Days Transcript Thursday 4/16/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/16/15


Episode #12571 ~ Brady turns to Victor for help; Melanie makes a risky decision; Theresa & Nicole battle it out; JJ & Paige take a step forward in their relationship.

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Paige, I love you. But I just really think that you need to know this. And I don't know how else to do it but to just-- than to just tell you flat out. But your mother's lying to you. And so am I. I don't understand. Lying to me about what? JJ, tell me. What have you and my mom been lying to me about? (Eve) it is--it's really you. Oh, my--hey. Hey, yourself. Gosh, you know, I'm surprised it took this long for us to actually meet up. You know, Paige told me that you were living in Salem now. Yeah, yeah. Oh, my gosh. You--you do remember me, don't you? Oh, yeah, yeah, sure--Miami. Yes. But you know what? I felt like I've spent half my life on the old Dixie highway. My gosh, Paige and I love that diner so much. So tell me, how many lunches do you think you served us? Tuna on rye, extra pickles.

[Laughs] That's right. That's me. Mm-hmm, yup. - I'm eve. - Eve. And you're, um-- wait. Wait. Don't tell me. Kevin, right?

[Clears throat] I need you to answer a question, and I need you to respect me enough to give me a straight answer. About what? Nicole. What the hell is with you, Nicole? So what, you heard me tell Eric that you're a psycho. Guess what. You are. Oh. And you are a tattletale bitch. You just couldn't wait, could you, to run to Daniel with something you know nothing about. Hey, you know what? If you didn't want Danny to know that you're cheating on him, maybe don't play with that guy in public. I wasn't cheating. Oh, yeah, you were holding hands, all googly-eyed. I mean, seriously, Nicole, how dumb are you? You had no right. Whatever. I'm busy. Um... people are right about you. Yeah? You are poison. I am so glad Brady dumped you. You would've destroyed his life. I know it sounds crazy-- it's not that crazy if you think about it. I mean... what if Theresa was pregnant and--and... and Kristen-- God knows that woman-- she got some people to get to her and...

[Sighs] Melanie, help me out here. You're a nurse. I mean, can they really just take a baby?

[Sniffles] Um, it's an embryo transplant from Theresa's womb to Kristen's. And it's possible?

Mm-hmm. I mean, it's chancy, but they're doing it more and more in infertility cases. Oh, my God, that's why-- that's why Kristen said to me what she--what she did. What? She was calling me to say good-bye, and she--she said, "I'm not leaving empty-handed, Brady. I am going to be carrying a part of you with me." Makes sense, what she said. Oh, my God. What? What? Even if--even if the transplant worked, it's complicated, and the woman usually delivers early, which--which means Kristen could have given birth by now. To Theresa's and my baby. Hi, my sweet boy. Hi, my beautiful son. Ms. DiMera, I want to emphasize again that sending Clint back to Salem and having him bring Theresa Donovan here is far too risky.

[Baby crying]

Do you see holding my son in my arms? Do you see this? Yes, ma'am. Okay, well, nothing is too great a risk for my son. He needs a bone marrow transplant, and that's what he's gonna get. The only thing that concerns me about Theresa is whether or not she's been boozing it up or using drugs. She has to be in excellent condition for this transplant. It's okay, baby. Oh! Oh, we're talking about destroying lives now, huh? Great, why don't we talk about what you did to Eric? How you cut him so deep that he couldn't even let himself be a priest again.... oh, shut up. Something he loved more than anything. And, you know, thank God that he moved on. And Daniel will too if he's smart. No, though I doubt that he was surprised that you cheated on him, 'cause what's that old saying, Nicole? I wasn't cheating. Oh, yeah--you can't teach a skanky old porn star new tricks. I'm gonna kill you.

Look, you know Nicole and I are feeling our way along, seeing if there's a future for us someday. God, I-- please, I just ate. You're not gonna tell me now that you're engaged to that piece of-- okay, no, no, not-- we're not. Matter of fact, we're having a few problems, and I just want to make sure that this latest one doesn't have anything to do with you. Me? Victor, did you bring Xander to Salem to screw up my relationship with Nicole?


[Both grunting]

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Oh, ladies, ladies! Ladies! Oh! What's going on here? You weren't-- hey, you weren't fighting over me, were you? - What? No. - Oh, get over yourself, Xander. You know, that date you had was with a total psycho! Okay, it wasn't a date. We weren't dating! No wonder my cousin Sami hated you. Because you're not just sick. You're a piece of trash. You should be put down like a dog. Bitch!

Xander: Okay, no, no. We're going. Come on, off we go. Off we go. You cow! Yeah, nice white outfit. Keep telling yourself that.

