Days Transcript Wednesday 4/1/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 4/1/15


Episode #12560 ~ Stefano is pleased to hear of Chadís manipulation of Abigail.

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[Sighs] Watch it! Sorry. You know what? If we have to run into each other, can we not make it literal, please? Ooh, you're so cranky. We don't have any reason to speak to each other, right? So why don't we just pretend like all of our issues are in the past and then go on with ignoring each other? Thank you!

[Sighs] Okay, so I guess-- I mean, this could be why Clint would draw blood from Brady and Theresa. So the child I guess they thought they didn't have, if it's still out there... I mean, I guess the science is here. So, if they took the fertilized egg from Theresa and maybe somebody else carried it to term... oh, wow. What? Well... it's just our problems are not in the past.

[Knock at door]

Aunt Adrienne? Hi, honey! Henderson let me in on his way out. No, sweetie, come on in. Oh, honey, it's good to see you. Hi. I just came by to drop this off. What is it? It's a nice, new piece that was posted online about dad's book. - For the paperback edition. - Mm-hmm. Awesome! Oh, I've never seen this website before. How did you find it? Chad DiMera. The profit margin on the Venezuelan operation is up already. As expected. But very impressive. You've only been back a short amount of time, and you've already managed to-- Chad, don't try to flatter me, all right? It's unbecoming of a DiMera. Now, tell me about Abigail. She loved the article I sent her about her father's book. Excellent.

[Chuckles] She's grateful? Yeah. But she wouldn't be if she found out that you were the one that planted it. Hey, here you go. All right. How was your morning with Ari? She told me a story for five minutes straight. I mean, it was all gibberish, but she sold it, yeah. It's just like she-- she has her own language. I know. Yeah, we call it "Ariannish."

[Laughs] Ariannish. Oh, by the way, I dropped her off at the sitter before I went to set up in the square. - Okay. Thank you. - Yeah. Oh, and if you see Gabi before we do, can you thank her for the anniversary present? That was so nice of her. She didn't have to do that. No, no, she loves you guys. I can't believe it's been a year. It feels like yesterday. Yeah, till you think about everything that's happened. Yeah. You want to talk about it? What? Well, I could feel the tension from will when I picked up Ari this morning. Something going on with you two?

[Doorbell rings]

No, I'm still confirming facts on the story. No, I'm not sure how long it's going to take. I'm not trying to be mysterious, but it's necessary given the content. No, trust me, this is going to be a blockbuster cover story. Um, I'll know by tonight. I will. I-- okay, bye. Hey, dad, how's it going? Look, you cannot release a story that says Paul is a DiMera. I sure can. But I won't have to if Paul's mother follows through and gets him out of town. Look, you're dancing around it, but you must have met will Horton.

[Chuckles] Now you're a detective? Mom, come on. How did you meet will? He came here the other day looking for you. Why didn't you say anything? He was very upset. You didn't need to hear any of it. Any of what? I'm sure you'll figure something out, 'cause if you don't, then I'm going to tell him where this picture was taken. (Paul) Mom? Tell me, what did will say? Nice, nice, nice. (John) hey, hey, hey, hey, what's going on? Are we late or what? No, someone just wanted to get here particularly early. What? It's my only chance to try the ring toss before I have to shove a kid out of the way. You mean a smaller kid? (Marlena) and we brought the ring toss. Yeah, so why don't you help me with that booth? That's great. Now, is this where I get the third degree? No, no, no, I already know you're not good enough for hope. Nobody is. Nice. Convince him. (Aiden) yeah. You're not thinking. This whole thing could backfire. I don't see how. It's the truth. Well, you know, if Paul is a DiMera, that would only give him reason to stay in town. Oh, he's smarter than that. Even if he wants to bond with the family, I'm sure Stefano would just drag him off to wherever he's hiding these days. Either way, Paul's out of town. You have no qualms about throwing him in front of the DiMeras like that? Well, if he's a DiMera, then it's not my doing. What's Sonny gonna say when he hears what you did? Dad, if the story is out there to be written, someone will write it, regardless of what I do. Come on, the only reason why that story's out there is 'cause you're pushing it. That's a lie. You know it. Well, it doesn't have to be. You need to slow down, okay? Slow down and think. You're about to lie to the husband you're trying to get back. You need to think! I need to act... because if I don't, Paul will. This whole thing is a mess. You know, you don't have to be in the middle of it, dad. You know what? Adrienne's in the middle of it. You just want your parents out of the picture, is that it? I did not ask for her to walk into Paul's room. Yeah, thanks for the warning on that. I could've used a heads-up that she knew all about Sonny and Paul, but, hey... what? Adrienne knew that Sonny proposed to Paul. She's known about those two all along. Chad sent you this? I didn't even know he knew your father wrote a book. Aunt Adrienne, he's the one who got me the galley copy back when we were dating. Yeah, he read it, and then he gave me the copy to read so that I could see it before it was even in print. It's honestly one of the nicest things he's ever done for me. A long time ago. Yeah, and this is now. But Chad isn't now, is he? I mean, you're still with Ben, aren't you? Honey? Yes. Yes, I'm still with Ben. But? I don't want to make a big deal about it, okay? But Ben and I are just in a little bit of a rough patch. Tell me it's not because of Chad.

