Days Transcript Friday 3/27/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/27/15


Episode #12557 ~ A clue from Brady fuels Melanie's suspicions; Theresa receives an unpleasant surprise; Daniel confronts Jennifer about Eve & JJ; Paul confesses to Sonny.

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[Sighs] Okay, Daniel. First you blow me off. Then you don't return my texts. You'd better make it up to me later.

Hey, Brady.

Brady: Hi.

Hi. I heard you were attacked last night. What happened?

Brady: It's not a big deal.

No, really?

Brady: No.

'Cause I heard they kept you overnight at the hospital. Are you okay?

Theresa: that's what I want to know. Okay, so... Clint took blood from you and Brady. Why would Clint do that?

Maxine: I thought your shift was over. It is. Then you'd better get out of here before someone puts you back to work. I will do that. Um...


How was your vacation?

Too short.

Sorry about that. But I'm glad you're back.

Um, also, I need some advice.

What was your fault? All right, what's going on with you and Sonny?

I really don't want to talk about it, T.

All right, I was only the best man at your wedding. I guess it's none of my business.

I'll put it this way. We're coming up on our first anniversary, and nobody feels like celebrating right now.

God. Will, if there's anything I can do to help--

thank you, but Sonny and I have to work this out ourselves, and we will, as long as certain people stop trying to interfere in our lives.

I've been doing some thinking, and I'm probably more responsible for what happened between will and me than I thought. And I'm ready to own it.

We've been through all this, Paul. Unless you somehow made will have sex with you,

yeah, see, that's the thing, Sonny. In a way, I did.

What-- Paul, come on.

Just let me explain.

You said you saw will earlier. What did he say to you to make you feed me this crap?

Nothing important. He just made me realize--

for god's sakes, what did he say?

Look, he didn't even mean to say anything, he--

just tell me, or this conversation's over.


[Sighs] He said... why would you want him when you could have me?

Why the hell did you drag me here? It's, like, totally out of my way.

Well, I'm so sorry to inconvenience you, Cole.

Look, it's just, I don't know what you want with me.

Well, it's actually very simple. That is, if you are genuinely interested in dating my daughter.

Well, yeah.

Well, then, I'll find a way to help you, because anyone--even you-- is better for Paige than JJ Deveraux.

JJ, what's wrong?

Nothing, nothing. I'm just wondering what you said to Daniel earlier.

I-I told him you and I were trying to work things out.

And that was it?

Well, no, we also talked about my mom.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do. I can see it in your eyes.

Come on, Jenn, you don't have to play games anymore, 'cause I know the truth about JJ and eve.

How do you think you're gonna help me with Paige? '

Before we get into that, we need to get something very clear here. No one, no matter what happens, can find out that we are working together. You got it?

[Laughs] Working together?

No, especially Paige.

Do you understand?

Yeah, sure.

Cole, look at me. I mean it.

You can trust me.

Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Why were you talking to Daniel about your mom?

Well, it was just a stupid misunderstanding.

So everything's okay?


Look, why are we talking about my mom and Daniel? I was hoping you wanted to talk about us.

I do. I really do, yeah.


Are you cold?

We don't have to sit around here.

Uh, we could go to your place.

Yeah, sure. Let's go. Okay. Thanks.

Whatever you think you know is none of your business.

Okay, Jenn, look. I understand you're trying to protect JJ, but I know what he did.

Are you really--are you really going to keep pretending?

My God, you are talking to me.

Jenn-- Paige told me. Paige told me that eve was sleeping with somebody, a guy who had a brown leather coat like mine. Paige thought, for a while, that it was me.

Oh, my gosh.

But what she didn't know is that JJ borrowed that jacket from me. Of course, I didn't tell Paige. But now I understand why JJ reacted the way he did when I tried to give him my coat. My God, he didn't even want to touch it. He doesn't want to be reminded of that night. But, Jenn, if he is getting back with Paige, if he's keeping one very important truth from her--

Daniel, I need you to leave this alone.

