Days Transcript Tuesday 3/10/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 3/10/15


Episode #12544 ~ JJ tells Paige he wants her back; Stefano makes an unexpected move; Rafe realizes what Victor is up to; Nicole turns to Aiden for advice.

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Jennifer: Good morning. Hey, you're up bright and early. I thought your first class wasn't until 11:00.

JJ: I didn't get much sleep last night.

Jennifer: Yeah, me neither.

JJ: And--and Abigail left for work.

Jennifer: Since you didn't get a lot of sleep, does that mean that maybe--

JJ: I was thinking about Paige and me. 'Cause yesterday, mom, before you talked to Eve, I thought it was all over. And today, I'm thinking maybe it's not. Thanks to you because I might still have a chance with her.

Jennifer: Are you sure that you're not having doubts? 'Cause I've been doing a lot of thinking, too, and-- and the risk involved.

JJ: I know. It could blow up sky high if Eve doesn't keep her mouth shut.

Eve: [Heavy breathing]

Jennifer: No! So you and I and JJ, if we keep this quiet, Paige never has to know. And then he can find a way to fix things, and maybe they can find a way back to each other, and we let them. Agreed?

Paige: Hey, is something wrong?

Eve: Well, why would you say that?

Paige: You're never up this early.

Eve: Well, I-I woke up early and just started thinking about you, sweetheart. And I couldn't get back to sleep. I just want to tell you that it meant the world to me to hear you say that you'd never hate me.

Paige: It's true.

Eve: And then you ran off to class, and there was so much more that I wanted to say. You think we could maybe get together later tonight, huh?

Paige: Uh, sorry. I have a date.

Eve: Do I know him?

Paige: It's Cole. I have to go.

Eve: Hmm. Cole. Great. Anyone's better than JJ.

Daniel: Did I hear you say you have a date?

Nicole: Oh, God, sorry.

Aiden: Oh, oh, I'm sorry. No, no, no, it's my fault. I was a million miles away. Sorry.

Nicole: Yeah, me too. Actually, I'm glad I ran into you.

Aiden: Why? What's up? You need a lawyer?

Nicole: Well, what I would like... is some free advice.

Aiden: Hmm. Interesting.

Chad: I just, uh, called to thank you again for sending over that cost analysis.

Stefano: Did Katarina read it yet?

Chad: She was very impressed. I can't actually believe she bought that I wrote it.

Stefano: Uh-huh. Because you had no idea what was in it.

Chad: Well, I took a look at it.

Stefano: Uh-uh-uh. Don't get cocky, my boy, all right? If Katarina gets suspicious of you, it will blow our whole plan.

Chad: Uh, I'll read it, okay? I'll memorize the damn thing.

Stefano: [Chuckles] You're serious?

Chad: About destroying Kate? [Chuckles] Yeah, I'm dead serious.

Kate: Ooh.

Clyde: Hi.

Kate: Good morning.

Clyde: You're chipper today.

Kate: Yes.

Clyde: Is that because my stepdaughter left town?

Kate: Now you know I don't like Jordan, and I never will. But she is far too insignificant to affect my mood one way or another.

Clyde: Then what's got you feeling so good today?

Kate: Every day is a good day when you know that you have a vice-like grip on Stefano DiMera's... neck.

Maggie: I can't tell you how glad I was to open that door and see you standing there.

Rafe: Me?

Maggie: Yes.

Rafe: Why? Is something wrong?

Maggie: It's Victor. I'm worried about him. I mean, all of sudden, he seems so down.

Rafe: Down? Well, he hasn't come into the club in a while. Well, you know, come to think of it, last time I saw him, he was-- he was kind of depressed.

Maggie: Come here.

Rafe: Well, listen, I just came to talk to him about a few things that have come up at the bar. Certainly nothing that's gonna change his mood.

Maggie: Then encourage him to spend more time there.

Rafe: Okay.

Maggie: 'Cause, I mean, maybe work would be good for him.

Rafe: Yeah. Hey, I'll give it a shot.

