Days Transcript Monday 3/9/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 3/9/15


Episode #12543 ~ Adrienne confronts Will; Justin & Lucas butt heads; Jordan says goodbye to Rafe and leaves Salem; Paul notices Tori is avoiding people.

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Ben: It's over. The DA's dropping the charges!

Abigail: Oh, my God! Ben! Oh, my God, that's fantastic!

Ben: I feel like I just won the lottery.

Abigail: This is amazing.

Ben: Oh, my God. Ah!

Abigail: Good news. The charges were officially dropped.

Chad: That's fantastic. Hey, congratulations, Ben.

Rafe: Jordan! Hey. What brings you by?

Jordan: You.

Rafe: Me.

Jordan: Uh, there's something I need to tell you.

Rafe: Okay. Shoot.

Jordan: Uh--well--um-- I got this job offer.

Rafe: So you're leaving town?

Harold: I'm sorry to disturb you, ms. Roberts. Mr. Weston is here.

Kate: Well, you can tell Mr. Weston--

Clyde: Oh, tell him yourself.

Marlena: John?

John: Mm-hmm?

Marlena: Am I dressed all right?

John: Always.

Marlena: [Sighs] Look, could I have a hint? I--I mean, are--are we going someplace special?

John: Doc, when you're with me, wherever we go is someplace special.

Lucas: Look, I don't want to get in the middle of your problems with Adrienne.

Justin: And yet here you are.

Lucas: I backed off to give you guys room to work--

Justin: Backed off? From what exactly did you back off with my wife?

Paul: You need to own what you did, will. Take some responsibility. If I were married to sonny, I never would've cheated on him. Never. Now get out.

Adrienne: [Shocked exhale] You? And you? God, how could you do this to my son?

Rafe: Well, that's-- I mean that's an incredible offer, so... you know...

Jordan: Yeah, it is.

Rafe: So is that it? Is that the only reason that you're leaving? Or is it because of what Chad did?

Jordan: No. I wouldn't let him run me out of town.

Rafe: No! Hey, no one pushes you around, right?

Jordan: Not anymore. Thanks to you.

Rafe: Nah. You stood up to Clyde all on your own.

Jordan: It meant a lot to me to be able to stay here. And as much as I hate Kate for all the trouble that she caused... well, if it wasn't for her, then I would've never met you.

Rafe: Right. And if it wasn't for you, I would've never recovered.

Jordan: That's not true.

Rafe: No, it is. 'Cause I don't really let women boss me around the way you did.

[Both laughing]

Jordan: Yeah, well it was for your own good.

Rafe: I know.

Jordan: And besides, I knew you were gonna be up and dancing again before the year was over, so...

Rafe: Well, I was-- I was motivated, so... that's funny. You remember--remember what happened last time you tried to leave town? Remember?

Jordan: Yeah, but--

Rafe: What?

Jordan: This time I really do have to go.

Rafe: Aw, no, come on. Look, look, look at you. You're already dancing. Aren't you? You are.

That I'm the one to blame for losing you for being such a fool like I am after tonight until the day I die as I rest my head on your pillow

Lucas: I kept my distance from Adrienne.

Justin: You called her tonight.

Lucas: So what? That doesn't mean anything.

Justin: That's not keeping your distance, Lucas.

Lucas: You know what? This isn't about you, me, or Adrienne. This is about our sons! I called because I was concerned about our sons!

Will: Adrienne, this is not what it--

Adrienne: What, what? What I heard? Don't! Don't! This is why sonny went away, isn't it?

Paul: Mrs. Kiriakis, I--

Will: You stay out of this!

Adrienne: This wasn't the way, Paul. No matter what you felt! No matter what you wanted!

Will: Wait a minute, you-- you two know each other?

Adrienne: Hey, hey, hey!

Will: You know Paul?

Adrienne: That's not important. What the hell were you two thinking?

Paul: I didn't know sonny and will were together.

Will: I had no idea that he and sonny had once--

Adrienne: You know what? You know what? I don't even want to hear it! Did you have any idea that you were married, will? No! I don't wanna hear it. I can't!