Okay, please stop, stop.

Please, I want you--

stop stonewalling me. I am trying to help you. Because if this is going the way I think it is, I'm not sure you truly thought this through.

Oh, look what the cat dragged in.

Too bad it didn't get your tongue too. Why don't you drag yourself out of here?

I'm having a private conversation with my friend.

Well, you're not anymore, bitch, because I--

Brady: enough. Go to your respective corners, please.

Thank you. I would like to have a conversation with Theresa, though. Alone.


Nic, just...

okay, fine. I'm going, I'm going.

You look pale. Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm just a little achy. That's all. I was out partying with my boyfriend last night pretty hard.

Surefire hangover cure. Mm.

I hope you're being careful.

As if you care.

I do care.

Well, it's not like I was totally wasted. And my memory might be a little fuzzy, but I distinctly recall your darling Melanie banging on my door, assuming that it was my fault you were in the hospital.

I'm sorry about that. I know that you had nothing to do with it.

So what happened?

I don't know, ther-- it was a random act of whatever. It doesn't matter. You don't need to worry about it.

But you're sure you're okay?


Well, good. Because I don't want your crazy girlfriend showing up at my place a third time.

[Laughs] What do you mean, a third time?

Hmm. Wow, sounds like someone's keeping secrets from you.

Okay, um... you have to promise me that you won't say anything to anybody.

About what?

Are you in some kind of trouble?


Well, then, this is about work?

No. Not--I'm--

well, what is going on?

That's the thing I wish I knew.

Somebody's causing problems with you and Sonny? Who is he? 'Cause I'll go and talk to him.

T, no.

[Chuckles] Like I said, when it comes down to it, this is-- it's mostly my fault.

Okay, but not totally your fault.

[Sighs] Is it--does that mean-- is there another guy?

No way.

Will, Sonny loves you. He wouldn't cheat on you, not in a million years.

No. He wouldn't.

Oh, my God. You said this is your fault. Sonny didn't cheat. You did.

Why would will say that?

He didn't mean to. He just kind of blurted it out.

But it's ridiculous. He has to know I don't care you're a famous athlete.

Used to be a famous athlete.

Whatever. It has nothing to do with how I think of you.

I know. But look, Sonny, when will came to see me, I realized... look, will and I were both there. But what happened... it was more on me than it was him.

Why would you say that? You're not the one married.

Look, my entire life, I dreamed about playing in the majors because I loved the game. You know, sure, I wanted to be rich and famous and all that. But you don't think about...


Look, okay. In the, uh-- in the locker rooms, the guys used to talk about how easy it was to score. I mean, people look at you differently. When you're playing in the big leagues, they just do.

Will's not a huge baseball fan.

Doesn't matter. I mean, what I did... it was kind of instinctual. Look, I'm a--I'm a celebrity. Okay, I turn on the charm, and I'm used to getting what I want. And this time, I used it to get will into my bed.

 It''s really complicated.

Yeah. Wow, um, I know you guys were under a lot of pressure when he was spending time and money to open up the new club. Is that when this happened?

T, I really can't get into all the gory details right now.


It's still too painful. But what I did, it was totally wrong, and I might lose Sonny because of it. And Ari might lose one of her daddies, and that's all you need to know.

Wow. I knew something was going on with Sonny. He tried to hide it, but I've never seen him so sad. Sorry, I'm not really-- not really helping, am I?

[Chuckles] It's okay. I don't think anybody can make me feel any worse than I already do. I broke Sonny's heart. I hate myself for it.

Come on, Paul. Yes, you're an all-star pitcher. You're worshipped by fans across America. But that doesn't mean that you can magically make someone sleep with you. Will had a choice, and he chose to cheat on me with you.

Okay, I get that. But when we were together, I mean, do you remember how it was? I mean, you saw it, didn't you?

Saw what?

How we would always get the best tables in restaurants. We didn't even have to pay half the time.

