Days Transcript Thursday 3/26/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 3/26/15


Episode #12556 ~ JJ is surprised when Daniel questions him about something he borrowed; Eve recruits a new ally; Will confides in T about his marriage; Paul tracks down Sonny.

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Okay. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Okay. - What are you doing, Nicole? - Oh. Get your coat and take me to those damn diamonds, now. I'm not kidding around. Move it. - Xander? - Eric, oh, my God. - What a surprise. - Yeah.


[Sighs] So this is it? You're just gonna avoid me from now on? Sonny married you, remember? You! Because you said no! Come on, you can't believe that to be true! Why--why would Sonny want me if he could have you? JJ, how you doing? Hey, uh, I'm just returning the coat I borrowed last night. You know what--no, man, I don't want that thing. I ruined everything. And I threw away everything good. And now, it's just there's--there's no excuses, and there's no place to go, you know?

(Paige) it's pretty clear that someone was in her bedroom, and, uh, that coat was in the kitchen. She didn't expect me to come home, and she did not want me to find out who that man was. Oh, my...God.

(Paige) are you okay? Seriously, you seem really upset. You still want something from me. What the hell is it, Eve?

Eve: I want you to stay away from my daughter. - Yeah, it's not gonna happen. - Get your hands off my son. Right now.

I'm really sorry. Sorry? About, uh-- I'm just so embarrassed that I said anything about my mom. You know, that she hooked up with someone, and I thought you were over at the apartment that night, and-- no, no, no, it's-- that's not what I'm upset about. - Uh, at all. - Okay. Just glad we--we cleared the air and now you know uh, I-I wasn't there. - Yeah. - Yeah, yeah. I guess I'll never know who my mom was with that night. You needed this? Yeah, thanks. I have class. Don't be late. Are you out of your mind? Marlena, do you practice? What does that mean? Sneaking up on people. I mean, I hate giving you a compliment, but you're really good at it. Oh, I just simply walked by and stopped, but I didn't get an answer. What are you doing? It's none of your business. How's that for answer? - Come on. - Just like old times, huh? The three of us together again. It is, although it's hardly the Congo. Right, no elephants crashing through, tearing up the place. What in the world are you doing in Salem? You know, I think I'll let Serena explain that to you.

 I needed this for work. I wasn't trying to avoid you. You were working at the club until it closed, and-- and then you were up at the gym at the crack of dawn. Then you go straight back to work again. It just seems like someone's avoiding something. I texted you four times, and you had no response. Yeah, I'm just--I'm not really in the mood for texting. You know, a smiley face isn't gonna fix what's wrong. We're not gonna fix anything unless we communicate. Sonny, our marriage is in trouble, and we have to start talking things out. When I'm ready, I'll... - oh, babe. - I'll talk. Baby, I thought that you were ready. Isn't that why you came back from Arizona? I came back because of the club. Uh, Sonny's not here right now. Is there something I can do for you? Do you really think you have to investigate Serena again? Who says I am? Look, I know you and Serena have had your differences since she came to Salem. I know the major reason for that is my son. But some of your fights have been very public. She might decide to press charges. You know, Marlena, you pride yourself on knowing everything, but maybe in this one teeny, tiny instance, you don't. 'Cause, you see, that bitch isn't the saint that people say she is.

(Serena) come on, Xander. You can explain it much better than I can. Tell Eric. Let me guess, you're fund-raising. No, no, no. Those days are over, I'm afraid. Right now, I'm running a small pharmaceutical company called Randor-Lewis. I was hoping to get Serena to write an article about one of our latest drugs. Well, you couldn't have found a better writer. Why didn't you tell me he was coming to town? You sure you're okay? Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm-- I'm just thinking about a, uh-- about a patient. Oh, right. I thought maybe you were kind of ticked off at me. No. I'm--I'm not. Okay. - Paige. - Oh, yeah. I'm, uh... I'm sorry that you were so confused. Yeah, obviously I was. Um, it was really a bad time, you know. I walked in on my mom that night, and then almost right after that, things started getting weird with JJ. It was like everything went wrong at once. Yeah, well, you know what? When you-- when you care about someone and things are going bad... anyway, I'm--I'm sorry. - Thanks. - Yeah. But it's okay. We're good now. Excuse me?

