Days Transcript Friday 3/6/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 3/6/15


Episode #12542 ~ JJ discovers not all hope is lost; Adrienne overhears a big secret; Jordan makes a major decision; Ben gets good news.

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Eve: [Heavy breathing]

Jennifer: No!

JJ: Mom! I'm already dead to Paige. And I've--I've kinda been dead to myself, too, ever since we broke up.

Jennifer: JJ, don't say that. Please.

JJ: Listen, mom, I'm not gonna love anyone else. Because what I did with Eve, I was trying to stop feeling the hurt. Stop feeling anything.


Rory: Dude.

JJ: What? I think I failed my Chem lab. No, I'm positive. And why I let Bev talk me into such a stupid class like that-- whoa. Guess I'm not the only one having a bad day, huh?

Eve: You can't be serious.

Jennifer: Oh, but I am. You threatened my son with the truth. That ends now. So you, and I, and JJ, we keep this quiet and Paige never has to know. Then he can find a way to fix things and find a way for them to be together again, and we let them. Agreed?

Eve: When hell freezes over.

Abigail: Seriously, JJ, if you want to talk about anything, just call me or text me, okay? We'll meet up.


Chad: Good, you're here. So I have to go upstairs and meet Seth burns. But I just wanted you to know that I just came from the district attorney's office where I spent an hour with that... woman talking about Ben.

Ben: Hey, sis.

Jordan: Oh, hey.

Ben: Hey. So my lawyer's meeting with the D.A. Today. Maybe I'll hear something about my case later on. What's with the letter?

Jordan: It is a very nice compliment.

Ben: Oh, yeah?

Jordan: Yeah.

Ben: Jordan, that's amazing.

[Phone ringing]

Adrienne: Hey, will.

Lucas: Uh, it's Lucas. Sorry, I-I know I said I'd keep my distance, but I, um, I really need to get a straight answer from you. Because I sure as hell can't get one out of will.

Will: Why are you still here?

Jennifer: Whatever. It's your call. Well, look who's here. Shall we tell her together?

Paige: What's, uh, going on?

Jennifer: Eve?

Eve: I have nothing to say.

Jennifer: Then I do.

Paul: Will, I don't have time for this right now.

Will: Make time. And answer my question. Why are you still here?

Paul: Look, I'm having lunch with my mom in about half an hour.

Will: Your mom? I thought you said she was never going to come here.

Paul: Well, obviously she changed her mind. Why does that have anything--

Will: More like you changed it for her. You had her come to Salem because you didn't want to leave.

Ben: This is seriously amazing. When did you get this?

Jordan: A couple of days ago.

Ben: A couple of days ago and you didn't say anything? This is the humanitarian organization you told me about, right? In new York? The one that you always dreamed of working for?

Jordan: It is.

Ben: Okay. And you're not excited about it? Jordan, what's the problem?

Jordan: Ben, I can't take the job. I can't leave you here.

Abigail: The DA still wants Ben to go to trial? Even though you told her that you weren't gonna press charges?

Chad: Yes, for the 12th time.

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Chad: I also told her that if--if she wanted my testimony, that she would have to call me as a hostile witness. And then in cross-examination, Ben's lawyer could let me say just about anything to the jury.

Abigail: What--she what? She--

Chad: She didn't even blink. And she's an iceberg. But I-I-I wanted to let you know that I did absolutely everything that I could.

Rory: Dude, so what's going on? You didn't flunk something too, did you?

JJ: Rory, this--this just isn't--

Rory: Bev told me that you weren't in psych class yesterday. Where were you?

JJ: Look--look, lately I've-- I've been really busy, so...

Rory: [Chuckles] Yeah, I get it. I know what you've been up to, you dirty dog. I saw you...with her.

Jennifer: Paige, your mother and I have talked about this, and I just want you to know that since she won't allow--

Eve: What Jennifer is trying to tell you, sweetheart, is that, well, we have come to an agreement. Mm-hmm. About--about everything.

Paige: Sure doesn't sound like it. You both look like you're ready to explode.

Jennifer: Paige, I don't think that there is any point in not telling you what happened. You deserve to know the truth. All of it.

JJ: What-- you know who--who I've been--

Rory: Yeah, man. I told you I saw her in the student union, remember? Carter smith heard you call her something like, uh, Rochelle, or I don't know.

