Days Transcript Wednesday 4/22/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/22/15


Episode #12575 ~ Brady & Kristen play cat & mouse; Clint lures Theresa into a trap; Jennifer confronts Eve about her feelings; Serena runs into complications while trying to get the diamonds from Daniel's apartment.

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Morning, Paige. Good morning, sunshine. Eve? What the hell are you doing here? I changed my mind. About what? I couldn't stand the thought of you and my daughter... I can't even say it. So it has to end, even if it means she finds out about us. No, you promised to keep our affair a secret! Oh! Oh, my God! How could you do this, JJ? How could you sleep with me and my mother?

[Phone rings]

Hello? I've got great news. You have the diamonds? No, not yet. But I will by the end of the day. I've figured out a way to get into Daniel's. Excellent. We'll have to discuss the details later.


Got to go. Jerk. Maggie. - Hi. - Hi. You're just the person I'm looking for. I am? Yeah, I need a favor, and you might be my only hope.

[Sighs] I swear, miles, I camped out the whole night. I didn't even take a bathroom break. The senator and his little mistress never came out of the hotel. How am I supposed to cover the hotel in the front and the back? Hmm, you know what? Next time, I'll consult a psychic. God, he's an idiot! Wow, hope you're not talking about me.

[Sighs] You know that story I had to run out and cover last night? Miles was too cheap to hire a second news crew, so I was up all night for nothing. Aww. Well, I hope you could maybe have some coffee. Would you like some? Maybe a double espresso. Buy you a cup? Come on. I hope you're pleased. Are you kidding? I'm ecstatic. I'll see you and that little tramp very soon.

[Door opens]

Okay. I didn't know what to pack, so I packed everything.

Good call.

Yeah. So where are we going first? It's gonna be the surprise of your life.



[Air hissing] Okay.

[Plane engines rev up] - Oh, shoot. No, please, don't take off. Brady must have gotten off the plane. Um... Brady. Oh, shoot. Brady! I have to help Brady. Brady! I have to get off this plane. Um...uh-uh. Uh-oh. Get me out of here! Lee! Can you hear me? Get me out of here! After all these years, I finally got the one thing I want more than anything in the world. I've got my child. How lucky am I that its Brady's beautiful son who's gonna be happy and healthy and mine forever?

[Knock at door] It's the nurse. This is all going as planned. It's all going perfectly. Brady. Hello, Kristen. Hi. I can't believe that you're actually here. Yeah. You gonna invite me in? I flew around the world to see you. Of course, yes. - Thank you. - Come on in. What are you doing here? I think you know. Yeah. I probably do.

Pinch me. You know, this is the trip that I have been waiting for my whole life. Just the romance in Venice and the shopping in Florence. The pasta, the gelato, the wine. Oh!

[Giggles] What do you wanna do first? Now, I know it sounds very scary-- severe combined immunodeficiency-- but it's curable. Theresa Donovan is a perfect match, so once Christopher has his bone marrow transplant, he's gonna be just as healthy as any other baby boy. Baby, I'm gonna keep you so busy, it'll just be one surprise after another.

[Sighs] I was wondering if this day would ever come. I guess it finally has. You know, Kristen... this is wonderful. It is? Yes, of course it is! You've forgiven me, haven't you? I mean, why else would you come all this way?

I'm glad we're finally getting a chance to catch up.

Me, too. You've been a busy guy since you hit town. Well, it has been kind of hectic. Yeah, spending time with Nicole Walker, I understand. Oh, it's not-- I didn't know about the two of you. There is no "me and Nicole." No, I mean I didn't even know about your history, or else I wouldn't have know. Xander, okay, it's okay, relax. Obviously, you know I'm with Serena now, and Nicole and I, well, that's history. But you probably know that she's not exactly available. Oh, she's seeing Daniel Jonas. And of course I would never move in on Daniel's girl, either. You make it sound like you know him. Well, Daniel and I are practically family. Didn't Serena tell you? Weren't you supposed to give someone a new liver or something this morning?


Oh, whatever, same thing.

Not really.

