Days Transcript Wednesday 3/11/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/11/15


Episode #12545 ~ Stefano, Victor, & Kate are tangled in a web of deception; Chad rescues Abigail; Serena & Nicole ruin each other's plans; Melanie asserts herself with Brady.

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Daniel: Come on, Jenn, you know how much I care about you. I always will. Call me. I am not gonna let this go.

Nicole: Hi. You busy?

Daniel: Aren't you, uh, supposed to be working?

Nicole: I could ask you the same thing.

Jennifer: Ooh. Don't need to listen to that. I know what it's about.

Daniel: Well, I'm not wrong about the way you were acting when I told you about JJ and Roxanne. You seemed like you were gonna lose it.

Jennifer: Oh, boy. If you only knew what that something is, but you can't know. No one can. So I am just going to ignore this. And I'm gonna stay out of my office, and then hopefully you will forget that you even sent me this message.

[Door opens]

Jennifer: Hey.

Abigail: Hey, Mom.

Jennifer: Hey, I noticed, um, you left so early this morning.

Abigail: I did, yeah. I have a ton of work to do.

Jennifer: I know, which I gave you. And now you're all alone with the charity. So I'm here early. Let me help you. What can I do?

Abigail: Mom, mornings are your busiest time. There must be a gazillion people looking for you.

Anne: And I'm one of them. What, are you just standing around shooting the breeze, Horton? I mean, don't you have a job?

[Phone ringing]

Eric: Mmm. I must have slept in.

Serena: Yeah, you-- you looked so peaceful. I didn't have the heart to wake you. Next time don't be so considerate. I don't mind being sleep deprived if I get to spend more time with you.


Melanie: [Sighs] Hi. I thought business moguls were at the office at this hour.

Brady: You don't sound happy to see me.

Melanie: Well, that depends, obviously, on if you're happy to see me.

Kate: So are you going to be at the board meeting? Ah, I will be completely bored if you're not there. [Laughs] Oh, that's good. Well, I will save you a seat right next to me. [Chuckles] Great. Bye.

Chad: Doesn't it bother you sucking up to that moron?

Kate: That moron happens to be a billionaire.

Chad: Yeah, and I don't know how he made all of that money.

Kate: Well, he didn't. He inherited it. Sound familiar?

Chad: Hey. My father did not make me a billionaire. I am a self-made one.

Kate: [Laughs]

Chad: [Laughs mockingly] Or at least I will be as soon as we take everything from him.

Stefano: I'm calling because I was hoping you might... [Clears throat] Well, assist me with something.

Victor: I'm listening.

Stefano: I know I don't need to remind you that we have a common enemy, hmm?

Victor: Right.

Stefano: This is the time to do something about that.

Victor: What do you want?

Stefano: It is payback time for Katerina Roberts.

Chad: Okay. I can't read any more of this corporate crap. I gotta go to the hospital.

Kate: Oh. Are you sick? Nothing trivial, I hope.

Chad: Aww, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but no. I have to go see Mr. Burns about the DiMera foundation contributions for this year.

Kate: Okay, okay. But we still need to find time to talk before the board meeting.

Chad: Haven't we talked enough about that?

Kate: We need to talk about how to handle Mr. Shin.

Chad: You don't handle Mr. Shin. The guy likes to be the wild card. Plus, he's my father's biggest ally.

Kate: Well, we are going to play that wild card, so we win the whole pot, and your father will lose his shirt.

Stefano: Yes, I, uh, heard about Sonny. How is he doing?

Victor: He's going to make a full recovery.

Stefano: Good. Good.

Victor: How are you doing after EJ?

Stefano: Well... [Chuckles] There is a hole in my heart. But what can you do? You have to just get on with it. [Chuckles]

Victor: Yes, so now that we've exchanged condolences, why don't you tell me what's in this for me? Besides personal satisfaction.

Stefano: I will be in your debt.

Victor: Just wanted to hear you say it. What can I do for you, Stefano?

Eric: This is a nice way to start the day.

Serena: Yeah.

Eric: Thought you didn't have to work today.

Serena: I don't.

Eric: Is something wrong?

Serena: Why do you ask?

Eric: Well, your head seems to be somewhere else.

Serena: I guess I've just got the blues.

Eric: Why?

Serena: I don't want to leave you.

Eric: [Chuckles] I don't want you to either. But we have tonight to look forward to.

