Days Transcript Wednesday 4/8/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/8/15


Episode #12565 ~ Victor rips into Will for his betrayal of Sonny and levels an angry threat. Sonny is shocked by what he finds on Will's tablet; Paige confronts Eve about what she's discovered.

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But we both know when I get my money, you'll get your diamonds. I don't know that. Oh, yes, you do, because you know that I know what happens to people when they double-cross you. Serena, what's wrong? I'm sorry. It just hit me. What? How much I love you. And it upset me.

[Chuckles] Why? Eric, I'm afraid I'm gonna hurt you. I think maybe we should have that coffee after all. Sounds great to me. I'm just heading into club TBD. How does that work for you? Great. See you there. To hell with you, Daniel. I get to have a life too, don't I? Ugh, my god, Maggie and that stupid charity drive. It was like I was her slave, you know? My goal was to show up, meet some hot guys, and maybe have a drink or something, but that never happened. I mean, seriously, Anne, am I ever gonna catch my break? Excuse me, um, I think you dropped some money. It's no use pretending, Daniel. I can tell by the look on your face. You know about me and-- JJ. Damn right I do. Fine. You found out. So what the hell are you gonna do about it? Well, first, tell me something, will you? How in the hell could you sleep with your daughter's boyfriend?


Hey. - Hey. You needed me to move a box of books? Paige? What's wrong? I think my mom's still seeing that guy she slept with last fall. No, no. No, she's not.


Will! - May I help you? [Scoffs] Will! It's Zoe! I need to talk to you! - Will? - Hey, what are you doing? Will? Will? Where are you? It's Zoe. Ah, I'm guessing you haven't met Zoe browning. - Will's editor at Sonix.

No, no. - She's delightful, isn't she? - Okay. Where is will? You need to come with me. No, I don't think so. You don't get a vote. Let's go.

Will's running errands. When's he coming back? Actually, I thought he'd be back by now. - Excuse me. - I don't have all day. Why is he not answering his phone? Because we're trying to stay off the grid with what's hitting the papers this morning. Right, will cheating on you with Paul Narita. It's really jumping off the page, isn't it? You know, ms. Browning, this clearly isn't a good time. Why don't you, uh, why don't you head out? Who are you? Is this the babysitter? - No, it's will's grandmother. - Will's grandmother. Okay, Granny. Well, you can relax. Whoa, hey, Zoe, if you're here because you want to fire will-- no, fire him? I am here to give him a big wet one and whatever else he wants. His sleeping with Paul Narita is the best thing that could have happened. Glad you could make it, will. I didn't really have much choice. Look, Victor, I know that I should explain about what happened. No, you just need to shut up and listen. You need to ease up on the attitude here because I don't have to explain myself to you. Well, you better try because I care about Paige. She's sweet, trusting, bright as they come. I also care about JJ, who's had his share of tough breaks. Oh, you know what? Spare me the dramatics about JJ. So for you to seduce him so you can destroy what he had-- - excuse me? I seduced him? - Yeah. I think that boy knew exactly what he was doing. Oh, did he? Well, you're the adult. He's 18 years old. - Okay, you know, stop acting... - you know that? Like JJ is the innocent here, Daniel. Why don't you think back on all the stunts he tried to pull when he wanted to destroy your life? And if you need a refresher, I can get Theresa over here. She'll list them by the dozen, I'm sure. No, I--I'm not saying JJ hasn't made mistakes, but he has turned his life around. And there is no way he would have betrayed Paige like that if you hadn't just manipulated him. Wow. You really are dense. Sorry, no, I shouldn't-- how would you know if my mom's back with that guy or not? I-I wouldn't. I-I don't know anything about it. It's just-- it doesn't make any sense. Why not? Well--well, for one thing, you said it ended a while ago. So why do you think she's back with the same old guy? Because I found this in the closet.

