Days Transcript Friday 2/20/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 2/20/15


Episode #12532 ~ Will's world comes crashing down; Justin looks for Adrienne; Serena goes into a panic after hearing Eric's revelation; Jennifer confronts Eve.

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Eric: Come on. No spaghetti? I always have spaghetti. Why can't I find anything?

Serena: I've got mine, eric. Now where's yours?

Jennifer: Hey. Jj, it's mom. Do you think you-- voice mail. Oh! Oh. For the love of--

Paige: Hey, let me help.

Jennifer: Oh. Paige. Hey. What are you doing here?

Justin: Adrienne. Where did you go?

Paul: The guy who wrote the article for sonix, his name is will horton. I came out to him, and we slept together. And it turns out that he's married to the man I'm in love with. So now he knows. And someone told sonny about will and me, so now he hates me.

Marlena: Stop! Just don'T... say any more.

Sonny: Derrick told me something else, too. That someone was having an affair with paul narita. You.

Will: Why would he-- sonny, you can't just listen to some bellboy. You know, he just saw--

Sonny: Don't lie, will. Do not lie to me.

Will: Don't you see what's happening here? He saw me with paul and he's jumping to conclusions--

Sonny: Paul was here. He admitted that you two slept together.

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[Soft orchestration]

Paul: I don't understand.

Marlena: Stop.

Paul: You don't want the details?

Marlena: I can't hear them.

Paul: [Scoffs] Great. I mean, you practically begged me to open up to you.

Marlena: I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I just can't listen.

Paul: If you're so disgusted with a gay man, then why did you encourage me to open up to you in the first place?

Will: Paul narita? Was here?

Sonny: Yes.

Will: In this room? To see you?

Sonny: That's your reaction? You betray me, you betray our wedding vows, and all you care about is that the star subject of your big article came here to see me?

Will: That's not what i care about. No. All I care about, sonny-- god. Sonny, it didn't mean anything. It really didn't mean anything.

Sonny: Here comes more lies. Okay.

Will: Sonny, I love you. I love you and I love only you. You're the only man that I think about.

Sonny: Yeah? Were you thinking about me every time you slept with paul?

Will: It was only once. Sonny, it only happened once.

Sonny: Shut up. Just shut up.

Will: Listen to me. I'm--

Sonny: Shut up! You're not telling me the truth. 'Cause that'd be a change. You were working on this article for weeks. You saw him every single night.

Will: That was work, sonny, it was actually work.

Sonny: No, it was an excuse to be with him. Why should I believe you? Why should I believe a word that you're saying to me?

Justin: Adrienne? There you are. Why did you leave the club?

Paige: I was at my friend's house across the street. Daphne.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, I know daphne.

Paige: Yeah, I was just picking up some stuff for her for the dorm, and I was coming out. It's not like I was stalking or anything.

Jennifer: Oh, gosh, honey, no, I didn't think that for one minute.

Paige: Well, I don't think anything broke.

Jennifer: No, I think my eggs survived. There we go.

Paige: Good.

Jennifer: I'm just gonna-- let's see. Whoa!

Paige: Oh. Hey, do you want some help? Here.

Jennifer: If you could just take that. Thank you. Okay, come on in. Thank you, sweetie.

Paige: Okay, well, I should go.

Jennifer: Yeah. Thank you so much for your help. Ow. Oh, my word.

Paige: You're hurt.

Jennifer: I think I twisted my wrist on that bag. That is so silly, but I'm fine.

Paige: No. No, no. Let me take a look.

Eve: Why'd you show up here, jj? What are we doing?

Jj: You know what we're doing. And you know we're not gonna stop. There's no reason to stop anymore.

You exercise.

Eric: Hey. You know what? We might need a new-- is something wrong?

Serena: Yes, tonight. I can switch the statues tonight for sure. Yes. We have a big problem.

Paige: The swelling should go down, as quickly as we got ice on it. But you should still see a doctor tomorrow when you go in to work. There's a lot of little tendons in there that could give you a real problem.

Jennifer: Okay. I will get it checked out.

Paige: Yeah.

Jennifer: You're gonna be a good doctor.

Paige: We'll see.

Jennifer: No, everyone at the hospital believes that.

Paige: I'm just--

Jennifer: You have a bright future ahead of you.

Paige: I'm just trying to get through the semester. Anyway, daphne's waiting for me in our room, so I better run.