Nicole: Shut up! [Breathing heavily] Get out of my way.

[Clears throat] Ms. DiMera, we really don't need Theresa Donovan's bone marrow. Any suitable donor will be just as good. Besides, your son doesn't need the transplant right away. There's time for us to-- shut up. Theresa's a perfect match. We're not gonna waste our time looking for somebody else. But won't people question when she suddenly disappears? And what if Brady black finds out? He's very resourceful. He might find out things that he shouldn't. The idea that I have-- I have a son or a daughter out there that I... if it weren't for you... oh, man, when I think of the way I yelled at you for poking around in Theresa's life-- if you'd have listened to me and backed off, I wouldn't even know about any of this. I'm so sorry. No. You didn't know what I had stumbled on. I didn't even know what I had stumbled on. And to be honest, for a little while there, I kind of thought I had gone off the deep end. But the second I found out that you might have a child out there somewhere, I had to tell you. This is-- this is huge. I know. But remember, I mean, we have to think this through, because there could be another explanation. We need to make sure. We need to find Kristen.

Actually, I go by Ben now. That's right, Paige told me that you changed your name. Yeah, I lied to Paige when I first met her. I'm really sorry about that. I just--I didn't want anybody to know where I'd come from. Just some family problems, so... hey, listen, I get it. Things can get complicated, especially when it comes to family. Yeah, for sure, but still, you know, I feel bad about lying to her. She's so nice. And I know JJ's crazy about her. I'm really glad they worked things out. Paige, um... your mom and I-- see, it--it shouldn't have happened. I can't talk about this, not here. Why not? Because we need complete privacy. We do. My mom's on campus paying my tuition. Yeah, you don't know when she's gonna be back. And I'm gonna need some-- some time to really explain. Can we go back to my place? No one's home, and they're not gonna be there for a while. Okay? Yeah, okay. Let's go. All right, it is something that I might do, but I didn't, not this time. Okay, it's better if you admit it, Victor. If you did-- I had nothing to do with Alexandros being here in Salem. It was a surprise to me too. And trust me, when I see him, I'm gonna tell him Nicole is off-limits. No. No, that's okay. It's okay. If you weren't behind this, there's no need. We're--we're all good. Really? You sure? 'Cause I get the impression that you wouldn't be quite so bothered about this whole thing if Nicole had told Alexandros that she was off-limits. Am I right? I screwed things up royally for you and Daniel. What? Xander, it's not your fault. You kept telling me you were seeing somebody. If I'd known it was my uncle's godson, I would have backed off straightaway. I practically twisted your arm to get you to meet me. Excuse me, but I'm a big girl. I could have said no. Although I... I do appreciate you trying to take the blame in front of Daniel. That was very sweet. You're truly a nice guy. Remember, so if Kristen has the baby, she's obviously got it hidden somewhere. Yeah, somewhere where they don't ask questions. Stefano probably helped her. Right, I could ask Chad, but even if I were super subtle, it would probably still look really suspicious. And we can't go to the police 'cause there's too many DiMera spies on the force. Right. The key is not to tip off Kristen. Obviously, because then if we did, she'd just disappear down a rabbit hole, and we'd never find her again. And nobody else can know what we're doing. So you're not gonna tell Theresa? No. No way. No way, not yet. She's liable to do anything. Right, okay. Well, that's good, then. It'll just be us. We'll just figure it out. Yeah, look, Mel, my feeling on this is that I do this alone. Absolu--you are not doing this without me!

I, um--I had no idea that you knew JJ. You must talk to him on a regular basis, I mean, if you know about Paige and all. What's going on? Hey. Abigail, not that it is any of your business, but I was actually chatting with an old acquaintance here. Wrong, eve, it is my business 'cause you're talking to my boyfriend about my brother. So I'll repeat: What's going on? That's how you know JJ. Of course. You're dating his uptight sister. Why'd you call Ben an old acquaintance? Well, when I was living down in Miami, she and Paige were regulars at the diner I worked at. Mm-hmm, and we were always thrilled to see our favorite waiter coming our way.

[Cell phone rings]

Okay, it's Mr. Jennings. Do you need me?

No, I'm good.

All right.

