Days Transcript Wednesday 3/4/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 3/4/15


Episode #12540 ~ JJ tries to explain his affair; Theresa learns about Melanie's investigation; Serena takes advantage of Daniel; Hope & Aiden get approval from an unexpected party.

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JJ: Mom, wait. Mom.

Jennifer: No!

JJ: Mom...I'm sorry.

Jennifer: You're sorry? What were you doing? What were you thinking? Tell me right now. Why did you do this?

Hope: Abe, do me a favor. Go over this for me. Make sure I've established the chain of evidence.

Abe: Like you would ever screw that up.

Hope: I really want to make sure I put this perp away.

Abe: You know, after all these years, you still love your work.

Hope: I do, I do. But to completely honest with you, I am picking my daughter up in, oh, 29 minutes and 32 seconds.

Abe: [Laughs]

Hope: The shuttle's dropping them off at Salem u, and she is gonna get the hug of a lifetime. I've missed her so much.

Abe: Ah, well, enjoy. And what about you? Did you have a good trip?

Aiden: I love you so much.

Hope: I did. I had a very good time.

Aiden: So I'm hoping this case doesn't go to trial, but if it does, I'll give you a heads-up.

Roman: Thank you.

Aiden: No, thank you, because I really appreciate having a good working relationship with the Salem pd.

Roman: No reason not to.

Aiden: I, uh... I just hope there's no under-the-surface tension.

Roman: Why would there be? 'Cause you're in love with my brother's ex-wife?

Nicole: Didn't mean anything. It can't.


Melanie: You will not believe what he's obsessed with right now.

Serena: Oh, it's gotta be a tablet 'cause all the kids are obsessed with the tablets now.

Melanie: Actually, surprisingly, this one's a bit, uh, old fashioned, but I'll show you. Come here. Hold on one second.

Daniel: Uh-oh.

Melanie: Oh, hey. You're back from work. How was it?

Daniel: It was great, but it is so good to be home! Whoa!


Daniel: Hi, Serena.

Serena: Hi, Daniel. You're just the man I wanted to see.

Eve: Honey, just call me as soon as you get this. All right, hon?

[Knock at door]

Eve: Oh, right. Ugh! I don't have time for you.

Theresa: And a cheery hello to you too.

Eve: No, but I'm telling you, Theresa, I don't have time for you! I'm trying to find my daughter! All right?

Jennifer: It's a simple question. Why did you do it?

JJ: [Stammers] It just happened and...

Jennifer: And? And what? JJ!

Nicole: Okay, so he's on the outs with the redhead, and he hugs me after months of practically spitting on me. You know, and that's exactly the kind of moment when walker makes her move. Okay, but I am not interested in Eric. Man! It's like having the flu. You just--you can't pinpoint the moment, but you realize, "oh, I don't feel anything." Now...I feel something else. You know I'm sorry for all I've done and I've learned my lesson. So why are we wasting any more time? Yeah, that's never gonna happen.

Melanie: [Laughs] So he was relatively good. Obviously got a little bored there with some girl talk. Come here. Come here, buddy. I'm gonna make it up to you, though, by reading that dinosaur book...[Grunts] That you love before your nap. Yeah? Does that sound good?

Daniel: All right, you have a good nap! Hot cocoa later?

Melanie: Ooh, sound good?

Daniel: Yeah!

Melanie: [Laughs]

Serena: Eric, can't you just tell me who has the elephant?

Daniel: So...why was it you wanted to see me?

Serena: Uh, I, uh... need to ask a favor of you.

JJ: Mom.

Paige: Uh, is everything okay? You both look really upset.

JJ: It's nothing. Mom, mom, you should go.

Jennifer: No.

JJ: You should go home.

Jennifer: No. I think Paige was nice enough to ask us what's wrong. Don't you think we should tell her?

JJ: Mom...

Jennifer: JJ and I are not seeing eye to eye on a lot of things and it just kind of blew up. But you don't have to worry about us, honey. I think our family has caused you enough pain. And yes, we need to go home.

Paige: Well, whatever it is, I don't care.

Abe: I'm so glad you had a good time. I think Aiden is a great guy.