Maggie: Oh, I knew I could count on you.

Rafe: Okay. Victor.

Victor: Ahem. What is it, Rafe?

Stefano: Uh-huh. Don't become over-confident, all right? Do everything you can to allay Katarina's suspicions.

Chad: She's not suspicious. She's totally convinced that I'm a money-grubbing, ambitious little creep who's determined to overthrow his own father. She wants to believe that she's made an ally out of me.

Stefano: Uh-huh. The best way to convince her is to work hard for DiMera enterprises. Where's Katarina now?

Chad: Where do you think? She's with that hillbilly.

Clyde: That's a good one.

Kate: What's a good one?

Clyde: You actually thinking you got Stefano under control.

Kate: No, I don't think it. I know it. Even though tax evasion charges are keeping him out of Salem right now, thank God. If he even thinks about coming back to town, I have ammunition I haven't even used yet.

Clyde: Well, I guess I better watch my step around you.

Kate: As long as you keep treating me with respect and as an equal, you have nothing to worry about.

Cole: Hey, are we still on for tonight?

Paige: Uh, yeah. This is Dr. Jonas. He's a wonderful surgeon. He gave a lecture to my anatomy class.

Cole: Cool. See you later.

Paige: Um, he's not usually like that.

Daniel: What's he usually like?

Jennifer: Honey, we both know that Eve can't be trusted. But right now, she is only worried about protecting her own self interests. It doesn't matter how much she hates you and Paige being together. She is fixated right now on Paige never finding out about this. But you also know how careless she is. I mean, she could blab to Theresa and someone could overhear, and then who knows what happens from there?

JJ: I know, I know. All she does is talk. She'll say anything to get a rise out of somebody.

Jennifer: Yeah. I thought about that, too. So if you can't control Eve, are you gonna take matters into your own hands?

JJ: And tell Paige myself? Mom, I already thought about it. I can't do it.

Jennifer: Would you rather her hear it from Theresa or Eve?

JJ: Mom, there's no good way for her to find out about this. It would kill her. And I'd be killing her.

Jennifer: Okay. If you get her back, don't you realize you are gonna have this burden hanging over your head?

JJ: But at least we'll have a chance to be happy.

JJ: But what if you don't get her back, honey?

JJ: Mom, you're the one who gave me this chance. Don't tell me you're backing away from it already. Mommy's got a surprise for you.

Aiden: Uh, what kind of advice are you talking about?

Nicole: Uh, well, you and hope are together, right?

Aiden: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Nicole: And you two love each other?

Aiden: Yeah.

Nicole: So you're happy?

Aiden: Very much, yes, yes. Wh--what--where is this going? Wh--what are you getting at?

Nicole: Well, I-I see your face now...

Aiden: Mm-hmm.

Nicole: When you say her name, and I just can't help but remember that God-awful party at Daniel's.

Aiden: Oh, yeah, yeah, man. That was--no.

Nicole: It just looked like that you and hope couldn't stand being in the same room.

Aiden: Well, we, you know, worked through it.

Nicole: See? Okay. How? How did hope go from thinking you were a total jerk to being in love with you? It happened so fast. I'm especially interested in how you made that work.

Aiden: This is the advice that you want? [Groans] Thought maybe you needed help fixing a parking ticket or something.

Nicole: No. No, I'm--I'm going through a situation in my own life, and I just need to find a way to put it in the fast lane.

Daniel: Look, I didn't mean to put you on the spot, I j--

Paige: No, you didn't. It's just, uh, I don't know very much about Cole. My friends all think he's bad news, but he's been really nice to me.

Daniel: So when he asked you out, you said yes.

Paige: Yeah, it's our first date.

Daniel: Well, I hope you have a good time.

Paige: Me too.

Daniel: Yeah. And I know you've been through a lot lately. Look, I'm--I'm really sorry.

Paige: You can say his name.

Daniel: I wasn't sure if--

Paige: And you can still be close to JJ and still be friends with me, but it is over between him and me.