Ben: Hello. Wow. You're lucky you found a nice guy like Ben, you know. Especially after that little slimy affair you had with EJ DiMera, you know, most guys would see you as, like, damaged goods. You knew Ben in Miami. How long have you known he's been in Salem? I don't know. Paige probably mentioned it sometime last summer that she had seen him here. Why? Well, I'm just wondering if maybe you suddenly felt the need to tell other people where Ben's living now. Maybe we should sit down. You know what? I don't want to. I'm nervous. You're acting... JJ, what's going on? It has to do with you and my mom fighting before, right? Yeah. See, your mom and I, um... look, I know I promised, you know, to be cool with your mom-- you know, because she's your mom. And I know she swore she'd be cool with giving me another chance to make this work for us... but? She's lying. She hates me. And I--I hate her too. Paige, that's never going to change. I think it's probably better that we don't talk about Nicole. Hey, you brought her up. I know. I know. Yeah. Anyway, now that I know you're not behind this, why is Xander even in Salem? Well, he's got some business dealings here. He's running a start-up pharmaceutical company. Wow. Well, good for him. Good for you. When I first knew him, he was-- well, he was troubled. He was. As I recall, you helped him out with the cops a few times-- more than a few times. Then you paid for his education. I did what I could. He's my brother's son-- not that Titus and I got along all that well. But when Titus passed, Alexandros was left on his own. Well, looks like all your help paid off. Obviously Xander has turned his life around. So Daniel says he hasn't seen you since you were a kid. Right. Yeah, it's been a long time. That's why I don't really know a lot about Daniel, just what I've heard from my uncle about his amazing godson.

[Chuckles] Yeah. He's really proud of the guy. Victor tends to pop a few buttons when it comes to family, but... what? Well, unless I wasn't paying attention, I don't remember Victor ever mentioning your name. Well... you know, I've been off doing my own thing. Stayed away too long, I guess. But I'm here now, looking forward to catching up. Have you seen Brady? Yeah, well, we got together a little while ago. He looks great. Listen, I can't apologize enough for the trouble I caused you and Daniel when-- oh, no. Don't. Don't. It'll be fine. I hope so. I'm glad he's found someone like you. I hope you guys work things out. Thanks. Me too. Melanie, this could get extremely-- dangerous. Yeah, no, I'm well aware. Kristen's a DiMera, though, and if she calls the big dogs in, you're just gonna be standing there by yourself. Actually, if I'm alone, it'll be much less dangerous. I could-- I could talk to Chad. Although I guess I don't really-- I don't talk to him anymore, but I wonder, would he even tell me-- all right, look at me. Listen. My point is, even if I find Kristen, she's not gonna hurt me thanks to her sick love that she has for me, but you, you're fair game. You'd be better off in hell. Okay, but you're gonna need somebody to do misdirection or to make a call or something. I mean, I don't care how much Kristen loves you. She's not gonna let you leave there with that child. If there is a child there, trust me, it's coming home with me. Right! So if I go with you-- this is not-- no, you're not going-- you're not going with me. I will not put you in that kind of danger. That's the end of the discussion, okay? Okay. I mean, if you're that adamant about it-- I'm very adamant about it. And I'm wasting time. I need to, um-- need to call lee and have him get the jet ready after all. Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? You don't even know where to go. No, I don't, but I-- I know somebody who does. All right, listen, I will-- I will text you. - Okay? - Okay. Well, I love you.

[Sighs] I love you. Keep your phone on. You don't actually think I'm gonna let you go alone, do you? Pack. Brady wants nothing to do with that little slut. If she goes missing, he'll be the last one to notice. But someone else, a family member, perhaps-- what are they gonna do? What are they gonna do? Everybody wishes she would disappear. And if Clint does his job right, nobody will even suspect. But there's still the question of the Donovan girl herself. What about her? How are you going to stop her from telling people what you did to her? It's not gonna be a problem.

