Days Transcript Monday 3/23/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/23/15


Episode #12553 ~ Serena gets what she wants, raising Nicole's suspicions; Ben asks Abigail a life-changing question; Will warns Paul; Adrienne helps Sonny with his marriage woes.

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Chad: So that movie was awesome.

Theo: I loved it when the lion statues came to life.

Chad: Me too. I missed hanging out with you, little man. Yeah, we're gonna have to-- we're gonna have to make this a regular thing, okay?

Theo: With Abigail?

Chad: Uh, w-what?

Theo: Uh, well, she came with us one time. Can we ask her again?

Abigail: Yeah, I think that you have to calculate for acceleration first. Otherwise, your whole baseline will be off.

Ben: Oh, man. I hate when that happens.

Abigail: [Laughs] You're totally not paying attention.

Ben: I so am.

Abigail: Really? What did I just say?

Ben: It's not what you said. It's how you said it. I didn't think anybody could make differential equations sound sexy.

Abigail: You're just trying to get out of studying.

Ben: Is it working?

Paul: You want to have dessert?

Tori: Sure. We can split something. Where's the room service menu?

Paul: You know, I feel like getting out of here.

Tori: This isn't a very big town, Paul. You already ran into Sonny Kiriakis once today. Isn't that enough?

Will: We do have a lot to talk about.

Sonny: You should know, I've already seen Paul. He was the first person I saw when I got back.

Will: You've been gone all this time... and the first thing you did when you got back was see your ex-lover?

Nicole: Why is the elephant statue so important to her?

Eric: Well, I suppose because when we were in Africa together, she had one just like it.

Nicole: You're telling me there were two of them.

Eric: Yeah. We bought them from the same guy.

Nicole: Oh, I knew it. I knew it!

Serena: [Sighs] Finally. I've got you. Uh, hey, I thought you, um... you were in bed.

Parker: Sparkles!

Serena: [Clears throat] Want to see? Look. They're really pretty, aren't they? Beautiful. Now, um... these are sort of secret. The only people who could know about it are you and me. Okay, pal?

Parker: Okay.

Paul: If I spend much more time in this room, I'm gonna go stir crazy. And I think that you're overreacting too.

Tori: Am I?

Paul: Yeah. Sonny and I-- we ran into each other. Okay, fine. We had a talk. We can do that. We're both grown-ups.

Tori: I hope you managed to tell him that the two of you have no chance of getting back together.

Paul: Well, I didn't use those words exactly, no.

Tori: Well, you need to say them, Paul!

Paul: And I will, when it feels right to me! My God, why is it so important to you, anyway?

Will: I won't just tell Paul who his real father is. I will write a cover story for Sonix magazine. And I will tell the whole world.

Tori: Marriage is a sacred thing, Paul. I told you that.

Paul: And I told you, I wasn't the one who broke any wedding vows. Neither did Sonny. The only person that did that was will Horton.

Will: Great, so you disappear for days on end, then you come back, and you make sure you see Paul before even telling me that you're coming home?

Sonny: Will you calm down?

Will: I don't want to calm down, Sonny! He's still the one that you went to first. Nothing's changed since you asked him to marry you. I came in second today, just like I would've back then!

Sonny: That's not how it was.

Will: That is the man who is still in love with you, Sonny. That's the man who's still trying to get you back!

Sonny: That's the man that you cheated on me with.

Eric: And why are you so suddenly interested in these elephant statues?

Nicole: Oh, I'll tell you. You said Serena had a statue just like yours?

Eric: Right. She lost it a long time ago.

Nicole: How?

Eric: In a move.

Nicole: You sure about that?

Melanie: Serena, you're off the hook. I'M... back. I knew instantly that this was... wow!

Nicole: The reason I keep talking about the elephant is because... you know what? Let's talk about something else.

Eric: No, no, no. I want you to say what you were going to say.

Nicole: Look, it-- it's just a conversation that I happened to have with Serena, okay? But I'm afraid, if I talk about it, it'll just turn into this thing between you and me, and I-- it's really not-- it doesn't matter.

Eric: Yes, it does matter. Come on, Nicole, don't leave me hanging like this. When I mentioned that second elephant statue, there was a light that went on in your head. Why?

Melanie: Wow. [Chuckles]

Serena: [Giggles]

Melanie: I'm gone, like, two minutes, and already you've created a masterpiece.

Serena: Yeah, parker woke up full of energy, so I just came up with this little project to keep him occupied till you got back.

