Days Transcript Tuesday 3/31/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/31/15


Episode #12559 ~ Eve & Cole take the first step in their plot to keep JJ & Paige apart.

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[Knock at door]

Hey. I'm really sorry. I acted like... a total jerk last nigh yeah. You did. Can we meet somewhere? Are you ready to talk about the diamonds? Because if you are, I'll be right over. I'll come you. You know where the Horton town square is? It's full of people. Wasn't that the way you wanted it? - Yes. - So I'll see you soon. Right. We can finally get this business wrapped up, and I'll never have to see you again.

[Knock at door]

You wanted to see me? Yeah. Come on in. Where's Parker? I asked the sitter to take him to the park. Wanted to talk to you alone, so you could give me another lecture, so I could apologize. M, Daniel knows the truth. I'm sure of it now. Yeah. I know he does, because I just talked to him. - Hey. - Hey! Why does Daniel want you to call him?

[Door closes]

Okay, look, I know that I'm repeating myself, but we need to be very clear here. Will help you come between Paige and JJ, but this has to stay between us, okay? Always and forever, all right? Swear, if you screw up, you cross me-- I get it. I won't screw up. It's just... - it's just what? - [Laughs] You must hate JJ suts is all I can say. Hate? I, uh, don't think that's the word for the way feel about that boy. Sonny should be up soon. We gotta play this smart. - How? - Just like Paul would. - How?

[Knock at door]

Hey! - Ha ha ! Happy anniversary. - Oh, you shouldn't have. - Yeah, I didn't. It's from Gabi. Hi! She remembered. That's unbelievable! Yeah, well, that's her. Well, come on and spend some time with your niece. I need to go, , wake up Sonny. Okay. Come here. Yeah. Hi! Hi, hi.

[Knock at door]

We need to talk.

Uh, sorry. The place is kind of a mess. I never got what you had against sheets that are tucked in. Too claustrophobic. So I'm a little, uh, surprised to see you here. I'll bet you are. Public enough for you? Just right. So... how's Eric? I spent the nit with him last night at his place, but I suppose you know that since you went searching through my hotel room. It just have been the maid. It was you. I can tell. Your point? Now that you've satisfied yourself that the diamonds aren't there, you know I'm the only person who can tell you where they are, which means you need to start listening to me very, very carefully. ... You want to apologize to me? Yeah, please-- I just--I had a lot going on last night, and I do need time and space to deal with Jennifer's problem, but... I was rude, and you don't deserve that. So I'm sorry. I hope you, uh, you can forgive me. Wow, Daniel... that--that's something I-I didn't expect to hear. Of course. [Stammers] Of course, I can. I mean, this... it means more than can say. So then we're... we're good? - Yes. - [Laughs] D now that this is behind us, then... maybe we can talk about what's going on with you and Jennifer, right? Wrong.

I had no right to say what I did. And the only way I can even try to explain it is...  been working on me before you even got there.

What do you mean, working on you--how?

Just going on and on about Chad and how DiMeras get everything they want and... and what? You just thought that was the perfect opportunity to throw my affair with EJ in my face

[Sighs] I guess this was a mistake. Clearly, you're not ready to talk, so. Ben, wait. What you said, it hurt me. A lot. And the reason... is because it's true. (Eve) you ever heard the phrase keep your friends close but your enemies closer? In a movie maybe. I want you to listen very carefully... and let's see if we can pull this off. (JJ) Daniel wants us to go see the cubbies some weekend, so that's probably what the text was about hmm. You should probably do a guy thing. I dragged you to a chick movie last night. No, you didn't drag me anywhere, as long as I get to sit by you d hold your hand and... mmm. I'm so happy. Me too. I, uh... Promised my mom I'd stop by today. Wanna come with me? Don't you think it's a little too soon for that? You ha to do it sometime. Right, but the thing is I gotta go meet a buddy 'cause he wants copy my calculus notes, and I should probably get back to Daniel. Okay. I'm making excuses. But don't you think that we should just go slow with your mom? All right. But remember something. I told her that you're not going anywhere, and I'm telling you the same thing about her. Okay? (Daniel) I told you and told you what Jennifer and I are dealing with really just none of your business. - It never is, Daniel. - I also said it's important. It is not a threat to you and me. I don't know why you refuse to understand that. You know, you keep saying that there's still something there for us, yet you have these little compartments in your life that you ruse to share with me. Well, you tend to kinda be a loose cannon. No, I-- it's more than just this thing with Jennifer Brady is my friend. I deserve to know if he's been attacked. You're not particularly comfortable with me being around Melanie or parker. So what exactly are we sharing except a little space now and then? Look, look, look, I just don't wanna be rushed--that's it. - And I think you know why. - Yeah. Eric. It's still Eric... no matter what I say! You talk to Serena too, your new BFF? What did she tell you? That badass routine of yours-- not as convincing as you think it is. Not a side of you I particularly like, either. How often I felt the same about you. Oh, is that before you moved on from Eric and we started sleeping together...or after?