What does that have to do with anything?

And all the women that would come over and flirt. I mean, you know, they would drop their hotel room keys on the table.

Yeah, well, I was never worried about them.

Yeah, well, little did they know, right? [Sighs] I mean, it's just, the minute that I saw will... [Sighs] I could just see he looked at me like all those women did, and I knew I could take advantage of that. I could use that. And so I did.

Yeah, Melanie stopped by yet again this morning.


I don't know, I was kind of out of it, but she was just yapping like a Chihuahua. [Babbling] Anyway, I don't really know, but it probably has something to do with that text that I sent you, so...

oh, yeah? What text?

Oh, you didn't get it? Wow. You know, I bet that little bitch-- [Chuckles] Get it? Bitch. Chihuahua? Anyway, I bet she got it and deleted before you read it.

That's interesting. Uh, what did it say?

Uh... I mean, just, basically-- look, I was curious about what happened to you, okay? And I think that Melanie got it, and she misinterpreted it. You know, she has a crazy anger issue. You better hope that she's got her rabies shot.

Yeah. I got to go.

Okay, so I think something strange is going on with someone that I know, but I don't have any proof about it. And I'm--I'm worried that if I keep digging, that I'm going to cause problems with this person, and they already are not my biggest fan.

This "other person" doesn't happen to be Theresa Donovan, does it?

How did you know that?

[Snorts] Sweetheart, she isn't anybody's fan. My advice, steer clear. You know what her initials stand for? Trouble and drama.

Clever. Um, okay, so if I don't-- I mean, if I don't do anything, what if she gets hurt?

What do you mean?

Her boyfriend is bad news.

Not your problem.

Right? I thought-- I mean, I thought so too. It's not, but it's becoming my problem because I'm starting to think that they're dragging Brady into this.

JJ, I really do feel lucky that I get this fresh start. Not just with you but with my mom too.

Your mom? Does-- does this have to do with what we were talking about earlier? What you were talking to Daniel about?

 Um... you know, I guess I can tell you about it.


You've been so open and honest with me about everything. I owe you the same. I was talking to Daniel about something that happened last fall, in November. I found out my mom hooked up with some guy.

I don't like what you're implying.

I bet you don't. But tell me I'm wrong.

Look, if you think you're helping JJ by keeping this a secret from Paige, I mean, do you honestly think this eventually won't come out? I mean, do you honestly think this won't turn into a disaster?

For Paige, JJ, you!

You know what I think? I think you just need to back off, just--

know what? You know what? It's too late to ask me that. You made it my business when you asked me to find out what was going on with JJ, what were his problems. And now that I know--

you don't know anything, Daniel.

Jennifer, I care so much...

you have know idea really what's going on. About you and your family.

 I am not trying to make this worse. I am trying to make it better. Don't--don't shut me out. Please.

I'm sorry, but you are wrong about all of this, and I need to go.

What's going on?

What are we talking about here, Melanie? Do you suspect that this boyfriend of Theresa's has committed a crime?

Melanie: I don't know. I don't know. Like I said, he's done something shady, but I don't have any proof or anything that I could take to the police that wouldn't have them laughing me out of there.

Have you talked to Brady about this?


Why not?

Because I promised him I would butt out, and I did. And then this happened.

Listen, if you think this is affecting him, doesn't he deserve to know?

Yeah. Yes, yeah. Yes, he does. I mean, I don't want to lie to him, even if it's nothing.

Who would I tell that Paige's mom had to help me get a date with her? I just want a shot with her, okay?

Why do you?

You got a low opinion of your daughter, don't you?

No, I have a low opinion of you, sweetheart.

Yeah, so do most people. But Paige isn't like them. She's smart, but she's not stuck-up. She doesn't judge people, which is how she ended up with a jerk like JJ. You know, not to sound conceited, but I would treat her so much better than he ever has.

Well, you know what? I will think about that.

You dragged me up here to tell me that you got to think about it?