Serena: I don't-- I don't mean just leaving for the day. I mean... leaving Salem. For good.

Daniel: Are you upset about something?

Nicole: Should I be?

Daniel: I don't know.

Nicole: [Sighs] I can't do this again, Daniel.

Daniel: Do what? What--what are you talking about?

Nicole: Jennifer.

Abigail: Anne, my mom is here to help me. In case you didn't know, Jordan--

Anne: Oh, right. Yes. Your partner, she bailed on you.

Abigail: She did not bail.

Anne: Well, I know that you have a need for a little bit of help around here, but don't you think you're a little long in the tooth to go crying to mommy when things get tough?

Jennifer: That is not what she did.

Anne: Oh, I'm sorry, are you still here?

Jennifer: Seriously?

Anne: You know, we have a little bit of work to do. I presume you do too.

Jennifer: Have you ever entered a room without being completely obnoxious?

Anne: Sorry.

Jennifer: You should be. Now, honey, it seems that you have some sort of help, so I'm going to head back to my office, and I'll talk to you later.

Abigail: Thank you, mom.

Jennifer: I love you, baby.

Abigail: Love you too.

Anne: [Imitates helicopter] Talk about a helicopter mom. I thought she'd never leave.

Daniel: Why are you all up in my face about Jennifer?

Nicole: Because when I came here, I heard you leaving a message for her about how you'll always care about her.

Daniel: Look, okay, something is going on with her. I'm trying to help her. It doesn't have anything to do with you and me.

Nicole: You mean that?

Daniel: Look, what--what do you want?

Nicole: Well... I was thinking about what you said, you know, how you want to take things slow, and I know that you are taking Melanie and parker to lunch today, and I thought, why not make it a foursome? You know, something easy and low-key.

Daniel: Ah, Maggie called me. She wants to take parker today, so...

Nicole: Oh. So then it'll just be the three of us. That's fine.

Daniel: Hold on. Hold--

Nicole: And we don't have to go to a restaurant. No, no, no, we can go to your apartment, and I can cook.

Daniel: You? You--you don't cook, though.

Nicole: Yes, yes. Yes, I do. I have my specialties, and you would know that if we hadn't gotten sidetracked. [Sighs] Look, I know you said you want to take things slow, and what's slower than a home-cooked meal for three?

Daniel: Yeah, maybe-- maybe this could be okay.

Nicole: Okay? It's gonna be great.

Daniel: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Look, I'll pick up everything I need on my way to your apartment.

Daniel: Well, I don't know if Melanie's gonna be there. I don't know if she has plans, so she might not be able to let you in.

Nicole: Oh.

Daniel: Wow. Okay. [Chuckles] Okay. [Chuckles] Wow, you--you, uh, you are good. You're really good.

Nicole: Thank you. You are gonna see a whole new side of me.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Hmm. Ah. Ooh. Okay. Uh, they need me for a consult in the, uh, ER. All right, I will see you, uh, back at the apartment.

Nicole: Okay. You won't be sorry. I hope.

Eric: I can't believe you just sprung this on me.

Serena: Eric, you knew that I was only going to be here until I finished my research for the piece that I'm writing.

Eric: I know, but I thought it was gonna take some time, like--like a year.

Serena: I know. But I got done early. Part of me thinks that I should have been done before now.

Eric: And you didn't say anything to me.

Serena: Point is, I gotta start thinking about the next step. Girl's gotta make a living, you know?

Eric: I just can't believe this.

Serena: I've always been honest about it.

Eric: I know. I mean, it's gonna take some time before you find your next gig, right?

Serena: Actually, um, I already got some offers.

Eric: What kind of offers?

Serena: Nothing that will keep me in Salem, I'm afraid.

Eric: You know what? Maybe I shouldn't assume. Maybe I should make myself clear.

Serena: Clear?

Eric: I don't want you to go.

Brady: Do I have to remind you that you are the one that walked out on me last night?

Melanie: I know.

Brady: We had our first argument. It was bound to happen.

Melanie: I know that too. It was about Theresa.

Brady: No. It was about you checking up on Theresa.

Melanie: Are you defending her?

Brady: No, I want to forget about her, but you keep poking around, and that makes it impossible for me to do so.

Melanie: And that's why I didn't tell you. And that's the real reason you're upset, right?

Brady: No. No. I was surprised. I dislike surprises.

Melanie: That's why I owe you an explanation.

