Days Transcript Thursday 4/2/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 4/2/15


Episode #12561 ~ Lucas & Adrienne make love for the first time.

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No. No, no, no, no. We can't do this. Hey, Rafe? You mind just hanging this up over there? - Yeah, sure, no problem. - Thank you. All right. I appreciate all the help. No, no, no. By the way, I really admire what you and John are doing, you know, for the kids. Oh, with any luck, we'll raise a bucketful of money. There you go. - All right, hey, thanks. - Yeah. - Mom! - Hey, sweetheart! - Hey, chase. - How you doing, sweetheart? Did you guys have a good morning? - It was okay. - Yeah? I practiced ring toss for half an hour. Today's gonna be great. - Yes. - It is, it's gonna be great. - It's gonna be great. - Yeah. Well, hey, you are very organized. - I am not... - thank you. All that, actually. I somehow managed to get three different sizes of cups, but no lids. Well, I will go get them. I'll help. Oh, hey. Small world, huh? How so? Well, your husband writes an article about this guy, and then, uh... you've never met him before. He ends up saving your life. Yeah. Have you seen will? (Will) Paul could get out of this if he wanted to. He's not a man to turn his back on people in need who ask for him. You fix this, get him out of here, or this goes online tonight. You're not being reasona-- (John) Tori? Oh, my God. It is you. (John) Tori? You know each other?

[Scoffs] How many years has it been? Uh, a long time. Well, oh, my. So wonderful to see you. Oh!

I'm sorry. I know this can't happen, so... here. It can't happen here, Victor's study. Okay, so I think these are different sizes. Okay, what? I'm not on the business end of a latte machine very often anymore. Okay, let me look. Are you sure we should be doing this together? Working a charity event? Yes, I said I would help. Yeah, but I think your family would be happier if you stayed away from me. Come on, what are you talking about? Your family, they seem to think I have these ulterior motives where you're concerned. Do you? No. No, I haven't seen will since Chad made that announcement about Paul saving your life. Well, I'll try to find him. Okay. Happy anniversary. Hey, this is great, huh? Looks like things are really shaping up here. - Hey, Theo, hi, sweetheart. - Hey! - Hey, let me help, huh? - Oh, my gosh, that's great. Rafe, we have another set of hands. Oh, good, 'cause we've got plenty of banners to hang. You've been doing a great job. - All right. - Do we get to meet Paul Narita? Paul Nari-- yes, yes, yes, you do. Um... - there he is. - Paul! Hey. Hey, how are you? Paul Narita, this is my son, chase. - Hi. - Ciara and Theo. Pleased to meet you. So you're a star? He had a 1.42 era and 20 wins last season. That was a good year. You want me to sign that for you? Yes! Please.

[Chuckles] His career is over. Tragic. Ciara, tactless. No, it's okay. She's right. My pitching career is over. My apologies. - Manners, please. - Sorry. No, actually it's okay. It's refreshing to hear honesty. But I'm not going for tragic though. Um, kind of a new start. (Ben) hey, sorry. Test ran long. But, um, what can I do? Well, we have all these cups and no lids. I'm on it. Hey, darling. Have you seen John? No. Maybe he's with will. Oh! What are you doing in Salem? I had business with Sonix magazine. And how long you gonna be here? I'm leaving very soon. Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. There's someone I would love for you to meet. Are you booked the whole time that you're-- - I am. - [Sighs] All right, well, listen. If your plans change, let me know, all right? That's how you can reach me. Thanks. Oh! Oh! Oh! Um, I need you to help me wrangle up the kids 'cause we've got to get that photo shoot with Paul. Yeah, I'll be right there. It was really nice to see you again. - You too. - Yeah. Okay... what was that about?

Are you sure? Unless you aren't. Are you kidding me? Every word or deed has an ulterior motive... if you believe Freud. Wait--right? I don't know. You're the psych major. Which did me so much good. Pass me those lids. Okay, but what do you really mean by that? What is unspoken?

Please pass me those lids. Aha. There it is. What? You really want those lids. This is really deep. I know. That's me. I mean, it is, kind of. No. You got me those quotes about my dad's book, and unless you had an ulterior motive... (Chad) I did. I knew you loved your dad and that it would mean a lot to you. It did. That's all... except for the lids.

