed to talk to Jennifer about something that was upsetting her. She needed to see her mom. So she left town. So I'm second choice. Wow. That makes me feel good. Oh, I'm not. I just--I... no, don't, don't, don't.

I'm just kidding.

Okay. That would be stupid, right? Yup. I'm glad you're here. So, can you, uh, like... skip out of here? Yeah, I could. You know what? I haven't really been productive for the last hour. In fact, I was gonna head over to the edge of the square to say hi to Rafe and throw him some business. You wanna come with me? That sounds great.

[Suspenseful music]

[Phone ringing]

Hey. Where are you? We need to meet.

Just heading back to the hotel to take a shower. Why don't you pop by in a few?

Are you serious?

What, now you're a nun? There's nothing you haven't seen before.

Signorina, you can explain exactly what happened here, please.

I can certainly try.

Theresa: Well, it doesn't start here, okay? Kristen DiMera stole my baby. She just took it right out of my body and... Kristen, they're not gonna understand. Right. The baby, my baby, my baby, they took it.

They snatched it. They...

Theresa? What's the Italian word for snatched? We all speak English here, Miss.

Let her talk. Okay. Prego. Okay. Good. All right. I thought--I--they took my baby, and I didn't know. I mean, I thought I was wrong, that I wasn't pregnant but I was, and they were stalking me and they got me wasted and they took my blood. I don't know why. And--but then Clint, he kidnapped me, basically, and brought be here. And maybe he thought Melanie was figuring it out, and I don't know what else I... where is this Clint? Show me exactly where you were when Ms. DiMera fell. Uh...ah... well, I was... [Stammers] I don't remember exactly where I was. I think we better-- we better leave.


Now. Yeah.

[Phone ringing]

Ah. Marlena?

No, Dad, it's me.

Well, why are you using Marlena's phone?

My phone isn't, um, handy right now, but I just wanted to let you know that--that we're fine. I'm fine.

Melanie, where are you?

Melanie: Italy. Not with Mom. But with Marlena?

And Brady and Theresa and Dr. Mandrake, and a couple other people. I'll explain all this when I get home. Obviously, I don't have a lot of time right now. The important thing is that you know that we're fine and that we didn't do anything wrong no matter what the carabinieri say.

The who?

Melanie: The Italian cops, they're here right now. I'm not really sure what they're gonna do with us, but we're fine. So don't worry, and I'm gonna call you the second I can find a phone. I have to go, though.

Hey. Mel? Mel? Mm-mm. Damn it. Where's Melanie?

It sounds like police custody in Italy. But she's fine, so I shouldn't worry, no matter...what I hear?

Why is she in Italy? Where's Carly?

No, she's not with her mom. She's with Theresa and Brady and Dr. Mandrake and... oh...


I warned her...

What? What did you tell Melanie?

Nothing much. I... not--Nicole? What do you know about this? Do you know what's going on here?

Why are you accusing me? Whatever's going on is about your daughter.

No, I'm not accusing you. I'm asking you what do you know?

Nothing, except for the name Mandrake. Melanie asked me to check him out so I poked around a little and as it turns out, he's a sketchy fertility doctor.

Sketchy? Why didn't you tell me?

Look, Melanie said she was gonna drop the whole thing, so I didn't see the point.

The point was, and is, I should have been privy to this information from the start. You do this all the time!

Okay. Could you just be rational about this, please?


Calm down. You know what, maybe this wasn't about not seeing the point. Maybe I didn't make you privy to the information because for like the millionth time, we weren't speaking to each other because you were furious at me for no good reason-- kind of like you are right now.

For no good reason? No good reason?


I have every right to be furious, you know, especially when--

Especially when I don't tell you every little detail that you wanna know about Jennifer, you act like it's a crime. And you know--you know what, all this time, all this time, you have been keeping a very important secret from me about a, what? A Dr. Mandrake and my own daughter.

Okay. You know what, that's it.

My own daughter, seriously?

That is it. I am not fighting about this or anything else for that matter. You know what, you can take your flowers and... huh. Better yet...

[Solemn music]

Mm. Xander. Half an hour. That bench off the square. You'll be there? I'll try. I'm not playing. No, honey, you're not. You don't have any cards. So stop pretending like you do. You're not in charge. Later. Maybe. (Stefano) no, no, no. Do nothing for now. I will call.

Kristen: All I can think of is how john's going to feel when he realizes that you're my father. And that you're Stefano DiMera. You want me to make peace between you and the rest of the family. I felt that you are the only one that could bring us back together. My beautiful, beautiful daughter.

[Stefano crying]

[Suspenseful music]

Cop: We have not found Mandrake.

Then continue to search. I am certain we do not have the whole story yet. You're Signore Black.

Yes, yes.

There's no sign of Mandrake, but...I found this. This is documentation of the switch.

