Days Transcript Tuesday 2/17/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 2/17/15


Episode #12529 ~ Aiden makes a shocking confession; Paul gets an unexpected response when he puts everything on the line; Justin returns to find Adrienne & Lucas have become close; Victor moves to protect his family.

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[Knocking at the door]

Marlena: Ah, at last. Janet, thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh. Kate.

Kate: What? Are you waiting for the babysitter?

Marlena: Yes, I am. Ari's got a playdate, they're picking her up, and I've got patients that I have to see.

Kate: Okay, well, I just stopped by to see Ari and will, 'cause I have an office to get to, and I have a lot of things to do too, so--

Marlena: Oh, well--

Kate: No, no. If you think you're gonna stick me here waiting for her, forget about it.

Clyde: This damn well better be important.

Victor: [Sighs] Believe me, it is.

Lucas: Hey, Adrienne.

Adrienne: Oh, Lucas, hi.

Lucas: Hey. I saw you come in, but I guess you didn't see me.

Adrienne: Uh, the nurse told me that will was in with Sonny, so I thought I'd just get some coffee and give them their privacy. You know, whenever one of my kids is sick or hurt, I tend to be a pest. I'm always talking too much and hovering around and everything.

Lucas: Yeah, I know. Anything else going on?

Adrienne: Mm-mm. Why would you say that?

Lucas: Do you know when Justin's getting in?

Adrienne: He hasn't been home. That's all I can tell you.

Lucas: So have no idea when his flight arrives?

Adrienne: My husband didn't seem to think it was necessary to share that information with me. [Sobs]

Paul: What kind of game are you trying to play now?

Derrick: No games. I told you. I talked to that guy Sonny yesterday, right before he got stabbed. I told him you were here with that writer.

Paul: You got a big mouth, you know that?

Derrick: I thought I was doing you a favor. All right, but Sonny looked like he was going to go crazy when I told him that. He was so jealous, man. I could tell he's still in love with you.

Paul: You really think so?

Derrick: You didn't know, did you? See, aren't you glad I told you?

Sonny: You gonna let me see it or not? What the hell?

Hope: Damn it, Aiden. You've been lying about Meredith. You've been lying to me all along! Ah! [Struggles] [Grunts]

Aiden: Damn it, hope! You're right. I have.

Hope: What are you doing? What are you doing?

Aiden: Are you happy now? Are you happy that you're right? Yes, I've been lying to you. I've been lying to everyone ever since the day it happened, and I am telling you right now I am never, ever gonna let you tell anyone! [Panting]

Lucas: Well, you know, Justin probably wasn't thinking straight when you told him about Sonny.

Adrienne: Right, I'm sure that's it.

Lucas: Does he have an assistant you could talk to? Someone who might know his travel plans?

Adrienne: If he does, I don't know that person's name.

Lucas: Listen, I'm sure there's a very good explanation for why you haven't heard from him.

Adrienne: Oh, I'm sure there is. And I think I know what it is.

Sonny: This is what you've been working on night and day? A movie about a bunch of old people stuck in a hotel in Croatia?

Will: What? No, it's my boss's brilliant idea at increasing advertising revenue. It's a pop-up ad that keeps the reader from viewing the article for 30 seconds.

Sonny: Oh, that's kind of annoying.

Will: Yeah, Zoe says that it lets the advertiser keep track of who's viewing the ad, but yes, it's annoying. Ah, here's the article. Oh.

Sonny: Hey, dad.

Justin: Hey. You're smiling. That's a good sign.

Sonny: I'm gonna be okay.

Justin: Thank God.

Both: Ohh.

Paul: Look, Sonny and I were together a long time ago. There's no way that he'd care about me being with somebody else. If you're telling me that to get some kind of rise out of me--

Derrick: I told you because I feel so bad, all right? If I'd kept my mouth shut, Sonny wouldn't have run out of the club, he wouldn't have been right off the town square and he wouldn't have gotten stabbed.

Paul: You don't know that.

