Days Transcript Monday 2/16/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 2/16/15


Episode #12528 ~ Hope engages in a game of cat-and-mouse with Aiden; Melanie seeks Serena's help; Clint's decision takes Theresa by surprise; Will's article on Paul comes out.

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Serena: Damn, Nicole. She always has a positive genius for showing up when and where she's not wanted.

[Phone rings]

Serena: Hey, what's up?

Eric: I just called to say I'm an idiot.

Serena: [Chuckles] Good to know.

Eric: [Laughs] Listen, just because you couldn't make me an omelet didn't mean you had to leave. I mean, we could have gone out, we could have ordered in.

Serena: You know, it's just as well. I, uh, had to drop something off here at the hotel before I got to work.

Eric: Well, I wish you were here with me.

Serena: Me too, Eric. Me too.

Will: Come on. You see, Ari?

Sonny: Hi.

Will: I told you I had a surprise for you. Come on.

Sonny: Come here.

Will: Here we go.

Sonny: Give me some sugar. Ooh.

Will: You okay? I don't want you to pull your stitches out.

Sonny: I'm fine. She's the best medicine in the world.

Will: Hey. It's so good to see you looking so good.

Sonny: Thank you. I'm feeling a little bit stronger, you know, physically.

Will: Well, that's what matters.

Sonny: No. It matters that I don't remember anything. Where I was going in such a hurry when it happened.

Will: [Sighs]

Derrick: Will Horton is Paul Narita's lover. Man, talk about having a bad night.

Paul: I mean, mom, I have to tell you, if I had known one baseball player, one openly gay player, someone I rooted for, someone I looked up to as a player, as a man... then--then maybe I wouldn't have struggled with this so much. I made up my mind. I'll do it.

Will: Are you sure?

Paul: I can't lie about myself my entire life. Might as well tell the whole world about me at once, right?

Marlena: Hello, Paul. I was surprised to hear from you.

Paul: I can imagine.

Marlena: I thought you never wanted to see me again.

Paul: I thought I'd give you the satisfaction, in person, of knowing you were right about me from the beginning.

John: Daniel, you might think this is a little out of line, but can we talk?

Daniel: John, I was surprised too, but I actually believe in them.

Melanie: Is that Theresa's boyfriend?

Clint: So she's like a real flake. All over the place, emotional. But there are times when it seems there's something she wants to remember. And at the same time, scared of remembering.

Theresa: Wait, I'm--I'm pregnant.

Mandrake: Oh, I know. I know you are. But she hasn't remembered.

Clint: No. Not once. Whenever anything unpleasant comes up, she doesn't like to think about it. Instead, she gets angry. And let me tell you, she gets angry a lot. Very, very angry.

Theresa: I'm so damn happy you're out of my life. If it turned out you had knocked me up, I'd be the size of a beached whale by now. And broke. Spending every last penny I had making sure that you never came near my kid. Because of what a horrible... incompetent father you'd be. Just like you said yourself.

Brady: There's no point in talking to you.

Theresa: Hey, don't you dare walk away from me!

Hope: There has to be another explanation. There has to be.

Melanie: I mean, it could be. Maybe not. I mean, who--there's a ton of Dr. Mandrake's. Who was that Neanderthal Clint talking to? Huh.

Brady: You aware this is a public place?

Theresa: I don't care.

Brady: Maybe you should. It's gonna be that much easier for me to put a restraining order on you, Theresa. It's one step closer to putting you into the loony bin where you belong.

Theresa: Hey, does that cheap little red-headed nurse you're banging know that you threaten women?

Brady: That's what this is about, isn't it? That's what gets you all riled up--you're jealous, aren't you?

Theresa: Of you? You know, don't--don't make me laugh, Brady.

Brady: Oh, that's-- oh, I'm sorry. You're right. You supposedly have a new boyfriend that's everything I'm not.

Theresa: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Where is he, by the way?

Mandrake: Ms. DiMera and I just want to be sure that she doesn't remember. So... you know what to do now.

Clint: Of course I do.

Mandrake: Then do it.