Why would I tell anyone that Ben was living here in Salem? Because I know you, eve, and I know that you love to cause trouble. Oh, for Pete's sake. Listen to me, eve. If you've done anything to hurt Ben-- if you want to think that I've done some nefarious deed, you go right ahead, Abigail. But the truth is, I haven't. So you can save the little attitude for somebody else. Ben, it's wonderful to see you. But I think I will wait for my appointment over at the tuition office over there. (Ben) okay. What was that about? Don't you think it's a little weird that the authorities in Florida are suddenly looking for you when the only people in Salem who knew you came from Miami were Paige, who I totally trust, and eve, who I totally don't? I know my mom's been really awful to you. Some of the things she's said... but maybe-- and I don't know how, but maybe you could work things out. Maybe if, you know, you spent more time with her alone, she'd want to-- no, no, no. Look, I'm sorry. It's just, you have to understand that when I was with her today, it really hit me, you know, that there's no trusting her, ever. And I don't care what she says. She doesn't even want me near you, Paige. Well, did she say that? No, but she always gives you this lying smile and pretends that she's being so reasonable, but I am telling you: She will do anything to break us up. But, I mean, she can't just-- she knows I love you. No, she's looking for a way, Paige. She's looking for one right now, all day, every day. She hates me. And you? I wish I didn't, but yeah, I hate her too. And there's just no turning that around. The stuff that's gone on between us... look, I promise, okay? Nothing about your mom can change how I feel about you 'cause I love you. Hey, I'm hom-- what is going on here? Oh, I was leaving you a note. Well, I just got off the phone with mom. She's been emailing me a lot, feeling kind of down and missing me. And her birthday is next week, so I thought maybe I'd go to London and surprise her, see if that cheers her up. Now? Yeah. I mean, obviously it's all of the sudden, but like I said, she's kind of in a funk. Okay, I get that, but, I mean, what about work? Oh, I already-- I already asked. I've been covering so many doubles that I have, like, two weeks accumulated, so I asked for the favor, and they gave it to me. But I'll only be gone, like, a week. Okay--wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Does Brady know about this? Yeah. He's actually gonna be out of town for a work thing, so it kind of worked out perfectly. Okay. Well, uh... I'm gonna miss you. I mean-- I'll miss you too. I'll miss you so much. You know, I'm so lucky to have you and mom in my life. You guys are the parents that I always wanted growing up. Well, we'd have loved to have been there for you. You know that, right? I do. I know that. You know, I was wondering, had you been able to raise me-- I mean, obviously parenting is about loving and caring and devotion and not necessarily biology, but if the biological parents wanted to raise their child and they were capable of raising him or her and they obviously were gonna love that child with all of their heart, I mean, that's-- that's worth fighting for, right, no matter what the risk is? Are you okay? Are you-- yes. Sorry. I'm just on a-- on my own thing. I'm just feeling grateful to have such amazing parents. Don't tell mom. This is a surprise. Okay, I won't. Okay, all right. All right, well-- okay, all right. Hey, okay. Please, just have fun. Tell her I said hello. I will. All right, and please, please be safe. Okay. Promise?

I will.

All right.

I love you.

Love you. You are crazy.

[Laughs] Not crazy, just dramatic. I know. Yes.


Bye. Granddad, I need to see you. Well, looks serious. It is. It is. I need some information. And I need you to promise to keep it to yourself. About what? I know you keep tabs on people-- enemies, competitors, people you don't trust. Long-standing practice, yes. I need to find Kristen. Do you know where she is?

Eve has never been really nice to anybody in my family. She's the one who sued my mom. That's her? Yes, that is her, the one and only. Okay, okay. But still, why would she be out to get me in trouble? Ben, look, she might have said that she didn't know we were dating, but if she thought she had a chance to hurt me or my family, even if it was hurting you-- no, no, I don't know, Abigail. Seriously, she seemed really surprised that we were together. I guess. And she did seem kind of confused when I said that the people in Florida were looking for you. Yeah. Oh, what did Mr. Jennings say? Oh, he said he's going to talk to the Florida bureau of investigation later today, try and find out why they're trying to track me down. Well, maybe it's something that's really simple, you know? Maybe it can be cleared up on the phone. Yeah, maybe. I wish, deep down, I knew you were wrong about my mom. I know it would mean a lot to you if we could get along, but-- but that's just not going to happen. Well, I can still hope. Look... I am never going to let her break us up, okay, ever. 'Cause I love you. I just... I really feel like-- I don't know-- we're just meant to be. No. No, I do too. And... what? JJ... I know we said we were going to take things slow, but... every day that I'm with you... the way I feel-- I--I feel the exact same way. Honest to God, I never thought that I could love someone as much as I love you. Then... I don't want to wait.


Whoa. Uh, kind of bad timing. Well, it's not something you haven't seen before. True. You came here because... I was hoping, um-- do you have a minute? Yeah, come on in. Brady, Kristen has been out of your life now-- thank God-- for some time. Please don't tell me that you're rethinking-- no, no, no, I'm not re-- that's not what this is about, granddad. If anything, I probably hate her more than ever. But I need to find her, and I need to see her in person. Why? I can't say, not yet. Brady. No, listen. Hear me out. Hear me out. You know where she is, don't you?

[Sighs] I keep tabs on her, yes, just in case she decides to come back to Salem. This time, there are no warrants out against her. Where is she? Granddad, I know your instinct is to protect me, but you don't have to worry. Kristen is not gonna hurt me. Physically, no. But she sure knows how to manipulate you, which can be just as dangerous. I know--I know I've screwed up when it comes to her, okay, more than once, and I know that you want to look after me. But I need you to let me do this my way. Please, let me be my own man here.

