Days Transcript Thursday 4/23/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/23/15


Episode #12576 ~ Kristen works to keep Brady from learning her secret; Jennifer tries to be more compassionate as she seeks the root of Eve's problems; Nicole & Serena engage in a physical struggle.

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Eve. Oh, stop right now. Answer me, answer me! Let go of me. What feelings do you have for my son? What were you and Mrs. Horton fighting about?

Well, honey, we weren't fighting. Actually, we were just having a little disagreement. About JJ and me, yeah, got that part. What was it about specifically? You know, I didn't get a chance to tell you this last night, but I am really impressed with how you've turned your life around since the last time I saw you. Turned your life around? What does that mean? Yeah, you know, I don't think I ever told you this, Eric, but before I met you in Africa, I had, well, a bit of a troubled past. Actually, more than a bit, eh, Daniel?

Nicole: Serena, what are you doing here?

Serena: Nicole. This is a surprise.

Nicole: Obviously. What are you hiding?

So, all the way at the top, that--that's where Kristen DiMera lives?

Si. Rude, very rude, close door in mi faccia. Oh. Wait, were you just there? Was there a man there with her?

Brady: Stop. Stop with the games, all right?

We both know why I'm here.

Why are you--what?

Kristen: I don't.

Damn it. Kristen, tell me. Tell me where my child is. Brady, I don't know what you're talking about. Since when do you have a child?

Paige, your mom and I were just talking about an idea that I had of us all having dinner together. Why would that get you upset, Mom? You were talking about the same thing yourself. I was, and, well, then I decided that we're just not ready, honey. Actually, I'm not ready. Why? Mom, you know how much JJ and I want this. What is your problem? My problem is that I'm having a really hard time dealing with the idea of you and JJ together. So maybe it's time that we should talk about why. What do you think, JJ? What's in your hand? Show me.

[Chuckles] My phone gets better reception over here. I bet it does. How'd you get in here? Did you pick the lock? No. Maggie let me in. Then she had to leave. Then why are you still here?

[Baby cooing]

I wonder what's keeping your mother. She said she was just going to get a drink. Cut the crap. You know what I'm talking about.

I don't!

Yes, you do. I don't. When I left Salem last fall, you did not have a child, Brady. You weren't even dating anybody. Oh, my God, don't tell me. Did you get Theresa pregnant? Are you telling me that she's the mother? Stop it. You know that she's the mother.

I don't know any--

You know it. I do not know anything! What, you had your child kidnapped? You're accusing me of it? Oh, it's not a run-of-the-mill kidnapping. It was high tech, and you know everything about it. Are we gonna start talking honestly about this? Are we gonna do this all day? Level with me. You believe that I stole your baby. I don't believe it, Kristen. I know it. Okay. You know what? I'm gonna be really honest with you. I just hope you can handle it.

I am so sorry, man. I didn't mean to blab like that. No problem. Years ago. Yeah, right. Excuse me. Excuse me.

How you doing, Mom?

Hi. Huh?

Hi, honey.

Hey. Daniel showed up in Greece one summer. That's how I first met him. Brady was there that year too. I was, I guess, the resident bad boy.


Kind of out of control. And then I ended up getting into trouble with the law, but fortunately, my uncle Victor took care of things for me, put me on the right path. Really? Victor knows there's a right path? Um, you see, after I let Serena in, I had to leave to go back to the garden center.


Yet another emergency. That sounds like green week's on you, right?

[Phone rings]

Oh, no, not really. I just hope you're okay. I let her in. Yeah, no worries, no worries. This is Nicole. "Change of plans. Meet you at your place." Oh, great. What? You don't think Serena's still there, do you? So I left some notes and a book that I loaned to Melanie, and I needed them to finish an article, and Melanie's out of town, and Daniel was in surgery all morning. No, he wasn't. It was canceled. Okay, well, as far as Maggie and I knew, he was, so she came here with me, let me in, and then she had to leave. Where's the book? I was just about to look for it when I got a call. Oh. Here it is.

[Chuckles] What? In case you've forgotten, I was here last night when you came by with Xander, and I don't remember you talking about a book. I realized that I needed it this morning. Mm-hmm. You were acting weird last night, and you're doing the same thing now, and that just leads me to believe that you're hiding something. Jenn, I think it's time we had the discussion about why I... mom, we need to talk right now. Let's go. Come on.