Hope: Yeah, he is a great guy. I'm really glad you think so too.

Abe: You know, I've seen him with his son, and there is nothing he wouldn't do for that little boy.

Hope: You got that right.

Roman: Look, Aiden, I have seen you and hope together. Doesn't take a detective to figure out how you feel about each other. I love my brother very much. But one, he made a huge mistake leaving his wife and daughter that long, even for an assignment. And two, I love hope like she was my sister. I just want her to be happy.

Aiden: Me too.

Roman: And you know what? If Bo walked in here right now, I would be so tempted to beat the hell out of him, but I wouldn't. He's my brother.

Aiden: Right.

Roman: Treat her right. You're not my brother.

Aiden: Point taken.

Nicole: Okay, so to state the obvious, it is not gonna be easy getting Daniel back. But I have to keep trying. Maybe I just need to be a little more subtle. [Laughs] Subtle? Who am I kidding? I do not do subtle.

Daniel: So a favor, huh?

Serena: Um, yes, I was... I was hoping that maybe the two of us could go for coffee.

Daniel: Coffee?

Serena: Okay, I didn't want to come out and just ask for the favor. We just--we don't know each other all that well. You know, when we first met, I thought that we were gonna be good friends, you know, 'cause me and Mel were BFFs and you and Eric are really close, but then that whole thing with Nicole happened. It's been a little awkward.

Daniel: Yeah.

Serena: So I was just hoping that we could get to know each other and become friends. I mean, unless you think someone will get the wrong idea.

Daniel: Well, if you're talking about Nicole, we're not seeing each other. As far as anyone getting the wrong idea, that's-- I think that's their problem, isn't it?

Serena: Definitely.

Daniel: Yeah. Besides, since Eric's my friend, you are too by extension.

Serena: I like that.

Daniel: Well, there you go. So, um, well, I will text you when I take parker out for some hot cocoa after his nap. He can chaperone us. How's that?

Serena: Sounds great. My intentions are strictly honorable.

Daniel: [Laughs] Okay. All right, see ya.

Serena: [Sighs]

Theresa: Well, you're not gonna find Paige here. I mean, she moved out.

Eve: I told you to go away! All right? Just go!

Theresa: Wow, I think that you just seem kind of stressed and you maybe need some familial support.

Eve: Ah! [Groans]

Theresa: Okay, you're really freaked out. Um... so what did you do to Paige this time?

Jennifer: Abigail!

JJ: Mom...

Jennifer: Abigail!

JJ: Mom, please don't tell her.

Jennifer: What? Tell her? You think I'm gonna tell her? I'm gonna make sure that she is not around 'cause I don't want her to hear the horrible conversation that we are about to have.

JJ: Mom, I'm sorry.

Jennifer: I cannot believe you watched her. You watched eve Donovan come back to this town and pretty much tear my entire life apart. You watched her try to destroy your father's last wishes. You watched her enjoy causing me pain! And then you let her seduce you?

JJ: Mom, she didn't. It wasn't like that.

Jennifer: What? What? Was it some enchanted evening? She seduced you because she has a pathological hate for me.

JJ: Mom, it wasn't about you. It was about Paige.

[Phone rings]

Serena: [Gasps] [Sighs]

[Phone continues ringing]

Serena: What?

Navidad: When are you gonna deliver what you promised?

Serena: I'm working on it. He needs to be more patient.

Navidad: He has been, but he's losing patience fast. Your time and Eric Brady's is running out.

[Line hangs up]

Serena: You better come through, Daniel... for Eric's sake.

Melanie: Hi. Dad! Um, dad...

Daniel: Yeah?

Melanie: Look. Uh, look who's here.

Daniel: Nicole. You, uh, you need something?

Melanie: Um, I think that she needs to talk to you, obviously, and I, um, need to go to work, so I'm gonna do that.

Daniel: Did you get your hair cut?

Melanie: I did, yeah. We'll talk about that later. You--but Nicole is here, so--

Nicole: Hi. I don't--I don't really need anything. I just...came by to say hi.

Daniel: So now you're conspiring with my daughter.

Nicole: No.

Daniel: Come on. No, you somehow managed to get her in your corner.