[Both laugh] Hi, can I help? Uh, yes. You know...much more about this stuff than I do. I'm gonna see you guys later. Okay, go ahead, say it. All righty, well, I'll go find him, and when I do, I'll send will back this way. Sure. Hey, did you find will? Uh, no, Marlena's looking for him. No, well, the photographer from the spectator is here. He says will is his point person. Maybe we could have Chad step in until we find will? Well, if you want to ask him, go ahead. Not a problem. Okay. You okay? Yeah. - Okay-- - actually, actually, no. What you said earlier about Paul being a stranger? Uh, he's not. - I've actually met him before. - Yeah. I just didn't know he was the one that donated the blood to me until last night. And I didn't know will was writing an article about him until it came out. You're telling me this, why? Just looked like you had questions. Well, sounds like there were a lot of things that you were the last to know.

[Cell phone rings]

Oh, this is my barista. She needs help carrying things from the car. I'll be right back. Okay. Uh, John, the reporter from the spectator is here and so is Paul. Well, good, I can show 'em around. And have you seen will? Yeah, yeah, I found him and I was also surprised-- (Ciara) Mr. Black, it's an emergency! What is? The ring toss is about to start and my mom sucks at it. - I doubt that. - Trust me. She's terrible and I have to win.

[Sighs] Lead the way. Children. Did you want me to tell John that you were blackmailing me? You lied about why you were here. Does that really matter? Yeah, of course it does. The way he was looking at you, and the way you were looking at him... you are a very paranoid young man. No, you were starting to panic. You do not know me at all. He mentioned Paul's name and you didn't even say that he was your son. I'll get Paul out of town the minute I can. It shouldn't take more than a few days-- that's why you didn't want Paul to come to Salem. It's John. John black is Paul's father, isn't he?

Paul's father died before he was born. You're lying. You didn't mention Paul to John because you knew that he would put it all together. I'm the only Japanese woman I've seen in this town. If there was something to put together, I'm sure he would have already done it by now. No. You had a different name back then, didn't you? You didn't go by Narita when you knew John, did you? I had a professional name back then. Will, there's no reason for John to know that I'm Paul's mother. You're right. Nobody needs to know that. There's no reason for anyone to ever know who Paul's father is. It would kill Paul to know that you kept the truth from him for so long. So do us both a favor. You get him out of town as soon as possible.

[Sensual music]

What is it I'm supposed to say exactly? Ben, I saw the look on your face when you saw Chad. Oh, yeah, which was what, Abigail? I showed up to help with the event, that's it. Okay, and you didn't mind seeing me with Chad at all? No, no. You weren't upset? Not at all. Maybe a little jealous, yeah, okay, but not upset. You like that? I like that you were honest. Oh. These are all for medium cups. Really? I don't understand. We were supposed to have three sizes. - This is so weird. - [Clears throat] - Oh...thanks. - Hmm, yeah. Okay, we should get these over there. All right. I told Sonny that after we're done setting up the table that we'd help out with the relay races. - Oh! - Unless... you have somewhere else to go, I don't know. No, I don't. That sounds perfect. It looks like we will be spending the whole day together. Yeah? It's funny how that worked out. - Oh! - Hmm. Nice, easy wrist.

[Cheering] - Oh, you did it! - I win!

[Laughter] (Rafe) you did it. - All right, pick your prize. - Wow. - This one. - This one? Yeah. Ahh... there you go. Perfect score!

[Laughs] Now, take the ball, and you're gonna let it roll out of your hand towards the target.

[Cheering] Oh! That's it! - You did it. - Great shot! High five! - You've got a good arm, chase. - Whoo! Go get your prize. Oh, my God. Look at you. Yeah, I won, too. Thanks, mom, for stepping aside. You're welcome, sweetheart. A signed glove! Dad, I have a ball and a glove signed by Paul Narita. We need insurance.