JJ: Roxanne.

Rory: Yeah, Roxanne. Dude, what's she like? She's the reason why you dumped Paige, right?

JJ: I don't want to talk about it.

Rory: What? This other girl wasn't worth it?

JJ: So not.

Jennifer: I think it's safe to say, Paige, that your mother and I, we don't agree on all the details, but she's come to realize what's important. What's best for everyone involved.

Paige: Uh, I don't understand.

Jennifer: I really don't want to speak for you, so maybe you could explain this to Paige.

Eve: Uh, sweetheart, could you just give me a moment alone with, uh... Jennifer.

Paige: Okay. You guys are acting really weird. I have to check my messages.

Eve: You were gonna tell her!

Jennifer: You knew the terms. And I hate lying, and frankly I wish this whole thing was just out in the open right now.

Eve: Oh, my God, are you insane?

Jennifer: No, you're insane for making it happen.

Eve: Oh, I didn't make it all happen by myself, honey.

Jennifer: Whatever. Letting it happen. But now we need to fix it.

Eve: What are you talking about? You can't "fix" this. It's too late, Jennifer. My daughter is never gonna forgive your son for breaking her heart.

Jennifer: You know what? Maybe she won't. But I'm gonna make sure that whatever happens between the two of them is their choice, not yours. For the first time, it will be theirs.

Ben: Jordan, you've spent more than half your life protecting me. Okay, I'm not ten years old anymore. There's no way you are gonna let a chance like this get away from you.

Jordan: I-I've already decided.

Ben: Oh, it--it's Clyde, right? Look, if you're worried about him and me getting closer, don't be, okay? I know I cannot trust him. I never will.

Jordan: It's not just that. This trial that you're facing--

Ben: No, no, no, no, no. See, Aiden Jennings is very optimistic that he can get me a deal. And Chad's flat out saying he's not gonna testify. There's no reason for you not to take this job in new-- wait. Is this about Chad? Do you still have feelings for him? [Scoffs]

Chad: Now look, I'm really, really sorry. It's--it's out of my hands now.

Abigail: You kept your word. You did everything you could for Ben.

Chad: Too bad "trying" doesn't count much with the D.A.

Abigail: Yeah.

Chad: Well, look, I gotta go upstairs.

Abigail: Wait, uh, well, thanks again.

Chad: You bet. The other night at the house, and when we were arguing, you said that you cared about me.

Abigail: Uh...

Chad: Don't--I know it's not a big deal. But it meant a lot to me.

Adrienne: I don't understand. Is will with you there? Now? Because if he is, I'd like to be there, too, so we can all talk.

Lucas: Uh, no, no. He--he left. He had to take care of something.

Adrienne: Well, any idea what?

Lucas: No, he was vague. I'm just sitting here watching Arianna.

Adrienne: Well, if you want to know where her favorite lovey is, I could come over.

Lucas: Uh, no, I-I know where everything is. What I don't know is why Sonny left town the minute he got out of the hospital.

Paul: You got your 15 minutes of fame. And now you want me gone?

Will: You know damn well why I want you out of Salem. You're still in love with my husband. You admitted it to me, to the whole world. Over a million people read that article. They all know that you're hoping you'll get Sonny back.

Paul: Sonny's name wasn't in the article. No one knows who it is.

Will: I do. My grandmothers do. Sonny does.

Paul: You told me Sonny said that he moved on.

Will: That was before he found out that you and I had slept together. But like I've already told you, I'm not gonna lose Sonny. Not to you. Not to anybody.

Jordan: Ben, please. This is not about Chad, or Clyde. Okay? It's about you. Our lives are here now.

Ben: This is a chance of a lifetime.

Jordan: Okay, well, it looks like that now, but...

Ben: No, no, no. This is your shot, sis. Okay? And it's huge. Think of all the people you can help. Hey. Look at me. I know you want this. And I'm telling you: Take it.

JJ: Roxanne and I are done, okay? She went back to Chicago.

Rory: Really? Wow, man, that's quick. Well, so you must be ready to go back on the prowl again, right? Do you have anybody lined up? And, more importantly, does she have a friend or a sister?

JJ: Rory, I'm just-- I'm not interested in hooking up with anybody.

