Days Transcript Tuesday 4/28/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 4/28/15


Episode #12579 ~ Kristen encounters someone from her past; Brady & Melanie try to escape; Chad's confession unsettles Abigail; Clyde tells Will not to write the article about him.

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Theresa: What are you doing in my villa?

Kristen: [Chuckles] I came to see you, Theresa.

Theresa: Call the cops. She's nuts.

Kristen: Well? Why aren't you doing anything?

Theresa: Wait. Wait. Do you two... know each other?

Kristen: Oh, yeah. We're like this. Right, Clint?

Theresa: No!


Theresa: Somebody! Help me!

Melanie: They have Theresa.

[Clyde & Theresa struggle for his gun]

[Suspenseful music]


Brady: Oh, my God.

TBD employee: Hey, your Uncle Victor was just here. He left this for you.

Sonny: Oh, thank you. Yeah. [Gasps]

Marlena: Oh, John, um, hi. It's... [Scoffs] It's me. Um... gosh, I hope everything is, uh, going fine there. It would be nice to talk to you. Will you call me? It would even be nicer to see you. Could you just ask John to tell pa... look, Sonny and I-- we're a family-- Sonny, Ari, me. If Paul comes back to Salem, he's going to ruin that family.

Paul: Why are you still here?

Hiro: [Speaking Japanese]

John: What did your grandfather say?

Paul: He says, "You're still here because you're as stubborn as your son."

Will: I'm sorry, Mr. Weston... but I'm not asking for permission. Now, with or without your participation, this article is going to be written.

Clyde: What did you just say to me?

Will: Ah.

Ben: Oh, thank you. Mm-hmm.

Kate: [Chuckles] You know, I saw your girlfriend today. We had such a nice little chat about-- well, it wasn't about you. It was about Chad.

Abigail: Well, most of the time I feel like you will do anything to get us together. And now I-I'm here, and it just feels like you're trying to get rid of me.

Chad: I am not trying to get rid of you. That is the last thing that I want.

Abigail: Oh, my God, Chad. What are you thinking?

Chad: I'm thinking that this is exactly what you want.

Melanie: What is going on? Do you think somebody got to Kristen?

Brady: I don't know.

Melanie: Help! Someone let us out of here!

Brady: No, Melanie! Melanie, shut up! Stop!

Melanie: What? What? What?

Brady: I'm gonna get us out of here. I promise you, but you've got to stay calm if we're gonna figure out our next move. Quiet, please.

Melanie: Okay. Sorry.

Brady: Okay.

Melanie: "Our next move."

Brady: Next move.

Theresa: [Struggling] Why would you do this to me?

Kristen: Oh, poor, clueless Theresa, you just never understand what's going on around you, do you? How about if I fill you in?

Abigail: No. No, this is not what I want.

Chad: Look... I can't, and I won't keep playing this game with you.

Kristen: You, Theresa, are a vile and pathetic creature. Vile, because apparently you were born that way, and pathetic, because you actually think that Clint here could care about you, but don't you see no one ever could? Not Clint, not Brady, no one.

Theresa: This isn't about Clint. This is about Brady, isn't it?

Brady: Okay, look, if that gunshot means that there's someone coming to find us, we're gonna find that out sooner or later but we have to assume that Kristen has the upper hand right now, right? And if you keep making noise, honey, someone's gonna come down here, and they're gonna shut us up. You know what I mean?

Melanie: Yeah.

Brady: Yeah? Actually, your ropes are loose. They're a little frayed. Feel that?

Melanie: Yeah. Oh, on here. Yeah, well, if I can untie mine, then I can come around and help you untie yours.

Brady: That's a good idea. It's a long shot, but...

Melanie: I mean, I'm trying.

Brady: Try, yeah. [Sighs]

Ben: You think I give a damn about your topic of conversation with my girlfriend?

Kate: Well, good for you. You are a real 21st-century man. You're not threatened by Abigail's relationship with Chad.

Ben: Well, Abigail and Chad don't really have a relationship, okay? Not anymore.

[Taps bar] No, I have no idea what you're even talking about, Chad.

Chad: I think you do. We have been doing this song and dance ever since--

Abigail: No, I have not been doing anything. I'm with Ben. We're together.

Chad: Okay, well, if you're so damn happy with him, then why are you always trying to make excuses-- do not turn this around on me. No, you came here.

Abigail: To apologize!

Chad: Really? You had to come all the way over here to apologize, Abigail? You couldn't have just called or sent me a text message?

Abigail: No, I...

Chad: No, no, you wanted to be alone with me. Okay? Now, I wanted that too, okay?