Nicole: She's in your corner too. She just wants what's best for you, and maybe she thinks it would be nice if we, you know--

Daniel: Not really up to Melanie.

Nicole: I know that. [Sighs] Okay, you know what? I really did just come by to say hi, but now I think I'll say good-bye instead. Oh! Really?

Daniel: Hmm. Wow. It seems your flair for the dramatic has failed you.

Nicole: [Mocking laugh] It's not funny. It just-- [Sighs]

Daniel: Well, it kind of is.

Nicole: Maybe a little. Thanks.

Jennifer: You did it to hurt Paige?

JJ: No. I never wanted to hurt her. I loved her but I screwed it all up, and that night... I loved her so much but I ended up losing her.

Jennifer: You are not making any sense to me right now.

JJ: She found out about dad and Kayla. And I just--I couldn't figure out a way how to tell her that dad was the one who raped Kayla. And she did find out and it was a mess.

Jennifer: And she blamed you? Is--

JJ: No, Mom. I blame myself. It was like I was a bad person. Like I was capable of something like that too. I didn't think that someone like me deserved someone as great as Paige. And I started drinking and that made everything worse.

Jennifer: JJ, why? Please!

JJ: Paige-- Paige and I had a terrible fight, and it was so bad that she ran away. And I couldn't deal with the idea of being without her... even though I was sure that she was already done with me. I went to go find her at her apartment.

Jennifer: Okay, and then?

JJ: She was there, eve... and she had just gotten terrible news. The surgery that she was supposed to have, the doctor said that it wasn't gonna help her voice. So she knew that her singing career was over and that meant the world to her, just like Paige meant the world to me.

Jennifer: Go on.

JJ: We were both alone... and it just happened. I know you hate me for this, but not as much as I hate myself.

Jennifer: Right. But that was months ago. What about tonight? Why were you with eve tonight?

Eve: I did nothing to Paige! Nothing!

Theresa: All right, you know, if you were a lady, I'd say you're protesting too much. Look, I know we're not exactly Kim and Khloe...

Eve: What? What are you even saying?

Theresa: But we are sisters, okay? And you can talk to me, eve. I mean, something's clearly tearing you up inside--

[Phone rings]

Eve: Paige! Honey, you just give me a minute. I swear to you I can explain everything, all right?

Hope: The kids should be here any minute.

Aiden: Yeah.

Hope: I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself. You must be excited to see chase too.

Aiden: So excited. I can't wait to see that little guy. Now that we got that house sold up at Puget Sound, if you like, we can make a fresh start.

Hope: I think you're right.

Aiden: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. And speaking of the future, I really hope that you're gonna be a big part of it.

Daniel: I, uh... I don't think I can trust, um, myself to be alone with you.

Nicole: Doesn't that say something?

Daniel: I think it would be better if you just called me next time.

Nicole: So you're saying there's a "next time." Cool. Um, well, maybe things will get better between time.

Daniel: You know, I want to believe and trust what you're feeling... but I can't... yet. Time. Time will tell.

Nicole: Daniel...I know you. You'll hem and you'll haw, you'll ruminate, and then we'll be in limbo instead of-- [Sighs] Okay. If only time will tell, I think I know a way to speed up the process.

Eve: Paige?

Paige: Look, mom, I know we didn't make definite plans, but I thought we kind of decided to do something together.

Eve: We did. Honey, yes, yes, we did.

Paige: Okay, well, I'm in the town square, but, um, I can come over if you want.

Eve: No, you know what? Um, you stay right where you are and I will meet you there, okay? Uh, Paige?

Paige: Yeah?

Eve: I love you.

Theresa: Wow. Sounds like you dodged a bullet right there. So what was it that you could explain?

Eve: Oh, my God. Don't you have a job or something? Someplace to go, work?

Theresa: Don't rub it in. Some of us don't get monthly stipends. We actually have to have jobs.

Eve: I have a job, all right? And it's to protect my daughter. It's loving her and being there for her, but of course you wouldn't know what that's about because you're not a mother! But you know what? I need you to get out of my apartment now. I gotta go find my daughter. Go on, Theresa, get out!

Theresa: Okay.