Hey, talk to me. Where's this coming from? It's hard to explain. Hey, do you think you're gonna hurt me if you have to move away for your job? Yes, that's it. That's it? Eric, when I first came to Salem, if I had known how weird my life was gonna get, I never would have allowed myself to get involved again. So you would have just said, "go away." You would have said no to me. With me pounding on the door all day, all night. See, this is why I couldn't help myself. Because you are so open and you are so good to me. For me. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Now, about this job thing... we can-- listen, we can work it out. I mean, remember? You said that you might not have to move away anyway. I mean, what's changed? I'm just worried that things aren't going to play out the way I want them to. And if they don't, they could get very tricky. Gotta go, Anne. Oh, you're awesome. I am? Yeah, every penny counts for me right now, so this was really nice of you. You're very welcome. Um, I'm Theresa, by the way. I've always loved that name. I'm Xander. Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you. Um, I notice neither one of us is wearing a wedding ring. Maybe that means we should, um, grab a table, see what happens? You know, I saw a lot of coats like that this winter. How do you know it belongs to the guy from before? Really looks like the one Daniel had, doesn't it? Yeah. I guess so. That's why I thought he was the one who-- but of course he wasn't. No. Daniel's not the kind of person who would do a one-nighter with my mom. I just--I just keep wondering though, you know? Who was he? Well, it was a long time ago. My mom said he was this total loser. Hey, maybe there's something in the pockets that'll give him away. You listen to me. Nothing, not one thing that happened with JJ was planned. (Daniel) please. I've seen the way you operate, pretending to bond with me over our children. Conveniently forgetting to mention that you and Jennifer had been at war since what? High school? What? Are you kidding me? When I first came back to Salem, I was here like ten minutes when I ran into you. I didn't even know that you and Jennifer were even an item. - Oh, you knew. - No, I didn't. Oh, you knew. That's why you played the game. You have this sick obsession with trying to steal away the men in her life. But Frankie, jack, me... they're nothing compared to the ultimate trophy-- Jennifer's own son. That's why you put your hooks in him, right? - Shut up. - Right? - Shut up! - Right? Shut up.

Zoe, is that why you told will not to wear his wedding ring when he was interviewing Paul? You were just hoping something would happen? Sonny, I had no idea Paul Narita was gay. But will's gaydar sure went off, didn't it?

[Chuckles] And he played it like a pro. He got the scoop of the decade. So you came here to congratulate him? No, I am here to get that new article he said he had. Article? That's what I'm here to find out. All he said was it was real bombshell material. You pull the article because you know that Paul is not a DiMera. Now come on, will. Tell me the truth. No, Paul is not a DiMera. And yes, I think that john is his father. I trust you've seen the results of your handiwork? No, I don't see any point in checking how low the spectator could sink. Lower than you can imagine. Check out the headline. Actually, I'd rather not if you don't-- read it. Yeah, that's about what I'd expect from a rag like the spectator. Check out the picture in the lower right hand corner. What the hell? That's supposed to be me and Sonny. Damn it. Talk about incompetence. Let me get this straight. You publicly humiliate my nephew without batting an eye, and you get upset over their publishing the wrong photograph. What the hell is the matter with you?

[Chuckles] Wow, well, that whole "grabbing a table" thing could be so cool, but I'm actually meeting someone here for a date.

[Chuckles] Oh, wouldn't you know? How come all the handsome strangers I meet are taken? Well, under any other circumstances, I'd be all yours. Well, that helps. But it's probably best. I should probably get back to work at the hospital. Oh, university hospital? Mm-hmm. Human resources. I have a friend that works there. Serena mason. Do you know her? Yeah, um, kind of. She's dating my cousin, Eric. I'll be darned. - Small world, huh? - Yeah. Well, it was lovely to meet you, Theresa. Yeah, uh, you too. And, um, well, hey, if your date doesn't work out, you know where to find me. Um, take care, Xander.

[Chuckles] Okay. Oh, hi.