Will: Adrienne, wait! This never would've happened if you had just left Salem! So, please, do sonny and me a favor and go!

Every night until the day I die as I rest my head on your pillow I will cry inside 'cause I know that I just said good-bye to my true love to my true love good-bye my love

Jordan: You were my favorite part of Salem. Thank you for that.

Rafe: Well, if you ever come back to town, don't forget to look me up, coach.

Jordan: Mmm. You better count on it, Hernandez. Okay...

Rafe: Hey...

Abigail: Thank you for keeping your word.

Chad: Nah. You shouldn't have to thank me for that.

Ben: And I'd have to agree.

Chad: I hear Jordan has good news as well.

Abigail: She told you about her new job?

Chad: And that she's leaving Salem? Yeah, she did. And for what it's worth, uh, I'm not proud of how much I upset her.

Ben: Excuse us.

Abigail: What's wrong? You've had enough?

Ben: I'm only human. And I have to drop off a paper for econ.

Abigail: Right, well, um-- well, I have a ton of work to get to also. So I will see you later?

Ben: Yeah.

Abigail: Okay. Bye.

Ben: Bye.

Clyde: You haven't returned my calls.

Kate: Does that surprise you? You should think about it a bit.

Clyde: Oh, I have. And I decided to give you another chance.

Kate: What?

Clyde: The last time I saw you, you nearly got my son sent off to prison.

Kate: That is not what happened--

Clyde: If you hadn't spouted off about Chad getting Rafe kicked off the force--

Kate: Okay, I will not be held responsible for whatever happened with your son or stepdaughter, all right? That was not my doing or intention.

Clyde: Come here. Sit down. One of the best things about this relationship is--

Kate: Relationship?

Clyde: Yeah. We see each other clearly and call it for what it is. So don't try to tell me again that that slip up was an accident, okay? And if you expect me to apologize, after you were that careless, forget it. It ain't happening, sweetheart.

Paul: Mom, sorry I'm late.

Tori: What kept you?

Paul: Uh, nothing. I made reservations for us.

Tori: We're going somewhere else? Why?

Paul: Why not?

Tori: Well, it's quiet here. Good for talking.

Paul: Well, what if I want to show you a good time?

Tori: You want to go out in public?

Paul: We're out in public now.

Tori: Well, we can go to your hotel.

Paul: Mom, stop it. Look, it's good to get used to the way things are now. It's a new life.

Tori: Are you afraid?

Paul: No. Not now. And I'm glad that you're a part of it.

Justin: That's a convenient excuse. Will and sonny have a little problem and you're blowing it up.

Lucas: Come on, Justin--

Justin: As a way to get to Adrienne!

Lucas: You know what? Get over yourself. Look what just happened. Your son was stabbed! He was badly wounded! He almost died! And what happens the second he gets out of the hospital? He goes on vacation alone?

Justin: He's visiting his brother.

Lucas: Without his husband? Or his daughter who he's loved since the second she was born? No, no, this isn't nothing, okay?

Justin: Did you ask will what was going on?

Lucas: Yes, I did! And he didn't tell me anything. But I know there's something, I can tell.

Justin: Really? Well, how can you be so sure?

Lucas: Because I know my son, that's how.

Justin: Well, I also know my son! And I trust him enough to work out his problems with will without us butting in!

Lucas: You know what? They're new, okay? They're new at being married. What am I supposed to do?

Justin: Yes! And you're an expert in doing it right.

Lucas: That's a cheap shot. Even coming from you.

Will: Adrienne, wait, please! Will you just let me--

Adrienne: What, explain? Or are you gonna deny it?

Will: No. I can't defend what I did, but I just want you to understand that I didn't go looking for someone. I met Paul as part of my work.

Adrienne: Oh, right. Long hours together. Alone. Getting to know one another and bonding. One thing leads to another and then you sleep with him!

Will: That's not--

Adrienne: Is this how you got him to come out? Huh?

Will: That's not why I did it.

Adrienne: Then why did you, will? Tell me. Why did you cheat on my son?

Chad: [Sighs] I'm surprised your boyfriend left you all alone.