Derrick: Well, there's another reason I feel guilty. I've--I didn't tell you all this right away because I was hoping I had a shot with you myself. I know, not gonna happen, but you've been really decent to me, and well, I started thinking that if you still care about Sonny, you deserve to know the truth.

Paul: What truth?

Derrick: Sonny was here twice, and both times, I could tell it was more than just dropping in on an old friend.

Paul: It was?

Derrick: I think you could make it work again with Sonny. I mean, if that's what you want.

Aiden: What--why do you keep trying to run away from me? Oh, my God. You're scared of me now, aren't you? Aren't you?

Hope: I don't know what to feel. I don't know what to feel. I thought I knew you. I fell in love with you, Aiden. How could I be in love with a man who murdered his son's mother?

Clyde: I've already said everything I've got to say to you, Victor.

Victor: Well, now it's my turn.

Clyde: Okay. I'm listening.

Victor: I have taken steps to make sure that my men don't give you or any of your men any trouble when it comes to your trucking business.

Clyde: [Chuckles] And why should I believe a word that comes out of your mouth?

Victor: Just check around. I've also done everything I can to secure new jobs for my men. I told them that we were shutting down. Now, if you don't want to take any of them on, I can understand that.

Clyde: That's big of you.

Victor: But I would rethink it if I were you. They're good men.

Clyde: What else?

Victor: That's it.

Clyde: So I'm supposed to believe that the great Victor Kiriakis is just gonna roll over and play dead? You must take me for some kind of fool.

Kate: You know, I have things to do as well. Why didn't you just tell will that you were too busy to babysit?

Marlena: He had brought Ari to the hospital to see Sonny, and then I volunteered to bring her home to the sitter so they could have some private time.

Kate: Oh, I see.

Marlena: And he promised me the sitter would be here on time.

Kate: Well, did you call her? Did you check messages?

Marlena: Well, she's not that late yet.

Kate: Okay, I'll do it.

Marlena: Okay, fine.

Kate: By the way, how did Sonny and will seem to you?

Marlena: Well, Sonny had a good night, he seemed stronger, so of course will was very relieved.

Kate: Hmm. No, I-I mean how were they acting towards each other?

Marlena: What are you getting at? I know that will and Sonny have had some problems, but I thought-- hey. Is there something going on between Sonny and will that I should know about?

Kate: No, there doesn't seem to be a message from her. I wonder where she is.

Marlena: You didn't seem to answer my question.

Will: Grandma, I slept with Paul.

Paul: [Sighs] That ball was the one and only ball that I ever hit out of the park for my one and only major league home run.

Sonny: And you're giving it to me?

Paul: I am. Merry Christmas, Sonny.

Sonny: I love it. And I love you.

Derrick: I think you could make it work again with Sonny, I mean, if that's what you want.

Paul: Damn it. That is what I want.

Justin: I'm sorry it took me so long to get back here.

Sonny: Why isn't mom with you?

Justin: Actually, I thought she'd already be here, so I came straight from the airport. Hey, will.

Will: Hey.

Justin: Thanks for taking such good care of my son.

Will: Thank Kayla, and Daniel.

Justin: Yeah, so how did this happen? Who did this to you?

Will: I'm gonna let you two catch up. Give me a chance to check on Ari. Is it okay if I go?

Sonny: You've been great.

Justin: So I want to see that little baby of yours. I've been seeing the pictures, and I can see she's growing up pretty fast.

Will: [Laughs] She is. She is, but she'll always be our little girl. Don't wear him out, and don't let him wear himself out.

Justin: I won't, I won't.

Will: Okay.

Justin: Sonny, tell me everything. How did it happen? Who did this to you? What are the police doing about it? What's going on?

Sonny: This is great.

Justin: What is?

Sonny: Having a dad again. All I had to do to make it happen was get stabbed in the back.

Lucas: Here you go. You know what, I think you should talk to Justin before you jump to any conclusions, okay?

Adrienne: We both know I already jumped to that conclusion before this happened to Sonny.

Lucas: Listen, I'm sure there are a lot of reasons why he was delayed.