Daniel: Well, how do you-- how do you know?

Paige: I've met his new girlfriend. Her name's Roxanne. He's moving on, and I'm trying to do the same thing.

Daniel: Um... [Chuckles]

Paige: What?

Daniel: You're a smart, beautiful girl. And a good person on top of it. You have a great future ahead of you, and it just--

Paige: Please, say what's on your mind.

Daniel: I--two words: Don't settle.

Eve: No, you don't have to worry. Mm-mmm. She's smart. Way too smart to go back with that JJ Deveraux after he hurt her. Oh, but he can be so convincing. [Chuckles] He's got the fake sincerity of his mother and the selfishness of his daddy.

Jennifer: And despite what you did to try to destroy them, Paige still loves JJ.

Eve: I know. No.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Eve: Mm-mmm. No. No, no, no, no, no. It just can't be. I just-- no. I can't stand by and let you go back to that boy. Not after he hurt you. Not after he hurt you.

Jennifer: Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this?

JJ: Mom, you gave me a chance to make things right with Paige. I have to try.

Jennifer: Okay. And I really don't think that Eve would be stupid enough to tell anyone about what happened between the two of you. But just in case, I'm gonna call her and make sure she wasn't awake last night coming up with a plan of her own.

JJ: Thank you. You know, I don't know what I did to deserve a mom like you. I--

Jennifer: I don't know what you did to deserve Eve messing up your life like this. Now come on, sit down. 'Cause I really want to ask you are you really gonna be happy with Paige? Really happy knowing what you know?

JJ: The thing is, mom, is that I've been carrying around this for a while. And I'm used to it. If Paige gave me another chance, I--I'm gonna be so good to her. And I am never ever gonna cheat on her again.

Jennifer: Honey, I know you have really high hopes, and-- but you have to be prepared. She may not forgive you. And even if she does, you know, sometimes life just pulls the rug out from under you.

JJ: I know, mom. I've known about that since dad died. But when I--when I met Paige, um, it seemed like everything turned around. And I loved her more than I've ever loved anybody else. And she loved me the exact same way.

Jennifer: Yeah. I believe that.

JJ: Until her mom went to work on us.

Jennifer: No, I know. I know. I just want to make sure that you're sure. Okay. Then I am too.

JJ: Yeah.

Jennifer: Yeah.

JJ: You know what, mom? From now on, I'm gonna be a different kind of guy. One that deserves a girl like Paige.

[Phone ringing]

Eve: Oh, my God, what do you want now, Jennifer?

Jennifer: I want to be sure that you're still clear about what we agreed to last night. And if you are not, you need to tell me right now.

Paige: What do you think I'm settling for? Cole?

Daniel: If I'm overstepping, I don't--

Paige: Look, I'm not my mom, you know?

Daniel: Okay, I'm not trying to comment on you or your mom. And maybe--maybe I should just mind my own business.

Paige: Look, you don't have to worry about me, okay? And any time you need me to babysit--

Daniel: Just--just call you, right?

Paige: Yeah.

Daniel: Parker, he's crazy about you, so...

Paige: Aww.

Daniel: Um, and don't be a stranger, okay?

Paige: I won't.

Daniel: Okay.

Cole: What did the old guy want?

Paige: You were pretty rude.

Cole: He gave me a funny look.

Paige: You're imagining that. Daniel's too nice to do something like that.

Cole: How do you know?

Paige: Uh, well, I babysit his kid and he talks to me about being a doctor, so...

Cole: Is that what you two were talking about just now? Because it looked like, you know, more personal than that.

Paige: He--he just cares about me. He doesn't want me to mess up my life like-- but I told him he doesn't have anything to worry about.

Eve: Well, given your threat to tell Paige everything, I guess I have no choice than to go along with you and your little plan.

Jennifer: Hmm. Well, you could have avoided going along with me and my little plan if you didn't go to bed with my son and try to use it as blackmail.

Eve: That's not what happened.

