Days Transcript Wednesday 2/11/15

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 2/11/15


Episode #12525 ~ Paul assures Adrienne he will leave Salem for good. Paige confronts the woman she believes slept with JJ; Victor learns his actions played a part in what happened to Sonny; Hope doesn't know if she can trust Aiden.

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Meredith: I'm Meredith Jennings, and... I'm terrified that my husband is planning to kill me. Whoever you are, if you're watching this, it means that I'm right. Oh, God. No matter what it looks like, an accident, or I got sick, don't believe it. It was Aiden, he did it.

Aiden: Hey, hope.

Hope: Yeah?

Aiden: Getting lonely down there?

Hope: No, I'm fine.

Aiden: I'll just be a few more minutes.

Hope: Ok. Don't hurry on my account.

Meredith: I know everybody loves Aiden, he's so funny, such a good guy, the dimples... they don't know what I know. Nobody does. That smile of his? It's the smile of a-- of a monster.

Kate: So tell me, what's going on between you and Adrienne?

Lucas: You're kidding, right?

Kate: No, I'm not. I saw what I saw.

Lucas: You know, what you saw was me trying to be a friend to someone whose son just got stabbed, that's what you saw.

Kate: Oh. Ok, so what about your son?

Lucas: What about him? Will's fine.

Kate: Well, he's not going to be so fine when he finds out his dad is hitting on his mother-in-law, his very married mother-in-law.

Lucas: You know what, you're being ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. There's nothing going on between Adrienne and me.

Kate: Don't you lie to me, Lucas Horton.

Derrick: Will Horton is Paul Narita's lover. Hey, Paul?

Paul: Oh, derrick, hi.

Derrick: I was just wondering how things turned out with your friend.

Abe: Sonny, if you're feeling up to it, could I ask you a few questions about what happened tonight?

Adrienne: What are you thinking, sweetheart?

Abe: Sonny? Just take your time, let it come to you.

Adrienne: He's right. Don't push yourself, sweetheart. You've been through so much already.

Clyde: It's a shame about your nephew. What's the matter, Victor? You kind of look like you've seen a ghost.

Cole: I've got more than that. I know who JJ's sleeping with.

Paige: What? How do you know?

Cole: It wasn't hard to figure out. Hell, for all I know, they're together right now. I checked JJ's texts. When you read them, it's pretty obvious who it is.

Paige: I never told you to do that.

Cole: But you want to know who she is, right? This is the way to find out.

Paige: Okay, I'm ready to hear it.

Cole: Are you sure? Because I gotta tell you, you're not going to like this.

JJ: Oh.

Eve: What happened? Where'd you go?

JJ: I'm here.

Meredith: Please help me. Don't let him get away with this. But be careful. You can't let him know that you know the truth, or he'll go after you too.

[Aiden coming down stairs]

Aiden: Hey. Whatcha doing?

Victor: What do you want, Weston?

Clyde: Yeah, I guess you were expecting your man, what's his name, Damon? But I don't think he's gonna make it.

Victor: You're not making any sense.

Clyde: You're kinda pushing your luck, aren't you, Victor? Lying to me like that, here in a place of God? You know, I chose this chapel when I texted you from Damon's phone cause I thought it'd be the perfect place for the truth to come out.

Victor: Where's Damon?

Clyde: We'll get to that. Right now we're going to talk about what you had Damon do to me.

Paul: What friend, I don't know what you're talking about.

Derrick: I just--I hope I didn't screw things up when I told him--

Paul: I'm sorry, can't talk now, it's a really bad time for me. Hi, I'd like to check the condition of a patient there. Sonny Kiriakis.

Adrienne: What is it, honey?

Will: I think we're pushing him too soon.

Sonny: Will... will: I'm right here.

Sonny: Where were you?

Lucas: You know, Adrienne and I, we're friends, okay? We're friends, I'm allowed to have friends, right?

Kate: Yeah, well why don't we ask Adrienne's husband how he feels about his wife having friends. Oh, no, wait, we can't do that because he's out of the country.

Lucas: You know, the idea of you lecturing me about morality--

Kate: Just stop, okay? But we will have this conversation at a later date.

Lucas: No, we won't have this conversation, ever. You're inventing things that aren't there.

Kate: Great. Lucas! Will: Where was I? You mean when this happened to you? I was, um-- I was working.

Sonny: The big story. Will: Right. What were you doing in the square anyway? Were you trying to look for me?

Sonny: I don't--maybe that was it. But still, what am I doing here? What happened to me?

Clyde: You're not saying anything, Victor. Which I take to mean you won't deny giving the order to have me killed. Which is a good thing. That'll save us some time.

Victor: I don't have to deny anything. You can't prove anything.