Adrienne: Okay, 'cause-- I appreciate you trying to convince me that there's nothing going on and that everything's fine between Justin and me, but you know what? I don't even want to think about that right now. Sonny's what's important. Thank God he's okay, you know? When I got that phone call, I--

Lucas: I know, I know. I saw the look on your face.

Adrienne: Well, you know what that's like.

Lucas: Yeah, I do.

Adrienne: Sonny's lucky. He's gonna be fine, and the last thing he needs to do is worry that there's a problem between his dad and me.

Lucas: Exactly. Exactly, so why don't we just go see him right now, okay?

Aiden: Murdered my wife? Is--is that what you think?

Hope: You're surprised? [Scoffs]

Aiden: I-I-I thought that--

Hope: You've managed my every move ever since I got here. You won't let me leave. You have a locked closet you didn't want me to open up, and now look at you. You're threatening me with a letter opener? Aiden, what was I supposed to think?

Aiden: You saw the tablet, the video of Meredith.

Hope: You know I did.

Aiden: And you didn't tell me.

Hope: Because I saw the ax in the closet! It's one of the things she said you might use to kill her.

Aiden: And you thought I was gonna use it on you?

Hope: You just said to me you would stop me from telling anyone about this.

Aiden: You're scared that I'm gonna kill you too.

Hope: Aiden, I'm a cop.

Aiden: Yeah, you're a cop.

Hope: I'm a cop.

Aiden: You've been building a case against me ever since you got here.

Hope: I didn't want to. The evidence kept mounting. It is so clearly obvious that--

Aiden: What? That I'm guilty?

Hope: You said you were lying... ever since the day that Meredith died. You told me that she committed suicide. The woman on that video was not suicidal. She was terrified of dying. There's no way she took her own life. The investigation report said there was no sign of an intruder, and there were only three people in this house... you, Meredith, and chase. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I've had it with my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis-...

Will: Hey. Have you seen it yet?

Paul: Seen what?

Will: The article, the one that's gonna change your life? It's online.

Paul: Oh, yeah. I'll have to take a look at that.

Will: Something wrong?

Paul: I don't know yet.

Will: What's that supposed to mean?

Paul: I may be about to make a really big mistake.

Will: Doing what?

Paul: I just realized there's something I gave up on too soon.

Will: Something or someone?

Justin: I realize I've been gone longer than I usually am.

Sonny: Dad, you missed Christmas.

Justin: And I feel terrible about that. This deal I'm working on for titan has turned into several deals. This other attorney I'm working with...really clicked, and--

Sonny: Is that Elsa? The woman from your Facebook page?

Justin: Yeah.

Sonny: Mm. She's beautiful. She married?

Justin: Sonny, I came back here to be with you, not to get the third degree.

[Footsteps approaching]

Adrienne: Oh, I see you made it.

Kate: I mean, you remember how much time will spent away from home when Sonny was going through that disaster with the new club.

Marlena: He was trying to help Sami get through the death of her husband.

Kate: Okay, look, I'm not blaming him, I'm just saying that's what happened, okay? And--and then he was all tied up writing that big article, so--

[Knocking at the door]

Marlena: Oh, the sitter.

Kate: [Sighs]

Marlena: Oh, we thought-- oh, Roman, Roman, Roman.

Roman: Well, this is different--you two in the same room, and the room is still standing.

Both: Seriously?

Victor: You know, there was a time when I thrived on being the meanest S.O.B. In Salem. Now, my idea of a good day is a walk in the garden with my wife, or an old movie on TV. I'm particularly partial to Myrna Loy. I want to make sure that no other person that I love comes to harm because of who I was. So you don't have to worry about any problems from me. I'm saying uncle. You win.

Clyde: You can do that?

Victor: I can do whatever it make sure that my loved ones are safe from you.

Aiden: [Shuddering]

Hope: Chase? Is that--is that what you've been hiding?

Aiden: No. No, what it is, hope, is none of you damn business, all right? But I know you. Oh, you're not gonna give up, are you? So you know what you can do? You can get out of here. You know what, go tell the cops. Tell the cops that I killed Meredith. You know what, it won't be the first time that someone has said that.

