Days Transcript Friday 4/3/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 4/3/15


Episode #12562 ~ At the benefit, all hell breaks loose when a secret is exposed; Clyde has a surprising request for Victor concerning Kate.

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You pulled this story because it wasn't even close to the truth. Grandma, you have no idea-- go ahead. Tell me. Will, it took me about three minutes to figure out what you were thinking. You're thinking that Paul is not a DiMera, you're thinking that Paul... is John's son.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, that's right, I forgot. - What's that? Caroline's in California, she can't make it here. Been trying to put a little something together for will and Sonny. Today's their anniversary, they spent the whole day here. I thought the least we could do is maybe, you know, give them a little toast. - Yeah, that sounds good. - Yeah. Let me help. - You got it? - Yeah. - No regrets, right? - Uh uh. Only that you have to leave. I do. But not at this moment. Let's not talk shop, all right? What have you been up to since I've been gone? Um...not much. Still licking your wounds, huh? Haven't you ever lost a job before? Um, it's not just a job, it's an entire company, okay. You know, Stefano took everything from me, he humiliated me. Just like you did to him, huh? - Whose side are you on now? - Yours. But the man only wins if you lay down and take it. You can bounce back. And there's just the man to help you do it. - Ahh. - Chad, are you okay? Yeah, no, I'm good. Those tables can be clumsier than they look. You need a hand? No, no, I'm, uh... help him. You probably figured I did that on purpose. Oh, two weeks ago, I would have known it. Now...I'm pretty sure you wouldn't try something that lame. I don't know what kind of bombshell you think Paul Narita's gonna give you, but I'm telling you, it was a baseball star, a cop, and an adorable kid who's raising money for disadvantaged youth. - Yeah, perfect. - You think that's a big story? I think it's a great backdrop for the real story. I must have stored them somewh-- - sorry. - Why? Because right now, I want to kiss you. And I don't want to stop there. But I've already messed up your life so much. You didn't know will was my husband. I do now. Maybe will's right. About...? He thinks I'm trying to find excuses to stick around, hoping that your marriage will fall apart. You don't know that for sure, neither of us do. John just told me that he had run into a woman with whom he had had a relationship years ago. He said her name was Tori Simpson. But that really is Tori Narita, isn't it? Just because they had a relationship, that doesn't me-- you're the one that put this all together. Because of the date on the picture of Tori. That put her in Salem at the right time. Tori said that Paul's father is dead. You never believed that. I didn't have proof either way. Why did you really pull that article? Because you told me not to send it and you--you said that it would be rotten. Don't lie to me! You pulled the article because you know that Paul is not a DiMera. Now come on, will. Tell me the truth. No, Paul is not a DiMera. Yes...I think that John is his father.

Could you make a couple phone calls for me? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can handle it. Good man. - Mr. Black? - Yo. Davis Favi from the spectator. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah--oh, yeah. Well as you can see, the event's winding down. Is Paul Narita still around? You know, an exclusive with him, and I can guarantee you a big story. Maybe even front page. I can find him. Hold on. That should fit. Aren't you gonna say anything? I already talked to will. If you being in Salem is a threat to our marriage, then we didn't have much of one to begin with, now did we? I'm glad you get that. I'm kind of relieved I didn't have to say good-bye to you tonight. I kind of think maybe it's a sign. Of what? Paul, I care about you, I always will, but for you to have hope for us-- I know, it--it's crazy. And that's why I'm leaving. As soon as this charity baseball clinic thing's over. Without you, there's nothing keeping me around. Now, I don't know that for a fact. But you did confront Tori. Oh, come on, will. Don't make me pull this out of you. I don't know anything. It's the way that Tori looked at John. And she--she didn't want me to tell John that Paul was her son. Wait. Wait--wait, where are you going? - I'm going to go talk to John. - No. No, there is no way in hell that you are going to tell him.