Melanie: Fantastic. Sorry about that. I went down there to get a package, but, uh, when I signed for it, it wasn't for me, so...

Serena: Oh, well, we were fine, weren't we?

Parker: Yep.

Melanie: All right. Uh, bad news, though, little man-- it's time for you to go to bed. So how about--

Parker: Sparkles!

Melanie: Wh--okay. Wow. That's an interesting word. Did Serena teach you that?

Serena: No. No, he came up with that all by himself. Didn't you?

Parker: Secret!

Melanie: [Laughs] Okay. Ah. Oh, I know. Do you want this to be a secret picture for dad? No? You don't want dad to know you were up past your bedtime, do you? Well, that's unfortunate. Come on. No more glitter. No more sparkles. Let's go to bed. Time to go to bed. [Grunts, imitates explosion]

Serena: Good night!

Parker: Sparkles!

Melanie: Sparkles! Where did you learn that word?

Serena: They, um-- they might be following me. If I walk out of here with these on me...

Chad: I think if we ask Abigail to go rollerblading with us, the chances of her saying yes... I think--I think they're gonna be excellent, buddy.

Theo: Yes!

Abe: Hey, guys.

Chad: Hey.

Theo: Can I get more cocoa?

Abe: Uh...

Chad: Uh, your call.

Abe: Yeah... one, one more.

Theo: Yes!

Abe: Just stay where I can see you, all right? [Chuckles] Thanks for taking him to the movies.

Chad: I, uh--I promised Lexie that I would be a real uncle. Now that I'm back, I plan on making good on that.

Abe: Well, I appreciate that.

Chad: Yeah, I expected Theo to have quite a few questions about my father coming back into town... you trying to arrest him. He didn't say a word. You didn't tell him.

Abe: No, I did tell him about it. And I told him it was my job... and I can't change the rules for family. And just so you know... that goes for uncles... as well as grandfathers.

Chad: Did I do something illegal that I'm not aware of?

Abe: No. And I want to keep it that way.

Abigail: You do remember you have a test tomorrow.

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Mm-hmm. So maybe we should start taking this seriously.

Ben: [Sighs] You have to calculate for acceleration first, or your baseline will be off. See? I was listening.

Abigail: I am very impressed.

Ben: So am I.

Abigail: Okay, st-- [Laughs]

Ben: What?

Abigail: I think you lured me over here on false pretenses. I think you don't really need to study.

Ben: All right. I did have a reason for inviting you over here, and it wasn't about studying. And as hot as you are, it wasn't about making out either.

Abigail: Come on.

Ben: I just like being with you... no matter what we're doing.

Abigail: I like being with you too, Ben.

Ben: Well, good... because I have something I want to talk to you about.

Abigail: Oh, okay. What?

Ben: Well, since you like being with me and I like being with you... what would you think about moving in here?

Ben: You look... surprised.

Abigail: I-I am surprised. I mean, I just-- I-I totally didn't see this coming.

Ben: Okay, but we love each other, Abigail. I mean, we spend almost all our time together, anyway.

Abigail: Our free time, when you're not working or studying and I'm-- I'm not working or heading up a charity by myself.

Ben: Yeah, but at least we'd come home to the same place, you know.

Abigail: I just-- I just don't know if we're there yet.

Ben: Well, what's the big deal? I mean, people do all this and more when they're marr-- married.

Nicole: Okay, you want to know what I'm thinking?

Eric: Yeah, I really do.

Roman: Uh, sorry to interrupt.

Nicole: Hi, Roman.

Eric: Hey. Is everything all right, dad?

Roman: I was just wondering, um, have you talked to Brady?

Eric: I did this morning. What's up?

Roman: Did Abe call you?

Eric: About what?

Nicole: Is Brady okay?

Roman: Uh, he's fine. But he is in the hospital.

Nicole: Why?

Roman: He was found unconscious at the Kiriakis house.

Nicole: Oh, my God.

Eric: Did he have some sort of collapse?

Roman: Well, we're not sure. The department is investigating.

Eric: I wonder why I didn't hear about this.

Roman: Yeah, I kind of wondered the same thing, unless Brady wanted to keep a lid on it.

Nicole: Why would he?

Roman: Maybe because drugs were involved.

Nicole: Drugs? Okay, involved how?

Roman: That is all I can say.

Eric: Well, I can see why Brady wouldn't want rumors to start flying, but still...