Jennifer: Oh, wait. You moved into a dorm?

Paige: Uh, yeah.

Jennifer: Wait, why-- why are you in a dorm?

Paige: I just wanted a break from-- I needed a change.

Jennifer: Is that all? Honey, tell me. What did your mom do to you and jj?

Eve: You know, paige is determined to figure out who you've been seeing.

Jj: Yeah, I know. But I think I finally have a way to cover that.

Adrienne: I left because i was upset.

Lucas: You know, I should leave and let you guys discuss things.

Justin: What the hell are you doing here anyway?

Adrienne: Justin.

Lucas: I was in the horton square and I saw adrienne come through. Obviously it looked like she needed somebody to talk to.

Justin: Is it your job to comfort my wife?

Lucas: Is it your job to upset her?

Marlena: Paul, don't leave yet.

Paul: Yet?

Marlena: I'm not disgusted by you. Or by what you said. I just can't hear it. I have a conflict of interest.

Paul: What kind of conflict?

Marlena: It's a personal conflict. So I will give you a referral.

Paul: I don't want to see anyone else. It's hard enough for me to come to you.

Marlena: I understand that, paul. I'm so sorry that we can't work together. This was just completely unforeseen.

Paul: What, because of some personal conflict? You know, that sounds like the biggest load of bull. What's the big conflict?

Marlena: Will horton is my grandson.

Will: Sonny, there is no excuse for what I did, and i will not insult you by pretending that there is. But sonny, it only happened once, and I knew it was wrong, and I made sure that it never happened again.

Sonny: That is so noble.

Will: No, sonny, I'm not trying to sound-- I just meant that it-- sonny, we were fighting.

Sonny: You saying this is my fault? That I drove you to do this?

Will: No! No, sonny. This--it was when the south side club tanked and you'd taken all of our money and spent it without me--

Sonny: This is unbelievable. This isn't my fault.

Will: All--

Sonny: None of this is my fault!

Will: All I'm trying to say, sonny, is that for the first time in our marriage, it felt like neither one of us knew what the other one was doing. It felt like we'd drifted apart, like we weren't together.

Sonny: That was the first time? What do you think started that, will?

Will: My going to california. Okay? I'm not trying to make this your fault. Yes, it started with that. I'd left town, and I came back, and here was this article. And it had to be so great. And sonny, I needed the break. We needed the money. It just kept going on and on, and paul wasn't opening up. And sonny, I just wanted to do whatever I could to make that happen.

Sonny: You slept with paul. You whored yourself out for a stupid magazine article! This is jim.

Serena: The hot water is out in the bathroom.

Eric: Really?

Serena: Yeah. Gas is probably still off, which means no dinner for us.

Eric: No, I promised you dinner, and you're gonna get it.

Serena: [Laughs]

Eric: Let me go check with the super.

Serena: It's not you. You're not a match. Where did he put that damn thing?

Jennifer: He is is as miserable as you are over this whole breakup. He is not himself at all.

Paige: That's not my mom's--

Jennifer: No, honey, don't worry. I'm not trying to make everything your mom's fault. And I understand why you feel that way given our history. But I'm pretty sure she would have something to do with you moving into a dorm in the middle of the semester. I am not trying to badmouth your mom. I just want you to know that you have someone to talk to if you need someone, okay? Did your mom do something to hurt you?

Paige: Yeah. She did.

Jj: I have some friends that could help me out.

Eve: How?

Jj: There's a girl I went to school with in england, and she's back in chicago now. I think I can get her to cover for me. I'll just say that we've been hooking up since the holidays.

Eve: Jj, paige is not gonna believe a word that you say.

Jj: Well, she'll see us with her own eyes. I'll have her come down to salem, we'll meet paige. Then we can "break up."

Eve: And what if this friend won't agree to all that?

Jj: Well, she'll pretty much do whatever I want her to. But if not, I can just ask someone else.

Eve: Wow. Must be wonderful to be you, have people line up to cover your tracks.

Jj: Yeah, my life's a dream.

Eve: You have a different story for everyone, don't you, jj? Whatever jj you want to be. You're a wonderful liar.

Jj: You know, I'm a great liar when I want to be. Yeah, just like you.

Lucas: I'm sorry. It's really none of my business. I should go.

Justin: No. No. It isn'T.

