Days Transcript Thursday 2/12/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 2/12/15


Episode #12526 ~ Serena's plot to switch the elephant statues hits a snag; Jennifer & Abigail question JJ when they realize he didn't spend the night at home; Hope investigates Aiden's past; Brady & Melanie grow closer.

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Meredith: I'm Meredith Jennings... and I'm terrified that my husband is planning to kill me.

Aiden: I slept like a baby. How about you?

Melanie: Hey, Brady, Henderson said that--

Brady: Open it.

Melanie: I already got a wonderful gift from you.

Daniel: Hey, Jenn, it's me. Thanks again for talking to me about Nicole. It really helped me see some things through. But the reason I'm calling is I know your church is having a clothing drive, and I got some stuff I'd like to donate.

[Knock at door]

Daniel: Can you text me where that is? And--oh, and the hours too. All right, thanks. [Sighs]

Eric: Hey. I heard about Sonny Kiriakis and what you did to save his life. We're all really grateful... my mom especially.

Daniel: So you're here to say thank you?

Eric: No, I'm actually here to talk to you about Nicole, but, um, you know, I can leave if you don't want to.

Daniel: Come in.

Serena: Okay, I know last night was a disappointment, but it's not the only chance I'm gonna get to pull it off. No, Eric has no idea what I'm doing. No one does. And no one will.

[Knock at door]

Serena: I-I got to go.

Kayla: So Dr. Hapgood said that you were a real hit with the kids in the pediatric unit-- in fact, that you were just a superstar during your whole--

Paige: [Crying]

Kayla: Oh, Paige, what is it? Oh, sweetie! Talk to me. I-is it JJ?

Abigail: Hey, mom.

Jennifer: Oh, hi, honey.

Abigail: Hi, I thought you weren't back till this afternoon.

Jennifer: No, I got an earlier flight when I heard about Sonny.

Abigail: Yeah, I'm glad you're back.

Jennifer: Yeah, me too. But I talked to aunt Maggie, and it sounds like he's going to be okay.

Abigail: Yeah, thank God. It's a miracle. He's gonna be fine.

Jennifer: Uh, do you know where your brother is?

Daniel: I guess you heard-- Nicole and I are history. After that last stunt she pulled with Serena, I just couldn't do it anymore.

Eric: I didn't realize. I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, no, don't be. Don't be. You tried to warn me. I wouldn't listen. Turns out I, uh... I guess I should've.

Nicole: Surprised, huh? I bet I was the last person you expected to see when you opened the door. Look... Serena, I-I really needed to see--speak to you one last time.

Serena: If this is about me calling the cops, you can forget it--I'm not. I don't even have the evidence anymore. I destroyed the flash drive.

Nicole: No, no, no, that's not what this is about.

Serena: Then what?

Nicole: I came by to... tell you that I'm sorry... and also that I was all wrong about you.

Kayla: Paige, I know this is a hard time for you.

Paige: I just hate it... every minute. When I was in California, JJ... hooked up with another girl, you know.

Kayla: Yeah. Your mom explained to me why the two of you weren't together.

Paige: You don't... know who she is, do you? The other girl?

Kayla: Me? No. He won't tell you?

Paige: No. He won't tell me. But I'm going to find out. I won't stop till I know the truth.

Abigail: I haven't seen JJ. Maybe he's still sleeping.

Jennifer: No, because when I got home, I peeked in on him, and he wasn't in his room, and his bed looks like it hadn't been slept in. And then there was this.

Abigail: JJ's phone?

Jennifer: Yeah. It was on the welcome mat... like someone placed it there.

Eve: JJ? Before fibromyalgia, I was on the go.

Melanie: You lost me a little bit maybe. Did you steal a sign for me from the Salem inn? That's so sweet.

Brady: It's something to remind you of our first night together.

Melanie: Thank you. Not that I really need anything to remind me of that night.

Brady: Me neither. Are you glad that we didn't wait?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brady: Me too. You know, we should, uh... we should blow off work and just celebrate all day.

Melanie: Okay.

Brady: Is that all right with you?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Hope: I slept, uh... pretty well.

Aiden: Yeah?

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: You're up early.

Hope: I wanted to check to see if there was any new information about the bridge opening.

Aiden: Well, before I came downstairs, I called town hall. I got a recording. Looks like the bridge isn't gonna be ready for another day, possibly two. Sorry. Looks like you're stuck with me.

Hope: No, I'm sorry... because I know you had a lot of things you wanted to take care of after I left.