Abigail: Ben had work to do.

Chad: Mmm.

Abigail: So do I.

Chad: Is Jordan leaving you holding the bag on your project?

Abigail: I wouldn't call it that. But I definitely have to regroup.

Chad: Okay, well, if you need any help or anything from the hospital board.

Abigail: I'll be fine.

Chad: I have no doubt. But I could use a minute with you.

Kate: I don't expect anything from you and you can show yourself out.

Clyde: But I just got here!

Kate: Well, I'm busy.

Clyde: Come on. Take a walk with me.

Kate: [Scoffs] Why? Oh. Well, I thought that you weren't apologizing.

Clyde: [Laughs] I'm not.

Kate: No. Well certainly that is not...

Clyde: Go ahead and open it before you get yourself in a twist. It's just something I thought you'd like. [Laughs]

Kate: Well, what do we have here? "The road may be bumpy, but it's worth the ride."

Clyde: Mm-hmm.

Kate: As long as you realize that that road is a two-way street.

Clyde: It better be.

Rafe: Can I get you a table? Something to drink?

John: Uh, tonight, champagne.

Rafe: Champagne? Are we celebrating something?

Marlena: How about the two best men I know making a very big change in their lives.

Tori: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Paul: Yeah, this is normal.

Tori: No, they'll stare more.

Paul: Maybe. It's kind of different for now. But, uh, you know, I just came out so everyone looks at me a little differently. It's gonna take a little getting used to.

Justin: You're right. That was a cheap shot. Marriage isn't easy. I know that better than anyone. I flew halfway across the world to be with my family. My wife won't speak to me. I find out that my son just took off.

Lucas: Oh, wait a minute, you--you found out? He didn't say good-bye to you? And what, you didn't think there was a major problem between him and will? What, you just thought this was about you, is that it?

Justin: I didn't know! I just knew that I screwed up all around and I-- and I gotta fix it, okay? I gotta fix it right now.

Lucas: Why, 'cause you're leaving? You're leaving, aren't you? You're going back to Dubai.

Justin: It's the biggest opportunity of my career.

Lucas: Yeah, it sounds very important.

Justin: A chance like this doesn't come around every day.

Lucas: But families are a dime a dozen.

Will: You know that sonny and I have been having problems.

Adrienne: Oh, so you cheat on him? And that makes it all better? What?

Will: I know I messed up.

Adrienne: Messed up? Will, missing a birthday is messing up. Cheating is a betrayal of everything a marriage is supposed to be! It's a betrayal of your husband! Of your vows!

Will: Please, sonny gave me the lecture.

Adrienne: Lecture--geez. You are such a child! What do you think? You're gonna get chewed out and grounded for a little while and then everything's gonna be okay? Your husband almost bled to death! Did he know about this before he was attacked? He could've died, will. Sonny would've died knowing that the one person that he loved and trusted and was committed to had cheated on him! You--you couldn't even be found. Your father looked-- you were with Paul. Sonny was stabbed and fighting for his life and you were with Paul, weren't you?

Chad: [Exhales] I'm gonna do better, Abigail. Okay, I--I-- I have screwed up too many times with every woman that I have ever cared about. Okay, and I am tired of it. And I am tired of getting those looks from you. Um...okay... so I can be held accountable for my actions and I want you to know that things are gonna be different.

Abigail: So when did you have this--this great epiphany, Chad?

Chad: Yeah, it's been coming.

Abigail: For what? An hour or two? Was it when I came to you to ask you to drop the charges against Ben? Chad, you told me you would drop the charges if I slept with you.

Chad: Mmm, no, that's not what I said. I was--

Abigail: Playing? What if I'd said yes?

Chad: Uh, excuse me?

Abigail: What if I said yes? That I would sleep with you to get you to drop the charges? Would you have taken me up on it?

Clyde: So, was coming with me the right decision?

Kate: Oh, the jury's still out on that. Oh, sorry. [Laughs] I guess that was a bad analogy considering the fact of what's happened to Ben.

Clyde: Yeah.

Kate: How long was he supposed to be at the lawyer's?