Well, I'm coming up with a plan, okay? And when I can help you, I will contact you. In the meantime, we never spoke. You got it?

Yeah. I got it.

[Door opens and closes]

[Sighs] This could work. Or it could be the biggest mistake of my life.

Why, um... why were you talking to Daniel about this?

Well, it's kind of a long story. Um... I told you before how my mom has a hard time being without a man.


Well, back in November, she was in a really tough place. She just realized that she couldn't have the surgery on her vocal cords, so she'd never be able to sing again.


And that night, when I came home, I realized that she had hooked up with some guy. And he was still in the other room.

Eve: something has happened. Yeah, something-- something terrible, sweetheart. And there's-- there's no reversing it.

How did you know that someone was--

Well, I'm getting there. My mom was acting so strange, and I could tell that she was, you know, just trying to make up reasons to get me out of the apartment. Also, I saw the guy's coat in the kitchen.


Yeah. And it looked just like this one that Daniel has.

S-so you thought that Daniel hooked up with your mom?

Yeah, but it wasn't. It was someone else.

You're sure?

Yeah, that's why I was talking to him. I felt bad for ever thinking...


Anyway, apparently, it was some other guy who just happened to have the same coat. That's weird, right? JJ. JJ, are you okay?

[Sighs] Did I come at a bad time?



Nicole, come on in, because I was just leaving.

Thank you.

No. You are staying.

Well, which one is it?

You must think I'm total scum.

Mm, you made a mistake.

Yeah, that's one word for it. [Sighs] Hope that Sonny understands that it meant nothing.

It didn't, right?

No! It didn't.

Okay. Then I really think you're gonna be okay. You know, couples go through this stuff all the time.

Or they don't.

Okay. But look at your mom. EJ cheated on your mom, then she stole his company and had him sent to jail, and before you know it, they're getting married. You know, and they would've lived happily ever after if--if EJ, you know, didn't die.

[Phone vibrates]

Oh. Hold on. Oh, it's the club. Maybe it's Sonny. Hello, it's Tad.

[Customers speaking at once]

T, sorry to call you on break, but the espresso machine's down, and I've got a huge line.

Tad: Um, can't Sonny fix it?

He left.

Tad: Really? Where'd he go?

What are you saying? That I should give him a free pass because he was starstruck about bagging an all-star pitcher?

I'm saying that maybe you should just give him a break. Look, I told you before, I was the one who came onto him, and I came on really strong.

You didn't know he was married.


So I guess it was just impossible for him to resist your celebrity charm?

Look, I know it may sound ridiculous, but you've been there. I mean, it may have been-- it may not even have been a conscious thing, but, I mean, you got to admit it, Sonny, that's part of the reason why you were attracted to me in the first place. What? You don't remember? The first time we met at that party in San Francisco. In about half an hour, we were already making out on the rooftop of that building. You think that would've happened if I would have been a total stranger?

You were a total stranger. Paul, when I first met you, I had no idea who you were.

I am so glad you're home. I am having the most unexpectedly terrific day.

Really? 'Cause you look like hell.

Yeah, I've just been battling this hangover that I can't quite kick. But between this and what just happened with Brady, I-- you know, I am feeling a lot better, eve.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for caring. Okay, look, see, Brady got sick or something and ended up in the hospital. But he's okay, but Melanie flipped out and blamed me.


Because she's insane. Why else? She keeps coming over to my house and making trouble.

For no reason?

I mean, okay, the second time might have been because of this text I sent Brady.


But who cares? He never saw it, and anyway, when I told him about it today, I could tell that it really bugged him.

Theresa, is there a point to all of this?

Yes! Look, Melanie is clearly jealous of me, which means I am finally winning.

Thanks for coming.

Yeah, no, I actually wanted to talk to you about something too.

Um, can I get a glass of water or something?

Help yourself.

Okay. Um, I guess I probably should have told you this before.

Yeah, I know. Theresa told me.

She did?

