Days Transcript Wednesday 3/25/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/25/15


Episode #12555 ~ Paige admits to Daniel that she thought he slept with her mother; Nicole asks Eric for help with Daniel; Serena has a tense encounter; Clint is caught red-handed.

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you deserve better. What I deserve... is to be with someone who isn't afraid of being happy. Y, sh. - Oh! - Oh! I'm sorry, uh... what are those and where's Theresa? Oh, my God. - You're jealous. - No, no, no, no. I am not jealous. Well, you should be. Because that guy knows how to treat a woman. Oh, oh--and I don't? Is that what this is about? You haven't been treating me very well lately. I think we should talk about how we're treating each other. 'Cause what we have going on--where we're going, has nothing to do with that guy. It's been a long time. Not long enough. JJ? Oh, hi. I'm really late for work and I have to get that box into my car and I can't lift it, and it will only take a second and you're really strong, so... I have a mind and soul too, you know. And those are also very nice. Please? - Mm-hmm. - Thank you. And I'll hold the door. - Got it? - Yeah. - Hi--oh! - Careful--oh! Hi. Paige. - Paige. - Yeah. I'm guessing you're not here to see me. - No. - Hey, don't move, okay? - I'll be right back. - Okay. Ow--what the hell? I saw you leaving your apartment. What, are you stalking me? I need to talk to you and hopefully after this, never speak to you again. Finally, something we both can agree on. JJ and Paige got back together last night. Oh, and you just couldn't wait to rub it in my face, could you? I just need to know what you're gonna do about it. I don't have to tell you what I'm gonna do, Jennifer. Then I'll decide what I'm gonna do. - Hey. - Hey. Have you seen Melanie? Yeah, I just saw her upstairs there a little while ago. She said she was coming down here to see you. I wonder where she went. Theresa's sleeping, so why don't you beat it? Okay, why--what are those? Wha--I mean, obviously I know what those are, but why-- why do you have blood samples? Guess what, that's none of your business, bitch. I told you to beat it, so why don't you? Before I lose my temper. (Male narrator) like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

[Soft orchestration]

Okay, fine. You want to talk about how we're treating each other? You keep pushing me away and now some random guy shows a little interest in me, and you get all annoyed. Okay, I repeat--this is not about some random guy. This is about... what, Daniel, what is this about? You're as beautiful and quick-witted as ever, but I really don't have the time. This is business, and we're gonna settle it right now. Okay, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me what's going on and why you have a bunch of vials in your backpack. I had a call this morning, I have to get them to the lab. - You're not a doctor. - I'm a vet, sweetheart. - I had a house call earlier. - Ah, okay. Um...I don't believe you.