Clyde: Prove? We're not in court, Victor. It's just you, me, and the lord, and we all know what happened. But while we're chatting, let me give you little advice, okay? You might want to mention to your man, the next time he's fixing to kill someone, don't point the gun here. Where you want to be aiming is right here. Unless of course it's a knife, in which case you want to stick that right here.

Victor: You son of a bitch.

Hope: The drawer, it's stuck. I--I'm sorry, I guess I slammed it too hard looking for the spare charger.

Aiden: Oh. All our little devices. Human beings have lived without them for so long, and now they run our lives.

Hope: I know, right?

Aiden: A misplaced phone charger, I wish that was the worst problem I ever faced in this house.

Hope: Try not to dwell on it.

Aiden: Pretty hard not to. Bree showing up here. That woman is determined to make sure that my memories of what happened here are never very far away. Meredith's drinking, the fighting about it... how out of control she was near the end... and the lies. She once spread about me when she was drunk... which was most of the time. You know, when chase and I made the move to Salem, I was just hoping that... we could put all of this behind us, you know, somehow, but... for chase's sake, most of all, but I think there are some things that I'll just always have to carry with me.

Hope: What's that?

Aiden: Sorrow, regret, tragedy of it. Meredith didn't deserve to die. Certainly not like that.

Hope: Aiden.

Paige: Cole, don't play games with me about this.

Cole: I'm not, I just want make sure you really want to hear.

Paige: Cause I'm right, it is someone I know. I don't care. Anything's better than driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. Suspecting everyone. Ok, tell me. Right now, no matter who it is.

Eve: Well, I don't really feel like talking about this, and you know where the door is, so I'm sure you can't get out of here fast enough.

JJ: I'm in no hurry.

Cole: It's that friend of yours.

Paige: Which one?

Cole: Daphne.

Paige: No, it can't be her.

Cole: Yeah, I've got the text right here.

Paige: "I know your Paige's friend and maybe this is wrong, but I really need to see you again. Promise Paige will never know." Oh, my God, I can't believe this. I have to go.

Aiden: I should've stood my ground with chase. I should've never brought him here, or you. Look, I'm right to sell this place and look ahead to the future. Well, let's get out of here for a while, hm?

Hope: Where do you want to go?

Aiden: Anywhere, we could take a walk on the beach. I just need to put a little distance between us and stuff I just can't change.

Hope: Yeah, well it's dark out there right now.

Aiden: Hey, there's nothing out there that's going to hurt you. Okay? Even if there was, don't worry, I'll protect you.

Hope: Okay.

Aiden: Okay.

Hope: It's a little cold. I think I'm going to see if there's a heavier jacket in the closet.

Paul: Yeah, I'm still holding. I just want to find out how Sonny Kiriakis is doing. No, I'm not a relative, but I'm an old friend. Yeah, I get it, it's okay.

Sonny: Right.

Paul: Sonny, I--

Sonny: No, you don't have to explain yourself. I got to go.

Paul: Man, when you screw things up, you don't mess around.

Victor: That boy down the hall is my nephew. He is family. And family is off--

Clyde: What? Off limits? You're the one who started coming after folks, Victor, not me. Now, your nephew caught a break today, but I wonder if your grandson, Brady will be so lucky. Or that little Ciara, your granddaughter. Or that pretty wife of yours.

Victor: You touch one hair on any of their--

Clyde: No, no, you come after me again, and it won't be a knife that they have to worry about, it'll be a bullet, and it'll be right here. So don't you waste time telling me that family is off limits, there are no limits. And you decided that when you came after me. So you do it again, you best have a good undertaker, 'cause even if one of your guys takes me out, I got guys too, and they will get even with you and yours. And believe me, you will never see them coming. Just like your nephew didn't.

Abe: Sonny, what's the last thing you remember?

Sonny: Being at the club. I was thinking about spring coming up and all the things I could do with Ari now that she's walking.

Abe: Anything after that?

Sonny: Um, I was thinking about... my ring, it's gone. They stole my wedding ring?

[Ring clattering]

Hope: Why did you do that?

Aiden: My coat is right here. And anything you find in there would probably be Meredith's. You understand, yeah?

Hope: Yeah, sure, of course.

Aiden: Here.

Hope: What are you going to wear?

Aiden: Oh, I'll be fine. I don't feel the cold. Now, how bout that walk, hmm?

Will: I promise you, the minute that we get out, I am going to buy you a new ring and I am going to put it on your finger just like the day we got married.

Kayla: Okay, you guys. We should really give Sonny some rest, okay?

Adrienne: Baby, I called your dad, he's on a flight from Dubai right now.

Abe: Uh, Sonny, goodbye. If you remember anything, even if it seems small, you call me.

Sonny: I will.

Abe: We want to get whoever did this to you.