[Laughter] Aren't you glad you stuck around for this? Absolutely. (Chad) hey, yo, yo, yo. Where you been? Oh, I had some work that I had to take care of. Another interview? Well, those sure come with some kind of benefits for you now, don't they? Excuse me? I'm just saying, the last guy you wrote a story about saved your husband's life. Who knows what this one will come with, yeah? Yeah. Who knows? Ha! We missed it. - Of course. - It went right on. I swear that was a hit. It-- - grandma. - Oh. But I've gotta--I've gotta practice the ring toss. Grandma, I know that you're very angry with me. I'm not angry, will. I'm disappointed. I mean, that is so much worse. I know, and I can't help that. Well, maybe this can help it. You were right. You were completely right. It's nobody's business that Paul is a DiMera. I, um, I took the article-- I-I deleted it. Completely? Completely. Because of what I said? Because it's the right thing to do. I mean, you're right. I was making a big leap just because she was on DiMera property all that time ago. It really doesn't prove anything, does it? No, it doesn't. She said that Paul's father died before he was born. And you believe it? I believe that if she wanted to keep that secret for all this time then she has a very good reason to do it, and it's none of my business to dredge up the past. That's very wise, will. That's very-- hey, will, sorry to bother you. But the photographer is being a complete diva, and he will only listen to you unless you tell him to take cues from me. Ah. I-I gotta go. Everything's settled. It's gonna be okay.

[Both exhale deeply] Oh, man.

[Laughter] Hey, what? I'm sorry. Is it that funny? Oh, no. I mean, though, um-- what we did is pretty insane. Yeah, completely. Are you sorry? No. No, no. God, no. No, it's--it was-- I mean, it's been-- I--mmm! It's been, uh... - a long time? - Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, for me too. It's just a shame it can't go on. Okay, so toes on the yellow line like this, and then just go for it. - Yes! All right. - Nice! Hey, we're gonna need more prizes. Oh, I think they're stashing them at the hourglass. Can I get a shot of you and the kids? - Uh, yeah, sure. - Great. Here. Okay, come on, guys. All right, guys. Follow her. Let's take a picture. Smile, look up here. There we go. And... there we go. - Oh, that's a good one. - Okay, how about a candid? You know, Chad is actually gonna take you around for a little while. I gotta go meet up with a writer from Sonix for the story. Uncle Chad, what time do we go rollerblading? Say wha--what? Oh, uh, that's me. Yeah. Oh, no. It's--it's-- buddy, you and Abigail have a date for rollerblading. But uncle Chad comes too, right? Hey, you know what? So Ben is actually Abigail's new boyfriend, and I'm sure he would really love to go with you guys. No! Uncle Chad and Abigail! It's supposed to be uncle Chad and Abigail! (Chad) I know, I know, I know. But we're gonna do something else. With Abigail! Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey, you know what? Have you seen that ring toss over there? - No. - Oh, man. They got some prizes. Come on. - Wow. That sounds awesome. - Okay, see you later, Theo. - Look, I'm--I'm sorry, man. - Yeah. You know, he gets into a routine and it just sticks. Oh, please, come on. It's okay. You two are both very important to Theo. - It's cool. - Well, hey, look. Why don't you take a couple pictures with Abigail and Ben and the kids? Oh, yeah. Is that okay with you, Ben? Yeah, sure. Come on, guys. (Ben) all right. Fill in behind here. Bring it in, bring it in. - Nice. - Okay. Ready for the relay? All right, let's see. - Yeah! - All right. Okay, we have spoons and eggs. Here you go. And you have to carry the egg on the spoon down that way and then hand it off. All right? - All right. - Okay. - Got all of 'em? - Go, go, go, go, go! All right, let's set up some groups!

[Both laugh] Well, it looks to be like the fair is a big hit. - Yeah, I think so too. - Right? John had a great time helping out. Oh, everyone had a blast pitching in. Although I doubt that will and Sonny expected to spend their first anniversary like this, huh? I'm sure you're right. Yeah. You, uh, you have any idea what's going on between those two? I don't know what you mean. Yeah, you do. I can feel the tension between them. All right, if you can't say anything, okay. But if it's bad for them, it's going to be bad for Arianna. I'm sure the men understand that. And if there's any problem, I'm sure they will shield her from it. Yeah? And how well does that work out, in your professional experience? I'll keep an eye on it. Thank you. And please know that I am more than happy to step in and help out with Ari if the boys need a break. But I will also step in if Arianna is badly affected. Understood. Okay. Hey, take a break. Thank you. Today's a big success. That's because of you. You know, I think it's the coffee, or those snacks that you're selling over there. You know, the pitching booth is a big hit with the kids. This is the star of the show, Paul Narita. How you doing? Can I get some shots from you? - Oh, sure. - Thanks. Oh, no, no, no, no. Get back in there. Yeah, so here is an amazing story. This is my best friend, business partner, Sonny Kiriakis. He's in the hospital, stabbed, just fighting for his life. Chad, come on, don't. (Chad) come on, it's amazing. The man has a rare blood type. The hospital is running low. Who steps in and saves his life, donates the blood? This man right here. (Chad) not only is he a fantastic baseball player, but he is a real hero. All right, right here, guys. Great. And one more. (Chad) you got it.