Adrienne: Lucas. Thank you.

Justin: You ran out on me, and you're thanking lucas horton.

Adrienne: Yes.

Justin: Adrienne, what's going on?

Adrienne: I read your texts from your friend in dubai.

Will: I did not whore myself out for a story. But I also didn't back down from it, because I knew that there was something bigger in it, and I had to get it, and I did. Paul narita came out to me.

Sonny: That's one way to put it.

Will: This story has already gotten more hits than anything sonix has ever published.

Sonny: And that makes it worthwhile?

Will: That's not what I said.

Sonny: Then what are you saying, will? Please tell me.

Will: He was coming out. You know what that's like. He had to admit to the world that he was living a lie. That he was living in so much pain. And you know how tough that is, sonny, because you saw me go through it. I knew what he was feeling, and I wanted to help him. Sonny, just the same way that you'd been able to help me.

Sonny: That's so freakin' noble. I want to puke. So what, it was an act of charity?

Will: No, sonny, I wanted it. God, sonny, I am sorry. Sonny, I'm so, so sorry.

Sonny: So am I. Just--

Will: Can we please-- can we please just pretend that it didn't happen and just move on, sonny? It didn't mean anything. Sonny, you got-- you've been with other guys.

Sonny: Before you. Not since, because we're married. Do you remember the vows we took? Because I do.

Paul: Will horton is your grandson?

Marlena: Yes. So I'm sure you understand why--

Paul: Did you say anything to him about me?

Marlena: Of course not. Paul, I am bound by doctor patient confidentiality. So neither will nor anybody else will know what we talked about. But I'm sure now you understand why we can't see each other. But I hope you understand-- Dr. Schenkman is very, very good.

Paul: Is he related to half the town too?

Marlena: [Chuckles] No, I'm sure he's not. I hope you'll call him.

Paul: I'll think about it.

Marlena: I wish you so much luck.

Paul: Just not with the man I'm in love with. Right?

Will: Sonny, no. Sonny! No! Sonny!

Sonny: When I put on this ring, will--

Will: It was two imperfect souls coming together to create perfection. I remember what I said. And I also said that I carried most of that imperfection, and you said that it wasn't true, but know you know, sonny. But everything else I said was true. Sonny, I respect you, I admire you, I adore you, and I love you, sonny.

Will: You slept with the first good-looking guy that ever gave you attention.

Will: That's not true. Sonny, if I wanted to that, i could have done that in L.A. I was all alone there, but all i could think about was you.

Sonny: Then why didn't you pick up my calls? Why didn't you answer the phone when I called you? Why did you let so many days go by? Paul wasn't your first.

Will: Yes, he was, sonny. I swear to you. Nothing happened in L.A. It was only paul, it was only once.

Sonny: Oh, my god.

Will: It was only once.

Sonny: That's because you knew.

Will: What?

Sonny: That's because you knew.

Will: What? Sonny!

Sonny: 'Cause you knew!

Will: Sonny!

Sonny: You knew!

Will: Sonny, calm down.

Sonny: You knew. You knew.

Will: Sonny, calm down. Sonny, breathe. Sonny, breathe.

Sonny: You knew.

Will: Nurse!

Sonny: You knew. You knew.

Will: Sonny--

Sonny: You knew. Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Sonny, we need to slow your respiration, okay?

Marlena: What happened?

Sonny: Ask him. Ask him. Ask him.

Eric: Hey. Drop it. So that was your move? Huh? Get rid of me so you could set the mood?

Serena: I don't know what you're talking about.

Eric: Yeah, well, the hot water's fine.

Serena: Is it?

Eric: Yeah, and you're here arranging things, and I told you that I was gonna make you dinner.

Serena: I just wanted to help.

Eric: You know, you don't always have to be the only one with a plan. Sometimes you just need to sit back and let things happen.

Justin: Adrienne. Elsa and I have been in dubai for so long, working these ridiculous hours, she says we're like work spouses. So it's become a running gag. Okay? We started texting each other like that. It's a joke.

Adrienne: Well, I guess you had to be there.

Justin: You're right. It's a bad joke, okay? She started it, and I have to handle her.

Adrienne: What does that mean?

Justin: Well, it's because she's the point person in all the negotiations, okay? She has to approve every single aspect of the deal. So I'm humoring her.

Adrienne: Does elsa know that?