[Chuckles] Uh, sorry. I had to take a work call. I didn't mean to keep you waiting. No problem. You are definitely worth the wait. Paige, Paige, don't. Why not? You can't invade your mom's privacy. If she wanted to tell you who the guy was, then she will. Otherwise... true. What my mom did, who she did it with-- that's got nothing to do with me, right? So where's that box you wanted me to get? Oh, I-I didn't find the right one. My mom probably put it somewhere. I'll text her. Hey, are you okay? Yeah, yeah. It's just... I haven't been here in a long time. Just no good memories, you know? Oh, right. My mom was pretty horrible to you. Sorry. You don't have to apologize about anything. - Still... - none of this is your fault. I know, but still, if you'd rather not be here... hey, I'm with you. And wherever you are, that's where I want to be. Aw. Uh, you know, I-I can't do this. What happened with JJ had nothing to do with Jennifer. - The hell it didn't. - No, it didn't. - No? - He showed up at my place. He had been drinking, and so had I. I was totally vulnerable 'cause I had just found out that I was never going to be able to sing again. So if anything, Daniel, that boy seduced me. That is such bull. No, he took advantage of how I felt. You really are pathetic, aren't you? - Oh, no, stop. - You really are. You know, I had to listen to Jennifer go on and on about how good she is and how I'm so not. But I don't have to stand here and take it from you. Paige is my daughter. And you can rant all you want about how good JJ is, but you know what, he's not even your son. Hell, he's not even your family. So none of this is even your business, Daniel. No, you are wrong, Eve. You are dead wrong. It is totally my business because I love and care about JJ, always will. He is important to me, as is his sister, as is Jennifer. So I'm not gonna stand by and let you destroy his life. Spare me the speech. Are you gonna keep my secret or not?

Last night will said he just had to get confirmation on a couple of facts, and he'd be good to go and that it was definitely a cover story. You know, if I could just take a look at his tablet, just a quick peek... absolutely not. You don't come into somebody's home and ransack their files. Wow. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning. - Do you need a nap? - You need to go. Sonny and will are having a hard enough time. Their marriage is far more important than some magazine article. Well, I guess that's a matter of perspective. You tell will to call me as soon as he gets home. I need that article and a follow-up on what really happened between him and Paul Narita. Are you serious? Oh, come on, Sonny. I'm sorry things went south for you guys, but I have a magazine to run. And who knows, maybe the second article will help you two work things out. What a bitch. Took the words right out of my mouth. Victor, you don't understand the whole story. Between Paul and Sonny and their history-- you betray your husband, my nephew, and you think you can put some kind of spin on it? You listen to me, you little-- I love every member of my family. But Sonny has always been something special to me. That's why I wanted to host your wedding here in my home. But the thought of you making a mockery of that ceremony, treating it like some cheap floozy in a barroom somewhere. No, that's not what happened, uncle Victor. I-I never intended-- what happens is what matters, will. Do you have any idea how much Sonny loves you? Yes. Well, he did. Granted, he can get off track sometimes, like when he got you that job and didn't tell you about it. But his sole goal was always to make you happy. And obviously you're on the same page, 'cause everything you do is also to make you happy, and to hell with anybody else. You know, when I think back to our time in Africa, those were the happiest days of my life. Mine too. I don't think that I-- I don't think that I appreciated what we had back then. But I do now. I love you so much. I love you too. And I am going to do everything I possibly can to make sure that we can stay together.

[Phone ringing]

Mmm. Mmm.

[Phone ringing]

I better get that. - [Chuckles] Sorry.

[Phone vibrating]

Wow, 200,000 got deposited into my account. Xander actually kept his word. Maybe this will work out after all. Well, I'm glad you finally showed for our date. I was beginning to think you changed your mind again.

[Chuckles] It's not a date, remember? So I should call it a... a chance to get to know each other better. Wow, you're really making me work for this, aren't you? Well, if you're not up for the challenge, I guess-- Nicole, I'm up for anything if it involves you. Wow. I know that's a line, but still... kind of warms the cockles.

[Chuckles] What's it gonna take to get you to agree to a movie? Oh.