Yeah, I know that you went over to her place right after we discussed that you were gonna stay away.

Okay, well, the only reason I went over there--

Melanie, come on. Come on. I love you. I love you. You know I do. But this has got to stop.

Yeah, I'm fine. I-- I just don't know what to say.

It's awkward, I know.

That's why I didn't mention it to you till now. I feel awful for thinking that Daniel would take advantage of my mom like that that night. I mean, she was in such a vulnerable place, and...

so--so you talked to Daniel about all this today?


The coat and everything?


What'd he say?

Well, he was really understanding. Um, but I don't know. He kind of seemed a little upset.

Oh. Um, speaking of Daniel, though, I totally forgot he arranged for me to observe this doctor, Dr. Crowley, in the or this afternoon, so I should probably go scrub in.

But, um, I'll still, uh, see you tonight for the movie, right?

Sounds good. Um, you pick and let me know when?

Will do.

Okay. Bye.

I'm--I'm sorry, Nicole, but I'm afraid you're gonna have to leave.

Jennifer and I aren't finished.

Jennifer seems to think so. Is she the reason you didn't call me back?

Okay, this really isn't the time.

What? But I came all the way over here so that I could talk to you. Well, if you'd called, I could've saved you the trouble.

Well, if you had called me back, then maybe I--

[Door slams]

Seriously? You know, that really wasn't necessary.

And I'm just gonna say this one thing, and then the subject is closed. Sometimes we want to go back and we want to change our choices and our behaviors, but we can't do that. We have grown apart. We are moving forward with our separate lives, and I thought you accepted that.

Okay, Jenn--

so you need to let me and my family get on with our lives without your interference. Do you understand that?

Oh, my God. Is Daniel trying to get back together with her?

He left? We're always slammed after lunch.

If Paul Narita came to see me, I'd leave too. Of course, I'm not exactly his type...

he left with Paul Narita?


Um, Brenda, I'll be there as soon as I can.


Sonny left with Paul? Yeah, why are you freaking out? [Gasps] Oh, no. Don't tell me that's the guy that you--

I-I--yes. There's nothing between me and Paul, but Paul is in love with Sonny.


Yeah, I told you it's complicated. Now I have to go.

You think this is a good idea? What--what about Ari?

Just--she's with the sitter.

Um, okay, well, maybe we should just-- just come with me! Come on! All right. All right.

[Chuckles] Come on, Sonny. You knew exactly who I was.

Why? Because everyone did?

Well, yeah.

Baseball's not very popular in Dubai. I might have heard your name a couple times.

Yeah, but you acted like--

like I wanted to get to know you?


So--so you thought the only reason I'd hook up with you is because you're famous? Do you know how insulting that is?

That's not what I meant. I didn't mean that you were trying to use me. I mean, it's like I said. I get used to people recognizing me and trying to make me... you know, make me happy. Unless they're red sox fans.

[Chuckles] You never told me that you didn't know who I was.

That's because when I found out, I felt like an idiot. Paul, you being a major league baseball player never mattered to me. Not at all.

[Sighs] I'm the idiot. I always thought that, uh...



No, tell--tell me.

I always thought that was part of the reason why you asked me to marry you.

[Flat] Goody for you.

Wow, thanks for the enthusiasm and support. Look, why are you being such a drag? I mean, more than usual.

Theresa, I've got more important things to do than to sit here and listen to my little sister go on and on about a ridiculous rivalry with Dr. Jonas's daughter, okay? You play dirtier than her, sweetheart, so of course you're winning. Game over. Big deal.

Okay, fine. Well, obviously, you don't care about that, and I am being an imposition, so I should just go. And I should just-- you know what, Clint's probably waiting for me at home.

Wait, Clint? Oh, no, you're not back with that loser, are you?

Better than you're doing, big sis.

I don't know about that.

I do. You're jealous.


You know what? Eve, it would be so nice if you would just be a little bit happy for me for once, but I guess that is just too much to ask.

