Days Transcript Friday 4/17/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/17/15


Episode #12572 ~ Daniel & Nicole make amends; Kate deceives Lucas; JJ delivers information about Eve to Jennifer; Eve reacts to news about JJ & Paige.

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(This still needs extensive editing)

Rafe: Victor, hi. Hold on a second. I got to handle something in the back, but I just need two minutes of your time to run something by you. Can you swing it?

I can wait.

All right.

No, I don't want to comment. And listen to me very carefully: If you print that slander about Adrienne Kiriakis and my son, our next conversation will be in the courtroom.

What the hell is going on, Kate?

Victor! Where--where did you come from?

[Door bangs shut]

Lucas, you shouldn't be here.

It's okay. We're alone.

You don't know that.

Yeah, I do. I asked Henderson when I came in.

What are you--

Okay, I am done here for today.

[Phone rings]

Yeah. Nurses' station. Jamie speaking.

No, Dr. Jonas is off duty. Earlier. Yes, for surgery. You're welcome. You too.

I need you to promise me that you are not gonna tell anyone what happened between JJ and Eve.

I am not making any promises. I am not gonna lie to Paige.

It's none of your business.

Well, JJ thought it was.

No, you pried it out of him! You made him tell you everything.

No, I didn't do that. I figured it out. And other people, including Paige, will figure it out too.

This whole situation is a time bomb, and you--you know it.

No, you want to know what I know? You couldn't be so cruel as to destroy me or destroy my son. And if you tell Paige the truth, that's exactly what you're gonna be doing.

[Groans] JJ has to be so careful. He cannot push Paige until we are sure she'll never know the truth.

[Dramatic music]

Nicole... if we can work things out, I think we could have something special, long-term, deep, lasting. Honestly, I don't want to settle for anything else with you.


I am having a hard time trusting you. It's just-- it's huge.

I know. And I get that. And if slow is what we have to do for me to prove myself, then slow it is. But I need to know if you are really ready to try.

[Cell phone ringing]

From Mel. "Going to Europe"? What? "Don't know when I'm gonna be back." This was sent hours ago. Why am I just now seeing this? Damn it, Melanie! I have got to get into your father's apartment to get the diamonds. How am I supposed to do that if you're out of town?

[Knock at door] Room service. That was fast. Whoa. Do you have my diamonds, Serena? I didn't think so.

[Sighs] Okay, okay. Okay, okay, I'm sure JJ came up with a cover for Paige about the fight that she walked in on. Yeah, because self-preservation seems to be in that little loser's DNA. I'll tell you this: He's not gonna get my daughter. No, no, no, he is not gonna get his way, sweetheart.

[Sighs] I've got to keep my hands clean on this. I cannot let you find out about this, about any of this.

[Knock at door]

Cole, what's wrong? Get in here. What--what happened? You're supposed to be in class with Paige. Yeah, she never showed up. Any idea where she is?


You're perfect.

[Giggles] Stop. No. No way.

Do you think this is a game, huh? Do you seriously think I'm gonna let you mess with me for one more minute and keep what's mine away from me? Let go of me. I gave you your cut. Stop stalling. I'm not stalling. Stop playing me! You bastard. You're playing me!

I know. I know. We should stop, right? I didn't say that.

What are you talking about? You knew all along, and you've been pretending this whole time. Pretending about what? What are you doing with this? 'Cause I know Nicole didn't give it to you. Well, she didn't have to. I got it from Daniel. Oh, so you know him? What if I do? I just don't-- wait a minute. Is this the part where you explain why you're being such a freak? You said that you had family here in Salem. Are you and-- are you and Daniel related? I'm a whole lot more interested in what your connection to Daniel Jonas is. I know we should stop, but that's not what I was going to say. Okay. I'll shut up. Keep talking. I, uh-- I meant what I said about loving you, about being able to love you. And I hope you-- I hope you feel the same way. Daniel, I do. You know I do. Good. You know, we're alone here tonight. Parker's with his mom. Melanie has gone off to Europe for a while. I think I have an idea of how we could take advantage of this. What'd you have in mind? Something we should have done a long, long time ago.