[Eve scoffs]

Do you want to clue me in? Because you guys were definitely not talking about having dinner. I don't have to explain myself to you. That's okay because I already know the answer. So why don't you tell me, what exactly are your feelings for my son? We'll--uh, we'll just talk about it later. Okay. What is going on with you? You promised you were going to give JJ and me another chance. Well, I was, and I tried, sweetheart. I did. But I j-- look, let's just talk about this some other place, okay? Some other time. Okay? And don't you and JJ have class or something? No, not till later. We're going to spend some time together. Oh, you mean like last time when you guys were "studying"? I don't know what you mean. You're sleeping with JJ. Admit it.

Si, handsome man in casa DiMera. Ahh.

[Both laugh]

Um, what about a baby? Um, a bambino? A bambino. Is that why you were there? Bambino? No, no bambino. Okay, thank you. Grazie. Ciao.

[Sighs] I have to help Brady. Of course, he did say he would be able to handle Kristen better on his own. I'm always jumping into things, making a mess of everything. What if--what if I show up there and I make everything worse for him? This hurts so much that you would think I would kidnap a baby... you've done it before. When you know how badly I want a child. I wanted to give you a baby more than anything in the world. And now Theresa, who you don't even love, was able to get pregnant without even trying? Is that why you're here? You want to rub my face in it that you have a baby with Theresa

When I wanted a baby?

We don't! We don't because you took it. Theresa was pregnant, and you had your people pull off some kind of a transplant. Kristen, stop denying it.

What are you saying?

I know about it. Wait, wait, wait. So you-- you're saying that I removed a fetus, an embryo from Theresa's womb and then I somehow had it implanted into me? Why don't you do us both a favor and just admit it, so we can move on?


Admit it. I have to ask, are you doing drugs?

Mom, can we not do this here? This is as good a place as any. It's none of your business. I'm your mother. Okay, fine. We've had sex, okay? Happy now? Look, I'm sorry. And please don't worry about me. I'm on birth control, and JJ... okay. Okay. You know what? I've heard enough. Enough, okay? Why can't you just be happy that I'm happy? Because you are making a huge mistake. JJ is not who you think he is, sweetheart. Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, mom. But I'm a grown woman now, okay? So you're just gonna have to live with it. And if you can't, then we're just gonna be at each other's throats all over again. So it's your call. Didn't look like things were going so well. No, she kind of figured out that you and I have... gotten closer? Yeah. She's always had a hard time when it comes to me and boys. She's always talking about how men never treated her right and, you know, used her and walked out on her. And she just doesn't want the same thing to happen to me. Yeah, um... hey, why don't the two of you take off and I'll talk to your mom? Okay, but... just don't turn your back on her. Go ahead.

[Exhales] Eve?

[Sighs] What? I would like for you to come back to my house with me for a little bit. I don't feel like going another round with you, Jennifer. I don't want to fight with you either. But we really need to talk in private. Ah, excuse me. I have to take this. I think I'd better get to my apartment. Because Serena and Nicole are... well, they kind of called a truce, but why tempt fate? We'll talk later.


Bye. Okay. Well, if it isn't my godson who has yet to return my call about our golf game. Oh, don't worry about it, game's still on. You know, and I'm even gonna take, like, a little handicap, so you don't feel so bad.

[Laughing] Oh, in your dreams. All right. I'll see you later. Well, I wasn't like Brady and Daniel. In uncle Victor's eyes, you two can do no wrong. Yeah, that was-- that was back then. They've both had their moments since then, but they faced their troubles like men. Couldn't be more proud of the two of them. Nicole, I have been nothing but straightforward with you since the day we met. I don't understand where all these suspicions are coming from. I caught you snooping around Daniel's apartment, and he doesn't even know you're here. Do you think maybe that's it? I told you that Daniel's mother let me in. And I was not snooping. Quite frankly, um, I'll bet that Daniel doesn't even know that you're here, because if he did, he'd want to be home. Excuse me, honey, but we have a date. If you say so. Anyway, I... got what I came here for. I'll be going. Tell Daniel I said hi. No, no, no, no. You are not going anywhere. You let go of my purse. No, no, not-- not until you tell me why you are really here. Get your hands off of me! No, you answer my question right now. No, you want to shut your damn mouth? What, you're going to make me?

[Exhales] Oh, no, I don't know what to do. If I could just talk to you, Brady, before you got off the plane, then maybe-- of course, you would have told me to get right back on the plane and go home. But what if you're wrong about Kristen? I mean, what if she hurts you? And obviously, I don't have any phone, I don't have any money, I don't have any way to call my dad or the police or Victor or anybody. So maybe I shouldn't-- or I should help you.