[Scoffs] You're sure Abigail won't find any trace of how the article got there? Why would she? Harry Keller is a writer with a good reputation-- undeserved but good. I wish we could've gotten him to write the quotes himself. You did better than he would have. Abigail was happy? Tell me that. Yeah, she got all teary, in a good way. It was a step. Hmm. What is the next step? There's a charity event in the square today-- john black, underprivileged kids, a few earnest speeches, and a little baseball. Well, I have an aversion to heroes, I must say...

[Chuckles] Especially when it's john black. Abigail will be there for the whole thing, so... excellent, excellent. Now you must use the company account for your donation and add two zeroes to whatever you had in mind. Seriously? Thank you, father. That is-- you've gone above and beyond. You are my only son. There is nothing beyond that. You understand? This time, though, go slowly with the girl. Keep your eye on the prize. Um, look... obviously, last night-- no, you know what? I'm not going there, Melanie. I'm not gonna go there either, but there's something that I've been thinking about in my head, and I don't feel right if I don't tell you about it. Fine. What's going on? I don't know, but the guy that you were with, um, Clint-- no, don't even say that jerk's name, okay? It's over. I know. How? Did he say something to you? No. No, no, no, no. I saw the note he left you. Do you not remember that? The biggest problem for the cubs this year is their division. It's too tough. Ah, or the pitching or lack of offense or, uh...

[Chuckles] - Yeah, there's that too. - Hey, come on, now. They did pretty good in the draft, all right? - So who knows? - No, no, no, no, no. - What? - I've seen that look before. You're gonna get your heart crushed again. - Don't let it happen. - [Laughs] Well, probably. Probably, but it's still early in the season, when anything and everything is possible, so... spoken like a man in love. Yeah, well, guilty. So, um... things look pretty good with you and Marlena. Yeah, they are. I don't know all the history, but from what I've heard-- it's a miracle that we survived, let alone even speak to each other? Well... it's okay. That's fair. But we're through to the other side. This time it's for keeps. Pretty great, isn't it? I really don't want to get into it right now, to be honest. Okay. Okay, well... like I told will, it's none of my business, unless, of course, it starts affecting Arianna. Well, did you see any sign of that? Well, I did, actually. She seemed a little more anxious, a little more fussy. Whatever's going on, you might not think that Arianna feels it, but trust me, she does. And I'm telling you this because I made the same mistake with Sydney when she was little, okay? Now, listen, if things get a little rough and the two of you need a little time to work things out-- no, we won't. We won't. We won't. We're--we're good. And we're gonna-- we're gonna handle it. Okay. I hope so. I hope so, for your sake and for hers. So do I. Will wants you out of the way, Paul. He told me he loves his husband, and he wants to make up for all the mistakes he made. He doesn't want you to jeopardize his home and his family. Why do you say that like you think I'm a home-wrecker too? Don't put words in my mouth. Do you think that will's better for Sonny than me? You are a fine man, Paul. You deserve your own relationship, free and clear-- someone who cares for you and only you. I believe that with everything in me. But you will only have that, my boy, if you let go and move on. Do it for your sake, as much as for Sonny and his daughter. That's the plan. Good. Come with me to the benefit today.