[Both laugh] Oh, um, I wasn't going to tell you at first, 'cause it's still kind of new, but since you've always been in my corner--our corner-- yeah, what are you talking about? Well, it's not solid yet, but I think we're going to be fine, so I guess I can tell you. JJ and I are back together. I don't know what you think that you heard, Jennifer. You were to stay away from my son. That was part of the deal. Ugh, it's more like your endless string of demands that you keep throwing at me. No, it was crystal clear. You were to stay away from him. So what do you do? You come to the university, and you hang out with him in the student lounge, where Paige could walk in at any moment and see the two of you? Okay, why don't you get to your point? Oh, the point is really simple. If the deal is off, I go find Paige, and I tell her the truth. Right now. Is that what you want?

Wow. It's good to know where I stand. Will, it's not that. When my uncle Vic opened that place on the west side, my business suffered. When I talked to t, he was really nervous about the club and his job. So I decided I better come home. To the club, not to me. Please do not twist this into something it's not. So you talked to t but not one phone call to me. You send all my calls to voice mail? I wasn't ready to talk to you yet. Yet or never? Look, when I decided to come back because of the business, I thought we could try in person. Then let's do that. Sonny, we can do that. Let's work through this. I know we can. No, you know what, we have to be realistic. Maybe it's too soon. I mean, the minute I get home, we start arguing. Yeah, but that's because you saw Paul, and I misunderstood, but, Sonny-- no, it's still raw, will. It still hurts too much. Okay, um...when? I gotta get back to the club. Is Sonny off today, or--or is he coming in later? Uh, he actually left about 20 minutes ago. He might be back soon. Um, I could take your name and number and pass along the message, if you want. Uh, naw. Thanks, no message. Okay, let's say you're right, and Serena's not who she pretends to be-- no way. Oh, my, Marlena Evans actually admitted I could be right?

[Laughs] Okay, if you're right, it is still none of your business. Look, if--if she's not who Eric thinks she is, he'll discover that on his own. I hear you're moving on with your life with Daniel. But the person who told me that must be mistaken, because you are still so stuck on Eric. Okay, you know what, this conversation is based on the idea that you know what I was doing on my computer, and you don't know a damn thing. Let Eric go. It's best for him. It's best for Daniel, but mostly, Nicole, it's best for you.

[Sighs] No, no, no. Don't blame Serena, Eric. When I showed up, I caught her completely off guard, didn't I? I'm actually in town on other business, but I heard that she was in Salem doing a medical research project, so I decided to pop by and surprise her.

[Laughs] Well, it looks like you succeeded. I hear you've gone back into photography. - I have. - That's great. You always did such terrific work, and frankly, I thought you were wasted on the priesthood. Oh, no offense. It's just, you know-- I mean, you two together again. Right. Uh, so I'm gonna think about your offer, Xander. It's intriguing, but we'll see. Thanks for coming by. What, you're throwing me out? No, no, no, no. Of course not. No, actually, I am. Mm, uh, you and-- you and JJ are-- yeah, amazing, isn't it, after everything that's happened? Yeah, yeah, I thought you said something about another... oh, oh, yeah, he was seeing this other person, but he broke it off. It's kind of complicated, but, you know, we're working on getting past all the, you know, stuff. - Yeah. - It's going great, though. Uh, I should say thanks, by the way. Thank you for... you told me not to settle. That really stuck with me. I was sort of using Cole to get over JJ, and it's not cool to use someone like that. No, no, it, uh-- it isn't. Well, we should get going, so you can work. - Yes, yes. - Come on, parker. - You ready to go to the park? - Okay. You...come here. Okay, listen, you be a good boy for her, okay? - And I will see you later. - Aw, he's... please, he's always good. Aren't you, parker? Mm. All right, come on. All right, come on. Mwah. All right. See ya, buddy. Come on. - All right. - Hop up. You're not gonna fly. Come on. All right, you can start being a good boy, like, say, right now. - All right, let's go. - Yeah. What am I supposed to do, Jennifer, just be thrilled that JJ is gonna destroy my daughter's life? Oh, okay, so you're saying that you're not gonna stick to what we agreed? Okay, that's fine, really. I'll just do what I need to do. The good news is, you get what you want because Paige will never let JJ anywhere near her. But the bad news is, you lose your daughter. And I am done.