Brady: You don't owe me anything.

Melanie: Okay, so let's start at the beginning then.

Brady: Hmm?

Melanie: You said I need to stay away from Theresa.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: And it felt a little bit like an order. And you've known me long enough to know how well I take orders.

Brady: Melanie, I know that you like to put your nose in people's business a lot, and--

Melanie: Did you ever think maybe I was doing it for you?

Brady: But if I don't want it, how could it be for me? I want you to stay away from Theresa. It's that simple. I just--

Melanie: See, that--no, no. That's what I'm talking about. That right there. It's almost like an order.

Brady: It's not--

Melanie: It's like--so I'm gonna give you one.

Brady: Okay.

Melanie: If we're gonna be more than friends, and I want that, then you can't start trying to change me. This is who I am. This is what you get. So you have to decide-- you have to decide if that's good enough for you.

Brady: Of course you're good enough for me. If anything, you're too good for me.

Melanie: Uh, we don't-- wouldn't get carried away. I'm talking about the whole package, so the, um, impulsive part and the stubborn part that--that holds on to something and I can't let it go until I figure out--

Brady: You mean like that part of you that got us locked in that mausoleum a while back? Remember that?

Melanie: When I was trying to help Stephanie with that. Yes.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Melanie: That--that part. Obviously, I could have done that, and this, differently. Better. I lack, um, finesse.

Brady: I hate finesse.

Melanie: I should have told you. I'm sorry. Even though I had already decided I was gonna drop it.

Brady: You had?

Melanie: Mm-hmm. I almost told you, by the way, so many times.

Brady: But you didn't tell me.

Melanie: Because you would have told me what to do.

Brady: You know why? Do you understand that Theresa is poison? Do you understand that if she comes after you and tries to get even, she's not-- she's not fooling around, Mel.

Melanie: Are you worried about me?

Brady: Yes. And if you ever tell me not to worry about you, I'm gonna tell you that that's just impossible.

Serena: You really don't want me to go?

Eric: Serena... when I left the priesthood, I asked God-- I asked God to show me a sign that I had a life to go back to. When I walked into that pub and I saw you there, I knew he had heard my prayers.

Serena: I don't want to go either.

Eric: Okay, then don't. If Salem is not a good place for you to work from, then can't you go somewhere nearby? I mean, like Chicago?

Serena: I guess I could think about that.

Eric: Still even close enough to drive. And I could go with you.

Serena: It's not that simple, and I don't know if it could ever be that simple.

Daniel: Uh, excuse me? Yeah, excuse me. Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Hi.

Daniel: Hi. Daniel.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah, did you get, uh, did you get my message?

Jennifer: What message?

Daniel: Okay. I need to talk to you about JJ.

Jennifer: Anne is on my back, and I really need to get back to work, or she's gonna take it out on Abigail.

Daniel: Yeah, I am gonna take care of Anne. Okay?

Jennifer: All right.

Daniel: Okay. So why don't we go to my office? And this won't be long.

Nicole: Hi, Maxine.

Maxine: What do you want?

Nicole: Uh, well, I'm supposed to interview the hospital administrator, and I heard he was on this floor, so...

Maxine: Well, you heard wrong.

Nicole: Okay. I guess I'll have to track him down. Daniel and Jennifer looked serious. I hope nothing's wrong.

Maxine: Is it too much to hope that those two are finally getting back together? I know my fingers are crossed.

Victor: [Chuckles] That's your plan? That's all you've got?

Stefano: If you relay that information to Katerina, she will do exactly what I'm expecting. Trust me.

Victor: Well, I'm glad you haven't lost your sense of humor.

Stefano: Do we have a deal?

Victor: I'll put it into motion immediately.

Stefano: I know you see the merit in all of this. Ciao.

Anne: Check it out.

Abigail: What's this?

Anne: My vision. My vision for your charity project.

Abigail: Your-- okay.

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Abigail: Wait, you want people to provide proof of employment?

Anne: Yeah. Why not?

Abigail: Jordan wanted to help people who don't have money coming in.

Anne: Right, well, Jordan's gone, and the first rule of good business is to stay flexy.

Abigail: And Jordan would never agree to this, so I'm sorry, but I'm not going to either.

Anne: [Laughing] It's like you're forgetting who's in charge here, darling. This is not a partnership.

Abigail: Okay, I get it, all right? I know. You are my supervisor.