Eric: Well, hopefully the gas will get turned back on soon and you can whip up that omelet that you owe me.

Serena: You do know, don't you, you are going to be spoiled for all other omelets?

Eric: And I'm gonna hold you to it.

[Bell rings]

Eric: Hey, listen, someone's at the door. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

[Cell phone rings]

Serena: What? No--I told you that I would let you know when it happened and I would--and I will. Just...just hold your horses, okay? Look, just back off.

Aiden: What were you doing?

Hope: You startled me. Don't do that. I was cold, I was looking for another sweater or a blanket or something, anything.

Aiden: But it was locked.

Hope: Yeah, I know. Took it as a challenge.

Aiden: But I already told you there's nothing warm in there.

Hope: Well, you know me. In one ear, out the other.

Aiden: Just taking off my coat. Here. Better?

Hope: That's great, thanks.

Aiden: Um, uh, so... what were you doing while I was gone?

Hope: I could ask you the same thing. You just disappeared.

Aiden: Oh, you know what? I think now is a good time for that drink. I will take beauty into my own hands...

Sonny: One of the baristas remembered me saying that I-I had to go out for a little while.

Will: Sonny?

Sonny: You know, and I just charged at it--I charged out, apparently. But I don't remember any of it.

Will: Okay. But you're getting yourself worked up. Just...just take a breath. Calm down.

Sonny: I can't. You don't understand how frustrating it is not to remember. I got into a fight with my uncle vic. Fights with him are nothing if not memorable.

Will: Okay. Calm down and just...focus. Think. Sonny, what's the last thing that you remember from that night?

Paul: The biggest regret I have in my life isn't that I can't play baseball anymore. It's that I can't have you.

Will: Sonny? Sonny, you look like you just remembered something. What is it?

Marlena: It doesn't sound to me like you've come here with an open mind, so I'm not sure you're ready to work with me.

Paul: Well, you bugged me. A lot. When I was at the hospital.

Marlena: I got that.

Paul: I-I think you saw something else going on with me.

Marlena: You know, what I saw was a young man going through this serious surgery that might cost him his career.

Paul: That's it? I thought you were fishing for something bigger.

Marlena: I wasn't fishing. I'm not fishing now. Paul? If you've come here to talk to me, you're welcome to do that. And if not, well, you're really free to leave.

John: So you're okay with this?

Daniel: Well, your son and my daughter are already best friends. Yeah.

John: Brady? Melanie?

Daniel: Yeah, that is what you're talking about, right?

John: No. I just need some inside information on sonny for Marlena's sake.

Daniel: Oh, well, Marlena knows as much as anybody. Sonny's condition is stable. But you know I can't talk about a patient's condition with you.

John: Yeah, right.

Daniel: Okay, good.

John: So what the hell is going on with Brady and Melanie?

Theresa: I asked Clint to get me something to drink. You know, that's another perk of not being pregnant and not being with an addict. I can drink all I want with a guy like Clint. He really knows how to have fun, unlike being a total buzzkill like you.

Clint: Here you go.

Theresa: Oh.

Clint: You like skinny margaritas, right?

Theresa: He is just so attentive.

Brady: Well, good for you. She's one in a million. Thank god.

Theresa: I hate that man so much.

Clint: I kinda sensed that.

Theresa: Yeah, look, I'M... sorry, I'm not gonna let him spoil my day. Hey, what do you say we go somewhere where we can really be alone? Hmm?

Clint: It's like you're reading my mind.

Hope: Hey, Aiden, I-I really don't want anything.

Aiden: Oh, you know, the bridge is out, we're stuck here for who knows how long. It's not a lot to do except drink.

Hope: Okay, uh, how about something hot then, like coffee or tea?

Aiden: Not quite what I had in mind, but okay. You know what, chase says I make the best hot chocolate. Sound good?

Hope: Perfect.

Aiden: I hope it calms you down. It seems like something's really bothering you.

Hope: God, he knows I've seen it.

Will: Sonny, did you remember something?

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: I thought a hot shot journalist had to answer their phone the second it rings.

Will: It's the magazine.

Sonny: Please, take it.

Will: Hey, Zoe. What's up?