Rory: Okay. Cool. I respect that. Hey, so maybe now you can be my wingman, you know? Use your good looks, get 'em in the mood, and then I swoop in for the kill. What do you think?

JJ: Rory, ju-- will you just stop, okay? 'Cause I am not interested.

Rory: Look, man. You have been like this total downer ever since you dumped Paige, all right? And frankly, I don't get it. I mean, yeah, she's kind of hot in like a super pure way, but--

JJ: You know, shut the hell up about Paige, man.

Rory: Well, no, you shut up, dude. You're the one who dropped her. And now you're all sad? Wh--what the hell, JJ? Man up. Live with it. And stop bringing everybody else down.

Eve: If Paige and JJ do start going out, I mean, how long do you think you're gonna be able to keep that lie going, Jennifer? What? What? What? Hey. A year? A lifetime? No, I don't think so. I give it a month until JJ gets tired of Paige and starts sniffing around somebody else.

Jennifer: Do you think that I want to lie? Paige deserves to know the truth. She deserve to know right now even though it's gonna hurt...

Eve: Jennifer, don't say anything.

Jennifer: Her more than anything in the world.

Eve: Oh, you don't care about hurting my daughter? All you care about is acting holier than thou.

Jennifer: No.

Eve: [Scoffs]

Jennifer: What I care about is that there is something bigger going on here. JJ and Paige, they love each other. They do.

Eve: No, JJ may think that he loves Paige.

Jennifer: And I realize that you would like it to stay just like this, where they stay split, and Paige never finds out. But you don't get to have that. So if you don't give these kids a second chance, I'm gonna tell them that you tried to wreck everything that they had.

Eve: No, no, no. JJ was a willing participant in all of this.

Jennifer: You slept with your daughter's boyfriend. But I really should have seen it coming considering our history. Way back when. When you used to steal every boyfriend I ever had. I seriously think you thought that was a game. But this is not a game. This is serious. You are the adult here.

Eve: JJ was old enough to know better.

Jennifer: If you don't give those kids a second chance...

Eve: You stop giving me ultimatums, Jennifer!

Jennifer: I am going to tell Paige everything. So it's your call. But there really is only one answer, right, Eve? You can't tell Paige. Because then she will know what a despicable, lying monster you really are. You are a mother who only loves herself.

Eve: That is not true.

Jennifer: Then prove me wrong, and put Paige first. For once.

Paul: Wow. Big change.

Will: What's that supposed to mean?

Paul: All the time that we were doing the interviews, you were so-- so confident. You'd met the love of your life, you had it all, always would. Now you're totally insecure.

Will: Everything fell apart when you seduced me, Paul.

Paul: Oh, is that what I did? Hmm. Guess I remember it a little differently.

Will: You were flirting with me from the first day I met you.

Paul: And you were flirting right back. I guess being married to Sonny didn't matter back then, did it? And you weren't even wearing your wedding ring. Nothing was gonna stop you from getting that article.

Adrienne: I guess you didn't hear. Sonny went to go spend some time with his brother, Alex.

Lucas: No, no, I know. He went to--he went to phoenix. But, um, I just-- I got the sense that will wasn't too happy about it, you know? That something else was going on.

Adrienne: Well, I'm--I'm sure he just needed some time to recuperate.

Lucas: He couldn't do that here? Adrienne, he didn't even say good-bye to his daughter. I mean, how weird is that? He adores that girl. No, no, something--something is going on here.

Adrienne: I don't know what's-- honestly, I'm sure everything's gonna be fine.

Lucas: You don't sound too convinced of that, Adrienne.

Will: That's a lie, and you know it.

Paul: Oh, I do? You--you never flirted? You did wear your wedding ring? Come on, will. You knew I was gay from the first day that we spoke. You were reading all my signals, and you were all over them.

Will: Not true.

Paul: Oh, okay. So wh--when did you know I was gay, will? Hmm? When was it? When--when you got real close? And you looked me deep in my eyes? When was it, will? When did you know?

Will: I don't remember.

Paul: I think you do. I think you remember every little detail.

Ben: Of course I'll miss you. Look, I have my job here, and I just signed up for a full class load now, so...

Jordan: Stick with it, okay? No matter what. College means everything.

Ben: I gotcha. Hey, who knows? Maybe some day I'll get a chance like you just got.