Jennifer: That is exactly what happened and we both know it. And that is what Paige is gonna know if you decide to tell her yourself. Because no matter how you try to spin it, all she's gonna hear you say is that her mother went to bed with the boy she loves. So if I were you, I would keep your mouth shut. But that's your call.

Eve: I won't tell Paige, all right? And, Jennifer, just so you know, I hate your guts.

Jennifer: Well, I've known that for a long time. And just so you know, I really couldn't care less.

Stefano: As much as I question Katarina's taste in men, I know that she is not stupid, all right? So you must be very careful with her if this plan is gonna work.

Chad: Okay, so we're clear on what I'm supposed to do, but you are the one that is facing the biggest obstacles that we have to overcome here.

Stefano: [Chuckles] Don't worry about that, my son. I'll handle it.

Rafe: Well, it's just I haven't seen you or heard a word from you in a while, Victor, so, I just want to make sure everything's okay.

Victor: Why wouldn't it be?

Rafe: Because when Sonny got stabbed, I know what that did to you.

Victor: I'm fine.

Rafe: No, you're not. You're not fine and it's bugging the hell out of me, Victor.

Victor: Why?

Rafe: Why? Why? Because a man like you is gonna let a bum like Clyde Weston get to you? I didn't think you would let that happen, but, you know, now his bunch, they're all but running the trucking business in Salem. That used to be yours, Victor. Yours.

Victor: Times change.

Rafe: Oh, come on, Victor. He's expanding. Okay. Okay, fine. I just came by to let you know that I'm gonna start sniffing around, and I'm gonna find--

Victor: Sniffing around? What are you? A moron? You're gonna ruin everything.

Rafe: Whoa, would you calm down? All I'm gonna do-- simply question a few people that I trust.

Victor: Which part of "do not do anything" do you not get? Everybody that works for me, everybody, and that includes you, are to back off of Clyde Weston.

Rafe: Okay, but I thought that you brought me in--

Victor: I don't pay you to think. Or to second guess me.

Rafe: Okay, then I don't understand what the hell is going on. And why does Maggie think that you've just given up?

Victor: Because Clyde Weston is not stupid. He's got a brain under that $4 haircut. When I told him I was gonna step aside, do you think he took my word for it?

Rafe: So this depressed act, it's all just for show? Well, don't you think you should have told Maggie that? Or me?

Victor: I kept Maggie in the dark for her own protection. And I told you what you needed to know. Unfortunately, you didn't listen to me. You know what it takes to get a guy like Clyde to let his guard down? He has started to get a little too ambitious though. A little too greedy. At some point, he's gonna overstep. And when he does, I'll be ready.

Clyde: How many times have I told you I've never met a woman like you?

Kate: Well, I never get tired of hearing it.

Clyde: Well, I admire what you do. The way that you do it. So I think we're on the same page.

Kate: And what page is that?

Clyde: Well, as long as you don't step on my toes, I certainly won't step on yours.

Aiden: Could you be a little more specific about what you want to know?

Nicole: Yeah, of course. Um, well, I'm in a relationship, as you may have heard. Well, I'm trying to be anyway, and I- I made some miscalculations along the way.

Aiden: Miscalculations? Is that what you call them? [Chuckles]

Nicole: Okay, mistakes.

Aiden: I'm just--

Nicole: Big mistakes. But I really want this to work, and I'm just trying to jumpstart things.

Aiden: Okay, well, how does Eric feel about that?

Nicole: Who ever said anything about Eric? I'm talking about Daniel.

Daniel: Hey.

Jennifer: Hey. Uh, I was just dropping off the minutes from the ethics committee meeting, and I'm gonna be on my way.

Daniel: No, no, no. That's okay. Stay. Stay. I'm glad you're here. Uh, I talked to Paige.

Jennifer: Oh, how is she?

Daniel: Well, she says she's fine, but I think she's covering.

Jennifer: Why?

Daniel: Well, she said she met this girl, Roxanne, and she's as convinced as I am that JJ's with her now.

Jennifer: You know, I think that I could have been overreacting when I thought that Eve brought Roxanne here to break up Paige and JJ.