[Laughs] Ah. Careful how you rewrite history. Eric left me for the priesthood before y and ever hooked up. He and I were done. You were running that "aid program"... or so I thought. Have to admit, you did seem like fun. In a bad boy sort of way. You so really liked that idea I had about how we could make some serious bucks together. Smuggling diamonds. I should have run for the hills as soon as you pitched that to me. But you didn't...did you? Los like, uh... Sonny already went out. I got home really late last night, and I don't want to wake h, so... I stayed in Ari's room last night. Yeah? Something going on? Yeah. Yeah. I-I don't really want to talk about it, though. I understand. I understand, but... I hope you understand that this baby is what... what my sister's living for right now, and, um, if something is going on between you and Sonny that's gonna affect her happiness, then... Need to know about it. I found something out last night. I wasn't gonna come over here, you know, with everything that's been going on, but I had to. I don't get why you didn't tell me yourself. Tell you what? Sonny, I have no idea what you're talking about. That you saved my life.

If Paul hadn't stepped up and donated blood, I would have died. And he didn't even tell me that he did it. How did you find o? From someone else. And I came he, cause I had to thank him. To his face. My son is a good man. I'm sure he would have helped anyone in need. I'm sure too. I did what I came here to do, so I will leave you two alone. It was nice to finally meet you. Uh, just so you know, she's...not a hugger. Yeah. I noticed that. When I told you what you said was true, I meant that it was accurate. EJ did read my dad's book, and he said all the right things about it. He used my dad's book and how he thought about it in his perspective to... get to me. So Chad did the same thing he did. No, not in the beginning. Chad... Chad knew the book was coming out and... he got me a copy of it when it was still in galleys. And that meant the world to me. He read the book himself and...he honestly loved it. So you and Chad... you were in a good relationship back then. I-I thought so. Yeah. Till another guy was interested in me and...

[Sighs] Chad... ch-chad lied about something really important and terrible to get the other guy to back off. He was...pretty desperate to hold on to you, uh? I don't know. So if you hadn't... found out about that lie, would you still be with him? I don't know that either. Okay, then I guess what I asking you, Abigail.. is Chad the reason y don't want to move in with me? You need to convince me that you won't double-cross me... and then we'll talk. And in the meantime, I have to wait for the diamonds. It's called leverage. You told me we could wrap this up today. And I want that as much as you do. But you need to convince me that I can trust that you will deliver what I have asked because right now, I don't.

[Phone rings]

Go ahead. Take your call. You sure? Oh, it's better than you sitting there making me even madder than I am right now. Trust me.

[Phone ringing]

You think about how we can resolve this.

[Eales] Looks like you're having the same kind of day I am. So tell me, how are you, honey? Are you having any fun at all, or are you just spending all your time studying? Well, I told you JJ and I had a date last night. Yeah, well, how'd that go? Good. We went to the movies. Nice. What'd you see? Did u go out afterwards or...what? Mom, I, uh... what? It's just weird to hear you sound so gung-ho about me going o with JJ. Honey, I told you that I was gonna give me a chance, didn't I? And you're keeping your promise. Thank you. You don't have to thank me, sweetheart. Your happiness is all that I care about. Maybe I-I should have called, 'cause Nicole looked really upset when she left. Well, she was upset before you got here. Look, you know, don't worry about it, though. Okay, so... so why'd you want to s me? It's about that coat of mine you borrowed, about Paige, maybe even about Eve. Am I right to think that you and I ought to... talk about all that?