I can't keep fighting these feelings I have for you.

What are you talking about?

Okay, do you really have to ask? I don't think so. You know exactly how I feel about you. I have plans to do some research on you in Poplar Bluff.

You're going to my hometown to get background on me. Did I get that right? Ben will help me fill in some blanks. And Abigail can get me Jordan's contact info, so... didn't you hear me? I said I do not want you writing about me. With all due respect, sir... it's not your call to make. Then let me say it again, slow with little words, in case my accent makes the meaning unclear. Don't do it. "Sonny, took Ari for the day since the weather is so nice. "Call my cell if you need me. Love, Mom." Hi. I'm calling about flight availability. For today.

[Keys clacking]

Ooh. I hope I'm doing the right thing. Arigato. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're hardheaded. I get it from my mother. Hmm. Thought you had a job back in Salem. What are you wasting your time here for? Well, there's something you'll learn about me very quickly, Paul. Nothing is more important than family.

This is my fault.

It's not your--stop.

It's not your fault.

No, it is. If I had just minded my own business, then we wouldn't even know what Kristen did.

Melanie, listen to me. If I had never known what Kristen had done, I would never have known that I had a son out there. Stop apologizing to me. I'm thankful to you. We're in this together, aren't we? You love me. That's why I know that I have a kid out there. So just stop apologizing, because I happen to be grateful to you, and I will be forever.

I love you, Brady. I hope forever is a really long time. And it will be because the way Kristen feels about you-- I mean, she won't hurt you, right?

[Scoffs] I'm not so sure about that anymore. Well, we know she won't hesitate to hurt me... or Theresa. Well, this is ultimately about necessity, but it's also about justice. Don't double-talk me. I'm sorry. I keep forgetting that if things don't line up just so, you can't get it. So this isn't just about Brady. It's about all the other people that you've run over to feed your sick habit and get your way. Although I have to say-- I have to say you get a little credit for trying to kill John, but then you blew the whole thing when you blamed it on Brady. So, see, this is payback, sweetheart, for that and all the other despicable things you've ever done. No. The thing is I do feel like I owe you some mercy. So, although your fate is sealed, justice will be swift, and for the most part...

I know, I know.

Oh, God. Painless. We're gonna find a way out of this. And any involvement we have with Kristen-- Melanie, it's totally on me. And I'm sorry, but I'll be damned if I let her hurt you. She's not gonna hurt you... because I love you. I think I love you more than I ever thought I could love anybody. You know that?

[Chuckles] I feel the same way. Do you think we could talk about this when we're not tied up?

Yeah. Sure. Which might be kind of soon, because this thing just got looser.

Are you kidding me?

Grab this. Yeah, yeah, right there. Lean forward.

I just got word. The new safe house is ready. You can take the baby there and have the procedure done.

Excellent. Now, what about the men that Kiriakis sent to watch Brady?

Taken out.

Yeah? He's gonna send wave after wave of them until he finds his nephew.

So we stay ahead of them. Travel light. Lose the dead weight... and fast. Okay. I have time for one last thing. I got to thinking a lot about what you said. And I realized that you're right. I did. I put you right up there on that pedestal, and I knocked you off first chance I got. I'm sorry about that. I really am. Like I said, you're not the first person to do that, and you won't be the last. You know, I've gotten some pretty awful hate mail ever since I came out. Yeah. Have you talked to someone about it?

What, like Dr. Evans?

Yeah. I don't need a shrink to tell me what I'm feeling. I'm used to people going off on me. I used to get death threats when I blew a lead in a game, probably because somebody bet a whole paycheck on it. But this isn't about the game anymore, Paul. People are attacking you now just for who you are.

Mr. Weston, I have dealt with EJ and Stefano DiMera, Victor Kiriakis. So, if you think that I'm going to feel intimidated when someone from Poplar Bluff threatens me...

Chad: Well, I'm not threatening you, Will. I'm just trying to help you understand that... I won't be happy if you go through writing this article about me. You know, it's funny. At first, I thought that this might be just a big waste of time, but... this could be a really good story.

Will: Why are you doing this to me now, Chad?

Abigail: You were just with Jordan.

Look, I'm not a monk, Abigail. I'm not gonna-- I'm not gonna keep some vow of celibacy until you get tired of playing house with Ben.

Abigail: I'm not playing with Ben. He loves me, and I--

Okay, what do you even know about the guy? You don't even know his real name.

Abigail: I know his last name is not DiMera.

And that is exactly why he will never be the right guy for you.

It's gonna be so difficult, Christopher... but it must be done.