[Sighs] I know what I'm doing. Can you trust me? She's in Italy. And yes, I have the address.

What? I just, um-- after everything that we've been through, I've got to make sure that this is what you want. It is. It's--I know that this is your first time and our first time, and I just don't want to put any pressure on you. This is what I want, JJ. I love you so much. I love you too. It's a typical DiMera compound-- an old castle just east of Rome. Any idea what she's doing there? Not much. Pretty much in seclusion. Listen, let me send a couple guys with you as backup, just in case things go-- no, no, granddad, this is something I go to do alone. No one can know about it, especially not my dad. Huh, john would certainly want to get involved. He's--he's reached out to me, and I've meant to call him back, but with this, it's gonna have to wait. Look, if he contacts you, will you-- I understand. I'll cover. Thank you. Thank you for everything. I got to call the pilot. Brady. Be safe. I'm gonna get some clothes on. No, Daniel, this really only-- it will only take a minute. Okay. Shoot. I hate the way we left things. I shouldn't have stormed out, but I was frustrated, and I-- I don't want to fight anymore, Daniel, and I don't think you do either. And I am sorry. I am so sorry for being crabby and pushy and impatient and playing games.

[Sighs] You need your time, and you need your space, and I get it. But someday-- God, I hope someday, you finally realize that it is over between Eric and me. That is fact number one. Number two: I am so sorry that I went to coffee with Xander. I acted like a stupid teenager. I mean, it meant nothing. It meant nothing at all. I have absolutely no interest in him or anybody else. I just want to be with you. I want to make things work with us. I really do... if that's what you want. Is it what you want? Got it, Mr. Black. And yes, I'll be ready. Hey, lee. Hi, how's it going? Wow, haven't seen you in forever, Melanie. I know. I just came to say good-bye to Brady. Oh, sorry, he's not here yet. Oh, that's okay. It's probably for the best. I didn't want to see him anyway. I get all blubbery when I'm saying good-bye. Like, my mascara runs, and my nose gets all, like-- it's just a mess. Can I leave him a note? Yeah. Great. Thank you. Okay. Oh, Christopher fell asleep in my arms. What a feeling. It's like holding an angel. Ms. DiMera, about this ms. Donovan abduction-- please just stop. I feel like I haven't been clear. The girl will be here for some days, and at this point, there's simply no drug available that can reliably wipe out memories for that long a time. Sooner or later, it's all gonna come back to her, at which point, she'll tell the authorities. No, she won't. Ma'am, I hate to contradict, but when she gets home, there is simply no way to be sure that she will not regain her memory and reveal what happened to her. And who said anything about her going home?

Singer: Seems to me it's been a long way coming your gaze lost in mine you let me in your heart this time

[Gentle guitar music]

Singer: You know we're both lost out here it's hard to see the light oh, baby, I know you crave this your heart is full when it comes close in your arms, this one sweet moment your eyes found in mine our hearts, they beat as one this time and you know we're both lost out here it's hard to see the light oh, baby, I know you crave this your heart is full when it comes close to mine oh, oh

[Cell phone ringing]

Alexandros, what can I do for you? I just wanted you to know that this deal I'm handling is going to turn a very nice profit for you, uncle Victor. Fine. As I said, I don't need to know any details.

Xander: Absolutely not. Um, I assume you've heard about the misunderstanding between Daniel and me about-- (

Victor: Daniel told me about it. Don't worry. Oh, and whatever you do, stay the hell away from Nicole walker. She's nothing but trouble. Yeah, but I like trouble. Nicole... if we can work things out, I think we could have something special, long-term, deep, lasting. Honestly, I don't want to settle for anything else with you. But? I am having a hard time trusting you. It's just-- it's huge. I know. I get it, okay? But if taking it slow is what I have to do to prove myself, then slow it is. But I need to know if you are really ready to try this.

[Brady sighs]

Lee, as soon as we get clearance, let's get going, okay? Lee, what is-- what is this? Oh, Melanie was here. She left that for you. She--

[Chuckles] Kidding me. "Dear Brady, please be careful. "I love you so much! "Call me when you can. Mel." She came to the plane. Melanie, you are always full of surprises. Ready or not, Kristen, here we come. Ms. DiMera, what are you saying? Oh, God. Don't take this personally, but you really are a moron, aren't you? Don't you think it might be just a tad too risky to let Theresa go back to Salem? But she's his mother. I am his mother! I am his mother, no one else! I'm sorry. I meant biologically. I am his mother in every way that matters. And once we get Theresa's bone marrow and Christopher is safe and healthy and happy again, Theresa will be useless. Do you hear me? I am the only mother that boy has ever known and ever will know.

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