Aiden: No, it's no problem.

Hope: Okay, so, um... where's your to-do list? I can at least help. Where do you keep all your tools? Are they in the closet?

Aiden: Uh, no, no, no. I-I mean, there's no need. By the time I explain things, I'll have it all done. Tell you what, why don't we go check on the bridge. Maybe it's going better than what they had on the recording, and then we'll go to the diner and get some breakfast, hmm?

Hope: I have a better idea. Why don't you go check out the bridge, and by the time you come back, I'll have a delicious gourmet breakfast waiting for you. I'm a really good chef.

Aiden: Uh... sounds like a plan. Okay. What's wrong?

Daniel: Nicole and I had a pact. We had a deal, no loopholes. If she wasn't completely over you, what we had going was gonna come to a complete halt. And she just-- she, you know, just couldn't let go.

Eric: I'm sorry.

Daniel: No, don't be. Look, sometimes things just don't work out. And after last night in the or and Sonny nearly dying...

Eric: It puts things in perspective.

Daniel: Exactly, yeah. So what about you? How are you doing? You and Serena, huh? Things okay?

Eric: [Chuckles] You know when you're on a plane... and you hit a few clouds, it gets kind of bumpy? Then all of a sudden, it kind of smooths out and you're gliding on air? It's kind of like that.

Serena: Why are you really doing this?

Nicole: Besides the fact that it's the right thing to do?

Serena: Assuming you even know what that is.

Nicole: All right, come on, Serena, admit it. Sometimes people really do not have a hidden agenda.

Serena: This wouldn't have anything to do with you trying to get back with Daniel, would it? You still want Daniel back, right?

Nicole: Can you blame me? Look, Serena, this whole thing with ted and you and Eric, it was just so...

Serena: Confusing. Let's face it, we don't always know what we want, do we? I wonder if we ever really do.

Nicole: Wow. Sounds like you and I are both--

Serena: You know what? Thanks for stopping by. Frankly, it's something I never saw coming, but apology accepted. Bye.

Nicole: I-- well, I just-- if we-- thank you. Thank--

Serena: Maybe I'm making this too complicated.

Nicole: Hi, Eric, it's me. Listen--

Eric: Daniel, I really appreciate this, and, uh, I never want us to be on the outs again.

Daniel: Oh, come on, it's all good. Don't worry about it, all right?

Eric: So what's up with the clothing?

Daniel: Just clearing out the clutter, getting rid of a few things.

Eric: Well, I hope that doesn't include any of your artwork, because I recognize this one. This is traditional Cameroon.

Daniel: Yeah, yeah, I'm keeping things like that. You have your own African art, right? Yeah.

Eric: Yeah, more than I realized. Serena--she talked me into pulling some of it out of the storage boxes.

Daniel: Oh, those pieces probably carry some memories for you.

Eric: Yeah, they do... good ones.

Abigail: Hmm, that's weird. You know, maybe one of his friends found it, and they wanted to leave it in a place where they were sure he'd find it.

Jennifer: Yeah, or maybe it just fell out of his pocket as he was walking out.

Abigail: Mom.

Jennifer: I just wish I knew his pass code.

Abigail: What? Mom, you--

Jennifer: No, honey, I know that that is terrible, but he has not been talking to me about Paige, and I know they're trying to work things out, and I just want to see a couple little texts, that's all.

Abigail: Well, I don't think it would make for a very interesting read. I talked to JJ about getting back together with Paige, and even though he's really torn up about it, I just--I don't think things are gonna change. Unless-- well, if he didn't sleep in his bed last night, maybe he and Paige...

Paige: So, when I say, "let's talk, I still love you," JJ suddenly says it wasn't just a one-time thing. He's hooking up with her all the time now.

Kayla: So you think that he's--

Paige: He's all over the place. It doesn't make sense. He's lying about something. And if I'm ever going to find out what, I have to know who that girl is. And I will.

Eve: [Sighs] JJ, I don't even know why you're looking up here. We weren't up here last night.

JJ: You know what? It's got all my stuff on it. It's my phone, okay?

Eve: Okay.

JJ: You know what? This really sucks. I lost it. One more screw-up, just like--

Eve: What? Like last night, hmm? Well, no argument there. At least Paige didn't walk in on us.

JJ: Well, you know what, eve? She came pretty damn close for someone that said that she moved out and wasn't coming back. All right, you know what? The hell with the damn phone, I'm out of here.

Eve: Excuse me.