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Another cell phone rings]

That can't be good. - Oh, you don't know that. Oh, it's Rafe. Hey, Rafe. What's up? Hey Maggie. Hey, glad I caught you. Did I call you at a bad time? Uh, no, I'm good. John's having a toast for Sonny and will at the Horton town square. Well, John just wanted me to make sure that you know all about it. Okay. So you know, if you can-- make it down, that'd be great. - Sure, yeah. - See you in a few. (Maggie) would you mind texting Lucas? Um, he'll want to be on top of this. Yes, I--I'll make sure Lucas is on top of this. Bye-bye. - She didn't say that. - [Laughing] She did. - She totally did. - She said that? - Oh, my God! - Aw, man. Hello, Mr. Weston, lovely to see you. And you, Kate. - My pleasure, ma'am. - Hi, Maggie. Uh, could I have a word, sir? Sure. Oh, I see. - Mm-hmm. - Come on. - Come and join me. - Well. Looks like it's just us girls. Yeah. So is it someone's birthday? Uh, no, will and Sonny's anniversary. Ah. Thank you. Well, I'm pretty sure you're buying here. Of course. You're a man of your word, Victor. I appreciate that. Well, I hear you're doing very well. I am. Keeping the peace has served us all well, don't you think? I'm certainly enjoying my life. Spending more time with the family, my wife. Well if you'd like even more time, you should put Kate to work for you. Hey, Ben--hey, yo, thanks again for the help, man. No problem. And--and listen, look, I--I am really happy that you and Abigail worked out. But if I can just give you a little bit of advice... read her dad's book. I mean, frankly, I'm blown away that you haven't yet, but it's--it's--it's not that long, it moves fast. You'll get right through it. You're wasting your time. How--how's that? Because I'm not getting sucked in to anything with you. Never again. You got it? Don't be a hypocrite. Excuse me? When I thought that Paul was a DiMera, you told me that I had no right to go and upend peoples' lives, that I had to respect the choice that Mrs. Narita made. There is a very big difference here. I'm not trying to hurt anybody or making them do something they don't want to do. All I wanted was a chance to save my marriage! And I still want that. Please, grandma, don't blow this for me. How could I possibly blow this for you, will? If Paul finds out that John is his father, then he has a reason to stay in town. He might even stay in Salem for good. And then he'll come after Sonny, and I will lose my husband. Oh, honey, you don't know that. I can't take the chance. I messed up and now I have to win Sonny back. And I can do that, but I have to have a clear shot, and that means Paul has to get the hell out of town. Grandma, please. Let it go. You believe in fate? You know I do. Are you still a total skeptic? Not since the night we met. A summer palace. You were so adamant. It could have been. Machu Picchu is 200 buildings, has perfect astronomical alignment, perfectly joined, massive stones at the top of a mountain by a society who did not have the wheel, draft animals, or iron tools. So--so you don't think that it was possibly the king's lake house? You said that to set me off. No, actually, I was just impressed that you had run all the steps. Ah, I'd never met anybody else who had done it. Yeah. It's a sacred sight. But you told me you agreed with me in the end. Because I thought you were cute. So you lied to try to pick me up? Didn't you? Oh, come on, Sonny. You really didn't know who I was? You could tell me now, it's okay. I never heard of you. I didn't follow baseball, why is that so hard for you to believe? That's just, uh--I mean, I guess that's the only reason anyone wanted to get to know me then. Well, you had the wrong friends, if that's what you thought. I was smart enough to grab you, wasn't I? I'll give you that. I was too dumb to keep you, though. I should have said yes when you asked me to marry you.