Eve: [Sighs]

Jennifer: It's a pretty straightforward question. What about tonight? You keep telling me that it just--just happened. Did it just happen tonight in the hotel room of the girl that you wanted me to believe was the object of your desire, JJ?

JJ: Mom, please--

Jennifer: 'Cause it really seems to me that it took a certain amount of planning for what I saw in that hotel room for it to just happen. A certain amount of deception. And I guess what you mean by "it just happened" is that it was just beyond your control. You were swept away. So when you were in the hotel room with eve, did you even for one second think? Did you think about what would happen? Did you think about the other time and what it did to Paige? Did you think about what it did to me when I was watching you go through so much pain and I couldn't do anything to help you? Did you think of anyone but yourself at that point, JJ?

JJ: You know what? You saw me every day. I walked around looking like I was gonna throw up. Did I think? Every day and every hour. And there would be a couple seconds in the morning when I would wake up and not remember, and then it would slam into me before I even got out of bed! Did I think? I thought I was a horrible person.

Jennifer: Yes! I know that because I saw you and I know who did that to you.

JJ: I did it to myself.

Jennifer: Oh, don't you defend her, JJ.

JJ: I'm not...

Jennifer: Don't!

JJ: But I wasn't a victim. And all the drugs and the stealing and the hell that I put you through, in all that... not once did you look at me the way you're looking at me right now. You have every right to.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh. What has that woman done to you? Tell me.

JJ: No, Mom. What have I done to you? I'm...sorry.

Jennifer: You should have just told me.

JJ: What was I supposed to say? That I'd hooked up with your worst enemy? The look on your face right now.

Jennifer: Ugh!

JJ: I just didn't have-- after everything we've been through and how far we've come, I just... I didn't want you to be disappointed in me again.

Jennifer: I'm telling you, JJ, that this, this whole thing, you and eve, it didn't just happen. Eve planned it because she told me that she would do anything to keep you away from Paige.

JJ: That wasn't it, mom. I'd already lost Paige the first time it happened. It was over.

Jennifer: The first time?

JJ: And she was so freaked out and upset as I was. And she said I was never going to even see Paige. So we're gonna forget that it ever even happened, but then she figured out that I was still seeing Paige, and that's when she lied to Paige about her grandfather being sick so she would go out to California. I thought I was never gonna see Paige again, that I was never gonna see eve again.

Jennifer: Right, but you told me and your sister that you were seeing someone else then.

JJ: No, no, it was... it was eve. She came back to Salem without Paige, and... I slept with her again. We're here today

Aiden: Hey.

Hope: Yeah?

Aiden: You know, when you were telling me about what happened with Ciara, I remember thinking, "this woman knows exactly how I feel about chase and what you do to protect a child, keep them safe."

Hope: I understand how you feel. I only wish I could have been there to help you.

Aiden: But you did, you do, and you will. I'm sorry, does that sound a little presumptuous? Because I think you're stuck with me, baby.

Hope: Well, then I guess I'm stuck being very happy.

Aiden: Hmm.

Chase: Daddy!

Aiden: Hey! There's my guy! Get over here. Aww, I'm so happy to see you.

Ciara: Mommy!

Hope: Oh, Ciara! Hi, sweetheart! Oh, my gosh. I have missed you, my baby. Missed you. Let me see you. I think you've grown.

Melanie: Theresa, hey. Um, I still don't have my new badge, and it's kind of a pain getting in and out of the hospital garage.

Theresa: Oh. That's a temporary one. What happened to the old one?

Melanie: Um, I lost it. Apparently somebody in your department picked the most unflattering picture they could find.

Theresa: Oh, well, cameras don't lie.

Melanie: Why do you have to be such a bitch all the time?

Theresa: Because I can be.

Serena: There's more where that came from.

Daniel: Oh, my goodness.

Serena: Thank you for seeing me.

Daniel: Oh, no worries. Here, sit. Uh, so what's-- what's on your mind?

Serena: Um... you know how much I love Eric. We got into this silly fight.

Daniel: Okay, Eric's the most reasonable guy I know. I think you guys will work it out.

Serena: Actually, I was hoping that maybe you could help find something out for me. It's totally harmless.