Theresa, I--

[Door closes]


I had a good reason for going over there.

Because she sent me some text that you intercepted and didn't tell me about?

No, because you had just come back from the hospital. I didn't think you needed to deal with her, and she was being ridiculous, and I didn't want her bugging you.

You should've let me handle it.

Well, I was trying to help!

I understand you were trying to help, but you need to understand that engaging with Theresa makes things worse. Oka-- Mel, I thought you understood that the last time we talked, but maybe I didn't make it clear. The reason Theresa acts out is because--

is because she's still in love with you!

I know. And that's not going to change.

Jenn, I care too much about you and your family to stay out of this. I can't do this anymore. - J-- -


What are you still doing here? Are you trying to get back together with Jennifer? What? Why would you e--

were you eavesdropping? Were you-- Nicole, you had no right to do that.

Oh, really?

Yes, really.

You don't answer my phone calls or my texts. You slam the door in my face, and I'm not supposed to wonder what the hell is going on here?

[Phone rings]

All right, I have no time to talk about this with you.

No, Daniel, don't you dare walk out on me right now.

No, I've got to get to the or.

Daniel! What the--


Oh, hi, sweetheart.

Oh, hi. Sorry, I should've called first. You're on your way out.

No, no, no, no. Come on in.

You know what, I was just gonna run out. I had a little run-in with your aunt Theresa earlier, and I just kind of felt badly about it, so I felt like I needed to go over and find her and smooth things over. But hey, look at you. If you're here, let's have a visit. Forget about Theresa? You know what, I get to see her all the time, and I never get to see you now that you've moved out, so...


tell me what's up.

Actually, I can't stay. I'm on my way to my internship.

Oh. Well, why are you here?

I just wanted to let you know that JJ and I are definitely back together. We even have a date tonight.

Okay. Well, um, honey, if that is what you want, then I'm not gonna stand in your way. And you know what, you can tell the Hortons I said that.

[Sighs] Really?


Thanks, mom. [Sighs] I love you so much.

I love you too, sweetheart.

[Sighs] Hey. Mom, Daniel knows the truth. I am sure of it now.

Yeah, I know he does because I just talked to him.

Oh, my God. What are we going to do?

Daniel, Daniel, we are not finished talking.

Oh, we are for today, and trust me, you don't want to have this conversation until I've had time to cool down. Daniel, thank God you're here. I need you.

All right, all right.

Right now.

[Sighs] You thought I asked you to marry me because you're rich? You didn't think very much of me, did you?

That's not what I meant. It's just... you have everyone screaming your name everywhere you go and your agent and your pr people telling you that you're something special because of what you do. And after a while, y-- you figure that's all anyone else sees. Because that's all that I could see.

Well, I didn't give a damn if you could pitch or not. I didn't care how much money you made. I asked you to marry me because I loved you with all of my heart, and I couldn't imagine my life without you.

[Dramatic music]

You son of a bitch.

Clint, hey. Um, where are you? I-I hope you can come over soon. I miss you.

[Sighs] Oh.

[Chuckles] He left me a love letter this time. "Sorry, baby, you were really wiped out, "and I had to split. "It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end"?

[Scoffs] What the hell? God. How could he do this to me again?

Theresa will move on, and she will get over me. She's done so several times.

Yeah, but she keeps coming back.

Melanie, we went through a lot together when Kristen came back. You have to understand, I didn't treat her very well.

She didn't treat you very well either.

[Sighs] Still, I realize that what I was doing was using her to avoid dealing with Kristen. I mean, I slept with her when I knew it was a mistake, more than once, and it wasn't fair to her at all.

She wasn't really complaining.

Until we thought she was pregnant. She was totally convinced. She had a positive test and everything.

[Dramatic music]

That's right. That's it? The name Mandrake and that he's a doctor? A fertility specialist until he dropped off the face of the planet two years ago. [Gasps] Oh, my God.

[Glass shatters]

Sorr--oh. Are you okay?

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