Nicole: Yeah, but he--he's our friend. We believe in him. He wouldn't want to keep us in the dark. What about Daniel? He and Brady are close.

Roman: Daniel knows.

Nicole: Since when?

Roman: He found him. He's the one who treated it.

Serena: Weather's warming up. They won't be using it. [Sighs] Good. Now the diamonds are safe until I need them. They can tear my room apart all they want, and they still won't find them.

Melanie: And he's already asleep. What--pfft. What's with you?

Serena: What do you mean?

Melanie: Why--why are you so happy all of a sudden?

Serena: Oh, um, you know, I just-- there was this, uh, bit of business that I took care of that was kind of hanging over my head, and... I don't know--I feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders.

Melanie: Well, no wonder you're smiling.

Serena: Yeah. Yeah, it's--it's all good.

Tori: Well, if you didn't make things clear to Sonny, then what did you talk about?

Paul: I told him that he needed to try and work things out with will, and I told him that he needed to take it easy on the guy.

Tori: Sounds to me like you're hedging your bets.

Paul: Well, too bad you weren't there to tell me what to say. Maybe I should've just lied to him and told him that I don't care about what he does. Or better yet-- I could've told him that I don't love him anymore! Would that have cleared things up enough for you?

Tori: That's exactly what you should've said,

Paul: You know what? I'm not gonna do this anymore. I have to go.

Tori: No, Paul. Paul!

Will: I just want to know why you went to see Paul before you saw me.

Sonny: I ran into Paul on my way home to see you. I was walking through the town square, and I saw Paul doing a photo shoot with john. It was a publicity shot for a kids' charity. I didn't want to stop, but john called me over. And I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell him I-I-- "oh, john, I can't stop and talk. That's my ex-boyfriend, the guy that will slept with." And it would've been pretty rude of me if I didn't talk. So I chitchatted a little bit, yes.

Will: Did you and Paul talk alone?

Sonny: Yeah, we did, for a couple minutes.

Will: Let me guess... he told you how much he wants you back.

Sonny: No, that's not what he said, not even close. He told me we shouldn't see each other anymore. You happy now?

Will: He said you two shouldn't see each other?

Sonny: That's what he said. He wanted to give you and me space so we could work things out.

Will: Well, if he wants to give us space, then what's he still doing in Salem? I mean, God, Sonny, can't you see what he's up to?

Sonny: He defended you, will. He told me not to be too hard on you.

Will: I'm sure he did. That way, he comes off looking like a little plaster saint. Sonny, read between the lines!

Sonny: To see what?

Will: He said that he doesn't want you two to see each other. What he means, Sonny, is he doesn't want you two to see each other because he knows it'll be too hard for you to resist him.

Sonny: That is enough. You are either paranoid, or you're just making things up.

Will: No, the only one making things up is Paul... like his excuse to stay in Salem.

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Will: Oh, please. Like that charity--like that charity really matters. As if it's gonna fail if Paul Narita's not there. God, how is this so clear to me and you don't see this?

Sonny: You just stop! Stop it! Do you know what I was doing the whole time I was gone? I was thinking about you... about us. Now I think it's your turn to start thinking. What do you want to get out of this? Do you want to fix this, or do you want to keep coming up with new ways to put the blame on me because I was with Paul before I was with you? Until you figure that out, I am done talking.

Abe: You know, ever since you came back, Chad, I have wondered... what do you really want? And I'm--I'm--I'm serious. Do you even know? Or are you too into the good life to give it any thought?

Chad: Trust me, Abe. I know exactly what I want. I'm not afraid to go after it.

Abigail: It's not that I don't want to live with you.

Ben: Okay, then what are you saying? [Chuckles]

Abigail: That maybe we shouldn't move in together too soon before we're ready and then just ruin what we have going right now.

Ben: [Sighs]

Abigail: What?

Ben: Nothing. I was just hoping you'd have a different reaction.

Abigail: Maybe you don't see moving in together as a big deal or as big of a deal as I do. I mean, I guarantee it would be a huge deal to my family.

Ben: They don't call it "living in sin," do they?

Abigail: No. They're not that bad, but... it would be a big deal to them. Listen, I'm sorry if I disappointed you or upset you, okay? I... I love that you want to live together. It means the world to me. It just... caught me by surprise. Look, you have a big test tomorrow, okay? So why don't I get out of here and let you study for real?

Ben: [Chuckles] [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Ben: [Sighs]

Roman: Okay, that was, uh, Abe. Brady definitely does not want this to get out, okay? You understand what I'm saying?