Hope: But it's not true! Aiden, I'm beginning to understand.

Aiden: You don't understand a damn thing. Now, get out of here, and get outta here with your ridiculous theories, okay?

Hope: It is chase. My God, it's chase. Tell me. What happened?

Aiden: [Sniffs] God, there's nothing to tell you. There's nothing to tell, so-- just get out. Go, leave.

Hope: You can stop lying to me now. You're not in this alone anymore. I already know what happened. All you have to do is just tell it happened. Please, Aiden, tell me everything. Introducing light & fit protein shakes,

Clyde: Victor, I have to say, you've made a wise decision.

Victor: Well, since you see that, our business here is done. I can think of no reason why our paths should ever cross again.

Kate: Yes, you do that. Thank you. Okay, so Janet had to cancel. She asked her sister to cover for her. She left a message on will's cell phone, but apparently he never picked up the message.

Marlena: So where's her sister?

Kate: She's on her way right now. Anyway, I'm gonna take a look at Arianna.

Marlena: [Chuckles]

Kate: Excuse me, okay.

Roman: So I guess that means will isn't here.

Marlena: No, no, will's at the hospital with Sonny. Shall I tell him something for you?

Roman: No, but... you can give him something.

Marlena: Oh, no. Sonny's wedding ring?

Roman: Yeah, we found it near where he was attacked. It was wiped clean, though, so it's not gonna help us find out who took it off his finger, but I figured will might like to be the one to give it back to Sonny.

Marlena: Yeah.

Paul: Someone just told me he thinks I still have a chance with him.

Will: He said he wouldn't get back with you because you never came out.

Paul: Right, and now I have. [Chuckles] I mean, if he and I can finally have all the things that we dreamed about, it'll be all thanks of you. And you got me to be honest with my family, and now the whole world knows who I really am. You know, I'm always gonna be grateful to you for that.

Will: In case we never see each other again, I want to thank you too, for everything.

Justin: God, it's good to see you.

Adrienne: I wish I'd known you'd be here.

Justin: I'm sorry. I just threw everything into a suitcase after you called me, and I forgot my charger, my phone went dead.

Adrienne: The important thing is that you're here now.

Justin: Yeah. And our boy seems to be on the road to recovery.

Adrienne: Oh. Hey, baby.

Lucas: Yeah, he gave us all a pretty big scare.

Justin: Thank God he had the two of you and will.

Adrienne: Sonny, you're looking much better today. Are you in any pain?

Sonny: A little. They gave me stuff for it.

Lucas: I thought will would be here by now.

Justin: He was. He just left to check on Arianna.

Adrienne: Oh, God, Justin, wait till you see her. She is a little piece of heaven. You know, I was thinking at the end of the week when Sonny comes home, maybe I could do a little welcome home party at the apartment.

Justin: Yeah. That sounds...really nice.

Adrienne: You still will be here, won't you?

Justin: Honestly, I don't know. It kind of depends on--

Adrienne: What's going on in Dubai, I get it. I think we all do.

Aiden: I don't have to tell you a damn thing, so why don't you get the hell out of here and forget that you ever knew me?

Hope: You're protecting chase... just like you were when we first met. You've been protecting him all this time. So why'd you bring him here? And why was chase okay with being here? He happily showed Ciara around this house where his mother died.

Adrienne: Would you please shut the hell up? You don't even know what you're talking about.

Hope: What do you keep looking at?

Aiden: I'm trying not to look at you.

Hope: This shelf... it wasn't in the video that Meredith made. Does it mark a spot? Aiden, what's behind that wall?

Kate: Marlena? Oh, great.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: Ahh. Good morning.

Clyde: I missed waking up with you this morning. You should've stayed the night.

Kate: Well, if I had stayed, you would have awakened to the sound of me having a 6:00 am conference call.

Clyde: [Chuckles] Where are you now?

Kate: [Sighs] I'm watching Arianna, waiting for the babysitter.