Go on in, there's some food in the living room still. There's yogurt and coffee and--help yourself. - Thanks, Abigail. - Yeah, make yourself at home. - Good to see you, Paige. - Yeah, you too. All set. You can get going now. You know, I think I might stay and have a cup of coffee. You said you were running late. Oh, you're so funny. And you are so transparent. Oh, my God, JJ. Your whole face lit up when you saw Paige. Bye, abs. Okay, are you guys back together? What about, um, Roxanne and what about Paige's mom? - What about going? - Fine, I will butt out. - But don't blow this, okay? - Yeah, I sure as hell hope not. I've never wanted anything more in my life. Oh--okay, good luck. Love you. - Thank you for your help. - Mm-hmm. So, hi. Uh, hi. Sorry to just show up like this. No, it's great. No worries. Um, I just wanted to tell you that I talked to Cole. I told him you and I were thinking of getting back together. Oh, how did that go? Uh, it went. He wasn't happy, but I don't really want to talk about Cole. I-I need to tell you about my talk with my mother. Well, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself, Jennifer. Yeah, I spoke to Paige last night and she said that she and JJ were just thinking about getting together. Hmm. Yeah, so I think once Paige actually stops and really thinks, she'll remember that JJ is just trouble waiting to happen. Hmm, well, JJ was very optimistic about them getting back together, as am I, so-- you want me to keep my mouth shut, mm-hmm. Continue to lie to my daughter every time I see her. You've been lying since the first time you took my son into your bed. A lie is a lie, Jennifer. Who told me that? It was you, a long time ago, you know, during my fake marriage to jack. And look at you, you've completely gone full circle here. You're actually encouraging me to lie to my own delight. You know what, I didn't come here for you to tell me how I should live my life. I came here to tell you that it happened. Paige and JJ are back together, so I just want to make sure that you are living up to your promise. Mm...capitulating to a blackmailer's demand I don't think is called a promise. I don't care what you call it, and I don't care what you think. Just know this--I am not gonna wait around for you to go back and forth tormenting me when and how you are going to tell Paige, so unless you promise to let it go forever, I'm gonna find her and I'm gonna tell her myself. An ultimatum? How old-school. You used to have a much lighter touch. Oh, I remember how fond you were of my touch. You do know, don't you, that that was the past? And this business is very much in the present. Yes, as you keep reminding me. I don't appreciate your little friend, Navidad, approaching Eric. And I don't appreciate your other message. Ransacking my room and breaking my elephant statue? I had to make sure that you weren't lying to me. Playing with me. Are you, Serena? Are you playing me? Hey, how are y'all doing? - Fine. - Peachy. I...think I'll get my coffee to go. Well, you were going to explain what this is about. I need to go. Yeah, I need to be home with parker. Wait a minute. We're not done here. Oh, yeah, we are. Daniel? Daniel, wait, stop. Look at me, please. Every time I try to get closer to you, especially physically, you push me away. Well, and you keep pushing back. Well, I have to, otherwise we'll stay stuck in this place forever. Well, then we're gonna be stuck like this together because I am not gonna let you talk me into something that might not be right. And it is not right for me to be with you and play second fiddle to Eric. You're not playing second fiddle. I've told you again and again, it is-- Nicole, I care about you so much that I need us to be honest, completely honest... with each other, and ourselves. And your sheer determination that you and I are gonna make this work does not convince me that you're done with Eric. - What will? - Nothing. Unless it's a reality, unless you actually feel it. And then you will know it. And so will I. It was on the hall table? Why would she leave it there? I looked outside. Her car is gone. Voicemail. Melanie, give me a call. Damn it. Where on earth would she go? Where she always goes when she's built up a head of steam. Who are you calling? Theresa. I don't give a damn what you think. Okay. Theresa? Theresa, I need to talk to you! - Hey! Back down, okay? - Oh... she's sleeping it off, and she needs to. We partied pretty hard last night. She called in sick to the hospital. - Did you do something to her? - No. Well, nothing that she didn't want me to do to her. - Okay. - Just leave her alone, okay? Okay, what else do you have in here? Who the hell do you think you are? - I'm out of here. - Nope, mm--nope, okay. You're really getting on my nerves. Right. (Theresa) what the hell?

 Are you okay? - Yeah, I'm great. Why do you keep showing up here? I was going to ask her the same thing. Well, I saw the text message you sent my boyfriend. Does he know that you go through his private messages? I wonder how bubba over there would feel about what you wrote. See, she may have been partying with you last night and been thinking about you then, but she definitely did not wake up thinking about you. - Oh, you little-- - okay. Are you still drunk? You know what, I just have one hell of a headache and you are making it worse, so just leave. - You heard her. - Do you--okay. Get the hell out. All right, you don't need to touch me. Thank you--hey, wait.