Daniel: Okay, Serena... absolutely not.

Jennifer: Why, JJ? I just can't understand why.

JJ: I know that it makes you mad when I say that it just happened, but... when eve was back from California, I knew that she was trying to keep Paige away from me. And I thought that--that I could convince her that Paige and I-- that we were really good for each other, because I cared about Paige more than I cared about anyone. And I know that she really does love her daughter...

Jennifer: No.

JJ: Like you love me. And I thought that maybe she could see that I could... that I could make Paige happy.

Jennifer: But she didn't.

JJ: No. She was scary. Um, she said I'd never have Paige. And it was like eve was so crazy about keeping Paige and me apart that I thought that she was just gonna go ahead and tell her... about her and me, I mean. And--and that would kill Paige.

Jennifer: So you went to bed with her? JJ!

JJ: Mom, I can't--

Jennifer: What?

JJ: I can't explain it. It was like we were both out of our minds and--

Jennifer: And what? And what? Please!

JJ: It didn't seem to make a difference. Nothing did. Because if I could do something like this that would hurt Paige so much, and hurt you so much, I figured out I'm just no good. And I don't deserve to have people love me.

Eve: Hi, honey.

Paige: Oh, hi, Mom.

Eve: There's that smile I love.

Paige: You should, you paid for three years of orthodontia.

Eve: [Laughs] Well, I'm--I'm so sorry about before.

Paige: Yeah, what?

Eve: You know, but since we're celebrating today, how about we go get you a new phone? Actually, we can get you a whole new number. We can go right over--

Paige: Wait, wait, wait. Why would you want to do that?

Jennifer: I am so mad at you. I am furious. And I am disappointed. But don't you ever say something like that again because that is not true.

JJ: You don't want it to be true, but it is. It's something else eve and I have in common. We're both no good.

Jennifer: Don't you say that. Because if you were no good, you wouldn't have suffered like you did, and I knew that there was something tearing you up inside, JJ.

JJ: I hated her, mom. I hated her and it just kept on going.

Jennifer: Oh, JJ.

JJ: I kept on. I know it was crazy, but I was crazy since the first night. When I told Paige that I was with someone else, she wanted to know who. I couldn't tell her. It's not like I could go out with someone for real just to throw Paige off track. She--she just cared about me so much. I made it all worse. Because that's what I do.

Jennifer: JJ... I need to ask you a question. How do you feel about eve? Look at me. Do you have feelings for her?

Ciara: We got to see the crookedest street in the whole world.

Chase: Yeah, and we went across the golden gate bridge.

Ciara: Yeah, Melody Pinkus threw up.

Aiden: Ugh! Well, that sounds like a trip of a lifetime right there.

Hope: Yeah, yeah, wow. After all that, you must think Salem's dull and boring, huh?

Ciara: It is, but you know one thing? The food there was awful.

Chase: Yuck.

Aiden: Aww.

Hope: Then maybe I guess dinner at the pub sounds like a pretty good idea. How about Grandma's mac and cheese with bacon? What do you think?

Ciara: Can chase and his dad come too?

Hope: Yeah, of course, absolutely. Well, actually, we are issuing a challenge. We think that the parents can eat more Mac and cheese than the kids.

Chase: That's not fair. We're little.

Ciara: We'll have to handicap it.

Aiden: Handicap?

Hope: Yeah, absolutely. Grab your backpacks and let's go, okay, kids?

Ciara: Chase, don't eat anything till we get to the pub.

Hope: That's my daughter.

Aiden: Oh, a food challenge? You think that's a good idea?

Hope: Scared, Mr. Jennings?

Aiden: I'm a little bit scared. You know how competitive I can be. You may end up like Melody Pinkus. [Fakes retching]

Hope: [Laughs]

Melanie: It's so ironic that you work in human resources since you're not a human and you don't have any resources. How about you make a badge by the end of my shift?

Theresa: How about I make a new badge when I get around to doing the next batch, which will be at the end of next month? Hey!

Melanie: Ugh! Maybe you could start making a batch now?

Theresa: You know what? It's not gonna help because no matter what picture they choose, you're still gonna look like something that the cat dragged in. Oh, and speaking of wet rats, look who's here.