Anne: I'm sorry, what's that? Oh.

Chad: I-I was just looking for... everything okay?

Anne: Yeah.

Melanie: Listen, if you want to worry about me, you're gonna have to take a number and get in the back of the line behind my-- my dad, my grandma, Maxine--

Brady: All those folks love you.

Melanie: And I love them very, very much. But when I woke up this morning, I found a little note from my dad, and it didn't say, you know, "could you pick up my dry cleaning?" Or, "we're out of milk." It says, "Mel, when I get home, we have to have a talk about Theresa."

Brady: [Clears throat] I wonder if Theresa went to him to complain.

Melanie: I'm sure she did. And I'm gonna hear all about it from my dad, but I don't want the same from the man I'm seeing because... then I'd feel like a kid.

Brady: Feel like a kid. Okay.

Melanie: You have to accept me for who I am the same way that I accept you for who you are. And I don't know if that's-- if that's gonna work for you, if that's too hard. I don't know if that's even something that you want to do. I'm kind of--I'm the only one talking. I'm doing that rambling thi-- just how about, um-- just you tell me.

Brady: Okay.

Jennifer: Um, yeah, I'm just gonna make this fast because you are wondering how, uh, JJ and Roxanne could be all over each other one day and then broken up the next...

Daniel: Right.

Jennifer: And what I forgot to tell you is that we had this really long talk last night. And JJ said that he was with Roxanne to forget about Paige, and then he realized that was wrong. So he just broke things off with her.

Daniel: Yeah? Just like that?

Jennifer: Mm-hmm. That's the short version, yeah.

Daniel: Then why were you so upset that he'd been keeping Roxanne a secret from you?

Jennifer: Because of the secrets that he has kept from me: Theresa, drugs, stealing. I'm just telling you he isn't going to do this anymore.

Daniel: Okay, you were a wreck yesterday, and now you're acting like nothing happened. Oh, and why--why can't I talk to JJ?

Jennifer: Daniel, because this is my family. And I appreciate your concern.

Daniel: Okay, no, no, no, no. No, no. You are not gonna pull this on me again.

Eric: Now I'm starting to think that... you don't want to try and make this work.

Serena: No, it's not that. Believe me. Eric, what I meant was, sure, I could get a job in Chicago, but I could just as easily get a job in Bolivia or someplace like that. And while it's one thing for me to get a work visa, there's no guarantee that you could get one too. Listen, we're--we're just getting ahead of ourselves because this could all work out. Right? And I promise, as soon as I know something, you will too. Does it help... if I tell you that... right now, this is the only place I want to be?

Eric: Yeah. It helps. It helps a lot to hear that. I want you here too. And I don't want you to doubt that for one minute. Serena, I love you.

Anne: Uh, is there something I can help you with, Mr. DiMera?

Chad: No, I'm good. I was just here meeting with Seth burns about my family's foundation.

Anne: Oh, well, you know, your family's generosity has been a, uh, a real godsend to this hospital.

Chad: We will be contributing to Jordan's project.

Anne: Oh.

Abigail: That's-- that's great, Chad, thank you.

Chad: How's it going without her?

Abigail: Well, why don't you ask my supervisor?

Anne: Yeah, you know, I was just spitballing here with Abigail, and, uh, I have some very exciting ideas. I'm seeing-- seeing great stuff ahead.

Chad: I admire that take-charge attitude. It's too bad we can't clone you.

Anne: [Chuckles] Why would you say that?

Chad: Ah, Mr. Burns and I were just having a conversation about a project that my family's going to be funding.

Anne: Oh.

Chad: It is very important to the DiMera family that we find just the right person to administer it.

Anne: Oh. [Stammering] I would very much like to be in the running for that position.

Chad: And--and you would be, except you're already involved here. And this project needs somebody's undivided attention.

Anne: Oh.

Chad: I'm sure we'll find the right person.

Anne: Yeah. Okay.

Chad: It's nice to see you both.

Anne: Uh, wait. Wait.

Kate: Okay, I don't have much time. I have to prep for a board meeting.

Victor: Oh, so when you told me that you were free, then--

Kate: I was hoping we could do this fast.

Victor: Ah, okay. I just got off the phone with Stefano. He wants me to help him bring you down. Was that fast enough for you?

Brady: I heard what you said. You want to be treated like an adult, and you will be.

Melanie: Even if I do something I regret?