Will and Sonny's anniversary, of course. You know, if you're free, John is having a little gathering at the town square for them, soon. Oh, well, thank you so much for telling us. They seem to be getting along. Yes, a lot of that going around these days. So tell me, Maggie, why are you being nice to me? Life's too short, Kate. I have Lucas running things over at mad world, and he's doing just great. I'd have to kick him out to give Kate a job. I don't think Kate would want that. No, of course not. Somebody will snatch her up, though. Oh, I'm sure they will. It's a shame that things didn't work out at DiMera. Well, that would have been best. Now how did an old fool like Stefano get past you, anyway? Don't kid yourself, he's no fool. And I was just off of my game. What, you think I'm trying to give you bad advice? I'm not. I'm trying to help you, Benny. No, listen, if you want a woman like Abigail, you gotta keep up. I will not let you get under my skin. Okay, listen, how do I... look, I think you and Abigail are great together. Oh, we are. And nothing you say or do is gonna change that. Yeah, I know, I'm trying to help you. Oh, I don't need your help, trust me. Okay, no, you want to take it to the next level. Right? Maybe some day move in together, I don't know. Maybe it goes a little further? All right, I'm not discussing this with you. - Okay, fine. - Just butt out. I have, believe me--Abigail's family's already ordered me to stay away from her. Who ordered you to stay away from me? I need Paul out of town. If he finds out that John is his father, that Brady's his half-brother, then suddenly he'll have all this family here. He'll be living in the Kiriakis mansion, for god's sake. Sonny married you. After Paul turned him down. You read the article. Sonny proposed to Paul, Paul said no, and now he says that it's the biggest mistake of his life. Do you really think he's gonna respect my marriage? No. Honey, even if Paul were that misguided, I mean, Sonny-- he's a star, grandma. And coming out of the closet has made him an even bigger hero than when he was playing baseball. He's charming, he's good looking. He's traveled the world. He is everything that Sonny wants, and he's everything that I'm not. That's not so. Yes, it is. And I can't take it. Sweetheart, Sonny loves you. He does. That's why I can fight for him. And I will win. But I need room to do it. So grandma...please... let me hold onto my family. Biggest mistake of my life was saying no to you. Well, if you said no because you only thought I was into you because of baseball, then, yeah, it was a big mistake. I thought baseball was the reason I had anything. It's all I had done. It's all I had been. And I was too afraid to give it up. I know that now. You were my fate, Sonny. And I was an idiot not to see that. I was too afraid to risk losing what I had always known. And so instead, I lost the only thing I ever really wanted. Paul, you had a gift. You had to play it out. It was something you did. It was never who you were. (John) excuse me. Uh, sorry to interrupt. Uh, Sonny, you're needed in the square and--and Paul, there's a reporter that is there that would like to speak with you. Okay, sure.

Okay, bye. - Bye. See you soon. You and Kate seemed to be getting along very well. Isn't that what you wanted? You have been playing possum for old Clyde, haven't you? And I assumed you wanted me to play along. How long have you known? Oh, good lord, Victor. Who do you think you married? Listen, you are not a kind of man who would kowtow to someone like that. And I just don't understand why. It's complicated. All right, then. I'm happy to play your goodwill ambassador, so we better go. And I assume you're about to put Clyde and Kate in their place. And don't answer that. Just let me enjoy it, okay? Do me a favor, though. Don't do anything stupid. Come on. Your aunt hope had some fine words for me. Oh, God, she had no right. Well, okay, given what happened between us before, I'm not surprised. I can take care of myself. Yeah, I know that. Ahem. Don't be too hard on detective Brady. Her name says it all. Detective--Brady. I'm a DiMera. It's probably just reflex anytime she sees one of us. And besides, I think your family's gotten to know Ben and they're pulling for him. I'll see you guys later.

[Sighs] (Abigail) hey, John. Hey, Abby, Ben. Oh, we're gonna do a little toast for Sonny and will's anniversary over in the square. You two want to come? - Yeah, sure. - Yeah, of course. - We'd love to. - Great, great. Grandma, are you going to tell John that Paul is his son? - Well-- (Rafe) ah, there you two are. Hey, we need you in the square right away. Sure. Ahh. Sonny's right behind me. What's going on over here? Well, we are celebrating will and Sonny's anniversary. I shouldn't intrude on that. No, no, no, you got to stick around and talk to the reporter from the spectator here. You are the reason why this charity event today is a front page story. - Okay. - And make sure you play up that baseball clinic this weekend, all right? Oh, look. How cute--[Gasps] Hey, happy anniversary, sweetheart. Is it? Whoa.

[Dings glass] All right, I think we've got about everybody here. First of all, will and Sonny, I want to apologize. This crowd would be a lot bigger if I were a better organizer. Sorry. But still, for those of us that are here, we are very happy to spend this day with you. Now, that said, Victor, please, be my guest. All right. Thank you. Well, a year ago today, I was honored to host your wedding. And since most of you were there, you know that it was one of the finest weddings that Salem has ever had. - Hmm, yeah. - Mm. (Victor) no one was shot, no one was arrested.