Oh. Patient got an infection, so we had to postpone. Oh, that's too bad. For your patient, I mean. Daniel, I... I really wanted to go on our date last night, and I'm sorry I canceled it... for nothing as it turned out. Do you want to try it again? - What, now? - Mm-hmm. Oh, no, no, I've been up all night. I look terrible. You look beautiful to me. So I loaned Melanie this book but I totally forgot that I had some notes in it, which I need to finish this article, and with Mel out of town, I'm kind of stuck. Well, what can I do to help? Well, I know that the book is at Daniel's apartment, but I just checked his schedule, and... yeah, he's in surgery all morning. Yeah, and I'm on a really tight deadline. Is there any chance that you have a key and maybe you could just let me in, let me get what I need? Paige, honey, I don't even know what to say. Just get out of my sight! Okay, I'll let you and JJ talk. You'll "let" us? You'll "let" us? Gee, that's big of you! Look, honey, if you just-- no! No! Don't you come near me! Just get out now! Get out! You bastard. How could you? Paige, I swear, I never meant-- never meant to what? You never meant to climb into bed with my mother? Wait a minute. Oh, my God. This isn't even the first time, is it? She's the one you cheated with! Ugh! I always thought it was someone I knew! Paige, it was a terrible mistake. Mistake? No, no! Falling in love with you, that was the mistake! Biggest one in my life! Paige, please, I love you so much. Ugh! No! How can you say that? You don't know what it means to love someone. You couldn't do something like this. You couldn't hurt someone over and over and over again! Paige-- and now, I'm not only hurt! You've destroyed me! You've broken my heart into a million pieces! Paige, I am so sorry! No, just shut up, you disgusting, twisted son of a-- God, how did I fall for all of your lies? Oh, my God. Actually, I know why I did because I was a fool! I was a damn fool! Because I really did love you. And now? God, you two-faced bastard! Now, I just hate you! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! Whew.

Jennifer: Why is eve holding on to that jacket? I know you think that she's plotting against you and Paige, but what if it's something worse?

[Phone rings]

What now? I need to come see you. Well, I don't want to see you. Well, that's tough because this can't wait. That is why you're here, isn't it? Because you've found it in your heart to forgive me? Why else would you come all this way to track me down? No, you're--you're-- you're right. I'm trying to live my 12 steps, Kristen, and in order to do that, I needed to tell you that I hated the way we left things. I did and I have to admit to myself and to you that everything that happened between us was not just your fault. It was also mine. Wow, Brady. I can't believe I'm hearing you say those words. You were so angry with me. I was angry with you, but I also wasn't completely fair with you because I know how hard it must have been for you to come to town and face Eric and me and... to beg for your forgiveness. The fact is, you saved my dad's life. I will always be grateful to you for that. And for opening up my eyes to Theresa's lies. I gotta tell you, I couldn't stand to see you being used that way by that little bitch. Kristen, Kristen, I was so close to letting you back into my life. I know. And you saw me with Daniel. Well, I couldn't admit it back then, but I can admit it now. The reason I lashed out at you, it didn't have anything to do with feelings of betrayal or anger. It had to do with jealousy. I know now that if I want to move on with my life and go forward that I have to forgive you completely. And I was hoping that you could forgive me too. I did it....I did it too...

I am supposed to launch a new community garden project this morning. Um, if we leave right now though... yeah, uh, right now would be perfect. Okay, but I do have to text Daniel because I don't-- I don't want him coming out of surgery early and coming home and having a surprise.

[Laughs] No, no, totally, thank you. Maggie, you are a lifesaver. It was just a dream. Paige will never find out the truth. Unless eve's trying to set me up. Damn it, why did she even have that coat?

[Phone rings]

Paige. Hey, I thought you were going to meet me before class. I'm sorry. I overslept. Well, I need to see you. Paige? It's important.

[Knock at door] Ah, Jennifer. You know, we're really gonna have to find you a new boyfriend to stalk so you can stop stalking me. No, this is the last place I want to be right now. Really? Then why are you here? Obviously, you know JJ and Paige have gotten closer lately. Yes? So I just thought that we should all have dinner together and I will cook. There's not enough antacid in the world to make that palatable. They need to see that their families support them, eve. Are you trying to torture me, Jennifer? You know, it really won't be that bad. The hell it won't! I don't want to spend an entire evening over at your tacky house, pretending to like the idea of JJ and Paige being together. Hell, I couldn't even hold down your grandma's meatloaf recipe. I mean, if I had to sit there and watch your son paw all over my daughter, no. Eve, that is exactly-- no, I'm not going to do it. What? You really can't stand the thought of being in the same room with JJ and Paige can you? I think I just told you exactly-- I know what you just told me. But I'm starting to think there is something else going on here. Okay. I can do this. I have to do this because if Kristen has Brady and Theresa's kid, he's not-- she's not gonna let him just walk away with the baby. Not without a fight. Brady, I do forgive you. You don't know how happy that makes me just to hear you say that. I mean, I'm--I'm sorry I tracked you down and I just needed to do this in person, you know? I'm sorry I didn't announce that I was coming. I just--I didn't want to lose my own nerve. I don't care about any of that. I'm so happy you're here. I have so much to make up to you, too. To make up to me? Why would you say it like that? I mean, you've already-- you've already apologized about Marlena, and Eric, and me. I know, but there's-- there's--there's more. There is? So much more. Tell me. This last time I was in Salem... I did a terrible thing. And it involves Theresa and you.