[Grunts] I'm gonna ask one more time. What the hell is going on? Jennifer, come on, wait. Oh, come on. You can't think it's a good thing for those two to get back together. It is not our choice, it's theirs. No, he is gonna break her heart. And the longer this goes on, the more it's going to hurt her. You know how to stop it. God, you're... you're a bitch, because you know that I can't say anything, or I would lose her forever. Good, I'm glad that's settled. Yeah, yeah, it's settled because you've got me backed into a corner, but I can tell you this much. In a new York minute, that relationship's gonna go to hell in a hand basket. And you know why? Because JJ screws up everything that he touches. I am out of here. You know what, I used to think it was because of jack. But I've got a completely different take on it now. JJ's real problem is he's just like you. You--you talked to your mother? About us? I was surprised she didn't have much of a reaction. She just listened. Yeah, she's probably so upset she couldn't even talk. She hates me. She always will. Well, I thought about not telling her, but I had to. I mean, I've been so hard on her and she's really been trying to make things better with us. And there's no hope of that happening if I'm not honest with her. I guess. Come on, JJ, you know I'm right. Look, I know being honest isn't always easy, but it's the right thing to do. Just look at us, now that we've been honest with each other. Right. So, the hardest part of all of this is over. You really think so? I do. It's all over. Except for this. Daniel, I told you again and again that I am over Eric, but you won't believe me. No, I believe you think you're over him. I believe you want to be over him, but I know better. - And I think you do too. - No. - Nicole-- - no. You know what, maybe--maybe this isn't about Eric. It's about Chloe. What? I never really understood what went--what went wrong with you and Jennifer. Did you keep her at an arm's length too? Did you bob and weave to make sure that it never worked out? Because no woman would ever hurt you again the way Chloe did. - I... - oh, what? You can analyze me, but not vice versa? I am too over Eric. That meant nothing. You and I are kind of friends again, right? Hey. Well, are we? Yeah. And you know that I have let go of what we had together, right? That I have completely accepted that it's over between us, right? I think you have. Then can you please tell Daniel that? Listen, as your friend, I think I have to be honest. It doesn't matter what I say. You have to show him. How? Well, you need to stop manipulating things and be straightforward and honest like... like Serena, right? Oh, go ahead. I asked. Yeah. Like Serena. I have been on the up and up with you since you told me about this whole scheme. I was on board for the whole plan. Oh, you can see my fear, though, can't you? That you weren't on board for the whole plan? You were fine smuggling the diamonds out of Africa, but had second thoughts about giving them back to me. That's paranoia. Occupational hazard with smuggling. Which doesn't make any sense. I waited a very long time after we were no longer connected to hear from you. Years, actually, as per your instructions. As you well know, my projects take time to mature. I had to make sure Interpol weren't onto the diamonds when you smuggled them out. Put them in storage. My point. I respected the fact that you needed time, but when I did, you decided that I betrayed you. Serena, when you finally went to get the diamonds out of storage, you apparently found the elephant that supposedly contained the diamonds, and only then realized you had the wrong one. You really don't see that that story...strains credulity? It's the truth. You know, from the moment I gave you those diamonds, your life has been in grave danger. And I was looking forward to the day where that would be in your past. Things could have gone very, very badly for a beautiful woman like you. Sadly, they still could.

I can't believe you said that to me. You said you wanted me to be honest. Yeah, you're right. You know what, I concede. Okay? I should be more straightforward with Daniel. But I think you're wrong about Serena. And I don't know why, but I don't care anymore. That woman is lying to you. If I was going to double-cross you, don't you think that I-- and this is just off the top of my head-- take the diamonds and run away, not tell you where I am, change my phone number, and especially not live in a hotel room? I don't know. You're a subtle thinker. Xander, I have kept you posted every step of the way. This was just a temporary setback. Okay, I found out that Eric had my elephant, which--which just got mixed up when we said good-bye in Africa. They're identical. I mean, he has a picture of it on his website. You saw it, didn't you? Yes, I saw the picture. Okay, so I came--I came here to get it back and it's not like I can just say, "hey, Eric, you have my elephant that has smuggled diamonds in it." I had...I had to be careful. Careful takes time. So...time to get things going again, right? Time to remind Eric how hot he was for you before God called him to a better life. I don't want to talk about Eric. You mean, your mark, your gullible mark? - Shut up. - Oh, I get it. You're sensitive about getting an ex-priest into the sack so you can grab his elephant. You don't want him to know what a liar you are, how you're leading him around by his appendage. Shut up! Don't ever talk to me like that again! Oh, well. Oh, this is terrible. We used to get along so well. We had so much fun. Let's end on a positive note, okay? But soon, Serena-- "soon" as in "right now"-- there'll be no more delays. None. Or you'll be very, very sorry. I missed that. Yeah, yeah, me too. And I know we still have a lot to figure out. - You know, to talk about and-- - no, but we--but we will. Okay. Let's meet after you're done baby-sitting and after I'm done with class. Yeah, we'll just hang out and do a little homework. Yeah, whatever. As long as it's just the two of us. Sounds good to me. Okay. I have to go. Paige? Paige? I-I just really want you to know that it feels so good to know that I'm gonna see you again. Yeah. It does. Yep, even in high school, you could never hold onto a guy. It kind of set the tone for your whole life, didn't it? With Frankie and jack, and now Daniel, and... - what are you doing? - I'm just checking my messages. Do you get a lot of spam? That drives me crazy. Oh, did you want me to listen to you? Did you want me to feel bad? Did you want me to get my feelings hurt? 'Cause that's not gonna happen. I don't care what you say about me. I don't care what you think about me. All I care is that you keep your mouth shut and you stay away from my son. Do I really need to add "or else"? Bitch. I don't get it. She went upstairs to-- to put my stuff away, and I never heard her come back down. And why did she leave my phone in the hallway, and why is she not answering my calls? I--well, maybe she's driving and she can't talk. You know what, Brady, maybe I shouldn't say this, but I'm kind of-- I'm glad she left. And--and we can have a little time alone together. I want to talk to you. I--you know, I just want to make sure you're okay. Yeah. Yeah, I know, I was--I was a little scared myself, actually, until I found out there was nothing in my system besides that tranquilizer, which has worn off, by the way. Good. But that's not exactly what you wanted to talk about, is it? No. I want to talk about Melanie. (Clint) babe, I'm really sorry, but I gotta go. Oh, I-I'll go with you. You're not going anywhere but back to bed. It's okay.