Jordan: You will, I promise. Come here.

Abigail: Hey, guys.

Ben: Hey.

Jordan: Hey.

Ben: Abigail, tell Jordan that you can find somebody to take her place on your project.

Abigail: What?

Ben: Read this.

Abigail: Oh, my--oh, my God, Jordan. They want you-- we modeled our program on theirs. They--you did all the back and forth with them. They must have checked you out and then-- Jordan, this is fantastic.

Jordan: [Chuckles]

Abigail: Seriously. When do you start?

Ben: As soon as she can get to new York. Right, sis?

Abigail: Oh, my God.

Adrienne: Seriously, Lucas. I think Sonny went through a very traumatic experience. He just... needed some time to himself, you know, to heal. Away from Salem.

Lucas: Well, I hope you're right.

Adrienne: I'm jealous, you know? I wish I could be there with you. Holding that baby. It'd be nice to see a friendly face.

Lucas: Adrienne, are you okay?

Adrienne: Absolutely. Listen, I gotta go. So, I'll see you soon hopefully. Okay. Okay, bye.

Will: You're twisting things around. That is not what happened.

Paul: That is exactly what happened. We had long talks about me being true to myself. Not living with lies. Like the lies that you're surrounding yourself with now.

Will: I'm not telling lies.

Paul: Will, you asked me if I was gay. I asked you if you thought I was gay. You said yes. And then I kissed you. You do remember that, right?

Will: Yes.

Paul: Did you try stopping me?

Will: I told you that this should not be happening.

Paul: That's not the same as stopping me. And did I force you to get in that bed and have sex with me?

Will: You did not force me.

Paul: And did I cheat on anyone when--

Will: Will you stop it? I-I wish to hell that I had never met you.

Jennifer: Hey. How you doing?

JJ: Pretty terrible. I know you forgive me. That helps me so much.

Jennifer: Listen, sweetie, there's, um... there's something that I have to say, and... it may come as a surprise.

JJ: No, uh, I know that tone. No, okay. You don't get to blame yourself for any of this. This is all on me.

Jennifer: This has nothing to do with what happened between you and Eve. It has to do with something that I did, and frankly I can't even believe that I did it. But I did, and it's done. And now it changes everything.

Paige: Mom?

Eve: Thank you.

Paige: Uh, look, uh... I know that something big was going down with you and Jennifer. It was actually kind of scary.

Eve: Yeah. Scary. [Exhales deeply]

Paige: So... are you going to tell me what it is?

Eve: I guess I'm gonna have to.

Ben: Be nice not to have to see him any more, right?

Jordan: Um, excuse me. Hey.

Chad: Hey.

Jordan: I just wanted to say thank you for trying to get the charges against Ben dropped.

Chad: Ah, it's--it's the least I could do. Considering I am the one who started the whole thing. But I hope things work out for him. Although the D.A.'S being kind of a hard ass about it.

Jordan: Yeah, so I hear.

Chad: Look, I just--I just popped in to check on things with the administration. Okay, I know how awkward things get for you when I'm around. But I-I honestly--I- I do, you know, do my best to try to... stay out of your way.

Jordan: Well, that's not gonna be a problem for you anymore. I'm leaving Salem.

Adrienne: I think I'll go out for a bit.

Justin: Uh, Adrienne, actually I was hoping we might talk.

Adrienne: Don't you have a conference call with Elsa. Wait, what time is it in Dubai? No, no. She probably isn't in bed yet.

Justin: I have told you about Elsa.

Adrienne: You have told me nothing I can possibly believe. Those text messages between you and Elsa--

Justin: They were business.

Adrienne: Okay, right.

Justin: Business.

Adrienne: Right, right. Because Elsa's important to the business deal you're putting together. Very important. Which would explain why you've been on the phone with her constantly since you've been back. [Exhales deeply] You know what? Sonny's gonna be fine. You've made your appearance, dad. What's keeping you here?

[Cell phone ringing]

Adrienne: You don't have to answer me. But you have to answer Elsa. Because she's important, right?

Will: You know why Sonny went to Arizona? Because you're still here.

Paul: That's not what Sonny said. I was there, remember?

Will: What I remember was walking in on you trying to wreck my marriage.

Paul: Will, now you're being paranoid. I am not trying to do anything to anyone.