[Laughs] That is crazy. All that time in Africa and I had no idea you were a Kiriakis. Well, I always went by mom's maiden name. Cook. Still do professionally. So you're related to my stepbrother, Brady? I mean, that is an amazing coincidence. Well, I don't know him very well. We spent a summer together in Greece, but that was many years ago. But I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. Daniel, too. Well, they're both great guys. Yeah, my uncle Vic speaks very highly of them. They can do no wrong in his eyes. You're not really saying anything. I just--I wasn't sure you really wanted to do this again, you know, because it was-- it was kind of awkward when Xander showed up last night with Serena. Well, do you want to-- this again? Of course, I do. I-- and I understand you want to take it slow. I'm fine with that, if you're fine with that. That's two fines, yeah, both fine. Great. Okay. Can we not go bowling? You know, I'm really tired, and my mind is--my ball will be probably in the gutter the whole time, and I just-- excuses. Lunch? Yes. - Lunch, I can do. - Uh-huh. You know, can you just let me go change and freshen up? And then I will meet you at the Brady pub in an hour, okay? Well, I guess you're worth waiting for. Yes, I am. I need to take care of a little surprise for parker, anyway. Okay. Okay, well, can I help you look for the book? Yes. Actually that would be great. It's, um, it's called biostatistics methodology. - Oh, sounds fascinating. - Yeah. Do you want maybe check Melanie's room and I'll look out here? - Oh, sure. - Awesome. Thank you so much. Mm-hmm. Where the hell are they? Serena? Yeah? I'm sorry, I got a text. Um, they're--they're having a little mix-up at the garden project, so I'm gonna have to get down there and straighten things out before the ribbon cutting. Oh, gosh, that's too bad. So you haven't found it yet, right? - No. - Okay. Well, then stay as long as you need. But lock up before you leave, okay? Of course. Thank you so much. And good luck with the gardening. Yeah. Good luck to you. Okay. This day is really looking up. You're on vacation. Yeah, I'm just checking my email. - [Laughs] - What? I've gotten like 16 messages from my boss. "Get your ass back here, you're fired." Oh, I cannot wait to tell her that I quit. - And when I tell her why-- - no, don't. Uh, lee, it's--it's Melanie. Hi. You need to turn this plane around and land right now. Please. Kristen, after all we've been through, I'm sure we can get through this, whatever it is. Well, you just gave me credit for opening your eyes where Theresa was concerned and... I mean, I guess you're right. If it weren't for me, you wouldn't know that it was Theresa who almost killed your father. You'd still be blaming yourself, john would still be in a coma. I didn't handle things well though. That's all in the past now. And it's true that Theresa is a horrible, vicious, vile human being... but I shouldn't have tried to use that to my advantage. I mean, I shouldn't have taken what I knew and, you know, try to use it to get you back. It's okay. It's not okay. Clearly. Because I ruined any chance of us being back together. Do you know what really haunts me? Do you remember what you told me when you found out I wasn't lying about Theresa? You said that maybe there was a chance for us... but that when you found Daniel and me in bed together, it ruined it for you. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Well, we can-- look, we can still-- look, I know. I guess... on some level, I was trying to hurt you. I always end up hurting myself. I already told you, I forgive you. I know. It's just really hard sometimes to live with myself because no matter how hard I try to do the right thing Brady, I always end up making a mistake. I make mistakes that keep you from loving me, that keep you from really wanting to be with me. Don't say that. Don't say that. I'm so glad I did though.

[Sharp exhale] I'm so grateful that you're here and that you've given me this opportunity. Honestly, you've given me this opportunity to--to confess. Confess? It's interesting that you would say that word. Is there something else that you want to confess? What else could there be?



What's wrong?

Nothing. But you wanted me to come right away. Because I have a surprise for you. What kind of surprise? Um, come here. JJ, being with you for the first time last night, it was perfect. Even the part when my mom almost caught us? Well, okay, except for that. How did your talk go, by the way? Um... oh, God! She knows, doesn't she? Oh, my God, that's so embarrassing.