What's so wrong with your day? ...I don want to butt in. , You're not. Is your bad mood got something to do with this, uh, guy you ld me you were seeing? Why is it when a woman is upset a guy always assumes it about a guy? - Is it? - S. My rotten day is because of him. So sit. Tell me about it. Come on. I'm a great listener, and you seem pretty good at talking ugh... you know, I was thinking. Maybe you and JJ and I could have dinner one night. What do you say? And you know what. We could even invite Jennifer if she's up for it. Don't you think that's pushing it a little? Well, maybe, but listen. If we had to wait for Jennifer to make the move, it might not ever happen and -honey. I just want you to know that... I'm willing, okay? That's all.

[Phone rings]

Oh! Wonder what I needed to be reminded of... oh dentist. - Oh, do you have to go? - Yes, honey. Actually, I do, but we will see each other later, okay? Love you. Hey, Paige. Ms. Larson. I can cancel that appointment if you want. It's okay, I'm good. Okay. Can I talk to you for just a minute? Not you're gonna call me stupid again. That's the last thing I want to say to you. I mean that. Well make mistakes, JJ. The important thing is how you deal with them. How u try to make things right. Hey, I don't like thinking what I'm thinking. But I saw the y u looked yesterday when I tried to talk to you. I see the way you look now. I'm not gonna spell it out for you, JJ. I wanna he it... from you. What you're thinking is right. Went to bed with Eve.

[Sighs] Look, Ben... I was...I was touched when Chad told he me found that piece online about my dad's book. He sent me the quotes and some other ones... and it was really sweet. Thoughtful. Then I started thinking about how he hurt Jordan and... how he hurt me before and again. And how EJ hurt me and what happened with H. Those bastards. Abigail... I would never hurt you like they did. See, that's the thing. I didn't think that you would either until last night. Right. So what do we do now? I'm not sure. Do you know how much I love you? You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. And I realize that I jumped the gun when I asked you to come move in with me. So just...forget I even said it.

[Sniffles] You told me that this whole thing with EJ was in the past, and you said that you could deal with it. I meant that, Abigail. And I'm sure that you did, Ben, when you said . But obviously, you can't. Obviously, it bothers you. What you did with EJ's none of my business. And besides that... EJ's dead. But Chad's here, and I think he's after you. And I'll never be able to trust a thing that guy does. Can you live with that? Did you all this for our anniversary? Where's Arianna? She's out with her uncle ra. He brought by this, uh, this anniversary gift. It's from Gabi. Really? She remembered? That's what I said. - Wanna open the card? - Yeah. "Hey, guys, the first anniversary "being the paper anniversary really limited my options. "And where I am isn't exactly shopper's paradise. "But I did the best I could. Hope you like it. Love you both. Gabi." Oh...look at this. This is amazing. - I really miss Gabi. - Me too. I'm really sorry I didn't leave you a note. I didn't know you were going to go through all this trouble. It's okay. Did you have to go to the club? No. I don't want to lie to you. I went to see Paul. So you two have met. I s about to ask you the same thing. Xander and I worked together in Africa. He was...running an organization that provided aid for the people in our area. That was before I got into pharmaceuticals. - Uh-huh. - Nicole and I just met yesterday. Kind of...ran into each other--literally. Small world, right? I can see that you're busy now. We'll catch up later. Let's do that. So...where were we? We weren't anywhere. Oh, I thought we were getting to be friends. If you're friends with Serena, no way in hell you should be friends with me. Okay. I know I was a jerk yesterday. It's jus.. it freaked me out, you getting back with JJ. But, hey, if you want to be with him, it's up to you. That's right. I really like hanging out with you. I don't have a lot of friends. And I don't want to lose you as one. You won't. We can still be friends. Man... that's awesome. Look, I don't want to screw things up again, but we both know JJ's not gonna be happy with that. I, uh, knew this was coming. But, uh... but it's horrible. I know. I made a huge mistake, but I wasn't in my right mind I thought I'd lost Paige forever. I wasn't thinking. Yeah, obviously. And I couldn't believe I'd done something so stupid, but it just happened. And then I had to start lying to everybody-- you, my mom, and I had to make Paige believe that there was no more chance for us. Did she make you do that? Yeah. Ani reed with her. I mean, what else could I do? But Paige wasn't buying it, and she kept thinking that we could still work things out, and then I had to come up with reasons why we couldn't. And that's what Roxanne was supposed to do-- convince Paige. Yeah. She's just a girl I knew at school. She doesn't care about me any more than I care about her, but I was running out of ways to lie. And it made me sick to be so mean to Paige, but I had to find way to make her know that it was over. Okay, so... why are you back with Paige now? Everything changed. I got, like, a second chance. What happened?