Will: Then why won't you leave? What is so amazing about Salem that you just can't tear yourself away?

Paul: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I still have a few therapy sessions that I need to finish up.

Will: You could do those anywhere.

Paul: It's a process, will. Why don't you stick to the plan that was written for you?

Will: Okay, when exactly do these sessions end? When can you leave?

Paul: What did Sonny say to you after I left?

Will: What my husband and I discuss is no business of yours.

Paul: I think maybe it is. Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

Eve: Honey... Jennifer and I argued about this, and argued. And finally I just decided that... oh, honey, I can't really... I hate having to say this to you. I-- but for your own good, and mine, I just think the best thing is--

Paige: Mom, mom, will you just say it? I mean, if Jennifer's part of it, she's a really sweet person, how bad can it be?

Eve: Yeah, she's sweet. Um, it's big, honey. Really big. And it's about JJ.

JJ: Oh, my God. No. You changed your mind. You told Paige, didn't you?

Jennifer: No, honey. I promised you that I wouldn't say a word, and I didn't.

JJ: Well, what about Eve? Did she tell?

Jennifer: No. And she won't say a word. No matter what anyone says or does. And that includes you.


Lucas: Justin, hey. Is she here? Is she with the baby?

Lucas: Who?

Justin: My wife.

Chad: Uh, wow. [Chuckles] That is a hell of an opportunity.

Jordan: It is.

Chad: And you have-- I know--I know you and-- you and Abigail have modeled the program here after the one in Manhattan. Now you get to do it on the world wide scale.

Jordan: Well, I'll only be working on part of the program, but... it is something that I've dreamed about for a very long time.

Chad: That's great. It's kind of a bummer that it didn't happen sooner though, right? I mean before I-I put you through all the craziness.

Jordan: There's no point in looking back. It's over.

Chad: Yeah. Over.

Jordan: So long. You know, I really did care about you, Chad.

Chad: I cared about you, too.

Jordan: You know, if you had a little more respect for yourself, you probably wouldn't go around always hurting people. I'm sorry. It's not my place.

Chad: It's fine.

Jordan: Bye.

Abigail: Yeah, but it's kinda sad for you.

Ben: Well, I mean, sort of, yeah. Of course I'll miss her. But what an opportunity.

Abigail: Yeah, seriously.

Ben: She has been looking out for me half her life. Worrying about me. It's time she just did something for herself, you know? Plus there's some bad memories here for her.

Abigail: Right, of course. Yeah. Rafe and Chad.

Ben: And now my dad being here now, too. Doesn't help.

[Phone ringing]

Ben: Ugh. This is my lawyer. Maybe I go on trial. Maybe I don't. Mr. Jennings, hey. Did you speak with the D.A.? What did she say?

Eve: You, um, and JJ broke up well, because...

Paige: Yeah.

Eve: Well, just because, and, well, Jennifer blames me for that, sweetheart. And she thinks it's my fault. All my fault.

Paige: That doesn't make much sense. Why did she say that?

Eve: Well, she pins it on that little mini-lie that I told about grandpa Shane being sick. You remember?

Paige: Right. I told her about that.

Eve: You're the one who told her?

Paige: Well, I needed someone to talk to, and she's always so nice.

Eve: Mm. So nice. Anyway, she hates me now. And she's even angrier about who JJ ended up with.

Paige: You mean Roxanne?

Eve: Mm. Is that her name?

Paige: Just... whatever. Who cares? Just...

Eve: Right, right, right, right, who cares?

Paige: Yeah.

Eve: Yeah. You know what-- what does matter-- here, what matters right now is that I can't even stand to be around Jennifer Horton. You know what, honey, and it's always been that way for me. Always.

Paige: So that's why you wanted to leave town?

Eve: Well, that--that's part of it, honey. You know what? I'm not going anywhere. I will always, always be there for you. And I just hope someday you will forgive me for what I did.

JJ: Mom, does--does that mean if no one says anything, I-I-I can maybe, like...

Jennifer: JJ. Um, keeping secrets, it never turns out the way you think it's gonna turn out. Because then once that secret finally comes out, it just--it's horrible, and it hurts everyone. I remember my grandfather, he-- he kept a secret from your uncle mike about who his real dad was for years and years. But he did it because he loved him. So sometimes when you love someone, you let them try again.