[Chuckles] That's okay. No, I want you to be there.

[Chuckles] I know you. You'll see all those kids, and then you'll stay there, signing autographs and playing with them until the last possible minute. We'll barely make the flight as it is. I'll stay here and pack so we'll be ready. Okay. Uh... I'd better get changed and head to the square. You're probably right, mom. It'll be good for me to leave Salem.

[Door closes]

[Laughing] No. No, it's not. What's going on with Ben and me has nothing to do with Chad. Okay, maybe a little bit, but it's not Chad's fault, all right? None of it is. It's not because you're spending time with Chad, right? And not because he's showing up with these calculated gestures. I knew I shouldn't have said anything to you. Well, honey, I'm concerned about you. This is a DiMera. Well, he's still capable of, you know, doing a nice gesture. You thought that about EJ too. My God, I can't believe you just went there. Mm, same family, same mind-set. No, Chad wasn't raised by them. Oh, I know. I know. And he's also Sonny's business partner, part of that whole crowd. They've been friends forever. But, Abigail, don't forget... he hurt you before. So just be careful. Right. Okay, uh, you know, I, um--I'm gonna go. If you--if you want any more copies of the quotes, you can find them. - There's a link... - Abigail. At the top of the page. Yes? Just think about what I said, please. Okay.

[Door closes]

[Sighs] Adrienne has been in the middle of our business all along. She knew that Paul was the one that donated his blood to Sonny, so, of course, now Sonny knows it too. So you resent the man that saved his life. No. No, I'm just tired of Paul walking around looking like a saint all the time. And besides, it's obvious that Adrienne wants Sonny to be with Paul. She said that? No, but-- she didn't say anything. She didn't even acknowledge that she knows him. She's just working behind the scenes. That sounds a little bit over the top, and it's beside the point, anyway. I mean, it doesn't matter who knew what when. It has nothing to do with you printing the damn article. Well, I might not have to do it anyway, dad. Paul said he was gonna leave town tonight after the benefit. Now, if he does, then the story's dead. I have to get out to the town square to help out. Are you going? I got to make a stop first.


[Sighs] Uh, I'm the one that brought the note to you. What? I brought the note to your bedroom. You came into my room? - You were wasted. - You read Clint's note? Nope, I was just trying to help you. By spying on me? No, Theresa, by checking your vitals, because you were gone. But you know what? I should've just called an ambulance and let you explain-- Melanie, just shut up. Just shut your mouth right now! Hi. Uh, I was just, um-- did you call? No, I just drove straight over. Is something wrong?

[Sighs] You tell me. What is it? The other day you told me you found out about will and Paul. Yes. But you didn't say anything about Paul and Sonny, and you knew about that relationship from the very beginning. - Hey. - There she is. - Let me help you with that. - All right.

[Grunts] Wow. Are we expecting an army? Well, I hope so, 'cause Sonny's bringing more. How's it going? Oh, we jut got started. We've got plenty of help. Oh, good. So we got time, then. Yeah. So... tell me about the guy. Hmm? - Oh, uh-- - the guy. Aiden. Uh... honestly, I don't know where to start. It's a nightmare. I don't know how I'm gonna get rid of him. He's standing right behind me, isn't he? - Mm-hmm. - Yeah. - Hey. - How's it going, man? It's good timing. Yeah, perfect. - Mmm. - Thank you. - Of course. - Where's our table? Right over there. Does that mean that will and Paul are on their way? Well, I don't think they're coming together. Yeah, probably not. It seems like will has spent a lot of time with Paul to get that kind of story out of him, though. Hey, there's will now. - Hi, honey. - Hey, everyone. - Glad you're here. - Sorry. I, uh, had to talk to the photographer from the spectator. It looks like we'll be getting a lot of coverage of the event for the paper, and he agreed that I can use his shots on the Sonix website. - Perfect. - All right. (Aiden) hey, we could use a hand over here. Here, give me this. See you soon. Let's go. Oh, oh, will, will, will, did you bring the stopwatch for the races? It is in my bag. Okay. Were you able to find the-- is this a joke? It's true.