No. Relax. No. It's cool. She was--she was cool about it. I mean, as cool as a mom can be about that sort of thing. But I don't think we'll be able to do that again at my place. Yeah, which brings me back to my surprise. What's that? Well, I wanted us to be together again without having to worry about any interruptions. And obviously that won't happen at my dorm, so I used my babysitting money to rent us a room tonight at the Salem Inn. JJ, is something wrong? I don't even know what you're trying to get at, Jennifer.


No. I loathe the idea of Paige with JJ. I mean, isn't that enough reason to gag even at the thought of them being together? I know about the coat. What? JJ told me he was wearing Daniel's coat... the first night that you were together. And then Daniel got rid of the coat, and then somehow you got your hands on it or one just like it. Tell me why. Jennifer, I... I don't have to explain myself to you. That's okay because I already know the answer. So why don't you tell me what exactly are your feelings for my son? Clint, why don't you want me to share my exciting news with Anne? Knowing your boss, she'll call air traffic control and find a way to get this plane turned around. That's so true. Send her a selfie from the coliseum instead. Oh, yeah, good idea. "Wish you were here so I could feed you to the lions." Anyway, instead of talking about your boss, don't you think we should start this trip off right?


Let's join the mile-high club. What? What if we get caught? They'd kick us off the plane. What are they gonna do, kick us off from 30,000 feet? Come on. I know you want to. I have always wanted to do that. I mean, it's kind of on my bucket list. Well, I'm glad I can help you with your bucket list.

[Giggles] Why don't you go first?


So we're not too obvious? Yeah. Good idea. Okay. Lee, did you hear me?

Lee: Melanie, what the hell are you doing on this plane?

Yeah. I never left. I just hid in the back. I'm sorry, but I wasn't gonna let Brady do this alone. Obviously Kristen's there, so you need to land the plane so I can help them.

Lee: My orders are to land in Greece.

If anyone detects this plane--

Lee, please. Brady's down there with Kristen and I have no idea what the DiMeras are gonna do to him.

Lee: Mr. Black would have my head if I let you do this.

Okay, well, he's not gonna be able to have your head if he dies, Lee, so you either-- you either land this plane or I'm gonna take the parachute that I just I found and jump out.

Are you insane?

I'm not insane. So you--you can have Brady be mad at you for--for--for letting me off the plane safely, or--or I'll jump off the plane and still land and he'll be mad at you and maybe I jump to my death. So it's up to you. What will it be, Lee?

You know, I've been thinking about something you said to me right before you left town. What? It was the last time you called me, you said... that you would be leaving town with a piece of me inside of you. What did you mean by that? Isn't it obvious? I'm always gonna carry the love that we shared inside my heart, Brady. I'm always gonna love you even if you don't return that love. I see. Because to me it sounded like you meant something else. The way I heard it, it sounded like something else. Oh, you know, I don't know. I was so devastated after everything that happened, I don't know what the heck I was saying. I must have really misunderstood then, I guess. What did you think I meant?

[Doorbell rings]

Excuse me. Mrs. DiMera. I am the nurse from the clinic.

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

I come for--

You know, um, I have company. So if you'll just leave and--and--and-- and don't come back until I call you?

Okay. Thank you.

Who was that?

Would you excuse me? Can I give you a hand? Oh, no. That's okay.


But thank you, Eric. What is this? We're starting a community garden next door. You know, promoting sustainability, farm to table, and lots of fresh produce for chez rouge.

Xander: Oh, chez rouge? You must be Maggie.


Xander Kiriakis. Oh, my goodness. You haven't met? No, but it's about time. I'd shake your hand but I can't.

[Laughter] The nursery sent over too much basil, not enough cilantro, so Sonny said that we could store plants here and let somebody pick them up. I wasn't under the impression that my uncle's new wife was somebody who enjoyed getting down and dirty. I'm impressed.

[Laughs] Well, I'll have you know, I lived on a farm. And this is nothing. Well, looks like I have to make a visit to chez rouge. - Yes. - Oh, you really should. It's the closest to Europe you'll get in Salem. It's actually the first restaurant here to go green. - Cool. - Thank you. Here. Let me give you a hand. I'll take it to the back. - Well, I will--thank you, okay. - Need a hand? No, I got it. Well, I'm glad to finally get to know you. I've heard so much about you. From my uncle Victor? Actually, no, from Daniel. Yes.