Sorry, I know I said I'd give you time to think. But here you are. I couldn't stay away. I thought of virtually nothing else. You know, I don't feel guilty about what we're doing, not at all, and I-- I hope you don't either. It's a lot more complicated than guilt. Lucas, if people knew... yeah, but right now, we're alone, so...

[Sighs] I know. I know, but, you know, the other day at Sonny's club, I saw your mom across the way, and I-- I don't know. Maybe it's my imagination running away with me, but it really-- it seemed-- it seemed like she knew. What? Oh. She does know, doesn't she? Okay, I don't know what you heard... I heard enough to know it was about my nephew's wife. Who is this reporter? Is he from that rag that your grandson works for? No, of course not. And you can be sure that I insisted that he had all his facts wrong. What facts, Kate?

[Sighs] Oh, God. Kate! All right, I guess you're going to find out about it anyway. The reporter called me to tell me he's going to print a rumor about Adrienne and Lucas, about what's going on between them.

Paige is always early to class. I get there early too so that I can sit next to her. She was a no-show today. What, so you just left? Yeah. Well, it's the most beat class I have, and since I wasn't in the front row with Paige, it was easy to sneak out. Look, if you were me, you would have-- I'm not you, thank God, but if I was, maybe I would have stayed put in case she did show up because maybe, just maybe, it would have given me an opportunity to get close to her again. And then maybe, you know, if she did actually not show up, then I could've called her and said, "hey, I got some notes for you. Can I come over to the dorm?" Giving me an opportunity to have a little one-on-one time with her. Then maybe JJ would have found out about it, gotten angry, you know, could have given you grief. Then agenda would have been further served, Cole!

[Sighs] I didn't think of any of that. No, you didn't. Lookit, I'm trying to-- you know, to help you take JJ's place here, but I cannot do all the work, you got it? I could stay like this all night. I could stay like this for the rest of my life. That's how much I love you.

[Faint click]

Is that the front door? I don't know.

Jennifer: JJ, are you home? Oh, Kate knows? Yeah, yeah. She's really happy for me. What, it's practically the first thing she said when you left the club. She asked if there was something between us and you didn't bother to deny it? I'm not gonna deny my feelings, Adrienne. I can't do that. I'm a lousy liar. You believed her? She's really happy for you? Yeah, yeah. And we can trust her to keep her mouth shut? I mean, she and I have had our moments. Right, I know, and she's very devoted to will, so I'm sure she won't say anything until we get a chance to talk to our kids about it. Yeah. I'm telling you, she's happy for me. Hell, I'm happy for me. Now all I got to do now is try to convince this beautiful woman that I've fallen for that it's all okay.

What is it this reporter thinks is going on between Lucas and Adrienne? Well, obviously it's nothing. I mean, if something was going on, I would know. Lucas can't keep a thing from me. And the rumor? It's just that. I mean, it's a rumor. But you know reporters. I mean, he's probably gonna end up dragging their names through the mud no matter what.

[Cell phone rings]


[Scoffs] My date's delayed. Those tractors do break down. Ha, ha.

[Chuckles] Well, I'll wait. Obviously Rafe wants to talk to you. And just put this all out of your head. What did I miss? Nothing. You wanted to talk to me? Yeah, yeah, about the guy that Kate's waiting for, Clyde, and hope. I think I know what we should do. We should go out. Talk a lot. Should talk till we're-- till we're sick of talking. But what we won't talk about is Jennifer or Brady or even Melanie. We also won't be discussing Xander. Also no Victor, Serena, or Eric. Definitely no Eric. But what we will talk about is us. We're gonna have fun. We're gonna laugh, because we've always been able to do that together. And we're gonna talk about us, period. So even though this looked like it was about to go another way there for a minute, this is gonna be better. I promise you. So let's--I don't know. Let's go bowling. Bowling? Yeah! What? What, you hate the shoes? I can handle the shoes. But can you handle losing? Ooh, whoa! There it is. That's the smile. And that's the spirit. All right, I ain't gonna be able to go like this 'cause--you know. I can help you pick out a shirt. I think you should stay right here.