[Sighs] Does Maggie know you're here? I'm gonna call her, and I know Victor will come right away and get you because you need your sponsor now more than ever. Kristen, stop, stop it. I'm clean. I'm sober. You know it, and I know it, so let's cut to the chase.

Where's my baby?

Oh, my God.

Where is my child? Do you hear what you're saying? You sound insane. I can prove that Theresa was pregnant. We had her plasma tested, Kristen. Okay, so she was pregnant, and what happened? Did she lose the baby, and in her grief, she invented the story about kidnapping? But from her womb? I mean, is that even possible? I'm sure Dr. Mandrake could pull it off. Who? Who? A fertility specialist paid by a dummy corporation. Any of this sound familiar to you? I don't know what you're talking about. The same deal you had with Dr. Chyka--remember that? I have no idea what you're talking about. Well, this mandrake's been connected to Theresa and me in a lot of different ways lately. I've put it together. Okay, you know what, we're just gonna take a minute to think about this, okay? Let's just stop and think about your theory.

I don't need a minute.

Okay. So you think I hired some mysterious doctor to take a fetus out of Theresa's womb. How did I know she was pregnant? Oh, and my next question is-- I hate that little bitch-- why would I ever want her baby?

Because it's half mine. Oh, God. Somebody's got a big ego. And it's blinding him to how wrong he really is. Fine. Then you won't mind if we take a look around here, right? Let's see what we can find.

[Scoffs] Can I get you anything? Just say whatever you need to say to me, so I can get the hell out of here. Okay. We agreed earlier that we would never say anything about what happened between you... they're sleeping together, Jenn. Oh, my God. You knew! Yes, I did. And obviously, you are very upset about it. Well, yeah, I'm upset. And if you were any kind of mother, you would be upset too. All right, you know what, eve, I know that you do not think that JJ is right for Paige, but all of this anger and all of this hostility, it has nothing to do with what you want for Paige. It has everything to do with what you want for yourself, and that is my son. Seeing our moms going at it kind of ruined the day, you know? Yeah, you were right. My mom's never gonna be okay with us being together. Yeah, if she ends up losing it someday, I'll lose you. No, hey. Okay, look, my mom's been trying to keep us apart ever since she found out who your parents were. But trust me, okay? That's not gonna happen. Okay? Nothing my mom does-- nothing she says can change how I feel about you.


Okay. Okay. Wow. You really need to make up your mind, Jennifer. Now I'm obsessed with your son? See, all this time, I thought I was obsessed with you, always going after your boyfriends, remember? No. Something Paige said made me realize this is more complicated than I thought. I know that you did not have the best time growing up. And I know that you were put in terrible situations with men when you were really young. And, eve, by the way you reacted today to JJ and Paige, I just can't help but wonder what happened in your past, if it's affecting you now more than you realize. Who the hell do you think you are? You are not running out of here with that book!

Give me that book right now!

Get your hand off! This is weird that you are in here! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Time-out! What the hell is going on here? I will tell you what is going on here. I caught her sneaking around your apartment, going through your things. No, I-I came-- I lent a book to Melanie that I had to get back. Your mom let me in. Yeah, no. She told me. Did you find it? Yes.

[Scoffs] Okay.

I think you should--



Yeah, okay. Calm down.

Nicole: Calm down?

[Nicole and Daniel speaking indistinctly]

So, um, sorry about, you know, everything. Um, see you. Yeah, so long. You want to tell me what that was about? So you're serious? You actually want to go poking around to see if you can find some imaginary baby? If you're not to hiding anything, then what's the problem? Okay, fine. Let's get it over with. After you. But you know what, once you're done here, once you've realized that there is no baby here, I want you to leave and never come back because you have hurt me too deeply this time. I'm fine with that.

[Baby coos]

Brady: What's down here?

Kristen: The servants' quarters. They're the only ones living here besides me, and no, Brady, none of them has a baby.

Brady: Well, we're going to check those rooms anyway, every single one of them. Now what's behind this door?

[Gun cocks]

Kristen: See, no baby in any of the rooms.

Brady: There's still plenty left to check.


[Baby coos]

Brady: Upstairs.

Kristen: Okay. Wonderful. Just how I wanted to spend my day.

[Suspenseful music]

I don't-- I don't know.

I don't know.