Justin: Adrienne, I just want to get this thing done. Okay? And if I alienate her, everything falls apart, and the last six months have been a total waste.

Adrienne: How long is this gonna go on?

Justin: I don't know. It can't be too much longer.

Adrienne: No. No, justin, it really can'T.

Justin: Please, adrienne, I don't want to waste any more time talking about dubai. Okay? I'm here. I'm home. With you. Can we just go see our son?

He'll sleep through the night. And you need to let him.

Marlena: We will.

Will: Sonny. I'm so sorry. I'll be here when you wake up, and then we can talk. I love you.

Marlena: Did something happen?

Will: I hurt him. I hurt him so bad.

Will: Can you hang with him for a bit?

Marlena: Of course I can. Will, sonny almost died this week. But he survived. So whatever's going on between you, you are both stronger. You'll survive this together.

Will: I hope so.

Paige: Mom coerced a doctor into lying for her. She was that desperate to keep me out of salem. And away from jj.

Jennifer: Did you confront your mom about this, honey?

Paige: The minute I got back. She kept trying to talk her way around it, but when I pinned her down she had to admit it. She's the reason-- the only reason that jj and i were ever separated. And that separation... it came at the worst time for us. I missed him so much.

Jennifer: He missed you too, honey. He did. I remember.

Paige: Then why-- I thought that too. And I couldn't wait to get back here. And when I found out what my mom had done, I did come home. As fast as I could. But I was too late. Jj was already with... whoever he's with. I have to go.

Jennifer: Paige, I--

Paige: I'm sorry.

Jj: You want to know the difference between you and me? I'm honest about what I want. And I love your daughter. And all I wanted was for you to accept us. And you pretended to give me a chance, when you had zero intention of letting us be happy.

Eve: Well, you would only have dragged my daughter down, and you've proved that over and over again.

Jj: Well, I guess that's why I come back here. We both know what we are.

Eve: Jj. This is not smart. And it's wrong. Don't come back.

Jj: You know, I could tell you I won't, but we both know I'd be lying. All your life you're told to tame your curls...

Adrienne: Hi.

Marlena: Hey.

Adrienne: Hey.

Justin: How is he?

Adrienne: Where's will?

Marlena: Well, sonny was given a sedative, and will realized that he'd be asleep, so he went off to do something.

[Knocking on door]

Will: What the hell were you thinking, paul?

Paul: Hi.

Will: Why did you do it? Did you think that anything was gonna happen between us? I thought we were clear.

Paul: We are.

Will: Then what was the point? Were you trying to punish me for something? Why did you tell my husband that we slept together?

Jj: Roxanne. It's me, jj. Look, I've been thinking about you a lot lately, and I need to ask you for something big. And I will owe you huge. I was wondering if you can just get away and come down to salem, and I'll cover everything. So just let me know. It would be really, really cool to see you again. All right, can't wait. Call me back. Bye.

Cole: You've had a great week, you just didn't know it.

Paige: Good thing you're keeping track.

Cole: Hey, it is. Between the two of us, we just came up with a great eastern civ paper.

Paige: We did?

[Knocking on door]

Eve: [Sighs] What did you forget this time? What are you doing back-- jennifer.

Jennifer: Finally. I finally found out the disgusting thing that you did to my son. Introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray,

Eve: Now I--

Jennifer: No, don't you try to defend yourself. It is impossible.

Eve: Listen, things happen--

Jennifer: No, it didn't "happen." You made it happen. And you used your parents to do it? Really, eve?

Eve: What--what do you mean?

Jennifer: You pretended that shane was sick to keep paige away from jj? Do you realize how pathetic that is? I can't wait till jj finds this out.

Eve: Well, you know what? You just go right ahead and tell him, 'cause it's not gonna make a difference. It's not gonna change a thing.

Eve: Oh, don't you be so sure.

Jennifer: No, I was right to keep those two apart. 'Cause look what happened the minute paige was gone.

Jennifer: What? That is not fair. You manipulated their entire relationship, eve.

Jennifer: What relationship are you even talking about? Oh, yeah, my daughter was in love. But your little dog of a son could barely wait until my daughter's plane was taking off before he went off with somebody else. And you know what? Yeah, I love my daughter, and i will protect her from your little screw-up of a son.

Jj: A little plagiarism to start the semester off right?

Cole: Yeah, that's exactly what's going on. You think paige would do that?