There, yeah. No, grab--

What? Do you see that one right here?

No, which one?

[Keys jingling, door opens]

What did you do to her? What are you gonna do to us? Hello?

I don't have a problem with who I am. No, you came out in a very public way... after hiding for a long time. Well, I get hate mail for that too. "You could have done so much more good if you came out while you were still pitching." "You only came out because your career was over." They have no idea what that would have been like. Hmm. You ever hear from any of your old teammates?

A few... mostly positive responses.


I've also gotten some incredibly supportive mail.

Hmm. And, uh... what?

I was at this airport, and there was this kid. I mean, he couldn't have been more than 16 years old. He comes up to me and says "Thank you." He said he hated his life because he spent it hiding, and he was afraid that he'd always have to. But then he read the piece that will wrote about me, and he came out to his family and his friends. And for him not to hide anymore, that--that just meant-- that was, like, the most important thing for him, and it was for me too. Really, I... I just didn't know I'd feel that way until I did it. That's amazing.

Even more amazing?

Hmm. This kid... he wasn't even into sports. He read the piece about me because he'd heard what was in it. I mean, that-- that meant more to me than any cy young or series ring. I can see that. So, as you can see, I've got a lot of things that I need to deal with out here. And I don't really need you to hang around, making things harder. I'm so disappointed, Will. I thought you, of all people, would respect a person's right to privacy, given that you just had your own personal affair plastered all over the front pages.

Will: I made a mistake.

Oh, yes, you did. Intimate with your husband's ex, doing whatever it is you boys do. But then again, you didn't seem to have any problem dragging your mama through the mud, so I guess sandbagging a fella who's sweet on your grandma, well, that's no big deal to you, is it?

Will: I am objective about every story I write. I'm never critical just for the sake of being critical.

Well, then maybe you're working for the wrong magazine. You should pay a little more attention to the way that rag promotes itself to sell copies. But I'm getting the picture here, Will. You will do what you have to do. And so will I.

Unlock that door, Chad. I want to go.

Chad: Not until I say what I need to say. I came back to Salem to get even with you. I wanted to make you fall in love with me, and then I was going to hurt you the way that you hurt me when you slept with my brother. And I was going to use Jordan to do it.

No, I saw you with Jordan. I know that you cared about her.

I did, okay? But I loved you. I still love you.

No, I would be in bed with Jordan, and I would close my eyes, and I would see your face, no matter how much I fought it.

Why are you doing this, Chad?

Because I... - 'cause I'm sick of the lie.

[Scoffs] No, listen. And I am--I am sick of hiding it, and I am sick of feeling it, and I am sick and tired of having to make an excuse every time I want to see you. Okay. I will do anything to be with you again.

Oh, my God. You're the one who got those people from Florida to go after Ben, aren't you? Where did Clint take Brady? And what's going on? I'm going to be right outside that door. Don't make me come back in here to shut you up.

[Door closes]

[Whispering] Theresa. Theresa. Theresa, wake up. Wake up! Theresa. Theresa? Melanie? You can go. Leave us alone.

Kristen, what--

Shh. There's nothing for us to say, just good-bye.

Ever since you came to Salem, you have been trying to hurt Ben. I swear to God, I had nothing to do with the Florida cops being interested in your boyfriend.

Then tell me, tell me, Chad, why, if you really feel the way you feel about me, would you go out of your way to help Ben?

Chad: Because you said you loved him, and I wanted to be the bigger man. But what I found out is that I can't be. I was lying to myself. I am not a good person. I'm a DiMera, and we go after what we want. And what I wanted more than anything in the entire world was for you to walk through that door and tell me that it was done with Ben and that you were actually here to see me, so I could take you up to my bed and make love to you all night long. So... now you know the whole truth about me.

Well, you just missed him.


Yeah. Ben had to go.

Well, that's fine. Because it's not really my family I want to talk about right now. What does that mean? I just had a meeting with your grandson.

Thank you, Grandma. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have you in my corner. Hey, I was thinking about coming and seeing you. I called, and I can catch a flight today. I know we have a lot to talk about, but I don't think it's too late to work things out. I love you.

You just couldn't stop yourself, could you?

I'm not here to make things harder for you. We've missed a lot of years, Paul. Now, I don't know how things would've worked out if your mother had told me your...

Do not blame this on my mother.

I'm not blaming anybody. It was a misunderstanding, a terrible one. But now we know the truth. And the fact is, I am your father. And I am just grateful that it's not too late for us to get to know each other.


Melanie: Yeah. What are you doing here? Oh.




Oh, that bastard. You really need to listen to me. Obviously we're both being held here...