JJ: [Sighs] Tastes just like the holidays

Hope: I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry. It's just I know that you have so many memories in this cabin of you and Meredith. I'm trying to be respectful.

Aiden: Right. Right, so thoughtful, as always. Well, thank you. Okay, I'm gonna go check out the bridge, all right?

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: And, um... the bread is by the toaster, and anything else you need is in the fridge, okay?

Hope: Great, okay. Oh, I got it. Bye. [Sighs] He said Meredith always lied about him. That video could be just another lie. God, hope, why didn't you tell him?

Meredith: I know this sounds weird. After all, I married the guy, right? But... but when he was courting me, he was so charming, handsome. Life was fun, spontaneous, exciting... until it wasn't. And it hasn't been for a very long time. He changed. You don't have to take my word for it. He wants me dead... and I have proof.

Melanie: Okay. Whoa. We need to be careful.

Brady: Why?

Melanie: Because the whole-- the whole day could go past us, and we would just stay like this.

Brady: Ye, yeah, we need to be--we should be careful.

Melanie: Okay, we got to go.

Brady: We should--what?

Melanie: Mm-hmm, yeah. We got to go.

Brady: Right, yeah, we should go out in the world. We should go have fun, do something.

Melanie: Yeah, absolutely.

Brady: We should-- you ready to go?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brady: I want to go.

Melanie: Yeah, let's go.

Brady: Where you want to go? You want to go?

Melanie: Yeah. We--yeah.

Brady: We should go.

Melanie: Okay.

Brady: [Sighs] You sure you want to go?

Melanie: Yeah, well, I mean, no--

Nicole: Oh!

Brady: Oh, my--Nicole.

Nicole: My timing sucks. Sorry. Henderson said you were back here, so...

[Cell phone rings]

Brady: Yeah, uh... sorry. Oh, Hong Kong is going to bed. I got to take this. Excuse me.

Nicole: Uh, Brady.

Brady: Oh. Thanks.

Melanie: Sorry. Okay, I know what you're thinking, but my dad already knows that Brady and I are together.

Nicole: That's not what I was thinking. Promise. I'm--I'm glad for you.

Melanie: Really?

Nicole: Yeah. You two deserve to be happy, and if you are, then go for it.

Brady: Sorry about that.

Melanie: That was fast.

Brady: Yeah, I told them I'd call them back, actually. Did I miss the part where you said you came over for what?

Nicole: Uh, no. And it's not gonna be easy to explain.

Serena: Hey, you.

Eric: Hey.

Serena: You got my text, right?

Eric: Uh... oh, I stopped by St. Luke's to light a candle, and I, uh... I forgot to turn my phone back on--I'm sorry.

Serena: No, no biggie, I just--I heard about your nephew's husband being attacked and hoped he was okay.

Eric: Yeah, thank you. Well, apparently he's awake now. He's improving.

Serena: That's great. Also, I was--I was wondering if--if maybe you were free later. I want to make up for all the craziness last night.

Eric: Oh--

Serena: Maybe I can make you lunch?

Eric: No, you don't have to do that, really.

Serena: I want to. You went to so much trouble to plan this amazing getaway, and... I just--I blew it.

Eric: It's okay.

Serena: No, I owe you. And I pay my debts. Remember when we were in the Congo, and you got homesick... and I made you Mac and cheese?

Eric: It was always, uh... transcendent.

Serena: [Chuckles] Today, your place. What do you say?

Kayla: Look, if I can help you in any way, please just say so. Although--

Paige: What?

Kayla: I just--I-I just can't help but wondering if there isn't somebody who could maybe help you more than I could.

Paige: Who?

Kayla: Your mom.

Paige: [Laughs] No, she--

Abigail: Ugh.

Jennifer: No, don't do it again, 'cause I'm afraid--

Abigail: JJ!

Jennifer: JJ, hi!

JJ: Hey.

Both: Hey!

JJ: Uh, you're home.

Jennifer: Yeah, I'm home. Do I get a hug hello?

JJ: Sure, yeah.

Jennifer: Hi.

JJ: I didn't think you were gonna come back till tonight.

Jennifer: Well, I moved my plans up when I heard about Sonny.

JJ: You found my phone.

Abigail: Mm.

JJ: That is awesome. Okay, I thought it was gone forever.

Abigail: Well, actually, mom found it.

Jennifer: Yeah, it was on the welcome mat when I got in.

JJ: What?

Jennifer: Yeah, so I went upstairs, and you weren't in your room, and your bed looked like it hadn't been slept in. Where were you last night?