Clyde: How long's that gonna be?

Kate: [Laughs] Hopefully not too much longer.

Clyde: Good. I feel like celebrating.

Kate: Well, you're certainly in a good mood.

Clyde: Yes, I am. Everything seems to be going my way this morning. I'll see you soon.

[Phone ringing]

Sonny: [Grunts] Hello?

Victor: It's me.

Sonny: Uncle Vic?

Victor: How you doing? You up to having a visitor?

Sonny: Maybe a little later. Will and mom made me promise to get some sleep.

Victor: Uh, yeah, you sound a little tired. Well, I just wanted to hear your voice, really.

Sonny: Well, I'm doing fine.

Victor: You keep doing fine, you hear?

Sonny: Yes, sir.

Victor: All right, if you need anything--anything at all, you call me.

Sonny: Okay.

Victor: Promise?

Sonny: I promise.

Justin: Here, let me help you.

Adrienne: Thanks.

Justin: I'm sorry I can't give you a definite answer about the party.

Adrienne: Don't worry about it.

Justin: Adrienne, I'm gonna try and stay here for as long as I possibly can.

Adrienne: Justin, really-- really, I understand.

Justin: I get the feeling you don't.

Adrienne: I don't want to talk about this here, okay? Our focus should be on Sonny.

Justin: He's why I'm here.

Adrienne: I know. He's the only reason.

Hope: What?

Aiden: Nothing.

Hope: Does what's in the wall have anything to do with the ax that's in the locked closet? You have an offer on this house. Is there something you don't want the new people to find? Aiden... were you planning on using the ax to get it out of the wall? Were you gonna do that for chase?

Aiden: Hope, please, will you just stop?

Hope: There's no stopping. There's no stopping. You have to know that.

Aiden: Fine. Fine! You want to know what's in the wall? You got it. Man when I got shingles it was something awful.

Justin: Adrienne, when I said I'm here for Sonny, I didn't mean the--

Adrienne: Why don't you just admit it, Justin? The truth is, if our son hadn't been stabbed, you'd still be in Dubai. Hell, God only knows if you ever would've come home.


Justin: Can't believe it.

Lucas: You're not gonna go after her?

Justin: Look, I've been on planes and in airports for the last 18 hours. I finally get home, and I got to deal with Adrienne.

Lucas: Well, you picked a hell of a time to make it all about you, Justin.

Sonny: Paul?

Paul: Hey.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Paul: Well, I'm hoping I'm not too late.

Will: What happened to Janet?

Kate: Well, Janet had to cancel. Her sister was supposed to cover, then Marlena, she's late, and Marlena couldn't stay, so I'm here.

Will: Well, thank you. [Laughs]

Kate: Anyway, how's Sonny doing this morning?

Will: Good, really good, much better. Justin just got here, so I figured now is a good time for me to shower and check on Arianna.

Kate: You seem very happy.

Will: Why not? Sonny's gonna be okay, and my article's on line.

Kate: [Gasps] Good, good, good, good.

[Door opening and closing]

Marlena: Okay, sure, put him through.

Clyde: Thanks for taking my call, Dr. Evans. I'm sorry I missed my session without calling to explain.

Marlena: Are you all right?

Clyde: Yes, I am, thank you, but I hope you don't hold this against me. I'd really like to talk to you again.

Justin: I've always traveled with my job. Adrienne's knows that. I don't see why she had to jump all over me after I busted my butt getting here.

Lucas: You didn't even tell her you were getting in.

Justin: I explained that. My phone died.

Lucas: Your phone died? Really? Couldn't pick up a charger in an airport? They don't sell those anymore?

Justin: What are you getting at, Lucas?

Lucas: Your wife went through hell, and your son almost bled out. Did you even know that? They barely had enough of his blood type on hand. A donor had to show up at the last minute, or else you would've been coming home to a funeral.

Justin: No, I-I-- hey, I didn't know that. Adrienne didn't tell me that.