[Laughs] Whoo! Whoo! This is gonna be awesome! Fine. I'll go first. I've known Daniel a long time. We're not family, but that's the connection. So what's yours?

[Sighs] The diamonds are at Daniel's apartment. What? His daughter is a good friend of mine from Europe. I stashed the diamonds there because I thought I needed a little insurance concerning you. So what's the problem? If the daughter's a friend... what, you can't get back in the apartment long enough to get the diamonds? Believe me, it's not for lack of trying. I've come close more than once. But now she's out of town, and I can't come up with a plausible excuse to just drop by her dad's house while she's not there. Well, you might not, but we might. Meaning what?

[Sighs] Grab your things, Serena. This is going to be like old times... you and me working together.

So Hope's asking lots of questions. Is she on the right track? Well, she's asking about Clyde's trucking business and why you let him take over your routes. This is not good. No, it's not. And she's smart. But I told her to stay out of it. Will that work? You know, I've given Clyde a lot of rope. I know. And hopefully he's gonna hang himself with it. But if he doesn't, I don't want hope hurt by any of this. Well, it looks like I've got my hands full, doesn't it? Yeah.

I'm sorry, all right? Please. Please, sit down. Here. I've just been so stressed out lately, I mean, for obvious reasons, you know? I just-- hey, will you forgive me for jumping down your throat like that, please? Okay, good. Well, the good news is that, you know, we live to fight another day, right? I'll be more on top of my game, I swear, from now on. Good. That's what I like to hear. Hey, all you got to do is just be her pal, okay, a caring confidant, a caring classmate, somebody that she can count on, okay? Just don't give her any reason to push you away. I'll really try. Okay. Be persistent. Just be easygoing, likable. Got it. But when you're around JJ and she's nowhere in sight, you be just the opposite. You push his buttons. You make him feel less than. Know what I'm talking about? Okay. I know you got it in you, Cole. I know that you can do it. Yeah. I think so. I mean, I've been doing that, and it works. Mm-hmm. He hates me more than he ever did. It's just... just what? He doesn't go off on me in front of her the way you said he would. It's hard to get him to go there with Paige around, which is, like, kind of the point, right? That is exactly the point. But you just stick with it. Because JJ is gonna snap, and Paige is gonna see it. And you are gonna come off as the calm, reasonable one. All right? 'Cause one thing I know for sure is, JJ Deveraux has no impulse control. None. (Jennifer) JJ! All right, she won't know. Just let me get down there first. Okay. Wait, JJ. I'm not sorry. Me neither. Mom! Hey, I thought I heard you come in. Yeah, I've been calling you. Oh. Well, didn't you have a meeting at the hospital tonight? Canceled. What's been going on here? Not a whole lot. Paige and I have been studying. Mm. You need books to do that.

Okay, I'm ready. What's your excuse? (Daniel) I had to call and reserve a lane for us. What? What, there's a run on bowling lanes?

[Doorbell rings]

Daniel: Hey, Nicole, can you get that? It's probably my neighbor. She texted me that she's returning my screwdriver. Yeah, I'm on it.

[Chuckles] Funny.

[Gasps] What are you--

[Laughs] Um...

 Xander. Is this a bad time? For what? Well, Serena and I were having a little business meeting, and we realized, to our surprise, that we have you in common. Your daughter's not here, is she? I'd love to meet her, finally. No, she's-- no, she's not. Too bad. Anyway, what's that saying? "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts"?