Paul: You gonna throw me out before you even get the big news? Everyone's gonna hear about it today. I figured... you deserved a heads-up.

Marlena: Paul, I'm not throwing you out. I just want to make it clear that you don't have to talk to me if you don't want to.

Paul: I think, uh... I think I do want to.

Marlena: Okay.

Paul: Well, for one, um, the surgery was too little too late. I'll never be able to pitch again.

Marlena: I'm so sorry to hear that.

Paul: I was too. But that's not the big news. Uh...the thing everybody's gonna be talking about is that I was living a lie. The truth is...I'm gay.

John: Is Brady seeing Melanie? Now?

Daniel: I think you should talk to your son about that.

John: You just said that you believe in them.

Daniel: All right, john, I think you really need to talk to your son.

John: You know what? You're so right.

Serena: Melanie, hi. What a surprise.

Melanie: Hi. Bad timing?

Serena: No, actually, I was just thinking how I hadn't seen you in a while. I miss talking to you.

Melanie: Yeah, um, I need your help with something. But you have to promise me that you will keep what I'm gonna tell you private.

Serena: Why would you be worried about that?

Melanie: No, I'm not--I'm not worried about it, I just-- sometimes you can be, uh, just a little bit of a open book, so I have to make sure you can keep a secret.

Serena: Actually, I'm very good at that. So what's the secret?

Aiden: All you have to do is ask. Be happy to spike this for you with some brandy. It's good for what ails you.

Meredith: But it turned out he had been trying to poison me, slipping something into my wine. When I finally figured it out, I couldn't believe it. It was antifreeze.

Hope: Sorry you went to all this trouble. My, uh, stomach's still feeling a little bit queasy. I really don't think I should have anything with milk in it. Maybe just, um, a hot cup of tea.

Aiden: Wow, you, uh... really aren't yourself, are you? Shaky then cold, now an upset stomach.

Hope: I'm sure the tea will help.

Aiden: Back in a flash.

Hope: Aah!

Aiden: Wh--what? I told you I'd be back in a flash. Now why don't you tell me just where you thought you were going?

Melanie: So I've gotten curious about something, but if I tell my dad or Brady about it, they'll freak out because it's about Theresa and they both hate her.

Serena: Yeah, with good reason, from what I heard. And Theresa's Eric's cousin. I don't think I should be in the middle of anything with her.

Melanie: You don't have to be in the middle of anything, I promise, but I do need your help with something. Um...okay, so I don't really like Theresa either.

Serena: But you don't hate her?

Melanie: Well, she confuses me. Because she's done horrible things to people that I love and I still feel sorry for her.

Serena: Melanie, listen to me. Nothing--nothing is more dangerous than feeling sorry for someone. It clouds your judgment and it makes you vulnerable.

Melanie: Right. But I'm not trying to be her best friend or her social worker. Just something is going on and I need to know what it is.

Serena: You're not being very forthright.

Melanie: Sorry, um, it's about a doctor that I've never met, and that's where you come in.

Brady: This is Brady. Leave a message and I'll get back to you.


Daniel: Hey, Brady, it's me. Uh, it would be great if you could get back to me before you talk to your dad.


John: Hey, kid.

Brady: Hey, dad, dad. What's going on with sonny?

John: Well, everything's just the same. He's in stable condition and an investigation is, you know, proceeding.

Brady: Nothing, huh?

John: Nah.

Brady: What can I do for you?

John: Oh, nothing. I just, uh, you know, I just realized that we haven't... we haven't talked much. I know we just talked about sonny but--but not about, you know--you know. You know.

Brady: Dad? Dad, is something wrong?

John: No, no. Well...I just found out that, uh, that, um, that you and Melanie are a little more than just friends.

Brady: Yeah, yeah.

John: Yeah?

Brady: Look, it--it sort of just happened and... I wasn't hiding it from you.

John: Hey, I didn't say you were.

Brady: I just figured we would talk eventually.

John: Yeah, when would that be, when I would come over to lecture you?

Brady: Is that what you're gonna do right now?

Paul: Did you hear me?

Marlena: You just told me you're gay.