Oh, and here is Sonny's husband, also helping out the event. - No, Chad, Chad-- - no, come on, no. Get a picture of these two. It's their wedding anniversary and they're spending it working for the charity. Is that a nice story or what? Yeah, it is. Can I get--I want to get a shot. Can you guys stand a little closer together? (Chad) all right, there you go. (Man) and... great. Thank you. I want to get some with you and the kids. - Sure. - All right. It's not really how I pictured our first wedding anniversary. Why not? It's a good cause and it's kind of fun. All right, guys, come on. Let's do thumbs up. - Here we go! - There we go. Those kids love Paul. Yeah, he's always been... it's okay. You and Paul, you know things about each other. You've shared things. So have you and I. And if I'm lucky, we'll have many more anniversaries to come. (Hope) okay, come on. That's enough. That's enough. (Aiden) yeah, hey, let's let the kids get some autographs, okay? Hey, that's a great idea. Let's all head over to Paul's table, all right? - All right! Yes! - Autographs for everyone! Can I get one of the family? - Hmm? - Sure. Smile, sweetie. Wait. This isn't my good side.

[Chuckles] Very good. And, um, can I get you and your husband's names? - Uh, sorry. - Oh, my name-- I'm--I'm, uh, hope Williams Brady. Yeah, I'm Aiden Jennings, but, um... no, we're not-- we're-- no, we're not...married. Could have fooled me. Hey, um, I--I forgot the water guns. - The super master grand prizes? - Yeah. They're in my office. Would you both mind going and grabbing them? - Yeah, absolutely, sure. - Sure, absolutely. - Sure, sure, sure. - Here is the key. - Okay, got it. - Okay. - All right, be right back. - Be back soon. Go stay with Abe. Let's not think about that. We should just enjoy it right now. There's just so many things wrong with what we just did. I mean, come on, out of nowhere, we're just-- out of nowhere? What are you talking about? We've both seen this coming for a long time. Hell, even Justin saw it coming. Hmm. Still, he went back to Dubai. Yeah. Guess that was stupid for me to mention Justin, right? No, no. Justin's--Justin's the least of it right now. Then what's wrong? Will and Sonny. I mean, our sons are married. They're going through a bumpy time. What kind of example did we just set? I think I might have an advantage. Why? Because you're not married? Oh, no, because I've never really been an example for will in this area, so... so you'd be okay with him knowing? Well, I didn't say that. I mean, if that's where you're going with this, then I'd agree. No one can know about this. You know, this event would have been a modest success, but after that weekend baseball clinic came up, that's an extra 50,000 guaranteed. Isn't that amazing?

[Grunts] Oh, you said you ran into somebody. - You never finished telling me. - Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Talk about a hell of a shock. Hadn't seen her in years. Her? Somebody you worked with? No, no. Just, um, old friend. I see. Doc, we were in different places in our lives back then. Did I know her? I don't think so. Name's Tori Simpson. Here's the thing. When I went to find will, she was talking to him. Why? I don't know, said she was working here in town with something to do with Sonix.

You've been pretty quiet. Is everything okay? Yeah. What? I was just thinking about our argument. Okay, look, I'm really sorry. - No, no. - I didn't even want-- I was thinking about how my life is so out there in the open for the whole world to see. I mean, even my affair with EJ was a news story. Yeah. And you know everything about me. I don't believe that. Close enough. But apart from a couple of stories, I don't know anything about your life and what happened since you left poplar bluff until you came to Salem. There's not much to tell. But if there's anything you want to know, just ask. I'm not holding back anything from you. Were you involved with her? Briefly a long time ago. - I see. - I... I just didn't want you to feel blindsided in case we saw her. That's all. Well, that's fine. I'm glad you told me. Yeah. (Chase) eww! (Ciara) 2 bucks. Pay up. - [Laughs] - What's the bet for? That you two couldn't keep your hands off of each other for one day. Ciara Alice! Hello? I won. It was a safe bet. Yeah, we gotta keep away from those sucker bets, son. I tried to tell him this is what happens when two people are in love. Not during baseball. There's baseball going on. You're supposed to be with Abe and Theo. - I asked you to-- - oh, we gave them the slip. Of course you did. So that we could come help you carry the prizes. They must be heavy.