Serena: Seriously, you just tell me when you think you're gonna be finished here, and I can have lunch all ready for you.

Eric: Well, if that's the plan... you're gonna need this. I'll see you in an hour.

Serena: You're on. [Chuckles]

Nicole: I came here because... well, Brady, you're my friend... a great friend, probably the only one I have left. But I'm glad you're both here. You see, the thing is, lately, I've been acting like an idiot. I was absolutely awful to Serena and to Eric, and there is no excuse for what I did to Daniel.

Brady: All right, back up. What did you do?

Nicole: Well, this guy came to me with proof that Serena was a complete fraud, and I bought it without even checking it out. Brilliant, right? So I accused Serena of all kinds of really rotten stuff, and it turns out that the guy--my informant--was off his meds... totally delusional. So Serena didn't want to press charges, but let's just say that she wasn't happy, and Eric, as you might have guessed, was furious. But I'm gonna make it better. I am.

Brady: By doing what?

Nicole: Whatever it takes. The thing is, I just want you guys to at least not-- not hate me. And maybe someday... you could even forgive me.

Meredith: I started getting sick. One or two glasses of wine at night, and I'd suddenly be cold, have trouble focusing. Aiden just sneered, said I can't hold my liquor. He's always looking for a chance to call me a drunk. But it turned out he'd been trying to poison me, slipping something into my wine. When I finally figured it out, I couldn't believe it. It was antifreeze. He kept it right here in the living room, that small cabinet under the stairs-- probably assumed I'd never see it, 'cause he kept it in a paper bag and because nobody ever uses that cabinet. When I spotted it, I didn't touch it. It's still in there, and it has to have his fingerprints all over it.

Daniel: JJ, how you doing?

JJ: Hey, uh, I'm just returning the coat I borrowed last night.

Daniel: [Sighs] Ooh. Hey, JJ, uh, I'm putting some stuff together for a clothing drive, and I found something that you might want. Yeah, give me a call when you can. All right.

Paige: What are you even doing here? Did you call one of my friends, get them to tell you where I was?

Eve: No, I... okay, yeah, I-I called-- I called Daphne. I mean, you're so angry with me--how are we gonna fix things if you won't talk to me?

Paige: Stop it! Okay, I told you, I need space. It's why I moved out. I've got a lot to deal with right now, and you just make things worse.

Eve: Are you here, you know, to discuss your internship, honey?

Paige: It's not important. If you really want to make things better... go.

JJ: Uh, no, actually, I was here last night. Um, I just woke up early, though. And I just made my bed, and I had to get to the library to get some stuff for my paper.

Jennifer: Yeah, so you didn't notice your phone sitting there on the welcome mat?

JJ: No, no, I think it probably just fell out of my pocket when I went out. Good luck, though, right?

Jennifer: Yeah, really good luck.

JJ: Yeah.

Jennifer: Those things aren't cheap. Okay, well, uh, I need to get to the hospital.

JJ: Okay. Well, if you see Sonny, will you just tell him that I'm thinking of him?

Jennifer: Yeah, I will.

Abigail: Yeah, me too please.

Jennifer: Yeah. Come here. You know that if you have anything you want to talk to me about, I'm always here, right?

Abigail: Bye, mom.

Jennifer: Bye.

Abigail: All right, listen, JJ... you can lie to mom all you want, but you do not get to lie to me.

Paige: All she ever does is go on about how guys are no good, they're all liars, my life will be ruined.

Kayla: Maybe she--

Paige: No, just--okay, just the other day, okay, she launched into this huge tirade about a guy named Cole, and she's never even met him.

Kayla: She's just being protective.

Paige: Well, and she's a hypocrite. For me, any guy's no good, but for her, not so much.

Kayla: I know that your mother's made some mistakes in her life.

Paige: You might as well just say it. Everyone knows. My mom's, like, easy. I spent a lot of time growing up getting to know my mom's boyfriends over breakfast. Of course I never see them again.

Kayla: I'm sorry, Paige.

Paige: But... you know what? Maybe that's got something to do with this.

Kayla: What do you mean?

Paige: Well, I never met the last guy she hooked up with. It was a few months ago. He stayed out of sight, but that didn't mean I didn't know he was in the apartment. He was hiding in her bedroom... but I knew he was there.

Abigail: Well, JJ, you do realize I saw you yesterday, right, wearing those exact same clothes? Come on, you woke up early, you went to the library, you made your bed? Who are you kidding?