You have some nerve, Melanie, coming into my home, in my business, reading my personal notes? Oh, my God, Theresa, listen-- no, you listen. I want zero contact with you, okay? Zero, nada, zip. Okay, I understand, but when you sent that text to Brady-- no, I don't want to talk about Brady or any text, okay? It's not my fault that you're needy and insecure.

[Scoffs] What? Maybe it comes from being a Jonas. Oh, wow. You're such a piece of work. I can't believe I was actually gonna try and help you. Help me? Please. Off a cliff maybe. Okay, you know what? You deserve everything you get. Nothing is worse than having you in my face all the time. Of course. Right. Hey. It's Jorge from the blood bank. I know who you are. You want a medal? Nice. Actually, I want blood. If you have time to donate again, you're a rare type-- hey, hey, hey, we are in the middle of something right now. I got that, but-- oh, my God. Just buzz off, okay? Go. Leave. Adios!

[Sighs] You donate blood? Okay, if you go ahead with this, I will handle the coffee. - Sure. - Okay. (Man) thank you. - Hey. - [Gasps] - Hi. - Hey. Uh, I thought I'd stop by and see if you needed some help. Yeah, I will. Thanks. Uh, we're just getting everything together to take over to the square. I know. I just passed through on my way. It already looks great. It's gonna be like Christmas for those kids. Yeah, if those kids get a full meal, they think it's Christmas. And I bet you'll run into some of the families your program works with, so... I hope so, yeah. You printed my email? Yes, I did. Yeah, I've been showing it to my family and people who knew my dad. No matter what, I think it was really sweet of you to think of me. "No matter what"? No, I-I didn't mean it like that. I don't care what people say. About me? They're giving you grief because it's me. Um... look, you know what? It's fine. I get it. I can't even blame them. Except they're wrong. I know what you did... and why. So thanks. (Hope) Abigail.

[Clears throat] Hi. Hi. Where's Ben?

[Chuckles] What are you accusing me of? We were babysitting Ari one day, and I mentioned Paul Narita. I mentioned that he was in town, and you acted like you never heard of him before. Well, I didn't say that. You were covering. I was being discrete.

[Sighs] You know what? Don't you think if everyone was completely open with each other that none of this would've happened in the first place? What? I mean, if Sonny had just told will about Paul-- oh, Sonny promised Paul he wouldn't say anything at all. Will is his husband. He has every right to know. And what would've changed? Everything would've changed, Adrienne. - Really? - Yeah. Wow. Wow. I always thought will got it from Sami, but maybe it's you. Wait a minute. What? This damn bad habit of blaming everyone else for will's mistakes. Will is not the victim here. You know what? Actually...

[Laughs] "Mistake" is a pretty generous word for cheating on his husband. May I have that, please? I didn't go looking for this. It was right on the top of your bag, but now that I've seen it-- I'll explain, but not here. You wrote this? Yes. Now, can we please go somewhere private? Dr. Evans, hello.

[Chuckles] You sound so shocked. Yes, I donate blood. And I'm nice to my grandmother and small children. Okay, obviously, I didn't-- well, that is, when I'm not biting the heads off chickens. Sadly, that last part I kind of believe. Just stay out of my business. So you donate blood. Ben is coming when he gets out of class. Good. We can use his help. Yes, we can. Uh, we've almost got all the food together. So, um, I'm gonna go check on that... - all right. - Now. Yeah. Okay, well, I'm gonna-- I'm gonna come help with-- - no. - Okay. What you up to? I'm just helping with the-- don't make me say the obvious, Chad. I'm not in the mood. You heard the real question. Abigail and I are just friends. - Friends? - That's it. Mm. Well, Abigail has plenty of friends-- one guy in particular who's really good to her and for her. Yeah, Ben is a great guy, no question about it. - He is a great guy. - Mm-hmm. I'm watching you. Don't give me anything to see. Okay. Will would have never slept with Paul if he had known. Will knew he was married to someone else. That should've been enough. Yeah, it should've been enough. But it wasn't, was it? Look, I know, I keep making excuses for him. I know that. And I know that will made a huge mistake. And it would've been just as bad if Paul was a total stranger, but, you know, it's just--it's frustrating when you can't fix it. I know. I know. You wish. Always! Always!