JJ: So if--if I went to see Paige, Eve would be okay with that?

Jennifer: I wouldn't go that far. But she won't say anything. She can't. But it's not what's important to her, it's what is important to you. What do you feel you need to do?

Will: Paul, get this into your head, will you? You have no chance at getting Sonny back. Zero. I know what you're thinking.

Paul: Oh, you know what I'm thinking now? You write one stupid article about me and all of a sudden you can read my mind?

Will: That stupid article made you a hero!

Paul: I don't want to be anybody's hero.

Paul: Why are we even arguing? I thought that we were friends.

Will: We were. Until I found out that Sonny proposed to you.

Paul: That was years ago.

Will: And before I found out that you wanted him back.

Paul: Look, I said that I'm sorry. And I don't know what you think you know.

Will: Then say it. Say that you don't still love Sonny. Say that you don't want him back.

Ben: [Chuckles] Thank you. Thank you so much, Mr. Jennings. Seriously, thank you. It's over. The D.A. Is dropping the charges. Oh, my God.

Abigail: That's fantastic, Ben, oh, my.

Ben: I feel like I just won the lottery.

Abigail: It's amazing.

Ben: Oh, my God.

Abigail: [Chuckles]

Will: Paul.

Paul: You should go. I'm meeting my mom, and I don't want to argue anymore.

Will: Paul, can you try to understand? How can Sonny and I work through this if you're still here?

Paul: Well, maybe I'll be gone by the time Sonny gets back.

Will: Or maybe not. Paul, Sonny and I are married. We have a daughter. A life. We have a future. Haven't you done enough damage?

Paul: You need to own what you did, will. Take some responsibility. If I were married to Sonny, I never would have cheated on him. Never. Now get out.

Justin: I heard Adrienne talking to you earlier. She said she wanted to come over. And then she left.

Lucas: Well, she's not here. Did you maybe think to ask where she was going?

Justin: I tried talking to her. But she wasn't interested in listening to me.

Lucas: Maybe she's tired of hearing the same old some old.

Justin: Or maybe she has someone trying to convince her that I'm not worth listening to.

Paige: Uh, mom, I've got to go study for my calculus exam.

Eve: Okay. I just know you're gonna ace it.

Paige: Not if I don't study.

Eve: Right. [Chuckles] Honey, I am just so proud of you. I'm proud of the beautiful young woman that you've become.

Paige: Thanks, but I've still got to get going.

Eve: Okay.

Paige: You should know though, I'm still really mad at you. But I don't hate you. I could never hate you.

Eve: Thank you. Oh, thank you.

Paige: Look, I'm sorry you and Jennifer got into it again, but you shouldn't worry about fighting with her anymore, okay?

Eve: Okay.

Paige: You won't be seeing JJ. He's hooked up with someone else and... there's just no going back.

Jennifer: I mean, if you think it's not fair to keep Paige in the dark about all of this, if you feel like you should tell her, then I--

JJ: No, no way, mom. I could never tell her. I'd lose her right then and there.

Jennifer: Okay, but then I have this voice inside me that's just saying you need to be honest with her.

JJ: Mom, I can't. I can't do it.

Jennifer: Okay. I understand that too, because there's another voice saying that I just want you to be happy. And I know if Paige finds out what happened between you and Eve, you're not gonna get a second chance.

JJ: So, if I--if I go and-- and talk to Paige, Eve won't say a word?

Jennifer: No. She won't.

JJ: So--so if I can fix things--

Jennifer: Honey, listen. I know how much you love her. But you have to think later on down the line, I mean, what if it came out? What if something happened?

JJ: Mom, no, no, look. I-I-I get it, mom, I do. But--but if Paige never finds out... and--and I can tell her how much I still love her--

Jennifer: Yeah, but what if it's too late?

JJ: You know what, mom? It's not, okay? 'Cause I-I have to try. Wow, this is like the first time in, like, forever that I actually have something to hope for. Thank you. Thank you.

Jennifer: Oh, honey, listen.

JJ: Thank you, Mom. You made this happen.

Jennifer: Okay, I understand that, but I want you to think about this, really. Please.

JJ: You know what? It's going to work. 'Cause I know it is. Yes. Yes, thank you.

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