Hasta la vista, baby. Thank God. One bitch is gone, the other one's passed out. I can finally get the hell out of here.

 I know this is none of my business. When has that ever stopped you? But let's face it. When it comes to women, you're a little naive. Now, I would keep my mouth shut about this... no, you wouldn't. If you didn't keep talking about how Serena's this paragon of virtue and honesty, when I know she's not. - Nicole. - Let me finish. - I told you-- - I--just, please. You told me that you both had identical elephants when you were in Africa. I told you that. Yes, and you also told me she lost hers and wanted yours, but you had given it to Daniel. That doesn't make Serena a bad person. No, it makes her a liar. I ran into her at Daniel's apartment. I know, because Serena told me about it. She didn't tell you all about it. She only told you what she wanted to, to make her look good and me look bad. She didn't tell you she had not lost her elephant. She had two of them. There were two. I know there were. She lied to you. I mean, I don't know why. I mean, it's a really stupid thing to lie about, and we both know that Serena is not a stupid person. But for some reason, she wants you to think that she lost hers. There's no need to threaten. You really didn't need to do it in person. Oh, I think I did. I'm here to personally motivate you to speed things up. I mean, you must be stalling. I'm not. I don't think it's ever taken you more than an hour to get a man into bed. It's been months. No, I'm sorry. Your time's up. I know. And it did take a long time, but...everything's fine now. You mean you have the diamonds? I do. Then hand them over. No. You know, Melanie and I go back a long, long way. I-I loved her, even before I knew she was my granddaughter. I know. Brady, when friends become more than friends, it's complicated. I mean, even, perhaps, risky. Especially when one of those friends is an addict. Look, I-I know that you and Daniel are scared that I'm going to hurt her, Maggie, but trust me, that is the last thing in the world I want to do. Because here's the good news. I love her too. Do you know that? I know that. But there's something else. - Clint?

[Knock at door]

[Groans] What the hell? Oh, God. Why are you here again? I told you to go away. Look--look, I hate you too, obviously, but I saw your jerk friend Clint leave. Clint is not a jerk, and he is gonna be right back, and you don't want to be here when he gets here, so you just need to get out of my face.

[Groans] Oh, fantastic. Well, you two are just a match made in heaven. Oh, boy. Clint's not coming back, Theresa. Ever. And lucky me, I have a new patient. Theresa? Uh, hey, guess who showed up to the house this morning. Paige. Yeah, it seems like she and JJ are doing really well. Yeah, that's good. Good. I mean, I can tell he still does not want to talk about it. He totally shut down, so I get why Daniel was so confused about them now, but I don't know, mom. I have this weird sister instinct that there's a lot JJ's not telling me about him and Paige getting back together. Honey, can you please do me a favor? Hi, sorry. I think I'm a little early. Hey, come on in. No, no, no worries. Thank you so much for doing this last-minute. Yeah, I like hanging out with parker so much, it doesn't feel like work at all. Yeah, well, he loves you, and like his old man, when he falls, he falls. Yeah, so how are you, uh-- how are you and JJ doing? Well, it's--it's just the beginning of working things out, but it seems really good. Oh, I'm glad to hear it. Oh, by the way, good news. Remember you asked me about the endoscopy? Well, I talked to Dr. Crowley, and he's gonna let you observe. Really? That's so nice of you. You're always going out of your way for me. Well, people looked out for me when I was your age. Yeah. Still, the way my mom's dealt with--and by that, I mean attack the people you love-- it makes me sorry for what I thought about you. Just what did you think about me? Nothing. Nothing, just-- no, no, no, no, no, no. Plenty of people thought some awful things about me, and they weren't always wrong. - Well, I sure was. - Okay--oh, boy. All right, what did you, uh--what did you think? I'm sorry, uh... you know, back when my mom found out that she couldn't have the surgery on her vocal cords? Mm-hmm. Oh, God, this is so embarrassing, uh... okay, why--why don't you just tell me, and then we can both forget it? I thought... I thought you were sleeping with my mom. Damn it.