[Sighs] It's a parent's curse. You know, you-- it always feels like you should smooth the road for them. That you should save them from your mistakes. It's my own fault. I set a bad example for him when he was little. Hey, hey... hey! He grew up. Yeah. And...I'm sorry. I was so defensive. I'm sorry. No, it's fine. I mean-- you of all people. You have every right. Funny thing is I really wish Sonny had told will about Paul. I mean, what are you gonna do? He was honoring his promise - and... - will-- it shouldn't have mattered if it was Paul. Still, if will had told Sonny who he was interviewing, then maybe it would have been different. I know, I know. But will was keeping his promise to his boss. So, like I said, it shouldn't have even mattered. Such a mess. Yeah. Yeah, it is. Listen, I am-- I want to apologize. I--I was abrupt to you the last time we saw each other and I--I just don't think you deserve that. That's okay... you've been alone for months and Justin's popping in and out like that and--and you're all alone. Funny thing is that I-- I felt more alone when Justin was here than before he came back. Or right now. Hi, Paul. Uh, will, I heard you came looking for me. (John) hey, Paul. If you want to come with me, I will get you briefed for today. Uh, excuse me. Of course. You went looking for Paul? What's going on here? Come with me. Please. Hey! There's the man of the hour! How are ya? Hey, Sonny... did you get a chance to meet Paul when will was, uh, writing that article? Paul and I have met. Hey, will! Okay, fine. We're alone now. Tell me what's going on. Don't make up a story and don't spin it for me. Just tell me what's happening. You're acting like I did something wrong, grandma. I-I was just following a lead. That's--that's all! I was going through my notes on the Paul article, and I found this photo of Tori Narita taken here in Salem on the DiMera property, on the lake. Okay. But that's it? She--she was in Salem once? Printed on the photograph was a tiny stamp of a date. So I blew that up. Tori Narita was in Salem nine months before Paul was born. Nine months. That does not make Paul a DiMera. Will. Will! It's not just that, grandma! Mrs. Narita didn't even want Paul to come to Salem in the first place. But she told him she'd never been here before. She lied to him. That still doesn't mean he's a DiMera. Well, when I confronted her about it-- you confronted her? Well, yeah, I'm not gonna run a story without confirming it. She told Paul that his father died before he was born, that he was from somewhere else. Will... this is none of your business. When I told her my theory, she didn't deny it. Why are you pursuing this? Because Paul is pursuing Sonny. And he is doing whatever he can to have an excuse to stay here in Salem. So, I'm gonna do whatever I can to get him the hell away from my husband. Now? Can I at least put my shoes on?

[Knock at door]

Hey, Jorge! Uh, sorry I didn't get to talk to you earlier. Yeah, me too. So, how's it going, girl? Good. It's good. You ready for the cubs season to start? Bracing for it, more like it. - [Laughs] - Yeah, man. No, I hear that. Uh, listen, um, sorry about Theresa biting your head off. She's excitable. Along with mean and selfish? Yes. Well-- she couldn't be that mean if she donates blood regularly right? Pfft! Uh, not even. I looked it up when I came back here. I'd forgotten she was only doing it as a directed donor for some surgery her sister was supposed to have. the blood's still here, though, right, in storage? Nah, the last time she donated was last fall. It's way past expired. I'm sure they tossed it.

[Keys clacking]

All we have now is her plasma. Do you know when Justin's coming home? He admitted it. "Admitted"? The affair with Elsa. They're sleeping together. I'm so sorry. The funny thing is... it was a relief to hear it from him. I've known. I've known probably from the minute it started that there was something...