[Grunts] Damn it! Ahh, finally.

[Laughs] Oh, oh... for God's sake.

[Sighs] Nothing--nothing's wrong. No, what you did is great. I just wish I would've thought of it first. I wanna pay for half of that room. Oh, no, you don't need to do that. I was afraid you were upset. Why would I be upset? Well, um, I know I don't have as much experience-- well, any. I don't know. I thought maybe last night wasn't as perfect for you as it was for me.


Yeah? It was. You're all I've been thinking about. And I just want you to know that even though we've done it, I--we don't have to like, you know, do it all the time. Oh, God! Thank God. I was feeling so pressured. What? I'm kidding. I don't feel pressured at all. I can't wait to be with you again. You know, I already checked in. We don't have class for a while, so if you want to head over there...


Okay. Jen, I don't know how many ways that I can say this to you. I hate your son, and I know it's probably hard for you to accept that not everybody sees him as the perfect little boy-- if you hate him so much, why did you have sex with him? And if you regretted it so much, why did you do it again? You know, I'm not even gonna have this conversation with you. I need you to get the hell out of my house. No, I'm not leaving here until you answer my question. Get out of my house, Jennifer! Why did you keep the coat? JJ got rid of the coat 'cause he didn't want to be reminded of that night. So why do you want to be reminded of that night? Okay, you know what? I'm not gonna talk about this anymore. If you wanna talk about it, you just stay right here-- eve! You are not going anywhere.


I'm not gonna do it! Don't you dare. Eve! Stop! You stay away from me, you crazy bitch!

[Sighs] Okay. This is not over. That was a nurse. A nurse? Is everything all right? Yeah, I just, you know-- it's nothing serious. I just have a medical condition. Oh. Why did you ask her to leave? It's private. Private? Come on. Everything we've shared? I thought we were done with the secrets and the privacy and the lies. Of course we're done with all that. I mean, it's meant so much to me that you came to see me, but I'm just feeling kind of worn out. You're worn out? I came--come on. I came all this way though. I know. And I appreciate that so much. It's been so great seeing you. Stop! I'm not going anywhere. Not until I have what you've taken from me.

Xander, of course Victor told me all about you. I'm just having a little trouble keeping track of all the names, you know? There's Alexander, called Alex, and then there's his father is Alexander, and you're Xander, and, oh, my goodness! But you're the swimmer, right?



[Phone beeps]

Oh. Ooh! Wait a minute. Oh, my goodness. I got to get to the garden again.

I'm sorry.

No worries. I look forward to talking to you more, later. That'd be great. Oh, okay. I'll just shake your hand there.

Daniel? Daniel?

Mom. I thought you were in surgery. No, uh, postponed. Oh, okay. Well, did you get my text? Uh, no, no. I turned my phone off. What's up? Oh, it's really nothing now. Just have a good day, okay? All right. You, too. All right, bye. Xander?

Oh, hey.

Hey. I just met your mother. She's lovely. Yeah, no, she-- yeah, she is. I hope we can get together to have that dinner soon. Oh, yeah, me, too. Me, too. You know, I got to tell you, 'cause I didn't tell you this last night, but I am really impressed with how you've turned your life around since the last time I saw you. Turned your life around? What is that supposed to mean? Uh, well... I'm gonna get these diamonds to Xander and get him off of my back. Serena? What are you doing here? Eve! Oh, stop right now.

Answer me. Answer me!

Let go of me! What feelings do you have for my son?

[Giggles] To your bucket list. Mmm. Next item: Italian leather shoes.

Oh, it's frozen.

Don't worry, babe. We'll get it fixed when we land. Or even better, I'll buy you a new one.

Thanks. You are so good to me. Okay. Thank you, Lee. You're not gonna regret this. Now I just have to figure out where the hell I'm going. And I forgot my phone on the plane.

That's great, Melanie. What a good job. Hi--oh, excuse me! Scuzi, scuzi. I'm looking for a hou-- uh, mm, a casa. Um, I have the address-- indirizzo. Ecco. The DiMeras?

Yes! Yeah. Do you know where that is?


La. There.

There? The castle all the way up at the top of that mountain is where it is? Okay. Great.

Brady, stop it. You're hurting me. You said you wanted to make amends.

What are you doing?

Stop. Stop. Stop it! Stop playing games with me. You know why I'm here.

Kristen: I don't know what you're talking about.

Damn it, Kristen, tell me! Where is my child?

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