[Laughter] No one found out they were pregnant. But more importantly, for all those doubters, nobody's world fell apart because these two fine men pledged to love each other forever. (John) here here. (Rafe) here here. Yes.

[Applause] Sonny, will, you are one of the finest couples that any of us know. To you. And now I'll turn things over to the woman who married you to say a few words. Marlena?

[Indistinct chatter]

[Applause] Wow. Sonny and will. What to say? What to say

Maggie wasn't thrilled when Ben and I got married. I knew it'd take some time.

What Victor said is true. It was a wonderful wedding. A good beginning. People say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I know that you both have had difficulties during that first year. And I also know that the things you said to each other one year ago are still true today. (Sonny) you're my anchor that doesn't weigh me down. But gives me something to hold onto, a reason to make a home. Our life together is the greatest adventure of my life. I respect you, I admire you, I adore you, but most of all, Sonny, I love you. I also know that the love you feel, even with all that's happened, is deeper now than it was a year ago. I hope that continues. I hope that we're here next year, and every year, to celebrate, and to raise a glass.

[Applause and chatter] Pass this over. Here you go.

[People chattering]

[Phone ringing] Bingo.

[Applause and chatter] Yo, hey, you want to come grab some pictures? Yeah. All right, here's to will and Sonny.

[All cheering] Turned out pretty good. Right over here, kids. (John) good job. First year.

[All chattering] Thank you.

[All chattering] So you're the happy couple? Davis Favi, the spectator. Can I have a minute?

[All murmuring what is Davis Favi doing here? - Who? - The reporter. He's a shark. Why is he talking to our guys? Wanted to talk to Paul. He said that would make this a big event. Davis doesn't do human interest. He's barely human. You're Sonny Kiriakis and will Horton? That's right. Why are you asking us questions? I'm just doing some background for the main piece, and I understand this anniversary almost didn't happen. You were stabbed a few months ago, Sonny? Yeah, but I'm fine now. Thanks to Paul Narita. That's just what I heard. Didn't Mr. Narita donate the blood that saved your life? He did. Well, another reason to raise our glasses.

[All cheering] It's ironic, isn't it? You save this man's life, and it turns out his husband will writes the article that outs you. I wasn't outed. I came out. Why is this guy being so pushy? Where's he going with this? By the way, congratulations. I hear you're up for the Hillman prize for that interview. Thank you. It's definitely an honor. You must be so proud of your husband. It's a good article. It certainly looks like it, though I wonder what the Hillman committee would say if they knew that will was having sex with Mr. Narita while he was writing the article.

[All murmuring] In fact, I have to wonder if will Horton seduced you and then blackmailed you into coming out.

[All murmuring] Anything for the story, right, will? You shut the hell up!

[All talking at once]

That is a lie! - Is it? You didn't sleep with Paul Narita? You didn't have an affair? No, we didn't have an affair! But you did have sex with Paul, didn't you? And before you answer, will, I have a witness. - Oh, God. - Well, him too. But I'm referring to a hotel employee, who saw the two of you together numerous times in the privacy of Mr. Narita's room. In fact, that's where you were the night your husband was stabbed, isn't it, will? Okay, let's go, Davis, you're outta here. Excuse me? Shut the hell up and get outta here! Are you denying the fact that you had sex with Mr. Narita? Get lost! Hey, who are you to be touching me? Chad DiMera. Right now, I'm asking nicely. - Beat it. - That's nicely? - Hey, this is a public place. - It's a private party. You can't throw me out. Salem pd. You want to be arrested? - For what? - I'll figure something out. It's your call, what do you want? What are you doing? You too, let's go. Hey, Chad, take it easy. (All) oh! You're not very sharp, are you, pal? Get outta here. Hey, I'll call your agent for a quote. (John) all right, let's go now. Chad, are you okay? Let me see you. - [Grunts] - Oh, my God. Is what that scum said true? - Darling. - Victor, come on. It wasn't like that. It was not-- like what? Did you cheat on Sonny or not? Uncle Vic, don't. Stop. Victor. Back off of me, all of you! Especially you! Obviously, your grandson takes after his mother, and you. - Oh, Victor, stop! I think you need to take off. I have to talk to Sonny. No, you don't. You think I couldn't tell what I walked in on earlier? You don't know what-- bad enough you seduce his husband. When you make a play for Sonny too, what kind of guy are you? It's not like that. You don't understand. That's a fact. You don't know me. No, I don't, but I know this much, you can forget about that baseball clinic this weekend, 'cause once this article comes out, most of these people here are probably gonna ask for their money back for today. So now you can grab that flight and get the hell out of town. You should probably leave. Gladly. You two should go, now. She's right. She's right. Guys, go, get out of here, okay? Hey, I don't appreciate you talking to Kate that way. Butt out, Weston. Pay attention, you'll get a lesson. Dial it down, Victor, come-- you back off too. Just be glad you still have a job, for now. Victor. Your son is gonna pay for what he did to my nephew. - Put this on your lip. - Okay. Yeah, I'm fine. You guys have a sushi date, don't you? Well, yeah, but I mean, we can wait until you're okay. No, I'm fine. Don't miss your dinner date because of me. Yeah, let's go, Abigail. Okay. Get your lip checked out. Yeah, I will. Get your lip checked out. Thank you. See you guys later. Sonny. I'm so sorry. About everything.