Mom. She figured it all out. About you and Eve? She fixed it so Paige and I can be together again. You think that's all wrong, don't you?

All I can tell you is... that my eyes are wide open about Chad. That's all I can ask for, I guess. Yeah. I didn't expect that at all. I don't know what to expect for us. All I know... is I'm not giving up. Why's Serena going to ca about me being friends with you? Serena and I don't exactly get alg. So? So... she could give y a problem. She and I haven't been in touch for a long time. I'm talking to her now, because I'm thinking she can use her position as a journalist to help my company. But I would love to get your perspective on her. Maybe we could arrange a time where you could... enlighten . I find it hard to be objective about her. Suit yourself. Maybe we could get together and talk about you and me. That sounds much more interesting. Well, my mother always told me never to have a conversation like that until you know the man's last name. Go out with me sometime and maybe I'll tell you. I have to get to work. Well, that's not an answer. Okay. Then how about we'll see. Does that work for you?

[Sighs] I'll take what can get. Well, we'll talk soon, okay? But I ha a class I have to get to. - Awesome - okay, bye. Bye. Now, before I weigh in here, I want to know what you think about keeping something like this from Paige. Well, how do you ink I feel, man? I hate it. Because every time I'm with her, I ink about what I've done and how I'm keeping that from her. But if I tell her the truth... I've already lost her once. I can't deal with that again. Hey...listen, man.

[Phone ringing]

All right, it's ICU. My patient's taken a turn for the worse.

So you have to go. No, we're not done talking about this, though. You never said what you think about me now. Let's not get into that, okay but my feelings aside... I am really worried how easily this could all fall apart. You're thinking about Eve. - Yeah. - I know. But I do know one thing for sure. She can't say anything to Paige because if she does, she'll lose her forever. Okay, if you and your mother really believe you can put all your trust in that woman... I'm afraid you could end up very...very sorry.

[Telephone rings]

What happened? I nailed it.

[Exhales] Good. Well, I think you know what to do next. Thank you. E you l pack? Want to talk about that now? You just met the man that asked me to marry him, and, uh, you know, the man that I still love. That man is married to someone else. They have a child, Paul. You need to let this go. You need to get on with your life and let Sonny and will do the same thing. I mean, they're so obviously in love with one another. How would you know that mom? You just met Sonny. Unless... have you met will? I did a lot of thinking last night. About us? I'm the one that screwed up, Sonny. Not you, and not Paul. And it's time that take responsibility for the things that I did and stop blaming everybody else. I also need to give you time to recover from the things that I did so if you... wanna go see Paul, I'm sure you have go reason for doing it. Chad told me that Paul was the one who donated the blood that saved my life. What? It's true. Paul did it, and he didn't even tell me about it. Neither did my mom. Turns out she knew as well. Well, then I guess we both owe him a thank you. Yeah, I was hit pretty hard when I found out. Why wouldn't you be? Without that transfusion, you might not be with us right now. Yeah. Couldn't just do nothing. I had to go see him and thank him in person. Of course. And the next time I see him, I'll also make a point to thank him. My God, I could have lost you. Thank you for seeing it like I do.

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