Nicole: You know what? That girl could really use a hug...or electroshock therapy.

Melanie: Mmm, mm-hmm, yeah. I like that one. How'd it go with my dad?

Nicole: [Stammers] Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about my next move. But how about I buy you a drink? You look like you need a drink.

Melanie: Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to let her get to me, but I can't help it. If hate were people, she would be china because she hates me, she hates my dad, she hates Brady, she hates Abigail, she hates Abigail's mom...

Nicole: And a partridge in a pear tree. So I guess it's just as well that you decided to drop the whole thing with her and that Dr. Mandrake?

Melanie: I don't know. Is it?

Serena: You said no before you even heard what I was gonna ask.

Daniel: Okay, I am not going to spy on my friend for you.

Serena: I wouldn't put it that way.

Daniel: It doesn't matter how you put it. Like I said, Eric is nothing if not reasonable. If you two can't work whatever it is out, maybe it shouldn't work out.

Serena: That's harsh.

Daniel: That's me being direct with you. Look, this is between you and Eric. You need to trust him.

Parker: Daddy, did you bring my toy?

Daniel: No, no, it has to stay at the apartment.

Parker: Why?

Daniel: Well, it's not a toy. It's an elephant.

Eve: I-I just don't want anybody bothering you, sweetheart.

Paige: You mean like JJ.

Eve: Yeah, yeah.

Paige: Don't worry about it. I met his new girlfriend today. JJ and I won't be talking.

Eve: Really? Okay, well, then how about a brand-new start with a brand-new number?

Paige: Well, great, but I don't need a new phone, and it wouldn't keep me from seeing JJ. As a matter of fact, I... I just did.

JJ: Do I have feelings for eve? Yeah. Hate's a feeling, isn't it? I hate her as much as I love Paige. And Paige is everything I ever wanted, thanks to eve. And the fact that I'm a stupid, worthless jerk... I'm never gonna have her. And now that you know what I did, you're probably facing up to what you've always tried to deny, that I'm a worthless sack--

Jennifer: JJ, stop. Please stop.

JJ: Mom, I saw your eyes when you were looking at me in that bed. I wish I could-- I wish I could go back and change everything, but I can't. I wish I could go back to that night when I was first with eve and just walk out the door, but I can't. I blew up everything that was good about my life... and now I have to just live with the rest.

Jennifer: No, JJ, listen to me. The hate--the hate that you feel for eve... that is what she feels for me, and that is why she did this to you and to Paige, her daughter, JJ.

JJ: Mom, it doesn't matter now, does it? 'Cause it's all over. Now you know what I did, and soon Abigail will know, and Daniel, and everyone else in the family... and Paige. And she'll know what kind of person I really am.

Serena: You have an elephant?

Daniel: Yeah, yeah. He's crazy about this elephant statue Eric gave me. Aren't you, kiddo?

Parker: Yeah.

Daniel: Yeah. [Chuckles] Won't let it go.

Nicole: Wait, what? Are you saying you're back on the case, Sherlock?

Melanie: Yeah, no. I'm through trying to dig up dirt on mandrake, and I don't really want anything to do with Theresa anymore.

Nicole: Good, good. So how about that drink?

Melanie: Yeah, I would like one. Um, I'm on duty though.

Nicole: Oh, that's a problem. I'd really hate to have a job where you can't drink.

Melanie: [Chuckles]

Nicole: Anyway, bye.

Theresa: You little bitch. You lied to me about that mandrake guy and I want to know why.

Eve: You saw JJ?

Paige: Yeah, I don't really want to talk about it, but it was kind of weird.

Eve: Really?

Paige: Yeah, he was with his mom, and I've never seen her so mad.

Eve: Honey, I, um... I think there's something that you should know.

Jennifer: Paige is not going to find out about this... nor will anyone else 'cause I'm not telling anyone. And I don't think eve will either.

JJ: Thank you. 'Cause it would kill Paige. And all I want is for Paige to be happy. All I ever wanted was a chance to do that for her, and... now that chance is gone forever.

Jennifer: Maybe. But maybe it isn't.

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