[Laughs] I'm not sure. Well, no ulterior motive. I just wanted to drop these off and apologize for earlier. Uh, am I missing something? Uh, don't worry about it. It doesn't matter. And we--we are going out-- together. Oh. Sorry. I should have called ahead. But, well, I can just drop these off, and we'll catch up later. No. You know, I'm sorry. I'm-- we can wait to go out. Come on in. Come on. Come on, both of you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Here, put them right up over here. Yeah. There you go. Thank you. Wow.

[People conversing indistinctly]

Buy you another round? Would it pass the arsenic test? Mm. Oh, come on, Kate. Well, you acted like you wanted to poison me after Jordan left town. Well, that was then. Do we have something to talk about? Maybe. See, I've got this question that's got me stumped. Which is? Well, not everyone in town would think that I'm greatest catch-- I mean, most people, yes, but, you know, even I make a whole lot more sense to be with a smart, classy, sophisticated woman than the guy who stood you up tonight. So what the hell are you doing with the likes of Clyde Weston?

How are you, honey? Fine, thanks. Yeah, I think we really got that calc stuff down, don't you? (Paige) yeah. I should get home. Um, nice to see you again. You too, sweetie. Hey, I'll walk you. (Paige) okay. Um, will you be okay by yourself? There's a couple things I want to talk to JJ about. Sure, I'm fine. Okay, well, I'll walk you out. (Paige) okay.

I am sorry. I didn't think she'd be home for a couple more hours. It's okay. It could have been worse.

[Laughs] You know, could have been at my place, and my mom would have walked in on us, so... anyway, I-- look, I meant what I said before. I hope someday you will change your mind about my mom. But whether or not you do, it won't change things. I'm glad I was here. And I'm glad I'm with you. And I know that you wanted it to be more planned, but honestly, it couldn't have been more special. It was perfect.

[Laughs] And I love you. I love you too. Okay, I should go.

We have to talk about what happened here. Whoa, look at this. Vintage aloha shirt. Got similar ones for Victor, your mom, Brady, Sonny, all the kids-- your two as well. Different sizes, of course. Well, you didn't have to do this. Well, I know I've fallen off the family radar a bit. I love and respect Victor-- all of you, and I wanted to show it. Well, it's very much appreciated, Xander. Well, I don't want to keep you any longer than I have to. Maybe if you give me a little tour of the place, I can drop Melanie and parker's gifts right on their bed for when they get back. Sure. Yeah, we could all go. Huh? Oh, actually, I've got to check some work emails. You guys go right on ahead. I've seen the place. That's true. Nicole? Hmm? (Nicole) no, I'm just gonna hang out here with Serena. Oh, Nicole, you should join them. I'm sure that I am the last person that you want to be in a room with. Oh, I'll survive.

I'm sorry, Mom. Things got-- I got carried away. It's my house and my rules. We talked about that. We have. And I respect that. Please tell me that you were safe. Of course we were. I am done, done completely, making mistakes with her. I love her, mom. You know that. We're gonna be in love forever. Honey, I know that you and Paige care for each other deeply, but I was hoping that you would take things a little more slowly. There's still a lot left unresolved. Daniel knows your secret. And when I talked to him, he wouldn't promise me he would be able to keep it. Yeah, but Daniel is my friend, and I trust him not to hurt me. Eve is the one that I'm worried about. Mom, wait till you hear what she did.

Oh. Hi, sweetie. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine. I need a few things from my room. Wait. You know what? You just missed Cole. He was actually worried about you. Why? Well, he said that you didn't show up for that class that you have together, and he said that it was very unlike you not to let him know, so... you're not sick, are you? No, I'm not sick. Okay. But I was upset about walking in on you and JJ fighting. So you skipped class? Well, JJ explained everything, right? I mean, it was absolutely nothing. So...what were you guys doing? Just, like, hanging out? Yeah. Doing what? Studying? I know that this is your first time and our first time, and I just don't want to put any pressure on you. This is what I want, JJ. I love you so much. I love you too.