Brady: Yes. I'll tell you one decision I will never regret. And that's giving you and me a try.

Melanie: Me either.

Brady: I think if we just keep listening to each other, I think we have a good shot. I really do. And you look really good right now. What--how many hours do you have to spend at work?

Melanie: Um...

Brady: How many?

Melanie: I will call you the second I get off.

Brady: Yeah?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Promise me.

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Okay. Walk me out.

Melanie: Oh.

Brady: Um, I'm gonna be waiting for that call.

Daniel: I care about you and both of your kids. I always will. But I really hate it when you tell me not to be involved, especially when you're the one who brought me into this. Now, I can tell you're lying. And I am worried about you.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Dr. Jonas. Okay. I'll be right there. This is not over.

Jennifer: Sorry, Daniel. I really have to get better at this lying thing 'cause this is something I definitely cannot tell you.

Nicole: Maxine has it all wrong, and so do I. There's nothing going on between Daniel and Jennifer. Now I just have to find a way to keep things moving.

Daniel: I don't think I can trust, uh, myself to be alone with you.

Nicole: I just have to find a way to get Melanie out of the way.

[Phone ringing]

Melanie: Hey, Nicole. What's up?

Nicole: Hey, uh, I just talked to Daniel this morning, and he mentioned that you two are gonna have lunch today. And I was wondering if--

Melanie: Oh, I forgot to tell him, um, I have to cancel.

Nicole: Really? Aww. He's gonna be so disappointed.

Melanie: Yeah, um, was there something that you needed to tell me?

Nicole: Oh. No, no, no, no. Don't worry. I-I-I don't want to bother you any more than I already have. I'll just talk to you some other time, okay?

Melanie: That was weird, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh, that was easy. This is a sign. I know it is. It's a sign. It's a sign. Okay.

Eric: This is a little awkward.

Serena: Because I didn't say "I love you" back?

Eric: No, right after you started talking about leaving Salem.

Serena: Eric, I could have picked any hospital in the country to do research. And if you remember, I practically threw myself at you, which is why I'm here and not at my hotel. I didn't think I had to say "I love you." I thought you knew.

Eric: Okay.

Serena: But I still have to get going.

Eric: I thought you said you had the day off?

Serena: I told Melanie that I was gonna stop by.

Eric: See? Another reason for you to stay. You have a good friend.

Serena: [Chuckles]

Eric: You know... I think things are gonna work for us. I mean, does it sound crazy?

Serena: Not at all. I'll see you later. Right after I take care of business. Imagine if razors could move up and down, and all around.

Chad: Are you sure about this, Anne?

Anne: Oh, absolutely.

Chad: Okay. I mean, I know how excited you were about your ideas for Abigail's project.

Anne: Oh, yeah, yes. But now that Abigail and I have touched base, I feel more than confident that she can take it from here. So please, tell Mr. Burns that I am available 25/8 for anything the DiMera family may need.

Chad: You have no idea how grateful I am to hear you say that.

Anne: Okay. So we'll--we'll be in touch.

Chad: Definitely.

Anne: All right.

Chad: Okay.

Anne: Okay. So I'm just gonna-- oh. [Chuckles] Okay. Thank you.

Abigail: Ahem, Anne.

Anne: Keep 'em.

Abigail: Well, what's this new project?

Chad: How would I know?

Abigail: Chad.

Chad: With all the money my family pumps into this place, I'm sure we can figure out something for her to do.


Kate: Of all the people that Stefano could ask for help, why would he pick you?

Victor: He didn't share that with me.

Kate: What does he want you to do?

Victor: Now, now, Kate, you know me well enough to know that information comes with a price tag.

Kate: [Groans] How much?

Victor: Excuse me.

Kate: Oh, God. [Chuckles] Well, this certainly is a hefty portion of the profits. I hesitate to use the word "greedy bastard," but in this case--

Victor: Well, if you'd rather proceed ignorant of what Stefano has in mind for you, be my guest.

Kate: Give me a pen. [Groans]

Victor: You only signed your first name.

Kate: Yeah, well, I'm not stupid. I don't even know if Stefano really made this call. So unless you can prove that this is real, well, maybe when that happens, maybe I will finish my signature.

Eric: You look good.

Brady: I feel good.

Eric: Is it because of Melanie?

Brady: Uh, you heard?

Eric: Through the Brady grapevine. So how's it going?

Brady: Not bad. We survived our first argument.