[Chuckles] Xander, no offense, but you don't seem like the movie type. You're kidding? Dark room, I'm sitting next to a beautiful woman. Maybe I slip my arm around her shoulders, or at the very least... hold her hand. JJ, what's wrong? No, I--no, uh, I'm sorry. It's just, uh, I don't think making out on your mom's couch is a good idea. I mean, what if-- what if she walked in? Uh, she could, yeah. I didn't think. Sorry. No, it's cool. It's cool. Um, at least you didn't pull back because you didn't want to be with me. No. No, no way. At first, I thought it was like that time last fall when I started pushing for us to... you know, when you felt all guilty about your dad. No. Seriously, look, I got past that. And when--whenever you feel that you're ready, I mean, assuming that this thing works out with us again, whenever you want to, we can-- we can see where it goes. But only if you want to. Got it. I just want it to be really special. And it will be. Whoops. You have to go to your study group. - [Chuckles] - What about that box? Oh, I don't know. Some other time, I guess. Mmm. I love you. I love you too.



[Laughs] Eve, I have been cheated on. I know what it's like to have people you love hide things from you. And believe me, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Well, then you remember what it felt like when you finally found out, how you felt betrayed, how that pain was so awful, you wished you'd never been born. Well, that's the kind of pain that you'll cause my Paige to feel if you tell her. And you know that that will destroy her, Daniel. That's why you haven't told her yet, and that's why you won't tell her now. I wouldn't bet on that. You think about all the other people you're gonna destroy, Daniel. JJ, Jennifer, that entire family. And if you love them the way that you say that you do, you'll keep that secret. Forever. Eve. First and final warning. You stay away from JJ.

Victor, I want to make things right with Sonny more than anything else in the world. I really do. The problem is Paul Narita. As long as he is still here in Salem-- good god. You're a clone of your mother. Everything you do is somebody else's fault. No. No, I didn't mean that. I-I-- I thought you were different. I thought you had some decency. Somebody that Sonny could love, should love. But from where I'm standing, it doesn't look like it. No, no, no, no. If--Victor, if you'll just hear me out-- if you ever, ever hurt Sonny again, then the guy that brought you here today is gonna pay you another visit, and it's not gonna be to chat. Victor, please, this is important. Can I just say something? No. Get the hell out of my house. And not a word of this to Sonny. I love Sonny. I really do. Will thought he was getting fired, huh? Yeah. As soon as the papers hit the stands this morning. That's why I thought Zoe came over, to fire him. Turns out he gets a bonus for sleeping with a superstar. Big sales boost. Look, Zoe's got a warped idea of what's important, but will doesn't. You know, he knows what he did was wrong. And this marriage is very important to him. You think you'll see a counselor?

[Sighs] Maybe. You know, we haven't really talked about it. Oh. Uh, well, I know someone who is really excellent with couples. The important thing is to start talking. Soon. Okay. Thank you. You're welcome. You know, what I keep on playing over in my head is-- is Zoe was talking about a story, but will never told me he was writing one. Forget it. Forget it. It doesn't matter. What matters is your marriage. I-I know, but she said it was a real bombshell. That's just what we need. Mel, hey. Call me back, will you? We need to hang out soon, have some fun. Hey, I'm sorry about that. I have someone who wants a lot of photos, and I-- I, uh, I couldn't blow him off. He wants another meeting. No, it's okay. Go--go meet him. Actually, something came up for me at work anyway, and I gotta go. - Okay, well, hey. - Oh. Call me when you're through. Absolutely.


[Upbeat music playing]

I, uh... [Chuckles] I have to admit, being at a movie with you would be very interesting.

[Chuckles] But probably not a good idea, so... because you're seeing someone. Yes. And I don't like to start what I can't finish. You're only in town for a few days, right? Once you get Serena to write that article, you're out of here.

[Phone ringing]

Nicole: Sorry. That's true, but my business with Serena may even end today. I'll be in Salem for a while. I have other projects here. Really? Like what?

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Hello? JJ, it's Daniel. We need to talk a little more about this situation with Paige. In person. Okay, uh, yeah. I'll just text you when I can come by. Everything okay? You sound a little distracted. Uh, yeah. I'm good. I'm--I'm fine. Everything still okay with Paige? Yeah. Yeah, I just hope it stays that way. - Hey. - Paige. Hi, honey. What are you doing here? Well, I couldn't find the box. Didn't you get my texts? Oh, my gosh. You know what? I turned the phone off. I'm so sorry. But, you know, the box is right here in the closet like I said-- wait. I, uh, I already looked in the closet. That's where I found this. Mom, is the guy you hooked up with back in your life?