Listen, you're not in the mood for dinner, I understand. Would you mind if we did it another night? No, no problem. Oh, God, I just--I can't even believe what just happened. I mean, what was will thinking? How could he-- how could I? After what everyone thought about me for what I did with EJ, whatever is going on with will, I know that he must be sick about what happened. Well, I'm sure they'll sort it out. Yeah. Okay, well, I'll see you soon? - Yeah. - Okay.

[Sighs] You did see the same thing I did just now, didn't you? Yes, Victor in full avenging Kiriakis mode. Doesn't look to me like that man's lost a step. No, he hasn't. He most certainly hasn't. I think the old coot played you on that DiMera deal, and me. He played something, didn't he?

[Sighs] Although I know he wouldn't miss a chance to stick it to Stefano. There's no one he hates more in the world more than Stefano. Well, that's the way it used to be. What have you been up to, Mr. Weston? The mistake Sonny made was marrying that cheating little bastard. Oh, Victor. No, Sonny's better than that. He always was. I looked at him and I could see the best of what a Kiriakis could be. It threw me for a loop when he came out. I won't deny that. But he was always so special. He was my Sonny. He had fire and spirit and enthusiasm. And he was smart. He had integrity. He's a great guy. And I'm sure they'll find their way. Yeah. Sonny was in the hospital bleeding to death, and his husband was in a hotel room, cheating on him with another man. How do you get past that? I don't know. I tried with that boy, I really did. I had to hold my tongue more than once about will. But he's Sami Brady's son. And I was right. Sonny's too damn good for them. What happened today, is--is-- it's exactly what will and Paul did. No, that's not true. You gave Justin every chance, and he cheated on you. And he left you to do it again. You have every right to move on. While I'm still married? No, come on, that makes me such a hypocrite. I went on and on to will about his wedding vows. Adrienne, it's not the same thing. Ugh, really? Do you think Victor would agree? 'Cause wait till he finds out. No one is gonna find out. I'm sue that's what Paul and will thought too. Look-- I'm sorry, I have to go. So you knew about will and Paul? I couldn't say anything. Well, you could've stopped me from planning this fiasco. Why would I do that? Sonny and will are both trying to repair their marriage. Yeah, and then that loser Paul puts himself right back in the middle of it again today. What? I found him with Sonny in the offices of TBD, and he was coming on to him. I'm glad we've seen the end of Paul Narita.

[Doorbell opening] My God, Paul, what's wrong? It's out. All the secrets are out. Everyone knows. What does that mean? That I slept with will. A reporter got a hold of the story and told everyone at the square tonight. It's gonna be all over the papers tomorrow. Then it'll be over. Don't worry, son. It's not your fault. The man didn't tell you that he was married. Still-- will Horton is to blame. And he will have to pay the consequences. And so will I. No. You'll be with your family, far away from Salem.

[Scoffs] I can't leave a voicemail. For who? Zoe. She's gonna have to fire me, withdraw my name from the Hillman committee. That's what you're calling about? That's your priority? No. Sonny, I just want to get this out of the way so we can focus on the things that we-- good night, will. Happy anniversary.

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