Eric: We're not gonna say anything.

Nicole: Except to Daniel.

Eric: Well... listen, when I saw Brady this morning, he seemed in such great shape.

Nicole: He couldn't be using again. He couldn't. I wish I could talk to him.

Eric: Me too, but we can't.

Roman: No. No, you can't. And, uh... that's not what he needs right now, okay? And like I said, we keep this quiet. All right?

[Cell phone ringing]

Nicole: You know, uh, I was with Daniel before I came here, and he didn't say a word about this.

Eric: I saw Melanie, and she didn't tell me either. Now that I know, I'm gonna go check in with her. I'll talk to you again soon?

Nicole: Yeah, whenever you want. [Sighs]

Melanie: So you're not gonna tell me what it is?

Serena: What is?

Melanie: The weight that's been lifted off your shoulder?

Serena: You know what? It's not a big deal, uh, except to me, but... I want to hear about what happened with Brady. You didn't say much.

Melanie: Right. No, my dad and I found him knocked out on the floor of his grandfather's study. Um, the police think it was a robbery, but the thief must've been a little bent.

Serena: Why?

Melanie: Because usually a thief, if they wanted to knock you out, they would conk you over the head, but this person injected him with something.

Serena: That is weird. I mean, was there something obviously stolen?

Melanie: No.

Serena: There could've been another motive. What are you thinking?

Melanie: What I've been thinking about since the second I found out about this-- that Theresa Donavon is somehow involved. And the guy that she's been seeing-- I mean, who even knows what his deal is about?

Serena: Can I offer you some advice?

Melanie: That I shouldn't push this, right?

Serena: I had to find out the hard way that sometimes it's better to avoid certain people, certain situations before you get in way, way over your head.

Melanie: Did this happen to you?

Serena: You know what the trouble is with making bad choices? Having to live with them afterward.

Will: You taking a nice, long walk?

Paul: Will.

Will: Hoping to run into my husband again?

Abigail: Ooh. [Laughs] Wait. What--what was that about?

Chad: Last time we saw each other, you accused me of hitting on you, so I'm just--I'm trying to stay out of your way.

Abigail: Okay, well, you don't have to. I'm a big girl, and I can take care of myself.

Chad: Okay, good. If I don't have to avoid you, it makes it easier to pass along a message.

Abigail: Message?

Chad: From Theo. He really misses you.

Abigail: God, I miss him too. I've been so busy. I feel bad now.

Chad: Well, he and I are going rollerblading. Yeah, he, uh--he wanted me to talk you into joining us.

Abigail: Oh, um...

Chad: Oh, but I am sure he would have just as much fun if it were the two of you, so...

Abigail: I'll call you.

Chad: Well, message delivered.

Abigail: Um, wait. So I-I heard there was a big shake-up at DiMera enterprises, huh?

Chad: There was. I lost my fancy title.

Abigail: Well, if that was something you really wanted, I'm sorry.

Chad: Eh, you know what they say. You can't always get what you want.

Melanie: Okay, so this business that you're talking about where you're in over your head--does this have anything to do with Eric?

Serena: No. No, absolutely not. He is the best man I know.

Melanie: Yeah. So, obviously, you know what I'm gonna say next, and that's, "you would be certifiably insane to let a man like that walk away."

Serena: You're right.

Melanie: Okay. Listen, I know that you have this amazing job where you can travel all over the world, but there--you know, there are good things outside of work too.

Serena: Yeah, but some of the people I work with don't seem to know that sometimes.

Melanie: Well, there's got to be some way you can stay with Eric and stay in Salem and keep your career, right?

Serena: Well, funny you should say that, because that business thing that I took care of before, um... there's a possibility that things just might work out for me to stay here.

Melanie: How big of a possibility?

Serena: It's looking pretty good.

Melanie: Seriously?

Serena: Yeah. Well, let's just put it this way--I'm feeling a lot better about me and Eric, a whole lot better.

Sonny: Is Dad still here?

Adrienne: Uh, no, no. He had to get back to Dubai.

Sonny: How are things between you two?

Adrienne: Oh, we're good. We're good, really good. Ooh, can you get this? I'm just a little caught up.

Sonny: Yeah.

Adrienne: Thank you, baby.

Sonny: Want me to hang your coat?

Adrienne: No, no, no, where's will?

Sonny: Oh, he just went out for a little bit.