Lucas: Well, that's because by the time you called back, they located the blood, and she didn't want you to worry. You have any idea how long that surgery was, how much blood that Sonny lost? Adrienne knew it. She had to go through the whole thing alone.

Justin: Seems pretty clear she wasn't all alone.

Sonny: Too late? For what?

Paul: I know what you've been through, Sonny, so maybe my timing's off. But I'm begging you, if I ever meant anything to you, just please hear me out. And when I'm done, you can have your turn, and I'll do whatever you want. Um, derrick, the bellman, he told me everything. I know you were on your way to see me when this happened.

Sonny: Wait, what?

Paul: I can't tell you how sorry I am about that. And derrick, he also said that you got really upset when you heard that I'd been with another guy.

Derrick: Remember when you came by to see Paul, I told you that he already had a friend in the room?

Sonny: Oh, my God.

Derrick: And that time that I let you into his room and Paul was in his bathrobe.

Sonny: Right.

Paul: Sonny, I--

Sonny: No, you don't--you don't have to explain yourself.

Paul: Look, I'm not gonna lie to you, Sonny, something did happen with that guy. But it was only once, and-- and you have to understand, it was only after you told me that there was no chance for the two of us.

Sonny: Yeah, uh, I know what I said.

Sonny: But I never told you that I've been telling myself that if we ever saw each other again...I would-- I would make sure that we could find a way to start over. But when you said that it wasn't true, that it could never be true, I mean, I was devastated. Look, what happened with the other guy, that was a total mistake. But I want you to know that it never happened again, even though I did spend a lot of time with him, because I realized that no other guy could make me stop loving you, and that will never change.

Aiden: [Panting]

Hope: Tell me how it happened.

Aiden: It was-- it was five years ago. Chase was--was four. We had just bought this place, and, you know, Meredith, drinking as usual... she came walking in, and she found chase playing with her gun.

Meredith: That's a gun.

Chase: I found it.

Meredith: Give me that!

Chase: No, mine!

Meredith: Give me that!

Aiden: I heard her yelling at him, so I came running in.


Aiden: [Gasps] Chase doesn't remember. He can never remember.

Aiden: So I cleaned chase up and I put him to bed. And I hid his clothes and his shoes and I wiped the prints off the gun, and... and then I called the police.

Hope: And told them that your wife had committed suicide.

Aiden: So now you know the truth. What are you gonna do about it?

Lucas: You know, there were a lot of people here. Will was here, he was just as terrified as Adrienne was. Victor and Maggie were here. They were the ones who found Sonny. I mean, Maggie probably saved his life. Did you know that?

Justin: Sounds like there were a lot of people here for Adrienne. Does that include you?

Lucas: Yeah. Yeah, it does include me. I was here doing what you should've done.

Victor: Rafe, it's Victor. I want to see you the minute you get back into town. It's important.

Marlena: Well, I'm glad to hear that you're all right, and of course you may set up another appointment.

Clyde: Well, that's good, 'cause there's a whole lot I need to talk to you about.

Will: What do you think?

Kate: Well, of course it's a remarkable story, you know, a former professional baseball player comes out as gay, but you did an amazing job with that story.

Will: I want to thank you for talking to me about the article... especially for convincing me not to come clean to Sonny about Paul and me.

Kate: Honey, it would only have hurt Sonny.

Will: And that's something that I never, ever want to do.

Kate: I know. So has Paul left town yet?

Will: No, not yet, but I doubt I'll ever see him again. I just ran into him, and he said he was gonna go to try to make a new start with the guy he talks about in the article.

Kate: You mean the guy who asked Paul to marry him?

Will: Yeah. He can say yes now.

Kate: Yeah, thanks to you.

Will: I don't want to take the credit. I just want there to be a happy ending for all of us.

Sonny: What do you mean you spent a lot of time with the guy?

Paul: Well, I had to, see. A story about me was coming out, literally, for all the world to see. Now it has... because of him.

Derrick: Will Horton is Paul Narita's lover.

Paul: Everything's gonna be different now. You want to know why? What do you think?

Sonny: My God. You slept with him.

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