Paul: You didn't have any reaction, though. I mean, didn't you think so all along?

Marlena: Is that what you want me to say?

Paul: Right, you shrinks never say anything, you just ask questions. It's okay, Dr. Evans, you can gloat about it, I mean--

Marlena: Why would I want to gloat over this?

Paul: Another question. It's like fouling off pitches.

Marlena: Okay, I get it. Okay. One more question. You said you're living a lie. Have you told your family?

Paul: Not until very, very recently.

Marlena: And were they supportive?

Paul: I didn't come here to answer your questions.

Marlena: Well, why did you come here? See, I don't think you came in here today to--to play this game. Oh. Paul, did you notice? I didn't ask you a question.

Paul: Well, didn't you hear me? I don't play games anymore. That's--that's out of my life now.

Marlena: Paul, look. Baseball really isn't your life.

Paul: This was a mistake.

Marlena: It doesn't define who you are.

Paul: This was a mistake.

Marlena: It doesn't have to be who you are. You have a whole--

Will: Well, the big news is that the article's gonna be online soon.

Sonny: I can't wait to read it.

Will: You'll be the first.

Sonny: I know how hard you worked on it.

Will: Well, I'm just glad that it's all behind me. And now, my focus will be on getting you healthy and up and out of this bed and onto your feet.

Sonny: And in sickness and in health.

Will: Right.

Sonny: I'm so proud of you. Come here. I just can't wait to get home.

Marlena: Hello--wow. You seem to be bouncing back.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm getting there.

Marlena: I hear your dad's coming to town. He'll be so relieved to see how well you're doing.

Sonny: Yeah, I'm happy he's coming back. You know, for a lot of different reasons.

Will: Well, I should probably get going. Get Ari back to the sitter. She needs a--she needs a nap.

Marlena: Looks like it.

Will: Um, I wish I could be here with you when the article came out, see your reaction.

Sonny: Me too. I'm dying to find out why it's such a deep, dark mystery.

Marlena: Say, you know what? I'm--I'm on a break right now. I could, uh, I could take Ari for her nap.

Will: You're sure?

Marlena: [Scoffs] Any time with her is like a little gift to me.

Will: Great, I'll, uh, I'll go out with you. We'll switch the car seats.

Marlena: Super. You...keep getting better.

[Indistinct chatter]

[Door closes]

Sonny: Why can't I remember anything?

Hope: Why'd you block my way? I just wanted to go for a walk.

Aiden: I thought you wanted tea, but if a walk is what you want, then let's go to the beach together.

Hope: You know, I just really would like some time alone right now.

Aiden: I don't think that's a good idea. I think we really need to talk.

Daniel: Hey.

Eric: I thought you were the super.

Daniel: Common mistake. Surgeon, super. Yeah.

Eric: Right, look.

Daniel: Since I was in the building checking on a patient, I thought I'd drop by and unload this.

Eric: Oh, ms. Casey, 3b.

Daniel: Yeah, since her insurance covers my fees, she insisted on making me cupcakes.

Eric: Well, I get donuts. I'd make some coffee, but the gas is out.

Daniel: Well, you can't make coffee when the gas is on.

Eric: Come on. You know, but watch your step because the floor may be uneven. Serena, she fell over earlier. So guess who was here to pick her up.

Daniel: Uh, Nicole.

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: What was she doing here?

Eric: Well, she stopped by to apologize in person, seeing that she already apologized to Serena this morning.

Daniel: Well, I guess she's on the grand apology tour. She apologized to me too, hat in hand.

Eric: Hmm. I'm glad to see you're making jokes about this. That means we're okay, right?

Daniel: Of course we are. Yeah, man, it's all good. It's all good, yeah. Wow! Look at all this stuff.

Eric: Yeah.

Daniel: Have I seen this before?

Eric: Yeah, it's just some things that I've collected. I was just pulling everything out to see what I want to put out and put away.

Daniel: Wow, I really like this one here.

Eric: Serena, she picked that up when we were in Africa. You know, I'm okay when it comes to photography, but she's got a great eye when it comes to art.