Eric: Oh.

Brady: I mean, our-- our first argument since we, um--

Eric: Took it to the next level.

Brady: Exactly, exactly.

[Both chuckle]

Brady: You know-- you know what's funny? We, um, when we were just friends, we used to argue all the time. Right?

Eric: But you're still friends?

Brady: Yeah, and that's why this is different. That's why it's working, because we went into this liking each other and trusting each other. It's just been-- did I say something wrong?

Melanie: Serena? Hey.

Serena: Hey. I was just gonna get some coffee on my way to your place. But I thought we were both off today. Why are you in scrubs?

Melanie: Right. I'm sorry. Somebody called in sick, so I have to cover for them.

Serena: Oh.

Melanie: But you wanted to talk. Are you okay?

Serena: Yeah. No, I mean, yeah, I just wanted to drop off these books for you.

Melanie: What books?

Serena: You said that you wanted to learn about African history.

Melanie: Yes. Yeah. Oh, that's awesome. That's--thank you so much. I'll take them to work with me.

Serena: No, no, it's okay. Um, they're so heavy. Why carry it around all day? I'll just drop them off at your dad's place.

Melanie: You don't mind?

Serena: No. No, not at all. Um, the super will let me in?

Melanie: Yeah, uh, you know, no, actually he's-- he's never there. So I'll just give you the, um, this house key.

Serena: Great. Thank you. I have to go by the hospital later, so I'll just drop it off then.

Melanie: Perfect. Thank you so much. Cool. I'll see you soon.

Serena: Okay. No. Thank you.

Nicole: Ugh. I forgot the groceries. [Chuckles] Okay, you know what? Forget cooking. I'll order in. And I will use the time to better advantage. I want everything just right when Daniel walks through that door.

My favorite words are finally together,

Abigail: Did you just come to my rescue?

Chad: I did it for Jordan's project. Anne would have gutted it.

Abigail: I see. Well, uh, you're right. She would have. That's exactly what she was planning to do. Uh, thank you, Chad.

Chad: That's the least I could've done, given the circumstances.

Abigail: Wait, that's it?

Chad: What do you mean?

Abigail: Well, I just-- I just thought--

Chad: You were worried about it getting back to Ben?

Abigail: No. Not at all. I'm--I'm going to tell him. I--

Chad: Are you sure you want to do that? He'll say I only did it to get something for myself.

Abigail: Did you?

Victor: Stefano wants me to steer you away from making a move on a small telecommunications company.

Kate: [Scoffs] That's it? That's it? He wants you to steer me away from some rinky-dink company? I would have thought he would want you to stoke the fires under the boiling pot of oil.

Victor: Isn't there a division of DiMera enterprises about to make a big move in that area?

Kate: Of course.

Victor: And doesn't this little "rinky-dink company" hold patents that are crucial to your success?

Kate: Oh. So he wants to buy it for himself, and then he'll have me exactly where he wants me.

Victor: Not if you get there first.

Kate: I would have been completely blindsided. [Sighs]

Victor: That old fool. He still thinks that I hate you more than I hate him.

Kate: [Chuckles]

[Italian opera music playing]

[Mouthing along with song]

Eric: Brady, I'm-- I'm telling you, everything's fine.

Jennifer: Hey, guys.

Eric: Hey.

Brady: Hi.

Jennifer: This is nice. I like seeing the two of you hanging out like this.

Brady: Well, why don't you hang out with us?

Eric: Yeah.

Jennifer: Oh, I wish I could. I can't.

Eric: What? Tough day at work?

Jennifer: Oh, you know how it is sometimes. Everybody just wants something from you. Nothing I can't handle though.

Melanie: Hey, Dad.

Daniel: Hey, I thought I wasn't gonna see you until lunch.

Melanie: Yeah, that's gonna have to wait.

Daniel: Okay, well, hold on. While you're here though, I want to talk to you about Theresa.

Melanie: Right. Still gonna have to wait because, um, and the lunch thing too. I got called in to cover a shift.

Daniel: Oh, okay. Well, I, uh, I better call Nicole and let her know.

Melanie: Nicole? Why?

Melanie: Well, she wants to make lunch for the three of us. She's at the apartment now.

Melanie: Right now?

Daniel: Yeah. Yeah. Is that a problem?

Melanie: No. Um, well... she's gonna have somebody there to pass the time with.

Nicole: Daniel, I-- [Gasps]

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