Adrienne: Where... is will, honey? You don't have to pretend with me, okay? I know about will and Paul.

Sonny: You do?

Adrienne: Mm-hmm. That's why you left, isn't it? Not to recuperate or to see your brother.

Sonny: [Sighs] I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. You know, it's just not easy to talk about.

Adrienne: You don't have to apologize. I know you had a lot to sort out.

Sonny: Yeah, I did.

Adrienne: Oh, baby... I hate to see you hurting.

Paul: You've seen Sonny.

Will: That's right.

Paul: Well, if he didn't make it clear to you that I had no idea he was coming back today--

Will: Oh, I buy--I buy that you didn't know. But now you do. And you're just gonna keep manufacturing other reasons to just run into him until you get your message across.

Paul: The only message I'm trying to get across is that he should cut you some slack.

Will: Oh, that's so damn decent of you. It's also a really good way to keep him thinking about the fact that I cheated. It's a good move, Paul. It's like that charity event you're doing with john black. That's another good move. It's right up there with your curveball. It's far more believable than that whole "staying in Salem for my physical therapy" scam. Now you're just staying here for the sake of the children.

Paul: No, I committed to doing that-- that benefit long before I knew Sonny was coming back.

Will: But you knew eventually that he would be back. He's got a family and a business here. And after that charity event would be done, you'd think of some other reason to stick around as long as you were here when Sonny got off that plane.

Paul: Hmm. Well, I guess if I did want to go after him, I'd do it right now... when he's alone. The husband you claim to love so much is finally home... and--and you leave him alone, so you could track me down and yell at me. Now, why is that, will? How come he's there and you're here?

Abigail: You think I don't see through you, Chad?

Chad: I honestly have no idea what you're talking about.

Abigail: All right, okay, just forget it, never mind.

Chad: Hey, can we please not have this end the way it always does with us? Please? Tell me something good.

Abigail: What?

Chad: How are things going with Ben? Everything okay?

Abigail: Yeah, everything's fine. Why would you say that?

Chad: I don't know, Abigail. It's just-- it's an expression that people use when they want to know how it's going.

Abigail: Okay, yes. We're fine.

Chad: Okay, good. That's great. Uh, so what did he think of the book?

Abigail: The book? What book?

Chad: Your dad's.

Abigail: Uh... I... I-I don't know. I don't--I don't think he's read it.

Chad: Oh, really? Well, that--that's surprising.

Melanie: You just missed Serena.

Eric: I did?

Melanie: Yes, you did. And I-I talked to her about the thing that I said I was going to talk to her about.

Eric: And?

Melanie: I think you're gonna like what I have to tell you.

Nicole: Hi.

Serena: Bye.

Nicole: Wait, wait, wait. I-- [Chuckles] I just had drinks with Eric. We had a nice talk.

Serena: You and Eric?

Nicole: Yeah, I know. Who would've thought it was possible?

Serena: He's a very understanding man.

Nicole: Yes. And he sure understands you.

Serena: You two talked about me?

Nicole: Yes, and the two elephant statues that you dropped in Daniel's apartment.

Serena: You really--you've got to get your vision checked. I think you're seeing double.

Nicole: You see, I know that's what you want me to think. But after talking to Eric, I knew I was right. See, there's elephant number one that belonged to Eric, and there's elephant number two--the one you told Eric you lost in a move. But you had them both in your hands. And for some reason, you don't want anyone, especially Eric, to know.

Sonny: I spent a lot of time in phoenix... thinking about how it all went wrong between will and me... like, what I could've done differently.

Adrienne: Oh, please don't tell me you're blaming yourself, Sonny.

Sonny: I'm just trying to be honest with myself. It takes two to make a marriage work. So that means it takes two to make a marriage fall apart.

Adrienne: Unless one partner simply is not who he claimed to be.

Sonny: When I was having money problems, I didn't tell will.

Adrienne: What? That justifies cheating on you?

Sonny: And there's something else too. When Paul and I broke things off... I promised him that I would not tell anyone about us. And I kept that promise. I didn't even tell will.

Adrienne: Well, you gave your word.

Sonny: But I'm not 100% sure that's the real reason I never told will.

Adrienne: What other reason could there-- Sonny, do you still have feelings for Paul?

Will: I am here because Sonny and I had a fight.

Paul: Mm. And what did I do now?

Will: You were here. You are here!

Paul: Well, I'm sorry that you guys argued, honestly.

Will: But here you are anyway.