Clyde: Geez, I should've heard by now. Which I did. It was on silent. Oh, lord.

Kate: What?

Clyde: He's in the clear.

Kate: Really?

Clyde: Yeah, Jennings got the DA to drop the charges. Wow! Ha, let's celebrate, huh? Why don't you grab a table? I'll go get us something.

Kate: Okay, okay. Hey. Jordan. I just heard the good news about your brother.

Jordan: It's great. And I have news that I think will make you even happier.

Kate: Really?

Jordan: I'm leaving Salem.

John: To your beauty!

Marlena: Oh, my.

Rafe: Well, it's a pleasure to have you here tonight. And by the way, that was a great article in Sonix. It was very brave. Very brave and a lot of people are proud of what you did.

Paul: Thank you.

Rafe: Well, did you know that will Horton is the father of my niece?

Paul: Really?

Rafe: Yes.

Paul: So that's, uh, will's and sonny's baby.

Rafe: Yeah, and Gabriela's the--the mother too. It's her daughter. Hey, let me get you drinks. On the house tonight, okay?

Tori: Thank you.

Rafe: And let me know if you need anything.

Tori: Are you having fun yet?

Paul: Mom...

Tori: Something's been bothering you all night. Longer.

Paul: Can't we just enjoy tonight?

Tori: I enjoy it when you trust me. Tell me what's on your mind. Is it the interview that you did with NBC sports? How did that go?

Paul: It went great. It'll be showing tonight. Or this weekend. Look, I have a question for you. Why are you so jumpy?

Tori: I--I don't jump.

Paul: No, you don't. I thought you liked seeing new places, traveling.

Tori: I do. Then why are you so uncomfortable here in Salem?

Justin: That was your cheap shot. So tell me again, how long were you in Hong Kong?

Lucas: A while. I was there a while but, you know what? I didn't have a wife waiting for me at home. And my daughter came to see me a lot.

Justin: Adrienne hates Dubai. The last time we had a big problem in our marriage was when we were over there together.

Lucas: So you asked her-- you asked her to go with you and she said what? "I'd rather stay here"?

Justin: You really care about her, don't you?

Lucas: She's become a very good friend and I don't want to see her in pain.

Justin: I'll take that at face value.

Lucas: Justin. I'm glad we cleared things up.

Adrienne: I'm sorry. I'm-- that's not me.

Will: It's okay. It's the least that I deserved. Don't worry about it.

Adrienne: I keep seeing sonny's face the day he married you. Oh, he was so happy. He-- he felt so lucky he found you.

Will: You didn't agree.

Adrienne: No. No, not at first. Will, you were so young. He was the first man you'd had a relationship with. I--I didn't see the rush. But sonny was so sure. And you won me over.

Will: Sonny did.

Adrienne: You can't look at your son's face so ecstatic, so thrilled to be finally getting married. We didn't even think this was possible for him.

Will: It's what sonny always wanted. He wanted to get married. Period.

Adrienne: What?

Will: When I interviewed Paul, he told me everything that sonny had said to him. Not the name. I really didn't know who the guy was. But I recognized the words. What he said to Paul was exactly word for word what he had said to me.

Adrienne: What's that supposed to mean?

Will: That's what I'm trying to figure out, Adrienne. Was sonny in love with me or was he just in love with the idea of getting married?

Adrienne: Wow... you truly are Sami Brady's son.

Will: I know you don't mean that as a compliment.

Adrienne: You're looking for the way out, aren't you? It couldn't possibly be your fault that you cheated on my son. No, it had to be something he did or didn't do. You wanna lay this at his feet!

Will: I never said that! I'm just trying to understand.

Adrienne: No, you want an out! And I sure as hell am not gonna help you find one. If sonny ever decides to forgive you, you're gonna have to find a way to live with yourself, will.

Will: I don't know if I can ever do that.

Adrienne: Oh, I don't think you'll have a problem with that. Your mother sure as hell never did.

Kate: So you're going back to poplar bluff?

Jordan: New York. I'll be running a health care community project like the one Abigail and I started. It'll be a model that we take nationwide.