So you'll take care of that right away? Much obliged.

You know, I was surprised to see you here. Were you? Was it awkward, us just dropping in? Oh, I don't see why you would think it would be awkward, Serena. I don't know. I mean, Eric told me how Daniel wasn't too thrilled by how you and Xander met. Well, it's not like Eric to gossip. If Daniel wasn't thrilled with me, would we be going out tonight?

[Cell phone ringing]

Oh, damn it! Bad news?

[Sighs] You know, thanks again for your generosity, Xander, really.

[Sighs] (Nicole) Daniel, I'm sorry. My producer just texted me, and there was a breaking story, and I'm next on the call list for coverage. Oh, well, this sounds like a great time for you and Xander to catch up, Daniel. Actually, I'd like to talk to Daniel before I go. I'm sure you understand. Of course. We'll get out of your hair. Right. Another time, then. Take care, you guys. All right. Cheers. Bye. Definitely another time.

[Sighs] Daniel... you're not disappointed in me, are you?

You're not fond of Clyde. Why is that? Is it because he's different? He's not urban enough for you?

[Laughs] "Urban." Do you really think, knowing me the way you do, that I would be with someone who wasn't complex, interesting, powerful? I'd add "dangerous." And what if that's the one thing that I find really appealing? Oh. Wow. So just wondering. Hmm? Do you mind that I stopped by tonight? What do you think?

[Sighs] Listen, I know I said I'd give you time, but... I just couldn't stay away, like I said before. Well, me neither, obviously. And I know--I know we have to keep things quiet till you talk to Justin, but... yes, please. And I will talk to him soon. It's just a little overwhelming right now, you know? Yeah, I know.

[Knock at door] (Victor) Adrienne, dear. It's me. If you've got a minute, I'd like to talk to you. Um, sure, Victor. I'll be down in a couple minutes. I'll be in the study. (Adrienne) right. Oh, one other thing. (Adrienne) yes? Lucas, you're fired.

[Sighs] Nicole, now, why would I be disappointed in you for having to go to work? How many times have I been the one ditching plans to get to the hospital? I just really wanted to go out and have our long talk about things that have nothing to do with, like, eight other people. Well, not quite eight other people. Yeah, I know, but I was looking forward to kicking your butt at bowling. Oh, yeah? Oh, you think that's gonna happen? That's gonna have to wait. I really should get to the studio. Okay.


[Cell phone rings]

Oh, my goodness. Really getting antsy. Okay. All right, get going. Come on, move. Move. Move. Here, let me get that. Oh, that-- thanks. Um... bye. Bye. Xander, why did you have to show up tonight? I thought you'd be more upset that we didn't get the diamonds tonight. I'll find a way to get us back in that apartment soon enough, with or without Daniel's daughter as an excuse. You do know that if it weren't for Nicole, this would be over. You let me worry about Nicole. Did you get the sense that Daniel and Nicole are back on? 'Cause I sure did. Did you? Hmm. I guess we'll see.

What did Eve do now? That--that night with Eve and I, the first night it happened, I borrowed Daniel's jacket, and Paige saw the jacket at her mom's that night. And? And Paige thinks it belongs to whoever her mom hooked up with. Look, long story short, Daniel got rid of it, and he donated it to the clothing drive that aunt Maggie was involved with. Yeah, I remember it. Well, Eve has it now. And I don't know how she got it or why. But I think she's trying to use that against me, to mess things up for me and Paige. And I confronted her about it, and she said that she wouldn't, but why else would she have the jacket? Uh, I just remembered I forgot a textbook I need in the student lounge. I thought you said that you had to get something from your room, sweetheart. Yeah, I'll get them later. It's just-- no. No, no, no. You little son of a bitch! You're not gonna get my daughter. No, no, no, no. No!

[Glass shatters]

No. No! No, no, no! No, no.

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