(Eve) w-- what are you doing? Just calling Paige.

 Stop. Just...I don't want that. Okay, so the deal's on. Yes. All of it. Yes. Good, 'cause next time, I'm not going to threaten to call Paige. I'm just gonna call her 'cause I cannot live like this, constantly worried about what you're gonna do next. Well, it won't happen again, all right? Promise you, I won't be alone with JJ, not without you or Paige. Never alone. Just... I can't lose my daughter. She's all I have. I thought you said you had class. Got cancelled. So how'd it go between you and Eve? Tell me what she wanted to talk to you about when she was just here. Mom, she just showed up, okay? And then started in on how I wasn't supposed to see Paige, and then you walked in. Seriously, half the time, she's totally wacko. And she could tell Paige. She can just blurt it out at any time. No, no, she won't, because she's gotten the message that, if she talks, she loses her daughter. So you're not gonna have to worry about her anymore. Seriously? Yeah. So go find Paige and have some fun. Okay, but she's babysitting parker. Well, maybe she wants some company. - I love you. - I love you too.

[Sighs] It's just that I have an awful lot to do today. I'm sure you understand. Of course. Got it. Hey, how long are you in town? I mean, we should all have dinner together. Oh, sounds like a plan. So much to catch up on. Africa was a long time ago, but friendships never die, right, Serena? No, true friendships never do. Here's my card. Just drop me an email with your info when you get a chance, okay? Yeah, I will.

(Serena) thanks for coming. We'll be in touch. Oh, we definitely will. So long, Eric. - We'll talk. - You bet. You okay? I mean, I'm sorry if I interrupted. You seemed a little unsettled. I'm fine. Well, Xander certainly dropped in out of the blue, didn't he? Is that what made you so tense? Oh, no, not that so much. You know, I just... I never really liked Xander as much as you did. Now I know why Eric is hung up on Serena. She's just like his mother, sugary on the outside and poison on the inside.


[Sighs] What the hell am I doing? So there's something sketchy about the bitch. Why am I the one who has to get the truth?

[Dramatic music]

Oh, my goodness. Did Marlena actually give me good advice? And it is not right for me to be with you and play second fiddle to Eric. You're not playing second fiddle. I've told you again and again, it is over-- Nicole, I care about you so much that I need us to be honest, completely honest with each other and ourselves. Okay. "Want to clear the air. Come see you?"

[Kettle whistles]

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Knocking on door]

Hey, man. Hey, JJ, uh, come-- come in. All right. My class got canceled, so I'm free for the rest of the day. Is Paige in the back with parker? No, she took him to the park. Oh, okay. Yeah, she told me that you guys got back together. Yeah, yeah, I just-- I didn't-- I was gonna tell you sooner. I just didn't want to jinx it, you know? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Things are good now, though. I'm just really happy. Yeah, uh, what about this-- what about this other girl that you were with, uh... - Roxanne? - Yeah. You know, yeah, we just cut it off. We weren't really right for each other. But you knew her when you went to school in London? Yeah. Uh, it's just strange, you know, when I talked to your mom after I had seen you, she told me there was no way you two would ever get together. Well, she was wrong. Yeah, but it's no biggie. It's not important anymore. Is there a problem? JJ, you know, um... if there is, you can talk to me about it.

- Hey. - T. Yeah, I'm on my break, so... oh, okay. Just wanted to check on my friend. That's not a problem, right? No, no, it's great to see you. Yeah, you know we haven't been in the same room since you got back from la, right? Yeah, that's a long time, bro. It is--it is. Yeah, while Sonny was gone, I always figured you'd stop by the club and say hello, but you never showed. Well, you know how it is, you know, with Arianna and trying to get some writing done. Hey, we've known each other since we were kids. What's going on with you and Sonny? Can you cover for me for just a couple minutes? Sure. No problem. You shouldn't have come here. I know, but I couldn't get ahold of you on the phone. Look, will came to see me. Sonny, I think we should talk. Not here. I never knew you felt that way about Xander.