Melanie: So Theresa started dating this guy named Clint who's really creepy. He's like, um, something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. The whole thing is weird. But he's really territorial over Theresa, but I don't think he really likes her.

Serena: That sounds so charming.

Melanie: Super charming. So I overhear Clint on the phone with some guy named Dr. Mandrake and Clint kept saying he's keeping an eye on "all." I'm not really sure what "all" is, but I get the feeling that it has something to do with Theresa. Um, and... Clint was talking to this Dr. Mandrake guy kind of the way you would talk to your boss, so I think he's working for him. And I think that this is him, because the blurry guy next to him looks a lot like Clint.

Serena: Wow. Even blurry, he looks pretty creepy. And your--your Dr. Mandrake there, he looks like he went to the Transylvania school of medicine.

Melanie: [Giggles] He does. Okay, so, so maybe this is nothing, but it's bugging me. And I figured that since you were a medical journalist, maybe you would have access to some websites or maybe you could get information vetted.

Serena: No problem. [Laughs] I think this is gonna be a piece of cake.

Melanie: Oh, huh.

Theresa: Mmm, well, that was fun. You sure have a way of taking my mind off of my problems.

Clint: Where are my shoes?

Theresa: Although your pillow talk leaves a little to be desired. Hey, um, are you hungry? Because I am starving. Do you want to go out and get something to eat, hmm?

Clint: Can't, got to go.

Theresa: Oh, yeah? Where you going?

Clint: I'm leaving Salem.

Theresa: What? When?

Clint: Now.

Theresa: But you can't leave!

Clint: [Chuckles] I sure as hell can.

[Door closes]

Will: Sonny seems good, right?

Marlena: He does. Honey, he's been through a lot, you know? He still might be facing more ups and downs. Don't forget he's had a physical and emotional trauma.

Will: He's pushing himself to remember what happened that night. He's fixated on a memory and why he was in the square.

Marlena: Well, he might remember. Then again, it might never come back to him. He's got to be prepared for that. And I think you should both be prepared for the possibility that if he does remember, it might not make things any easier. Here we go. Okay, little girl, you're all mine.

Derrick: Paul. There's something I think you should know about this guy.

Paul: What?

Aiden: What?

Hope: Ah! [Grunts]

Serena: So how are you and Brady?

Melanie: We're great. [Giggles] How are you and Eric?

Serena: Mostly great.

Melanie: "Mostly" great? Does that have something to do with Nicole?

Serena: You know, it would be really easy to blame it all on Nicole 'cause she is a total pain. And she just keeps coming around all the time, apologizing every five minutes, actually. And it kind of feels like maybe that's just an excuse to get next to Eric, but no, it's not just her.

Melanie: No?

Serena: I think maybe it's me.

Melanie: What do you mean?

Serena: Eric and I were so close in Africa and I thought... I thought he was the one who changed, but... maybe it is me.

John: Nope, not here to lecture you or any of those other things I used to do. You know, I made a promise that I was gonna stay out of your life and I meant it.

Brady: Great, good.

John: Besides, you know, I don't know that much about Melanie, but what I do know I like, so I'm glad if you're happy.

Brady: Thank you. We are, we are. Dad, we...we laugh all the time. We have such a good time. She is literally the most fun woman I've ever been with. Yeah, I know the bar isn't too high on that, but...

John: Hey now, I didn't say anything.

Brady: You didn't have to say anything. We have a great time together. She's a great person. And she's still my best friend, actually.

John: Oh, that's great, kid.

Brady: Like today, today, she--she helped me out a lot.

John: Yeah, how's that?

Brady: Out of everyone, you're probably the one person that could understand this. You know, up until now, I thought that I had pretty much erased all of Kristen's memories from my hard drive, and today, out of the blue, she pops up again.

Theresa: Hey, um, how long are you gonna be gone?

Clint: I'm not coming back.

Theresa: I don't understand. Like, I don't even know your last name.

Clint: Eastwood.

Theresa: Oh, yeah, you're a real funny guy.

Clint: Does my last name matter? I thought you were all about good times, just fun.