It was Kristen.

Yeah, Kristen. I know she drugged you, so you're out of it. But I need you to focus. Over here. Theresa, over here. You need to focus, because I have a lot that I have to tell you.

But Kristen, she...

Okay? No, no, no, Theresa over--

Can you...


[Grunts] In spite of your betrayal, I just felt that on every level, really, on every level, you needed to see you your son. I mean, it's the last time you're going to see him Brady, or anybody. I want you to know something. Our son... is never gonna want for anything. I mean obviously nothing material but even more importantly, not love. I'm gonna take all the love that I wanted to give to you, Brady. I'm gonna give it to our son. I basically hid here when I was carrying him in my belly, and I would looked out the window and I would look at the mountains and the sea, and I would dream of what he was gonna be when he grew up. I wanted him to look like you. I think he does, don't you? I want you to know something. I forgive you for trying to make me think that you could love me again, because I know you never could. I know you never could, Brady. It's okay.

[Whispers] It's not what just happened. But I want you to know that I'm always gonna love you, Brady. I'm always gonna love you, always and always, always and always. But, you know what, the torment is gonna end now, because I'm a mom, and I can't hold on to hopelessness, not when I'm raising a little baby. So I'm gonna let you go. And you're gonna spend eternity with Melanie and I'm gonna be here, raising our son together, okay? It makes me so sad that I could've made happy, Brady.

Don't do this.

I could have made you so happy, Brady. I could've made you happy.

Don't do--

I've spent my whole life without a father. And I don't need or want one now.

Well, you've got one. I know this is hard for you but, son, I'm going to do whatever it takes to make this right.

Sonny: Will...

Will: Don't bother, Sonny. I heard the whole thing. You just can't stay away from Paul, can you? I should've known that everything you said about trying to work things out was a lie, because let's be real, Sonny. Why would you wanna have me when you could have the one that got away, that gay proud baseball star?

Sonny: Will, you need listen to me.

Will: I did listen to you, Sonny. And I also heard your Uncle Victor push Paul on you. So go for it. Hell, it's what you've always wanted.

Kate: I don't understand why you wouldn't want Will to write an article about you. I, for one, would like to see your handsome face on the cover of Sonix magazine with my grandson's by-line right underneath it.

Kate, I've seen the hatchet jobs that magazine does. I want no part of it. You know lies sell better than truth. Look what that boy did to his own mother. I will talk to him. How can I ever thank you?


[Knocking continues]

Abigail, what are you doing here? You're even more beautiful than I remember. Okay. Listen. Theresa this is-- this is gonna be a lot for you to take in, but I need you to listen. Theresa? There--hey. Dang it. You need to--okay. Hi. Can you tell me where Brady is, please? What's going on or what you're doing over there or what--where-- what is-- what are you putting in her? Can you--listen. Can you please just tell me what's going on? Can you--where are you taking her? No, no. No. Great. This is great. Kristen, you don't have to do this. You know, you once told me that I helped save you from yourself. That one part of you that I loved was the one part of you that was worth saving. Kristen, that woman that I really did love, she's--she's in there. She's in there. You just have to believe it and go inside and find her. For the love of God, Kristen, don't raise this baby with blood on your hands like this. Don't do it.

[Knocks twice]

Clint? Good-bye. I'm moving on. Kristen? Kristen! We have to do this now.

I love you, Abigail.

I love you, too. You okay? Theresa is out cold. She's in the room with the child. Okay. We don't have much time. And what about the others?

Leave that to Clint. Stupid thing. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh-- what is wrong with you? Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm good. What are you gonna do with us? I think you can figure it out.

No. No, no, no. No.

[Baby cries]

[Baby continues crying]

Sonny: Will, you are so far off base. Your Uncle Vic made it pretty clear that he doesn't want us to work things out. He obviously thinks that if his nephew has to have a husband, a famous husband would be much better than me. Will? What are you talking about? Come on. I cannot believe that I sent my grandmother to try to convince Paul not to come back here.


Yeah, that's right. She's out there trying to help her pathetic grandson try to hang on to his husband. And what a sad waste of time, because his husband is already history, moving on to bigger and better things. Grandfather?

[Speaking in foreign language] He wants you to see the view of the Golden Gate bridge. I'd be honored. He wants you to see it without me.


What are you doing here? Get Christopher and the egg donor and let's get out of here. Make sure you text Clint. I don't want anything to happen to Brady - until I'm gone.

Why waste time?

Because I don't wanna hear it, okay? I don't wanna hear it. Look, just go. I'll meet you in front of the car.

[Suspenseful music]

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