Kate: Oh. So no more scrubs? I wonder if they know what they're getting. Well, I guess I'll just let them find out for themselves.

Jordan: Do you even begin to realize that what you are doing right now is exactly why you could never keep a man like Rafe?

Kate: And you could? How did that work out, Tammy sue?

Jordan: Yeah, you did good work there, Kate. You should really be proud of yourself. And you're all set now! You have found the perfect match for yourself.

Kate: Maybe I have.

Jordan: You're gonna regret getting into bed with Clyde.

Clyde: Hey there, Jordan. We're just celebrating Ben's good news. Do you care to join us?

Kate: I'm going to take a rain check because Jordan has some important news to tell you and you might want to discuss it in private, so... good luck, Jordan. I hope this job is a better fit.

Jordan: Go to hell, Kate.

Clyde: What's going on? Are you leaving Salem?

Jordan: Yes I am. Are you happy?

Chad: I don't want you to do anything you don't wanna do.

Abigail: Big of you. You know, Chad, next time you wanna turn over a new leaf, maybe you should stop trying to hit on another man's girlfriend.

Tori: I'm not uncomfortable with Salem.

Paul: Then it's me?

Tori: No. Son, no.

Paul: But?

Tori: There are just so many changes coming for you and I don't know how to help you, how to be a good mother.

Paul: You just be who you are... who you always have been. Hey, there's, uh, Dr. Evans and john black.

Marlena: Mmm! John, that's Paul Narita and his mother over there.

John: You're kidding me? Let's go say hello.

Tori: Excuse me, Paul. I--I just have to--

Paul: Hey, Dr. Evans.

Marlena: Hi there.

Paul: Mr. Black.

John: No, no, no, just call me john.

Marlena: Hey, is your mother all right?

Paul: Yeah. She's gonna be okay. She just had a phone call.

Lucas: Did sonny get to Arizona okay?

Will: I hope so.

Lucas: He didn't call? Will...

Will: I cheated on him, dad. I cheated on my husband. Look at 'em!

Clyde: Wow. I mean, that sounds like a job that's too good to pass up. Believe it or not, I'm sorry to see you go. I know your brother's gonna miss you.

Jordan: I will be in touch with him all the time, Clyde. And if anything happens here, if you do anything to hurt him, I swear to God, I will come right back and I will tell him everything. And he will never, ever forgive you.

John: That was a great article in Sonix.

Paul: Well, thank you, it was quite a big step.

John: Tell me something, how did will convince you it was time to come out?

Paul: He was just, uh...he was a great writer who asked all the right questions.

Marlena: Um, tell your mother that I'm sorry we missed her and we should--we should be going.

John: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet her.

Paul: Yeah, I don't know what's keeping her.

Marlena: Well, maybe it was an important phone call. I'm sure we'll see you all again.

Paul: Bye.

Marlena: Good night.

John: Good night.

Paul: Good night.

Marlena: Get my wrap.

Paul: Is everything okay? Did you have a phone call?

Tori: It was your grandfather. I missed a call from him and I was concerned.

Paul: About what? He's okay, isn't he?

Tori: Yes. As it turns out, he's fine.

Paul: Uh-huh.

Tori: Use real words.

Paul: Mom, you ducked out to avoid Dr. Evans and Mr. Black. Why?

Kate: Hey, Chad. So I hear you're two out of three.

Chad: What?

Kate: Well, you know, two of your three girlfriends had to flee town to get away from you.

Chad: As much as I love being your punching bag, Kate, just give it a rest tonight.

Kate: Okay. So did you read that report I gave you on European earnings?

Chad: Read and analyzed. Notes are in red. Action points are in green.

Kate: Wow.

Justin: Did you speak to Lucas?

Adrienne: No.

Justin: Well, I did.

Adrienne: Good for you.

Justin: Adrienne? We need to talk.

Adrienne: Do you really want to start this conversation tonight?

Lucas: What do you mean you cheated on sonny?

Will: It's exactly what you think. I cheated on sonny with another guy and that's why he went to Arizona.