Just be careful with JJ. He may want to talk to you about this down the road, but while he's trying to work this whole thing out with Paige, I think we just need to give him his space, okay? Including Daniel. You know the whole story, don't you? Okay, fine. I will back off. Besides, all that really matters is that JJ is happy.

[Cell phone rings] Oh, speak of the devil. What the hell are you doing here? I needed to see you, JJ. All right, look, this is so not cool. Not only do I not want to see you, I told my mom that I wouldn't. So go on, okay? I'm not going anywhere until I know how you got my very smart daughter to buy your bull. Well, I didn't, uh... see that one coming. I'm so sorry. No, no, no, no worries. Um, sit--sit though. Okay, wait a minute. Did you tell anyone what you thought? No, just my mom, and she told me I was wrong. - Okay, good. - Yeah. Well, can I just ask you why-- why you--why you thought that? Your coat--or what I thought was your coat. When I came home that night, my mom was really upset and it was pretty clear that someone was in her bedroom. And, uh, that coat was in the kitchen. She didn't expect me to come home, and she did not want me to find out who that man was. - Awkward. - Yeah. Yeah, and awful. You know, just so you know, I-I was never at your mother's place, ever. No, I-I know that now. It's just seeing that tan leather coat, I thought, "oh, God." I was so sure it was yours, but my mom said it was not yours. So whoever was in that bedroom just happened to have one just like it. And I don't know why I just told you all this. Okay, well, like I said, so we can both forget. And--and we will. - Okay? - Right, okay. And now I should go tell parker I'm here. Yeah, okay.

[Sighs] Wow, someone out there's got great taste in coats. Geez. I wonder...who it was. Don't call me a liar because if I was gonna lie about her, I would make up something more...damning than, "ooh, she said there was only one elephant, and there were two." Maybe you made a mistake. Maybe you thought you saw two elephants. Yeah, maybe. Maybe I would buy that if it weren't for the song and dance she went into to make me believe that I was mistaken. If you want to buy her story, fine. But it is just a story. And don't hold her up to me as some paragon of honesty and directness, because there's something about this whole thing that just isn't adding up. Of course, it's just my opinion. You're right, it is just your opinion, and I didn't need to hear it. Good-bye, Nicole. Walker, you really have a way with men. If you think that was funny, you are sorely mistaken. Oh, I didn't think it was funny at all. I thought it was necessary. I needed to slam home that I have exactly what you want. But I'm not giving it to you until you convince me that Eric is safe and I get my $200,000. You do not dictate to me. I'll be more than happy to tear this place apart again. Yeah, I'm well aware. That's why the diamonds are not here. Then where are they? Where? Um... I've been pretty...scattered since Sonny was attacked. I know. I know, and I'm--look, I'm sorry that I didn't--I didn't think about that when I asked you to keep this thing from grandfather. I did call him, I-I did let him know that whoever drugged me didn't hurt me physically. I don't want you or him to have to worry about me. Well, see, I wonder if there's a reason for that. See, maybe who--whoever it was didn't mean to hurt you, but just to discredit you and make you look bad. That wouldn't be the first time, would it? Oh, Theresa. Always a class act. Um, bad news, your super classy boyfriend will not be returning, but you're probably dehydrated, so I want you to drink this. Can you do that for me? Theresa? Theresa? What the hell?

Okay, so...Clint took blood from you and Brady. Why? So I'm going through the list of people that--that hate me and Theresa, of course, is at the top of the list, but Maggie, I don't think she did this. Have you thought about Kristen? It's her style. But she's--she's long gone. We hope. JJ, how you doing? Hey, uh, I'm just returning the coat I borrowed last night. You know what, no, man, I don't want that thing. I ruined everything. And I threw away everything good. And now, it's just there's--there's no excuses and there's no place to go, man. (Paige voice-over) it was pretty clear that someone was in her bedroom and, uh, that coat was in the kitchen. She didn't expect me to come home, and she did not want me to find out who what man was. It wasn't bull, it was the truth. I told her I loved her. But you didn't mention me, did you? No, of course I didn't. You don't want that either. You know, you still want something from me. What the hell is it, eve? You know what will happen if you do this. It'll all blow up in your face, just like it always does. Yeah, why change now? You're taking me to them right now. No. Get your coat and take me to those damn diamonds now. I'm not kidding. Move it.

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