What? What? Oh, come on, don't let my mom spoil things for us, okay? We're all alone in our own place with lots of time.

[Stammers] What? What? JJ, why are you acting like-- what are those? Um... they're for you. Um, yeah. Surprise.

[Chuckles] But why do you have them? You didn't know we were coming here. I've been carrying them around for a while, just looking the right time. Well, is now the right time? I guess so, yeah.

[Romantic music]

[Chuckles] So that's your verdict? I'm damaged? No, eve, you were forced. Forced into prostitution when you were very young, younger than Paige is right now, and anyone would have a very hard time dealing with all of those emotions. Long ago, long ago and far away. No, I don't think so. Because it's clear. It still affects you by the way you relate to men...


Jennifer: To sex. And this whole situation with JJ.

Stop! Stop it, Jennifer.

Jennifer: What? I know that you don't want to hear this, but you need to deal with these issues, these issues that are eating at you, or you're going to destroy your whole life and your daughter's life too. Seriously? You don't think it's weird that she convinced Maggie to let her in and leave her here alone?

No, that's been explained.

[Scoffs] But what seems odd to me is the fact that you're here.


What? We were supposed to be at the Brady pub having lunch.

I know. I texted you.

Yeah. Now, instead, I find you here fighting, yet again, with Eric's girlfriend.

Oh, my God.

Yeah. That is way too simplistic, and you know it. No, no, it says everything I need to know. I texted you. Hello, Eric, Xander. Good to see you both. Always a pleasure, uncle, Maggie. So how are you enjoying Salem? Oh, it's great. And I'm really impressed with the environmental work you've been doing. You must be very proud, uncle. I'm always proud of her. Hey, has a date been set yet for that family dinner we were talking about? Oh, sorry. That slipped my mind. Don't worry, though, we'll make it happen. Although we probably should wait for Brady to get back. I didn't realize he left town. Where'd he go?

[Dramatic music]

How the hell did Brady black find this place?

[Doorbell rings]

Clint was talking to this Dr. Mandrake guy kind of the way you would talk to your boss, so I think he's working for him. And I think that this is him because the blurry guy next to him looks a lot like Clint. Who are you? Uh, you hired a nurse.

You're American.

I am. Yes. Is that going to be a problem? No. No. There's been a slight delay. Come back in about an hour.

Brady: Did I hear a doorbell?

Kristen: Unlikely. I get very few visitors here.

[Suspenseful music]

Huh. Interesting.

Brady had some titan business overseas. In fact, I should probably go. I need to call him. Good to see you, Eric. Don't plant too many trees-- only encourages the squirrels.

[Chuckles] I'll see you at home later. I'll walk out with you, uncle. I'm actually on my way to meet someone who's going to seal the deal on that little venture I was telling you about. You're going to see a very nice profit. I could drop it by the house tonight if... I'm sorry, Alexandros, I have to go check on Brady.

[Sighs] Okay, we agreed, remember? Today? Today was going to be about us. Yeah. We were going to have fun in public. Why would you be here? I was early. You said you were working on a surprise for parker. I thought I would surprise you. Yeah, I had to go out and buy the gift. Okay, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. I thought we could walk over to the pub together. Instead, I found Serena snooping around your apartment. Yeah, but that has been explained. And I was fine with her being here. She had a legitimate reason to be here. Really? And I didn't?

[Stammers] Okay. Why didn't you just stick to the plan? Look. Okay. Look, look, okay. We--we're going to go out to lunch, and we are going to forget the whole thing.

[Exhales] I'm going to go freshen up. And I'm going to decide whether or not I still want to go on that "fun lunch," because right now, I'm not feeling it!

[Sighs] Aw, JJ, this is so sweet.

I love it.

Yeah? Open the other one. Okay. Wow, did you wrap these yourself? Are you kidding? Oh, cool.

[Romantic music playing]

Oh, JJ, I love it. Thank you.

JJ: Yeah, I had to go through a bunch to find the right one.

Well, I mean, I love them. But what's this about? I mean, it's not my birthday. Did we have an anniversary or something? Well, I got these last Christmas. But we weren't together anymore, so... I threw them away. And then you bought them again? Yeah, yeah, because, you see, in a way, I just want to pretend like that bad stuff never happened. You know. You can say it's really stupid, right? No. It's perfect.

[Soft music]


Don't. Don't touch me. And don't you "shrink" me either. Now, if you want to play miss know it all, bitch, well, you can play it with somebody else, all right? Because I want you to know that I dealt with my past a long, long, long time ago, so for you to stand there and throw that in my face... that's not what I was trying to do, eve. Yes, you were. No. You're so wrong about me...