Jj: You know, I think you're a useless piece of garbage who'll use her to get through school.

Paige: Stop it, jj.

Cole: Oh, don't worry. He's not bothering me. Guy's too dumb to come in out of the rain.

Jj: Hm. Says the genius.

Cole: Yeah. You know I got your phone off you without you knowing it?

Jj: What?

Paige: He took your phone. And brought it to me.

Serena: Hey, sleepyhead.

Eric: You need something?

Serena: Yeah, I do. And it can't wait.

Paul: You're the reason it happened like this, will.

Will: Yeah? How's that?

Paul: If you hadn't been so secretive, if you would have told me that you were married, if you would have even mentioned his name--

Will: That is not the point.

Paul: Yeah, it is, because you would have saved everyone--

Will: You could have saved my husband by just leaving him alone. How did you even find him?

Paul: I heard he was in the hospital, and I was there, and--

Will: And you decided to ruin his life?

Paul: I needed to know if i still had a shot. Look, I didn't know that sonny was your husband.

Will: Why on earth were you even looking for him?

Paul: You don't know.

Will: Know what?

Paul: Sonny's the guy. The one that I was with. The guy who asked me to marry him. Look at 'em!

Will: Sonny.

Paul: Yes. Look, everything I said about the man that I was with, the guy who asked me to marry him...

Will: That was you. And sonny.

Paul: Look, when I heard he was in the hospital 'cause he was hurt, that he nearly died-- I mean, I had to know. I had to know if I still had a shot with him. I had no idea that you two were together.

Will: He never mentioned you.

Paul: He promised me he wouldn't tell anyone. To protect my career.

Will: Right.

Paul: And I never mentioned him either.

Will: But you still love him. He was the reason you came back to salem for your surgery.

Paul: No. Believe me, I was just as shocked when I first saw him. I didn't know he was in town.

Will: You've seen him. Before today, you've seen him.

Paul: Right after my surgery, yeah. A few times after that.

Will: Well, I guess you did manage to keep a few secrets out of our interview, didn't you?

Paul: It's not like that. We just bumped into each other.

Will: Did he ever come to see you?

Paul: The night that you and I... while you were in the shower, he was knocking on the door.

Adrienne: We're so lucky he's still here.

Justin: Why didn't you tell me on the phone?

Adrienne: What?

Justin: How close we came to losing him.

Adrienne: Could you have gotten here any sooner?

Justin: No.

Adrienne: Then why panic you? Why make you sit on a plane for hours traveling halfway around the world not knowing?

Justin: Well, thank god they found a blood donor in time.

Paul: So the blood that i gave was for sonny?

Adrienne: That person saved sonny's life.

Justin: Hopefully someday we'll get a chance to thank them.

Will: So... sonny came to you. He still has feelings for you.

Paul: No, not like that. Look, he said he was married, and that was it. He said he was completely committed to his husband. Look, why don't you have a seat. Have a drink. You've had a long day to say the least.

Will: I have to go.

Paul: Will, I'm sorry this is such a mess.

Will: Me too.

Jennifer: Does your daughter think it's okay that you lied to her? Does she think that's love?

Eve: You get out of my house.

Jennifer: [Laughs] And you know, if you weren't you, I would almost feel really sorry for you right now...

Eve: Oh, why don't you just spare me?

Jennifer: Because paige has you so figured out, and you don't have the slightest idea what real love is. And now that she's gone, nobody wants you. Or your love.

Eve: Jennifer. You're wrong about that. There's somebody who very much wants me and what I have to give.

Jennifer: [Laughs]

Jj: What did you do with my phone?

Paige: Cole figured out your code, which was pretty smart, and took a look. And then he gave it to me.

Jj: Why? What did... did you...

Paige: He saw the messages you sent.

Jj: You know?

Serena: It's funny, isn't it? I mean, I know you already believe in this, but I never thought there was a plan to life. That there was some guiding force making sure everything is where it's supposed to be at exactly the right time. But I do now. We're where we should be.

Eric: All's right in the world?

Serena: Exactly. Except your elephant.

Eric: Hmm?

Serena: Your elephant. Our elephants. It's not in its place.

Eric: It had a place?

Serena: Wasn't it right there?

Eric: Yeah, I guess it was.

Serena: Did you move it?

Eric: Sort of. I gave it away. <

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