[Laughs] Don't worry about it. I mean, I like him okay. He just-- he shows up here unannounced to talk about that article, and you just have to remember how pushy he can really be sometimes. Well, he was a fund-raiser.

[Scoffs] They always have to push. Never take no for an answer.

[Chuckles] Do you know what? I think the reason why he is here could involve you. - What? - Well, at least I hope so. I mean, if he decides to get you involved in the company he's heading up. Oh, that. Yeah. I mean, it's always a possibility for you to stay in Salem. You're still worrying about that. Yeah, I mean, there's a chance that you could still leave and-- Eric, stop. For me, please. Look, the way things have been going lately, it's looking less and less likely that that's gonna happen. Let's not go there anymore. So sweet of you to come by. Well, actually, I wanted to talk to you about something, and I thought we should do it in person. Okay. Why didn't you tell me you had a run-in with Nicole?

[Sighs] Come on, Daniel, they're texts.

[Phone line rings]

[Cell phone vibrating]

[Exhales] Hello? Daniel, I texted you, like, a dozen times. Okay, Nicole, this really isn't a good time. I'll have to call you back. W--

[Scoffs] Hello again. I was hoping you'd still be here.

[Laughs] Don't go where I can't see you, okay?

[Laughs] Oh, uh, hey, Cole. Hey. That's that doctor's kid, right? Parker. Um, how are you doing? Relax. - I'm okay with you and JJ. - Okay. Again. Yeah, at least you told me and didn't just stop answering my texts. I'm glad you're okay with it. Yeah, I am, but, uh... but? You know, you're so smart. All as, phi beta whatever, and... so how can you be so dumb?

[Sighs] Bitch. "I can't live like this, Eve, worried what you're gonna do next."

[Sighs] Tell you what I'm gonna do next. I'm gonna do whatever it takes, sweetheart. You can count on it. You are my daughter. Oh, but I gotta do something. Just--but I can't set off any alarms because Jennifer will tell Paige in a heartbeat. I gotta come up with something new. Plan B. A very subtle, foolproof plan B.

[Exhales] Oh, gram. Oh, how I wish you were here. You would know exactly what I should do. I just love JJ so much, and I want to help him, but what if I'm doing the wrong thing? You know, you--you should have taken the call, man. I'm gonna take-- I gotta get going. Well, I didn't take it because I think it's more important that we talk about this person that, uh, that you were hooking up with. What? No, I told you, we--we broke it off. I don't know what mom said to you about Roxanne. She wouldn't believe you were even dating her. Neither would Abigail, and then suddenly, game over? Broke up? Like I said, we weren't right. Look, I gotta get going, man. I gotta catch Paige at the park. Okay, JJ, you know I care about you, right? And I only want what's best for you. Right. All right, this whole thing about this breakup with Paige was troubling you, it was eating at you, and I told you I was willing to help you, and I still will. Anything you want to tell me about what happened is between us, okay? No, everything's cool. I won't judge you. Daniel, there's just nothing to say, you know? Okay. Okay. Take care. You make it sound like I'm lying or something. JJ, why were you so upset when I offered to give you that leather jacket?

Great. What's Nicole been telling you now? She insists that you had two elephant statues when she ran into you in Daniel's apartment. I knew it. What can I say? I told her that she was wrong. She said you would say that. She can never admit that she's wrong, can she? So she just goes around babbling it to anyone who will listen to her because I am her never-ending target, and we both know why. I don't think she's hung up on me anymore. Fine, then it's, Daniel's not paying enough attention to her or any attention. Whatever.

[Groans] God, this woman just tries to make my life miserable. Maybe I should get an order of protection against her, and it'll make her leave us both alone.

[Chuckles] Well, you know what, I think we should all try and stay civil. No, damn it! Eric, I don't want you listening to her about anything. She's a liar. I see you changed your shirt.

[Chuckles] I did, yeah. I'd really like to pay for the one that I ruined. Oh, no, no, no, no, no. But...