[Laughs] Ahh.

[Clears throat] Um... here you go, honey. - You got that? - Yeah. - Are you sure? - Thanks, mom. Yeah, thanks!

[Aiden laughs] Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry, so sorry. The gambling. Poor chase. No, no, no, no, no. You know what? I think that girl is just what the boy needs. He's gonna learn fast. But did you notice? He got first dibs on the water gun out of the deal, so maybe not such a sucker after all. Can you picture them as teenagers? Oh, we are dead, especially if they team up. - So, so dead. - So dead, so dead. But you know what? Ciara is right about one thing. What? I am in love with you. So after this thing is over, maybe we could do something for our anniversary, for us. - I was thinking-- - I need to talk to you. - Oh, well, no, Sonny and I-- - this will wait. We won't be long. (Paul) help!


[Overlapping chatter] Hey, hey, hey! Wait! Those are the prizes! Oh, thank God Henderson isn't here. He'd have this on twitter before I get home. Hmm. His big thing now is Instagram. Instagram? Great. Pictures. Nice, even better. Just my luck.

[Laughs] Listen to you. I love your laugh. You have a great laugh. - Yeah? - Yeah. I haven't been able to take it out for a run for a while, except with you. That's just reason enough. So I guess we'll just laugh. We don't need to have sex or anything? No, I didn't say that. Mmm. Not at all. You are so sexy. And you are amazing... and beautiful... and sweet... and sexy. Hey, hey, kids, hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hold on! Hold on! Hey, hey! This is our guest of honor! Hey! Whoa, this is our guest of honor! We don't want to hose him down. He's right. Get Sonny!

[Sonny screams]

[Laughter] Where do you think you're going? I need backup! Let's do this!

[All screaming]

[Laughter] - Okay. - All right. (John) all right, all right, all right. All right, time-out, time-out.

[Overlapping chatter] (Hope) hold your guns! Let's go! - Come on, guys! - Come on.

[Overlapping chatter] Paul got more wet than Sonny! Nice!

[Laughter] Well, that was refreshing. You better get back to your hotel and change. Oh, yeah, I, uh... I promised to stay around as long as the kids are here. Well, I have some extra shirts at the office. Come on, let's go. Yeah, I don't understand what is so urgent. Tell me exactly what's going on.

I can't believe with all that food there today, I didn't have a bite to eat. - Me either. - Really? Not really. I'm so full. But you, you must be completely wiped out. I am wiped out. I'm wiped out. But you know what? It was worth it. Yeah, it always is. You put a lot of food that you didn't eat on a lot of little kids' tables. Hmm. I think it was good for our kids too. Absolutely. They really need to appreciate what they have. I know I am. I'm truly grateful to have you in my life. You know we don't have to make any decisions now. I mean, it happened. What happens now? I guess we'll see. What if I want it to happen again? And again? And again? Like "now" again? - Okay. - Yeah? - Yeah. - Okay. I like that. Oh, I can't wait to go shower. Oh, hey, do you want to go to that new sushi place, the one on tenth? What? You're still up for going out? I didn't think after, you know-- Ben, come on. We had an argument. - Nobody died. - Yeah. Come on, we're adults, right? We can--can move on. Don't you want to go out? Yes, of course. Okay. Come on. You did good, man. You got Paul to stay the weekend too, huh? Yep. He's a real stand-up guy. His parents must have raised him right. Yeah.

[Tori speaking Japanese] They're only T-shirts, but they should be dry. Oh, well, dry is good. Let's see. I must have stored them somewhere. Hey, you're late. Can't believe they even sent you out here to report. It's not exactly your beat. Is Paul Narita here? He's around somewhere but there's no hard news. It was just adorable kiddies and charitable stories. You needed insulin for this one. You're a cynical man, Wally. Mr. Narita could be in for a bombshell today. I don't know what you mean. Hmm. The pang of conscience you had earlier. You said you pulled the story about Paul's father because it was none of your business. - Right. - No, no. John saw you talking to Tori. John knows Paul's mother. Oh, that has nothing to do with-- you know what? You pulled that story because it had nothing to do with the truth. Gran--Grandma-- you know what? Go ahead. Come on. Talk to me about it. Will. It took me about three minutes to figure out what you were thinking. You're thinking that Paul is not a DiMera. You're thinking that Paul... is John's son.

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