I wasn't.

It's pathetic. Especially when it comes to JJ because I have no feelings for your son. None whatsoever. So are we clear about that? Then why did you keep the coat? Because I felt bad about what I did! I hated it, not to mention what your son did. We both betrayed Paige, okay? So I kept the coat to remind myself of how awful we had both been. But now that you're being such a nosy bitch, I'll have you know that I threw the damn coat away, okay? So you can stop harping on it. We used to be friends, remember? And I was honestly trying to help you, eve, because I think that there are just deep... don't you ever... take this little walk down memory lane again, Jennifer. Don't you ever bring it up. Okay? And if you know what's good for you, you'll never mention a word of this to my daughter. I never will. I will never say a word. I hate you.


[Dramatic music]

[Door opens and slams]

[Sighs] There was a doorbell, but it was a delivery, and the servants handled it. You've been everywhere, okay? There's no baby. There's no diapers. There's nothing. Are you satisfied? Okay. There's nothing I can do about it anyway, right?

Whether I was wrong or right.

Oh, my God, still? You found nothing, and you still think that I kidnapped a baby that wasn't even born yet. Oh, next it's going to be an alien abduction where there's a spaceship that came down to take Theresa

And harvest her eggs.


Enough. I hear you.

Yes, enough! I didn't think it was possible, but I think you destroyed the last tiny part of me that could still love you. Now get out. And don't forget, you promised me that when you found nothing, you would leave and never come back. Keep that promise.

[Dramatic music]

You know, Eric, I can't help noticing that you're still a little tense when Victor's around. I know. And the anger just-- I'm sorry. That's okay. I just hope someday you'll be able to forgive him for what happened at the wedding. He's a good man. I'm sure he is. You know, I just learned that he helped turn Xander's life around.

Xander: Mm. Even in an envelope, diamonds really sparkle. Ever notice that? Sorry that it took so long to get them to you. But now we can move on, right? Well, you seem to be forgetting that I need to count these little gems and make sure their quality matches the inventory.

Of course.

Which may take some time. You don't want to leave Salem, do you? Really can't say. Guess we'll see.

[Romantic music]

Hey. What's wrong? I just don't ever want to lose you again. You won't. Ever.


[Gasps] Oh. Oh, damn.

[Gasps] It'll be okay.

[Dramatic music]

Oh, come on. Come on, Daniel, pick up.

[Phone rings]

Ah. Hey, Jenn, what's up?

Jennifer: hey. Hi. Um, listen, I was just wondering if you could just hear me out. And I'm just at my wit's end right now, and I just need to decide some things. And I think that you could help me and-- I mean, I know you're crazy busy, but if you could, it would be great. And if you're not angry. Okay. I'm not angry. You just, um, you name the time and the place, and I will--I'll be there. Okay, that's great. Listen, can you just not tell anyone about this though, okay? Okay. Relax, Jennifer. I won't tell a soul. I'll see you in a bit. Okay. Now it's Jennifer? Yup. And I'm not saying anything about...

Oh, no, no.

What I'm going to--

Of course, because you...

Oh, here we go. You got your secrets. You can't say a word, but good old Nicole here has to explain every move and every thought. You know what? Forget lunch. I lost my appetite. Okay, Nicole, just listen to me. Nicole, I can't talk about it.

Oh, I know you can't.

Nic! Nic, just... [Groans] [Sighs] So at least I found Kristen. How did that go? You get what you wanted? [Sighs] Not yet, but I definitely think I'm on the right track. Brady, be careful. If you feel the need for backup... I'm fine. I'll stay in touch, okay? Good. Anytime.

[Suspenseful music]

Yeah, it's me. Listen, I've got somebody there, but I want you to put a team in place ASAP. Yeah, I've got the address. Are you ready? It's on a little mountain road called via garibaldi. It's a castle. From what I could hear, it sounded like Brady black knew about the baby. No, he put some of the pieces together, but basically, he's got nothing. Do you think he'll come back? I don't know. Theresa's going to be arriving shortly though, so we have to be very careful. Count on it. Brady's watching this place. Probably Victor will be sending his spies on us too. I should call the nurse. She came earlier, and I told her to come back in an hour. Wait. I spoke to the nurse. Describe her to me. American, petite, red hair.

[Ominous music]

[Baby cooing]

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