What switch?

Theresa, it's true. The whole thing. Oh, my God.

What is true?

Kristen DiMera took our baby from his mother's womb. It was kidnapping, to say the least. There's proof. This is the medical proof. It's all there in detail.

So one doctor alone was capable to do this?

No. He had help. There was--there was a guy that tricked Theresa into coming here. Clint. Right. Brady? This was all done in self-defense. And what else happened? Clint, he'd locked Melanie and me up downstairs. Alessio, there's another body downstairs. It's Clint. Also done in self-defense, though. I mean, I was a witness. He attacked us. Okay. Okay. Two people are dead. But everyone still alive is completely innocent? No, no not possibile. A person like Kristen DiMera does not disappear in Italy without a price. Someone must pay.

No, we can study at my place tonight. Paige and JJ are staying at a hotel, so we have the whole place to ourselves. Yeah. I know, right? I don't know. I think she said the Salem Inn. I'm not sure. Yeah.

[Laughs] Anyway, just text me when you're on your way, okay? All right. Bye. I'll see you. Ms. Larson, hi, how are you? Daphne, I heard. So don't pretend, okay? God, I can't believe I'm the one who spilled. Don't be upset. I'm not. Paige is old enough to make her own choices. Still. You shouldn't hear it from me. Well, I wish Paige had told me herself. Please don't say you heard me, because I don't want her to think that I was gossiping about her. Don't worry. I won't say a word. Eve knows we're together. I mean, you know, like together. I don't--I don't think she knows that we're here. But it's not like Paige lives with her, so she really doesn't have to tell her that she's not coming home. Well, I bet you're relieved by that. Yeah, kind of. But really, I'm just glad that I can tell you the truth and not have to make up some story. Well, I'm glad about that too. I wouldn't. I mean, you don't deserve that. Listen, I'm not really sure that's the criterion for your kids talking to you or not, but I'm glad that you and Abigail do. And really, I'm happy for you and Paige. She's everything, mom. I know she is. And you deserve to be happy. Yeah, a year ago, who'd have guessed? I owe you so much, mom. Come on. Stop that. And you believed in me even when I didn't deserve it. Well, you know what, you do deserve it. I can never thank you enough for what you did for me and Paige. But go catch your plane, all right? I'll see you tomorrow. JJ? Yeah. What did your mom do for us? Brady. Brady, it's Daniel. Where in the hell are you two, and what is going on? I mean, there are cops in Italy? Are you guys under arrest?

Look, I just don't know what's happening and I'm not getting any answers here. Nicole knows something, but God forbid she share it with me. Just call me. You may all talk to an attorney before you make your formal statement.

What? An attorney? Look, we need formula and diapers, okay? There's a baby here. My baby.

Marlena: Brady, should we call the embassy? Does your family have a lawyer here? We have people. Officer, I'd like to make a call if I could. We do plan to have counsel meet us here, but we wanna reassure you we plan to cooperate. We've nothing to hide. There are still many questions especially for you and Dr. Evans. You should plan to remain in Italy for a long time.

Whoa, Dr. Dan!

Daniel: Hey. You off-duty?

Yeah, you are. Can I get you another drink? No, no, no, no. Maybe later. Have you seen Nicole? No. No, I haven't. Why? Something wrong? Yeah, I'm afraid so. Now, do you still have contacts in the FBI? Yeah, for life. You need some help from the bureau? About Nicole? No, forget her. I got bigger problems than worrying about Nicole right now. Tell your lawyers to come to the station in town. We will take you there now. Wait, there's a baby here. Do you not understand that? We can take care of a baby while you make your statement. It'll be fine, okay? Did you hold him yet? No. Hey. Say hello to your son.

[Suspenseful music]

I have no feelings for your son. None whatsoever. So are we clear about that?

Then why did you keep the coat...

Because I felt bad about what I did. I hated it. So, I kept the coat to remind myself of how awful we had been.

Maybe I got through to her. I could be worrying over nothing.

Cole, Eve Larson. We need to talk first thing tomorrow. We need to move this thing along. It's time to take JJ Deveraux out for good.

My mom encouraged me not give up on us... even when I screwed up so badly and I had no right to think that you'd take me back. She wouldn't let me give up even when it looked hopeless. Well, maybe I should thank her too. We'll never gonna go back to that place. No. And I'm never gonna let you go. Please don't.

[Phone ringing]

Hey. Where are you? You are worse than a wife. Something came up. Tomorrow. Right. You just want me to call and beg for another meeting that you'll blow off again. You know, you used to be fun. Hey, do you remember when... stop messing with me. I will not let you destroy my life, Xander. You know damn well that we both have plenty on each other that goes way back to Africa. So trust me, if you try to ruin me, I swear to God, I will take you down with me, and I will.

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