Daniel: Yeah, no. I know you were really rooting for Paige and JJ, and so was I, and it's hard. It's hard to accept that he's moved on, but, you know, that's the reality.

Jennifer: No, that's not the reality.

Daniel: What?

Jennifer: This whole thing with Roxanne, it's over. It's done with.

Maggie: Oh. Oh.

Eve: Hello, Maggie.

Maggie: Hello. Shopping spree?

Eve: Yes. I mean, why not? I can afford it. Jack's book is paying off, and Jennifer finally did the right thing for once in her life.

Maggie: And since you seem to have money to burn, why don't you share the wealth a bit?

Eve: And what do you mean by that?

Maggie: St. Luke's clothing drive. I'm surprised Paige didn't say anything to you about it. She's helping me organize.

Eve: Oh. Well, you know, uh, Paige is living on campus now, so...

Maggie: Well, when you, uh, make room in your closet for all those things that you bought, maybe you could donate your old clothes to the drive.

Eve: Mm. Jennifer helping you organize this event?

Maggie: Yeah. She is.

Eve: Well, ask her for her old clothes because you're not getting any of mine. I don't want any part of anything that has her paw prints on it, got it?

Cole: I'm telling you, it's a great movie. These three dudes are like totally wasted and they're in this Jacuzzi, only it's a time machine.

Paige: [Chuckles] Are you serious?

Cole: Yeah, it's a riot.

Paige: Oh.

Cole: And it's at the student center. We got to go tonight.

Paige: Yeah.

JJ: Hey, Paige.

Paige: I'm busy right now, JJ.

JJ: Can I talk to you? It's important.

Cole: You heard her. Get lost.

JJ: It'll only take a minute. Please.

Paige: Would you mind?

Cole: Of course not. Probably won't be far away.

Paige: I can take care of myself. Okay. So what's this about?

Kate: Did shin call yet?

Chad: It's not time. How was Clyde?

Kate: We have a business relationship. Let's keep the personal out of it.

Chad: Oh, I see. Now that you've run Jordan out of town by personally implicating me as the one who got Rafe fired, you want to change the rules.

Kate: Yes, I do. Do you have a problem with that?

Rafe: Hey, Clyde. What the hell did you do to Victor Kiriakis?

JJ: I want a chance to-- to explain.

Paige: About?

JJ: Yesterday.

Paige: Oh, you mean when you showed off your new girlfriend?

JJ: She's not my girlfriend, Paige.

Paige: Then what is she? You know what, never mind. I don't care.

JJ: Look, I'm--I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I hurt you, and I want to make it up to you.

Paige: But you can't. Don't you know that?

JJ: I can try.

Paige: No, the best thing you can do for me right now is to just leave me alone.

JJ: Okay, there--there's a lot of stuff that you don't understand.

Paige: Like what?

JJ: Like--like a million things happened since last night, and I know this is gonna sound lame, but everything has changed.

Paige: Sounds pretty much the same to me.

JJ: I told Roxanne that it was over. Permanently.

Aiden: Daniel? But I thought that you-- didn't Eric leave the priesthood for you? I just thought--

Nicole: That's not exactly how it happened.

Aiden: Uh-huh.

Nicole: Besides, it's ancient history.

Aiden: Ah, and now you're with Daniel.

Nicole: Kind of.

Aiden: Kind of? Isn't that like being kind of pregnant, is it?

Nicole: Well, we're great together. And we should be together.

Aiden: I just--you just moved really fast, that's all. I just--um.

Nicole: Well, isn't that how it happened with you and hope? What's wrong with wanting that for Daniel and me?

Aiden: Not really the same situation, I don't think.

Nicole: Why?

Aiden: Why? Well, first of all, that party that you're talking about, I mean, wasn't that to celebrate Daniel and Jennifer being together? And to me, they seemed like they were, I don't know, totally in love.

Nicole: Well, Bo and hope were totally in love, but that's ancient history. And so are Daniel and Jennifer. You don't believe me, ask either one of them.