Theresa: What, so now you've had yours and you're just leaving? You're out of here?

Clint: You know, I didn't have to tell you. I could have just split.

Theresa: This is a small town. This is gonna be embarrassing for me. And, you know, what the hell is wrong with this picture? You know what? I'm the hot one. I'm the one who does the dumping.

Clint: Then consider me dumped.

Aiden: Listen to me. Listen to me. I don't know what it is that you think you know, but you are not going anywhere. Have you forgotten everything I told you about Meredith?

Hope: Uh, no, I ha--

Aiden: She was a liar! Listen to me! She was a liar! But maybe I wasn't clear on how good of a liar she was. Hope, she can be very, very convincing.

Hope: I'm sorry. You're right. You're right. We should talk. I'm sorry. Aiden, I'm sorry.

Aiden: It's okay.

Hope: I didn't mean to overreact.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: I'm sorry.

Aiden: Please just sit down and talk, okay?

Hope: Don't come near me! Don't come near me. Before fibromyalgia, I was on the go.

Paul: I know what happened to him. He was stabbed. But he's gonna be all right.

Derrick: But what you don't know's my fault.

Paul: Don't be a drama queen. How could it possibly be your fault?

Derrick: I saw this guy, sonny, at that coffeehouse. I told him about you being with another guy, and...

Paul: What?

Derrick: He had this huge reaction, charged out of there, and then the next thing anyone knew, he was stabbed.

Paul: Look, I don't see how that's anything but a coincidence. Sonny and I were together a long time ago. It's over.

Derrick: It's not for him. I could tell, Paul. He...he went ballistic. He was really upset, really, really jealous. Paul, he's...he's still in love with you.

[Cell phone rings]

Sonny: Hey.

Will: Hey. Sorry, I forgot to turn the ringer off. Go back to sleep.

Sonny: No, I don't want to sleep when you're here. What was the text?

Will: It's online.

Sonny: Your article? Give it to me.

Will: Hold on.

Sonny: Are you gonna let me see it or not?

Daniel: Wow. That is beautiful.

Eric: Yeah. Serena and I each got one. You know, some people, they say that brings good luck.

Daniel: Was it in storage the last 18 months?

Eric: Ha, very funny.

Daniel: I'm serious. Come on now. Serena's here in Salem. Maybe your luck is changing, huh?

Eric: You know what? I don't think it has anything to do with luck even though, you know, we're kind of going at a good pace. Getting to know each other better and better every day.

Melanie: What makes you think you've changed?

Serena: People change. It's not a bad thing. Oh...ooh! Look at this. Great news. Found your Dr. Mandrake.

Melanie: Yeah? Yep, that's him. That looks like his picture.

Serena: Dr. Ignatius Mandrake, University of Chicago medical school, top of his class, practices in new York city, top specialist in his field. Hmm.

Melanie: Which is what?

Serena: He's a fertility expert.

[Cell phone rings]

Mandrake: Yes?

Clint: Yeah, I'm taking off as we speak. I hope Kristen DiMera will be happy with my work.

Mandrake: As long as Theresa doesn't remember what happened, we're all happy.

Theresa: [Sighs] Well, that was stupid. That cheap wine glass is worth more than that worthless piece of trash Clint... whatever his last name was. I hate him... and Daniel, and JJ, and... and big leaguer Paul, and every other lame-ass man I've met in this lame-ass town. But most of all... I hate Brady.

Brady: That letter, that just--it just-- dad, it just slammed me right back to that time when I thought I could be happy with Kristen and have a family with her. And I mean how stupid was that idea, right?

John: Son, le--

Brady: I thank god that that adoption did not come through. Because if it had happened, I was making the biggest mistake of my life. What was I gonna do? Bring a kid into that damn mess?

John: But it didn't happen, did it? And now you got Melanie.

Brady: I do. I do. And Kristen is out of my life... for good.

Hope: Stay away from me! Don't make me use it. Because I will.

Aiden: Hope, I don't think so.

Hope: Aiden, you've been lying about Meredith. You've been lying to me all along. You--oh!

[Both grunting]

Aiden: Damn it, hope! You're right! I have.

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