Paul: And--and everything would be good between you and Sonny if I weren't? Is that the point that you're trying to get across, will-- that everything would be damn perfect if I wasn't here in Salem? Do you--do you realize how paranoid you sound? Sonny married you, remember? You!

Will: Because you said no!

Paul: Come on, you can't believe that to be true!

Will: Why--why would Sonny want me if he could have you?

Abigail: Why are we talking about my dad's book?

Chad: 'Cause I was just thinking about it. I saw a mention of it online the other day. It was really complimentary.

Abigail: Yeah, it was.

Chad: So Ben's never read the book?

Abigail: Well, he might have. I mean, I think he has a copy.

Chad: No, I mean, I just find it really hard to believe that-- that if he read it, he wouldn't talk to you about it.

Abigail: He's in school right now, Chad. So, you know, he's got more books than he even knows how to handle. He's...

Chad: Yeah, you're right.

Abigail: A college student.

Chad: I'm sorry I brought it up. But I hope Ben gets around to it, though. The writing-- it--it was amazing. Do you remember what he said about the silence of the night... and sleeping under the stars? "It was a peaceful stillness that could've only been a gift from God." And it was so simple... so, uh--so--so right.

Abigail: Yeah. It's the best thing he ever wrote.

Chad: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Yeah, he finally found his voice.

Chad: Yes, he did. Well, I should get going. It was really good to see you.

Abigail: It was good to see you too.

Melanie: Well, something happened when Serena was here.

Eric: That's all you know?

Melanie: No, no. I went to put parker, uh, to bed, and when I came back, she just seemed, um, happier.

Eric: Really? Why?

Melanie: Well, she said she had some business that was hanging over her head that she took care of.

Eric: Something to do with the article she's working on?

Melanie: I don't know. But she was talking about sticking around and how she felt really positive about the future for the two of you. [Giggles]

Serena: I'm not keeping anything from Eric. That's your style, Nicole, not mine.

Nicole: Why were you really in Daniel's apartment, hmm?

Serena: Dropping off books for Melanie. I told you that.

Nicole: Mm. And you also said that there was only one elephant, so...

Serena: Did you pump Eric about me?

Nicole: No, actually, I told him I was sorry for giving you a hard time.

Serena: And then you went after me?

Nicole: No, that is not true. Eric just happened to tell me about the two elephants, and he didn't seem to think it was a secret.

Serena: Yes, I did have a carving just like Eric's. Yes, I lost mine in the move... which is why I wanted Eric's-- for the sentimental value, but then I found out that he gave it to Daniel's son and that parker loved it, and then I gave up on the idea. End of story, lady. How is, um, Daniel doing, by the way?

Nicole: What? Why?

Serena: Well, I was just wondering if things were really back on with the two of you, because if you remotely act like this around him, I can see him running for the hills. Actually, how did you get such a smart guy like that to even be interested in you?

Nicole: Oh, shut the hell up.

Serena: [Laughs] I have never met someone so desperate to be right when she is always so completely wrong. But I guess it's a lot easier to go after me than face your own problems. 'Cause you couldn't keep Eric. You clearly can't keep Daniel. Maybe you can't hold on to anyone. Don't know. Don't care. Just stay the hell away from me.

Sonny: I will always have feelings for Paul. I mean, you don't go from loving someone to feeling nothing. I love will. I just--I-I think that, uh...

Adrienne: What? What?

Sonny: [Sighs] That I rushed him... into marrying me.

Adrienne: Oh, honey... will's a big boy. He knew exactly what he wanted.

Sonny: He just came out. Everything was new to him. I was the only guy he'd ever been with.

Adrienne: Honey... I hope you and will can find a way to work this out. I do. But you have to stop trying to find an excuse for what he did, honey. He betrayed you. And if he loves you and he wants you to forgive him, he has to earn that forgiveness. He needs to step up and take responsibility for what he did.

Will: I-I didn't mean--

Paul: I don't think for one minute that Sonny only married you because I said no. He's not that kind of guy. I mean, you of all people should know that.

Will: This is all such a mess. Sonny's right. It's my fault that it's like that.

Paul: Could you maybe give Sonny a little time? I mean, he's still hurting. But he knows that you guys have such a beautiful family together. And you got a beautiful, little daughter. It's what he's always wanted. He's not gonna just throw it all away. He'll find a way to forgive you.

Will: And that's what you want? You're actually rooting for us? Because if you are... then please go away and let us get over this. But if you don't... you will be sorry.

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