Aiden: Look, I don't know. But hope knows them really well. She thinks they belong together.

Nicole: Well, good for her. Things change and so do people.

Aiden: All right, listen. Have you considered the idea the reason things aren't working out for you and Daniel is because of all that ancient history?

Nicole: [Scoffs] Because of Jennifer? That's your advice?

Aiden: Well, it's just my observation, that's all.

Nicole: It's a stupid one.

Aiden: Well, look. You want to know what turned things around so quickly for hope and me?

Nicole: Hmm?

Aiden: We both faced our ancient history together.

Nicole: Well, good for you. You know what? You and frowny face deserve each other.

Daniel: What do you mean it's over with JJ and that girl? Yesterday you were saying you didn't believe that it ever even happened at all.

Jennifer: Right. I was wrong yesterday. But I'm right today. She just--she went home. It ended.

Daniel: What happened?

Jennifer: Just ended.

Daniel: Just--wow, you seem awfully casual about it. Yeah. Did you have anything to do with that?

Jennifer: Maybe. I--

Daniel: Okay, Jennifer, why are you being so evasive?

Jennifer: I'm not.

Daniel: Yeah.

Jennifer: I mean, I had a talk with JJ, you know? And--and maybe he, uh, just felt like it was wrong and he realized he shouldn't be with Roxanne.

Daniel: Well, he didn't seem to feel that way yesterday.

Jennifer: Uh, you know kids. They change their mind all the time every day. And really, why do you care if Roxanne's with JJ?

Daniel: I care about JJ. You know, when I see him, I'm going to tell him that--

Jennifer: No, don't do that. Really. You--you don't need to mention this. Just leave it alone, really.

Daniel: Okay, Jennifer-- Jennifer--Jennifer, you're forgetting that I know you pretty well. And there is something you're not telling me. And I'm guessing it's big. Is JJ is some kind of trouble?

Jennifer: No.

Daniel: Okay, I'm sorry. But you are lying.

Clyde: Well, I hardly know Mr. Kiriakis. But from what I do know, he seems like a fine fella.

Rafe: Oh, don't give me that. I saw the sparks flying between the two of you at the club the other night. And now...

Clyde: Now what?

Rafe: Well, now there's this new trucking company in Salem that's taking all the Kiriakis routes.

Clyde: No kidding?

Rafe: It's your company. I found the name when I was checking out your businesses.

Clyde: Well, there was a need here in Salem, and I was glad to be able to fill it.

Rafe: At Victor's expense.

Clyde: Competition's the American way, right?

Rafe: Yeah, but you didn't just beat him out in business. There's more to it than that. Victor doesn't come to the club anymore. His wife says that he hardly leaves the house. And don't tell me-- don't tell me it's just because his trucking company is in the red.

Clyde: Well, Victor's not a young man any more. And I would imagine that losses like this get harder to take.

Rafe: I've known Victor ever since I came to Salem. I've seen him handle the good times and the bad. And I'm-- I'm here to tell you I've never seen him like this before.

Victor: A little too early. Ah, what the hell. You fooled Maggie. You fooled that bastard Weston. By golly, you still got it. Here's to Clyde Weston, who is going to find out the hard way that you don't stab a Kiriakis in the back and get away with it.

Daniel: I do not get it. The Jennifer I know does not lie.

Jennifer: Well, all I can tell you is that what you're thinking is wrong.

Daniel: Well, I'm not wrong about the way you were acting when I told you about JJ and Roxanne. You seemed like you were gonna lose it. Like you were stressed out. And I was worried about you. And now you're absolutely fine? Except you're not looking me in the eye.

[Phone ringing]

Daniel: Jenn, I-- okay, this is gonna take two minutes. I want you to wait here for me. You and I are gonna have this out.

Jennifer: Man, he is never gonna let this go. And he cannot be involved in this. I have to deal with him, but not right now.

Maggie: You're letting your feelings for Jennifer stop you from helping people in need? Your own daughter is helping with the clothing drive.