Lucas: All right, wait a minute, hold on for a second. Just take it from the beginning, okay? When did this happen?

Will: After I came back from California.

Lucas: Did you tell sonny? So what happened, I mean, he just found out? I mean, obviously somebody told him.

Will: The night he was stabbed, he found out and he was coming to Paul's hotel room to confront us.

Lucas: Wait a minute, Paul Narita? You cheated on sonny with Paul Narita?

Clyde: Tammy sue, you know better than to threaten me.

Jordan: That's not a threat, it's a promise.

Clyde: If you go to your brother about that--

Jordan: I do not care what you tell Ben about me.

Clyde: You're willing to lose him?

Jordan: If I have to.

Clyde: Okay, Jordan. Look, if there's anything I can do for you while you're in new York, if I can help tide you over--

Jordan: I don't want anything from you. With any luck, I will never have to see your face again.

Kate: Oh, yes. You have been paying attention.

Chad: Mm-hmm, told you I wanted to learn.

Kate: Well, I like your take on the German sales. I do, and your proposal.

Chad: Good. We should be able to double our margins there before our next board meeting. We will be in the perfect position.

Kate: You think?

Chad: We will have total control of DiMera enterprises, 100% autonomy.

Kate: That's the plan. Now let's see what other ideas you've got.

Marlena: Mm, what a lovely night.

John: Mm-hmm. Not that I don't get to see an all-star every night. It was nice to run into Paul Narita too.

Marlena: Oh, thank you.

John: What was up with his mother, though?

Marlena: Yeah, that was strange, wasn't it?

John: Yeah.

Marlena: She seemed to kind of rush out when she saw us coming towards her. Although in fairness, maybe she's feeling awkward and unsure about how to deal with all the changes in Paul's life.

Tori: I wasn't avoiding anyone.

Paul: Don't lie. You're not a liar and I--that's something I just cannot take.

Tori: Son, you're making up trouble when there--

Paul: Are you embarrassed that I'm gay, mom?

Tori: No.

Paul: Well, is it--is it that I did the interview? The fact that I went public with it?

Tori: Son, no.

Paul: Then what? Do you not like Dr. Evans? Do--do you not like the fact that she said you should be proud of me?

Tori: Of course I should be proud of you.

Paul: Then prove it. Stop running away from me in public and just let people see you with me.

Tori: Honey, I--I don't--

Rafe: How's the staff treated you tonight? Did you get everything you need?

Paul: Yeah, thank you.

Tori: It was very nice. And thank you, sir, for your kind words about my son. He is brave and I'm very proud of him.

Rafe: Well, I can understand that.

Tori: I've always been proud of my son. And I always will be.

Justin: Lucas told me that you two...

Adrienne: What, that we kissed?

Justin: No.

Adrienne: He didn't get to that part? Oh, we did. We kissed.

Justin: What other part?

Adrienne: How we both stopped it, because we both knew it was wrong. How nothing else happened.

Justin: Oh.

Adrienne: You?

Justin: What?

Adrienne: Don't--don't. You started this. Now it's your turn. You look me in the eye, Justin, and you tell me nothing happened between you and Elsa.

Justin: Adrienne?

Adrienne: That's what I thought--no.

Justin: A--

Adrienne: No. No! Good night.

Lucas: So you slept with someone you were writing about?

Will: It--it gets worse. You read the article.

Lucas: Yeah, I did.

Will: You know the guy that Paul talks about--the guy that got away, the one that asked him to marry him?

Lucas: Yeah.

Will: Sonny was the guy.

Lucas: Holy, holy, holy.

Will: Yeah, they were together. Sonny and Paul were in love. I didn't know this when I was with him, and sonny never said anything about him.

Lucas: Why do you think that was?

Will: They both said that it was because of Paul's career. They had to keep it secret.

Lucas: And you believe that?

Will: Yeah, I mean, otherwise...

Lucas: Listen to me, I'm not gonna lie to you, all right, this is big know, maybe things will work out. You know, I mean...

Will: I know how they'll work out. I won't let what happened with Paul ruin my marriage. I won't. I refuse to lose my husband.

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