[Chuckles] What? Look, I know where you stand relationship-wise, and I'm down with that. But I'm going to be having dinner with some friends of mine here in town. I'd love it if you'd join us. Possible? You have friends in Salem? Oh, I'd love to introduce you to them. How about you introduce me to you first?

[Chuckles] My name is Xander. Oh. Hello, Xander. Nice to meet you.

[Chuckles] Wow, I'm guessing that slam was about JJ. Paige, you deserve better than some loser who does it with any girl he meets. Cole, don't. I'm not making stuff up here. JJ's nothing but a player. You know what Rory said about him? He said that when JJ was over in England, he had a new girl every week. Well, Rory says a lot of things that aren't true. Did you ever talk to Bev about JJ? He cut her heart out and stomped on it. And what about the latest skank he's been hooking up with? You know, the one he just dumped? Cole, okay, can we not talk about this please? Paige, he's gonna break your heart. He's gonna cheat on you, he's gonna lie to you, and then he's gonna make you think it was all your fault. Stop it, okay? Look, I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I really am. But you don't know what you're talking about. You don't know JJ.

[Chuckles] No, Paige. I do. You're the one that doesn't know him. You know what jacket I'm talking about. Last fall you needed a coat, so you wore my brown leather jacket. I-I wasn't upset when you wanted to give it to me, okay? I just-- just didn't want it. Okay. You take care. Yeah. Bye.

[Phone rings] Hello? Mom, what did you say to Daniel? What? Nothing. Why? He knows. What? Did he say anything? No, not in so many words. But I'm telling you, mom, he knows. He knows everything.

[Clears throat] Does Sonny know you're here? No, I came on my own because I wanted to know what's going on. We haven't connected in months, will. While Sonny was gone, I sent you a couple texts. I asked if you needed help with Arianna, how you were doing, if you wanted to meet up, and you know what I heard back? Nothing, not a word. I feel like I'm losing my best friend. No, no, no, no. And then I asked Sonny how you were doing, and it--it was like... what? I don't know. All I know is, something's wrong.

[Sighs] You're right. And it is all my fault. I can't stay long. I have to get back. Understood. Look, I wouldn't do this if I didn't think it was important. Okay. What's up? Okay, so I've been-- I've been doing some thinking. And, um, and I'm starting to see that, uh, look, I'm probably more responsible for what happened between me and will than I thought. And I'm ready to own it.

[Sighs] We've been through all this, Paul. Unless you somehow made will have sex with you-- yeah, see, but that's the thing, Sonny. In a way, I did.

[Sighs] Oh, boy. Um... I'm sorry about going overboard. I did not mean to lose it like that. It's just, Nicole drives me crazy. Well, I tell you what. Let's not talk about her anymore. That business with the elephant is so unimportant, I just... want you to forget about it. I'm already feeling better.

(Eric) good. Where's that smile?

[Laughs] It's beautiful. One more thing. - Okay? - Okay. I want you to tell me the next time you run into her. I don't want you to worry about her, okay? Believe me, I'm not worried about Nicole. Good. Uh...

[Chuckles] You seriously came back here to find me? It was the only place I knew to look. And you want to introduce me to your friends. Wow. Flattering. But still, I-I can't. I-- I know, I know you're spoken for, and I respect that.

[Sighs] I promise I won't try and change your mind every time I see you. From now on, I'll just give you a friendly hello.

[Chuckles] Although... what? I have to admit, I really hate it when things don't turn out the way I want. I could guess that. I have a meeting, so... right. Take care. Oh, hey. Oh, one thing. Does it happen often? Things not turning out the way you want them to? Ultimately, never.

[Laughing] Well, look at this. Here's my scarf. Oh, hi, Cole. How are you doing?

[Sighs] You don't have to be nice to me anymore, Mrs. Larson. Your daughter dumped me.

[Clicks tongue] Oh, well... hmm. Let's see what we can do about that. Good to see you, Maggie. Bye, parker.

[Clears throat] Hey--surprise. I thought you had class. What did you tell Daniel?

[Knocking on door] I want you to stop bothering JJ right now. I mean it, Daniel. I am so over--

[Door slams] You don't get to tell me what to do, not about this. What are you-- about what? Oh, I think you know. In fact, I am sure you know.

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