Eve: No, no, no, don't-- don't talk to me about my daughter, okay? I'm sick to death of you and Jennifer, Kayla, Daniel, all thinking that you know my daughter better than I know her.

Maggie: I don't think any of us feel that way.

Eve: Oh, yes, you do. You think you know what's best for Paige. Well, you might know what's best for JJ, and that's keeping my daughter around to make him look good, but we all know that he's been nothing but bad news since the day she met him.

Maggie: I know that's your opinion.

Eve: It is my opinion. And I just pray to God that I have raised her with enough self respect that she will stay away from that delinquent.

Maggie: Why are you getting so worked up about this? 'Cause the last I heard, Paige and JJ were all broken up.

Paige: I don't get it. You and Roxanne were all over each other yesterday. Now you're telling me it's done?

JJ: Yeah. I am. I can't believe I ever even looked at her.

Paige: I don't get you at all anymore.

JJ: Okay, look. Look, Paige. I have been so stupid, and I have made so many mistakes. But the biggest one that I made was hurting you. And all I can say is that I had my eyes opened last night. And I finally figured out that things don't have to be like this.

Paige: JJ, I really don't know what you're talking about.

JJ: Okay, I'm not saying it right. I-I can't find the words. Look, Paige, I know I've been a bastard. And I don't have the right to ask you for a thing. But all I can say to you is that you're the one. And there's no one else for me. I love you, and I never stopped. And I want you back.

Paige: Is this some kind of sick joke? Are Rory and Bev hiding out somewhere watching us?

JJ: No. No, Paige, this is real. I-I love you, and please just let me try--

Paige: Yesterday you made me watch while you and that girl slobbered all over each other. Now you say you want me back?

JJ: Okay, look, I know what it looked like, but I--but I swear I'm on the level now.

Paige: Do you remember how many times I tried to get through to you? Do you remember how you treated me? You stood right here and you told me that I was boring.

JJ: I know.

Paige: And now I'm supposed to what? Just forgive you and start over?

JJ: No, I'm not expecting you to forgive me.

Paige: Oh, you don't expect?

JJ: Okay, I'm not doing this right.

Paige: You know what? I don't get this. I think you've completely lost it.

JJ: Okay, please. If I just keep talking, I can try to make you understand--

Paige: No. I don't want to understand you any more, okay? I don't want anything to do with you.

JJ: Paige, please.

Paige: No, I don't-- I'm done with you. So whatever this is really about, it's for nothing.

Maggie: You know what, Eve? You sound worried.

Eve: No, Maggie, I'm mad.

Maggie: No, you sound scared that it's possible that JJ and Paige just might get through all this. Why? What happened to make you think that?

Eve: You don't know what I'm thinking. And I don't have to answer to you. Damn you, Jennifer Horton. Damn you to hell.

Daniel: Hi. So, you took off after I asked you to stick around, and now you're not taking my calls. Why are you not taking my calls? Please take my calls. Oh, and by the way, this is Daniel. Daniel Jonas. The guy who's on your side. Come on, Jenn. You know how much I care about you. I always will.

Chad: I couldn't care less what you do with Mr. Clyde Weston. If you want to have a thing with that jerk, by all means, I'm not gonna stop you.

Kate: Well, well, well. I see Jordan has been filling your head with stories of her trials and tribulations with her stepfather.

Chad: That's right. Now I actually think you two are perfect for each other. I thought about calling him up and telling him about all the terrible things you've done to people. But I actually think it would make him like you even more. So I didn't.

Kate: Now didn't we just agree to stay away from the personal?

Chad: Okay, got it. Nothing but business. Dirty business.

Clyde: It's not unusual for a man Victor's age to slow down.

Rafe: Yeah. That's what Victor said, too. I'm not buying it.

Clyde: Maybe you should. He's your boss. Perhaps you can find another cause to take up.

Rafe: No, thanks. I think I'll stick with this one.

Stefano: I'm calling because I was hoping you might, well, assist me with something.

Victor: I'm listening.

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