Kate: Sonny, you get better. You hear me, that's an order.

Sonny: Yes, ma'am.

Lucas: I know a little girl who's been wondering where you've been, so, will and I will make sure that she knows you're coming home.

Will: That's right. You sleep now.

Sonny: Please... don't go yet.

Kate: I have been looking all over for you.

Victor: Oh, well, now you found me.

Kate: Sonny's awake.

Victor: Is he all right?

Kate: Yup, they said he's going to be okay.

Victor: The kid's a fighter. Did he say anything?

Kate: All he remembers is being in the club.

Victor: Oh, maybe it's just as well.

Kate: You know, I thought you would be a lot happier about finding out he was awake.

Victor: I am happy. Of course--of course I am.

[Phone ringing]

Kate: I'll just be a second. Well hello, stranger, where have you been hiding yourself?

Sonny: Will you stay with me till I fall asleep?

Will: Like I have somewhere else to be?

Sonny: Hey, they said I'm going to be okay.

Will: It's just if I lost you, I'd be lost too.

Kate: So, where have you been?

Clyde: Well, I had a little business situation I needed to take care of, but I don't want to bore you with that. If you stop over tonight, I do believe I can keep you entertained.

Kate: I bet you can, I won't be long. That was--

Victor: I know exactly who it was.

Kate: You two are just never going to get along, are you?

Victor: Kate, listen.

Kate: What?

Victor: I want to thank you for telling me about Sonny.

Kate: I know how much you love him, how much he loves you.

Eve: Why would you want to stick around?

JJ: I don't. I just don't have any real reason to go.

Eve: What does that mean?

JJ: What am I supposed to do with myself? Am I supposed to go down to the club and hit on some new chicks? Like, what's the point of--of hitting on someone new when the only one that I want is Paige? Even if I can't have her. And there's no point in starting something new when it's not going to go anywhere.

Eve: JJ, you don't know that.

JJ: Yeah, I do. And I don't want Paige to see me with someone. It'll hurt her, and I've hurt her enough.

Eve: Well, she already thinks you're seeing somebody anyway.

JJ: Yeah, but she doesn't know who it is though. And I don't want her to see me with someone with a face and a name, that'll just keep it going. If I lie low for long enough... she'll forget about me, and she'll forget about everything.

Eve: You sure about that?

JJ: Look, you know what? I'm not sure about anything, okay? I am taking this one step at a time, so don't come looking to me for answers, okay? Cause I don't have them.

Eve: Okay. Okay.

Daphne: What the--

Paige: Who are you texting, Daphne?

Daphne: Uh, you. You told me to text you about where to meet tonight. What is with you?

Paige: I know about JJ. That's who you were texting earlier, wasn't it? That's why you wanted to get away from me so fast.

Daphne: That text was to my mom. And what do you mean you know about JJ?

Paige: I know you're the one he was with.

Daphne: Where did you get that crazy idea from? From him?

Paige: No, from JJ's phone.

Daphne: Yeah, he's been texting me. You can look for yourself on my phone. And you know why? Because he wanted me to tell him what's going on with you. I told him to his face that I wouldn't tell him anything. And then I ignored the rest of his texts. Look!

Paige: You mean--

Daphne: That you read his texts wrong? Yeah, that's what I mean.

Cole: No, it was me. I'm the one who got the wrong idea.

Paige: Daphne, I'm really, really sorry.

Daphne: I get it, I guess. Somebody you know went behind your back and slept with JJ and now you don't trust anyone.

Paige: I should have known it wasn't you.

Daphne: Let's get out of here, go down to the dorm.

Paige: Yeah, you know, I'll meet you there. There's something I need to do first. Are we good? I'm so sorry.

Aiden: Oh.

Hope: I can't believe you weren't freezing out there.

Aiden: Oh, no, no, I was fine. You ready to call it a night? Hmm? Your room is ready. Second door on the right upstairs.

Hope: It has been a pretty long day.

Aiden: Yeah, it has. Hopefully that bridge will be open in the morning and you can get out of here. How's Sonny? They won't tell me anything at the hospital.

Adrienne: He's awake and alert. The doctors say he's going to be fine.

Paul: Oh, thank God.

Adrienne: Paul, the blood you donated saved his life. I will always be grateful to you for that.

Paul: I'll be leaving Salem for good soon. I don't want to complicate things for Sonny.

Adrienne: Wherever you go, whatever you do, I wish you the best, Paul.

Paul: Thank you. I want that for Sonny, too.

Sonny: You sure it's okay you're hanging out with me? Don't you have to finish that article?

Will: It's done.

Sonny: Really? You don't look very happy about it.

Will: I'm happy it's behind me. Part of me wishes I'd never gotten the assignment.