You know what, Serena-- she's not gonna have to worry this time 'cause we're gonna be fine. Perfect. Tell you what. I'll talk more about what I'm up to in Salem when you agree to a date. Oh, I have to admit, I am curious. But I don't know. I'm... [Clicks tongue] You're seeing someone, got it. Which reminds me, I actually have to, uh, do that myself. But it was lovely to get at least a little time with you. Oh, well, thanks for the coffee.

[Chuckles] I hope to hear from you soon about... that other thing. Oh. Ladies. Getting to know each other? Maybe. What's it to you? Hi, Daniel. What do you want? Uh-oh, somebody's grumpy. Because of Nicole maybe? What are you talking about? Well, you two aren't together anymore, right? Because from what I just saw, she's definitely moved on. So would now be a good time? Yes, sir. I'll see you soon.

[Dramatic music]

[Clears throat] Oh, grandma, hey. Oh, hi there. I was just at your place, and your editor's there. Oh, great. I'm fired, right? No, no, no. She's very happy with you. Um, but she is eager to see your next article. Oh, that. That's not gonna happen. Well, ever since we found out that Paul's not actually a DiMera, I have nothing to show her. Yeah, well, sorry about that. You know, she and Sonny are both going to want to know what was in the article. You'll be fielding questions. Are you up for that? And you think you can swing that? That's great. And how's Ari doing? Yeah, she loves that. Okay, well, thank you so much, and we'll see you in a couple of hours. Okay, thanks again. What article are you working on, will? A follow-up on Paul? What the hell is all this? First you sleep with Paul, now you're obsessed with him?

How the hell did Eve even end up with that coat? Why would she even want it? Uh, the truth is, yeah, I, uh, did wind up seeing that guy again. I mean, actually, several times, but--but it's over now. And you're okay with that? Oh, I'm more than okay. I mean, talk about a mistake. But you kept his jacket. I mean, that means he must have, you know, meant something to you. Just past tense, honey, past tense. I've been meaning to get rid of that old thing. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Okay, well, um, I have to go. I'll just, uh, get the box later. Okay. Um, Mom, let me know if you want to talk about him, okay? - Okay. - Okay. Thank you for stopping by and seeing me. Do it again sometime, okay? Yeah, okay.

[Chuckles] Bye. Excuse me, I have test results I need to check out. Oh, no, I hope I didn't say anything I wasn't supposed to. I just figured you knew Nicole was seeing other guys. Theresa, I think maybe you misinterpreted something. Oh, no, no, I didn't because, you know, I talked to the guy, and he said that he had a date, and then he reached over, and he held her hand, and Nicole was all smiles. Oh, and did I mention that he was really hot? Excuse me. Hmm. I'm not trying to start anything, you know? Just seems odd. Why? That you'd be interested in Xander. Why not? He's handsome, successful, charming. Yes, I know, but, uh, he's not gonna be in town much longer. Well, I guess you haven't heard. Xander is sticking around. You're not the only reason he's here in Salem. It's been too long, uncle. I'm so happy to see you again.

[Dramatic music]

Good to see you too, Alexandros. Welcome home. Don't worry. I can handle Zoe and Sonny. Really? With more lies? What am I supposed to do? Tell the truth? Honey, I was thinking about your situation, and of course-- do not tell john. It's like you said, this is Tori's secret. It's not mine, and it's not yours. But still, don't you think everybody-- if Paul finds out, he'll have another reason to stay on here in Salem and bond with dear old dad, and, oh, right, run into Sonny every-- every chance he got. I don't think Paul would do that. You can't say anything. If you do, my marriage is history. And it'll be your fault. Well, marriages are rarely destroyed from the outside.

[Sighs] There's no article on here. No article about Paul. "Mommie dearest"? Seriously, Will, another article about Sami? How many times can you write an exposť on...

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