[Sighs] So I'm not crazy. Yay, me. No, you're definitely not crazy. Hearing it out loud, though... made me feel less guilty for what I've been thinking... what I wanted. Nice job. You two make a good team. Ha, I think so. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Paul. You don't have to make any signs here. I plan on keeping you busy in the autograph booth. Oh, I don't mind at all. (John) hey. Appreciate you sticking around to help us out for a few more days. I hope the, uh, delay wasn't a hassle. Oh, uh, are you leaving town? Yeah, my flight's later tonight. No! Oh, it's okay. I'm gonna stay for the whole event.

[Aiden sighs] No, no, um, john's right. We appreciate everything you've done with your time and all. It's just, if you could, maybe, stay on a couple extra days, it would mean $50,000 for the-- for the kids. What? What? 50 what? Decurtis motors-- he's a client. He said he'd love to sponsor a baseball clinic this weekend for the kids. He'd cover all costs and donate $50,000. It may also include a personal lunch, but was can keep that short, so that... I-I don't know. Boy, I'll tell you, that's a lot of food on the table for those folks. Sounds like an offer you can't refuse. Well, I guess it is. What's a few more days anyway, huh? Doing what you have to do. Now, what does that mean? That you threatened Tori with exposure if what? If--if she gets Paul out of town, then nobody has to know about that. So it's blackmail. It's a fair exchange. I get to keep my husband. She gets to keep her secret. I don't want to have to print that article, grandma, and I will happily delete it as soon as they get out of town. And you'll never say a word to Paul? Exactly. Nobody gets hurt. Grandma, please... I've got this. Just--just let it be and everything will be fine. Will... it doesn't matter how threatened you feel. You don't have the right to rip up somebody's life. There's just--there's just no justification in it, no matter what you tell yourself. Mrs. Narita is the one that lied to her own son. And that's between the two of them. There's nothing noble in what you're doing. It's wrong, will. That's the only word for it. It's wrong.

[Cell phone rings]

I've packed everything but your carry-on. The flight is on time. Uh, great, thanks. Uh, would you mind calling the airline back? Why? Well, there's a local businessman here who's gonna make a, uh-- a $50,000 donation if I stay and do a baseball clinic for the kids this weekend, so, of course, I'm gonna stay. No, Paul. You can't say yes to everyone who asks. I'm not. It's just this once. It's only a few more days, mom. You can donate that money yourself. We have to get out of here. Why? Mom, it's not that big of a deal. It's only a few more days. Look, if you want to go ahead without me, that's fine. Eh, but I'm gonna stay. I won't leave you here alone. Then would you call the airline and speak to the hotel? Look, if you don't want to, I'll have my business manager handle it. No! I'll handle everything.

Hi! You changed your mind about donating? Did you not get the hint earlier? Yeah, but... you're here. Why? Yeah, because it's performance-review time and everyone has to sign up. Yes, ma'am. What? Nothing. I will never confuse you with a generous person again. Then you're a lot smarter than you look. This could work. (Aiden) all right! - Okay. - Looks like we are all set. Yep! - Nice. - Hey, everyone. - Hey. - Hey! Take all that stuff right over there. All right, we're gonna be getting kids in here any minute. - Everybody ready? - Yes, we will be ready. - Hey, hope. - Hey, Marlena. Hey, Paul. Got things squared away? Yeah, no problem. Fantastic. Uh, is will coming back? I don't know. Well, he better. I was hoping to do a little toast for will and Sonny's anniversary after the benefit. (Chad) well, how about a toast for this guy? There wouldn't be an anniversary if it weren't for him. It was luck. (Chad) nah, Sonny's the lucky one. You gave blood. You saved his life. Is that true? It is. I couldn't believe it when I found out. I'm just glad I was here. (Hope) okay... will, I need a word. Now. Sorry. You were very clear about not wanting to-- it's just a few more days. I couldn't talk Paul out of it. I knew it. And then it'll be another few more days after that. No, will. Believe me. I want to get him out of here as much as you do. He's just gonna come up with another excuse to stay. No, no, it's not some conspiracy. Ask the organizers. This was all their idea. You could've gotten out of this if you wanted to. He's not a man who will turn his back on people in need who ask-- you fix this. You get him out of here tonight, or this goes online.

[Stammers] (John) Tori? Oh, my God. It is you.

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