Sonny: Why? I thought it was such a big deal. Will, did something go wrong?

Clyde: Ugh.

Jeremiah: Hey, boss.

Clyde: Ugh.

Jeremiah: Are you alright?

Clyde: Whoa, that knocked me out! Damn, it still hurts like a son of a bitch!

Jeremiah: Woo! Damn, you're lucky to be alive!

Clyde: [Coughs violently] Well, I am! [Laughing] But Victor Kiriakis' luck sure ran out.

[Knocking at door]

Clyde: Ah, I was hoping it was you.

Eve: Paige! Honey, what are you doing here?

Paige: Uh, I live here.

Eve: Yeah, I know, but I thought you were spending your nights at the dorm.

Paige: Am I interrupting something?

Eve: No. Why would you say that?

Paige: Who's the second bottle of water for?

Aiden: Hope! What are you doing down here?

Adrienne: Thank goodness you were here. That's all I got to say. I don't know what I would've done.

Lucas: Well, no one should have to go through something like this alone, you know?

Adrienne: I think I would've fallen apart.

Lucas: Nah, you wouldn't have, you would've been fine. You're a strong woman. Uh, Justin's coming back?

Adrienne: Yeah, he should be here in the morning, I haven't checked the flight schedule yet. Lucas, what I said about Justin before, I--

Lucas: You don't have to worry about that. You don't have to worry about me.

Adrienne: Okay. I should get home and get some rest.

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. I think I'll just stay here and I'll make a couple of calls or something.

Adrienne: Okay. Goodnight. Thanks again.

Lucas: Yeah. Listen, I think Sonny's gonna be a lot stronger in the morning when he sees you.

Adrienne: Thank you.

Lucas: Goodnight.

Adrienne: Goodnight.

Clyde: [Laughs]

Kate: [Laughs]

Clyde: Oh. My God, woman, you are a sight for sore eyes.

Kate: You-- you are not allowed to disappear on me anymore.

Clyde: You don't have to worry about that.

Kate: What happened?

Clyde: Oh, I slipped on a patch of black ice, it's nothing to worry about.

Kate: Really? They're right where your heart is.

Clyde: Only hurts when I think about you.

Kate: It's kind of sexy in a twisted sort of way.

Clyde: Well, I'm glad you like 'em. But once they're gone, I don't plan on getting anymore.

Kate: You have a lot of energy for an injured man.

Clyde: I got a lot of lost time to make up for.

Victor: So you still think that Sonny was attacked by some junkie, huh?

Abe: Well, whoever did it got lucky. We haven't been able to scare up a single witness who saw anything out of the ordinary.

Roman: But we're not giving up, good people shouldn't get stabbed in damn town square.

Victor: I hear you.

Roman: Yeah.

Sonny: I don't understand. I thought that article--

Will: Took me away from you and the baby too much.

Sonny: Oh.

Will: You know I'm right. I haven't been to visit Gabi in way too long.

Sonny: You can make it up to us now.

Will: I intend to. I felt that way even before I knew that you'd been hurt. I mean, I'm glad I wrote the article, it's gonna do a lot of good for a lot of people. But if I lost you...

Sonny: You didn't, okay? It's just so weird that I can't remember anything.

Will: Maybe it's better that way.

Sonny: Maybe it is.

Paul: I love you, Sonny.

Sonny: I love you, Paul.

Eve: Well, the reason I have two bottles of water is because I'm so used to bringing you a bottle of water every night before you go to bed, remember?

Paige: Oh, right.

Eve: You know, honey, I still can't believe you don't live here with me anymore. I mean, because you're back, does that mean that you're not happy?

Paige: I'm back because I forgot the backup drive for my laptop. As soon as I find it, I'm leaving, so...

Eve: Hey, hey, hey. Can you just stay a little while, maybe?

Paige: And do what? Listen to you tell me how great it is that JJ and I broke up? I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear it. You know what, mom? You got what you wanted, ok? So I hope you're happy.

Eve: But Paige--

Paige: No.

Eve: Please, just stay, just--Paige. You heard?

JJ: Yeah.

Eve: She won't be back.

JJ: Nope. No, she won't be back.

Hope: I like to get a glass of water before I go to bed.

Aiden: I know you do, and that's why I left one in your room.

Hope: Thank you.

Aiden: No.

Hope: I guess I didn't see it.

Aiden: I think I know you pretty well by now.

Hope: Yeah.

Aiden: Okay? And I think you'll find everything you need in there. Okay?

Hope: I hope I didn't wake you when I came down.

Aiden: Don't worry about it. I hear everything that goes on at night. I mean, all chase has to do is turn over and I'm up. Guess I'm a light sleeper.

Meredith: That smile of his... it's the smile of-- of a monster.

Aiden: Hm. Come on.

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