JJ: You know what, abs? I don't have to answer to you.

Abigail: Wow, defensive. I'm just wondering where you were. Before you came in, mom and I were talking about that too, so...

JJ: Talking about what?

Abigail: Maybe you were at the Larson apartment, you know?

JJ: No, no.

Abigail: Maybe eve's out of town, and you--

JJ: Okay, look, last night, um... actually, after we talked, I went and saw Paige, all right? It's definitely over.

Abigail: Sorry, JJ, but I'm just--I'm not buying it. I mean, obviously you were with someone. So who? Who was it? Was it that--that other girl you hooked up with before?

JJ: Yeah.

Eve: Daniel! Hi.

Daniel: Hey.

Eve: Nice day, huh? Really nice, you know, although I am getting just a little bit tired of winter, aren't you?

Daniel: [Laughs] Uh, yeah.

Eve: [Laughs] Yeah. Wow. Got a toy for Parker there?

Daniel: Yeah, well, a toy always makes him smile.

Eve: I bet. You know, Paige really loves babysitting for him.

Daniel: Well, he always lights up when he sees her, yeah.

Eve: Yeah. Listen, um, I know that we've hit a few bumps in the road, but--in the past, right? That's all in the past. And the most important thing is, well, that we both really care about Paige.

Daniel: Okay, yeah.

Eve: Yeah, um... the thing is, Paige and I aren't talking these days.

Daniel: Because of JJ.

Eve: Yeah. I'm sure you're aware that they broke up, but... well, the problem is that I-- well, Paige is blaming me, and-- and I know that the two of you-- you and Paige have a really strong relationship, and she-- she really values your opinion about everything, so... actually, I was just, you know, maybe wonder--well, not wondering, but hoping that-- could you maybe speak up for me, you know, just--just a little? You know, I--Daniel... I love my daughter so much. I can't even tell you how much. Please?

Daniel: Wow, this must be pretty serious if you're coming to me for help.

Hope: This proves nothing. She could have planted it. Or she could have seen him bring it in from outside... after he used it.

Meredith: I finally made an appointment to see a doctor, and... guess what. Aiden must've overheard the call, because the level in the bottle immediately stopped going down. He knew if I tested positive, he'd be caught. Unfortunately... I mean, okay... it stopped him from poisoning me... but all that really meant was... he'd have to find another way to kill me.

Melanie: Even for Nicole, that was weird.

Brady: Yes, it was. She's down on herself. We should get out of here.

Melanie: I agree.

Brady: Right?

Melanie: Mm-hmm.

Brady: We should start the day.

Melanie: Yeah. Okay.

Brady: Yeah.

Melanie: Have you seen my bag?

Brady: I can help you look for it.

Daniel: I can't help you.

Eve: You can't or won't?

Daniel: Look, eve, if you had thought this through, you'd have realized that there is absolutely zero I can do to help you, assuming I'd even try. If you want to fix things with Paige, it is up to you... only you.

JJ: Look, last night, um... I just don't see us hooking up again, okay? At least I...

Abigail: At least what?

JJ: At least I hope not.

Abigail: Wait. You hope? What's that mean? You hope you won't hop into bed with her? I mean, what, that means that-- that you might anyway?

JJ: You know, I don't know what the hell I'm going to do, okay? Does that sum it up for you?

Paige: I knew that there was a guy in her bedroom, but she was acting so strange, you know, like it never happened before. But I did see... his coat. It was right there on the back of the chair. And that's when I realized mom was dealing with her pain by jumping into bed with some random guy. I-I didn't say anything. I-I just pretended I didn't see it, but I did. I'll never forget it. I'll never get that image out of my mind.

Meredith: The other night I woke up and realized he was standing right by the bed looking down at me... his eyes dark, filled with such hate. I-I closed my eyes quickly so he would think I was still asleep, but... he knew. I knew the next time, I won't wake up. I knew he'd--he'd--he'd strangle me in my sleep or use some sort of weapon like that ax he's always sharpening, the one he keeps in that damn closet. That's why I bought this. I sleep with it under my pillow. He scares me... so much.

[Door rattling]

Aiden: Meredith! Open this damn door!

[Knock at door]

Hope: Oh!

Aiden: Hope! Open the door!

[Knocking continues] Hope!

Nicole: Hi, Eric, it's me. Listen, I feel I... no, I know I need to make amends. But until I can, I hope you don't mind what I'm about to do.

Serena: [Grunts]

Nicole: Oh, uh...

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